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Feminized by My Wife's Ultimatium

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
By Diane


As I began to wake up Wednesday morning, I heard Susie quietly tip-
toeing about our room. She was trying to be so quiet and not disturb
my sleep. I was a little surprised that she made it up before me and
couldn't figure out what she was so busy with so early in the morning.

I continued to lie in bed acting as though I was asleep but I contin-
ued to listen to her quiet rattling and banging. Finally, she came
over to the edge of the bed, sat down and began to rub my back gently.
"Honey, it's time to get up." I went through the normal twisting,
turning, and stretching as my eyes opened to the darkened room. "Come
on, honey, get up now. It's getting late and we have much to do
today." Next, she reached over to the end table and presented me with
a freshly brewed cup of coffee. "Coffee honey?"

I smiled back at her thoughtfulness and sat up against two large
pillows on our bed. I took the coffee and began to sip as my eyes
wandered about the room. I noticed my chair was filled with clothes:
not my clothes, but girl's things I had never seen before. What was
she up to? I glanced over to our bathroom door and saw her dressing
table through the reflection of our full length mirror. Her dressing
table was full of cosmetic items and a brown wig mounted on a white
manikin head.

I asked, "What's going on here? What is all that stuff?" She just
smiled and said, "I have a little surprise for you today and you must
do exactly as I tell you. This is one day when I am going to do what I
want, and you will just have to go along." I laughed and asked what
the penalty would be if I didn't go along with her wishes. She re-
plied, "If you want me to continue to dress up in those favorite "play
clothes" you enjoy so much, then you are going to have to do as you're
asked. You love seeing me in all those sexy garter belts, frilly
panties, petticoats and swishy dresses, don't you? Well, I think it's
time I get to see you wear something that I want to see you in. Fair
enough?" I passively agreed, not really knowing what she had in mind.

Next, came my most often asked question in our relationship... "What
do you want to do today honey?" She just grinned and said with excite-
ment, "I want you to be my girl friend!" I almost died laughing. She
looked back sternly at me and said, "I'm not kidding! I want you to be
my girl friend!"

I stopped laughing! She was so serious. "What are you talking about
honey?" She replied, Don't you get it? Can't you figure out what I
want you to do today? I said, "No, I really can't."

She walked over to my chair and held up a pair of panties and a skirt.
"I want you to wear these things today. I have everything ready at the
makeup table as well. I want to dress you up as a girl and for you to
spend the day as my girl friend. Please don't laugh! Please just
cooperate with my wishes, as I do when you want me to wear something
special. Okay?"

She wasn't kidding, that was obvious. I told her that I would go along
with her wish but that I felt pretty silly doing that. She said, "I
don't want you to fell pretty silly, I just want you to look and fell
pretty!" We both laughed. The tension faded.

Oh well, I thought. What harm is there in dressing in all that stuff.
I do enjoy seeing her in some wild outfits and she goes along willing-
ly with me. I guess it's my turn to give in.

I said, "Honey, I'm not very up on being your girl friend, so you are
going to have to lead the way. What do I do? How do I act? What goes
on first?" She smiled with relief and said, "I will tell you exactly
what to do. You just follow. I have everything ready to turn you in to
a very pretty girl and then we can enjoy being girl friends! Not
knowing what that really meant. I just got up from bed and gave her a
big hug.

"Ready for your bath, Dianne?" I turned around and grinned at her, "I
guess that's my new name, huh?" She smiled again and said, "Yip." When
I arrived in the bathroom I saw all her preparations. The bath was
full of bubbles and sweet smell came from the soapy suds. "Now relax
and just enjoy this nice hot bath. Oh, be sure and shave real close so
I can do a good job on your makeup." I followed her guidance and
really did enjoy the scented bath.

Once bathed, I was guided to my chair to put on some lingerie. First
she handed me a beautiful pair of blue nylon panties with lace on the
front and riffles on the leg bands. Next came a lacy bra. The last
item was a pair of silky pantyhose and a very feminine, lacy prairie
slip to finish off the underwear. She said, "Dianne, come over to the
dressing table now so I can apply makeup. You are already beginning to
look like a doll!"

After a couple of hours fussing and primping with my face and a wig,
she pulled me by the hand away from the dressing table, without
letting me see the result. "Not yet Dianne! You can't see how pretty
you look until I'm completely finished. She was really enjoying this!

Then back to the chair where the other girl's clothes lay. With her
assistance, I put on a white cotton blouse with short puffy sleeves
and lace trim and very attractive cotton blue and white patchwork full
skirt. Last, I slipped into a pair of navy blue flats. The feel of
these clothes was a bit strange, but I mentally vowed not to fuss. I
stood there looking at her as she carefully picked me apart from head
to toe.

"Not bad, Dianne! You look pretty darn good... for a guy. I think you
need some touch up here and there, but you look very pretty. Oh, I
almost forgot the jewelry! Now try these white earrings and bracelet.
That's it! That's exactly what was needed. Now you look gorgeous! Want
to see?" I was a little reluctant but I followed her over to the full
length mirror as she made some final adjustments to my skirt and hair.
"Now turn around and look at yourself in the mirror, Dianne!" Slowly,
I turned and faced the mirrored door. First, I just peeked at myself
in the mirror. The reflection was a bit shocking! As I gazed into the
mirror in shock, I saw a girl! Slowly, I ran my eyes from the top of
my head, down to those blue flats. "Wow!" What a transformation! With
a few hours work, a lot of makeup, and some pretty girl's clothes,
Susie had turned me into a girl! I may not have felt like a girl, but
I certainly did look like one!

I will probably never forget those first few moments in front of that
mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes! I don't know how long I stood
there but after turning in all directions to get every possible view,
a voice broke my concentration. "You look so good honey! I can't
believe how good you look! I didn't respond but just continued to look
at myself in the mirror.

She broke in again. "Dianne, how does it feel to be a girl? You seem
to like the idea by the way you're looking at yourself." No, I said. I
paused. Then I said Yes! I looked for another moment and replied, I
don't know! It feels funny. I know I am a guy but I see the reflection
of a girl! I guess the best way to describe it is to say it's confus-
ing. Maybe it will just take some time to get used to. My eyes went
back to the mirror.

