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A coming- of- age party/orgy

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

What if...

Lisa was nervous, and rightly so. Her mother flitted about like a
nervous hen, making the last minute changes for the celebration tonight.
Lisa looked at herself in the mirror, and brushed her hair. She tried to
remember that many young ladies went through the same thing, every year,
every month, every day for that matter. Why was she so nervous?
Lisa had turned 18, thanks to good planning by her parents, in the
year 3363, the year of Aphrodite. This would certainly mean a pleasant
life full of pleasures. All throughout the Imperium there would be count-
less other young women about to enter "official" maturity, preparing for
similar evenings. Even in this part of New Europa, on the Atlantium coast,
there were ties to old Greece, even though it was now merely a philo-
sophical leader, having granted independence to New Europa in the last
century. Lisa was glad she hadn't been alive during that horrid war. Just
reading about the massed armies clashing over her homeland had been
depressing, and the pictures of the airships bombing cities had made her
angry. But now, there was peace, and Greece returned to rattling it's
sabres at other nations.
Lisa's older sister arrived, and fluttered gracefully into the room.
She wore a traditional semi-transparent gown, baring her right breast to
signify her unwed status. Melissa kiss her sister and asked her if she was
nervous. Lisa nodded and held up a her hand, shaking slightly. While
Melissa soothed her sister, they heard their mother giving directions to
the caterers who'd just arrived.
"This is a traditional 'coming-of-age' celebration madam?", a man with
a nasal voice asked in the hallway.
"Yes, yes.", Lisa heard her mother say. "Sixty nine guests, including
the honored."
"Ah, good!", the man said. "Would you like the food before, or after
the orgy?"
"Can we have it before?", Lisa's mother inquired, "And your people
just keep it filled?"
"Certainly madam.", the nasal voice said. "Any special dietary needs
for any of your guests?"
"Oh, yes, please be sure to label anything with pork.", she said. "We
do have some people coming who are, er... allergic."
"Very good.", The man said, not even raising an eyebrow when the
lady's stammer indicated Jewish guests. "Now, what time is the party set
for, if I may be so bold to ask.", the man said politely. "Early summer is
our busy season, and I'm afraid that some details were omitted from our
"Oh dear!", her mother exclaimed, "May I see that?"
They went over the details and Melissa laughed. "You don't remember my
party do you?", she asked Lisa.
Lisa shook her head. "No, I was at Uncle Keith's that weekend."
"Well,", Melissa laughed, "mother was even worse than this!"
Lisa laughed, releasing some of her nervous tension.

In the other room, the caterers were setting up shop, dressed in
utilitarian clothes. Lisa's mother disliked seeing women in slacks, but
she admitted it was more efficient for them to work that way. Lisa's
mother was a bit old fashioned, and Lisa had heard her remark to a neighbor
about Lisa's friend, Claire, one day, saying that Clair looked too "butch"
in slacks. Claire had a habit of wearing slacks since she worked as
supervisor in her father's machine shop. Claire was a bit of a dyke, but
Lisa ignored it for the most part.

"Lisa?", Melissa asked, snapping her sister out of a daydream. Lisa
apologized for her wandering thoughts.
"Can I give you some tips?", Melissa asked.
"Please.", Lisa said. "I know all about what's supposed to happen,
but...well, I'm afraid I'll do something silly."
"Nonsense.", Melissa snapped. "This party is to honor your becoming a
fully matured woman, legally anyway. You can have your pick of any guest,
for any pleasures you desire. Those are the rules according to etiquette.
Now here are a few things you should remember; first, don't eat too much.
Many of the guests will want your favors, and you can't have sex with a
full tummy. Also, be sure that what you eat is lots of carbohydrates, like
bread, potatoes and the like. You're going to be drinking lots of wine, and
you'll need energy too. It'll help.
"And be sure that you visit the bathroom any chance you get. Otherwise
you might have an embarrassing accident. Remember to smile and clap for
everyone who performs for you, no matter how bad their act seems. I'll be
on your left, as your confidant, so ask me questions if you don't know.
