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Daddy's Little Girl

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

When I was 14 yrs. old, I got fucked for the first time.
I wanted it too! My uncle Bobby caught me masturbating with a
coke bottle in the barn. He pulled the coke bottle out of my
pussy, and started sucking on it. Then he made me beg him to
fuck me. While he was sawing his prick in and out of me he made
me tell him what I wanted. When I told him cock, he asked how
much. With his ten inch dick in my hot little hole I would have
said or done anything. He wanted to know if I had ever fucked
his brother (my father). When I told him no he said that he'd
have to fix that. The thought of being hammered by Daddy's dick
made me explode in my first real cunt crunching orgasm. He made
me stand in the stall with my panties down around my ankles while
he went up to the house. When he came back he had two of my
cousins, my six younger brothers and my father in tow. He made
me tell them what I wanted. When I told them that I needed to be
fucked they were all over me. I was fucked in the ass, mouth and
pussy all at the same time. I had been a virgin that morning,
but I couldn't remember that far back. Having all of this family
meat scumming me in succession made me go off like a string of
firecrackers. Before long they were saying that I was lucky to
have such a loving and predominately male family. All I knew was
that I had to have all the cock that they could muster. The
highlight of the day happened when my Daddy made me suck his cock
while he talked to me. He told me that he was proud that I had
turned out just like my mother. He said that before she died she
would fuck anything that moved just for him. Daddy said that he
caught her having an affair and instead of getting mad, he got
down on his hands and knees and ate her lover's cum out of her
cunt. He made her promise that she would be his special little
slut. He told me that he used to regularly bring home ten to
twelve of his buddies to screw her and so she could present him
with a soupy cunt to lick. She did it for Daddy then and now I
was doing it for Daddy. Daddy said that he would do the same for
me if I would like, BOY WOULD I LIKE! Daddy said, OK, but
remember anything I say goes. That was fine with me if it would
continue to be like this. Daddy swung me around him into a 69
and started swabbing my well fucked hole clean just like he used
to for my mother. That night they kept passing me around, but I
knew that I wasn't just doing it for me, but for Daddy too.
Every time he would tongue my sloppy pussy I would come harder
than the time before.

Every day after my encountered Stick I got fucked more and more
often. I was fucked by my brothers, my uncles, my cousins and my
Daddy nearly non-stop. They told me that I was even a good fuck
in my sleep. I often woke up on my side with a bone shoved up my
asshole and pussy at the same time. That was definitely the way
to start the day. Daddy was usually right there when they were
done, or they would go get him. Since we lived out in the
country, I took it upon myself to go nude around the house all
the time. I was such a slut that my pussy would flood if there
was a male in the room. I would do dishes at the sink with a
cock in my cunt. I would give blowjobs while I was scrubbing the
floor. Never had I felt so needed, so loved and so appreciated.
That is the greatest thing about fucking with your family. Daddy
then asked me if I felt up to a task that my mother had never
been able to manage for him. I asked him to try me. He sent
everyone out of the house and took me into the dining room. He
ordered me to get up on the dining room table, spread my legs
wide open and close my eyes. He stayed there diddling my clit
while he told me that my mother had once taken on thirty guys in
one evening. Is that all I laughed. He asked me if I liked big
dicks. I said yes as he stuck two fingers into my sloppy gash.
He told me that he knew this group of guys who had dicks that
made everything I had taken up me look like toothpicks. I
reminded him that I had been fucking coke bottles before my uncle
caught me. He said he had a test for me. I opened my eyes to
see him with my aluminum softball bat in his hand. He plied it
with vaseline and returned to my perch. He eased the knob of the
handle into me easily and then I took him by surprise. I arched
my back up off of the table in a quick move and took over ten
inches of the tool into my box. I heard him gasp in amazement as
I lunged up again to take in another six inches. I begged him to
put it to me while he told me what he wanted me to do for him.
He told me that I hadn't passed the test yet. With that he
gently removed the bat, turned it around, and placed the wider
end at my steaming hole. He again asked me if I thought I could
handle it. I told him that it would be my pleasure...literally.
He made me lean up on my elbows to watch as my pussy gobbled up
more and more of the business end of the bat. He told me to
imagine having a real dick about that size inside of me. As a
full foot of the bat disappeared up inside of me I came like a
waterfall. I remember begging him to bring the cock on in
between my grunts and groans of ecstasy.

