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The Dick Van Dyke Show (mf)

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

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| Original material copyright © 1995. All rights reserved |


THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW was first shown on CBS from 1961-1966. It was
created by Carl Reiner -- for himself. But after viewing the pilot, he
wisely decided to cast Van Dyke in the role of Rob Petrie, the head writer
for "The Alan Brady Show". Reiner later took the role of Alan Brady.

Trivia from the series abounds, because of the huge amount of talent
involved in the production. Jerry Paris, who played the dentist neighbor
of the Petries, directed many of the episodes, and went on to direct such
series as The Odd Couple, Happy Days, and Laverne and Shirley among others.

The show made a star of Van Dyke and his co-star, Mary Tyler Moore, who (of
course) went on to spectacular success with her own show in 1970.

Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie were vaudeville performers before the
series, and have done countless guest roles on other series as well. Rose
Marie was a regular on The Hollywood Squares and The Match Game.

The show, despite the fact that the entire run was in black-and-white, has
never left television -- somewhere -- since the shows were made. It is now
shown on cable's Nickelodeon channel.

This particular sitcom is unusual in television history, because it was one
of the first to actually came to a close. In the final episode, Rob
Petrie's book was published, and he resigned from the "Alan Brady Show" to
pursue a literary career. [Mary Tyler Moore took a similar course when her
series concluded, and other more recent series, like M*A*S*H, have followed

But this story takes place in the middle of the series, in the year 1963.

THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW: "Even Alan Brady Can't Do THAT on Television!"

The lights were out. Laura lay on her side under the covers. She heard
the bedsprings from the other twin bed in the room, and smiled, silently,
listening. She heard the small "snaps" as pajama bottoms were undone, then
felt the slight chill as her covers were lifted, and he climbed into her
bed behind her.

She felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her ass, and reached
back, patting his hip. His arms reached around her, caressing her breasts
through her thin, silky nightie, bringing her nipples to full, sensitive
erection. He nuzzled her neck, kissing it as his hand roamed down her body
toward her crotch.

She moaned softly as his fingers found the warmth of her groin, and she
parted her knees slightly to allow his fingers to explore further. He
slipped a fingertip under the edge of her panties, pushing the croch of the
lacy garment aside, as his fingers explored her outer lips.

She rolled over on her back. He kissed the side of her face, then she
turned to meet his kiss with her lips, their tongues sliding together. As
they kissed, she reached down and pushed her panties down on her hips,
lifting her ass slightly off the bed to allow them to move. She raised her
knees, and pushed the panties on down her legs, then dropped her legs back
down to the bed. She kicked the panties off, as his fingers began to
explore again.

She reached over, and wrapped her fingers around his engorged penis, hard
and stiff. She could see in her mind's eye its throbbing, purple head, the
large veins that ran down the shaft.

He plunged a finger into her, and she gasped as his thumb found her clit,
rolling it like a marble in vaseline. She felt her abdomen warm, the
warmth starting at the tip of her clit, spreading through her body.

She also felt a trickle of moisture that ran from her honey-hole down to
her asshole.

He felt it, too. He slid down, kissing her breast through her nightie,
then pulling himself out of her hand, as he slid down between her legs.
She lifted her knees, pulling them widely apart, as he applied his tongue
to her clit; the gentleness of his tongue as compared to the roughness of
his thumb pleased her, and she moaned softly.

His fingers were still inside her, and she felt him pressing against the
sensitive places inside; he knew her body well.

Her breath quickened, and she arched her back as she felt the first tremors
of orgasm approach. He held her tightly, pressing his tongue against her
clit, just barely moving it, until she began to shake.

She slid into orgasm, her vaginal muscles clasping his fingers, and he slid
his tongue slowly over her clit as she climaxed.

She pulled on his head. He slid up her body, his cock seeking the warmth
and wetness of her vagina. It slid in, stretching her nether lips around
it, filling her.

He pushed his full length into her, and she clasped his hips with her legs,
trying to pull even more of him into her. She felt his pubic bone pressing
against her clit, and she rolled her hips slightly from front to back,
rubbing her love-button against him, until she was nearly ready to climax

He began to make small strokes, really rocking his hips in opposition to
her movements, his cock barely moving inside her. Her lips sought his.

As they breathed together, their tongues trying to exchange places, she
dropped her grip on his hips, and he began to move more freely.

His strokes became longer, although all he was moving was his pelvis. He
was pulling almost completely out of her, then plunging deeply inside

She was climaxing again, her vagina clasping at his cock as he stroked,
then she felt him tense up. He pushed fully inside her again, and as he
ejaculated, she wrapped her legs around him again, holding him tightly
inside her as he gushed his seed into her happy body.

