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Bad Ideas
Erotic Fiction
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Erotic Fiction: F

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
A Bored Housewife's Tale
A Childhood Fear Turned Fetish
A Fantasy with Liz My body arches
A Far Eastern Adventure
A Favorite Fantasy
A Female's Duty by Lucy
A Ferengi Affair 1/2 (DS9)
A Ferengi Affair 2/2 (DS9)
A Fever In Jackson (erotic poem)
A Foursome
A Friendly Wager (ff)
A Night by the Fire
A Purely Ficticious Tale
A Story for Topazzz
A True (and Fun) Story
A True Story by Jennifer Richards
A Young Farm Girl Mad for Sex - Part 2
A Young Farm Girl Mad for Sex - Part 3
A Young Farm Girl Mad for Sex - Part 4
A Young Farm Girl Mad for Sex - Part 6
A boy with an anal fixation
A favorite fantasy
A footsie game
A married couple's games
A night with the boys
A story told by a really sexy lady teacher in the
Ali's Fourway
All In The Family
AnnD: Foreign Affair (01/03) [ff interracial]
AnnD: Foreign Affair (02/03) [ff interracial]
AnnD: Foreign Affair (03/03) [ff interracial]
Barbara and Samantha
Barbara and Samantha - Flight 109 1/2 (ff)
Barbara and Samantha - Flight 109 2/2 (ff)
Better Eat Your Wheaties
Brotherly Love
Captured Family
Chapter XV *** Florance
Code Of Practice
Dark Dreamer: Farm Girl [1/8] Mf/Ff/MMMMf/NC/S&M/I
Dark Dreamer: Farm Girl [2/8] Mf/Ff/MMMMf/NC/S&M/I
Dark Dreamer: Farm Girl [3/8] Mf/Ff/MMMMf/NC/S&M/I
Dark Dreamer: Farm Girl [4/8] Mf/Ff/MMMMf/NC/S&M/I
Dark Dreamer: Farm Girl [6/8] Mf/Ff/MMMMf/NC/S&M/I
Dark Dreamer: Farm Girl [8/8] Mf/Ff/MMMMf/NC/S&M/I
Dave's Fiancee
David Figures it Out (m/m teen cons)
David Figures it Out Part 2
Dear Lover
Did It Really Happen?
Discovering Threesomes, Part One
Dusty's Tales #4: Fuck me, I'll fuck you back! (mf
Easy way to pass finals
Erotica text, involving family members, involuntar
Eugene Fizzlebot
Eugene Fizzlebot: The Stimulant Potion
Every Good Businessman Should Have One
F/F Rape
FANTASIA 1: Cindy's Bargain [mf, pain, degradation
FANTASIA 2: Daisy, Daisy [mf, nc, incest, bondage,
FANTASIA 3: Jenny Gets a Car [mf, incest, fantasy
FANTASIA 4: Lorna and the Law [mf nc bondage pain]
FANTASIA 5: My Daughter Ginny [fm, nc, bondage, pa
Faerie Tale 1
Faerie Tale I
Faith's Turn by X- ARTHUR
Fall (mf)
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
Fallen Bride by Tony and Julie
False Ending
False Impressions
False Impressions by Ilya Pearlman
 Nile didn't do it consciously. She didn't plan for it beforehand, she just found herself doing it on that night in a strange city where she knew no one, although later she realized she'd been preparing for it for years.
