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Cousins: A Family Love Fantasy by Day Dreamer Chap

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.


A family love fantasy by Day Dreamer

Chapter I

Laurie and I were first cousins and next-door neighbors. We
were both fifteen, though I was six months older, and were in
the same grade in school. We were both only children, and
not having brothers or sisters, we had grown up close to each
other, almost like brother and sister. If asked, we would
both characterize the other as best friend.

One main reason we were so close was that we were both
afflicted with the same malady--overwhelming, shivering,
break-out-in-cold-sweat shyness. I would get tongue-tied
around girls of any age and was too quiet to have any boys as
close friends. Laurie was the same. She would blush bright
red if a boy even spoke to her, and her interests were too
different from other girls her age for her to have any close
girl friends. We both loved to read and to listen to music,
and these shared interests together with our mutually
recognized shyness drew us together like opposite poles of a

Our shyness didn't extend to each other, though, and we were
comfortable and relaxed in each other's company, sharing both
our happy and our sad times. We shared confidences and told
each other secrets we wouldn't tell our parents.

More than anything else, we shared about how miserable we
were with our shyness and how much we would like to be
different. We tried to bolster our confidences by telling
each other how boys and girls felt about each other. I would
assure her that boys considered girls somewhat of a mystery
and that all she had to do was act confident around boys and
she could get along fine. Her version about girls was
similar to mine about boys. Even though we could accept the
idea intellectually, we simply couldn't put it into practice.

Laurie wasn't plain. To the contrary, she was a knock-out.
She had long blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and a voluptuous
body that a twenty-year-old would have been proud of. I
tried to get her dates, but I didn't know any boys well
enough to get the job done. The boys would just make excuses
for not taking her out.

Laurie also encouraged me to try to get dates and suggested
some possible girls. With Laurie standing right next to me,
I called one of the girls. After several minutes of stutter-
ing and stammering, though, I excused myself and gave up. I
turned to Laurie and said, "Well, so much for that. I
wouldn't even know what to do with a girl even if I did get a
date. I don't even know how to dance, and I wouldn't begin
to know how to kiss a girl. I'd just end up being a nerd."

"Danny, you're no nerd, and both you and I know it," Laurie
shot back. "As far as dancing goes, I do at least know how
to dance and I'll be glad to teach you if you'd like for me

"I sure would. When can we start?"

"How about Saturday?" Laurie said. "All our folks are going
to be in Bridgeport for the day, and we can have either one
of our houses all to ourselves and play music as loud as we

"Sounds great to me. Why don't we do it here in your house.
Your den is bigger than ours, and the stereo is right there
where we'll need it."

"Oh, Danny, I'm excited about this! I really like to dance,
and it's going to be fun to teach you how."

"Yeah, me too," I answered. "I'll be over here Saturday
morning just as soon as the folks leave."

After I got back to my house and thought about the situtation
I became even more excited about the prospect. I had never
held a girl in my arms in my entire life, and even if she was
my cousin, Laurie was a good-looking girl, soft and curvey in
the all the right places. I realized then that I felt was
sexual, and even though I hadn't thought of Laurie in a
sexual way before, I couldn't help but feel a twinge in my
groin at the prospect of holding her close. "Yeah, I really
AM looking forward to it," I thought.

That night, as I lay in bed, I thought some more about Laurie
and how it would feel to hold her in my arms. My cock
lengthened out and crept out of the bottom of my shorts. I
put my hand on it and slowly worked it out of my shorts so
that it was standing up straight. It was rock hard and pre-
cum was oozing out of the slit and covering the head. I
worked my hand up and down, slowly, squeezing it as I went.
I rubbed the pre-cum all over the head and very lightly on
the underside where it was so sensitive. Each time I did,
it would jump and even more lubricant would pour out. Soon
my whole cock was coated as I rubbed my hand up and down, up
and down. I could feel the tension build as the pleasure
mounted. It reached a point where I didn't want it ever to
end, yet I felt I would die if I didn't come right then. And
come I did. Big spurts kept shooting out and went all over
my chest and pooled up on my hands, balls, and groin area. I
got up quietly, got a towel from the bathroom, and cleaned
myself up. Then I crawled back into bed and even though I
had never seen a real live naked girl, I dreamt of Laurie
stretched out without any clothes on.

