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Daddy's Little Girl, by Kirby

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

by {:Kirby:}~ 5/95

After hard day's work, you came home to find me lying on the
couch in a little pink and white teddy, sucking my thumb. I got so
excited when you walked in, I bounced over to you and taking my
thumb from my mouth, I asked "What did my daddy bwing home fow me?"
We sat on the couch as I waited for my surprise for being a good
little girl all day.

But you said you didn't bring me anything. I started to pout. My
little lower lip came out and I looked so sad... I started sucking
my thumb again. Then I pulled it out and exclaimed "I know what my
daddy has fow me!" And I started rubbing your thigh.

I could feel your dick. It wasn't quite hard, but it was getting
there. I was so happy. I started jumping up and down on your lap
and said "Daddy bwought me a wowwipop!" You looked happy because
you could please your little babydoll. I took your cock out of your
pants and started playing with it gently. "I wove all day suckers,
Daddy!" I said. All you could do was enjoy my happiness by lying
back and enjoying the pleasure I was lavishing on your rock solid

I got between my daddy's knees. I bowed my head down so that you
could feel my breath on your dick. You gave out little sigh and
shiver. I slowly opened my mouth and received your love into my
mouth. I looked up to see your reaction and I batted my baby blue
eyes at you. I lowered my eyes again and started going up and down
rapidly, sucking and tonguing your cock. You were face fucking me
hard, not wanting me to stop the pressure lock I had on you. You
gave a couple of shudders and out came your cum. I looked up at
you, thinking you'd be happy, pleased with your babydoll. But all
you could do was smile a little and you told me I had your cum on
my face.

You said "What's Daddy to do with his babydoll when she's such a
mess?" I replied "I don't know." I was afraid you'd be mad at me
for making a mess, but all you said was "Then I guess it's time for
babydoll to get a tubby. Daddy will wash you so he knows you're all
cleaned up." I love tubbies, but I love them even more when my
daddy's hands go over me! With that, you picked me up and carried
me to the bathroom.

After setting me down, you started the water to fill the tub, and
you poured some smelly sauce into the tub. The bubbles went huge!
You lifted my teddy nightie over my head and took off my panties.
I heard a gulp sound come from you. Surprise for you! I had shaved
my pubic area. It was babydoll smooth and bald. I was sitting with
my thighs slightly spread and you could see my little lips poking
out of the fresh pink skin of my pussy. You slowly traced your
fingers over my puffy pussy lips, brushed against my clittie and
pushed a finger in. What greeted you was my creamy cum! I could
tell this little surprise made you happy! You licked your fingers
clean and even shared one with me.

You lifted me gently into the tub and proceeded to wet a soft
sponge and soaped it up generously. You started at my neck and
face, being sure not to get the soap into your little girl's eyes.
You only want pleasure from this experience, no boo-boos or tears.
You put the sponge to the side and soaped up your hands. You gently
cupped my titties and pulled on my nipples. I moaned softly, giving
you knowledge that what you were doing to my body pleased me. You
took your time, soaping up each breast, making sure each one was
thorough washed. My skin was even more pink from the warm water but
my face was flushed from the sexual waves you were sending through
my body with each passing of your palm over my nipples.

After rinsing my chest, you soaped the sponge again and went to
work on my back and my tummy. "Make sure my belly button's cwean,
Daddy!" I said, resting my head back on the tub. I was lying flat
out with the water and bubbles circling my body. Your hand swished
over my pink skin gently again and again. Then you said it was time
to wash my pussy. You tossed the sponge to the side of the tub and
replaced it with your huge soft, foamy hand.

Both of us enjoyed the feeling of no hair "down there"! You turned
your hand sideways and glided it between my pussy lips and my
asshole. "It tickles, Daddy!" You told me to stand up so you'd have
a better angle to finish washing me up. This was when I first
noticed your hard cock pressing at the zipper of your jeans.

I stood up and you soaped up again and washed my ass, slowly,
running circles around my littlest hole. You kept teasing it....
pushing lightly against the opening. After rinsing me of all soap,
you started fingering my pussy and used your thumb on my clit. it
was driving me to whimper and you were groaning softly, almost to

You couldn't stand it anymore, so you took me out and quickly dried
me off. I had so many wrinkles! "Look at my skin, Daddy", and we
giggled at my "raisin" toes and fingers. The laughing calmed us
both down from our heated heights. We could better control
ourselves now and decided to play on a little further.

*This is only an enactment of adult role playing!