They rolled over, still joined at the hips, holding tightly to each other.

"Oh, Rob," she breathed, softly.


Rob Petrie was lying on the sofa in the office, his hand covering his eyes.
Sally Rogers was at the typewriter, her chin leaning on her fist. Pacing
back and forth across the room was Buddy Rogers, leaning forward, his hands
knotted behind his back.

"Now, Alan comes in dressed in a chicken suit..." Rob intoned, hoping for
some help.

Mel Cooley stepped in through the open door.

"...and he runs smack dab into a giant roll-on deodorant," Buddy cracked.

Mel just looked at him, down his nose. He turned to Rob.

"Sorry, Rob, but there's been a change of plans."

Rob sat up. "What now, Mel?"

"Our guest star had an accident on the set of his new movie. We're trying
to get another guest."

"Oh, gee, Mel, we already wrote the guest star sketch, tailored just to
him. What kind of accident?"

"Well, you know his trademark? Where he jumps off the roof of a building
onto the back of his horse and rides off?"

"Yeah..." Rob nodded.

"Well, the horse backed up. The saddle horn..."

Rob covered his face with his hands. Buddy fell to the floor, holding his
groin. Sally sat back in her chair and roared.

"They say he won't be able to walk for a week, or sit down for longer than
that." Mel frowned.

Buddy sat up on the floor. "So who's the guest now? John Wayne? James
Arness? And who's that guy on 'Rawhide' ... Clint Westwood?"

"Eastwood, I think," Sally said. "Who's the new guest, Mel?"

"Gina Broccilucci. She's in New York this Friday only, then has to back to
Rome right after the show that night."

Buddy dropped back to the floor with a thud.

Rob looked up at Mel. "That means the cowboy sketch is competely out," he
said, shaking his head.

"Unless she likes to dress up in leather and pack a gun..." Sally said,

"Hey, I've seen her in leather," Buddy said.

"Really?" Sally asked.

"Yeah," Buddy sat up again. "That movie... The Bondage of Brenda."

"What was it about?"

"I don't know; I couldn't keep my eyes on the subtitles." He shook his
hand as if putting out a match. "She's HOT!"

Mel looked at him blankly, then turned again to Rob. "Well, Rob, Alan
expects to have a new script this afternoon."

"Tell him... tell him we'll have it for him," Rob said, rubbing his face.

"Good." Mel turned on his heel and marched out of the office.

Rob sighed, puffing out his cheeks. Sally looked at him, and a sly smile
came across her face.

"Say," she said, "why don't we put Alan in that movie Buddy was talking

Rob cocked his head. "What's your idea?"

Sally got up and walked out from behind the desk.

"Gina walks in," Sally said, taking the role. She steps up to Alan, and
says something in Italian. We put up subtitles that say, 'Hello, sailor!'"

Buddy joined in, taking on Alan's role. "Then Alan says something in that
fake Italian he does, and the subtitle says, 'I'm not a sailor, but I want
to float in your ocean.'"

Sally turned toward Buddy, and placed a hand on his crotch. "You must be a
sailor; I can feel your mast."

Buddy put his hands on her breasts. "Then these must be the beacons."

Sally pulled her blouse open, revealing her black lace bra. "My beacons
are flashing. My port is empty."

Buddy leaned forward, putting his face between her breasts. "My tide is

Sally dropped to the floor, pulling Buddy on top of her. Buddy began to
dry-hump her, as Sally cried, "My ship has come in!"

Rob stood up, and stepped over to the hallway door, and pushed it closed.
He shook his head at the other two, as they stood up and Sally began to
rebutton her blouse.

"You know we can't do that on television," Rob said, in a soft voice.

"Who's talking about television?" Buddy said, raising an eyebrow. "It's
time for a horny-break."

Rob shook his head again. "We don't have time for a horny-break. We have
to get this script ready."

Sally stepped over and took Rob's arm. "Let's get it over with, Rob. You
know he doesn't take very long, anyway."

"It's in my contract," Buddy said.

Rob threw up his hands. He stepped over to the door, opened it, and hung a
sign that said "Creating. Do Not Disturb" on the hook under their names.
He closed the door again, and threw the deadbolt.

"All right," he said, resignedly. "Horny-break."

Buddy grinned, as he unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor.
His small, erect cock stuck out from the opening in the front of his boxer

"So," smiled Sally, "what is it to be?"

"Doggie-style, on the coffee table," Buddy said, quickly.