As I stood facing the mirror, I began turning quickly from left to
right, making my skirt swish back and forth. The sensation of my skirt
and slip bouncing off my legs sent chills up my back. My vision
blurred slightly and the mirror reflected a girl acting very sassy.
That was the first sensation I can remember of feeling like a girl.

I couldn't believe it! I was actually enjoying this! I heard Susie's
voice, but in the distance. "Dianne, what are you thinking about? You
look like you're in outer space, Dianne!" Suddenly, I turned toward
her, not realizing that she had been talking to me. Huh? What did you
say? She had a big grin on her face and said, "Welcome back!" I
thought I had lost you there for a moment. What were you thinking
about? You were miles away." Oh, nothing, I said. I was just putting
on a little show for you. I thought you would like that. "Come-on now,
tell me what you were thinking! You were miles away and looked to me
as though you were really enjoying yourself. You were even beginning
to move like a girl ! Tell me.

I walked over to the dressing table and sat down on a brass chair
facing the fully mirrored wall. Well, it's hard to explain, I said.
For the past few minutes I just felt very different. She interrupted,
"How did you feel?" I continued, I don't know. It's hard to put into
words. I just felt different. I didn't feel like myself. She broke in
again, "Who did you feel like?" I turned my head toward her and looked
her straight in the eyes. Honey, I hope you won't laugh, but while I
stood in front of that mirror, I felt like a girl! I don't know how to
describe exactly, except to say that I felt like the person I saw in
the mirror.

She didn't laugh. She stood up and came over and stood behind me. She
wrapped her arms around my shoulders and I felt a squeezing hug. "I am
so happy," she said. Don't you remember how all this got started
today? I told you that I wanted you to be my girl friend... remember?
I am so happy that you are doing this and I'm even happier that you
are enjoying it. Think of it this way. If I want you to be my girl
friend and you dress up in girl's clothes, but act like a guy, what
fun would it be for me? I want my girl friend to not only look like a
girl, but to act like a girl? Okay? The fact that you feel like a girl
only makes it better. So please don't be embarrassed. I like you this
way! I stood up and we hugged each other. I heard her whisper in my
ear, "Dianne, I love you."

Following that very special moment, she took my hand and led me toward
one of our closets. As she opened the door, I was aware of my heart
pounding in my chest. The door opened and I saw several wigs on the
shelf and several skirts and blouses. She said, "I just thought you
might get bored wearing one outfit, so I have a couple of really cute
things for you to try on later." I also noticed a very pretty nightie
hanging next to the skirts. I said, is that mine too? "Of course it
is! I thought I want you to feel: like 'a very pretty feminine girl'.
Now your feelings are in tune with your appearance and that's the way
I want you... as a girl! Now let's stop talking about being girls and
let's just be girls. Okay?

"Now, Dianne, what would you like to do first? Shopping? A nice walk?
Or how about a long drive in the country? What is your pleasure?" I
finally spoke. "I don't know. Right now I think I need to start slow.
Is there something we could do, that would be typical of what girls
do, without having to be around to many people? I think I need A
little practice at being feminine."

She understandingly smiled and said, "Yes, my dear. We can start
slowly and give you some time to adjust but, by the way you look, it
isn't going to take long! You look so beautiful and so feminine!" I
said, "Thanks honey. I really do feel very attractive in a feminine
way. I guess I just feel pretty huh?" She said, "You sure do, Dianne!
And you look pretty too!" She leaned over me and gave me a loving peck
on the cheek. "I sure do like you this way! Turning you into a pretty
girl was one of the best things I ever did! I just love my creation so


Starting slowly means different things to different people, I found
that out when Susie said, "Now let's get out of the house so I show
off my girl friend to the rest of the world." Let's start by taking a
short drive and then we can stop by one of my favorite stores. "What
kind of store?" I asked. "Oh, just a little store in town that sells
beautiful clothes for beautiful girls, like you! I know the sales
girls well and you will enjoy meeting such nice people. They know what
girls like and trying on clothes there is so much fun! We will have a
ball! Ready? Let's go!"

Once in the car, I began to experience a combination of nervous
excitement and a pleasant calmness, all at the same time. The nervous-
ness came from being dressed in girl's clothes but not knowing if
"everybody" knew I wasn't really a girl. The pleasure came from the
anticipation that somebody would see me and accept me as the girl I
appeared to be. We drove around for quite a while and finally pulled
into a parking lot near a large forested park area. We just walked for
a while, enjoying the sun end a easy breeze. Although there were other
people in the park, none passed close to our route, so my appearance
wasn't really put to the test yet. The more we walked, the more
comfortable I became in my new identity. I really felt at ease and
after a short time, I began to move with a certain feminine fluidity
that only comes with confidence. Susie even commented on how relaxed I
looked. We mutually agreed that our feet hurt and that we should take
a break. We sat down on a beautiful grassy area under a old oak tree
not far from the walking path.

Sitting there on the grass was so peaceful. We just talked and enjoyed
the beauty of our surroundings. As we chatted, I found myself continu-
ally looking down at my skirt spread out around me on the grass. The
lacy white hem of my prairie-style slip was slightly visible, peeking
out here and there. My legs looked smooth and silky and more slender
and feminine than I would have ever expected. I was very conscious of
my hair blowing slightly in the summer breeze. Occasionally, I would
have to reach up and pull a wisp of hair back out of my face. Every
motion and gesture seemed to send a chill of excitement through me,
when I realized how convincingly feminine I was accomplishing every
movement. All of my senses were totally heightened and aware of
everything feminine; even the slight of my skirt rippling slightly
with the breeze sent little shock waves through me. I was really
enjoying myself and I felt very, very feminine. Several couples walked
by near our spot but none gave any indication that I had been discov-
ered. That in itself was a thrill!

