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Enemas with my Aunt

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Well I thought this was hot and would love to see more !!!

there is something about a young male getting his ass violated ,,,,
remeber if you do not like what others are posting then move on!!

But for me this was nice !!


scott ( wrote:

: My interest in enemas is a very deep seated one that goes
: back deep into childhood. Both my parents worked, so it
: was my aunt who raised me mostly. I got my first enema
: from mu aunt when I was about 7. Previously I had
: received about 1 or 2 from my mother when I was 4, so I
: knew what an enema was, and I hated the thought of it.
: These were always very messy affairs with me as a child
: fighting tooth and nail to expell the solution as soon as
: the water started coming into my behind.

: One day I was home from school sick, and I remember my
: aunt calling my mother at work, telling her that she
: thought an enema would do me good. My mother gave her
: approval, and the next thing I knew I was being taken
: into the bathroom, where the red bag was already filled
: and hanging from the shower curtain. I tried to run out,
: only to be brought back in, stripped totally, and taken
: over her knee. I protested and started to cry, all to no
: avail. When I tried to clench my buttocks together, I
: got a few harsh swats on the bare ass, and then had a
: lubricated finger rudely thrust deep inside me, where it
: was left until I promised to behave, and relax my
: sphincter. Between sobs, I was given the enema, and was
: forced to hold it by having the finger re-inserted in me
: to act as a plug. I was embarassed as hell, but this was
: to set the precedent for the years to come.

: When my mother came home from work she asked my aunt how
: my treatment went, expecting to hear that I had raised
: holy hell and would not consent to having this done to
: me. My aunt calmly told her that it takes a certain
: knack to give an enema to a child, and most times
: children behave much better when their parents are not
: around. Furthermore, since the enema administration went
: relatively easy (from her perspective, not mine) she told
: my mother that a regular enema would do me a world of
: good, because I was particularly a finicky eater, and to
: have my aunt put it: "After all, little boys get so
: caught up in their playing, that they forget when they
: have to go potty, and that leads to all sorts of
: problems." Having sufferred from bouts of constipation
: in the past my mother believed in the rationale of this.
: My mother was relieved to hear that everything went well,
: and I guess was happy that there was someone to perform
: this distasteful but necessary task. As a result my aunt
: was given carte blanche to oversee my 'potty training',
: as she would like to put it, until I was a teenager. As
: for myself, I had no say in the matter. At this point, I
: was too ashamed at what had happened to me to say
: anything; besides if my aunt told that I had resisted
: and carried on I would get an even stronger whipping from
: father when he came home because I was bad.

: Whenever I was sick, the standard routine was to have my
: temperature taken rectally (always rectally, until I was
: 16), and then to receive an enema in the morning. If I
: had a temperature I would also have an enema at night as
: well. Most of the times I would cry or protest
: (sometimes to the point of throwing a tantrum), but to no
: avail. If I would carry on too much I would receive a
: severe bare bottom spanking with a paddle, and then
: usually get extra soap or more solution to hold longer.
: It would be a favorite expression of my aunt that if I
: continued to carry on she would turn my heinie as red as
: the enema bag was - and get a double enema as well, and
: their were times that she did. I remember one time I
: decided to resist with all my will. My bottom was so
: sore after my spanking that it was painful to sit on the
: toilet to expell the enema that had finally been forced
: into me.

: My aunt would always be around to supervise me when I
: went 'potty', much to my embarassement. If she felt I
: didn't do enough, then she would start refilling the bag,
: while I was still sitting on the toilet, because "we have
: to get out all the bad stuff that makes you sick now."
: After the final enema was expelled, most of the times I
: would have to undergo a digital exam to ensure that I was
: cleaned out.

: Enemas were also given for reasons other than sickness:
: if I would eat too much candy during the afternoon and
: wouldn't eat my vegetables (I was a very finicky eater as
: a kid), I would get an enema; or if we were going on a
: trip (say to Fla. by car) I would get an enema in the
: morning, to clean me out.
: Other times a suppository would suffice. Usually I would
: get an enema at least once or perhaps twice a month.
: Most times they were given on a Friday afternoon when I
: would come home from school. I would know I would get it
: when I would see that the enema bag had been left out in
: the bathroom. I would be sent to me room and told to
: undress down to my underpants and wait for her to come to
: my room.

