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Feeling Lonely

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Subject: ARCHIVE: feeling-lonely.Z

Once in awhile we all get that feeling of being lonely. I used to get down in t
he dumps when I got that way. I would sit and cry and cry and cry. It especiall
y bad when I would be raining. I would just be so depressed that i wouldn't get
up and go to class and I would just sit in my dorm room and gaze otu the windo
w in hopes of finging a rainbow or some other sign that there still was a sun o
ut there even if it was hiding behind a huge number of clouds.

But then it happened one day. I was sitiing around and moping when I wandered o
ut into the hall and was heading towards the kitchen to make some Campbell's
soup (because "Campbell's Soup is good food!") when this girl I had seen on the
floor several times asked me why I wasn't in the mandatory for all freshmen le
cture class that was going on right at that moment in time, especially becuase
attendance is mandatory. I told her all about my rainy day syndrome and she gav
e me a hug. Then she went on to tell me that she too was a freshman and she cou
ldn't stand the class either and she couldn't belive that all of these freshmen
would actually go. (We lived on an all freshmen floor.)

We walked down to the lounge together and sat down to eat my soup. Since neithe
r one of us felt like going down to our room's we just shared the soup with my
one bowl and spoon. I am not sure how long we sat there but we watched some t.v
and decided that we would go back to my room and listen to some music. I had a
single because my Puerto Rican roommate had moved out and transferred to a dif
ferent school and the scholl housing committee hadn't replaced her. I was grate
ful gor the extra space but I was still enjoying the company.