Having gained some confidence in myself, we headed for the stores.
Susie lead the way as I trailed behind to observe her movements. I
still needed her example to imitate. The first store was a small dress
shop run by two young ladies who knew Susie well. We were greeted with
smiles, laughter, and hugs. Both ladies applied all of their southern
charm in greeting me when I was introduced as Susie's girl friend. One
addressed me. "Dianne, can we show you something today? Are you
shopping for anything in particular?" I froze. What was I supposed to
say? I hadn't done this before. After what seemed like an eternity,
Susie spoke up. "Yes, we are really just getting started in building
Dianne's wardrobe. I think we should begin with the basics first and
build on that." The saleslady seem to understand exactly what Susie
meant. She said, "Dianne, why don't you follow me and let me give you
some suggestions." I glanced quickly at Susie and she gave me an
approving nod and a cute smile. "Go ahead," she said. "Have fun!"

I spent about an hour with that lady and she turned out to be a real
dear. She was just so nice! She showed me dresses, shirts, blouses,
belts, and even hats. I ended up buying a sun dress and a straw hat
with a long ribbon flowing down the back. I tried on so many clothes
and it was so much fun!

With every outfit, I would come parading out of the dressing room,
walking and turning like a model, as the salesladies and Susie made
constructive comments on how the clothes looked on me. I would twist
and turn, looking at myself in the mirror as the ladies watched. They
were very flattering in their comments too. They seemed to sense my
need for reinforcement. I didn't count, but I know they must have told
me how pretty I was at least a dozen times. Funny thing; I never got
tired of hearing that. The more pretty clothes I tried on, and the
more compliments I received about being pretty, the more feminine I
felt. Being a girl was really beginning to grow on me!

Our next stop was the tennis store. On the way Susie said, "Girl's
need to work on getting a nice shape and keeping it that way. I think
we could stand to exercise a little more and tennis is a fun way to do
it. And besides... tennis skirts are so much fun to wear! The guys
love them!" I reacted to that with, "Now hold everything, honey!
What's this about short skirts? ...and guys?" She replied, "Dianne,
have you forgotten our deal? You seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this
girl's lifestyle. I just wanted to add a little realism. You shouldn't
object to a little flirting with guys. It's totally normal for girl
friends to scheme how they are going to flirt with guys and get their
attention. It's harmless! We just want to tease them a little and see
if they will 'chase us.' You know how it goes! If they ask us out. we
know we were successful. We don't have to go out with them!

Once in the tennis store, I became a little nervous. The clothes were
absolutely darling but the skirts were so short! The young sales girl
was very helpful and we picked out a white skirt with pleats in the
front and a matching top. Both the skirt and top had yellow piping.

I headed for the dressing room to try then on. Once I got in the
tennis outfit, I didn't want to come out of the dressing room. I felt
almost naked! After several minutes the sales girl came in to check on
me. "Is everything OK?" Yes, I replied, but it's awfully short. She
said, "Oh, that's alright. Tennis skirts are supposed to be that way.
Come out and let me take a look."

I meekly walked out and immediately began looking for a place to stand
where I could hide behind something. "Oh Dianne!" the sales girl said.
"Come out here where I can see you! Now that is real cute! You look
very nice in tennis clothes. Why don't you step up on that raised
platform and look in the mirror. You'll like it."

Not having a choice or an excuse, I proceeded to the platform. I
looked into the mirror and couldn't believe my eyes! I really did look
cute! From somewhere behind I heard, "Dianne, those regular panties
just won't do. Here, try these on." The sales girl handed me a pair of
white panties with light yellow ruffles on the leg bands and rows of
yellow lace ruffles across the back side. I returned to the dressing
room and slipped them on.

Once back on the platform I turned several times to really get a good
look at the outfit. "Now that's much better." The sales girl had been
watching me the entire time. Those panties look much better than the
everyday pair you were wearing. I asked her, "How did you know what I
was wearing?" Oh Dianne, haven't you ever worn a tennis outfit before?
Don't you know that your panties will show the minute you bend over
slightly? That's why I gave you the panties with all the ruffles. Now
when you bend over to pick up a ball or a racket or whatever, the only
thing people will see is lots of lace ruffles.

"Oh, I did know that," I said. "I guess that makes a lot more sense
and it's certainly more practical." She replied, "Practical, yes.
Sensible, yes. And sexy, most definitely! When you wear this outfit,
you had better be prepared to handle the guys. They love short skirts
and the ruffles and lace knocks then dead! Why don't you just continue
browsing through the store and keep that outfit on. You'll see what I

I took her advice. I casually strolled through the tennis store,
stopping to look at rackets, head bands and other items. I finally
stopped at the shoe section. I saw a cute pair of tennis shoes that
had some yellow stripes on them. They went well with my outfit and I
wanted to try them on. The boxes were stacked up along the wall and I
just helped myself. After Lacing the new shoes, I lifted my foot up on
the bench to put one on. Once on, I laced it up and began trying the
other shoe. It was about that time I heard some voices behind me. I
didn't look but it sounded like guys talking and joking. They got
louder. I could hear what was being said, and they were talking about

One guy said, "Hey, look at the nice ass on that honey!" Another said,
"Shut up dummy - she'll hear you! But you're right. She does have a
nice butt and great legs."

At this point I didn't know what to do. Here I was in a tennis skirt
with my lace-covered rear end showing for some wise guys to see. I
concluded very quickly that I had better get some goad instruction on
how to handle this sort of situation from Susie. Were was she when I
needed her most! After hearing those typically male comments, I
decided to get back to the dressing room area. The sales girl and
Susie were there already. "How did it go, Dianne? Did anyone notice
you?" I began to tell them both what just happened with the guys and
they stopped me. "We know what happened. We saw the whole thing from
here. Those guys saw how luscious you look and did what guys usually
do. When you bent over to put those shoes on, it was more than they
could take. Your entire lace-covered fanny was showing. Those guys
loved it! I told you how good you look in a tennis outfit. Every girl
should have one, especially girls as pretty as you!

I quietly whispered to Susie, "We had better get out of here." I was
very anxious to go. I needed to talk this whole thing over before it
went any further. As we left the store, she asked me if I was alright.
She said, "You seem very nervous Dianne. What's the matter? Did those
guys scare you?" I replied, "Yes, that was part of the problem. They
scared me because I didn't know how to handle the situation. But what
really scared me was that I totally and absolutely enjoyed being
admired by those guys! I found myself actually liking the attention
and admiration they gave me. Yes, they were a little gross, but I
loved the fact that they thought I was pretty and talked about it
among themselves."