Family Affair
Family Camp- Out
Family Camping Trip
Family Farm Frolic
Family Fun #2: Bathroom Fun (by Eros)
Family Fun #3
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Fun, Chapters 1- 100
Family Lust (mf,mff,mfff,inc,oral anal,anal,69,lot
Family Orgy
Family Stud
Family Stud, Chapter 2
Family Vacation
Family disturbance [m/m pedo nc incest disturbing]
Family experience
Family(pedo), Part 1
Family(pedo), Part 2
Family(pedo), Part 3
Family(pedo), Part 4
Family(pedo), Part 5
Family(pedo), Part 6
Fantasies Come True
Fantasies Come True
Fantasies Come True
Fantasies of Don (mm)
Fantasy #10: One Summer Night
Fantasy #11: Lisa Thomas
Fantasy #12: Eating Pussy
Fantasy #13: The Lawyer
Fantasy #14: The Seraglio
Fantasy #15: The Succubus
Fantasy #16: Lynn's Fantasy
Fantasy #17: The Beach
Fantasy #18: The Swimming Pool
Fantasy #19: One Summer Night
Fantasy #1: James Bond and Pussy Galore
Fantasy #20: Dave Daunton
Fantasy #21: Wearing a Smile
Fantasy #22: Case History #89 (By The Sexologist)
Fantasy #23: My First Experience
Fantasy #24: Joan d'Blon's
Fantasy #25: The Realtor
Fantasy #26: The Virgin John
Fantasy #27: The Motel
Fantasy #28: The Sorority Sisters
Fantasy #29: The Wrong Turn
Fantasy #2: The Computer Room
Fantasy #30: Window Dressing
Fantasy #30: Window Dressing
Fantasy #3: An Evening with Crystal & Steve
Fantasy #4: Mother & Daughter
Fantasy #5: The Swinger's Club
Fantasy #6: In the Moonlight
Fantasy #7: Valery
Fantasy #8: Afternoon Delight
Fantasy #9: The Letter
Fantasy (fmm) I'll Deliver This One
Fantasy 1 Knock knock. Ah, that must be her
Fantasy 2 I waited, kneeling on a pillow, for my m
Fantasy Cruise
Fantasy Cruise
Fantasy Cruise, Part Two
Fantasy Cum True
 My wife and I had a wonderful sex life, but had never really been adventuresome. We had a routine of sorts and was what I would call bordering on boredom. Then out of pure frustration, I decided to risk fulfilling a long time fantasy and see how she reacted to it. (m/f, light bond)
Fantasy Facts!
Fantasy Four After hearing so much about you
Fantasy Foursome
Fantasy Foursome
Fantasy Fuck
Fantasy Island Revisited (ff,ds)
Fantasy by D.B. Fantasies happen in strange places
Far Away Office Fantasy
Farm Daze
Farm Girl by Dark Dreamer
 Riding had always seemed to me to be a very erotic experience. The repeated thumping of the hard saddle against my crotch stimulated my clit and my imagination. With my legs spread wide apart across the thick body of Max, my stallion. (Mf/Ff/MMMMf/nc/sm/incest/beast)
Farm Girl, Part Five
Farm Girl, Part Seven
Farm Work (mm)
Fat City
FatherHood Perks I by Duckie
FatherHood Perks II By Duckie
FatherHood Perks III By Duckie
Fear and Loathing
Feeling Lonely
Feelings for the Night
Feet First
Female Supremacy
Female purity test
Feminized by My Wife's Ultimatium
Festival of Torture, Part One
Festival of Torture, Part Two
Fetish Beginnings by McKeal
 Recounting the start of not just my fetish for long, sexy fingernails, but, that of my older sister as well.
Ficta, part 2 of 5
Ficta, part 3 of 5
Ficta, part 4 of 5
Ficta, part 5 of 5
Fifties Fetish
Fifty Days in the Hole by T1
 Erotic Fiction, Hetero. F/Dom., MF, oral,anal: County jail inmate relates tale of his first run-in with a female correctional officer.
Fill Her Up [MMF, very slutty]
Film at 11
Film at 11 1/2 (mf shaving)
Film at 11 2/2 (mf)
Filthy Pictures [mf, pd, sat]
Finally (mf, cons, romance)
Finder's Keeper
Finder's Keeper 2/3
Finder's Keeper 3/3
Fingered by the Mob
Finite Mathematics
Fire Hall Show
Fire and Ice by Adrian
Fire and Ice by Jaybird
Firefighting by Missy w
 I see the flames reflect off of the side of your face and desire in your eyes. Our eyes meet and then you look away and go and fight the dragon at hand. But I know I am still in your heart. I can feel the connection.