You lead me to the bed and said "Now be a good little girl while
Daddy's gone. I have to go get a few things from the other room.
Don't get down off the bed now, or daddy'll have to punish his
little girl." I didn't want you mad at me, so I promised to be good
and stay right were you put me. While you were gone, I started to
wander my fingers over my body. I'd sure be embarrassed for you to
catch me doing that, but it felt so good when you were doing it
with the soap. I wanted to see what it felt like with my own
fingers. I closed my eyes and thought of how you felt my nips. My
fingers felt the same way yours did. I recalled my bath and how
wonderful it felt to have my daddy's strong hands caressing me all
over. After a few minutes of clutching and kneading my tits and
nipples, I wandered down to my tummy. I went a little further,
expecting to feel the normal damp spot of hair that had always been
there since puberty. I had a little jolt when I didn't feel what I
expected down there and then remembered it was gone. Possibly for
good now that I've felt the sensations of a shaved, babydoll pussy!
Before I could go further and dip a finger or two into my hairless
snatch, I heard a "Aa-hem". I opened my eyes to see you standing at
the doorjamb, staring at me playing around. You said "Doesn't
babydoll feel good all clean and smooth?" I had to agree with you
there! But all I could do is smile shyly at you. You came into the
room with your hands behind your back. I said "What do you got?"
You said "Guess." I replied "Daddy's teasing wittle baby. Whatcha
got, daddy?" You chuckled and brought your hands around to show me
what you had. Bottle of lotion and baby powder. "Oh wow!" You said
you thought I'd like this little surprise. "I wove surprises,
daddy". You then told me lie on my tummy and enjoy.

I rolled over and you playfully swatted my hiney. I closed me eyes
and heard the "POP" of the lid opening of the lotion bottle. You
squirted a fine line down my spine. It was warm! You made swirls in
it with your finger tips and rubbed it all over my shoulders. It
felt so good. I nearly drifted off, again I was remembering the
tubbie from a few minutes before.

You smacked me again on my hindend and told me to roll over so you
could soften up my front side. You squeezed the lotion around one
breast and put a small glob right on my hard nipple. Just like a
bullseye. You leaned over me and while rubbing the warmed cream
around the top half of my body, you started nibbling my earlobe and
neck. You know the reaction my body will give you whether I want it
to or not. It's beyond my control when you put your tongue to work
on any part of me.

You trailed your tongue along my jawline; licking my lips, wetting
them with your saliva. I opened my mouth to receive it and you
pulled away. I started pouting again, my lower lip coming out, when
you explained that the lotion had been rubbed in and you had to
move on. You drizzled some on my thighs and told me to open them
wide. I did as you commanded, but you said "Further". I tried to
put them as far apart as possible. I felt so vulnerable that way.
But you didn't care. The only thing that mattered to you was easy
access to my moist pussy and taut thighs. Your hand lightly touched
the cream on me. While rubbing my thighs, you used your thumb on my
hard clit. You said "Look who's come out from hiding to see daddy!"
My "little man" was out there, proud and tall. You often called him
my little dick because of its size when I'm so turned on. I begged
you to finger fuck me, but you said "I can't because the cream
could cause you problems. But don't worry. Just as soon as I can,
I'll finish making baby feel good." You put the lotion away after
it was all rubbed into my thighs and legs. then you produce the can
of babypowder.

I love the smell of that stuff. It makes me feel like a little girl
again, truly! You sprinkled it over me, being careful not to get it
in my face. My daddy cares about things like that! You commented
that it felt as silky smooth as my "baby" pussy. You rubbed the
soft powder all over my body, except in the folds of my pussy. I
asked why you didn't do me all over. You said that you wanted that
free and clear of everything but your tongue.

And with that, you lunged at my pussy, driving your fuck tongue in
like a jackhammer! I exploded all over the bed, soaking your face
as well as the bedsheets. You tongue fucked me and tongue caressed
me to two more orgasms before you withdrew your face from my hot
box. I sighed heavenly, wanting nothing more then to sleep in your
arms; safe and secure.

However, you had other plans for your little girl!

You undressed yourself in lightening quick speed and you joined me
on the bed once again, this time our flesh touching and your cock
poking my belly.
You said "My little girl wouldn't go to sleep without helping her
daddy with his little problem, would she?" I shook my head no.

You rolled on your back and put me atop of you in one easy motion.
I leaned over your face and we kissed deeply. You maneuvered
you under me so that your prong was tickling the opening of my
pussy. Before I knew it, you slammed me down on top of your
solidness and you were deep within me! I shuddered and came
instantly. You pumped me up and down while I wriggled around. My
ass checks ground against your balls and the base of your shaft.
While squeezing my tits with one hand and holding my hip with the
other, you controlled our movements. Faster and faster, building
the rhythm higher with each pump, I could tell how very close to
cumming you were. I wasn't far behind you! "I want my daddy to cum
waif his wittle girl. Will daddy do that for wittle me?" You
groaned a yes and within seconds we were both screaming like
banshees; wild sex hungry humans reaching the all time high in
life; a mutual orgasm ripped through us from the deepest parts of
our souls. I covered your mouth with mine in passionate kisses and
as we tried to regain our breathing through our hungry mouths, our
orgasms subsided to a relaxed loving hold.

I eased off your body. I laid with my head on your chest and told
you of my love for you and you told me of yours for mine. As our
hearts slowed to normal again, we drifted off into a contented

I awoke a little while later to you whispering in my ear "Babydoll,
Daddy's awake...."

Sleep wouldn't happen for a few more hours now and it wasn't
because we were playing "Patty Cake" either! Now it was Daddy's
turn for absolute pleasure................

*This is only an enactment of adult role playing!

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