"Well, well!" she said. "Now you are really hooked! I was hoping this
would happen, but I never expected it to happen so fast, if at all.
You really love being a girl, don't you? Well, I have some good news
for you, my dear! I have discovered that I like you better as a girl
and I would rather keep you as my girl friend... from this point on!
What do you think of that?"

"Oh gosh!" I said. "I didn't know what to say! I thought we were just
going to enjoy this sort of thing for the day. When this began, I
didn't realize what being a girl was all about. I knew you were soft
and feminine, but I didn't understand what a special feeling it was to
be that way. I do love it. But staying this way isn't something I had
ever really considered. Why don't we hold off on any final decisions
for now. Okay?"

She said, "That's fine for now, Dianne. But while we are considering
and discussing all the advantages and disadvantages, I want you to
remain a girl full time! That's the only way you and I will know for
sure if that's what we really want. I just think you look so pretty
and I just love seeing you dressed as a girl so much, I don't think
I'm ready to give it up right now. How does that sound to you?"

My response was one of excitement and agreement. I told her. "Yes, I
think that makes sense. I really love being a girl and I too am not
ready to give it all up. yet. How many days do you think this trial
period should last?"

"Oh, I don't know," she said. "Why don't we say six months for now."
My reaction was immediate. "Six months! Are you kidding? That's a long

Her reaction was just as quick: "Yes, six months is just right! I have
a lot to teach you about being a girl, you know! As things stand now,
you need me to do everything for you. I want you to learn to be
independent and able to do for yourself. I can't put your makeup on
forever! The six months will also provide enough time to let your own
hair grow in to the proper length so you can have long flowing curls
down your back. I think six months is just about right considering all
that needs to be done."

I reluctantly agreed. "Yes, I guess you're right. There is much to do,
as you say. I just didn't realize how much work there was to be a
girl. Also, I didn't realize you liked me as a girl that much. I guess
I underestimated, huh?"

"Yes, my dear. You did underestimate how much I love you as a girl.
But, I don't think I am underestimating how much you love being so
soft and pretty and so feminine... am I! Dianne... am I? I finally
answered, "No, I guess you haven't. You are absolutely right on
target. I love being a girl! I guess I am just going to have to accept
that I am a girl, for now at least."


Had I known how much my life would change during the six month trial
period, I may have never agreed to it. That time was filled with one
major event after another, and included both happiness and disappoint-
ment. The amount of hard work and attention to detail necessary to
successfully make the transformation to living as a girl full time is
mind boggling. If men only knew, they would appreciate us more.

In retrospect, the first two weeks were the most difficult. Although I
loved living as a girl, I found myself returning unconsciously to male
interests and mannerisms. I had to think about being feminine because
it didn't come naturally. I had to learn so many little things such as
reaching for Glamour magazine instead of Sports Illustrated, just to
mention one. There were so many things like that to consider.

The first major event in my life as a girl was a coffee clutch Susie
hosted to introduce me to some of her closest friends. She announced
the idea to me with the rationalization that it would be wonderful
opportunity to learn and practice my feminine social graces. The
thought of being so close to so many people made me jittery. I shared
my concerns about it with Susie. She was helpful and very understand-

My first question to her concerned my introduction. How was she going
to explain me to her friends? Her answer surprised me. "I have already
told my close friends about our arrangement and trial period. Dianne,
you don't need to worry about that. I have only invited six girls that
I have known for many years. We all went to either high school or
college together and have been friends for years. It's no big deal!
They will like you, I'm sure."

I inquired further. "Do you mean that you told them you want to change
me into a girl? Do they already know I am really your husband?"

Before I could ask any more questions, she interrupted. "Yes! to all
of that. I have told them everything! I even told them that you are
thoroughly enjoying your new life style."

"You didn't!" I said.

"Yes. I did! Dianne, you are getting all upset over nothing. Every-
thing will work out fine and they will absolutely love you, even as a

She continued, "You need to spend less time worrying and more time
getting ready to be your prettiest. Since all our guests know of your
situation, they will even be more observant of your appearance and
behavior. You will have to be at your best. By the way, what are you
going to wear? The coffee will be in the back yard patio by the pool.
It will begin at 9:30 a.m. and should be over by around 11:30."

I told her, "I think I would enjoy the sun dress you bought for me on
our first shipping trip. What do you think? Do I wear the straw hat
with it at a coffee clutch?" She answered, "Yes, that dress would be
perfect with the hat. You may want to also get a short jacket to go
with it in case it's cool in the morning." I was already starting to
get excited!

On the morning of the coffee clutch, I was nervous! The same thoughts
kept going through my head. Will they like me? Will they think I am
weird? Will they accept me as a girl and treat me as a girl? I worked
so hard that morning to look my best. I got up very early and curled
my hair, with Susie's help of course. We got my makeup absolutely
perfect too! While my hair was in rollers, I ironed my sun dress and
the satin sash. I laid out all of my lingerie on the bed and every-
thing was finally ready to put on.

I dressed ever so slowly. First, the white lacy strapless bra and
matching white lace panties. Then came my hose and a very white cotton
half-slip with very delicate lace trim at the bottom. At this point I
stopped to do my hair so my dress wouldn't get wrinkled. Susie stood
behind me at the dressing table and she talked to me as she ran her
brush through my long silky hair. "Dianne, you are going to be such a
hit today. You are going to just dazzle all my friends with your
beauty and femininity, I just know it! Your hair looks gorgeous. Here,
look in the mirror."

As I looked in the mirror on the wall in front of me, I could see the
back of my hair through a large mirror Susie was holding behind me. I
couldn't believe how soft and beautifully flowing it looked. The ends
of my hair softly caressed my bare shoulders and back as I turned my
head. I felt so good !

Makeup and hair complete, I was ready for my dress, hat and shoes. My
shoes were white sandal-styled high heels with pink accent stripes. My
white eyelet sun dress was a very simple style: sleeveless, with very
narrow straps and tight-fitting down to the waist. The skirt was very
full and was finished off at the bottom with a small bit of lace. The
belt was a pink satin sash that tied in the back and hung down beauti-
fully. My hat also had the pink ribbon trim. Finally, I was dressed!
Now I had to see the result of all this work.

