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Forbidden Fantasy

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

After two weeks of discussion,local participants of an
Eros_txt-like base have agreed that the following files should be
free to distribute. In the course of discussing adult texts etc
the conversations here turned more intimately to people's
fantasies and thus to people's "Forbidden Fantasies" -- those
secret fantasies or urges they have had over the years for doing
the forbidden...the taboo. Some of these have come to pass,but
most are just fantasy. The consensus was that between aliases and
distance,their identities could be preserved. They have kindly
provided short descriptions of themselves. We have 31 of these in
capture text which we would love to file,but that does take time
so be patient. Meanwhile more forbidden fantasies are unwinding.
We were fascinated at how most people do have these sorts of
thoughts and urges...and we encourage you to tiptoe into the more
hidden areas of yourself and share any you may have. Your
identity as well will be protected.
Thank You.
Peaches :)


Forbidden Fantasy #1: Leader Of The Pack
Dreamer: Shirley Temple (female)
Age: 27
Description: 5'5" Short Blonde Hair
Blue eyes,32-24-32
Mother of an 8 year old daughter (Adrienne)

When I read Leader Of The struck a nerve. My
daughter is in girl guides and she loves it. But that got me
involved as a leader and the girl guides and girl scouts meet in
the same gym on Wednesday nights.
I'm happily married...and I'm not lesbian or bi-sexual in
the least -- that's what makes my fantasy so bizarre.
It all started about six months ago. I mean I had always
"noticed" the girl scouts...they were from about 11-to-14 or so
and several were very much developed and pretty...and the
uniforms do have a very strange appeal I guess. But I had never
noticed them in a way that had made me...aroused.
But this one night it did. I was so frightened by it that
for the rest of the night I could not keep my mind on what I was
doing. The following wednesday,the same thing happened. I found
myself stealing glances of thigh and "wondering" what was under
those skirts. Not like I didn't know...but you know...skirts are
a tease...or at least they can be.
That night I masturbated for the first time in over a year
(my husband and I have a great sex-life). As I did my mind was
filled with erotic images of the prettier girls laying on the
bed...and it was their hand bringing me to climax.
Afterwards I was terribly ashamed. How could I be thinking
these things? I'm normal...I didn't have any horrible sexual
experiences in my youth or anything.
The following wednesday I was worse than ever. I found
myself watching the three sexiest girls and hoping to catch them
bending over or something so that I know what I
This whole time my leadership with the guides was getting
worse and one of my friends asked me if I was having problems at
home that were distracting me. I told her I was worried about a
few things and that was all that was necessary for me to be left
That night I was alone for dinner as Adrienne and my husband
were off after the meeting to buy her a new fall coat. As I
finished eating I realized i wanted to "relieve" myself so I
started masturbating right there in the kitchen. It was VERY
erotic....something I had never done before. As I got hornier I
imagined this one girl named Karen was doing the honours and I
even started muttering, "God...yes Karen....rub it faster...
When I heard myself it turned me on and frightened me,but I
kept doing it. "God Karen...yeah...I'm gunna cum...yeah..." I
kept saying as I did climax. It was one of the most electrifying
orgasms I have ever had!! I was incredibly ashamed and more than
a bit scared by these new "fantasies" but I was enjoying
them...and they were harmless.
The following wednesday I focused on Karen and a few times I
caught her catching me looking her way. On one of these occasions
she muttered something to another girl afterwards and I knew they
were talking about me.
Then the opposite happened. I started catching Karen
glancing at me across the gym. I wasn't sure if she was ding what
I had done or if she was just checking to see if I was looking at
her. But by the end of the night every other minute we were
exchanging uncertain glances.
Karen's 13 by the way...dark hair and dark eyes...wears her
hair in a french braid...has a great body (from gymnastics I
Anyhow...that night I took a bath for some privacy and
masturbated again...this time fantasizing that I was the one with
my finger inside Karen as she went crazy. I don't know how I
decided to have this fantasy but I did...and my orgasm was
incredible...I could hardly keep from shrieking out!
Now I was anxious for the next wednesday to come. Karen was
there and out of the blue she came over to me before things got
underway and asked me if I needed a babysitter for Adrienne. I
didn't -- the girl we had was fantastic...
Was she looking to get "closer" to me?
The worst part of me took this as an opportunity to get
closer to her. MAN!! I fired a perfectly good babysitter to get
some 13 year old girl in a position of...GOD!! you know what I
So that night afterwards,I suggested to my husband that we
should go out on Friday,acting blase about it. He said that would
be fine and told me to decide what I wanted to do.
I was so excited about knowing Karen was going to be in my
house that when I masturbated the next morning after my husband
had gone to work I was thrashing on the bed like I never
had,imagining Karen's lips between my legs.
By this point I wasn't thinking about the morality
anymore...I was sort of "obsessed". I let my husband call Karen
to tell her because I knew my voice would just shake like crazy.
On friday I was a wreck. All i could think about
was..."what's going to I crazy..."
I was like some nervous mess and yet I could not get the
"temptation" out of my mind.
When she finally showed up that night I was pleasantly
surprised to see she had done me the honours of wearing a skirt
similar n style to the one she wears in scouts....and a shirt
that revealed a bare midriff...cut her flat stomach
could be seen.
It accented her pert breasts.
Breasts...I had never really thought about breasts...unlike
men most women don't think of them as sexually...but for some
reason hers seemed suddenly...attractive.
That whole night through dinner and a movie all i could
think bout was Karen. My husband didn't seem to mind,he thought I
was just tired and remarked that it showed how much a needed this
night out.
On the way home I finally got up the courage to say, "I'll
drive Karen home," and he was fine with that to my relief.
When we got home Adrienne was asleep and Karen and I got out
to the car. She lived about a mile or two away on the other side
of the subdivision...just on the outskirts.
Outskirts...That's what i was thinking as we started
driving...skirts...out of my way...