Don't be greedy with the men, spread your attentions to the girls too. Have
you been doing the stretching exercises I told you about?"
Lisa nodded through it all, trying to remember it. "Yes, for the last
two weeks I've done it in the shower every morning.", she said.
"Were you sore the first couple of days?", Melissa asked, smiling.
"And how!", Lisa said. "I had to sit carefully because my butt was so
"Well, did it hurt at all this morning?", Melissa inquired.
"No, I was able to relax and put your dildo in my rear pretty
easily.", Lisa answered.
"Good. Now remember, some men will have fatter pricks, and you'll have
to tell them to slow down. Don't let them talk you into doubles either.
You're much to small to take two men." Melissa looked at her sister, all
five foot three inches of her. Lisa certainly had beauty. Her dark hair
and skin made her eyes look like glowing turquoise orbs, and her figure was
that of a fully developed woman. Lisa had yet to don her gown, so she sat
wrapped in a light robe, naked underneath.
"I'm going to take another shower about two hours before.", Lisa said.
"Do you think that's early enough?"
"Just right dear.", Melissa said. "How many of your friends are coming
to the party?"
Lisa smiled a bit proudly. "Twenty!"
Melissa smiled, "Oh good! A lot of mine were still underage, but we
made up for it a few months later at Carmen's party."
"I heard about that...", Lisa began and Melissa motioned her to keep
quiet. Neither girl had told their mother that it had been almost a
complete lesbian affair. Their mother saw lesbians as selfish, but didn't
mind bisexual activities because, after all, that was "normal".
"Oh, Diane is coming to the party.", Lisa said.
"Diane? That sexy little redhead?", Melissa asked, her eyes showing
keen interest. Redheads were scarce in their town, and many didn't even
participate in Grecian traditions.
"Yeah, she said she looks forward to seeing you again.", Lisa said.
Then, in a quiet voice she added, "She remembers the way you looked at her
before you went to apprentice, and she's said she's always wanted to try
you out."
Melissa smiled and raised her eyebrows suggestively and Lisa giggled.
They continued to talk until it was time for Lisa's shower. Melissa went
out to see how she could help prepare the house.
"Anything I can do Mother?", Melissa asked.
"Oh, um, no dear, I don't want you to dirty your gown.", her mother
"I can wear one of Lisa's tops and a pair of her slac...", Melissa
started, but her mother cut her off, saying that she had things under
control. Melissa gently reminded her of the time, and offered to supervise
while her mother dressed.

The party began on time, and even the girls' father showed up, with
his pretty new wife. Lisa was glad that her mother and father had divorced without prejudice, besides, Lisa really liked Magda, even if she was
Jewish. Her mother had made some snide remarks at first, but then said
that it really didn't matter. Magda was a dark, sultry beauty, much like
Lisa's mother had been, and now Lisa herself, even if she refused to see it
in her mirror. The two biggest differences were Lisa's deep blue eyes, and
her larger chest.
Melissa helped Lisa into her gown as the guests began arriving. Diane
had come in earlier, helping to powder Lisa down. The sparks fairly flew
between Melissa and Diane. Diane had opted to wear a shorter gown, with her
firm, round right breast exposed and her shoulder bare. Melissa had
remarked on the freckles that ran over the redhead's fair chest but were
absent on her milky white breasts.
Melissa and Diane helped straighten the semi-transparent gown, and
Diane set the line of the gown, lifting Lisa's D-cup right tit and then
letting it dangle over the sheer fabric. They stepped back to admire her,
dressed as she might for a very formal occasion, which this was.
"Oh!", Diane exclaimed. "I almost forgot, I got you something for good
luck, and to say Happy Birthday, as was the custom in old Ireland." Diane
opened her purse and pulled out a long, thin box wrapped in lavender paper
with a string bow. There was a card that read "Happy Birthday, and wishing
you a life of pleasure -- Diane."
