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Mom, My Cousin and Me, Part Two

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Part Two - The Next Day
Based upon a story By Jack Paterno
Revised and expanded by Jason Bourney

Part Two

In the morning my cousin and I were having breakfest when mom came downstairs
from her bedroom. As she came into the kitchen we got quiet with
apprehension. But, she didn't seem to be any different to us than normal.

She said, "Wow, I must have had too much to drink last night. I don't even
remmeber leaving the party last night, much less comming home and getting into
bed. Don't tell you dad about my drinking. He doesn't like it and I don't
handle it well at all. OK?"

I just said "Sure" and breathed a deep sigh of relief. Man oh man, we got all
that last night and she didn't remmeber. In the cold light of day and without
the alchole effecting by thinking I was glad to put this behind us, although
the memory made my loins a little warm.

My cousin though got a curious look in his eye that made me uneasy.

Later that day as evening was approaching Mom said, " Hey, why don't we all
stay in and play a game or watch a movie together"

Tim was quick with an affirmative reply, and stated he would even go to the
video store to pick up some movies, which he did. He chose an erotic movie
called " Basic Instinct" and then a triple X rated movie, "Femme" which he
had heard women really got turnned on by.

As we headed back to the house we picked up some wine to, as my cousin said
with a smile, "loosen up your mother's lips"

I couldn't believe he really would try something again. My mind was racing
with images from the night before. I was already getting a partial hard-on
and while I thought I couldn't let him do this to my mother again, I couldn't
stop him for thinking of last night and what tonight might bring.

To tell the truth, life with Dad had kind off slipped over the years. Without
realizing it Mom had devoted her life to me and my sisters, while Dad became
almost totally involved in a successful business career. Neither was really
at fault, but they had just kind off slipped into their roles. Therapy
and self-evaluation wasn't so popular in their day and they were into the
typical 40's & 50's male/female roles. So, while they still loved each other,
the magic had just faded away without their realizing it. I think Mom had
become real bored with her life as a result, But it was about to change and it
definitely wouldn't be boring.

When we got home mom was finishing up on dinner and Tim showed her the wine

She said, "Great, its just like a little party, company, wine, and a movie.
Which one did you get?"

When Tim said "Basic Instinct" , Mom got a bit red in the face and said she
hadn't seen it, but had heard it was a bit rische and wasn't sure this was a
good movie to be watching with us.

"We're all adults", said Tim, "and it's supposed to be a real thriller."

"Oh, well then I quess its ok, but you guys had better behave yourselves'

As we were having dinner, Tim kept Mom's glass full of wine and had her
laughing with his jokes. After about 3 glasses of wine Mom was starting to
feel no pain and started telling off color jokes of her own. I was laughing
almost the whole time through dinner, part from the jokes, but part from
seeing my Mother so loose and enjoying herself so much.

After dinner was over, Mom went upstairs feeling no pain and telling tim and I
to get the movie ready while she got into something she could relaxe in.

I set up the movie while Tim turned the lights down and put some insense in
the burner to set a pleasent mood.

When Mom came down, she was really relaxed and had put on a short, sheer
nightgown and her fannel robe which did a better job of covering her, except
when it flapped open as she came down the stairs. I was amazed as I realized
she wasn't wearing underwear. You could see that clearly.

"When this is over" she said, " I'm going right to bed. This wine is already
making me sleepy. So, where's the movie." and she sat down in the middle of
the couch.

Tim and I sat on either side of her.

As the movie played and it got to the erotic parts, we all began to get turned
on, even Mom. I could tell by the way she kept moving her thighs back and
forth. Tim placed one arm behind my mother and every time he spoke to her
about the movie he put his hand on her knee. She didn't seem to mind and
finally he just left it there and stroked her knee and the top of the thigh
just above it. We had been sipping more wine and Mom was really enjoying

She started to lean into Tim which he took as an encouraging move and leaned
over her in a repeat of last night and kissed her. Mom kind of looked puzzled
for a momemt and then kissed him back in a kind of peck and smiled at him as
she said, "You better watch it, I might think you are getting the hots for
your old anut."