First Bi Experience
 I'm a nurse and one of my best friends at work, a fellow RN, became a widow about a year ago. She didn't want to date but was frustrated sexually. She was uncomfortable with the thought of dating and getting involved with someone. She almost felt it would be cheating on her deceased husband. (f/f)
First Class Mail
 It is Friday night and we decide to do something new and give some lucky people a real thrill.
First Cut(m/m, shaving)
First Date
First Date
First Hooker
 She was dark skinned and small breasted, but extremely passionate judging by the gleam of lust in her small, dark eyes. She was wearing only a light see through shift which I could see her large, dark nipples. When I came into the room and the first thing she did was ask me to take my pants off so she could check my dick for disease.
First Kiss, 1 by J.M.
 The only experience of any sexual nature was masterbation of which I engaged frequently. I was shy and had not had any real dating per say with any of the girls I went to high school with. I had attended a small town high school and had never engaged in any experimentation with other guys due to the ridicule I had seen and heard given to any male who even acted a little effeminate. (mm)
First Kiss, 2 by J.M.
 Many nights had been spent with images flowing through my mind of the man who had given me my first kiss. I was thrown over into another realm. The realm of forbidden desire after the first bite of the fruit of knowledge has been taken. I was wanton in my desires to give the man his way with my body.
First Kiss, 3 by J.M.
 He seemed quit the bookworm and made many trips to the library. I thought back to my first weeks after the kiss of my mentor. The dreams and excitement that flashed throughout my mind and body and the anticipation of being his. (mm)
First Lesbian Orgasm
 She'd introduced herself as we met over the table, saying her name was Kim. She was an attractive woman, maybe an inch under six feet unshod, just a bit over in the ropers she was wearing. She had golden blonde hair, eyes so green that tawdry words like "emerald" couldn't do them justice, a beautiful, smart-ass grin, and what seemed to be a very well-made body in those tight Wrangler jeans.
First Lesson
First Meeting
 You jump a bit as the spring latch slams home, and look back at me. I only smile and wink. You look around; you've never been in my bedroom before. You look at the mess on the floor, look back at me, but I only shrug and smile. (m/f)
First Meeting
 You look around; you've never been in my bedroom before. You look at the mess on the floor, look back at me, but I only shrug and smile. You watch me light some of the oil lamps, your smile slowly growing on your face.
First Meeting
First Orgasm, Part 2 by Mountain Man
 My friend "Leslie" and I resurrected our sexual relationship three weeks ago. This came about when she discovered that I was getting into bondage; she has an intense desire to be bound, and decided to try to overcome her emotional issues so that we could explore this area together.(m/f,bond,hypno)
First Quarter Freshman Year by Chris
 Tuesday night Erica called and we talked for a half hour about all sorts of things. Wednesday we had math class, and we both were busy in section with a quiz the instructor gave out. Afterwards, she had to meet some friends but she asked me to call Thursday. I did, and we made a date for Friday night to go see an action movie double bill at a nearby theatre. (m/f)
First S&M Scene - Part 1
First S&M Scene - Part 2
First S&M Scene - Part 3
First Threesome
 We were in her Van, parked at the top of the cliffs at Black's Beach the first time I brought the subject up. I had always wanted to watch my wife fuck another guy while I was watching, but she didn't want any part of of it. Maybe my girlfriend would be more receptive to the idea.