Lisa felt a tear form in her eye, especially since Diane had inscribed
the gift with sentiments that crossed their cultures. Lisa began to
carefully unwrap the gift, until Diane told her to just rip it open.
"That's half the fun!", she laughed.
Inside was some cotton batting, and between the layers, a long, thin
golden chain of delicate beauty.
"Oh Diane! Oh it's beautiful!", Lisa exclaimed. Melissa smiled broadly
at Lisa's excitement and the thoughtfulness of the gift.
"It's a waist chain.", Diane said. Diane's gown fell to just below
her behind, and she lifted it, showing Lisa that she was wearing a similar
chain around her slim waist, several inches dangling to the side.
Lisa wanted to put it on, and Diane knelt in front of her while
Melissa and Lisa held the gown out of the way. Diane fastened the chain,
leaving enough slack in it for Lisa to relax.
"Normally, during sex, the dangling part reminds you to sway your
hips.", Diane said. "And, if you want to lose weight, or firm your tummy,
keep it just tight enough that you have to hold back, or eat less."
"Neat! I love it!", Lisa said, looking at her reflection. Lowering her
gown, she pulled Diane to her and kissed her on the lips affectionately.
Their bare breasts pressed against their clad counterparts and both girls
felt their nipples harden.
"And, I found something for Melissa that I couldn't resist.", Diane
said, producing a second, slightly larger package. Melissa opened it and
found a pair of golden rings, fastened together with smaller rings. Melissa
looked at the size of the larger rings, each being about four and a half
inches in diameter. She'd never seen such things before.
"Watch.", Diane said.
She lowered Melissa's gown, and took the taller girl's soft breasts,
one at a time, and worked them through the larger rings. Melissa's breasts
were a perfect shape and size, sagging over to lower part of the rings to
help keep them in place. The links between them raised her breasts slightly
and made them look larger. From the box, Diane pulled a braided golden
chain, looped it over the back of Melissa's neck, attaching it to the upper
parts of the rings. She slipped the gown back over Melissa's other shoulder
and adjusted the tension on the chain, until her breasts looked fuller and
heavier than they really were.
"That feels so erotic.", Melissa said.
"Looks sexy too.", Lisa said, stepping aside so Melissa could look at
herself in the mirror.
"You've the perfect tits for those rings.", Diane said. "Mine don't
have enough size or weight."
Melissa kissed Diane, thanking her for the gift. Lisa watched as the
heat between the two of them climbed, and their hands began to wander over
each other.
"Ahem! We do have a party tonight.", Lisa said, taping her sandal clad
They all laughed and thanked Diane for her gifts, Lisa protesting that
she shouldn't have spent all that money, until Diane reminded her that it
was her father who ran the McEnnery Milling and Mining company.

Lisa was presented to the guests by her mother and father, both of
them standing proudly to show off yet another beautiful daughter. Melissa
and Diane stood among the guests, clapping loudly. Lisa was escorted among
the guests for a while by her parents, greeting family friends, her school
classmates who could attend, and others who had been invited for the proud
"Lisa,", her father said, "I'm sure you remember Magda."
It hit Lisa that Magda was, in theory, her step-mother, but Magda
wasn't more than 6 years older than herself. She kissed Magda gracefully,
and was slightly surprised at Magda's tongue caressing her lips quickly.
She stood there, staring into the woman's brown eyes, seeing the sensual
side of her up close for the first time.
"Um, yes. It's nice that you could come, Magda.", Lisa said quietly.
"Thank you.", Magda replied in a friendly voice. "I wouldn't have
missed the coming-out party of Theo's prettiest daughter for anything."
"Oh, well thank you.", Lisa replied, a bit stunned by Magda's praise.
Lisa mingled with the others, and found a wine glass when her throat
began to get nervously dry again. She found one of her friends and asked
if she looked as nervous as she felt. Nina told her no, but that she might
just try to relax and let the evening just happen instead of worrying about
it. As Nina spoke of other things a pair of hands slid around Lisa's
waist, pulling in the folds of her gown to caress her sensuously. Lisa
turned her head and looked at Dimitri.