[I still think that it is amazing how my pussy grew so accustomed
to all the hectic activity it was receiving. I'm not complaining
mind you, but I remember being so sore that I couldn't walk after
my first few times. What is really remarkable is the fact that
my cunt toughened up without becoming less sensitive.]

Daddy told me that he would arrange everything for the following
week. He also said that he and the boys would leave me alone
until the big night of our party. I thought I was going to die
from withdrawal waiting for the night of the party. Luckily
there was the tried and true coke bottle. The night of my party,
Daddy gave me a bath just like he had when I was a little girl.
He dried me off and then hugged me tightly. He whispered in my
ear how proud I was going to make him. I told him that I would
love to marry him if the law would allow. He kissed me
passionately and when we broke he said that the law couldn't keep
us apart. He handed me a gift wrapped box and said he'd leave me
alone to get dressed and that he'd be back up to get me when the
guests had all arrived. I opened the box and found out what I
was to wear to the party. It was a pair of leather panties that
had a zippered removable crotch and a leather bra with zippered
removable panels that exposed almost my entire breasts. I
couldn't wait to try them both on, but decided that this outfit
deserved a new look. I went back into the master bathroom and
got my Daddy's razor and shaving cream. While I was shaving my
little fuzzy pussy clean, I started thinking about how much I
loved being Daddy's dirty little slut. When I looked in the
mirror and saw my ample breasts protruding from their harness and
my bald quim pouting out of the crotchless panties I knew that
Daddy would approve.

Daddy knocked on the door and announced that everyone was ready
and looking forward to my company. I told him that I would be
right down. I could feel my pussy begin to flood more and more
with each step I took down the stairs. As I approached the
living room I could see that it was only lit with candles. There
were two columns of naked men lining my route to the head of the
room. Daddy had assembled over forty cocks for my needy little
cunt. Once I had taken my place along side my Daddy he handed me
a note. It was from my mother. In it she said that she wanted
to tell me something since she knew that she was dying. I nearly
feinted when I got to the part that said that the man that I knew
and loved as my father wasn't my real father. She was pleading
for my forgiveness in deceiving me all those years. She
explained that she had grown so addicted to having gang sex that
she couldn't refrain when my father went off to Vietnam. She
said that she had sex with so many men, so quickly, that she had
no idea who my real father was. I was in shock! I didn't know
what to do or say. Sensing my confusion, my Daddy leaned over
and whispered in my ear that he loved me in ways that a father
never could. He also said that he had loved my mother so much
that he had almost died with her out of loneliness. Seeing the
tears well up in my eyes my Daddy picked me up and held me like a
little baby. His tenderness reminded me of our earlier
discussion. I asked him if he really thought I reminded him of
Mother. He nodded as I felt his hardening cock press into my
leg. I said that I guessed he'd have to marry me then. After
all, I never had really been related to him. He stood me up
above the crowd on a table and announced that he had called this
gathering to introduce his friends and family to his wife to