Saturday morning, just as soon as our parents had driven off,
I went over to Laurie's house. She was dressed in a tee-
shirt and a pair of brief running shorts. Her hair was
combed back and held in place on her neck with a ribbon. The
shorts emphasized her tiny waist, and even though her tee-
shirt was large and loose, it failed to conceal that she was
bra-less. For the first time I was looking at her as a girl,
not just my cousin. I realized that she had beautiful,
slender legs and that they led up to perfectly formed
buttocks. Through the slits in the sides of her shorts I
could see the pale blue bottom of what had to be bikini
panties. Seemingly, she had put on only a little makeup, but
somehow her eyes, high freckled cheekbones, and full, poutty
lips were featured at their best. In short, I finally recog-
nized that my cousin Laurie was one of the most beautiful
girls I could ever recall seeing. If I hadn't myself
experienced it, I would have wondered how a girl as beautiful
as Laurie could ever feel shy around boys.

"Well, Danny, are you ready for me to turn you into a Fred
Astaire?" Laurie asked.

"I'm putty in your hands, teacher," I replied.

"Come on, we'll use the den as our studio," she said, and led
the way down the stairs to the basement den. As I followed,
I couldn't help but notice the way her buttocks moved inside
her shorts, tick-tocking back and forth. They were firm and
tight, and it was all I could do to tear my eyes from them
when we reached the bottom.

"Help me move the furniture away," Laurie said, and grabbed
one end of the sofa. I grabbed the other end and we lifted
it a few feet away. As we did, Laurie leaned over and the
top of her loose tee-shirt fell down, giving me a clear view
all the way to her waist. Her breasts were clearly visible,
hanging down with pinkish-brown areolas and nipples. Even
though her breasts clearly weren't as large as the ones I had
seen in Playboy and Penthouse, they seemed as perfect in real
life as they had in my dream about Laurie. I would have
enjoyed a longer view, but I had to jerk my eyes way when
Laurie looked up so that I wouldn't embarrass her.

We quickly finished moving the furniture and Laurie went over
and turned on the stereo, putting on a soft-rock CD. Leaning
down, Laurie took hold of my hand, pulling me to my feet, and
said, "Okay, Twinkletoes, it's time to learn how to fast

Surprisingly, learning to fast dance was much easier than I
ever imagined and after about only thirty minutes I was
getting good at it. What made it even better was dancing
with Laurie. She was a good dancer and the dance steps made
every part of her move. The best moving parts, though, were
her breasts and her ass. Without a bra, her breasts moved
all around under her shirt and I had to concentrate to keep
from looking only at them. Her ass, too, was great. When
she turned, her buttocks seemed to move independently,
sliding up and down alongside each other. She was clearly
enjoying herself, and I was enjoying her enjoying herself. I
was horny before, but not anything like I felt now.

"You're doing great," Laurie said. "You can go out on any
dance floor now and hold your own. Not being able to dance
shouldn't stand in the way of your getting a date anymore."

"That's because I have such a good teacher," I came back.
"But, tell me," I said, "how did you learn to dance so well
when your experience with boys has been as limited as mine
with girls?"