Dimitri was probably the most desirable "hunk" in school, and Lisa had
often fantasized about him, especially after watching him in swim practice.
Lisa remembered the outline that showed in the small briefs he wore in the
pool, and the washboard-like stomach of his.
"You are so lovely.", Dimitri said, holding his lips inches from her
ear. "May your life be filled with pleasures."
"Hmmm, thank you Dimitri.", Lisa managed while she felt his sensual
fingers linger just above her hips.
"Hi Dimitri.", Nina said, smiling at his dark good looks.
"Well Nina,", Dimitri said, "how long do you think she'll last?"
Nina considered this. Dimitri was asking how long Lisa would last once
the party got going and the orgy began. "Longer than either of us thinks.",
Nina answered.
Dimitri chuckled. "No doubt."
Lisa looked across the room and happened to lock eyes with a nice
looking man whom she didn't know. He was listening to Magda, but staring
at Lisa with his dark eyes. Something about him made Lisa breathless, but
she couldn't pin it down. He was not especially handsome, nor tall, nor
muscular. His smile showed that he appreciated looking at her, and his gaze
didn't stray, even after they looked at each other for several moments.
"I'm willing to bet you'll love the entertainment Dimitri.", Nina was
saying, "Right Lisa."
"Um, yeah.", Lisa said, tearing her eyes from the stranger. "I really
don't know what's been planned, but I hear that my folks went all out."
The party small talk continued, and Lisa tried to casually wander over
towards the interesting stranger, but each time someone would stop her to
talk, or he would move away again, talking with another.

The dimming of the lights signaled everyone into the main room, and
Lisa was escorted by Melissa and Diane to her "throne" for the evening.
Some large pillows had been placed around a short couch, and on top of it,
and Lisa sat here comfortably. She had a commanding view of the room, and
everyone could see her. Her parents made a short traditional announcement,
welcoming Lisa into the "adult" world, and how happy they were for her. It
was short and sweet, and then the first entertainers came out.
The first was an athletic young man, wearing only a g-string, juggling
several apples. The music had an eastern flavor, and he finally tossed the
apples to people in the audience. He picked a young lady from the audience
who seemed to be with him anyway, and had her stand in the middle of the
room. She was dressed in a white gown without baring anything. The man
danced around her, like a grouse doing a ritual mating dance. Then, his
hands slid up one of her legs, and he began licking from her ankle to her
knee, sliding the gown up, exposing her firm, tan legs. He stood quickly,
and removed her gown over her head while the girl sank gracefully to the
ground. She spent just a second down, then stood, revealing herself to be
a belly-dancer. The audience "ahhhh'd".
The belly-dancer twirled about the room, and seemed intent on seducing
everyone she danced in front of, even Lisa's father. He seemed to enjoy
her wobbling breasts and her sensual hips. Lisa leaned over to Melissa.
"I'm going to have to go soon.", She said, feeling the wine and drinks
filling her bladder.
"Wait until after she finishes dancing.", Melissa answered.
When the girl finished belly-dancing, Lisa felt flushed and warm. The
girl had openly danced almost at Lisa's feet, making direct eye contact,
moving erotically, sensuously, and at times even lewdly. Lisa could see the
damp line between the girl's legs when she leaned back at times, and knew
that it was her arousal, not the glistening sweat that made her body shine.
Lisa returned from the bathroom with Melissa, and there was a couple
dancing in the room. Each wore little. He wore a leather codpiece and she
wore only a g-string, also leather. Lisa watched, and thought to herself
that the girl's breasts were nicely shaped for this. Large enough to be
sensual, small enough not to hurt afterwards. The music was graceful and
both of them were trim, fit dancers. His hands slid over her body, touch-
ing her here and there. When he lifted one of her legs from behind, Lisa
could see his hand slide up under the girl's thigh and his fingers lightly
touch her pussy.
The next performer was a young lady, doing a very sensual striptease.
