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Father Daughter spanking

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Humilitated, embarassed and ashamed is how Shannon after being
beaten withe her fathers belt and paddle, diapered by him like a
child and sent to sit in the corner. She could not believe the
power and control her father was exibiting over her recently but
she sure could feel it.

Shannon's father made it clear that rules in his house were not
to be broken with out consequences. Today Shannon's father wanted
to make it clear to Shannon who was boss in this house.

Whenever Shannon was to get a beating she was usually lectured
first in the living room of her house. Then she was instructed to
go to her room and wait. When her father arrived at her room he
often instructed her to lay face down on her bed. Her father would
tie her to the bed to ensure that whatever happened his daughter
she would not escape punishment.
Shannon hated being tied to her bed so often there was a strugle
between her father and her in doing so. As a result, Shannon often
suffered more beatings and punishment time than she would have if
she had been more obiedent.
Shannon's father then would remove his belt and fold it up in
half, cracking it so that Shannon could hear it. Shannon's father
would make Shannon say things like ,"Whip me- Daddy" with coaching
of course from her father. Shannon's father enjoyed watching his
daughter laying on the bed tied. It made him feal a sense of
At first Shannon's father would administar a spanking over her
jeans and panties. He fealt like it was a sort of warming up
period for himself as well as his daughter. Shannon often
sqweermed and wimpered as her father gave her belt lash after belt
lash. Shannon's father would tell her to lay still and quit and if
she did not do so he would have to remove her pants and belt her
bare-bottomed. Shannon never was quite enough for her father; even
if she tried.
Shannon's father would lay down his belt on Shannon's back and
reach under her body to unfasten her jeans. He would pull them
down as far as he could to her tied ankles. Then he would remove
her panties. Shannon often cried out of humilation and
embarressement. Shannon was a 16 year old teenager being forced to
bare herself to her father for a whipping. None of Shannon's
friends that she knew of were being punished in the way of
spanking's anymore. Being spanked, or whipped as her father refers
to it, is Shannon's fathers way of treating his daughters childish
behaviors. Shannon's father often would tell Shannon in the course
of his lectures that if you are going to act like a child I am
going to have to treat you like a child. Given you are not the age
of child it will have to be more severe, more humilating, and more
Once her father removed her pants and panties he would once
again pick up his belt and crack it so that Shannon could hear it.
Shannon's father would lift his belt up and release is on Shannon's
bottom over and over again until stripes would form all over her
bottom area. Shannon's father whipped Shannon very hard so that
almost every stroke she received would make her gasp in pain.
During whippings Shannon was to be totally silent and still
unless otherwise told to do different. Be silent and still was
hard for Shannon, as many others getting a whipping, so as a result
Shannons earned more whippings and punishment time.
Finally after about 50 to 60 hard strokes of the belt on
Shannon's bottom her father would step back and admire his daughter
freshly whipped bottom. Her father would often say things like,"
How was that", and "I hope your feeling a little more obident now".
Shannon never wanted to answer what her father wanted to hear. If
she didn't say ,"Yes sir", or "I deserved it" she would get just as
many belt spankings again. Shannon usually answered what her father
wanted to hear to his delite. Shannon's father had his daughter
just where he wanted her, obdeient, whipped, and tied to her bed.
Shannon's father always believed in being thorough with his
daughter. Once he had her tied to her bed he wanted to beat her to
teach her lesson as well as for his own satisfaction. Shannon's
father kept a paddle in the hallway drawer.
Shannons' father fetched the paddle from the drawer in the
hall and brought it into Shannon's room. Shannon hated the paddle
cause her father used it hard on her. The paddle often left bruses
on her butt checks and upper thighs that often would not go away
for weeks. This of course was her fathers intention for his
daughter. He wanted his punishments to last for a long while, even
though he believed in beating his daughter regulary to keep her in
Shannon pleaded for her father to not use the paddle on her
and that she had enough but her father was deaf to her pleas. Her
father often gagged her for talking out of turn. Gagging was very
humilating and constricting for Shannon. This time Shannon's
father did not gag her but warned her to not speak out of turn and
only if she was being spoken to.
Shannon's father lifted the paddle and slammed it down on
Shannon's whipped bottom. Shannon jerked and yelled in pain.
Shannon's father deciede here that he needed to gag his daughter.
He walked out in to the hallway closet and got the sucker-type gag
that he had bought at a S&M shop and stuck it in her mouth. He
fastened the leather straps around his daughter's head. Oh what a
sight he thought.
Shannon's father continued with paddlin her as she jerked,
moaned (with the gag in her mouth perventing words and load
screems), and writhed in her bed. Shannon was in great pain and
her father enjoyed every bit of it. Her father enjoyed knowing
that he is disaplining her the way he feels fit. Severly..
After about 10 minutes or so of paddling and more than a
hundred hard strokes administered across Shannon's bottom her
father put down the paddle on Shannon's dresser. Shannon's bottom
was very red with forms of black and blue coming in already.
Shannon had beating marks from the belt as well as the paddle