"Don't you remember when I took dancing lessons? Three years
of lessons produced at least something. As for knowing the
latest steps, I doubt if there is a teenage girl in the
country who doesn't watch American Bandstand to learn how to
do the latest dances. How do you think boys ever learn?
They learn from girls, just the way you're learning right
now." Wiping a sheen of sweat from her forehead, Laurie
continued, "But anyway, that's enough for now. Let's take a
break and drink a Coke. I'll go up to the fridge and get us

I was relieved to see her go. I had a raging hard-on, and
the pressure inside my Jockey shorts was so intense I was
uncomfortable. Without her in sight for a few minutes, maybe
it would go down some. I stood and walked around, hoping to
relieve my horniness. It seemed to work, for by the time
Laurie got back with the Cokes, I was down to just a half-

Laurie handed me a Coke and sat down beside me on the sofa.
Both of us were quiet, savoring the coolness of the drinks.
I finished mine and put it on the end table. Laurie did the
same. In almost a whisper, Laurie said, "Danny, you said the
other day you didn't know how to kiss a girl. Is that true?"

"Yeah. Isn't that something? Fifteen years old and I've
never kissed a girl. Has a boy ever kissed you?"

Laurie kind of half-laughed and said, "What do you think? Of
course not, silly. I'm just like you." Then her voice
turned soft and serious and she said, "Danny, do you think
maybe we"

"Teach each other?" I said, finishing the sentence for her.

"Yes," Laurie said softly, blushing just a little. "Maybe if
we learned from each other we wouldn't feel so self-conscious
about it."

"I think I would like that," I said, and turned to face her
directly. I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her
toward me. We were both a little stiff and awkward at first,
but then sort of melted and leaned in against each other.
Leaning even further, I softly put my lips against hers and
kissed her very gently. She pulled back quickly and looked
into my eyes. Then she leaned forward and put her lips back
on mine, reached her arm around my neck, and pulled up tight
against me. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could
hardly catch my breath. I pushed her head against the back
of the sofa and pressed my lips against hers, spreading them
just a little. Our mouths softened and we rubbed our lips
back and forward against the others. She was breathing hard,
too, and I could feel her heart beating against my chest. We
held the kiss a long time before finally breaking away. By
now, my hard-on had returned in full measure and even with
Jockey shorts on, there was a noticeable bulge. I hoped that
Laurie was naive enough to not notice it .

"Golly, Danny, so that's what kissing is all about. I see
now why people like to kiss. I feel all weak and fluttery.
How did you feel?"

"Exactly the same," I replied. "Only I could hardly breathe
and my heart beat real fast."

"So did mine, so did mine," Laurie said. "Well, now that
we've covered fast dancing and kissing, I guess it's time for
me to teach you how to slow dance,"

"Okay," I said. "Is it harder than fast dancing?"

"In some ways it is, and in other ways it isn't. You have to
learn to coordinate your steps with the person you're dancing
with so that you don't step on each other's feet. I haven't
had much practice slow dancing, since I haven't danced with a
boy since my lessons last year. It's like bicycle-riding,
though, and it should come back very quickly."

Laurie put on a slow CD and showed me how to put my hands and
arms to slow dance. I guess I was a good learner because
after about ten or fifteen minutes we were dancing in perfect
step with each other. We had started out standing about six
inches apart, but gradually we had moved closer together.
The song that was playing then was a slow ballad and about
all we had to do was to sway to the music. She put her head
on my shoulder and leaned her cheek up against mine.

What space there had been between us was now completely gone
and I could feel her press against me from cheek to toe. Her
breasts were pressed against my chest and could feel the
nipples through our tee-shirts. They were like little
nubbins trying to bore a hole through the fabric. I found it
hard to breathe just as when I kissed her. My heart was
beating a thunderous tattoo. Hers was doing the same,
because I could feel it against my chest.

"Umm, this is nice," Laurie said. "You're a dreamy dancer."
She pressed her hips even harder against mine and I could
feel the area at the juncture of her thighs press against my
groin area. My hard-on was beating like my heart, and I was
fearful she would be able to feel it.

Laurie pulled her head back and whispered, "Oh, Danny, this
is so nice. I'm glad I'm with you right now."