By now, people were gently stroking and touching each other around the
room, all except for Lisa who sat alone on her "throne". The girl stripped
down, fully naked and danced around the room. She was well built, with
large, full breasts, rounded hips, and a flat stomach. She danced standing
over Dimitri's smiling face, her pussy gyrating sexually inches from his
nose. People were cheering her on, if they weren't too busy with their
neighbor. Dimitri's hand ran up the girl's leg, and she turned, facing
Lisa, and bent over, exposing her pussy to Dimitri. His hand slid between
her legs and caressed her stomach down to her bush, and she gave a mock
look of surprise, then danced away. Dimitri smiled, and rubbed his fingers
together. This woman danced for several more people, including Diane, and
then finished by writhing on her hands and knees in front of Lisa.
Lisa had expected most of this. It was traditional for the
entertainers to show the "honored" guest that they were desirable. This was
done several ways, but mostly by trying to arouse or seduce them with
dance, song, mime, et cetera.
The lights dimmed and a single bright light from overhead illuminated
the center of the room. Lisa watched, wondering what was about to happen.
Two young women entered the circle of light, holding hands. Both were stark
naked, and their nudity was even more obvious by their skin. Both were fair
skinned blondes, one with short, well styled hair, the other with long,
flowing, golden hair that hung to the middle of her back. The girls faced
Lisa, and she could see that they were, if not identical, twins. Both had
pleasing figures, with full breasts, dark nipples and light brown pubic
The twins bowed from the waist slightly, then turned to each other.
They kissed. There was soft music in the air, and the twins slowly kissed,
touching each other gently, as only two women can do. They embraced and
began exploring each other, doing things that made the audience feel that
they were just beginning to explore each other for the first time. This
went on, and the twins knelt down, kissing and licking each other's face,
ears, and neck, pressing breasts to breasts, belly to belly, squeezing and
massaging each other. Slowly their passions climbed, and the audience was
aware of their desires for each other. The girls formed a 69, and the heat
built in the room. Lisa could feel it too. Her pussy was drenching the
pillow under her, and her nipples were hard. She leaned over to Melissa,
without looking at her big sister.
"They are so hot! I'm soaked.", she whispered. Getting no answer, she
looked at Melissa. Her sister's mouth was open slightly and her eyes were
half lidded. Looking down, Lisa saw that Melissa's right hand was under her
gown, moving furiously over her clit. Lisa felt her pussy squeeze out more
of her cream, and then she realized that even with the strong light on the
twins, she had trouble seeing Melissa next to her.
One of the twins moaned loudly and Lisa returned her attention to
them. The one on top, with the long hair, had thrown her head back and was
shaking visibly as her sister sucked her pussy. She moaned again, then dove
between her sister's legs, tossing her head from side to side. Both began
moaning, arching, writhing against each other like sweaty snakes. They
finished off in a moaning, shuddering climax that left the room feeling
very hot. Lisa felt sweat trickled down between her tits when she applauded
loudly with everyone else.
The lights came up only slightly, and Lisa recognized Ellen and her
boyfriend walk to the middle of the room. From the other side walked James,
a handsome young man who was several years older than Lisa. All were naked.
Ellen stood between them and smiled at Lisa. Lisa's body, already aroused,
was even more aroused by watching people she knew.
Ellen knelt and began sucking both the men's rigid shafts. Neither was
overly large, and she alternated easily between them. Ellen looked right at
Lisa several times, smiling seductively with a "don't-you-wish-you-were-me"
look. After a few moments, she continued on James while her boyfriend knelt
and entered her from behind. He worked in and out of her until she moaned,
then the men changed places. Lisa watched Ellen suck her boyfriend's
glistening cock, slick with her own creams. Lisa's cunt was sopped, and
she now sat back, letting her cream flow down between her cheeks to the
damp pillows. James pounded Ellen hard, making her conical tits slap
together noisily. Ellen took her boyfriend's cock all the way down several
times. Around the room were sounds of people enjoying themselves and if
she looked carefully, Lisa could see the outlines of semi-naked bodies in
various positions. A third young man walked out, naked. James pulled out
and he started fucking Ellen. The third man Lisa knew was James' brother,
John. John's cock was long, but thinner than the others. James reclined and
then Ellen sat on him, still sucking her boyfriend. John moved and slid his
cock into Ellen's butt, and the four of them began to work at climaxing all
at once. Ellen writhed and moaned, all of her holes filled. After a few
long sweaty minutes, her boyfriend came. Ellen gulped most of his cum down
before he pulled out and shot two final spurts on her face. The brothers
groaned a moment later and spurted their cum into her ass and cunt. Lisa
took a deep breath and realized that her pussy throbbed and itched to be
"Are you ready to pick someone yet?", Melissa asked quietly.