As I walked gracefully over to the full length mirror, Susie looked
like she was in shock! As she was sitting on the edge of our bed with
the palms of her hands cupped over her cheeks and mouth. I heard her
say, "Oh my god! I don't believe it!" Then she just sat silently and
stared at me in disbelief as I posed in front of the mirror.

Once before the mirror, I understood Susie's reaction and comment. I
didn't believe it either! The reflection in the mirror was shockingly
beautiful! As my eyes scanned the figure before me from head to toe, I
felt a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach. The sight of my
bare shoulders being kissed by my long gently-curled hair gave me
chills. The bodice of the sun dress tapered down to my little waist,
the full, flowing skirt billowed out gently to just below my knee. My
high heels were so flattering and touched off the silhouette of my
slender legs. I was thrilled by the totally feminine image before me.

I began to listen carefully to my own thoughts: "Now everything looks
right! ...The beautiful girl in the mirror is me! ...Yes, that's me!
..I look so pretty in this dress and I feel so absolutely feminine!
..I know I look good and I know I look pretty! ...Anyone who looks as
pretty as I do and feels as feminine as I do, would have to be a girl!
..Yes, I should be a girl! ...Oh, yes. Susie is right! ...I am pretty
and I am feminine and I should be a girl!" At that instant, Susie's
voice interrupted my thoughts: "Dianne, you are a girl!"

The door bell rang and Susie scurried to the door. I took my time and
headed for the kitchen where I could hide. I felt so shy all of a
sudden. Most of the guests arrived on time and Susie began to look for
me. I heard her calling out, "Dianne, where are you? Come downstairs,
dear. Our guests have arrived." I surprised her when I walked out from
the kitchen. "Oh, there you are! Come out and meet everyone, Dianne.
The girls are just dying to meet you!"

We walked out to the patio and Susie led the way. As we arrived near
the group of ladies standing in little groups, Susie raised her voice
and announced: "Ladies, may I have your attention? I would like to
present the newest member of our little coffee group and the reason we
are all here today. Ladies, may I introduce you to Dianne. She extend-
ed her arm toward me.

The reaction of the guest was positive and immediate. All the girls
broke in to applause and I noticed their nonverbal gestures of approv-
al. Susie continued, "Girls, you all know our situation here. This
beautiful girl you see before you was once my male partner in life. At
my insistence, he consented to be my girl friend for a day and you all
know what happened after that. He became so beautiful that I didn't
want to lose my special girl friend, and Dianne was created. Now that
you have all seen how beautiful she is for yourself, I know you
understand why I want him to be a girl!"

"I want to thank you all for coming and sharing this very special
moment with me. During the past few days, I have been the recipient of
phone calls from every one of you. Each of you, in your own sweet way,
called to let me know of your understanding support for Dianne and me.
Thank you so much for that. I love you all. Now, let's have coffee."

For the next two hours I was hugged, squeezed and given many loving
little pecks on the cheek by everyone. The girls were all so nice and
they seemed to really enjoy me. They were very kind to compliment me
on my appearance and poise. They made me feel so welcomed, so I
accepted them.

As I was standing among a group of the girls, listening to a conversa-
tion about their boyfriends, my mind wandered. I thought to myself,
"Here I am, being a girl, standing in the middle of a group of beauti-
ful girls, having coffee, and talking about boyfriends. Just then, the
wind blew my skirt and it brushed against my legs. That reminded me
that I was wearing that wonderfully feminine white eyelet sun dress. I
am so glad I picked this dress to wear today, I thought. This dress is
so flattering and makes me look so soft and so pretty. It's no wonder
I have been accepted by ail of these girls as one of them.

Just then, one of the other girl's comments interrupted my thoughts.
Dianne, I know one thing after today. I'm keeping my boyfriend away
from you! Once he sees you, I could get dumped! Everybody laughed and
I shyly smiled back. Another girl remarked, "Girls, don't worry! We
only have to keep our boyfriends away from Dianne for six months.
Remember, this is a trial period. Everybody's joking was done in
loving fun and was really another way for them to tell me that I had
been accepted by them as one of the girls.

The coffee clutch ended about noon as the last of the girls went their
way. As each of them left, they came over to me and very quietly let
me know how glad they were to be invited to this special day. Everyone
of them made some comment that indicated their amazement, appreciation
or support for the wonderful job Susie had done transforming me in to
such a pretty girl. I sure enjoyed their thoughtfulness and their
comments. What a day!


Soon after the welcoming coffee, several of the girls stopped by the
house to check in with us. During one of their visits, one of them
suggested to me that I take this opportunity to get some professional
training from a modeling or finishing school. We discussed the pros
and cons, but she thought it would be beneficial for me to have this
type of training to "smooth out a few rough edges." After our conver-
sation I agreed with her and discussed the matter with Susie.

The next day I began a week-long course at a local finishing school.
The unusual part, that I was not expecting, was that I had to live at
the school for the entire week. The purpose was to be totally super-
vised by trainers for the entire week. I thought that made sense... at

The class was made of fifteen girls, all about my age, give or take a
couple of years. The poise each one come to the school with, varied
from none to very refined. I supposed I fell somewhere in the middle,
but I had worked very hard at that point. During the first day the
instructors brought us all in to one room for an introductory meeting.
All the girls sat in a large circle. The instructor started us off by
suggesting that we all introduce ourselves and tell a little about
ourselves. Each one of us was to also explain what we hoped to achieve
out of the course and what our long term goals were. The first girl
started off and I began counting around the circle. I would be number
ten in order. I really got nervous. I must not have been thinking
straight because I made a judgement error that I came to regret. I
decided to be totally honest with the girls about who I really was and
why I was there. I thought after my experience at the welcoming coffee
clutch, I could expect the same reception. Wrong!

When it was my turn. The key points I spoke of were that I was not
really a girl, but was living as one for six months as a trial period.
That I very much enjoyed being feminine and that my wife liked me
better as a girl. Concerning my long term goals, I said that I wasn't
sure until we decided whether or not I would remain a girl after the
six months. On what I hoped to get out of the course, I told them I
wanted to gain as much poise, femininity, and grace as I possibly
could achieve in the coming week. I closed with the comment: "If I can
walk out of this school and never be mistaken for anything but a girl,
I will have achieved my goal!"