Sally nodded. She unbuttoned her skirt, and slipped it off, hanging it
neatly over her desk. She reached up under her slip, and pulled down her
white silk panties, stepping out of them. She hoisted up her slip,
revealing her white-skinned ass. She held her slip up around her waist, as
she turned and walked over to the coffee table.

Rob looked at her as she turned, noting that she had shaved her pubic hair
into the shape of a heart. He smiled, and Sally smiled back as she glanced
down at herself.

"I think I should dye it red," she grinned.

She knelt down beside the coffee table, and leaned over it, pushing her ass
high up into the air.

Buddy slid in behind her, and with one hand, guided his cockhead to the
entrance to her vagina. Positioned, he placed a hand on each side of her
hips, and pressed forward.

Sally gasped as he entered her, initial pain followed by instant pleasure,
as he began slow, measured strokes. She began to press back against his
hips as he moved, trying to get him to stroke deeper, to press against her

Buddy gasped, and he pressed forward suddenly, his cock jerking with his
orgasm, filling Sally's pussy with his spunk. He pulled out, and stumbled
over to a chair, collapsing on it.

Sally dropped her hips down, and sat back on her heels. She looked over at
Buddy for a moment, then at Rob.

"Are you sure you won't let me do you this time?" she asked.

Rob shook his head. Sally stood up, and took a tissue from a box on her
desk. She turned her back on the two men, raised her slip again and wiped
herself, then put her panties and skirt back on again.

Rob tossed Buddy's pants over to him. He put them on, slowly.

"Are you two done now?" Rob asked. "Can we get back to work?"

The other two writers nodded. Rob returned to the door, opened it and took
down the "Creating" sign, and went back to the sofa. He lay down, his hand
on his head. Sally moved back around her desk to the typewriter, and put
her head on her hand, resting the elbow on the desk. Buddy began pacing...
their thinking positions.

"So Alan walks in, dressed in a chicken suit..." Rob said.


"Hi, Honey," Rob said, stepping into the kitchen through the back door.

Laura leaned forward, and Rob kissed her.

"Richie's staying all night at his friend Billy's," Laura grinned. "We
have the evening all to ourselves."

"Good," nodded Rob. "Let's go to the movies."

"Oh, Rob," Laura said.

"Actually," Rob said, dipping a finger into a saucepan on the stove, "it's
sort of work-related. Our guest star this week got changed, and I've never
seen anything she's done."

Laura nodded. "Okay, Now get cleaned up. Supper's ready.


Rob and Laura drove up to the parking lot beside the theater. Laura looked
up at the marquee. "The Bondage of Brenda?" she asked.

Rob shrugged. "It's a foreign film. Subtitled."

He parked the car, then stepped around the back to her door and opened it.
Laura stepped out, and they walked together to the ticket booth. Laura
pulled her short jacket close around her, as a chilly November breeze blew
past. He bought their tickets and they stepped through the door.

"Is it going to rain?" Laura asked, turning toward Rob.

"I don't think so, why?"

"A lot of the men in here are wearing raincoats."

Rob frowned and looked around. Sure enough, several of the men in the
lobby were wearing raincoats or trenchcoats. He shrugged it off, and
stepped up to the refreshment counter.

"I'd like two small popcorns and two small Cokes, please," he said.

"We don't got small popcorn," the pimple-faced girl behind the counter
frowned. "We got large, extra-large, and tubs".

"Okay. I'll take two large popcorns and two small Cokes."

"The drinks are large, jumbo and super."

Rob sighed. "All right, two large popcorn and two large Cokes."

"No Coke, just Pepsi."

"Pepsis, then."

She set his order on the counter. "That'll be six-fifty."

Rob was stunned. "The tickets were just four dollars."

The girl shrugged. Rob put the money on the counter, and handed Laura a
drink and popcorn. He picked up the rest, and they walked into the

Rob found a couple of seats down midway, and they sat down. Almost
immediately, the lights in the theater lowered, and the movie began.

Rob winced as he saw the movie start; the print was scratched, dirty, and
the projector needed focusing.

He held Laura's hand, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

He pointed out Gina Broccilucci when she appeared on the screen. "That's
our guest star."

The plotline was thin, and moved slowly, until in the second reel, Gina's
character walked naked onto the screen.

Laura gasped. The girl on the screen was completely naked, and they were
even showing her pubic hair!

"What kind of movie is this?" she whispered.

"Shhh," Rob hushed her. "If it gets too bad, we'll leave."

Laura nodded.

The girl on the screen was grabbed, roughly. Two men began to fondle her
body, pushing her up against a wall. Her hands and feet were manacled to
the wall.

The camera panned down her body, giving the audience a full-screen closeup
of her face, her breasts, her navel, her pubic area.