"And how!", Lisa said.
"You can get naked you know.", Melissa said. "You've been sitting
there like a lump long enough."
Lisa doffed her gown, exposing her firm, tanned body and sopped cunt.
Melissa saw the glistening wetness on Lisa's ass and thighs.
"Why don't you start with a woman?", Melissa said. "To lick you off."
The lights came up to a soft glow, and around the room many people
were already naked. To Lisa's disappointment, Dimitri had his cock buried
up a busty woman's cunt and was pounding her hard. One of the twins came
over to her, leaving her sister sucking Diane's reddish bush. Lisa cupped
one of her tits and that was all the invitation the blonde needed.
"You're so beautiful.", the blonde gushed, "Let me show you pleasure."
She sucked Lisa's tit, licking around the nipple gently and fingering
Lisa's drenched pussy. In the background, Lisa heard the familiar five-
tones, signaling the beginning of a full fledged orgy.
The blonde turned out to be expert at wringing orgasms from Lisa. Lisa
came at least five times in as many minutes, soaking the girl's face with
her cum-cream. The girl even used her firm tits to fuck Lisa, wetting them
with her juices. The other twin joined a few minutes later, and Lisa
sucked her sweet pussy greedily. The twins found a man to play with after
Lisa had begged for a break, and all around the dimly lit room, people were
enjoying each other. Lisa saw Magda in a torrid sixty-nine with the belly-
dancer while her father fucked the belly-dancer with long, even strokes.
Dimitri was now fucking someone else and Lisa figured she wouldn't get
any of him tonight. She saw the dark-eyed stranger, laying back on a large
pillow and a brunette sucking him. The brunette's ass looked so inviting,
and Lisa went over. She began licking the brunette's slick pussy until she
came. The girl sat up and looked around, and Lisa smiled when she saw that
it was Nina. Then, Lisa's eyes widened.
In Nina's hand was the most beautiful, perfect cock she'd ever seen.
The brown-eyed stranger's cock stood glistening wetly from Nina's mouth,
about eight or eight and a half inches, and thick enough that neither Nina
nor Lisa could get their hand all the way around it. The head was perfect,
even, flaring out gracefully. The shaft was strong and stiff, and his balls
hung low, looking full and sensual.
The man smiled and Lisa bent down, closing her lips around the head.
It was hot in her mouth, and the head was large but not too big. Lisa let
him slide into her mouth slowly, running her tongue over him to explore his
throbbing penis. She took half of him in her mouth, then reversed, sucking
it as she withdrew. Nina's fingers played along the folds of Lisa's cunt,
and her lips closed around Lisa's left nipple, sucking hard. Lisa let go
and enjoyed the sensations.
Lisa sucked, and took as much down her throat as she could, leaving
about one or two inches unclaimed. She licked his balls and sucked his cock
again, and this time she could feel how close he was. Nina turned and
sucked the man's balls gently, then washed them with her tongue. The head
swelled against the back of her mouth, then the shaft did too. Lisa moved
back, holding the head in her mouth, clamping her cunt down on all three of
Nina's fingers.
