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Daddy's Lessons: An Erotic Story

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.


Daddy's Lessons
An Erotic Story

I'm not sure, but I think I was about 6 or 7 years old, When
Mother decided that it was time that all of us kids learned what
sex was, and how babies were made, so that we didn't accidentally
get knocked-up (or in the case of my younger brother, knock
someone up). As I say, I was about 6 or 7. My older sister
Karen, was about 10, my younger brother, Mike was about 5 or 6,
and my younger sister, Susan (Suzy, to everybody in the family)
was about 4 or 5. Diane hadn't been born yet.
Oh yes, I'm Tamara Dugan (Tammy to my family and friends,
and you'd better be my friend, or you shouldn't be reading this).
The night I'm talking about must have been early in the
summer, because I distinctly remember that there wasn't any
school. Neither that night, nor for quite a while afterwards.
As I remember, it all started when my little brother found this
magazine over at the dump.
Perhaps I'd better explain about where we live, so you'd
understand. If you take the main highway north out of Chequat
(No that's not the real name of our town, but If you already know
where I'm from, you'll know what I'm talking about, if you don't.
This information won't tell you.) As I was saying, If you take
the main highway north, out of town, you'll see signs saying,
"Chequat Sanitary Landfill," about 4 miles out. If you continue
north, you'll come to a nondescript dirt road leading to the left
about a half-mile farther on. The only sign, is a battered tin
label, saying, "Fire-Road #227," or something like that. Take
that (bumpy) dirt road about a half mile, and go south on the
second dirt road to the South. (If you take the first one,
you'll end up in a big hole in the ground.) The road twists
first to the right, and then to the left, then runs up a little
hill to our house. Nobody else lives anywhere near, except our
cousins, about another half-mile down the road. There's a string
of mailboxes across from the landfill, and you'll find the name
"Dugan" on one of them.
Daddy both works for, and is part owner of the landfill, so
he keeps the mailbox there, as it's more convenient. Daddy
doesn't really have to work, as he gets a good income from his
share of the company, but he likes to keep an eye on the place
(as it's partly his) and it's nice to have the money come back to
the family, instead of paying some stranger to do it. (As you
might have guessed, the whole landfill, and also the sand-pit,
and Cement-factory are all either family owned, or at least owned
by relatives. All of the Dugans, (and Carols, and McKinleys)
live relatively isolated. When our great-grandparents split up
the big tree-farm, they let each of their 8 children have their
choice of a 160 acre parcel, and the remaining 4000 plus acres
were incorporated into a family-owned business. As I said, we're
not poor.


Daddy works as a night-watchman, because he doesn't have to
either give, or take orders then, and he has a personal interest
in seeing that nobody steals anything. Most of the family does
things like that. For instance, Uncle Joe maintains the
machinery, because he LIKES being a mechanic. The company hires
a business manager, to run the day-to-day stuff, and men to run
the machinery, but except for those five, everyone in the company
is family.
I'm telling you all this, so that you'll understand what the
dump means to us. We always call it the dump; though officially,
it's the landfill. The dump is over the hill from us, about a
quarter to half a mile, depending on what part you're heading
for. We almost never smell the dump from our house, unless the
wind is exactly wrong, as the hill somewhat shields us, and the
prevailing winds go the other direction. Still, we always know
that it's there.
All of us kids (including all of our cousins) are dump-
scroungers. After the dump closes, you'll always find a group of
us poking through the current pile looking for lord-knows-what.
The family doesn't bury the day's rubbish, until after it's been
there, at least one day, as the whole family does this. I've
even seen Mother poking around, when she was bored at home. Daddy
doesn't mind, as he used to do it when he was a kid, and
sometimes still does, for that matter. He does insist, that we
wear gloves, and anyone found out at the dump without them, has
his dump-privileges revoked for a month.
Well, this time Mike found a pile of magazines, and sorted
through them. You never know what kind of magazines you'll find.
One person's trash, is another person's treasure. My cousin Mike
once found a stack of pre-world-war-2 science-fiction magazines,
and sold them for over $200 to an antique book seller. These
magazines weren't like that though. They were mostly paperbacks,
and pretty beat-up. No pictures, and according to Mike, "Mushy
stuff." I wish I'd scavenged some of them, before they got
covered up, but by the time I thought of it, they were buried.
Several months later, I found a batch of my own, but that's
another story. This time, just when Mike was about to give up on
finding anything interesting, he found that one of the books was
slightly larger than the rest, and had pictures in it. That one,
he brought home to look at closer, as he couldn't read the
writing, and the pictures were funny. He thought it might be
valuable. Well, it wasn't valuable, and yet, in a way it was, to
our family. Two years later, I traded Mike for it. He made me
pay through the nose. He wanted my share of the TV-video-game-
set that our grandmother had given both of us. I know now, that
you can't buy books like this any more, anywhere. So maybe I got
the best deal after all.
That night, Karen, Mike, and I were sorting our latest
"acquisitions," when Mike asked us, what we thought this magazine
might be worth. At first, I thought it was a nudist magazine,
and I was kind of scornful, as we ran across them all the time in
the dump. At least I thought that, until Karen said, "Let me see
that!" and reached for the magazine. At first, I was tempted to
hold onto it, until Mike's look reminded me that it was his
magazine, not mine.


(Our parents strictly enforced the rule, that what we got
from the dump was OURS, until we either gave it away, sold it, or
indicated that we no longer wanted it. There was a special bin
out in the garage, where we put dump-items we no longer wanted,
and every one was free to go through it. Once a month, Daddy
emptied it out. Even Daddy and Mother didn't break this rule.
If we found it at the dump, and we wanted it, it was OURS. My
second cousin June, once found a diamond ring, and her parents
let her keep it, so the rule seemed to apply to all of our clan.)
Anyway, Karen took the magazine, opened it up, and lay it
out, so that we could all look at it. It seemed to be written in
German, but it was mostly pictures, with a little text running
down the sides of the page, near the binding. And what pictures!
The cover had big letters across the top saying, "KINDERSEX," and
a picture of a little girl and boy, a little older that I was
(about Karen's age) sitting naked on the cover. You could see
the boy's penis, and the girl's naked little slit, and barely
budding breasts. That's why I thought it was a nudist magazine.
We had all seen nudist magazines, and the whole family was
somewhat nudist, we all quite often went naked in the summer, and
I remember days in the summer, when nobody in the house got
dressed, from the time we got up, until we went to sleep. Mother
and Daddy even had some Nudist magazines in the house, and once
we actually went to a nudist camp. Big deal! We had better
swimming and boating at home, and I'd already seen my family, and
most of my cousins naked.
As we looked, first at the cover, and then inside, I noticed
that there was something different about the two children on the
cover. For one thing, the boy's penis wasn't soft, like it was
in all the nudist magazines. It stood out in front of him, and
the little girl on the cover had her hand wrapped around it. The
little boy was returning the favor, and if you looked closely at
his hand, you could see that the boy's middle-finger had slid up
inside his sister's little slit. At the bottom of the page, was
a number-symbol (like this: #) and a 17, and what was obviously a
date, and family something. (Later, I learned the translation of
what was on the cover. It said, "Family issue," and the cover
was labeled, "Twin helping Twin.")
As we opened the cover, and looked at the next page, the
same two children were there. Only on the first page the little
boy had his head between his sister's legs, and was obviously
licking her tiny slit. "Oh Gross!" said Mike.
"If you think that's gross, look at the next page," I told
him. Sure enough, on the next page, the girl was between her
brother's legs, and she had his little penis halfway in her
mouth. Hurriedly, we turned to the third page. There, the boy
was lying on top of his sister, and was kissing her. You
couldn't tell what else they were doing. He was lying between
her legs, but that was all you could tell. On the next page
however, he had lifted himself up off the little girl, and you
could see that he actually had his little penis halfway up inside
his sister's vagina.
"Oh God," I whispered, "doesn't that hurt?"
Karen was more sophisticated. "Only the first time, from
what I hear," she said.


Normally, a revelation like this, from our older sister,
would have had the two of us begging to find out what Karen knew,
but we were too interested in the magazine to pump her for
information. We turned to the next page. The two children were
still plugged together, but were looking up in shock at a woman
who must have been their mother. The next picture showed a man
had joined them. The boy, by this time, had pulled out of his
little sister. We turned to the next page. This page showed the
woman pointing at the little girl, while the man had a "Who me?"
expression on his face. It must have been him, because the next
picture showed the man kneeling naked between the little girl's
legs, as she sat on a chair. She was looking down at her
father's penis, as it pointed straight at her little slit, now
open, so that you could see a tiny hole there, as she spread her
legs. We hurriedly turned the page.
The next picture showed just the little girl. She had slid
down in the chair, and you could see her flat little tummy, and
slight little buds, where her breasts were starting to develop.
The only thing you could see of her father, was where a tiny
round of man's stomach dented the bottom of the picture, and the
head of a large penis had spread the lips of the little girl's
tiny slit. The next picture, on the facing page, was the same,
except the head of the man's penis had vanished inside his
daughter's belly, and the little girl was wincing with the strain
of taking her father's member.
"Oooh," said Karen, "I'll bet that hurts."
"Let me see the next page," I said. "I want to see if he
gets it all inside her." I was panting with excitement. Nothing
in the nudist magazines had been like this!
Sure enough, on the next page, two thirds of the man's cock
had vanished up inside his daughter. On the facing page, he had
buried it to the hilt in the little girl. We skipped to the next
page. There, the man had pulled halfway out, and a red ring ran
around the middle of his cock. In the next page, they were both
on the floor, and the little girl had wrapped her legs around her
father, as a look of happiness grew on her face.
For the next several pages, the pictures showed the little
girl fucking her father in several positions. Most showed the
man's cock either buried inside his little girl, or halfway out.
There was one picture, of the little girl sitting on top of her
father, facing the camera. You could see the little girl's pert
nubbins of breasts and smooth flat belly leading down to the bare
little slit that was so obscenely stretched by her own father's
penis. The little girl was obviously enjoying the feeling of
having her father's big cock up inside her belly, as a look of
bliss suffused the little girl's face.