Tim said, "You may be my anut, but you are definitely not old and you look as
foxy as any 20 year old. I could go for a lady as sexy and sharp as you"

"Oh, you!" she said, and leaned over and gave him another kiss. This time Tim
put his arms around her and didn't let her pull away. She kind of struggled
to get away but he kiss got to her and with a "you naughty boys" she began to
kiss him back.

As soon as he really started to put his touqne into her mouth she pushed him
away, stating "you are really something, but I don't think this is proper, so
you just sit over there and behave yourself. With that she move over next to
me and said "Son, you had better protect me, I think my nephew likes older

So, I played the protective son and put my arm around her shoulder and
pulled her tight into my side.

By this time the 1st movie had finished and Tim quickly put the other movie
in. Giggling Mom wanted to know what was coming up next, and Tim said it was
a movie about fantasies. This seemed to strike Mom as a good subject for a
movie but what kind of fantasies, she asked?

Tim said he wasn't sure but that it was put together by a woman and directed
by a woman.

At which my Mom laughed and said she thought she might really like this as
women make more sensitive movies but that we might get bored since as men, we
didn't could really appreciate the emoational aspects of women.

Tim chuckled, and said " You might be right auntie, but we might be more
sensitive and understanding than you think. I think we will all find this
an interesting movie."

As the movie began it started slowly and when a man appearred out of a
telivision screen and began to strip, Mom was really began paying attention.
When he took off his last piece of clothing and was standing there in the nude
my Mom just looked glassey eyed at the tv screen and kind of went "uuhh" and
sunk into my side even more. As the actor started to undress the woman Mom
really started to make little moaning sounds as the movie really was affecting
her now, and the wine had completely lowered her defenses.

Tim looked at my Mother and said he was tired and could he lay down on the
couch and put his head in her lap.

I think Mom was a little relieved, thinking that Tim would fall asleep and she
could enjoy the movie without him observing her reactions. By now Mom was
completely involved in the movie so she just nodded ok.

As Tim put his head in Mom's lap I could see his face, and he may have been
a lot of things but sleepy wasn't one of them. At first he put his head down
facing the tv screen, but as Mom squirmed and moved around as a result of
watching the movie, Tim turned his head toward her lap and snuggled into her.

Mom was so involved that she didn't notice this manuver, but she was by now
holding me very close and I was totally aroused by now. I put my right hand
on the side of her neck and just stroked it lightly. She reacted by moving
her head over against my shoulder and just kind of moved it back and forth
slowly against it.

The movie had now progressed to the couple beginning graphic foreplay. When
the couple began to perform oral sex on each other my mother seemed to shake
and quiver a bit and said "You musn't watch this, it's perveted. Only sick
people do that!"

I asked her if she had ever tried it, something I never before would have
asked her about. To my surprise she answered a strong " Of course Not!" Well
I had thought her a bit of a prude but not that much. Even with her feelings
about oral sex she was becoming very aroused. As she was tight against me,
her erect nipples were like hot pebbles against my side. I turned into her
neck and began to nuzzel her ear which further aroused her. However she never
turned away from the television screen.

I noticed Tim was now moving one hand up and down the top of her thighs, which
caused Mom's legs to open and close with excitment. I moved one hand to her
breast and started to fondle it, to which Mom really let out a loud moan. But
then she suddenly became aware of me and placing her hand on mine, she moved
it down off her breast and to her side, saying "please don't act naughty" and
turned her attention back to the movie where the couple were just beginnig to
join in coitus.

As the man in the movie put his cock at the entrance to the woman's vagina
and slowly pushed in, Mother gripped me firmly. I again moved my hand to her
breast and ran it lightly accross its surface. This time she simply moaned
and said " Ooooohhh ok, but nothing else, its just while we enjoy the movie
then you have to stop this. I can't believe you are doing this to me and that
I am letting you. This movie is just affecting me so much I don't know what
I'm doing."

Tim had been observing my actions and now began to move his hand between my
mothers thighs and slowly move them apart. His face now pressed into her
groin area and he was blowing warm air across her pussy. As Mother wasn't
fully aware of this, he grasped her nightgown and pulled it to her waist.
This had the effect of exposing her bare cunt and he just kind of nuzzeled up
to it very slowly so not to draw her attention.

