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Fuck me to tears

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

*^ ^*
*^ ____ ^*
*^ |he ^*
*^ |\/|etallia Lays upon you -> "FUCK ME TO TEARS" ^*
*^ . | ^*
*^ . |\/|afia Given to you by : \%\%eatherman ^*
*^ : . | Sundial : Wed Feb 22, 1989 ^*
*^ . : : ^*
*^ ^*

>>>> First, anyone interested in joining the mob, e-mail me on any of the
boards that are listed at the end of this file. We are accepting applications
and or victims for copy buffer terrorism! >>>>


It was time to PARTY on a moon lit Saturday night. Angel and her friends
were all headed out to the cliffs where they spent alot of time getting drunk
and having a good time. Angel has dirty blonde hair with golden highlights.
Definately a treat for any guy that would be lucky enough to have her. On this
night out with her friends she was going to make sure that her and all her
friends had a better time than the normal "drinking" night.
Bridget was driving and Kathy was in the back seat. They pulled into the
semi-muddy ground next to the high hills. Angel went out to the trunk and
pulled out the case they had bought and started cranking Metallica really loud.
It was a cool place to party since no cops ever went out that far north and
there was no civilization for miles around. Angel wasn't going to go into
details about what she had in store for her two best friends. She had it all
planned out. Kathy was nagging Angel to try to get some information on what
she had planned, but she didn't even give any clues. Bridget was busy popping
open her second beer and lighting up her cigarrette. There was a bit of nip in
the air since it winter was just ending and the leaves were sort of being risen
from the dead of the long cold winter. Bridget was talking about what they all
were going to do this summer to live it up to the fullest. They were talking
about the ocean and going on road trips here and there. Angel looked at her
watch and it was 8:45. She just smiled and kept drinking..
Kathy figured that some people might be stopping over at the cliffs soon
since there are always a good many guys and girls that get together on Saturday
nights. Bridget saw headlights of two cars coming up the hill. They went past
them alittle and parked. She noticed it was a car full of guys and girls - she
assumed they were couples just parking for a few drinks or something -. A few
of the people from the car came over to Bridget's car and asked them what was
going on later durring the night. Angel told the people that they had plans
and didn't know of anything. They all got out of the car and started drinking
alot more beers and making a few mixed drinks inbetween. Angel finally said
that they had better go since they had plans, so they crushed their last beer
can and got in the car.
They were all fucked up by this point and Angel started blabbing. She went
on how she had an appointment with some people on the other side of the hills.
Bridget sort of caught on and started the car up. The entire ride over, Angel
was saying that she has been waiting along time for this to happen. Kathy
still didn't know what was going on since she was so gone.
As they pulled around the corner, there was nothing but emptyness. Bridget
was ragging on Angel for leading them on a wild goose chase. Angel just told
her to shut up and drink another beer. The entire case was almost gone by this
time. Angel looked at her watch again and it was 8:55. Angel just sighed and
started looking around. From the rear window of the car, she saw a car driving
really fast up the road. It came to a skidding stop behind them. Angel ran
out of the car and went up to the driver.
There was three guys in the car. Kathy thought she had seen the car once
before. As it turned out, she had seen the car before. The three guys were
all friends of Angel's and they knew both Kathy and Bridget. Joey, Tim, and
Randy! Both Kathy and Bridget got out of the car with a beer in hand. The
guys had already gotten out of the car by this time and Joey was frenching
Angel already. Kathy smiled at Bridget and got all excited at her friend
making out with her other friend Joey. It was a crazy scene when Tim and Randy
got over to Kathy and Bridget. Tim grabbed Kathy and Randy took Bridget. It
was so fucked up, it almost wasn't real. It seems that Angel invited their
best friends up to the far side of the cliffs for some fun.
Angel was walking hand in hand with Joey up the the trunk of the car. Out
of the trunk, she pulled out three blankets. It was perfect.. Too crazy for
them all to believe. No one thought about anything at the time other than
screwing. Everyone was drunk, they all had liked each other before and the
setting was perfect. Angel pulled Joey next to a tree, spread out the blanket
and sat on top of him while kissing. Tim and Kathy were already naked and
about to fuck at any second. Bridget was behind a bush with Randy and no one
could see what was going on back there. It sounded nice though..
Angel was working on getting Joey out of his tight pants. She flipped her
top off and started rubbing her cunt all up and down his chest through her
jeans. She asked him if he wanted her and he of course replied with a yes.
She as very horny and finished stripping down to bear flesh. Joey was sucking
on Angel's tit while she was playing with his hard dick. She placed it in her
hot spot and started to rub it around the outer edges of her clit. Joey felt
himself being taken inside of her body and felt the warmth of her hole. Angel
was almost under a trance as she pounded her body up and down on his hard rod.
Joey was taker her by the hips and guiding her body up and down as she started
to shake with delight. Angel had an organism and Joey wanted to switch
positions. He wanted to hold out and enjoy as much of this as possible. She
got on her knees and then stood on all fours. Joey stuck her right between the
legs from behind. She felt him on the sides of her viginal walls pushing and
throwing her body into a wild frenzy. Joey took a good strong grip on her
breats and made sure he entered her as far as possible. She was moaning louder
than ever. Angel was muttering for Joey to cum inside her. Joey went faster
and faster until he felt like he couldn't hold out any longer. They were
totally engrosed in each other so much by the time that Joey had his orgasm
that the thought of his hot spurm flowing into her gave Angel another orgasm.
She came as he slowed down his thrusts.
Joey pulled out and a hot stream of cum flowed out of Angel's cunt. They
both knew they needed more of this in the future. They sat under the moon lit
sky for several hours until it was time for them to go home. Bridget and Kathy
appeared from nowhere and smiled from ear to ear. The three got into Bridget's
car and took off for home after giving their new loves a kiss goodnight. The
entire ride home they talked out thei fun and how they were going to have more
fun and adventures in the future. As the dropped off Angel, they thanked her
for making the arrangements. Angel told them that next Saturday night could be
another adventure with their old friends and that she won't stop until she is
fucked to tears!


Kall these tears of joy..

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Apple // forever! PTYF!!! (party till you FUCK)

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