In the next picture, you could see where the little girl had
risen a couple of inches, and a smear of white streaked her
father's penis, where it went up inside the child's body. In the
next picture, the man was approaching his daughter, as she lay on
her back, and you could see where a smear of white surrounded the
child's open little hole, and a thick drop of something white
oozed from the tip of her father's cock. Then, in the next
picture, the little girl's vagina was being stretched by her
father's cock again, as the man pushed it all the way home in the
little girl's belly. A smear of white, still surrounded the
man's penis, as he pushed it all the way up inside his daughter's
Towards the end of the series, there were bunches of
pictures together on a page. These last pictures showed
something different. First, there was a picture of the man's
cock buried up inside the little girl. The next picture showed
him pulled halfway out of his daughter. Then a picture showed
him with his cock pulled all the way out, and the head almost
touching his little girl's slit again. The final picture on the
page showed a white splash of something squirting from the hole
in the head of the man's penis, up on the little girl's belly,
and down into the child's hole. Turning the page, showed the
same picture blown-up. You could see that the man was squirting
white-stuff right into the little girl's slit, and some had
sprayed up onto her flat little belly. The facing page was
another series of shots, with the man's cock, still squirting,
spreading the lips of his daughter's vagina, entering the little
girl, halfway up inside her, and finally, buried all the way up
inside his own daughter's tight little belly. On each of these
pictures, you could still see the smear of white, on the child's
flat belly.
The last picture, showed the man had pulled his cock out of
his daughter again, and a trickle of white had appeared in the
bottom of the little girl's now open slit, matching the white
smear on her belly. Turning the next page, showed the final two
shots of the series. The first was a close-up of the little
girl's vagina, her legs were spread, and you could see a large
bubble of the white stuff that her father had squirted inside
her, welling up out of the child's tiny slit, while the white
glob on her belly dripped down to join it. The final picture
showed the little girl, still on the floor, with her vagina still
dribbling white, looking up at her mother, who was looking down
at her husband and child, and saying something with a big smile
on her face. The line at the bottom said something like: "Oh
Mama, Papa vas sooo GUT!"
The next two pages, contained four pictures. The first
picture showed the man talking to his son, and pointing to the
little boy's mother. The second picture, showed the little boy's
mother slipping her dress over her head. The third picture,
showed where the little boy had buried his little penis up inside
his mother, as the woman lay on her back, with her legs spread.
The last picture in the series showed where the little boy had
withdrawn from inside his mother, and was squirting something
white up inside the woman's hole, that his mother was holding
open with her fingers.


The next 12 pages, were a calendar of some sort.

January, showed the little girl, wearing a short little
dress, which she had flipped up to expose her flat little belly.
The little girl's father, was between her legs, and had his big
cock buried inside his little girl's belly.

February, showed the little girl naked, facing away from the
camera this time. The child had swallowed her father's erect
penis, and you could see her open little cunt facing the camera,
as a thick gob of white drooled out, and dripped onto the floor.

March, showed both the little girl and her mother, as they
were being penetrated from the rear by the father and son

April, showed the little girl, and her mother, both
completely naked, kissing each other, face to face. The little
girl's breasts, and tummy looked slightly bigger than before.

May, showed the little girl naked, on her back, as her
father had squirted another splotch of white up the child's
belly, and once again had buried his penis up inside his
daughter's vagina.

June, showed a close-up of the little girl's vagina where a
creamy white liquid had been splattered all over the child's
vagina, and still more was welling out of the little girl's hole.
There was a definite bulge, to the little girl's belly now.

August, showed the little girl completely naked, bent over,
as her father pushed his big cock up inside her from the rear.
The man's fingers were stroking the little girl's swollen belly,
as he mated with his daughter.

September, showed the little girl and her mother, both
naked, and facing each other; comparing grossly swollen bellies,
by running their hands over each other's tummy.

October, showed the little girl naked on a bed, clutching a
naked little baby girl to her swollen breast. While the baby was
nursing on the little girl's breast, the girl herself was nursing
on her own father's cock. You could see a dribble of white,
coming from her lips, where the little girl hadn't been able to
swallow all the sticky white liquid that her father was squirting
in his daughter's mouth.


November, showed the little girl lying in the same bed, with
her father between her legs. The young woman was lying with her
tiny naked little girl on her belly, facing the camera. You
could see the little baby girl's tiny little slit, next to her
mother's. The girls' father had obviously just ejaculated his
white-stuff up inside his young daughter's belly, as a white
puddle oozed from her puffy little slit. A thick sticky drop of
white was dripping from the tip of the man's penis, as the little
girl held her father's drooling cock up against their baby
daughter's tiny little slit. A big dollop of white liquid had
already dripped from the end of the man's penis, onto their
little girl's tiny crack.

The December picture showed the little girl on her knees, as
her father penetrated her from behind. Already, it looked as if
the little girl's belly was starting to swell again.

After December, there was one last picture of the little
girl, and her father. This picture showed the whole family. The
two male members of were sitting naked on a white couch. Both
female members were also naked, and were sitting with their male
partners cocks buried inside their respective vaginas. The
little girl was sitting on her father, with his big cock
stretching her little slit (which was just starting to show a
light fuzz darkening the top). The children's mother, was
resting with her son's penis buried in her vagina also. On the
floor in front, two naked little children, a boy and a girl,
played with two even littler babies, also a boy and a girl. As
the whole family was facing the camera, you could make out the
children's sex parts. There was something reminiscent about the
front cover of the magazine in this scene, as the little boy had
one finger in his baby sister's tiny little hole, and the little
girl was holding onto her baby brother's tiny penis.
If you looked closely at the little girl on the couch, it
looked like her belly was already starting to swell again.

After this, the cast of characters changed. The rest of the
magazine was filled with pictures of children and adults having
all kinds of sex, but usually, only a page or two were devoted to
any one couple, or group of people. There were several pages of
a little girl who must have been younger than I was, fucking her
older brother, who couldn't have been more than 12. He must have
been about that old, because he managed to squirt the white stuff
up inside his little sister. There was another picture of the
little girl, looking older now, walking into a room, where a man
was in bed, fucking a slightly older girl, whose swollen belly
attested to her fertility. This was followed by a picture of the
same man, with his cock buried inside the first girl, and then
another picture showing him squirting white stuff on the little
girl's bare slit. A final picture showed the same little girl,
who had started out fucking her brother, standing next to her
father, proudly showing off her bare tummy, which now stuck out
in front of her, a good 8 inches. Another few pages showed a
little girl of about 10, getting fucked by her grandfather, while
her two older sisters watched.


By this time, we had all figured that the whole magazine
showed nothing but pictures of family members having sex. One of
the more exciting ones, was labeled, "Mama 'n Dotter," and showed
a man fucking two women, one of whom was much younger than the
other. Even the older of the two women didn't look much more
than 17, or 18, while the younger one couldn't have been older
than 12. The man looked old enough to be both of the women's
father. Personally, I think he was. The last picture in the
book showed the man between the younger girl's legs, where he had
just squirted a big gob of white stuff all over her open vagina.
"Gee, Tammy," said Mike, "how'd you like to do that?"
I shivered at the thought. "We're probably too young," I
said, ignoring the evidence on the pages in front of me.
"Too young for what?" asked our mother, who had come out to
Karen wordlessly held up the magazine, for Mother to read.
Now I don't know about you, but us kids trusted our parents.
Even if we were too young for such stuff, we knew she wouldn't
try to take the book away. This magazine had come from the dump;
and by the rules of our family, since Mike had found it; it was
HIS. The only exceptions, to this rule had been firearms. If
one of us ever found one, Dad put it away for us, until we were
older. It was still OURS. I've got to hand it to Mother; she
read the whole thing without blanching, or more than an
occasional, "Oh my!" and Mother could read German! Also, Mother
never even offered to put the magazine away, "until we were
older," like a gun. She just handed it back to Mike; asking him
to put it away until Daddy had a chance to see it, and discuss it
with us.
That night, Daddy asked Mike if he could borrow the book,
and he and Mother looked it over and "discussed" it. That must
have been some discussion, because the bed in our parents bedroom
seemed to squeak all night long, and Daddy looked worn out the
next morning. Mother just looked refreshed. The next night,
Daddy arranged for his cousin Herman to watch the pit, while we
attended to family business. All of us kids were told to leave
the evening free from other appointments, as the family was going
to be doing "family business."
We all knew what that meant. Everyone had a say in what
happened. The last time we had one, was when we decided to get a
pool, instead of going on vacation. The whole family sat down,
and discussed it, and we all decided that we'd rather have a pool
at home, than go out on vacation that year. We had originally
planned to go to the Wisconsin Dells, and enjoy water-slides, and
stuff like that, but this way we got to have our water-fun at
home, all summer long. This time we figured that it had
something to do with the magazine Mike had found. Daddy had
returned it to my brother that morning, and cautioned him not to
lose it. Suzy hadn't yet seen it, but had heard about it.
During the day, Mother borrowed the magazine from Mike
again, and spent most of the day copying the text from it onto
the computer. We didn't know it at the time, but Mother was
translating the words and stories that accompanied the pictures
into English. We had ignored them, but Mother seemed to think
they were important.