It was too much to resist. I put my lips down to hers and
kissed her deeply. The kiss was soft at first, but then I
could feel her lips spread apart as I spread mine. I
tentatively put my tongue between my lips and touched her
lips with it. She spread her lips even further and pressed
them harder against mine. The tip of her tongue came out and
touched the tip of mine. It was like an electric current,
tingling and flowing between the two of us. I pushed my
tongue into her mouth and hers played games with it, twirling
around and around it, curling and almost duelling it. Her
hips pressed even harder against mine, and I put my hands
down on her buttocks, caressing them and pulling her in even
closer. She moaned softly into my mouth and her ass trembled
and shuddered. There was no doubt but that she could clearly
feel my hard-on.

Laurie pulled away from me slightly, looked me full in the
face, and in a little-girl voice said, "Danny, is that what's
called an erection?"

Embarrassed, I whispered, "Yes. But guys call it a hard-on."

Laurie put her head back on my shoulder and said, "Oh,
Danny, who am I fooling. I want to learn about boys so maybe
I can get dates and know how to behave on them, but all I'm
finding out is how little I know. I hardly know anything
about boys and sex. All I know is what I learned in Sex-Ed,
and that's darned little. Just a few fuzzy pictures in
books. How ever in the world can I expect to succeed with
boys when I know so little."

"Well, I'm in the same boat," I said. "I didn't even take
Sex-Ed, and all I've ever seen are pictures in Playboy and
Penthouse. And I know full well most girls I might be
dating won't look like that. The only girl I know who is
that pretty is you."

Laurie laid her head back on my should and said, "You always
say nice things to me, Danny, and I appreciate it, but you
know that's not so. My boobs don't even come close to
matching those of the girls in those pictures. Just for
that, you'll have to kiss me again like you did before. I
think I really like kissing a lot." Laurie turned her face
back to me and with her hand behind my head brought my lips
down to hers. Her tongue immediately snaked out and brushed
across my lips and then into my mouth. She caressed all
parts of my mouth and rubbed her tongue all over mine. Her
hips pushed back against mine and began a circular rubbing
motion over my groin area. I was so horny I thought I would
come in my pants right there. My hard-on throbbed, and all
it would have taken is just one or two strokes to bring me
off to a crashing orgasm. This time it was my turn to moan
in her mouth and for my hips to jerk spasmodically.

Laurie broke the kiss, and putting her mouth close to my ear,
very softly said, "Danny, since we seem to have done well
teaching each other how to kiss, do you think maybe we might
be able to teach each other some other things?"

I could barely get out an answer. "Ummmm... ...yesssss," I
whispered into her ear and pulled her even closer against me.
I put my hands on her back and rubbed it and then lowered
them to the top of her shorts. Slipping the tips of my
fingers inside, I felt the top of her panties. They felt
smooth and silky. I moved my fingers under the panties and
down on to her buttocks. They were smooth and just as tight
and firm as I had imagined when I had been so enraptured by
them earlier. I could feel the juncture between them, and I
felt all the way down the crack until I came to the bottom.
I was amazed to find her wet and slick, like someone had
rubbed warmed K-Y Jelly over that part of her. I could feel
the crotch of her panties and they were damp in the same way.

Her legs trembled so much she could hardly stand. Her
stomach jerked against me in little movements as my hands
delved her nether parts. She moaned softly and grasped my
neck hard with both hands. Moving her head from side to
side, she found my lips and put her open mouth over them. I
opened my mouth and our tongues and moans mingled together.

I lifted her by her ass, and sustaining the kiss all the way,
carried her to the sofa and laid her down. I knelt on the
floor next to her and continued the kiss. One of her hands
fondled the back of my neck and the other one raced up and
down my back, finally stopping on my ass. She began to
caress it the same way I had played with hers. I had never
thought of my ass being an erogenous area, but her light
touches brought waves of pleasure.