Laura watched, fascinated and repulsed at the same time. The two men on
the screen began to suck at her breasts, pawing at her body. Then one of
them dropped his pants. The camera watched from behind as he apparently
put his penis into her.

She watched the girl's face; despite her protests, she could see that the
girl was enjoying herself.

Laura glanced up at Rob's face. He was watching, intent, his jaw dropped
open. She casually leaned on him, dropping her free hand into his lap.

She edged it toward his crotch, and felt a familiar bulge. Rob was
enjoying the movie; his cock was hard.

She glanced around the theater; there were very few women in the audience.
The men in the audience around her had apparently come alone, each were
sitting with gaps of seats between them.

Laura put her attention back to the screen. The second man had taken the
first one's place. Laura watched the man's naked ass contract and relax as
he screwed the bound young woman.

Laura pressed her hand against Rob's cock through his pants. He looked
down at her, then around them. Could anyone see them?

He held his popcorn cup on the leg opposite Laura, blocking -- he hoped --
view of Laura's wandering hand.

Laura slipped her hand up to his zipper, pulling it down, slowly and
quietly. She slid her hand into his open fly, and through the opening in
the front of his boxer shorts. She wrapped her fingers around his
stiffening cock.

The movie screen was darkened; there were scenes of a dungeon-like room,
Gina's character was lost in a maze, apparently.

Laura took advantage of the darkened scene, to pull Rob's cock out of his
pants. Using her thumb, she massaged the head of his cock. Rob moaned.

She glanced at the screen. The Gina-character was still wandering around
naked in the dark. Laura glanced behind her. There were only a few men
scattered behind her, their faces upturned to the screen.

Laura slipped down in her seat, leaning over Rob's lap. She extended her
tongue, and touched the head of his cock.

Rob jumped as he felt her tongue. He glanced down, then to left and right.
Nobody watching. He felt her lips sliding down his shaft and the warmth of
her mouth on his cock.

She rolled her tongue around his cockhead. She could feel his body
stiffening. She redoubled her movements, until with a gentle grunt, he
came, filling her mouth with semen. She sucked gently until he stopped
spurting, then swallowed.

She tucked his deflating penis back into his pants. She strugled a moment
with his zipper, until he reached down and pulled it closed himself.

She raised back up in her seat, and lay her head on his shoulder again,
just as the picture on the screen became brighter again.

They sat there as the film unreeled... Gina tied naked to a wheel, Gina
tied ass-up over a sawhorse, Gina tied face down on a table... all the
while, the two men pawing her body, filling the screen with simulated sex.
At least Laura thought it was simulated...

The movie ended. Laura thought she heard the sounds of zippers being
pulled up all around the auditorium, but she must have been mistaken.


Rob turned out the light. Laura waited to hear his bedsprings creak as he
climbed into bed. She got up, shrugged out of her nightie, and stepped
across the short space beteen their beds. She slipped under his covers and
into his arms.

They cuddled and kissed, and Laura's hand slipped down to his penis, hard
and hot, standing away from his body. She unsnapped his pajama bottoms,
freeing his cock from all restraints.

She straddled his body, leaning forward to brush her taut nipples across
his chest. She reached back, grasping his penis, guiding it to the
entrance to her vagina.

When she felt his cockhead between her nether lips, she pushed back,
impaling herself on him.

Rob moaned as his shaft slid into her slippery channel. Laura sat back on
him, pushing herself down on his cock, squeezing it inside her lovenest.
Rob reached up with both hands, and placed one on each of her breasts, the
hard nipples pressing against his palms.

She began to move slowly in small circles, rubbing her clit against his
pubic bone, while he pinched and diddled her nipples with his fingers. She
felt warmth spread from her groin in all directions, as she neared orgasm.

She arched her back, throwing back her dark-haired head, gasping as
contractions began in her pussy, squeezing Rob's cock inside her, shaking
her body.

She fell forward, putting her head under Rob's chin. Rob held her tightly,
and they rolled over. Laura was now on her back, and Rob began to move his
hips, drawing his thick cock in and out of her dripping pussy.

Laura began to move with him, meeting his thrusts with a pelvic tilt,
squeezing his cock with her vaginal muscles, until Rob was breathing hard.
She felt his body tighten, and she wrapped her legs around his hips,
holding him deep inside her, as his contractions began, filling her cunt
with his white spunk.

She fell asleep on his chest, his cock still inside her.


Buddy was pacing back and forth across the office floor. Rob walked in and
hung his hat on the hatrack. He stepped over to the sofa, and sat down,
watching Buddy pace.