After supper that night, we all gathered around. Mother
asked us, if we all had seen the magazine in question. We all
nodded. Even Suzy had looked at the magazine by now.
"Well," said Daddy, "tonight we're going to talk about sex.
You all know what sex is, don't you?"
Suzy giggled.
"That's what we thought," said Daddy. "You think you know
about sex. Your mother and I figured that you had better learn
properly. Especially, if you're going to be reading magazines
like this one." Daddy held up the magazine under discussion.
"First," said Daddy, "we'd better all get undressed, so that
we can all see what we're talking about."
Suzy giggled again, but headed for her room, to get
undressed, anyway. Daddy stopped her. "No," he said, "get
undressed right here, in front of everybody. If we're going to
discuss sex, we might as well all see each other doing it."
"Doing it?!" I gasped. "'You mean, we'll actually DO it?
Not just talk about it?"
Mother nodded, as Daddy replied. "Your mother and I
discussed this last night," he said. "We figured that you kids
would be trying things out yourselves pretty soon. Especially,
if you're reading magazines like this one." He held up Mike's
magazine again. "So, we figured that if you're going to be doing
it, you might as well do it right! Also, we didn't want any of
you getting pregnant, or catching something, so we figured we'd
better teach you kids the right way. And the best way I know of,
is to do it."
By this time, everybody had completed getting undressed. I
looked at my siblings, with renewed interest. Their bodies
hadn't really interested me before, but with my new perspective,
and from looking at the magazine, I found new interest in my
little brother's swelling little cock, and my sisters' vaginas,
and developing breasts. I hear a gasp beside me from my sister,
Karen. My big sister was looking at Daddy. Our father's cock
was sticking out at her, and a clear liquid was dripping off the
Daddy grinned at us. "That's the beginning," he said.
"We're all going to examine each other, so that you'll know what
it's all about. Karen, you seem to be interested in my cock, or
Karen blushed. "I'm sorry Daddy," she said, "I didn't mean
to stare."
"Don't be," replied Daddy. "That's what this whole show is
about. If you're interested in my cock, just come over here, and
examine it!"
"'You mean it Daddy?" asked Karen. At daddy's nod, my big
sister walked over to where our father was standing, and looked
at Daddy's cock.
"Can I look too, Daddy?" I asked.
Daddy nodded, and soon the two of us were examining our
father's cock. "It's much bigger than Mike's," I said.
Suzy spoke up. "What about us?" she asked.
"Yeah," echoed Mike, "what about us?"


Mother spoke up. "Your father has about all I think he can
(cough cough) handle right now. Why don't you and Suzy examine
each other? Here. I'll show you, while Daddy shows your
"Now this," said Daddy, "is called a 'cock,' or 'penis'.
All men have one, just like me, or Mike."
"Can I touch it?" I asked.
"You both can," he replied. "Suzy, you reach out and feel
your brother's."
Karen and I bumped into each other; as we both reached for
our father's penis. I let Karen go first. My big sister's hand
couldn't reach all the way around Daddy's cock.
"It's so much bigger than Mike's," she repeated.
Daddy's eyes were closed, as he felt Karen's hand on his
cock. "Careful, Karen," he said, "or I might cum. Let Tammy
feel it."
Obediently, Karen released Daddy's cock, and made room for
me. I reached out, and grabbed Daddy's cock with one hand, and
reached out and touched the clear liquid dripping from the end,
with the other. "What's this stuff Daddy?" I asked.
Daddy was panting. He seemed to be trying to hold something
back. "That's pre-cum," he said. "It's supposed to make my cock
slippery, so that I can slide it up easily, into a woman's
"Oh?" I asked innocently, "is it really slippery?" With
this, I ran my thumb around the head of my father's penis,
enjoying the slippery feel of the liquid, as I smeared it around
his prick.
"Ooohh Shit!" groaned Daddy. All of a sudden, Daddy's penis
began jumping in my hand. I looked closer. Suddenly, I saw the
little slit, in the middle of the swollen head of Daddy's cock
open, and a thick white liquid squirted out, and hit me right in
the face, running across my eye, and splattering down to my chin.
This surprised me, and made me grasp Daddy's cock even harder. I
opened my mouth, to ask Daddy what this white-stuff was, when a
second squirt came out, and went right into my open mouth. I was
about to spit it out, when Daddy's words reached my ears.
"Oh Tammy!" he said, "That's it! Take your Daddy's sperm in
your mouth. Let me see you swallowing your Daddy's cum."
I figured that Daddy wanted me to take this white-stuff in
my mouth, and since it didn't taste all that bad, I decided that
I didn't mind. I opened my mouth, and pointed Daddy's cock at
it. This time, the third squirt caught me in the back of the
throat, and I almost choked.
Gasping, I let go of Daddy's cock. When I recovered, I saw
that my big sister had taken over. Karen had not only pointed
Daddy's cock at herself, but had actually opened her mouth, and
taken Daddy's penis right inside. My sister had wrapped her lips
around our father's cock, and was actually sucking on it, while
Daddy sent squirt after thick sticky squirt of that white stuff
into his daughter's mouth. Karen didn't pull away. If anything,
my sister sucked even harder.


I ran my tongue around my mouth, tasting Daddy's "cum," as
he called it. Sticky, slightly sweet, but not bad, I decided. I
licked a couple of drops off my lips, and then wiped the rest of
my face with my fingers. Not bad at all, I thought, beginning to
envy my big sister, who was still sucking on Daddy's cock. My
sister had swallowed over half of Daddy's cock, and I didn't see
how she had done it. Karen kept sliding her mouth on and off
Daddy's cock, somehow managing to get over half into her little
"Can I have some?" I asked, plaintively.
Karen looked at me, a little guiltily, and took her mouth
off our father's cock. There was only a little drop of white,
left slowly oozing from the tip, but I was about to lick it off,
when our mother stopped me.
"Let Suzy taste it," she said. "She should learn what it
tastes like too."
Karen and I both looked over at our little sister. Suzy had
been busily sucking on Mike's little cock at our mother's
direction. Mike didn't seem to be able to "cum" like Daddy, so
the little girl came over, and licked the last drop of white
stuff off Daddy's cock. "I don't taste anything," she
complained. A second drop appeared, and Suzy licked that up
Daddy suddenly shuddered, and seemed to come to himself. He
took his suddenly shrinking cock from our little sister's hand
and said, "Here, Honey." With this, Daddy reached down and
stripped one last big dollop of cum onto Suzy's waiting tongue.
"Mmmm," said Suzy, "that's better," as she licked the last
little drop of cum from the end of Daddy's now shrunken prick.
"I like it," she concluded.
"What was that white-stuff, Daddy?" I asked. "They show a
lot of it in that magazine. What's it for?"
"That's called 'cum,'" said our mother, who'd joined us.
Daddy seemed to be unable to talk for a moment. "Inside that
liquid, are millions of tiny things, that look like little
tadpoles, called sperm. A man squirts these little sperm inside
a woman, and one of them sometimes gets to a woman's egg, and
that how a baby starts to grow inside a woman."
My little sister Suzy started to giggle. "An egg!" she
said. "I don't have any eggs inside me!"
Mother smiled. "Yes, you do," she said. "They're not big
eggs, like a chicken's. In fact, they're so tiny, you couldn't
see one with your naked eye, but all women have them, and when a
man's sperm combines with a woman's egg, a baby starts to grow in
the woman."
We were all awed by this new information.
"Gee!" said Karen, "Does that mean we're all going to have
babies? We each swallowed some of Daddy's sperm."


Daddy looked like he was going to choke; he was giggling so
hard. Mother had a big grin one her face as well, as she
answered. "No Dear. You're not pregnant. Daddy'd have to
squirt it up inside your vagina, to do that. Besides, you are
all just a little too young yet. You probably couldn't have a
baby, if Daddy squirted his cum right up inside you, all the
time. When you girls get older, you'll have to be careful.
That's why it's so nice to be able to suck a man off, like you
just did. That way, the man can get some relief, and you don't
get pregnant."
"Relief from what, Mother?" asked Suzy. "I thought it just
felt good."
Our father had managed to recover by this time, and he
answered my little sister's question. "Honey, it's this way,"
He began, "once a man gets to be a certain age, he starts
producing more and more sperm. If he doesn't squirt it out
fairly often, it begins to hurt. Some men produce more of this
sperm, and have to squirt it more often than others. Other men
produce less, and don't have to squirt it so often. Most men, I
understand, only need to fuck, or squirt their sperm inside a
woman, once a week or so. Now me, I need it about 5 times a day.
Your mother is very understanding, but she doesn't like to fuck,
nearly as much as I do."
"What's 'fuck' mean, Daddy?" asked Suzy. "I've heard other
people use that word, but they always seemed to be mad when they
Daddy chuckled, and Mother grinned, at their little girl's
question. "'Fuck,' means when a man puts his penis up inside a
woman's vagina, and squirts his sperm inside her," said Mother.
"Some people think it's nasty, like 'shit'. If you think about
it, 'shit' isn't nasty either. Everyone has to take a shit, or
they'd die. It's most natural, so why should it be nasty. The
same way with sex. If men and women didn't fuck, there'd be no
babies, and there wouldn't be any more people. Also, if a man
doesn't fuck every so often, he starts to ache."
"It's not quite that bad," said Daddy. "I don't have to
fuck. I could always jerk off."
"Or I could suck you off, like the girl's just did," replied
our mother. "You see girls, Daddy could make his cock squirt, by
using his own hands to stimulate himself, if he had to. It's
much better for the man, when a woman does it for him. Sometimes
the woman doesn't want to have a baby, and still wants to make
her man feel good, so it's nice to know that there's other ways
to give him relief. You girls just did one of the nicer things a
woman can do to help a man out, when you sucked on your father's
cock. That's called a blow-job, and some men like it even better
than fucking. Of course, if you've got a choice, fucking feels
much better. To the man, and to you, as well. You'll see, when
you do it yourselves."
"Oh wow, Mother!" I said, "You mean that we're going to get
to fuck too?"