Well, it may not have drawn her attention, which was still fully captured by
the scene on the movie of the couple engrosed in the act of coitus, but her
body certainly knew all about it. Her legs were spreading open even further
but all on their own without any help other than Tim's blowing and the
light touch of his fingers on the outer lips of her pussy.

I now wanted more and moved my hand to the buttons down the middle of the
nightgown and gently undid them to her waist. I then separated the two halves
and gazzed upon my Mothers firm breasts. I put my hand on a breast and
fondled and massaged it while Mother was almost totally in the control of
these varied feelings, the movie, my fondling and Tim's stealthy actions in
her lap.

Tim now moved her cunt lips apart with his fingers and slid his tongone down
her grove. When he moved to her clitoris she jumped so much she almost threw
us both off. She slapped lightly at his head, saying " Tim! what are you
doing? Ohh, you really are a nasty boy. You just go back to sleep."

What a joke! Mom was now in denial and just trying to make the proper
responses, but the responses she really was getting were from her body and she
could no longer control them. She then put her head against the backof the
couch while my head began to move down her chest and at reaching her erect
nipples I began to suckle, all the while keeping my hand moving strongly now
on her other breast.

Tim, after a momentary pause, once more was licking and sipping at Mom's
excited cunt.

Mom then just kind of sagged back into the couch and gave up completely any
resistance while making little noises

"Ooohhh, OOoohh, oh god, OOoohhhh, yes, OOoohh "

Tim motioned for me to pull her shoulders down to the seat of the couch which
I did. This afforded us more room and after a perfunctory move to stop us Mom
just closed her eyes. Tim put one of her legs up on the back of the couch.
This had the effect of opening Mom's cunt and Tim took every advantage as
he dived back upon it and proceeded to lick and suck it.

I could hardly stand I was so excited by all this and took out my cock which I
started to stroke. Mom's eyes then opened and seeing my state reached out her
hand and just said "let me" Oh the feeling was trememdous as she began to
stroke it for me. After only an minute or so she got a strange look in her
eye and kind of pleading said "please let me try this" at which she pulled my
cock to her month and began to lightly suckle.

I could only take a couple of minutes of this exquiste pleasure when feeling
my climax approaching, I said " Ohh Mom, please, I'm gonna cum " She looked
at me but just kept on even stronger and I went off.

"I'm sorry Mom, but I couldn't stop."

She just looked at me tenderly and said, "I never knew it could be so erotic
to do this and give so much pleasure in something I was told was wrong." She
then looked down at Tim and putting her hands on his head just kind of guided
him as he continued to suck at her cunt. She started to rock her hips and
wave her thighs in time with his actions. Soon I heard her gasping and
moaning loaudly as her orgasm overtook her and she put her legs around Tim's
neck to lock him to her. Finally she started to relaxe and her legs fell
apart on the couch and she just lay there still moaning softly.

Tim rose and after taking off his clothes, while I did the same, instructed me
to fuck Mom, saying he wanted to try something he had read about. I didn't
know what he ment but I was more than willing to screw Mom again. He told me
to get her on top of me.

I moved to a position between her legs and began to caress her pussy. I loved
the feeling of her bare skin and she apparently liked what I was doing too as
she was starting to react to my ministrations.

"Please don't feel bad at me, but I love what you're doing to me." she said

I leaned over and putting her nipple in my mouth, I began to suckle her breast
again, while keeping up the motions with my hand on her pussy. This had gone
so far I could hardly keep my breathe. She was coming up to a peak again but
now I held off. I continued again after a moment and repeated this over and
over until she finally pleded with me to "keep going, don't stop, I'm so

I said, " I want to fuck you"

"Oh no, we can't do that. You're my son, just keep doing what we have been
doing. I would be too wrong for us to have intercourse."

"Mom, we already did it last night. but it went so fast that I want to do it
again but make it last."

That seemed to reach her and she lay quiet for a few momnets, while I began my
activities again. She again started to get aroused and then she said, "well
if we already did it once then I quess it doesn't really matter, so I quess
its not any worse."