Buddy's face was a sea of emotion. He was obviously thinking furiously,
acting out several roles in his head. Rob knew better than to interrupt
it; some of their best sketches had come from just such stormy pacing.

Buddy stopped, turned on his heel, and faced Rob. "I've got it," he said,
"I've got the Gina Broccilucci sketch."

He dashed over to the typewriter, and began to hunt-and-peck, his fingers
moving in a blur.

Rob stood behind him, reading over his shoulder. "This is good," he said,
grinning. "This is good..."


Mel Cooley was smiling. It wasn't often that he smiled, especially this
time of day. Usually, his brother-in-law, Alan Brady had raked him over
the coals over some small trivial mistake. But this time, Alan had been in
a good mood.

The script for the guest star spot WAS excellent, he agreed, smiling again
to himself as he walked down the hall to the writer's office.

He stepped up to the door, expecting to find it open, as it usually was.
But it was closed. A small sign hung from a hook on the outside of the
door. "Creating. Do Not Disturb."

A small frown wrinkled Mel's brow. How dare they? Lock me out?

He listened; he could hear muffled voices, and a strange, creaking noise.
He turned the knob. The door was unlocked.

Slowly, he opened the door, and peeked inside.

Aghast, he let the door open fully. "What is the meaning of this?" he

Buddy looked up at him. He was lying on the coffee table, his trousers in
a wad around his feet. Sally was straddling him, riding his hips like a

"Hiya, Baldy," Buddy grinned.

Rob rushed around behind Mel and closed the door. "It's a horny-break,"
Rob explained.


"Its in my contract," Buddy grinned. "Look it up."

Sally turned and looked at Mel. "Come over here, Mel."

Mel was so flustered, he fell into an old habit. He did what he was told.

He stepped hesitantly up to Sally, who grabbed him by the belt. She
unzipped his trousers quickly, and plunged her hand inside. Her eyes
lighted up.

"My gosh, Mel," she smiled at him. "Why have you been hiding this

She pulled his penis out through his fly. Still flaccid, it was eight
inches long.

Sally leaned over, drawing the tip of his penis between her lips, sucking

Mel closed his eyes, unable to protest. His penis began to expand, growing
to its full erect length. Sally sat still on Buddy's cock, wrapped both
hands around Mel's shaft, and still had space to move her mouth up and down
on Mel's cockhead.

Buddy, trapped under Sally, and astonished at the size of Mel's massive
organ, fell silent.

Rob stood and watched, a bulge starting to show in the front of his pants.

Sally continued to work on Mel's cock, moving her mouth over his cockhead,
swirling her tongue around the purple mushroom. She began to move again on
Buddy's cock, suddenly a little inadequate for her needs.

Buddy tensed, and he came with a grunt.

Sally lifted herself off Buddy's cock, and without letting go of Mel's
penis, she moved to the floor. She removed her mouth from Mel's cockhead,
lay down on the floor, pulling Mel down with her.

She guided Mel's penis to the entrance to her pussy. Mel, lost in
confusion, followed her unspoken instructions, and pushed his cock deep
inside her.

"Oh, yes!" Sally cried. "Fill me up!"

Mel began to stroke, his huge cock sliding in almost to the hilt, then back
out again, leaving just the head inside her, then again, and again.

Sally began to croon, and suddenly, her back arched, and she gasped,
"!" Her body convulsed, heaving on the floor. Mel grunted,
and he climaxed, his semen mixing with Buddy's in Sally's pussy.

Rob had opened his pants, and was stroking his penis, slowly.

Mel rolled off Sally's body, and curled up in a fetal position on the
floor. Sally sat up, breathing heavily. She looked up at Rob, a question
in her face.

Rob nodded.

Wordlessly, Sally crawled over to Rob on her knees, and took hold of Rob's
penis, sliding it into her mouth, her tongue working furiously over its
knobbed head.

It didn't take much of this; Rob's semen burst from him, coating the back
of Sally's mouth.

He pulled back, she sat back on her heels. Rob collapsed on the sofa.

Sally looked around at the exhausted men around her, then clasped her hands
over her head, in a boxer's victory salute.


It was quiet in New Rochelle. Laura wiped the kitchen table again, even
though she had just done it.

She was waiting, and she was bored. Millie had called her a few minutes
ago, asking if she could "borrow" her clothes dryer.

She sat at the kitchen table, then remembered her coffee. She got up and
retrieved it from the counter, then sat at the table again. She drummed
her fingers impatiently.

The tap on the back door was faint. Laura got up and opened the screen
door, letting Millie and her laundry basket in.