"If you want to," replied Mother. "You don't have to, if
you don't want to. Your father and I figured that you kids would
be fucking pretty soon anyway, since Mike found that magazine.
We decided, that if you're going to learn how to fuck, you might
as well learn to do it right."
I gulped. After seeing the little girl in the magazine
fucking her own father, I had been having daydreams about Daddy,
that I couldn't control. "Does that mean I can fuck Daddy?" I
asked breathlessly. "And, can Daddy make a baby inside me and
everything, like the little girl in the magazine did?" I waited
Daddy exploded into laughter. "You were right, Sharon!" he
said. "I wouldn't have believed it, but you were right."
I was devastated, by my father's response. I had so much
wanted to try it with Daddy. I almost felt like crying, when
Daddy turned to me with a twinkle in his eye. "OK Tammy," he
said, "if you want to try fucking with Daddy, we'll try. Thank
God, I don't have one of those monster cocks, like you see in the
At that time, I didn't know what Daddy was talking about.
At 6 inches long, and over an inch thick, his cock seemed
enormous to me. Years later, Mike's cock grew to be a whopping
9? inches long, and almost twice as thick as Daddy's, so I
learned what Daddy meant. At the time, Daddy's cock turned out
to be just the right size, as I will explain later.
"You mean it? You'll do it, Daddy?" I squealed. "You'll
fuck me, and make a baby inside me, and everything?"
"Whoah, Honey!" said Daddy, suddenly serious. "You're much
to young to have a baby. I probably couldn't get you pregnant,
if I tried. Besides, it's very painful, to have a baby. When
you get older, we'll have to be careful, so I don't knock you
I was disappointed, and Daddy could tell. "In the
meantime," he said, trying to brighten me up, "we can practice
making a baby, all you want. It'll be fun practicing."
"What about me, Daddy?" asked Karen, "Can we practice too?"
"Yes, Karen," said our father, "you can practice too.
Although you are getting old enough, that we'll have to take some
precautions, so it doesn't become more than just 'practice'.
Once you start having periods, we'll have to watch out."
"What about me, Daddy?" asked Suzy. "I want to fuck too."
The little girl looked about ready to cry, figuring she was going
to get left out of all the fun, because she was 'too little'. My
little sister felt that this happened all too often.
Daddy looked thoughtful. "You're probably too small," he
said. "I don't think that your vagina is big enough for my cock
to fit inside. I might be too big, for even Tammy to take me."
At this, our little sister started crying. She didn't sob,
or yell, or anything, just little tears started running down the
little girl's cheeks, while she stood there, looking as if her
best friend had just died.


Knowing how much Daddy loved us, and especially Suzy, I knew
she was breaking Daddy's heart. Daddy started to say something,
when I cut in. "Suzy," I said, "Daddy may be too big for you,
but Mike probably isn't. Why don't we see if you can take
Daddy's penis inside your vagina. Then, if not, you can always
fuck Mike, until you're bigger inside. I'm sure that Mike'd fuck
you, if you asked him."
"Oh, would you Mike?" asked Suzy, turning to our brother.
"Would you do that for me? Would you really fuck me like Daddy?"
The little girl's eyes were shining now.
Mike gulped, and nodded. With all of us girls trying to
fuck Daddy, the little boy had figured he was going to have to
learn about sex from somebody else. Now he had a partner to
learn with, as well.
"OK," said Suzy. "But, I still want Daddy to fuck me, when
I get big enough."
"Now that that's settled; Can we fuck now, Daddy?" I asked.
"I want you to teach me how a man makes a baby in a girl. Show
me how to make a baby, Daddy."
Karen glared at me. My big sister had wanted to be first,
but I had beaten her to it.
"Please, Daddy?" I repeated. "You were going to teach us
about sex, and how a man makes a baby inside a woman."
I must have just about blown my father's mind. "OK," he
said, "you asked for it. Let's go over here, where it's more
comfortable, and the whole family can watch."
I looked at where my father was pointing. For the first
time, I noticed a pad spread out on the floor. Mom and Dad must
have been expecting something like this to happen, as they had
prepared the floor, by spreading out 3 gym-mats on the hardwood
floor. My father led me over to one of them.
Daddy instructed me to lie down on my back, spread my legs,
and lift my knees. After I did so, my father crawled between my
"Now first," said Daddy, "we've got to get you excited.
Otherwise, you won't be slippery enough for me to get my cock
inside you."
"What about you, Daddy?" I asked. "Don't you have to get
excited too?" I remembered how Daddy had gotten excited, before
cumming in my mouth.
Daddy grinned. "Look down," he said.
I looked down between my legs, at Daddy's big cock.
Suddenly, I realized what he meant. Daddy's cock was fully erect
again, and was drooling drops of sticky liquid all over the
padded mat. If Daddy got any more excited, he'd be squirting his
cum all over the pad, instead of up inside his daughter's belly,
where it belonged.
Daddy reached down to my suddenly wet little slit. Knowing
that my own father was so turned on by me, was such a thrill. I
knew Daddy wouldn't have to do much, before I was ready.
Daddy's finger slid up inside my hole. I couldn't believe
how good it felt. My little cunt clamped down on my father's
finger, as I reached the first orgasm of my young life. "Unnng.
UUuuunnnggh!" I groaned.


Daddy must have felt it, as he continued working his big
finger up inside my little slit. "Easy, Honey," he said. "The
best, is yet to cum." Daddy grinned, at his own pun.
"OW!" I said. "What's That?" My father's finger had pushed
up against a part of my body, that I hadn't previously known I
"That's your 'hymen,' Honey," said Daddy. "Your virginity.
That's what makes you a virgin."
"A virgin?" I asked, puzzled.
"Yes," said Daddy, "a virgin. Until a man pushes his cock
up inside you, and tears this strip of skin, you are considered a
virgin. Once a man puts his penis all the way up inside you, and
tears this, you are no longer considered a virgin, but a woman."
"Wow," said my little sister, "you mean, that if you put
your penis up inside my crack, and tear my 'hymen' as you call
it, I would be considered a real woman?"
Mother laughed at the little girl's idea. "Well, yes, and
no, Honey," she said. "Most people don't think it counts, until
you're old enough to have a baby. Some people think you must
have a man squirt his cum inside you too."
"Well, two out'a three ain't bad," muttered Daddy to
himself, then louder: "Come over here, all of you. Feel your
sister's cherry."
"Cherry Daddy?" inquired Karen.
"Cherry, Virginity, Maidenhead, Hymen. All names for the
same thing," said Daddy. "If I tear your hymen, it's also called
'popping your cherry,' or 'taking your virginity,' or 'breaking
your maidenhead.'"
"Oh," said Karen, as she tried to remember all these new
In the meantime, Mike and Suzy had come over, and soon I
felt each of my two sisters, and my little brother, feeling up
inside me. Each of my siblings felt the membrane that Daddy said
kept me from being a woman. Afterwards, Daddy had me feel up
inside my two sister's vaginas, so that I would also know what a
virgin felt like inside.
After all of us girls had been felt by all the others (even
Mother and Daddy, felt up inside each of us.), Daddy told us to
remember what it felt like. He told us that, "It would probably
be a long time, before we felt up a virgin again, so remember it.
We might never have another chance. In fact, Tammy here, is the
first virgin I ever felt."
"What about Mother?" asked Karen.
Daddy looked at his wife, and our mother blushed, but didn't
By this time, after feeling up my sisters, and having been
felt up, I was so hot, I felt like I was going to melt a hole in
the pad on which I was lying. "Daddy!" I reminded him, "You were
going to teach me how to fuck, and how to make a baby. Could we
do it now? Please?"
My father grinned at me. "OK Tammy," he said, "if that's
what you really want. It'll probably hurt a little, when I break
your hymen. Do you want me to do that?"


I shivered at the thought of pain, but if my father had
asked me, if he could cut off my arm at that moment, I probably
would have said yes, as long as I got him to put his cock up
inside me.
At my determined nod, Daddy started pushing his penis up
inside my little hole. As he did so, I heard a faint "click,"
followed by a distinct whine. The sound was repeated, again and
again. Someone was taking pictures of Daddy and me.
At first, Daddy's cock wouldn't go inside me, but after
rubbing the slick stuff seeping out of the head of his penis, all
over the lips of my little slit, suddenly I felt stuffed with
cock. I looked down between my legs. The head of Daddy's penis
had vanished up inside my little hole. I could feel daddy's cock
jumping inside me, as the excitement of fucking his own daughter,
caused his cock to squirt more lubrication inside me, making his
movements easier. I groaned, as the excitement of having my
Daddy's cock inside me caused me to ignore the slight pain and
almost had me climaxing again. Daddy felt my pussy clamp down on
his engorged cock.
"Careful Tammy," he told me, "if you keep squeezing my penis
like that, I'm going to squirt my cum in your vagina, before I
get my cock all the way inside you."
"I can't help it Daddy," I said. The excitement was too
great. I felt another flutter run through my belly, and run down
to my vagina, which went into spasms around my father's invading
penis. "Ooh Ooooogh!" I gasped.
Knowing that he wasn't going to be able to hold out against
my impeding climax, Daddy suddenly forced his cock up inside me
hard! I had started to climax, when all of a sudden a new
feeling ran through my body. It hurt! From gasping with
approaching orgasm, I went to suddenly gasping with pain. "OW!"
I said. Suddenly, I was crying. I felt as though my father had
rammed a baseball bat up inside me, and torn a hole in my
stomach. I was sure Daddy had torn my insides, and I was going
to die of peritonitis, or something, as my guts spilled out.
"Oh Daddy! It HURTS!" I wailed. I was sure I was going to
die, and I told my father so.
Daddy looked like I was breaking his heart, but he and
Mother both rushed to reassure me that I not only wasn't going to
die, but that I would actually get to like it, once I got used to
it. Get used to it! I knew I'd NEVER get used to it. That's
like trying to get used to getting hit over the head with a
baseball bat, I thought.
While we were discussing this, the pain in my belly had gone
down to a throbbing ache. I looked down between my legs; and to
my surprise, Daddy's cock had vanished almost all the way up
inside my vagina. As I felt the throbbing pain subside a little,
I became aware of another throbbing. My father's penis was
shuddering up inside my belly. If I concentrated, I could feel
the massive member pulsing, as each beat of my father's heart,
pumped blood into his cock, and made it swell inside me a little.
It was almost as if my father and I were one person, with one
heart, and it was beating inside me.