I couldn't take this! She was right there....skirt up to her
upper thighs...knees parted. She knew I had been watching
her...she'd come to me for the job. She must know what's going on
My hand left the steering wheel and rested on her thigh. She
was warm and innocently smooth. I never though I could want
something like this or get turned on...but GOD! I was so turned
on I thought I was going to explode like a firecracker!!
She didn't say or do anything so I slid my hand up her thigh
to the crease where her thigh and panties meet. I glanced at her
and noticed her softly biting her bottom lip,her hand on the door
and the other on the seat.
We were passing the school so I decided to pull in. We drove
around back and I turned the engine off.
We sat there for a minute...not saying anything.
I knew that I had already stepped over all the lines.
So why not get what I wanted.
I opened my car door and rounded the car,opening her car
"Can you turn this way?" I asked softly.
She hesitantly did so,her white running shoes resting on the
runner of the car door as her knees faced me.
"Can you pass me that book?" I asked,gesturing to one of her
textbooks she had with her.
She did. I placed in on the asphalt and knelt down.
MY hands slid up her thighs and under her skirt,slipping
into her panties at the waist and pulling slightly. She took this
as it was meant and lifted slightly so that i could get her
panties off.
I could already smell her.
GOD! Was i really going through with this?
"Put your feet on my shoulders," I said softly. She did
this...and I could instantly see her crotch facing me.
Then...without hesitation...I approached,my mouth covering
her crotch and relishing the feel of her soft young flesh in my
mouth as I started to suck. The taste was great but the smell was
not. But i wasn't thinking much about it.
Karen was churning like crazy,breathing hard and slightly
yelping and as I sucked fiercely,loving the feel of her in my
"God...I'm cumming..." she said breathlessly and started
gyrating wildly.
To late now...I was making a 13 year old girl cum.
As she bucked and whimpered I continued to suck,excited at
the prospect of getting it in return a few minutes later.
Finally it was over and I said, "My turn."
I helped her from the car as she was a bit shaken up. I
looked around just to make sure we had no spectators.
I removed my panties from beneath my dress and gather it up
so that I was naked from the waist down.
Karen was on her knees...
Her tongue plunging into me...
"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!" I moaned much too hips
gyrating as I felt an orgasm threatening already.
"Suck me!" I said and pushed her head to me,her mouth
starting to repeat to me what i had done...fierce sucking...
"GOD! KAREN! DON'T STOP!!" I panted and climaxed...a high
and feverish climax with my hips and thighs trembling and gaps of
air not enough to make me feel like I could breathe.

Then it was over...and I was in the car by myself out back
the school...already having dropped off Karen thank God...but
what a fantasy...and what a masturbation scene!!
Of course this was only the first of my fantasies like this.
But it's still one of the best...maybe because it was the first.

Shirley Temple.





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