"Thanks, Laura," Millie said, loading her laundry into the dryer. "Jerry
said he was going to fix ours, but he's only good at fixing teeth."

"Coffee?" Laura asked.

Millie nodded.

Laura went back to the kitchen and poured herself another cup, and one for

Millie dropped into a chair at the dinette. Laura set the coffee cup in
front of her.

"So, where'd you go last night?"

"Rob and I went to the movies." Laura sat down.

"Really? What did you see?"

"Bondage of ... someone or other," Laura said.

"Oooooh," Millie said. "Bondage of Brenda? Hot stuff!"

Laura blushed. "Have you seen it?"

"No," Millie laughed. "But I've heard about it. It's banned in Boston,

Laura shook her head. "I've never seen anything like it."

"So how come? Rob get a yen for dirty movies?"

"The star is guesting on Alan Brady's show this week."

"Oh. Learn anything?"

Laura blushed again. "There were things in there I've never seen before.
Not even dreamed about."

"Like what?"

"Like they kept tying her up... and then there was a scene where these two

"Yeah? Two women? What'd they do?"

Laura was flustered. "Oh, Millie..."

"Did they do this?" Millie reached across, and pressed her hand against
Laura's breast.

Laura's eyes widened, and she looked into Millie's eyes.

Millie got up and moved behind Laura's chair. "Or this?" she said,
reaching down with both hands, cupping Laura's breasts. She began to
squeeze gently, massaging them. She felt Laura's nipples begin to stiffen
under her bra.

Laura looked up, a puzzled expression on her face. Millie bent down and
kissed her lips lightly.

"Millie... " Laura said, softly, "What are you doing?"

Millie's fingers moved to the buttons on Laura's blouse, undoing them
quickly. She slipped her hands inside Laura's blouse, her fingers moving
under her bra.

"Millie, I..."

"Shhh," Millie touched Laura's lips with an index finger.

Millie pulled Laura's bra up, over her breasts. She took Laura's nipples
between her fingers, twirling them to full erection. She leaned forward
again to kiss Laura's lips.

Millie slid her tongue through her lips, tickling Laura's until they
parted, involuntarily. Their tongues met in Laura's mouth, a spark, like
electricity, passing between them.

They kissed for a long moment, then Millie moved around Laura's chair. She
pushed Laura's blouse over her shoulders, and Laura reached behind her to
unfasten her bra. She shrugged out of it.

Millie knelt down on the tiled kitchen floor, leaned forward, and took
Laura's nipples each by each between her lips, tickling their tips with her

Laura pushed her chair back and stood up. She took Millie's hand, and
pulled her to her feet.

She led Millie out of the kitchen, through the living room and into her

Millie pulled off her blouse and capri pants. Laura was somewhat surprised
that Millie wore no bra. Laura unfastened her slacks, and Millie pushed
them down over her hips, taking her panties with them, so that Laura now
stood before her naked.

Millie stayed crouched as Laura stepped out of her pantlegs, her face at a
level with Laura's dark-furred mound. She reached forward, caught Laura's
hips, and held them still while she pressed her nose into the fur.

Laura gasped as Millie's hands moved around her hips, taking hold of her
asscheeks. Millie moved her mouth down, extending her tongue to barely
touch the deep groove between Laura's legs.

Laura moved toward her bed, sitting on the edge, as Millie crawled on her
knees following the dark patch of fur. She remained kneeling on the floor,
as Laura opened her knees, and leaned back on the bed.

Millie moved forward, pressing her mouth against the button of Laura's
clit. She brushed it with her tongue, as Laura let out a soft, deep moan.

Laura fell back onto the bed, and lifted her legs, opening herself more
completely to Millie's probing tongue. Millie put her hand up under her
chin, her fingertips exploring Laura's nether lips, waiting for her to let
go, for her "flower" to bloom.

And bloom it did. As Millie tickled Laura's clit with the tip of her
tongue, Laura's pussy opened, releasing the sweet musky scent of ripe
woman. Millie slid a finger inside her.

Laura sighed. Her body was responding to Millie's touch much as it did to
Rob's. When she had seen this in the movie last night, she thought it
would feel so weird, so strange... but this -- this was nice. Very nice.

Millie slipped a second finger into Laura's pussy.

Laura's body began to quiver. Laura reached down, holding Millie's head
still, trapping it in the position it was now in -- her lips around Laura's
clit, her tongue caressing it.

Millie pressed up with her fingers, and Laura jerked, her pussy clamping
around Millie's fingers, her body shaking with the force of her orgasm.

When her shaking slowed, Millie licked her way up Laura's body, until she
reached Laura's mouth.