I was thrilled! The pain seemed almost inconsequential.
"Fuck me Daddy," I said.
Daddy grinned at me. Suddenly the room seemed brighter.
"OK Tammy," he said, "here goes!" With this, Daddy pulled about
two inches of cock out of me, and then forced it back inside.
"Ow!" I said. Then, at Daddy's worried look: "It's OK
Daddy. It only hurts a little bit."
Daddy wasn't so sure. "Maybe we'd better do this some other
time, when you've had a chance to recover, and are less sore
inside," he said.
At this point my mother, who had been busily taking picture
after picture of my seduction, spoke up. "Don't you Dare!" she
said, putting down the camera.
Daddy and I both gaped at Mother. "Huh?" I said. Daddy
echoed me. We both started giggling at hearing ourselves say the
same thing, at the same time.
"I said, Don't you dare!" repeated Mother. "Our daughter's
going to remember this day for the rest of her life. The first
time she got fucked, and by her own father! I've been taking
these pictures, so that Tammy would always have something to
remind her of the night her father first fucked her. If you take
your cock out of Tammy now, 'because it hurts' our daughter's
going to feel for the rest of her life, that either she cheated
you, or she got cheated, because you didn't cum inside her."
Suddenly, a sad look appeared in my mother's eyes. "I know
that's how I felt," she concluded quietly.
"You mean, Your Father? . . ." I asked, holding Daddy close,
and starting to rock my hips against my father, making his cock
slide in, and out just a little.
"No," said Mother. "My big brother. Jason. He told me,
after he popped my cherry, that we'd do it right, once I didn't
hurt so much. Well afterwards, I hurt for a week, and then I
felt so guilty, for doing it with my own brother, I wouldn't let
him touch me. Then, about a month later, I learned that my
little sister Sarah, was making it, EVERY NIGHT, with Daddy! and
Mother knew about it! I felt so dumb! At that point, I resolved
that Jason and I were going to spend the rest of the summer in
bed, when. . ." My Mother dissolved into tears.
"Oh!" I said. Some things about my mother suddenly made
sense. Including, or especially, her encouraging her daughters
to fuck their father. "The accident, huh?" I asked, to see if my
guess was correct.
Mother nodded, wiping her tears. "That's why you'd better
not stop, until you've cum inside her," she said. "Let Tammy
feel her own father squirting his sperm inside her womb, and let
her know her father cares enough about her to squirt the stuff
that make babies inside his little girl. Let our daughter feel
that she's doing something for her father that most little girls
never get to do, carry her own father's seed inside her womb. I
wish I'd let Jason squirt his seed in my womb. Maybe I'd have
been lucky, and he'd have gotten me pregnant."


Mother sniffled, and continued, "Then, at least I'd have had
his baby to hold. Do you know how many nights I went to sleep,
hugging a pillow, and crying, before I met you? Now you fuck our
little girl. Do it right, and cum in her. Make our daughter
feel that her father really loves her, and is trying to make a
baby in his own little girl's womb. Squirt your cum inside our
little girl, and let her feel you trying to get her pregnant."
Daddy's cock had shrunk a little, as Mother told her story
about her brother, but listening to his wife telling him to
impregnate me had gotten him excited again. Daddy began sliding
his cock in and out of my vagina, while my mother picked up the
camera, and resumed her picture-taking.
Mother's story had distracted me from the slight remaining
pain of my broken hymen. Now, with her words still ringing in my
ears, I no longer cared about the tiny remaining pain. "Oh god
Daddy," I moaned, "Do it. Fuck Me Daddy! Make a baby inside me
Daddy. Squirt your sperm up inside my womb, and fertilize my
egg. I want to feel my Daddy's baby growing inside me. Please
Daddy? Please!" As I said each word, I rocked my hips harder
and harder against my father. The feeling of my father's cock
sliding in and out of me, stimulating places inside my belly that
previously I hadn't even known existed, was too much. All of a
sudden, I was flopping and jerking on the mat, with absolutely no
control over my body.
"Daddy I. . ." I couldn't say anything more. A shrill
scream broke from my throat, and you would have thought I was
dying, if you didn't know better.
Daddy knew what was happening. He had been about to cum
himself, Hearing his little 7 year old daughter, begging him to
get her pregnant, must have been like a wet-dream come true, but
my climax was so violent, he almost lost his erection, as he
tried to keep me from hurting myself, or losing his cock from
inside my vagina, and spoiling my first real climax with a cock
inside my belly.
When I finally slowed down, my father started to speed up.
"Here it comes!" he said, suddenly jamming his cock up inside me
I opened my mouth to scream again, but it wouldn't come.
Daddy hadn't put all of his cock up inside me before. Up to now,
there had remained about two inches outside, that wouldn't fit in
my little hole. This time, Daddy forgot that I was just a little
girl, and pushed ALL of his cock up inside me.
I was so slick, and loose inside from just having a mighty
climax, and Daddy had been leaking that super slippery stuff from
the end of his cock inside me for so long, and I was so relaxed
from my orgasm, that instead of resisting the advance of his
cock, I stretched inside. I stretched, then stretched a little
more, and just as I was about to tell Daddy that he was tearing
me inside, there was a sudden sickening "pop" inside me, and
Daddy's cock had vanished all the way up inside my body. Daddy's
cock had forced its way up inside my uterus!


"Oh God! Honey. Tammy! Oh! I love you! Daddy loves you!
Oh! Oh! Oh!" Daddy's words echoed the leaping spasms of his
cock inside my belly. I felt the head of Daddy's cock expand
inside my uterus, and suddenly I could tell my womb was being
flooded with squirt after vigorous squirt of my own father's
potent sperm. I don't know if it's that way for other people,
but feeling my own beloved father, ejaculating his precious seed
in my womb, made me climax uncontrollably. Time after time,
Daddy's cock would buck inside my belly; sending another warm
helping of thick creamy cum up inside my uterus, and time after
time, I would jerk uncontrollably underneath him, as my vagina
nursed on my father's penis, absorbing each creamy bolt of
incestuous cum, and sucking greedily for more.
For a long time, it seemed as though we fed on each other.
Each time Daddy would send a surge of white sticky cum up inside
my womb, I would feel it, and my vagina would clamp down his
cock. Daddy would respond by sending another warm greasy squirt
of baby-juice up inside my uterus, and I would gasp and jerk and
squeeze his prick again.
On and on this went, until my father had no more to give.
Daddy's penis finally stopped pulsing my belly full of his warm
sticky cum, but I couldn't stop climaxing. Over and over again,
I jerked. The feeling of my father's cock stretching my uterus,
while his warm creamy sperm filled my womb, was tickling me
inside in such a manner, that I couldn't stop cumming!
"Oh Daddy. Daddy! Daddy!" I gasped. Still flopping
"What's the matter, Tammy?" My father seemed to realize I
was in trouble, but didn't know what was the wrong.
"Take it. . . Auggh!" Another climax ripped through me, but
Daddy figured it out anyway. Carefully, Daddy pulled his cock
out of my womb.
The feeling of my father's cock leaving my uterus, ticked
off still another orgasm. I grabbed my father in a death-grip as
my body jerked again and again. Finally, my wracking spasms
slowed, and I relaxed to the comfortable feel of Daddy's body
resting on mine, the soothing glow of his lusty sperm warming the
inside of my womb, while his shrinking cock dribbled the last few
potent drops of his slick sticky cum into my receptive young
"Oh God that was good!" I said. My words were echoed in
real-time. Daddy and I grinned at each other. We thought so
much alike, that we had said the same words, at the same time
again. I felt so alive and wonderful, knowing that millions of
my own daddy's precious sperm were even then wriggling their way
up inside my womb, in search of my waiting egg.
"Thanks Daddy," I said. At the same time, I heard Daddy
say, "Thanks Tammy."
We both giggled. Finally I asked, "Daddy, am I pregnant
Daddy rolled off me, now laughing uncontrollably. Mother
was giggling like a maniac too.
"It's not funny!" I said, slightly hurt, that Daddy would
think it was funny, after that wonderful episode.


"I'm sorry, Tammy," said my father, reassuringly. "It's
just that you can't get pregnant yet. You're too young."
"I'm not too young to fuck!" I retorted hotly, feeling
annoyed. Hadn't I just shown I was really a woman now?
Daddy tried real hard to keep from laughing at me. "Tammy.
I love you. This just isn't something I have anything to do
with," he explained patiently. "When you get a little older,
your body will decide it's big enough to carry a baby. When that
happens, you'll know it, because you'll start to drip a little
blood out of your vagina, each month, as your body prepares your
womb for another egg, so that you can have a baby. If that egg
doesn't get fertilized that month (Like, by having your father
squirt his sperm inside your womb)"
Daddy grinned at me, during his aside, and continued, "That
egg is lost, and your body will prepare for another one, by
washing the old one out, with a little blood. This will continue
for the rest of your life, until either you get pregnant, or your
body runs out of eggs."
I thought about this. "I only have so many eggs?"
My mother took over. "Uhuh. You're born with several
million of them. You lose some all the time. At least one a
month, when you get old enough to have a baby. When you get to
be about 45 or so, you run out."
It was a scary thought. Only so much time.
"What about you Daddy," I asked. "Weren't we wasting your
sperm? You might have used that on me when I'm older, and could
really get pregnant." I was worried, that I might have used up
something precious, that couldn't be replaced.
My mother giggled, and said, "Men aren't built that way
Honey. Daddy'll still be producing millions of sperm every day,
even when he's 90 years old. Most of it, just going to waste."
I brightened. "Daddy won't have to waste it," I said.
"Daddy can squirt it all in me, and each time there'll be at
least a slight chance that I could get pregnant, so it won't
really be wasted."
At this, there was a sudden howl from my older sister, my
younger sister, and my mother all at once.
"Hey! What about me!" said Karen. "Daddy was going to fuck
me, before you stole him first! I want daddy to fuck me too!"
"Yeah! Me too!" echoed Suzy. "When I get bigger, I want
Daddy to fuck me!"
"And aren't you forgetting me?" asked my mother quietly. "I
may not be as horny as your father, but I still like to fuck him.
And, he IS my husband!"
"Oh!" I said, chastised. "Can't Daddy fuck me sometimes?
At least when you don't need him?" I asked plaintively.
Mother assured me that Daddy would have lots of extra for
both of us girls, even for Suzy, if she wanted it. "Besides,"
she pointed out, "Mike will be getting older, and you'll probably
want to help him out too."
Mike grinned at us. We grinned back


"Mother?" asked Karen, when things had quieted down.
"Yes Dear?"
"Can Daddy fuck me now. Watching Tammy get fucked, got me
so, so, so. . . I don't know the word."
"Horny?" supplied Daddy.
"That's it! It got me so horny, I could scream! Right now,
my stomachs tied in knots, just thinking about it. I'm so
wrapped up, I can't think straight. Please, Momma!" begged
"I can see, that we're going to have to teach you kids how
to masturbate," said our mother, then continued, "You'll have to
ask your father. He's the one who'd have to do it."
"Daddy, will you? Please!" Karen looked as though she was
going to cry. "I don't care if it hurts. If you don't fuck me,
I think I'm going to die!"
Daddy looked down at his shrunken penis, and groaned. "Gee,
Karen," he said, "I wish I could. After your sister's wild ride
though, I don't think I'll be capable for at least another hour
or so."
My big sister looked like she was about to cry for sure now,
when our mother came to her rescue. Mother showed us all how to
tickle ourselves around the top of our slits, until we got some
relief. She told Karen to try to hold off as much as possible,
so she'd still be ready, when Daddy got his wind back.
It was at this point, that Mother brought out Mikes
magazine, and several stapled-together sheets of paper. She
handed each of us a copy. I looked at my copy, and found that
Mother had translated the words that ran alongside the pictures
in the sex magazine, and had run off copies on the computer for
each of us to read. Suzy had a little trouble figuring out some
of the words, but since we read them together, as our mother
turned to the appropriate pages in the magazine, we were all able
to follow the story.