The other girls went in turn and nothing was said about my statement
until all had finished. The instructor asked if anybody had any other
comments or questions. One rough-looking girl spoke up and began
making very unkind remarks about me and how weird and crazy she
thought I was. I knew I had made a mistake in being honest with the
girls. The more she said, the more abusive she became. She called me a
queer, a freak, and a total misfit! I couldn't believe the instructor
didn't stop her. She must have raved on for at least five minutes.
When she was finished, the instructor asked me if I wanted to respond
to her comments.

I looked at her for a few seconds and wondered what to do. Finally, I
decided to say something. I regained my composure, sat up straight and
tried to be graceful and feminine as I could be. I said, "I am sorry
that some of you may be disturbed by me or by what I am doing here. To
those of you who are not, I hope to get to know you better. To those
of you who are, I must be myself and hope that you can find it within
yourselves to allow me the freedom and courtesy to do that. I do hope
you may find a way to accept me as I am... as a girl. Thank you."

One girl started clapping very slowly, but loud. Everyone looked at
each other, wondering what to do. Another girl also began clapping...
then another... then another. Within a few seconds, all but two girls
were standing on their feet, clapping with real enthusiasm. The two
girls that obviously had the big problem with me finally left the room
in a storm of anger. I knew I had not heard the last word from them.

The instructor finally intervened. "Girls, you have just had your
first lesson in poise, manners and courtesy. You have also just seen
how rudeness and lack of consideration look. Dianne, I want to thank
you for providing us all with a splendid example of how a real lady
handles a difficult situation, while retaining her poise and feminini-
ty. You are superb, and I look forward to assisting you to reach your
goals in this class. Thank you, Dianne!"

The remainder of the week was quite successful, but the two angry
girls continued to cause trouble for me. They never missed an opportu-
nity to send their daggers my way and they got very mean at times.
During that week I learned a very important lesson. Don't volunteer
information about who I really am, unless I am discovered.

The training was most beneficial to me. We all went through classes on
makeup, hair, walking, talking, sitting, eating, entertaining and
appropriate dress for every occasion, etc. We even had dance classes.

The best part of the whole experience was being able to meet some
really nice girls. I made some very close friends and we continued to
see each other once the class ended. Most importantly, though, I
gained the confidence I needed to face the remaining five and a half
months that lay ahead. I went in to the class as a girl, but left with
more than just a feeling of being pretty. I graduated with a sense of
confidence that I knew how to be totally feminine in virtually every
situation. As I left the school on the last day, I walked with pride,
confidence and a noticeable bounce in my step. I was glad to be a girl
and knew I now had the tools to be good at it!


Having completed the 'charm school', Susie and I were very anxious to
get on with our lives as girls. I guess it was at this point that we
really began to settle down to a somewhat normal life; as normal as it
could be for two girls living together and looking for ways to have
plenty of fun!

One of the most memorable and fun things we were both involved in was
going out for an evening of dinning and dancing. It all started when
one of Susie's old girl friends asked us to come and spend a few days
with her in Baltimore, only one hour from where we live.

During our visit with her, she began talking about this very fancy
ball held each year in Baltimore. She asked if we would be interested
in going. The ball was not for another month and we would have plenty
of time to get ready. Both Susie and I thought it would be fun and we
told her that we are tentatively planing an joining her.

Once we arrived home from our visit, we began to discuss the ball. My
first concern was, of course, "What was I going to wear?" Susie just
about rolled over in laughter when I asked that question. She said,
"Oh Dianne! You are such a riot! I know you're a girl, but do you ever
think about anything other than what you're going to wear? You are so

We continued chatting and we talked about the fun we could have going
to such a dance. Susie asked me, "Dianne do you know what you are
getting yourself in for?"

"What do you mean," I asked.

She said, "Do you know what girls do at dances? Do you know who they
do it with?"

I said, "Yes, I know! We will go to the dance and dance! ...right?"

She said, "No, dear. WE WON'T DANCE. If we are going to go, you need
to understand that you will dance with a guy!

"Oh yes! I see your point, Susie. I guess you're right. It would look
awfully silly for you and me to be dancing at a big fancy ball where
everybody is there as a couple. What should we do? I have never been
to such a dance as a girl."

"Well, Dianne, how do you feel about going with a date? If we are to
go, we should be escorted by two tall, dark and handsome gentlemen!
What do you think about that?"

Oh gosh! I really didn't think about that! On second thought, why not!
We are both girls, right? What would be more normal than two great
looking gals going to a dance with a couple of good looking guys!
Susie, let's do it!

So, the pact was made. We were going to a fancy ball. After weeks of
shopping for shoes, ball gowns, new this and that, we finally had
everything ready. Now all we had ta do was get ourselves asked by some

The opportunity came when Susie and I went to a social affair at a
friend's apartment. We both did our best at flirting and attracted
some attention form the opposite sex. Before the evening was over, we
both had several guys giving us their attention. Within a week after
the party, we both had dates for the Baltimore Ball.

The day of the dance finally came, Susie was so relaxed about the
whole thing while I was getting butterflies and becoming very nervous.
I finally told her how worried I was about this new experience of
going out with guys. She just told me not ta worry, and that we should
go and just have a good time. That sounded so easy for her. I had
never been through this before, not as a girl. From the guy's perspec-
tive, it's easy.

That night, the guys both came to our place together. My date was Bob
and Susie went with Steve. As Susie opened the door I thought my heart
was going to drop to my stomach. I was so nervous. Bob came in first
and looked straight at me. He smiled and walked towards me. I didn't
know what to do. He just bent over slightly and gave me a little peck
on the cheek and said, "You look absolutely beautiful tonight, Di-
anne!" I thought I was going to melt.

Bob and Steve took us out to dinner to a beautiful French restaurant
and then on to the ball. We ate, danced, laughed and just had a grand
time. Both of the guys seemed to really like us. Bob was very atten-
tive to me and more than once gave me funny chills when he would tell
me how attractive I was. He made me feel very pretty, that's for sure!