Laura hesitated a moment at the scent of her own juices on Millie's face
and mouth, but only a moment. She opened her mouth to Millie's probing
tongue, the two oral organs dancing in the space inside their mouths.

Laura pushed Millie over onto her back, her hands seeking Millies smaller,
but very responsive breasts. She broke the kiss, moving her mouth quickly
to Millie's nipples, sucking gently on the dark-hued nubbins until Millie
began to moan.

She moved down to Millie's sparsely-haired mound -- did she shave it?
Millie parted her legs, and Laura got her first good, close-up look of
another woman's engorged cunt. Millie's clit was fairly large, peeking out
from between the thick lips of her pussy. Laura tongued it tenatively.

"Yes," Millie whispered. "That's it..."

Laura pressed forward, pressing her lips around Millie's clit, rolling it
with her tongue. It was almost like sucking Rob's cock...but much smaller
of course, she thought, smiling inwardly.

She moved a hand up, parting Millie's cuntlips, sliding a finger, then two
inside her, while she continued to stroke the clit with her tongue.

Millie's pussy was very warm, and it exuded a musky scent Laura had smelled
only on herself after a long lovemaking session with Rob. She felt
Millie's body tense up under her, Millie's back arching slightly.

Laura's mind came quickly back to the present. She began to move her
fingers in and out of Millie's pussy, slippery with her juices.

"Oh," Millie whispered. "Oh! OH!"

She began to shiver, a wave of orgasm sweeping through her. She squeezed
Laura's fingers with her vaginal muscles, then pushed Laura's face away
from her groin.

Laura moved up and lay beside her. Millie wrapped her arms around Laura,
pulling her close. They lay quietly, until they heard the buzzer sound on
the dryer.


Alan Brady flashed his trademark grin at himself in the mirror, then
frowned, reached up and snatched the toupee from his head. He put it on
one of several wig blocks in front of him, and picked up another one.

Arranging it on his head, he smiled at the mirror again. He nodded.
That's the one.

He leaned back in his chair. "MEL!"

Nobody answered. He pushed a button on his intercom. "MEL!"

No response.

Alan got up from his desk and walked to the door of his office. "MEL!" he
shouted down the hallway.

He stomped out the door and down the hall, to the receptionist's desk.
"Marge, have you seen Mel?"

"I think he went down to the Writers' office, Mr. Brady."

Alan stomped down the hallway toward the Writers' office. The door was
open. He stepped inside. Mel was sitting on the sofa, a cup of coffee in
one hand, a cigarette in the other.

"Mel, have you lost your mind, or your hearing?" Alan asked. He paused a
moment "...or your job?"

"Take it easy on Mel, Alan," Sally said, softly. "He's just been Sallied."


"Exactly." Sally motioned to Rob, who rehung the sign, and locked the

Sally slipped a hand down to Alan's crotch. "Ooooh," she cooed, "I think
Alan's as well-equipped as he's rumored to be!"

She knelt down in front of Alan, unzipped his trousers and fished inside.
She brought out his penis, seven inches of limp meat.

Sally took his cock into her mouth, working it with her tongue. Alan
paused only a moment before he grasped her head. Rob watched, fascinated,
as Alan's love gun expanded, growing to its full size, a monster cock.

She took more of him into her mouth, but she 'bottomed out' before she
could take him completely in. The other men watched as she took a deep
breath, then pushed herself further down Alan's shaft. Her throat expanded
as his cock entered it.

"My gosh," Buddy said, "look at that!"

She held him deep in her throat for a long moment, her nose buried in his
pubic hair, then released him, gasping for breath.

She pulled back, and dropped to the floor, pulling Alan down on top of her.
His cock slid into her pussy, as she wrapped her legs around his hips,
pulling him into her until his huge cock was buried deep inside her.

He began to move, slowly at first, pushing deep inside her, then pulling
almost all the way out, then back in again. As he continued, he sped up,
with Sally meeting his movements.

Rob and Buddy leaned forward for a better view, as Sally began to shiver,
then together, Sally and Alan gasped. Sally's pussy grabbed at Alan's cock
as he began to spurt inside her.

"Oh! Oh!" Sally gasped. She sighed heavily, as Alan rolled off of her, his
deflating monster flopping out of his trousers.

Mel lit another cigarette, and handed it to Alan.

"Sallied..." whispered Alan.


Gina Broccilucci was as lovely in person as she had been in the movies.
Rob gulped as she passed him in the hallway, nodding to her in greeting.

She walked on down the hallway a few steps, then turned. "You!"

Rob turned.

"You... You are Robert Petrie, are you not?" she asked.

Rob nodded.

"You are head writer?"

He nodded again.