Lisa thought she heard his cum shooting down his cock. Then, a long
hot stream pulsed into her mouth, flowing like a river. The man moaned, and
then spurted again. The second stream was like the first, hot, thick, and
full. It mixed with the first, forming a pool in Lisa's mouth. A third,
this time even stronger than the first, but shorter. It splashed against
the back of Lisa's mouth. Lisa sank her mouth down now, surrounding his
cock with his hot cum. Two more spurts, both thick and creamy filled her
mouth until her cheeks bulged to get his cock and his cum in there to-
gether. Lisa sat up, sucking his cock clean as she withdrew. Nina was
right next to her, and Lisa took her head in her hands and kissed her,
sharing the man's thick sperm.
Nina's tongue slid over hers, and the thick hot cum slithered back and
forth between their mouths. Nina gave it back and Lisa swallowed, savoring
his slightly salty, somewhat sweet jism. Lisa's lips were slick with it,
as were Nina's. Lisa looked at the brown-eyed man, licked her lips and
smiled. He sat up and pulled her to him, kissing her on the mouth, and
then entering her mouth with his tongue.
Lisa had sucked off her boyfriends before, but none of them wanted to
kiss her afterwards. This man was kissing her afterwards, and it excited
her tremendously. His hands found her breasts and kneaded them gently,
pulling on her nipples just right. To her surprise, his cock was still
hard, and he pulled her up and entered her easily.
They fucked each other hard, his lips and tongue pulling orgasms out
of her by sucking her tits, and his cock filling her cunt just right. Nina
was pulling her cheeks open and licking her anus, and Lisa was floating
from one orgasm to another. The man's cock stretched her pussy just
slightly, just enough to make her feel very tight. And he knew how to
please her with it! Nina slid her finger deep into Lisa's ass, and Lisa
groaned, feeling Nina pressing against the man's cock through her tight
channel. He groaned too, and began slamming her cunt furiously.
"Yes!", Lisa yelped. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"
The man came again, flooding her cunt with his hot, thick cum. Lisa
could feel every squirt, every minute throb of him. She spasmed and came,
sitting on his cock with all her weight.
Nina lifted Lisa off the man's cock and sucked her cum-filled cunt,
drinking his jism from her and lapping her cream. Lisa climaxed twice
more, soaking Nina's pretty face. Lisa laid down on the man, breathing
hard. He too was breathing heavily. Nina kissed Lisa and then moved over
to another couple.
The man, whose name she didn't know, held her tenderly for a few
moments, then excused himself, heading for the guest bathroom. Lisa wanted
to ask him his name at least, but as soon as he was a few feet away,
another guest knelt between her legs.
The woman was in her thirties, blonde, elegantly pretty, and very
oral. She held Lisa's legs apart and began licking her with short, fast
twitches of her tongue. Lisa's stomach jerked as she felt her body
responding, and the woman knew just how to make Lisa hang on the edge of
orgasm. After several aborted peaks, Lisa was ready to cry for a climax.
The woman, sensing this, stood and straddled Lisa's chest.
"Suck me.", she ordered.
Lisa leaned forward, pressing her nose against the well trimmed light
brown bush. She snaked her tongue out and began licking between the woman's
shapely legs. Lisa used her thumbs and pulled the woman's pussy open,
exposing a large, blood-engorged clit. She sucked the bud, making the
woman's hips jerk and rock against her. Something warm dripped on her tits
as Lisa sucked, and Lisa's hips began rocking in a slow, erotic rhythm.
When the blonde came, Lisa could feel the cream dripping onto her tits, and
hear the slurping noises her cunt made with each contraction. The blonde
moved back, sliding off Lisa's body and sprawling on the floor with a
contented smile.
Lisa looked around for her stranger, but could not find him in the
semi-darkness. She got up and moved around, finding Melissa in the middle
of the room. Melissa and Diane were engaged in a four-way fuck and having
fun with it. Her elder sister lay on her back, Diane's reddish-orange bush
grinding away on her mouth while a handsome gentleman slowly fucked her
asshole. Diane was holding Melissa's legs open for one of Lisa's
classmates, Terry, while he slammed into her upturned cunt. Lisa watched
for a moment, until Dimitri showed up. Dimitri wasted no time, pulling Lisa
to the floor next to her sister and then spreading her cheeks. Lisa kept
looking at Diane's red bush rubbing her sister's face, the eroticism of it
not lost on her. Dimitri's cock pressed against her anus and Lisa fingered
herself lightly in order to relax.