First Time has Finally Cum
First Time with Judy
First time B&D
Fishing With Daddy
 As I said the guys knew their trade. Again I had the bottle of poppers under my nose and was ready for anything as long as it was spelled SEX or COCK! (m/m/m)
Fisting - a general introduction (how- to text)
Fit To Be Tied
Five A.M. Encounter
Five Fall Finisher
Fixin' Vixen
Fizzlebottom 1
Flashing her husband's best friend
Fleeing Gods
Flight - Part 1
Flight delays are a pleasure
Flight of the Phoenix
Floodgates of Desire
Florida Nudist
Flower delivery
Food Fight
Food For Thought
Food Fun
Fooling Around with My Brother by Hawly
Fooling w/ Brother (mf teen incest)
Fools Rush In
Foot Fetish
Foot Fun
Football 2 (mm)
For Brandi
For Bruce (mm)
For Michael
For My Pretty
For My Pretty by Dayel
For Saracat
For You...
Forbidden Fantasy
Forbidden Fantasy #3
Forbidden Lust
Forced Fantasy
Foreign Affair
Foreign Affair 1/3 (ff)
Foreign Affair 2/3 (ff)
Foreign Affair 3/3 (ff)
Foreign Affair, Part Three
Foreign Affair, Part Two
Foreign, by Dierdre
Forest (m,self)
Forest Wood Kids 1 (mf, pedo)
Forest wood Kids 3 (actually 4) (pedo, ff/mm/fm/mf
Forest wood kids 2 (pedo, ff, mf, mm, mfmfmfmfffmf
Forest wood kids 4 (pedo, mf/ff/mm/MffMMFfMmm etc)
Forever Faithful by Theresa C.
Forever and a Night
Forfeit: Part One
Forfeit: Part Three
Forfeit: Part Two
Forgers Retreat
Four Guys
Fran Takes Sylvia Even Higher
Frank McCoy: On Vacation
Frank's boys
Frat Boy to Frat Toy
Frat Initiation
Frat Party
FratBrats 1/7 (mm/teen/mutual masturbation)
FratBrats 2/7 (mm/teen/mutual masturbation)
FratBrats 3/7 (mm/teen/mutual masturbation)
FratBrats 4/7 (mm/teen/mutual masturbation)
FratBrats 5/7 (mm/teen/mutual masturbation)
FratBrats 6/7 (mm/teen/mutual masturbation)
FratBrats 7/7 (mm/teen/mutual masturbation)
Fraternity Hell Week
Fraternity Love (mm)
Frathouse Dreams
Fratty Cathy
Free Fall
French Lessons
French Maid
French Maid
Freshman orientation
Friday Afternoon
Fridge Sex
Friend's Brother I
Friend's Brother II
From FWKIDS.02 *** Just to Remind You What Happene
Frosh Girls
Fuck Me, Fuck My Friend (mff)
Fuck me to tears
Fuck me to tears
Full Disclosure
Full Moon
Full Service (mm)
Fun & Games by She- Devil
Fun In the Snow
Fun at the Pool
Fun in the Park (m/m)
Fun in the Sun
Fun with an Air Tank
Fun with an Air Tank by Xerxes
 The rope snaked through one hole on the side of the particle board and about her right ankle. Then through the other... around... and through another hole, then around the ankle again and under. Emir pushed the end of the rope through another hole, this one by the heel and sole of Iris' high heel.