Said the cover. Mother had written underneath it:

A Pornographic Magazine, of little children having sex.
Volume 3, Issue Number 17. December 1963
Special Family Issue.

Cover titled: "Twin helping Twin"

Inside cover story:
Daughter's First time.


My brother and I have enjoyed previous issues of KINDERSEX,
so when we learned that the publishers were looking for material
to make up a special family-issue, we thought that they might like
these pictures we took about 2 years ago, of our daughter, the
first time my brother got her pregnant. Being the first time she
had real sex with a man, not counting her experimentation with her
brother, made it doubly exciting for us. I hope it does for you.

-- page --

We always thought that our children should learn about sex
from their parents, just like we did. Our mother taught the two
of us how to fuck, for the first time, when I was 10, and my
brother was 13. She told us, that our father should have been the
first one to show me how to fuck, but that our father had died two
years after getting her, his own daughter, pregnant with me. My
brother and I fucked almost every day after that, until I got
pregnant with the twins.

-- page --

Up to about two years ago, when the twins were a little over
10 years old, two children was all we could afford. Then suddenly
my brother's company started earning lot of money. We had just
decided we could afford to expand our family, when we found the
twins experimenting. That day, when we walked in on them, our
children had been trying various things. He had sucked her, She
had sucked him, and the little boy had just started trying to fuck
his twin-sister for the first time, when we found them.

-- page --

At first, the kids were scared, that we might punish them,
but I just told them, that their first time should be with their
parents, so that they learned to do it right. I told my brother,
to get over there, and fuck our little girl, so that she'd learn
the right way to fuck. He was going to get a condom, but I told
him that if he did, I was leaving him. I told him that our little
girl should learn how to make a baby from her father. Like our
mother had, and I hadn't been able to. I knew that both children
were ready. At 10, the boy had been able to squirt sperm for
almost a year, and his sister had her "monthlies" three times
already, so she was ready also.

-- page --

Our daughter was all excited at the thought of getting
fucked by her own father, and having his baby. It was while my
brother was getting undressed, that I remembered the camera, and
took this series of pictures. Luckily, we had plenty of film on
hand that day. Afterwards, we staged the first 5 pictures in this
series, to complete the set; but otherwise, the pictures were
taken exactly as they happened. We hope you enjoy looking at
these pictures of my brother getting our little girl pregnant, as
much as we do.


-- page --

Here's my big brother, putting his penis up inside our
little girl's vagina, for the first time. We were surprised to
learn that she was still a virgin, even if she was only 10, after
the episode with her brother, but our daughter insisted that her
Daddy fuck her anyway.

-- page --

Here are several pictures of our daughter fucking her father
for the first time. As you can see, the little girl really liked
it, when my brother first squirted his sperm up inside her tight
little belly.

-- several pages --

Here's a picture of my brother, as he slides his sperm-
dripping cock up inside our 10 year old little girl, and she begs
him to fuck her harder.

-- several pages --

Later that afternoon, after fucking most of the day, I had
my brother let me take a series of pictures showing that he was
actually ejaculating his sperm right up inside our little girl's
vagina where it belonged, not pulling out, or faking it. The last
picture shows our daughter's vagina, with her own father's sperm
soaking into the little girl's womb. I think that every little
girl should have her father be the first one to make a baby in her
womb. I wish my father had lived long enough to make one in mine.

-- two pages --

After watching my big brother impregnate our little girl, I
got so hot and excited, that I had our son impregnate me. We only
managed to take a couple of pictures of this, as I had used up
most of the film, taking pictures of my brother and our daughter.

-- page --

Being the December issue, The editors thought it would be a
nice idea to include a calendar pull-out, and these pictures of
our daughter's pregnancy seemed like an exciting idea to them. We
had a series of shots of our little girl's tummy getting bigger
and bigger each month, but they said that this series, would be
more exciting to their readers. We hope you enjoy looking at our
little girl's belly growing, just like we did.

-- 12 pages --


Here's one last picture of our family, taken just last week.
Our little girl must have learned her lessons in "how to make a
baby" very well, as she is already carrying her third baby by her
father. My son says I must be forgetting how, as we have only
managed to make two of them. The little boy keeps trying though.
Already, our son is learning how to play with his little sister,
and my brother and our daughter's daughter is learning to play
with her little brother. Next time, I'm going to have my big
brother get me pregnant again, while our son makes a baby in his
sister. Now that we can afford it, we expect to have a BIG

-- end --

The Right Teacher

The other day, I decided that my brother wasn't the best
teacher for me after all. About three years ago, when I was 7, my
big brother came into my room, and told me that it time that I
learned about sex, and he was going to teach me how to make a

-- page --

At first, I wasn't too sure, but my handsome big brother
convinced me that it was time I learned, and that he was a good
person to learn from, as I didn't want to get pregnant by just

-- page --

Once I learned how good it felt, I wanted to practice making
a baby with my big brother, all the time.

-- page --

Last week, I turned 10 years old, and I decided that
although I like fucking my big brother, He really wasn't a very
good teacher. After all, my brother had been trying to teach me
how to make a baby for over 3 years, and I hadn't had one yet.

-- page --

I decided to ask Daddy to teach me. After all, he had made
us kids, and my older sister told me that she had learned how to
make a baby, after only three lessons from Daddy!

-- page --

I walked into Daddy's bedroom, where I found him fucking my
13 year old sister. My older sister had obviously learned her
lessons pretty good, as her tummy was swollen with her second baby
by Daddy, growing inside her.


-- page --

Daddy had my brother fuck me, while he watched, so he could
see what we were doing wrong. Afterwards, Daddy showed me how to
take his big cock all the way up inside my womb, where he squirted
lots of his baby-making sperm. Then Daddy showed me how to rest
afterwards, with my butt raised, so that his sperm would soak into
my womb, and not drip out.

-- page --

Daddy's a much better teacher than my brother. As you can
see, Daddy taught me how to make a baby in only 2 lessons! Now
that I know how, I'm going to practice making a baby with my big
brother again, after I have Daddy's. Only this time, it won't be

-- end --

My daughter's Children

I couldn't believe it, when my two granddaughters brought
their 10 year old little sister over, and told me that the little
girl wanted me to teach her how to fuck.

-- page --

It seems, that the little girl's father had too big of a
cock to fit inside his daughter, so her two sisters suggested that
I show the little girl how.

-- page --

I was a little apprehensive, but once I found out that my
granddaughter really did want to do it, I decided to help her out.

-- page --

Once I got my cock up inside the little girl, she went
crazy, begging me to shoot my sperm inside her.

-- page --

After I squirted my little granddaughter's belly full of my
sperm, her sisters decided that they wanted some too. I spent the
whole afternoon sucking and fucking my three granddaughters. By
the time they left, all three little girls had generous helpings
of my sperm dripping out of their tight little slits. The oldest
girl told me that they would all be back next week, to do it
again. Only this time, they would bring along their mother. I
can hardly wait.

-- end --


The translation ended at this point. Mother said that she
would finish it tomorrow.
I had been rubbing my slit, all during the reading, looking
back and forth, from the magazine, to the translation, matching
words to pictures, and thinking about how much I'd like to be the
little girl in the pictures, who got to carry her own father's
baby inside her womb.
Our mother interrupted my reverie. "Now," she said,
"there's something that I think you kids should all understand."
She sounded very serious.
"First," she said, "what they are showing in this magazine,
people having sex with their relatives, like we just did, is
called incest, and is considered by most people to be a very
serious crime."
Karen giggled. "That's silly!" she said. "You mean, if I
want to have sex with my little brother, they're going to throw
me in jail?"
Daddy and Mother grinned back. "Exactly," she said, "and
there's worse."
"Shit!" I said, enjoying the taste of the word. It did seem
appropriate. This stunk. I couldn't even have sex with my own
brother, without the world barging in, and telling me it was
wrong. Suddenly, I had a horrible thought. "What about Daddy?"
I asked. "Is it OK to have sex with him, or do people object to
that too."
"That's what I was coming to, when I said that there was
worse," responded our mother. "When you fucked your father, that
would not only be called incest, but an even worse crime, called
'statutory rape.'"
"Rape?" I asked, "Isn't rape where someone has sex with
someone who doesn't want it? Holding a knife to them or
something?" My education from television was showing. "How
could I rape Daddy? Besides, he liked it!"
The whole family burst out laughing at the picture of me
forcing my father to fuck me, at knife-point.
"No, Honey," my mother finally corrected me. "They would
say that he raped you."
"He raped me?" I asked, still gasping with suppressed
laughter. "I almost begged him to fuck me. In fact, I did beg
him. Daddy didn't force me to do anything. If anything, I
forced him."
"I know, Dear," replied my mother, a little sadly, "but some
people think that little girls like you aren't old enough to make
an intelligent decision when it comes to sex. So, they think
that if a man has sex with a little girl, he's forcing her,
because she doesn't know any better. Even if she wants it, and
begs for it like you did, they still think that way, and there
are laws that make it illegal for a man to do it."
"Well gosh!" put in Karen, "How old does a girl have to be,
before she's considered old enough to decide for herself."


