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Family(pedo), Part 6

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.


A strange woman with long, black hair was hurting Timmy. She had
a long, white stick in her hand, which she was inserting into the
small boy's ass. The thing made a funny noise and shook as it
entered the 4-year-old's rectum. The boy cried out in pain and
the woman laughed.

Timmy noticed that the woman was nude, but something wasn't right
about her. Her top was like a girl because he could see her
large boobs, just like mom. But, her bottom looked just like
Jeremy. She had a large, hard dick and she was urging Timmy to
put it in his mouth. Before he could reach for it, the woman's
semen streamed out and covered Timmy eyes. He could see no more
and all he heard was a faint squeel of feminine laughter.......


The small boy opened his eyes. He saw that he was in his
mother's bed. His mom was lying next to him and was moaning
loudly. Timmy saw that mom was naked and that she was rubbing
her large boobs. Daddy was naked too and was licking mom's pee

Both of Timmy's parents were overweight. As a result of her
hefty weight and small height, Melissa had very large tits. She
glanced at her 4 year old child as her husband expertly ate her
cunt. The small boy was staring at her with wide eyes. Melissa
extended her arm to the boy and smiled at her son lovingly. The
child smiled back and came into her arms.

"Timmy, I love you so much!" His mother whispered. Her eyes
looked funny to Timmy. Like as if she were about to cry. He
didn't want her to cry. He thought about it briefly, and
realized that her eyes looked like Sherry's eyes did when he
licked her hole. Timmy looked down at his dad, and realized that
all girls must look like that when someone was licking their

"Timmy, darling, would you please kiss me here?" His mother
pointed to her huge left nipple and smiled at him.

Timmy was no stranger to his mother's breasts. Even after the
milk ran dry, he continued sucking his mother's tits, even at 4-
years-old. She encouraged him and he was glad to do it. It made
him feel secure. In fact, Timmy never sucked his thumb when he
was a toddler. He always had his mommy's nipples to suck on.

The small boy put his lips to his mommy's nipple and began to
lick and suck it. As he pleasured his mother, his mind drifted
to his new security habit: Sucking his brother's big cock. When
he couldn't suck his mom's nipples, he would suck his brother's
cock or his sister's hole. He also found that Sherry's nipples
were good to suck on too, but not as good as mom's.

Timmy glanced down to his daddy, as the man was sucking and
licking his mommy's hole. Timmy noticed that his dad had a hard
uncircumsized cock. It was smaller than his brother's, but it
was definitely hard. He had never seen one that looked like
THAT, though. He wondered why it was different than Jeremy's.

Melissa moaned loudly and shuddered as she had an orgasm. She
petted her child's head as she gritted her teeth and cried out in

"I need a cock! I need a cock to suck!!!" She cried as another
orgasm hit her.

Timmy's father, Jim, came up for air. "Why don't you taste your
son's cock, Darling?"

Her eyes abruptly came open, and she cried out as the suggestion
her husband made took her into another intense cum. She took her
child's head into her hands, brought him from her tit to her lips
and claimed the young boy's mouth with hers. Her tongue snaked
into his mouth as she taught him the joy of french-kissing. The
boy hesitantly inserted his tongue into her mouth in return.

After what seemed like hours, Melissa released her child's mouth,
looked into his young eyes with pure lust. "Timmy, you are about
to have the shit looked out of your body by your own mother!"
She closed her eyes as another spasm hit her pussy.

She moved Timmy's body so that his young cock was near her mouth
and that his head was on her belly where he could watch his
father eat his mom. Melissa tongued the young child's tiny
cockand mouthed his small balls. The boy was all too eager to
spread his legs so that his mother could get better access to
him. Timmy liked it when someone licked and sucked on his weiny.
Jeremy had done it a few times, and it felt really good. Except,
he could tell that mommy was much better at it than Jeremy.

The woman swallowed the 4-year-old boy's hard cock and balls.
After massaging the boy's cock with the roof of her mouth, she
let it free from her suction, and began to lick the area between
his balls and his small asscheeks. This seemed to please him
greatly as he began to moan. She smiled, separated the boy's ass
cheeks and began to tongue-fuck his asshole.

Jim watched as his beautiful wife sucked and licked their young
child's ass. The woman was having orgasms one after the other
without any clitoral stimulation. He had stopped licking her 5
minutes before and she was still coming. The sheer erotic nature
of the act she was performing was enough to keep her climaxing.

The boy's eyes were shut tight and he was moaning as he laid his
head on his mother's stomach.

Jim stroked his small, hardened cock as he watch his wife's oral
assault on their young child. It was a shame that the young boy
had no semen to splash on his mother's face, Jim thought.

Jim moved up to the woman's face and pumped his cock to the sight
in front of him. She had half of her tongue stuck into the young
boy's rectum and was moaning as she tongued the boy's ass.

As soon as she noticed the hard cock in her face, she removed her
tongue from her son's ass and licked her husband's cock, then
grabbed the tool with her fist and began pumping it as she
resumed her oral assault on her son.

The woman alternated her tongue between ass and cock until the
cock in her face burst it's thick load into her eyes. The salty
solution burned her eyes slightly, but she was too busy enjoying
the taste of the semen that shot onto her tongue.

Jim watched as wave after wave of his semen shot forward. The
first spurt hit his wife right between the eyes, the next in her
mouth, and many others splashed on their son's ass and ran down
to his balls. His wife licked up the semen from her son before
they all drifted to sleep in one another's lovingly grasp.
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