running from her upper butt area down to her back of her knees.
Shannon for sure would not be wearing a bathing suit of shorts for
a long-long time.
Shannon's father liked to see his daughter humilated in his
presence and in the presence of others (in a disguesed way so that
only he and his daughter knew). He untied his daughter's legs and
then her arms. He instructed his daughter to roll over on her back
as he pulled of her jeans and pantes that were around her ankles.
Shannon's face was filled with angish and pain. Shannon was still
gagged. Shannon's father left the room again.
Shannon knew better than to leave her bed until told to so she
lay there awaiting her father's next command. Shannon's father
returned to Shannon's room with a diaper in hand. He lifted his
daughter legs and placed the diaper under her swollen bottom.
Shannon felt some relief as her skin touched the soft plastic like
material of the diaper. Shannon's father put her legs down and
pulled the diaper through her legs. Fastening it in the front with
the provided tape. Shannon lay on her bed with a gag in her mouth
and a diaper on (she had a waist length T-shirt on the whole time).
Shannon's father asked his daughter if she was going to be
good now so that he could remove the gag. Shannon nodded to her
father yes so that he would remove the gag. He removed the gag and
pulled Shannon to her feet. Shannon's father told her to put back
her pants on over her diaper and come downstairs in 15 minutes or
he would be back with his belt and paddle for another session.
Shannon dared not disobey and as her father left the room Shannon
picked up her jeans off the floor and put them on. They were tight
to begin with but with the extra bulk of the diaper they were super
tight. Shannon hoped her father would not make her go out like
this because she was sure everyone would notice or if they didn't
they would hear the crackle of plastic when she walked. Shannon
knew her father was one to make her humiliated and ashemed so she
did not doubt what her father might to. Shannon hesitated to touch
he swollen bottom and back of her upper legs. Shannon could not
remeber a time where her father had given her more of a beating
than he did today.
Shannon wanted to make sure she made it downstairs in 15
minutes so she hurried out of her room and down the stairs. Every
step she took was filled with pain and humiliation as she
approached her father. Her father was sitting on the living room
couch and instructed her to get a chair from the kitchen table and
place it in the corner of the room where he could watch her.
Shannon noticed a different kind of whip then normal in her fathers
hand. It was a sort of riding crop whip. Shannon did as she was
told and when she was done she stood by the chair and waited for
Shannon's father often talked to his daughter before giving
her time in the corner and today was no exception. One difference
was this new whip he had. Shannon's father lectured his daughter
about her punishment and about who is boss prompting her to make
sure she understood. When asked the question, "Shannon were you
adaquatly spaned in all areas?"
Shannon replied "Yes sir". Her father did not agrea sighting
an area that he had skipped. Her father was one for discapplining
and beating and hear was and excuse to give her more. He pulled
shannon's pants down exposing her diaper. He turned the chair
aroud and had Shannon sit in the chair. OOOOCH Shannon wanted to
scream. Her father noticed her intensions as she sat down and
scolded her threatening the gag and tieing again. He spread her
legs apart and lifted the riding crop stype whip and began whipping
the inside of Shannon's left and right thigh. Shannon had never
been whipped here and the pain was great. She cried like a baby
and squirmed. Her father allowed her this time for he enjoyed the
view of his daughter. He made sure each inner thigh was whipped
thoroughly and bruised with striped like her bottom and backside.
He figured since he was already at is he instructed her to stand up
and turn around to that he could whip her upper thighs near the
elastic leg of her diaper more. The diaper would rub here causing
Shannon alot of discomfort when she walked.
Turning the chair back around he instructed his daughter to
beg to sit in the chair. On her hands and knees she begged and he
sat her in the chair facing the wall. Shannon knew the pattern of
the wallpaper well, she had been here before. Shannon was to sit
still for 1 hour. One hour in the chair seemed like forever. Then
back up to her room for bed without supper.
The hour in the chair made Shannon think. She hated her
father for doing this to her. She hated the humiliation he caused
her and she hated the loss of control he forced on her. She hated
being treated like a child getting spankings and whippings,
diapered, and punished in a childish fashion. She was too
embarrassed to tell anyone about how her father treated her and
besides the laws in her state allowed her father to punish children
in any way they felt fit and he did punish her in the way he felt
fit. Thoughts of running away filled her mind but she knew her the
police would find her and her father's beatings would be more
severe and the punishments more humiliating.
After the hour was up her father told her she could pull up
her pants over her diaper and prepare for bed. Shannon went
upstairs and prepared for bed wearing a flannel night gown. Her
father entered the room. He hugged his daughter and patted her
swollen diapered bottom and kissed her goodnight on the cheek.
"Now. Be a good Daddy's girl. Understand?"
Shannon nodded yes while saying," Yes sir daddy". Shannon's
father tucked Shannon in to bed and informed her she was to be
grounded all week without TV, Telephone, or going to friends
houses. Shannon's father left he room as Shannon rolled on her
tummy in order to get off her spanked backside.
Shannon would remember today for a long-long time to come.

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