We all exploded in laughter. "18!" exclaimed Suzy. "Marcia
Summers is married, and has 3 kids, and She's only 17!"
"That's one of the stupider aspects of the law," agreed
Mother. "A girl can get married, in this state, with her parents
permission, at 13, have several children, and still be considered
'underage' when it comes to sex. Her husband could actually be
arrested, for taking a picture of her naked. Which brings up
another point. This whole magazine is so illegal, that if anyone
even knew it was in the house, they'd have us all in jail.
First: It shows family members having sex. That's illegal.
Second: there's a story inside it, about family members having
sex. That's illegal. It's illegal to even suggest, that someone
might actually want to have sex with their own relatives."
Our father held up his hands, to stem the rising uproar. "I
know," he said, "it doesn't make a lot of sense, but listen to
your mother. She's telling the truth, and you should learn about
Mother continued, "Worse than having sex with your family,
as I mentioned, is having sex with children. Like I said, that's
statutory-rape. This whole magazine is filled with pictures of
what some people would consider to be pictures of little girl's
getting raped. That, is a VERY serious crime."
By this time, all of us kids were listening seriously, as
our mother proceeded. "Not only that, but some people think that
there's an even worse crime here," she said, "child-pornography."
"Huh?" I asked. I'd heard the term on the news, but didn't
know what it meant, They made it sound terrible. I told my
mother this.
"Child pornography, or 'child-porn,' is when someone takes
sexual pictures of children. Like these, or like the ones I've
been taking of you and your father," said my mother. "It doesn't
matter, if you want the pictures taken or not, if you're under
18, and someone takes a sexually explicit picture of you, they
can be arrested, and sent to jail. In a worse-case scenario: If
your boyfriend took a picture of you the day before your 18th
birthday, with you showing one of your breasts to him, he could
be arrested, and set to jail, for up to 18 years. While, if he
took another picture, of the two of you having sex, completely
naked, the next day, as long as you agreed to it, it would be
perfectly legal."
"That sucks!" I said. My sisters agreed. Mike was silent,
as he tried to absorb this information.
"Yes, it sucks," agreed Mother, "But that's the way it is.
Now, if that's the case, you can see what they'd think about a
magazine like this one. It shows not only slightly under-aged
girls naked, but grown men having sex with little girls, who
aren't even in their teens. That, as I said, is statutory rape,
and of the worst kind, as these are grown men, and the little
girl's aren't even old enough to have babies yet."
"Wouldn't it be worse, if the girls were old enough to have
babies?" I asked.


Mother thought. "That's a good question. I'm not sure,
when you phrase it that way. Anyway, this magazine would be
considered both 'child-porn,' and an incest magazine as well. If
anyone even knew we had it in the house, we'd probably all go to
jail. At least your father and I would. You kids would probably
be sent to foster homes or something, and never see us again."
My little brother looked worried. "Gee, Mom," he said,
"perhaps, I'd better get rid of it. I don't want you or Daddy
getting into trouble."
"That won't be necessary, Mike," replied Mother. "Your
father and I discussed this last night, and if we thought that
was the answer, we would have asked you to do it then, instead of
going on, and translating the words to it, and having this
meeting, where we all looked at it. We just want you kids to
know what's at stake here."
All of us kids looked at each other and nodded. Our family
is very close, and we knew that none of us would ever let anyone
know about the magazine. We told our parents that.
"There's more," said mother, "and worse. Not only could
your father an I be sent to jail, if anyone found out about this,
but any one of you kids could actually get your father killed."
My jaw dropped. Get Daddy killed? "How?" I asked, almost
crying at the thought, "and why?"
"You remember how Daddy fucked you tonight, Tammy?" asked my
I nodded. How could I forget! My vagina was still slick,
as an occasional dribble of my father's sperm dripped out of my
womb, and down into my vagina. I felt so warm and loved inside,
knowing that my own father's precious sperm was still wriggling
around inside my womb, searching for my egg to fertilize.
"Well," said mother, "if anyone ever learned that Daddy was
actually fucking you girls, they'd throw him in jail so fast,
there would be a hole in the air. The other men in prison don't
like men who 'rape' little girls like you, and they don't last
long. Your father's not a big man, and even big men don't last
long in prison, once someone finds out they 'abuse' little girls.
Daddy would probably be dead, in less than a year, if we ever got
caught. I wouldn't be a whole lot better off, but I doubt if
they'd ever let me see you kids again, and if that was the case,
I might as well be dead."
"But Daddy didn't rape me!" I wailed. "Daddy didn't even
abuse me! You mean that Daddy's going to go to prison, and die,
just because he fucked me, after I begged him to? That's not
fair! Why didn't you stop me?" I was crying heavily now, tears
were streaming down my cheeks, and I was sobbing uncontrollably.
I felt guilty, wondering how long I'd still have my father.
"Tammy. TAMMY!" My mother grabbed me, to get my attention.
"I didn't SAY that your father is going to jail, or that he's
going to die! I SAID, that he would, if anyone ever found out
about this. Are you going to tell anyone?"
"Gee, God, NO!" I said. The thought of losing Daddy, still
had me shivering.


"What about you Karen?" My mother looked at my older
Karen shivered, and shook her head. "Gee," she said, "I
wanted Daddy to fuck ME. Now, maybe I'd better not."
"It doesn't make any difference, if Daddy fucks one
daughter, or all of you," said Mother. "If you still want to
fuck Daddy, it's OK. Just remember, that no one outside of the
family must ever know. What about you Mike? You won't tell
anybody will you?"
At my little brother's whispered, "No," Mother turned her
attention to my little sister. "Suzy?" she asked.
Suzy's eyes were as big as saucers, as she assured our
mother that she'd never tell anyone.
"Not even Ginny?" asked our mother. Ginny was our cousin.
Suzy and Ginny spent most of their days, and sometimes even long
nights, together.
Suzy shook her head. "Not even Ginny," she said.
"Not even if Ginny teased you about not knowing anything
about sex?" asked our mother. "What if she called you a stupid
little virgin, and that you didn't even know what sex was?"
"No," said Suzy.
"What if she told you, that she was having sex with her
father, and that you should try it too, as it felt so good." Our
mother was making sure that we understood what she meant by, "No
"I'd talk to you or Daddy, and let you find out," said Suzy.
"I wouldn't tell her anything, unless you said I could."
"Well," said our mother. "Now you know why we didn't throw
out that magazine. It kind of seemed like small potatoes, once
you kids had seen it, and knew about the children in there having
sex with their relatives. We figured that you kids were about
old enough to start, and would be starting without us, once you
had the stimulus of seeing it done, in that magazine. Tomorrow,
Daddy'll make a hiding place, where the magazine'll be safe.
Only Daddy and I will know where it is, so don't ask. If any of
you want to look at it, get Mike's permission, and we'll let you
borrow it, at night, when no one's around. It goes back in the
hiding place before bedtime. Just remember, just like the sex,
nobody must ever know that it even exists, let alone that we
still have it. This is kind of like the guns. We'll take care
of it, until you are old enough to move out, Mike. Then, you can
take it with you, if you still want it, or do with it what you
"OK Daddy," said Mike, "I understand. Can I look at the
book with Suzy now? I wanted to try something with her, that we
saw somewhere in there. Suzy said it was OK."
Shortly, my two younger siblings were sitting on one of the
mats, giggling together, as they leafed through the magazine.
Suzy was holding her big brother's stiff little peter in her
right hand, as Mike returned the favor by keeping the middle
finger of his left hand stroking his little sister's slit,
occasionally running it right up inside the little girl's hole.
I was suddenly overtaken by a fit of the giggles, as I noticed
the uncanny resemblance of my brother and sister, to the two
children on the cover of the magazine they were looking at.


I was just about to point this out, to the rest of the
family, when Karen spoke up.
"Daddy," said Karen, "can we fuck now? It's been over two
Daddy and Mother looked at each other. At least, they
hadn't frightened us too much. Mother nodded.
"OK, Karen," said Daddy, "if you're sure that's what you
want. You're getting old enough, that after tonight, we'll have
to do something to make sure that you don't get pregnant. Your
mother and I agreed that we didn't want to spoil your first time.
So this time, I'm not going to use anything. You'll get to feel
me actually cumming inside you, and feel what it's like to have a
man ejaculating his sperm inside you and trying to get you
pregnant. Tonight, you can go to bed knowing that you have
Daddy's sperm inside you, and that you might actually get
pregnant. After tonight, we'll have to take precautions, but
your mother and I agreed that we'd make your first time special.
That is, unless you want me to take precautions so that you don't
get pregnant this time."
Karen shivered at the thought of getting pregnant, by her
own father. "Do it Daddy," she said. "Fuck me, and knock me up,
just like that girl in the magazine. I want to feel my own
Daddy's baby growing inside my tummy. Please Daddy? Get me
Daddy's cock was once more drooling thick sticky drops of
liquid, as he knelt between my sister's legs. Karen was
obviously ready too; as pearly liquid dripped from her vagina,
onto the plastic cover of the mat. I was almost as excited as
they were, as I watched my father's cock approach my sister's
slit. I was finally going to get to watch someone fuck. And not
just anybody. I was going to watch my own father, as he fucked
my big sister, and (I hoped) actually got her pregnant, just like
that little girl had gotten pregnant by her father in the
magazine. I shivered at the thought of our father squirting his
sperm in Karen's womb, like he had in mine. Then I had an even
more exciting thought. I knew I was a little bit young yet, but
what if I wasn't too young after all? What if Daddy knocked both
of us up, in the same night?
The thought was too sexy. Before my father got his cock
more than half an inch inside my big sister's vagina, I had
collapsed alongside them, as my third orgasm of the day overtook
me. "Ugnn. Uuuugghhn!" I groaned. "Do it Daddy. Make a baby
in my big sister. Let Karen feel you making a baby inside her,
like you did in me. Aauuugghh!" I collapsed one more time, as
the thought of comparing big bellies with my older sister ran
through my head. Finally, I came around enough, to finish
watching my father mating with my sister. I wondered just how
much I had missed.


