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Fishing With Daddy

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

(Author Unknown)

Part 1.

I went on a fishing trip with my Dad as a twelve-year-old girl and
came home as a twelve-year-old woman. A woman who found out that her own
Daddy was the best fuck in the whole world!

My Daddy always treated me more like a buddy than a girl, and I got
used to being his tomboy daughter, but I wanted to be treated more like a
girl, and even daydreamed about fucking him.

My last summer before going into Junior High, Daddy and I just had to
go on a fishing trip up on our favorite stream, which is miles and miles
away from everything. We set up camp late in the afternoon, and after
eating, talked for a while, then turned in. We shared a small two man
tent and my frustration began to mount when absolutely nothing happened
that first night. I'm a very pretty girl with a very sexy body for a
twelve-year-old, but Daddy didn't even notice. I gave him lots of
oportunuties to notice, too.

Bright and early, we headed upstream, and wern't having much luck when
we got caught in a mountain thunderstorm and got soaked. It was still
cold so early in the year, so we headed back to camp to dry out, and
ended up stripping and crawling into our sleeping bags to warm up. I was
really cold and talked Daddy into zipping our sleeping bags together so
we could warm each other up.

After we got the bags together, I snuggled tight against Daddy's body
and he wrapped his arm around me. It wasn't long before we both started
warming up. Really warming up! I could feel his cock swell against my
belly, and when he tried to draw back a bit, I just snuggled closer.

"I'm sorry, Angel," he mumbled, "but I just can't help that."

"I think it's a compliment, Daddy." I pressed tightly against him to
show I knew what he was talking about. "I like it."

"This could get dangerous," he said.

"Oh?" I said, and kissed him.

"I don't think we should be doing this," he said as he returned my
kiss with fervor.

"I do," I whispered against him, and parted my lips for his tongue.

With a moan, he rammed his tongue his tongue into my mouth, his hands
roaming all over my body. He cupped my ass and ran his hand up and down
my thigh, then massaged my newly sprouted breasts.

"Oh, Daddy!" I gasped. "Don't stop now."

"I couldn't even if I wanted to, Baby," he gasped. "We've gone too far
to stop."

He rolled me onto my back, and his hand went roaming over my chest and
belly, then searched for my hairless, virgin pussy. I sread my legs to
help him find what he was seeking, and when he placed his palm on my
little pussy, I gasped in delight. My pussy was alive and vibrant for the
first time in my young life, and my pussy juices flowed furiuosly,
preparing my body for my first fuck. Daddy gently inserted a finger into
my little slit, and I heaved my ass up and moaned, and when his finger
found my clit and massaged it tenderly, I had my very first orgasm.

Daddy eased himself over between my legs put the head of his prick at
the entrance of my pussy, kissing me gently as his fingers parted my
labial lips and the knob entered my virginal canal. I steeled myself for
the painful assault on my innocent little pussy and spread my legs wide
to accept him. Gradually, his cock eased into my body, and all I felt was
pleasure as his giant cock stretched my virginal passage. It was the most
erotic, lascivious feeling in the world to have my own fathers giant
prick peircing my maidenhead. The passing of Daddy's cock over my turgid
clit brought more eruptions of lubricating cum to make the invasion of my
virginity easier, and he slipped in deeper and deeper. There was only one
period of slightly painful resistance as his prick slipped in, but wildly
lustful, passionate sensations filled my cunt as his cock penetrated my
hymen, and the momentary twinge was forgotten and ignored in the erotic
pleasures that followed.

Part 2.

It was the pinnacle of wanton pleasure as my Daddy's prick slid into
my cunt. This was my father and we were breaking all the rules. I was in
a haze of perverse delight. My father was fucking me, and I loved it!

"Oooh!" I moaned as his cock made it's final assault of my passage and
he came to rest with his pubes pressed against my cunt lips. "I love you,

"I love you too, Angel," he whispered as he started a slow fucking
motion, easing his cock in and out of my willing pussy.

Slowly, the intensity of his fucking increased, and I threw my legs
around him and gyrated my ass as he slammed into me. His strokes got
faster and faster, and my pussy squirted and squirted as his prick
slithered in and out of my steaming hole.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" I squealed. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!"

Daddy was gasping with his efforts as I begged him to fuck me faster.
He held onto my hips, pistoning his cock rapidly into my upthrust cunt
with long, hard, powerful strokes that made my slender young body shudder
with the impact. But I didn't mind at all, I had never felt such
wonderful feelings in all my life.