I could hear heartbeats race and erections rise all around the
room as Daddy slowly removed the zipped portions of my attire.
First he revealed one breast and then another. As he unveiled my
freshly shaven pussy to the crowd I heard a collective gasp. I
was so ready to be fucked that I had strings of my own juices
hanging from my self parted pussy lips. Daddy pulled my pussy
lips apart even farther and displayed my pink slit to the wanton
assembly. I played with my tits as he rubbed my clit with his
thumbs. I came so strongly that I thought my knees would buckle
out from under me. My orgasm was met with the approval of all of
the men at the party. My brothers escorted me over to a stack of
pillows on the floor the positioned me so that my ass was
sticking almost straight up into the air and made me put my legs
over my head. (I guess it is a lucky thing that I was so subtle.)
Daddy can over and said that the first ten guys were the ones I
had been told about. When he stepped back I nearly feinted. I
was looking at the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life. It
was a good fourteen inches long and about six inches around. The
guy attached to it was a little arrogant about his prowess. He
told me that I was about to find out what heaven was. I told him
that I knew what heaven was like. (It was like having my father
sucking my cunny clean after a gang bang.) This guy was trying
to hurt me, but my cunt was so wet that he slid right in with a
loud squishy noise. I do have to give him this though, he could
really rock that monster. He plowed me for a couple of minutes
before I decided to talk trash to him. I told him that he could
stay the night fucking my asshole some time if he wanted to.
When I told him that I'd have my Daddy fuck him in the ass while
he was fucking my ass he popped a gusher off inside of me.
(Queer little fucker. I wouldn't ever let Daddy's dick up any
other ass but mine.) The next four or five guys were
considerably kinder than the first asshole, but only moderately
smaller in the cock. Each cock made me cum even harder than the
one before. I had one of them ask me if I did bachelor parties
after my pussy clamped down on his cock in my orgasmic
contraction. I told him that I was sure I did if my Daddy was
invited to attend. When Daddy heard my response he knelt down
and soul kissed me. He said that he was so proud of me and that
he couldn't wait to be alone with me. As intimately as I knew
Daddy, I had never seen him so excited in all my life.

After the ten men with the monster cocks had finished with me,
Daddy made an announcement. He told each of them could bring a
couple of friends over to spend the night with me if they would
just file by and cum in my cunt quickly and leave. Hearing his
impassioned invitation and knowing that it meant more cock for my
pussy made me tingle. Daddy stood over me grabbing each cock
that came by like a farmer milking a cow. He guided each dick
into my cunt and would squeeze the guys balls as if to get every
drop. He thanked each guy by name and told them to stop by again
real soon. Even while he was doing this he was telling me what
our marriage would be like. He said that I had better like
getting fucked because he wanted his family and friends to be
well treated. He said that I wouldn't be allowed to wear clothes
unless we were out in public and even then I couldn't wear
panties. He said that some men give their wive's cookies away,
but he was going to give my cunt away to his friends. He knew
that he was saying just what I wanted to hear.

Even with his attempts to speed things along, some of the guys
came through the line twice to get a whole weekend and I was glad
they did. About three hours after the party had started all of
our guests were gone. Daddy told four of my brothers to let him
get up to bathroom and then to carry me up. He also told them
something that sounded kind of funny. He told them to be careful
not to spill me. The boys were careful to keep my head lower
than my feet as they carried me feet first up the stairs. My
womb was so full of cum that I swear that I could hear it
swishing around as they carried me. My Daddy was laying on his
back on the edge of the tub. He told them that they knew what to
do. With that, they lowered me, positioned my crotch above
Daddy's mouth and spread my legs. Daddy told me that I was to
tell him about tonight while he tasted for himself. Then my
brothers quickly tilted me to an upright position on top of
Daddy's face. (I swear that I could feel the stream of the cum
mixture pour out my cunt and down Daddy's gulping throat.) I
told him that I loved being his randy little slut. I told him
that I hoped that each guy who took him up on the offer would
have several friends that they could bring along when they spent
the night. I asked him if he would throw more parties for me
like tonight. Then I told him that it had really turned me on to
feel him handling all of those dicks. I told him that he would
have to help me even more the next time. I asked him if he would
like that. He let me know that the thought appealed to him by
sucking even harder on my pussy's reward. I told him that if he
really wanted to make me happy that he would fuck me while that
guy with the fourteen inches banged his asshole full of cum for
me to eat out. The words had no sooner left my mouth before I
erupted in my life's strongest orgasm. I came so hard that I
lost control of my bladder and started mixing piss in with the
jism that Daddy was pulling out of me. He took it all and begged
me for more.

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