I hadn't missed a thing. My father and sister had been
distracted by my noisy orgasm right next to them, and has stopped
to watch and listen to me, before continuing. Once I seemed to
have recovered, Daddy resumed inserting his tumescent cock up
inside my big sister's belly. It wasn't long, before the
excitement of watching me get fucked, and then getting fucked
herself, had Karen gasping and shuddering as she climaxed for the
first time, with a man's cock inside her. This time, Daddy was
able to hold out, as I had already cut down on the urgency to
climax, that he had felt before. Daddy just kept pushing his
cock up inside my big sister, as she shuddered and shook, and
grabbed at him letting out an occasional squeak of orgasmic
delight. Daddy just kept pushing his cock in and out of Karen,
while she leapt from climax to climax. I was starting to get
jealous of my big sister. After all, I had only gotten one
climax, before Daddy came in me. Still, that was the price I had
to pay, for being first. About the time Karen was reaching her
third climax in a row, Daddy lost control, and shoved his cock
all the way up in my sister. I looked down between their legs,
and could actually see the tube on the bottom of Daddy cock bulge
each time, as he sent squirt after thick sticky squirt of his
dangerous baby-making cum up inside my big sister's belly.
In the meantime, I was vaguely aware of my two younger
siblings, as Mike started fucking his little sister, under
Mother's direction. Mike didn't have much finesse, but he didn't
need it with Suzy. Both kids were so excited at actually doing
it together, that Mike just jammed his cock up inside Suzy and
started to fuck. After one loud, "Ow!" as Mike tore her hymen,
Suzy didn't say anything. The little girl just humped back at
her big brother. The two kids kept on fucking, for almost 20
minutes, until Mike eventually got tired, and couldn't continue.
My little sister was still horny. By this time, Daddy had
finished fucking Karen, and we were all three of us watching the
two little kids fuck. Karen and I were sitting on either side of
Daddy, snuggling up to him, while our cracks drooled matching
dribbles of white, where Daddy's sperm was leaking out.
When Mike pulled out of Suzy, the little girl was almost
frantic. Mike seemed to have gotten some kind of relief, even if
he was unable to "cum" yet, but Suzy obviously needed more. The
little girl turned her distressed eyes on our father. "Daddy?"
she pleaded, "you said you'd try. Please Daddy?!"
By this time, Daddy had recovered a little, and his cock had
regained some of it's former hardness, after watching his two
kids fucking like minks, right in front of him. "OK, Suzy," he
said, "I'll try."
Well, Daddy tried. He rubbed his cum-dribbling cock up and
down our little sister's crack, and tried to push the oversized
knob up inside the little girl. It just wouldn't go, no matter
how hard both he and Suzy pushed. By this time, Daddy's cock had
gotten completely hard again; and there was no way, that monster
was going to fit inside the little girl. Shortly, the question
of whether Daddy could get his hard cock inside Suzy was moot.
It was no longer hard, after Daddy suddenly began squirting his
cum inside the little girl's slit, without ever getting his penis
inside her.


Feeling Daddy squirting his cum inside her, soothed Suzy a
little, but she was still aching with repressed sex, when our
mother took over. Seeing that no one else was able to help,
Mother felt she should show us all what to do, when a girl needed
relief. Mother sucked on Suzy's vagina, cleaning her husband's
sperm out of the little girl, and licking her little clit, until
Suzy finally got some relief.
Afterwards, Daddy had all of us practice the same thing on
Mother. Each of us licked and sucked our mother, until she just
couldn't take any more, after having almost 10 climaxes in a row.
We all thought that it was only fair, that Mother should get some
relief as well, after watching everyone else get fucked. After
all, Mother was just as horny a person as anyone else in the
After that first time, Daddy started using condoms, showing
us what they were, and how to use them. At first, he only used
them on Karen. The whole family had a big scare, when she told
Daddy that she had already started having her "monthlies." We
had an even bigger scare two weeks later, when her period didn't
come. Thankfully, she resumed, a month later. Mother said it
was probably a "hysterical pregnancy." I'm wasn't sure what she
meant, as Karen didn't seem to be hysterical at the thought of
being pregnant. If anything, my big sister seemed to be
disappointed, when it turned out that she wasn't.
Daddy didn't start using condom's on us, until we started
having periods also. It was always a thrill, to feel Daddy
squirting his warm, soothing, baby-juice up inside me where it
belonged. Afterwards, it was always a disappointment when I felt
him squirt it into the condom instead. Later, our parents got
all of us girls on the 'pill,' and Daddy was able to squirt his
sperm right up inside us again, instead of 'wasting it' inside a
We had several years of great sex, until one day I decided
that I was tired of "practicing" making a baby, and it was time I
did the real thing. One early winter day, I just stopped taking
the pill, and let Daddy fuck me without taking any precautions.
I was already 3 months pregnant, before Mother noticed that my
prescription didn't need renewing.


I still have the old magazine. It's a little bit frayed by
now, and one of the pictures has been damaged, where Mike
accidentally squirted sperm all over the page before we could
wipe it up, but it's still in remarkably good shape. A few years
ago, I took it completely apart, and laminated each page in
plastic, Then, I put the pages into a binder, so that it wouldn't
deteriorate any further. I keep the magazine hidden, but I plan
on giving the book (or copies of it) to each of my children,
along with copies of the pictures Mother took, of the first time
that Daddy fucked me, and the second two times that Daddy got me
pregnant (These are also hidden away. Mother didn't know that I
was fertile, the first time Daddy knocked me up, so I don't have
any pictures of that.), so that they'll have some knowledge of
their roots, and how they came to be.


I wrote this story for myself, and my children, and a few
very special friends. It helps me remember who I am, and I hope
that it helps those of you who are reading this, to understand me
a little better as well. Daddy and Mother have been dead for
several years, so I don't have to worry any more, about their
getting into trouble over this.

Your Friend, Tammy.

P.S. For those of you that are interested, I am including the
rest of the translation that Mother did on Mike's magazine.
I found out later, that Mother was rather free with her
translations. Sometimes she would deviate wildly from the
original text, in favor of a more readable style, or better
expression in English. Sometimes, she wrote in parts that
may have been implied by the words, or by the pictures, but
weren't actually in the original stories. (Reading between
the lines, as it were.) I have since compiled a much more
correct, almost word-for-word translation. But I still
prefer Mother's. Most of the rest of the magazine
consisted of multiple pictures per page, with one-liners
accompanying each picture. Here's the rest of my Mother's
original translation:


Uncle Joe's Tasty Treat

I've been sucking my uncle's cock, for over a year now.
His sperm sure tastes good!
My little sister wants to try.

-- page --

Here's Uncle Joe, Giving Ginny something tasty.
Ginny can't swallow fast enough.
Here I am, cleaning up Ginny, and Uncle Joe.

-- end --


Not My Day

This morning, I almost barged in on my son, while he was
fucking his little sister in the bathroom.
As you can see, the little 10 year old girl really likes it,
when her big brother sticks his cock all the way up inside her.
The boy's 14 year old cock is almost too big for the little
girl, but she isn't complaining.
I watched to make sure my son did it right, and squirted his
sperm inside his little sister, where it belonged.

-- page --

My little girl's vagina is too small to hold all of her big
brother's thick white sperm.
Here, you can see the sperm running out of my little girl's
vagina, as she cleans off her big brother's cock, with her mouth.
After watching my little girl get fucked, I was so hot I
headed back to the room I share with my own big brother.

-- page --

I was out of luck. Our other daughter had beaten me to him.
I watched, as my 12 year old little girl milked the sperm
out of her father's penis, and up into her fertile young womb.
I had one last chance. I headed down to my own father's
bedroom, before it was too late.

-- page --

It seemed, that this wasn't to be my day. When I got to my
father's bedroom, I could tell by the pants and moans, that my
little sister had already beaten me to our father's big cock.
Deciding that I'd have to do it myself, I started to finger
myself off, while I watched my father squirt his sperm all over my
little sister's belly, before he managed to get it back inside her
vagina, where it belonged.


-- page --

I was trying to work myself off, when my brother came up
behind me, and asked me if I needed help. I did.
I had just gotten comfortably seated on my brother's cock,
when my son came up behind me, and asked if he could join in.
My little boy pushed his big cock up inside my ass, while my
brother fucked my cunt.

-- page --

I had just gotten used to having both men inside me, when my
father appeared in the doorway.
Daddy enjoyed the sight of his little girl getting double-
After a short while, Daddy decided to join in also.

-- page --

Here you see me, sucking on my father's big cock, while my
big brother fucks my cunt, and my son fucks my ass.
Here you see them, squirting their sperm all over me.
Here you see them back inside me, as they squirt the rest of
their sperm inside my body, where it belongs.
As you can see, it really was my day after all!

-- end --


Mom's Helper

My little boy helps me out, all the time.
In the Kitchen.
In the living room.
Even in the bedroom.

-- page --

I need lots of extra help in the bedroom.
Here, my son helps clean up a part I can't reach.
My son seems to have the same problem, that I do.
We decide to help each other out.

-- page --

My son knows what his mother needs.
A great big helping of her little boy's sperm in her womb.
Now, I'm all messy again.
My son cleans up the mess he made.

-- end --

Watching the children

I watch, as my son fucks his little sister.
Billy has been fucking his little sister since he was four,
and she was two.
Billy likes to squirt his sperm inside his little sister.
Mandy likes it too.

-- page --

Billy spills his sperm all over his little sister's cunny.
Billy cleans up the mess he made.
Mandy wants some more, so she gets Billy hard again.
Once again, Billy squirts sperm in his little sister's cunt.

-- end --


Mother and Daughter
(Momma 'n Daughter)

Daddy and I are making love, in the living room.
Our daughter comes in to watch.
Gina is 8 years old, and already interested in fucking.
Here Daddy shows Gina, how his big cock fits up inside me.
Daddy shows Gina, how he squirts sperm in my belly.

-- page --

Here I am, with my father's sperm leaking out of my hole.
Gina asks Daddy, if she could try it.
Here Daddy puts his big cock up inside our daughter.
As you can see, our little girl was still a virgin.

-- page --

Here's Daddy fucking our daughter for the first time.
Daddy fucks me, for a little bit too.
Here's Daddy, squirting his sperm in our little girl's womb.
Here's our little girl, with her Daddy's sperm all over her.

-- end --



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