I felt absolutely gorgeous! I wore a long red chiffon gown with white
trim in sequins. It was strapless and had a big full skirt. I even
ware one of those full-length petticoats under the skirt. It was so
much fun to wear that gown. The petticoat even crinkled when I walked.
My hair was fixed long in soft flowing waves. It felt so smooth and
looked so silky. I have never felt so beautiful!

We had so much fun that night! Bob was an excellent dancer and I
enjoyed being held and turned and guided about the dance floor. It
made me feel very feminine and very sexy to be out there with my skirt
swishing back and forth, gliding across the floor. Now I know why
girls like to dance so much!

I will never forget the wonderful feelings I experienced that night;
the thrill of receiving flowers from Bob, the warm blush I felt from
his continuous flow of compliments about what a beautiful girl I was,
and the excitement of being guided around the dance floor with my
skirt swishing back and forth across my legs. It was all so heavenly
and made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world! According
to Bob, I was!

That night when the dance was over, Susie and I compared notes on our
experiences, just as any girls would do. She said she had a great time
with Steve, but enjoyed watching me more. She said, "You were having
so much fun and you looked so pretty, I couldn't stop watching. It was
very obvious that you were totally involved with the thrill of being a
girl in a beautiful evening gown. You seemed to melt with the atten-
tion you got from Bob. because he made you feel so attractive and
pretty. I think you have just about experienced it all now. You have
felt so much of what real girls feel. Isn't it wonderful?"

"Oh yes, Susie. It was so wonderful! I felt like a total girl to-

"Dianne, that's because you are totally a girl, and if I have my way
you will stay a girl for a long time!


Susie and I had so much at the Baltimore Ball that we agreed it would
be great fun and exercise to join a singles square dance group. We
checked at the local square dance store about different groups in town
and found plenty to choose from. We decided to visit a couple of
different groups, and see where we were most comfortable.

For several evenings we visited dancing groups and were well received
by all of them. Among them, we chose a favorite and joined. Our first
dance was only a week off, so we had plenty of shopping to do.

Susie and I did our shopping together at the only square dance store
in the area. We spent the better part of one afternoon trying on
dresses, shoes and all different styles of petticoats. There was an
enormous selection to choose from.

The night of the dance we got all "gussied up" for our first square
dance outing. We both looked really cute! Susie wore a red and white
gingham check dress with a dirndl look to it. It had white ruffles an
the bodice, sleeves and hem. She wore red shoes, a red ribbon in her
hair and a beautiful red petticoat. Under her petticoat, she wore a
pair of white pettipants with red ruffles. Very showy!

My outfit was similar to hers. My dress was white cotton eyelet with
puffy sleeves. It had a white belt of the same fabric. The dress was
trimmed in pink satin ribbon. I also wore light pink shoes and a light
pink petticoat. My pettipants were all white. I tied a large pink
satin ribbon in my hair to finish off the look.

When we arrived at the gym where the dance group met, we were well
received by the 'old timers'. We were both escorted to the punch table
and introduced to everyone. The group was quite large, about fifty
people in all. Over two thirds were girls. For the first half hour we
met many new people who seemed to be a lot of fun. Everybody was
friendly and made us feel very welcome.

When it was time to begin the dance, I thought I would rather sit and
watch the first couple of rounds. I just wanted to get a feel for how
it all worked. Susie, on the other hand, jumped right in and started
dancing while I headed for the sidelines.

As I stood on the side line, I couldn't help but recall all that had
happened to me in the recent past brought me to this point now. Here I
was, standing in a group of fifty people, wearing the frilliest, most
feminine-looking outfit a girl could hope to find. I was smothered in
lace, ribbons, bows, and I felt totally comfortable and natural. My
soft petticoats rustled and brushed against my legs with every move-
ment and reminded me that I was a girl.

As I watched all the other girls dance and swish their skirts back and
forth, I wondered if they were as excited about feeling feminine as I
was. The way they twirled their skirts, it seemed so. Seeing all the
other girls show off their petticoats and panties the way they were,
really got me going. I couldn't wait to twirl and show off the way
they were. I noticed the reaction of the guys and they really seemed
to enjoy the sights. The girls were acting so innocent, but the guys
didn't seem to miss an opportunity to catch a glimpse under all of
those swirling skirts.

I thought before I started dancing that I should visit the ladies room
and make sure everything was properly adjusted. In the rest room, I
took the opportunity to use the large mirror and see if I was as
pretty as I felt. As I stood there in all of my feminine glory, I
couldn't stop thinking how lucky I was to be a girl and how lucky I
was to be able to wear frilly, girlish-looking clothes.

I turned back and forth to make my skirt swish, as it would do when I
started dancing. The sight of all that lace and fullness gave me
chills. The harder I turned, the more my skirt went up and the more my
panties showed. I couldn't wait for the guys to see me! I adjusted my
petticoat and headed for the dance floor.

I joined a mixed group and started dancing with all the enthusiasm I
could muster. I did notice about half the dancers had taken a rest on
the side line and they were just watching us. The dance started
slowly, then seemed to increase in tempo. I thought to myself, 'this
is a good time to show your stuff' and I really began to swish and
twirl with a purpose. With each turn of my body, my skirt would stand
almost straight out. I was giving it everything I had. I knew I was
succeeding because the eyes of several guys on the side line were
glued on me. They would seem to anticipate the next twirl and smile
gingerly each time they got a glimpse of my lacy panties. I was having
so much fun being so naughty and sassy!

When the routine was finished we all took a break and I continued
being almost as naughty as I was on the dance floor. I purposely sat
across from two guys and crossed my legs so all of my bulky petticoats
were exposed in a mass of soft frills. I knew I was successfully
teasing these guys because of their staring and obvious interest in
seeing up my skirt. Each time I would shift in my chair, I would fluff
and shift my skirt and petticoats to heighten their interest. I pulled
my skirt up on my knee, as far as I dare, without being too obvious.
This was so much fun! If I had given in to my impulses, I would have
stood up an lifted my skirt and petticoats up all the way and given
them a real good luck! I wonder what they would have done? But I

The evening was all to short. I didn't miss a dance other than the
first round and I had a absolute ball! I continued to show off my
petticoats and ruffled panties to anybody who cared to look. That's
what I enjoyed so much. So many did look and they really enjoyed the
sight of my swishing skirt and petticoats. I was asked by almost every
guy there to be sure and come back the next time. What better proof
that they liked what they saw! On the way home I told Susie of my

She lovingly and jokingly scolded me for being so naughty and made me
promise not to be quite so daring next time, knowing that my promise
would never be kept. We even laughed about it.