: It was always my aunt who would give me the enemas. She
: took on the role of a stern English governess who had
: taken it upon her to reform her naughty charge and
: 'remove the toxins' from his body, before they could
: cause harm. Now I realize that she would get turned on
: by having me so under her control. She had complete
: control over me, including the power to spank and whip
: when necessary - which she was not loath to do. Ususally
: after a spanking I would have to stand in the corner,
: with my bare bottom exposed for about 30 minutes, for all
: to see. I remember once I was about 10, and was doing my
: 'corner time', when a neighbor came by. I tried to run,
: and was told that if I moved I would be spanked again, in
: front of out neighbor. I had to stand in the corned with
: my bare behind during her entire 15 minute visit. She
: made the comment, to my aunt, that little boys are always
: getting into mischief, and a firm hand is the best thing
: for them.

: The most vivid memory I have happened when I was about 13
: or so. My parents went away on vacation and I was left
: home with my aunt. I played hooky from school one day,
: thinking I could get away with it. Naturally the school
: called up my aunt to find out what happened to me. When
: she found out, and confronted me later that day, I used
: the excuse of not feeling well to avoid a terrible
: spanking (always given bare bottom, over the knee with a
: paddle), which I would have gotten from her, and then
: again with repeated intensity from both my father and
: from my mother when they got home.

: She told me to go to my room and get ready for bed. I
: thought that she would give me some Pepto Bismo or
: something like that, trying to supress the idea that I
: might be given an enema. Well about 40 minutes later she
: comes up with a bulging enema bag, rubber gloves, KY, a
: paddle, and a bed pan. I started to cringe immediately.
: The paddle was there, I was told, in case I would not
: co-operate totally. I was stripped totally, and first
: had my temperature taken. Then I had to assume the
: knee/chest position on my bed, while a finger was
: inserted in me to loosen me up, as she was using the
: large curved black douche nozzle. Then after a few
: minutes of having a finger moved in and out of my behind,
: she inserted the nozzle, and I got the enema. She would
: turn it on and off as I got cramps, and then re-inserted
: her finger to make me hold it in. Finally she told me to
: expell it on the bedpan. I refused, (although I was
: bursting inside) saying I didn't want to. She said, do
: it or else. I still refused, saying I didn't feel the
: need to go, although I would have given anything to be
: let into the bathroom by myself. Shen went into the
: bathroom where she had a bulb syringe already filled up
: with a soapy solution. I was told, "Well, since you
: can't go potty, obviously the first enema did not work.
: Maybe this will help get things going". With that I got
: the bulb inserted and she squeezed it into me. I
: remember that she let the bulb suck some of the water out
: of me and then re-pumped it back into me a few times; I
: remember feeling totally humilated that I was being given
: an enema with my own shitty water.

: By now I was really crying like a 3 year old that I have
: to go. I started bawling "PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME GO,
: I'll Be good, I'll never play hooky agian, I Promise!!!
: Let me go to the toilet." Her only response was that
: she had "Potty trained me as a child, and can potty train
: me again even though I am 13; after all if you went
: potty when you are supposed to go, you wouldn't get those
: stomache aches and we wouldn't be doing this now!"

: Again when I said I couldn't go in the bedpan, she got
: frustrated, and went back into the bathroom, where she
: had a soap stick waiting. The stick was about 4" long,
: and about 3/4" in diameter. I guess it was part of the
: bar of soap that she had used to prepare the soapy enemas
: with. She then started to work this in and out like a
: suppository. I remember feeling a burning sensation as
: it started to foam and then melt inside me. When it
: softened up a bit she then pushed it deep inside me until
: her finger was buried deep in my behinf up to her
: knuckle. After about two minutes or so I couldn't take
: it any longer, as I felt my bottom was on fire, and I sat
: on the bedpan and explosivley expelled the enema held
: within me. She had finally gotten her
: way...............and potty trained me like a naughty 3
: year old............

: I was then told that to prevent any re-occurance of my
: sickness I would get an enema for the next 3 days before
: going to bed.

: I got enemas until I was about 16 1/2. I know I didn't
: get any in college. I guess I was too big at that time
: to whip as well, since my last spanking was when I was
: about 16.

: So from this narrative, which I hope you enjoyed, you can
: get a little into my head and understand what turns me
: on. Needless to say I like to play the part of the
: naughty boy who is going to be disciplined for some
: misdeed (playing hooky?), by being given an enema as well
: as being spanked. I like the feeling of a gloved finger
: up my behind, as I am being lubricated for the onslaught
: of a large enema nozzle (I have several nice ones).

: If you find this interests you, please give drop me some
: mail!

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