"Uuuunggghh! Fuck! You like that, don't you, baby?", he grunted. "You
like Daddy's big cock fucking your hot little cunt!"

"Oooooooooh yesssssss!", I gasped, my small voice almost a wail of
wanton passion. "You've got such a big one Daddy! Ooooh, God I love to
fuck!... I love it so much!"

"Mmmmmmmm, and I love fucking you, baby!", he panted, hammering his
cock furiously into my tight, gooey little fuckhole.

I threw back head and closed my eyes, moaning and whimpering in
ecstasy as my big handsome daddy fucked me relentlessly. My mouth sagged
loosely open as I humped my hips up at him, trying my best to return his
piledriver strokes, thrust for thrust. Daddy seemed to like that a lot.

"Unnhh, yeah Fuck me back, honey! Fuck me back, you hot little cunt!"

He needn't have urged me. With Daddy's long, thick cock plunging
rapidly in and out of my horny little cunthole, I was beside myself with
lust. Eyes closed and back arched, I dug my heels into the small of his
back and bucked my ass up off the ground, grinding my tightly-clinging
twat up at his pounding prick like a bitch in heat.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!", I begged, the words an obscene
chant. "Unnngghhhhh, oh, Daddy! Oh, fuck, you're in me soooo deep!"

My slender adolescent body was almost crushed under my father's
grunting weight, but I didn't care. All I cared about was the intense
pleasure Daddy's huge, pistoning prick was generating deep inside my
juvenile pussy. It felt fantastic!

"Ummmmm! Oooooooh, yes, harder! Ohhh, shit, fuck me really hard now,
Daddy! I can take it!", I cried.

Part 3.

Daddy groaned something unintelligable and increased the power and
speed of his thrusts, slamming his cock deep into my upthrust little cunt
until I almost passed out with pleasure. I could feel my pussy stretch
deliciously around his huge prick, my hot immature pussy-flesh rippling
ahead of his oversized cockhead in wave after wave of unbelievable

Daddy began grunting and snorting like a rutting bull, but I only
heard him dimly above the dull roar in my ears and the whimpering sounds
of pre-teen passion pouring from my own mouth. Within seconds the most
wonderful sensation I had ever experienced flooded over me. It started in
my pussy where Daddy's cock was still pounding fiercely and spread
rapidly throughout my body, engulfing me totally in a blinding flash of
total pleasure. My whole body stiffened and my cunt began to jerk up at
Daddy's cock automatically. I could hardly breathe. My cunt seemed to
grip Daddy's prick even tighter and I felt my pussy-muscles quiver and
spasm around his long, pistoning shaft. If this was sex, I wanted to do
it with my gorgeous, handsome Daddy all day, every day!!

When my blinding oragasm had faded somewhat, I noticed something else.
Daddy's body was shuddering too! His cock seemed to swell and jerk inside
me. Then, I felt something very hot and sticky deep up inside me. My
Daddy was squirting his stuff in my cunt! The sensations go me so excited
I actually had another little cum, myself. Not as powerful as the first,
but wonderful all the same.

"Ooohh, Daddy! That was wonderful!", I gasped, "I came two times!"

"I know, baby!" he smiled, his face flushed with the effort. "I felt
your tight little pussy tugging on my cock. That's what set me off."

"Daddy!?", I asked softly. "Ummmm... can we do it again?"

"Not right away, Sweetheart," he replied, pulling his wilted cock
from my soggy little cunt. "See... my cock won't be able to get hard
again for a little while. It needs time to recover."

"How long, Daddy?" I asked.

"Oh, about ten or fifteen minutes usually", he replied. "Think you can
wait that long, baby?"

"We've got all weekend, Daddy!", I grinned taking hold of his sticky

We hugged and fondled each other and soon I had Daddy's cock hard
again. He mounted me quickly and shoved it right in with one stroke this
time. My pussy was very slippery with his cum and his huge, thick pole
slid in easily. Daddy fucked me longer this time and I came three times
before he finally squirted another load of hot, sticky cum in my
quivering little hole.

We didn't catch many fish that weekend, but I went home a woman. Daddy
still fucks me whenever I want, which is most of the time Mommy is out of
the house. Sometimes I even fantasize that Mommy will come in and catch
Daddy fucking me and want to do things to me too. But Daddy is very
careful and never touches me when Mommy is around.

Since Daddy took my cherry, I've noticed other men staring at me the
same way Daddy does... especially my Uncle Tim, he's kinda cute. I
wonder if I can get him to fuck me too?

The End.


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