Once in my room things began to look a little brighter. My floormate' name is
Rachel, which also happens to my middle name. We talked more in my room and lis
tened to Andreas Vollenweider "Dancing With The Lion." As we talked about our
pasts and out futures we she began to run her hand through her hair. Her long
wavy mahogany with red highlights hair. I began to realize just how beautiful s
he was. I asked if she'd mind if I played with her hair. My hair is so short. I
t used to be long like that but when you go to an all girl's scholl like I did
you really have to do severe things in order to get yourself noticed. I opted f
or the ultra short, tom boy "bulldyke" look; dyed black. Rachel told me that sh
e loved my hair and that she wished that she had nerve to do with her's what I
did with mine. We laughed and saw her breasts rise and fall with each intake of
air. I played with her hair and she suddenly got up off of the floor and shut
both the curtains and the door. Next she turned on my floor lamp in the corner.
I wasn'y quite sure what she was up too but I was too intrigued to try and stop
her from doing anything. She climbed onto the my "double bed" (two dorm beds pu
shed togehter in the corner) and started crawling towards me.
"What are you doing?" I asked with a the slightest bit of coyness to my voice.
"I thought that this might help our moods. Where do you kepp your vibrator?"
she asked without reservation.
I nodded to the closet closest to the door and instructed her thatit was in be
tween the bottle of kahlua and Bacardi 151. She giggled when she saw the bottle
s and then hopped down off of the chair on which she had been standing.
she threw me the vibrator and said,
"Don't go anywhere. I will be back in just a minute. I have to and get you a
little present. I promise that i won't be long."
I was a little taken aback. I had had a few innocent lesbian experiences when I
was alot younger and before I new anything abotu anything. But htis was differ
ent. But what could she possibly see in me. She is so beautiful. She has lean,
muscular, perfect 5'7" legs while mine are track runner muscled and mere 5'0".
I couldn't believe that this knockout would want to be with a woman let alone m
e. A social moron. A complete idiot. But then she returned, interrupted my thou
ghts and told me to close my eyes. I did as she instructed. I heard her coming
closer and i actually felt her next to me before she was even there. The antici
pation was so intense I could hardly stand it. Finally she was there next to me
and I could feel her nakedness before our skin even touched. She was kneeling
before my crossed indian style legs. She slowly pulled my legs apart and straig
ht in front of me; in a perfect split, thank god for 13 years of ballet. She ca
me down on my mouth and her soft velevty lips crushed mine within seconds. I co
uldn't stand it. I had to have more and more of her. I pushed open my lips and
I used my tongue to pry open hers and take advantage of the situation. I was in
stantly up on my knees as well and we were locked in a very tight hug. I felt
her 36d breasts pushing up against mine through my man's v-neck t-shirt. I was
torn between wanting to feel her with my hands and wanting to thake off my
clothes in order to join her in her nakedness. With one pull over my head my
shirt was off and out lips only parted for a minute. I wasn't wearing a bra bec
ause I had been inside with on one around and so our breasts met and rubbed. I
almost had an orgasm right then and there but I wanted to wait and experinece m
ore an more of her and her absolutely fantastic body. I laid her down on her ba
ck the way in which so many men had done the same to me many times before. But
this time it felt different. I told her to undo my button fly with here teeth a
nd she did; very slowly and very assuredly. I make it a rule to never wear unde
rwear unless whatever it is I am wearing has enough room that I won't get those
annoying panty lines. I wasn't wearing any today and as soon as Rachel finished
with the fly she caught a glimpse of of my heaving, wet, cunt and she started
moaning "OH! I want you so bad. I want to taste you. I want to fell you. I want
to fuck your ass! COME!COME!COME!COME!COME!"
I said that she shoudl just be patient because I wanted my present first. She
leaped off of the bed and ran to the bag that she had brought with her from her
e second trip. She presented the bag to me. I opened it and inside was a well u
sed, very broken in, 6and a half foot long whip.
"It is from a South American Prince I once fucked. He thought that i would like
to keep it as a souvenir."
"Lay on your back bitch" I sneered and as I turned around to take of my jeans a
ll of the way she laid stoamch down on the bed and I asked if she was going to
behave or not. She said that she would try to be the best little girl I would
ever have. I said that she better be or totherwise i would get really nasty. An
d with that I climbed off of the bed and walked a few feet away from where she
lay. I lifted up my wrist and cracked the whip down on her perfect back. I did
several more times and then I said that she had been a good girl and I was goin
g to give her a reward for being so good. She turned over onto her back and
"I will do whatever you tell me to. You are my master ans I will succumb to any
thing that you ask me to do."
"I said that's a good girl," and drove my tongue and face straight into her
sopping wet slit. I lapped and lapped and lapped her protruding clitoris and sh
e moaned and twisted with each staoke of my tongue over herwet love mound. I
parted her lips and drove my long tongue (I always knew that it was good for
something) all of the way into her and I think that I almost reached herinnerm
ost wall because her moans, way above my bobbing head got louder. I flicked and
flicked and I found her g-spot becuase she came for several minutes and I drank
it all in. She tasted like pure honey. She was so sweet and delicious that I c
ouldn't help wanting more and more of it. I took the last mouthful and brought
my face up to meet hers. I pried it open and let the contents of my mouth run
down her tongue. No doubt she had never tasted her own juice before and I think
that she was quite surprised as to how *good* it tasted. We kissed for some tim
e and I said that it was time for her to give me what I needed. What I wanted.
She laid me down and said that I had been the good girl for awhile but now I
was going to be a dirty little slut.
"Get on your back you fucking cunt. You deserve to have your clit bitten off. I
want you to beg me to fuck you up the ass. You don't deserve to have my attenti
ons. Now do what I say or else you're gonna get it."
I decided to test her and so I replied,
"Oh yeah? What's gonna happen to me if I don't do what I am told?"
With that she pulledthe whip form out of nowhere and began whipping me, hard.
I was so turned on that I was beginning to drip all over the place. I knew that
she would be mad if she knew that I was already so turned on but I couldn't he
lp it. So I took the comforter and slid up between my crack and tried to dry my
self off. Luckily she didn't see me doing that becuase she was too busy whippin
g my back, my breasts, my butt anywhere that she could get me. Finally she said
"Are you ready to behave properly now, bitch?"
"Good. Now get on your stomach."
I flipped over and she pulled my butt up so that it protruded and stuck right
in her face. I was on my knees in the back but my breasts were rubbing up again
st the sheets. She was stuffing her face full of my mounds of flesh. Not only
was she sucking me to the core but she was also humming. Her tongue darted out
of her mouth and shot right into my hole. She continued her humming while she w
as inside my snatch and I could feel my self starting to quake. From the very
depths of my inner core I could feel the beginnings of an enormous orgasm appro
aching. Just as I was about to let go cojpletely she withdrew entirely. She wen
t to the door and opend it just wide enough to let someone in. I couldn't tell
who it was exactly because of the angle in whixh I waas positioned and because
my eyes were blurry from the ensuing yet still unrecognized monumental oragsm.
But as soon as the calloused hand slid across my ass I knew immediately who it
was, Robert, my boyfriend. He had been knocking and when he heard my moans he
thought that I was masturbating, but boy oh boy was he wrong. Rachel directed h
im to take off his clothes and sit in the desk chair and watch until she was do
ne with me. He would be allowed to have me back as soon as she was done with me
.. She grabbed the vibrator with one hand and turned me over with her other one.
Then she turned on the vibrator and began rubbing it all over my cunt. As soon
as I began shaking in the heat of orgasm she stopped and rammed the entire twe
lve inch vibrator up into the depths of my asshole and I screamed from the
pain. She drowned out the ear piercing sounds emamnating from my mouth with a
pillow and continued turning and wiggling the vibrator. But no sooner did she b
egin doing that before her mouth returned to my dripping wet pussy. The combina
iton of the vibrator and her tongue was driving me crazy and I was finally able
to let go. Just as I did though Rob had come up from behind Rachel and was fuc
king her from behind. The three os uf were doing just fine when the door sudden
ly opened and . . .

Please understand that this is my first story. All of the above events are fict
ional. Except for two things, 1) Rob is really my boyfriend and 2) Rachel reall
y is my middle name. Please, if you have any comments, suggestions or flames
then email me them. I am anxious to find out what everyone thinks of my stuff.
Arielle Rachel Cohen

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