Moving my hand to her waist, I gently tugged her tee-shirt
out of her shorts until the whole front of it was free. I
put my hand under the fabric and could feel the silky feel of
the skin across her stomach and the area below her ribcage.
She shivered and drew in her breath as I lightly ran my
fingers back and forth. I moved my hand upward until I could
feel the underside of her breast. My whole palm went to this
area, and I squeezed, almost imperceptibly. She felt it,
though, because she arched her back a little to move the
breast into my hand. I moved my fingers up even more and
came to her nipple and areola. The nipple was extended and
rigid, and the areola was covered by tiny goosebumps. Laurie
gasped as I gently stroked the nipple, moving in circles
around and over it. She arched her back even more and made
little mewling sounds into my mouth. I moved my hand back
down to the hem of her shirt and pulled the whole shirt up,
completely exposing both breasts. My hand moved back to her
breasts and roved back and forth between them, fondling one
and then moving to the other and gently stroking and rubbing
the nipples of each.

Breaking the kiss, I moved my lips down to her neck and
softly kissed and sucked on this area. Finally, lifting my
head, I looked down on the first real live breasts I had ever
seen. They weren't the huge mammaries of some of the Playboy
models, but to my virgin's eyes, they were more perfect than
Madonna, Gina Lollobrigida, and Sophia Loren all wrapped into
one. They were about the size of half a cantaloupe, standing
firm, without any sag. The nipples were erect, standing out
like little pencil erasers. The area around the nipples was
flushed and covered with goosebumps.

Without volition, I lowered my head until my mouth was over
the right breast. I extended my tongue and brushed it
lightly across the nipple. Laurie arched her back again and
sighed, "Ooooohhh, Dannieeeee...." I moved my mouth over to
the other nipple and treated it the same. Placing my hand on
one breast, I gently squeezed it and rubbed the nipple while
I took the whole nipple area of the other one into my mouth.
I sucked on the nipple and ran my tongue over it like a cat
licking its fur. Laurie shivered and sighed again.

As Laurie arched her back, she moved one leg off the sofa and
rested her foot on the floor. This caused her legs to part,
opening her thighs and stretching the crotch of her shorts
wide. I dropped one hand down to her exposed knee and ran my
fingers up and down her thigh from knee to juncture of her
legs. I could feel her buttocks strain upward and her legs
move even further apart each time I reached the area near her
crotch. I slowly moved my fingers up to where they were at
the hem of her shorts. Finger tips first and then my whole
hand slipped up into one leg of the shorts. My finger tips
were right under the crotch of her shorts and I could feel
the panties that covered the goal of my exploring. The
whole crotch area of the panties were soaked and the outside
felt slick and hot as I stroked my fingers backward and
forward. I pressed even harder and felt the lips of her
pussy through the fabric.

I moved my fingers under the edge of her panties and found
that she was wet and slick just like her ass had been. I
delved even further and felt soft hair and the lips and
crease of her pussy. I dipped a finger tip into the crease
and found it wet, slick, and hot. Stroking even further, I
found a little nub and rubbed this. Laurie went wild,
jerking her hips up and down. Fearful of the reaction, I
plumbed further and found the treasure I had been seeking.
My finger moved into a hot, slick cavity. I pushed it in
even further and felt the walls around my finger pulsate and
almost grab at my finger. With what little motion her
panties allowed, I stroked my finger in and out. Laurie
strained her hips up to me, reciprocating stroke for stroke.

Moving my finger out of the hole, I went back to the little
nubbin I had felt earlier. I rubbed my finger across it
very, very gently, fearful of hurting her. "Oh, yesssss...
Danny. That's the spot. Just keep doing that. Please,
please, don't stop," Laurie whispered almost incoherently.

Laurie began to jerk her hips up and down against my hand.
Her moans filled the whole den and flooded all my senses.
"Oh, Danny...Oh, Danny...Oh, Danny," she repeated over and
over again. Finally, she lifted her whole body off the sofa,
arching her back, with every muscle straining against my
hand. Her whole body shook and she screamed out, "Yesss...
Oh, Danny, yesssss........" Relaxing, she slowly fell back
against the cusions. She continued shuddering, with the
shudders slowly diminishing until she was totally still.

She opened her eyes, looked up at me, and said, "Oh, Danny,
I didn't have any idea anything could be that good. I've
never felt anything that good before."


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