I also shared with her the thrill I experienced in twirling my petti-
coats to the point that guys could see up my skirt. I told her, "I
felt so pretty and so sexy swishing my dress that way. I turned and
twirled until I knew the guys could see my lacy panties. The harder I
twirled, the more I enjoyed it. The biggest thrill of it all was
knowing that every guy watching me was excited and thoroughly enjoying
the sight of me and my pretty ruffled panties. Is that normal?"

She said, "Dianne, most girls have fun and enjoy teasing and being a
little naughty, as you were doing. BUT, I don't know if they get the
thrill out of it that you do. I think it might just be a unique kind
of thrill that a guy experiences when he is made to dress up in girl's
clothes, as you do. I think you are probably a little over-conscious
of being a girl and you are super sensitive to the thrills of feeling
feminine. What do you think? Do you agree with me?"

"Yes. I do agree. I feel so much like a girl, especially in situations
like tonight. I wonder if I will ever want to stop being a girl. I
just feel so wonderfully feminine and so irresistibly pretty! Will it
ever go away?"

Susie paused for at least two minutes before she responded to my
question. Finally, she spoke. "Dianne, I don't know if the thrill of
being a girl will ever go away. To be honest with you, I really don't
care if it ever fades. I like you so much as a girl, that I would be
quite happy to keep you in skirts indefinitely. I think it's a matter
we need to discuss at length, later. In the meantime, I want you to
just continue being the wonderfully feminine person you are right

She continued, "I have a suggestion for you. Since you seem to have
such a strong need to twirl your skirt and tease guys, why don't you
join a clogging group, too. Cloggers wear much shorter skirts and
petticoats and they swish and twirl their skirts as part of the dance
routine. Most of the cloggers I have seen actually swish and lift
their skirts while they are dancing. If you are in such a group, you
would most likely preform on a stage with the audience to the front
and below you. In the process of doing your normal clogging routine.
the entire audience would have the pleasure of looking up your skirt!
Does that interest you?"

"Oh boy! What a great idea! Does that mean I get to go out and buy
another skirt and more petticoats? You said the clogging outfit was
shorter!" When Susie stopped laughing she said, "I have never known a
girl like you! I have now figured out the three things you think about
most: Clothes, clothes, and clothes! And YES! you can buy a new
clogging skirt and shorter petticoats. But no new pettipants! The
dozen you have will do just fine! What am I going to do with you?"

Not knowing what to say, I blurted out, "Come watch me dance next
week!" We both started laughing and giggling and couldn't stop. We
started tickling each other and we finally plopped on the floor,
exhausted, after a scrapping pillow fight. We sure had fun and it was
such a nice way to end another perfect day.


Almost six months had now passed. Since that night at the square
dance, when Susie made the comment that she might want to keep me in
skirts indefinitely, nothing had been said. We had not discussed it,
as she said we should. I think it was merely a case that neither of us
wanted to get in to such a heavy subject. We were having to much fun!

Since that first day when Susie put me in to girl's clothes for the
first time, I have remained in feminine attire for every minute of
every day. I have lived as a girl for the entire trial period and had
come to accept my gender as totally normal for me. I have come to
understand virtually everything there is to know about being a girl.
The thrill of being feminine never faded.

During the trial period I had every opportunity to express myself in a
feminine way. I went to make up classes, modeled clothes in a fashion
show, learned to sew and took tennis lessons. I took up bike riding
and knitting as well. I learned to cook, clean and do laundry with the
care and attention only a female could accomplish. I learned to square
dance, clog and attended a very fashionable ball. I even participated
in a small but self-fulfilling beauty pageant. For a period of time I
worked as a cocktail waitress in a night spot where I could enjoy
wearing a very short waitress's dress. I have become an expert in what
girl's clothes should cost and where to buy them inexpensively. I have
become fashion-conscious and usually wear the appropriate clothing for
the occasion and season. I have attended coffees, teas, fashion shows,
dinner parties, and many other social events too numerous to mention.
During this trial period I have lived as a girl, slept as a girl, and
thought as a girl in every way. I have had every opportunity.

Dozens of times each day, I would become very excited when something
would happen to remind me that I was living as a girl. Many times the
reminder was something as insignificant as my skirt brushing against
my legs, or the sight of the lacy hem of my own slip showing. It could
be most anything like that, but it would remind me that I was living
as a girl, and that I shouldn't take it for granted, because I really
wasn't one.

But this most wonderful experience was possibly going to end. The time
was coming when a final decision would have to be made concerning my
future. Would I continue living as a girl indefinitely? Would I merely
live as a girl on certain occasions or for shorter periods of time? Or
would I revert to the way things were before Susie insisted she wanted
a girl friend? These very important decisions were upon us.

Susie was quite nervous about discussing the issue. I asked her about
it. She said, "I don't know what to do. I don't want to enslave you
into living as a girl forever, but I like you as a girl so much! I
just don't know what to do."

I didn't respond. She began again, "Do you have any ideas? How do you
feel about this? Do you want to remain a girl or what? I know you have
thoroughly enjoyed this, but do you want it to continue?"

I said, "I don't know. I absolutely love being a girl and I have
enjoyed every moment of it. I think stopping now would be difficult,
but once I stop, I might not miss it. I might enjoy being a guy again.
The only suggestion I can make is to try it. I suggest another trial
period of six months."

Susie said, "You mean you want to try living as a guy for six months
as a trial? Are you going to enjoy that?"

I said, "I'll tell you what... I will live as a guy for six months and
spend the entire time with you, just as we have done with me as a
girl. During the trial period I will do all the things that married
guys do and you can decide which you really like best. When this next
trial period is over, I will write and account of what it was like. We
can both read, review, discuss and decide. What do you think?"

She said, "OK, it's a deal! What now?"

I put my big arms around her and looked her straight in the eye and
said, "Where are you keeping those special play clothes you used to
wear for me all the time...?"


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