Funtime for Jody
Fur face
Furry: Jerrit's Tale
Furry: Mistress Alexandria
Furry: Ryon
Furry: The Bath
Furry: The Chronicles of the Seraphim
Furry: The Chronicles of the Seraphim
Furry: Turn the Man On
Furry: Wolf Town
Future Perfect by Robin Douglas
Futuristic BDSM
Hello All! Written by Shri, Part 1
Hello All! Written by Shri, Part 2
Hello All! Written by Shri, Part 3
Hello All! Written by Shri, Part 4
Hello All! Written by Shri, Part 5
Homosex & shit sex with the farm boy
Hot, Horny Family, Chapters 1- 8
Hot, Horny Family, Chapters 13- 20
Hot, Horny Family, Chapters 21- 28
Hot, Horny Family, Chapters 29- 35
Hot, Horny Family, Chapters 36- 41
Hot, Horny Family, Chapters 42- 47
Hot, Horny Family, Chapters 9- 12
How to do necrophilia. Very cold
John, Frank and I
Journey To Eden
Just Farmboys
Just another little story
Kate's Party
Keep it in the Family - 1 of 4
Keep it in the Family - 2 of 4
Keep it in the Family - 3 of 4
Keep it in the Family - 4 of 4
Ladies First By Pussy Barber
Lake Fun
Las Vegas French Maid Tour
Let Your Fingers Do The Riding
Letter from Kabe
Letter from Melody and Jim
Linda's Fantastic Evening
Little Firebug, 10B
Little Firebug, 1A
Little Firebug, 1B
Little Firebug, 2A
Little Firebug, 2B
Little Firebug, 3A
Little Firebug, 3B
Little Firebug, 3C
Little Firebug, 3D
Little Firebug, 7A
Little Firebug, 7B
Little Firebug, 8A
Little Firebug, 8B
Little Firebug, 8C
Little Firebug, 9B
Loving Being Fisted
Mary's Faceless Stranger (m/f)
Mistress and Slave
Mom Loves To Fuck
Music by LunaBrise
 A favorite fantasy
My Darling Liz
My Fantasies of Diane
My Fantasy 2 I'm almost ready
My First Bi- Sexual Encounter
My First Job Interview
My First Time (ff)
My Master
My Neice Sue
My first experience with a male
My freshman year sociology final by Sexxy Karen
One Woman's Fantasy Fulfilled
Our Family Secret
Pethouse Forum
Phantom Fuck
Phone Booth Rape
Phone sex
Photo Shoot
Polgara's First Time
Putting a Baby in a Friend
Robbie and Robin
Sex at the fast food store
Sex by Firelight
So We Finally Meet
Some users' favourite sex positions
Something for the Masses
Starship Enterprise
Stoneage Foursome by G. Radons
Survey Results: All time favourite XXX actresses
The Adventures of Marvin Finster
The Fake Dick
The Family Party
The Family Room
The Family That 'Plays' Together...
The Farm
The Farmboy Gets A Paddling at Junior High, Part 1
The Farmboy Gets A Paddling at Junior High, Part 2
The Farmer's Daughter
The Farmer's Step- Daughter: Chapter Two
The Farmer's Stepdaughter: Chapter One
The Farmgirl, Part Five
The Father by The Watcher
The Favor
The Feather
The Fetus
The Filly
The First Bra
The First One (mm)
The First Tie by John
 Then you gasped in surprise as you saw me reach over, pick up my discarded leather belt, and grasp one of your arms firmly and begin tying one end of the belt to your wrist. (m/f, bond)
The First Time
The First Time
The First Time (A Fantasy) by Gyrfalcon
The First Time 2 of 2
The Fisherman
The Five Mile High Club (mm)
The Flames of Passion
The Flat Tire
The Flight Home
The Flush
The Forestwood Kids Chapter I *** Jammie
The Formula
The Fortieth Floor
The Frat Brats (all- male, college)
The French Massage parlor
The French maid
The Freshman Foot Fetishist
The Fuckover
The Fugitive
The Further Adventures of Ling Soo: A Sadists Delight
 Not too long after Ling had returned from her weekend with Mat Bensen, she was sitting with her uncle, Wong Fu. She had previously complained that during her weekend, she was bored, and that Mat was not an expert in inflicting pain. Ling was a rare type of person.
The Hollingers: A True Story
The Office Fling by Joseph Gomez
The Ride From Five Roses, by Bill and Ellen
The Sherry Fan
The final
The first time
The first time 1 of 2
The fuck baby
The girls do like their fun
The potty Girls
Waiting For Late Night
What a fuck!
Wife takes on bar (mf,train)
Wilder than you. CHAPTER XVII *** EDDIE
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