With that I moved my body up on hers. I hung poised for a moment, my cock
hard and quivering, as I lined it up in her grove. I found the openning to
her vagina and slowly pushed forward. This time I was aware of every movement
and sensation as my cock moved deep into her body. The heat was like an oven
and she was so slick, my body just glided in. I couldn't believe how tight
she still was.

As I had started in, Mom just came unstuck and wrapped herself around me. Her
legs came up as I hit bottom and they went around my butt and locked me in.

She said, "just lay there, let me do it."

I asked her if she would get on top off me, as I had heard of it but never got
to try it. We rolled over, still stuck together. This position let her move
and I was enjoying it all as she rose and fell on my cock.

Then I saw my cousin come up behind Mom and motion for me to pull her down on
me. When I did, he got on the couch behind her putting his hands on her ass
and starting to massage her round globes. This turned Mom on even more. Tim
was moving her cheeks side to side and opening and closing them. He then
reached down and getting some vasaline on his finger he spread her nether
cheeks apart and pressed his finger against her bottom hole. He kept up the
pressure until his finger slipped in.

Mom's eyes opened wide with shock and she stiffened with Tim's touch on her
asshole. As he tried to enter her botter with his finger she tried to move
forward onto me to avoid Tim's finger, but being impaled on me she could not
escape. She wimpered with surprise and shame at being touched this way and
putting her head next to mime she asked me to tell Tim to stop.

I now knew what Tim had in mind, but I acted dumb and asked her what she meant

She was too embaresed to say anything, all the while Tim was moving his finger
in and out of her bottom. I could feel Tim's finger moving back there while I
was sliding in and out of her cunt.

Finally, I felt Tim remove his finger and when Mom's face kind of tightened up
and froze I knew Tim was entering Mom's bottom with his cock. The two of us
were fucking her together.

Mom said, "Tim's doing something to me that is depraved and it is hurting
me. Please make him stop. He has his peter in my anus "

I told her it would be alright soon and that Tim didn't want to stop. She
should just relax and it would stop hurting soon. I told Tim not move for a
few minutes while Mom got used to his presence back there and I started a
gentle in amd out motion to try and take her mind off the tempory pain. After
a couple of minutes of this I noticed her breathing start to deepen again and
she began to move between us.

In something like amazement she told me " I can't believe this. I never
thought I would be doing this, much less with my son and nephew. Its actually
starting to feel good...oh yes, keep going slow but keep going.

By now Tim was also moving his member in and out of her backside and the
feeling was so tight on my cock because of the pressure from Tim. I had never
felt anything so tight on my cock. I couldn't really move any faster as there
wasn't any room with Mom on top of me and now Tim back there.

Mom was really starting to get into this now and she was doing most of the
moving. She started saying things like, "Oh, Oh, Oh god, Oh God, Oh God,
this is too much, It feels sooooooo goooood. Oh, How can this feel so good
and be wrong. I've never felt this turned on before and its great. I want
more! I love you guys for showing me what I have been missing."

Mom was on her hands with her arms locked and asked me to hold her breasts
some more, "Please", she said, "Please hold them and squeeze them hard.

Well I couldn't refuse and she began moving forwards and back, up and down,
suddenly she dropped her chest down in my face and told me to suck on her
nipples, and hard, "bite them, bite them gentle"....As I did she reached her
peak. I felt her pussy convulse with her orgasm and I exploded too.......

It was soo intense that I almost passed out. Tim was bucking hard now into
Mom's backside and he was having a difficult time holding off, but as he kept
it up Mom was still cumming, over and over. Tim grunted loadly with his
climax and plowed into Mom one last time.

The End ...or

This was my first attempt at writing one of these. I borrowed the beginning
( Part 1) and expanded it. This one is all original. I now have a lot more
appreciation of the difficulties in writing one of these. I am not a writer
or a typist and would appreciate responses...I have no real idea if these was
any good from an erotic stand point. By the time you finish one of these its
old hat to the tend to lose your perspective...My style may have
resulted in a very boring please, let me know..especially if you
found it totally lacking...This took a lot of time and no sense in wasting it.
Just post comments as a text file "c-mom-1.txt, c-mom-2.txt", etc

..........................................Thanks in advance..............
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