"Good. I want to talk to you about this." She held out a copy of the

"Is there something wrong with it?"

"There is nothing wrong," she whispered, huskily. She stepped up to him,
then reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck. She pressed her lips
against his.

Rob held back; she smelled of perfume and cigarette smoke and... musk?
She presed harder against him, her soft breasts pressing against his chest.
She could not be wearing a bra.

Slowly, his arms wrapped around her body, as her tongue darted out of her
mouth, tickling his lips.

His lips parted slightly and her tongue darted between them.

After a moment she broke the kiss. "Where is your office?"

Buddy and Sally had gone out for lunch. The office was empty. He led Gina
inside, nervously. Gina closed the door behind them.

"Does this door lock?" she asked.

Rob pushed the deadbolt closed, and Gina was all over him again. One arm
around his neck, the other clasped around one asscheek. Her lips pressed
again against his, and he responded, holding her close.

They inched over toward the sofa. Gina broke the kiss, and sat down,
pulling her skirt up over her knees.

Rob sat down, nervously, beside her.

"I want to rehearse the script," she said. She lay back on the sofa,
lifting and parting her knees. She wore nothing under the skirt.

Rob gazed at the dark pubic hair and wet pussy below.

"Rehearse?" he said.

"Fuck with me," she said, smiling.

Her hand reached up and grabbed his shoulder, pulling him toward her. He
fell forward, pushing his face into her bosom.

"Ah," she said, laughing softly, "You are boobie-man."

She opened her low-cut blouse, freeing the soft globes beneath. She
pressed Rob's face against one, and he could not help but take the massive
nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently.

"Mmmmmm," Gina moaned. "Now fuck with me."

Rob's cock was taut, aching. He reached down and unfastened his trousers,
pushing them down along with his boxers. His penis sprang forth.

Gina wrapped her fingers around it. "Big. I like big."

She pulled it toward her, and Rob shifted his position until he was lying
atop her. His cock slid deep into her, and she began to pulse, rocking her
pelvis forward and back, drawing his hefty member into and out of her.

He began to move with her, each stroke becoming deeper, until she moaned
softly with each stroke. Her head tilted back; she breathed deeply, her
eyes closed into mere slits, her mouth open, soft and submissive.

He was nearing orgasm; he fought against it, wanting her to come first,
then she shuddered and gasped.

She held her breath as her cunt squeezed Rob's cock, and he ejaculated,
driving his cock deep inside her.

They lay together on the sofa, gasping.

Rob heard the doorknob turn, then there was a banging on the door.

"Rob, are you in there?" Buddy's voice.

Rob scrambled to his feet and pulled his trousers back up. Gina slowly
buttoned up her blouse, a sly, knowing smile on her face.

Bang bang bang. Sally's voice came through the door, "Rob, are you all

Rob glanced over at Gina. She was again "decent", her skirt pulled down
over her knees again. He ran a hand over his hair, stepped over to the
door and pulled back the deadbolt.

Buddy and Sally entered.

"What's going on?" Buddy asked.

"Just a little script conference," Rob said, fumbling with his tie. "Have
you met our guest star this week, Gina Broccilucci?"

Gina stood up, and smiling at Rob, she picked up her script. "I think it
is fine just the way it is, Mr. Petrie."

"Pleased to meet you," Sally and Buddy said, together.

Gina walked out of the office, her hips swaying sexily from side to side.

Buddy stared after her, and at the empty doorway for a long moment.

Finally, he clapped his hands to his head, and shouted "Horny-break!"


Buddy was just finishing, as the doorknob turned, and there was a banging
on the door.

Buddy zipped up hurredly, and Sally dropped her skirt back down around her
legs, as she got up from her desk.

Rob opened the door. There stood Mel, a sad expression on his face, and a
tear in his eye.

"What's the matter, Mel?" Buddy wisecracked. "Alan kick you in the ass

"Rob... Sally... Buddy..." Mel sniffed. He seemed on the verge of tears.
"Something terrible has happened."

Rob led Mel into the office, and directed him to a chair. Mel pulled a
handkerchief out of his pocket, and wiped his nose. Then he took off his
glasses and dabbed his eyes.

Sally was suddenly concerned; she had never seen Mel like this, even when
Alan had fired him.

"The show tonight is cancelled," Mel continued. "Out of respect for..." He
blew his nose noisily into his handkerchief. "And it was such a good
script, too."

"Mel, what happened?" Sally insisted.

"Today, in Dallas, President Kennedy was shot and killed."

Stunned, Rob sank into the sofa and Sally sat back on the edge of her desk.
Buddy fell to the floor.


- end -

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