Dimitri's cock pushed and slipped into her asshole almost painlessly.
The stretching exercises were paying off, something to thank Melissa for
later. Then Lisa felt her asshole being filled with Dimitri's thick, warm
cock. Her stomach bulged at the full sensation, and her body tightened it's
grip on him. He began moving in ever speedier thrusts, wracking her body
with heavenly sensations.
Lisa leaned down and sucked on Melissa's left tit, pulling the soft,
quivering flesh between her lips as her sister writhed from the hard
fucking she was getting. This spurred both Dimitri and Lisa's classmate
into hard, ramming thrusts. Suddenly Diane cried out.
"I'm cum...cumming...Yes! CUM IN ME!"
Lisa looked up, releasing Melissa's swaying tit. Diane's face was
flushed almost as red as her hair, her hands were cupping and clenching her
tits hard. Her cunt was pressed hard against Melissa's face and wet
sucking noises came from Diane's crotch. The man in her ass pulled her
hips hard, then groaned.
"Fill me! Fill me! OH! It's squirting SO MUCH!", Diane cried.
Lisa had been watching, mouth slack, nipples taut, cunt spasming, and
her asshole pulsing around Dimitri's prick.
"LISA!", a voice called out.
Lisa turned her head towards Terry, who had pulled out of Melissa's
juicy cunt, and she saw his slick, glistening cock inches from her face.
The sperm jumped out, landing on her lower lip and tongue. He moved closer
as he kept spurting. Semen washed her face in hot, thick streams, running
down her neck. Lisa opened her mouth and sucked his cock, feeling the last
few drops trickle out of the head. She sucked briefly and released him,
swallowing his cream so she could breath through her mouth. Dimitri was
still fucking her asshole in long deep strokes.
Diane had crawled off of Melissa, and Lisa looked over to see her big
sister watching her with a glistening smile. Melissa's face was soaked
with Diane's cream which she made no effort to either wipe off or hide.
Lisa's pussy screamed and sent her over the edge. She slid to the floor,
pulling Dimitri down with her asshole. He spread his legs outside hers and
began pumping her butt hard and fast. Lisa cared not, for she was shaking
with continuous climaxes. The taste of sperm in her mouth, the slickness
of her cunt and thighs mixed with the hot reaming her butt was taking to
keep her coming over and over. She felt, barely, Dimitri's cock swelling in
her anal tract, then felt his cock plunge deep and hold there. A second
passed, seeming like an eternity. Then Lisa felt the warmth of his cum
flowing in her, squirting and splashing around in her bowels. Dimitri's
cock jerked and twitched, sending jagged jolts of sexual pleasure through
Lisa's body. When he finally stopped, he slowly withdrew his softening
cock from her tight hole, popping free so suddenly that Lisa had a mini-
"Good show.", Melissa said softly.
Lisa smiled and looked up. Diane and Melissa were both fingering
themselves freely, legs spread, watching Lisa's performance. Lisa felt
well fucked and limp from her long series of orgasms. Her butt felt very
empty now, and her contracting anus made her cunt quiver delightfully.
"Ohhh, fuck! Am I wiped out!", Lisa managed to breathe.
"Oh, come on! It's early yet.", Melissa smiled.
Diane moved around and rolled Lisa over on her back. Lisa was too limp
to protest. Diane began kissing sensitive areas of Lisa's body, avoiding
her much too sensitive clit in favor of inner thighs, arms, sides, and
under Lisa's breasts. Lisa floated on a cloud.
After a while, Lisa felt randy enough to go again, and Diane plunged
her tongue between Lisa's firm thighs. Lisa jerked and smiled as Diane's
red hair caressed her mons and legs. She was nearing a nice, pleasurable
climax when Diane stopped.
Lisa looked to see why, and saw one of her classmates, Caroline,
taking over for Diane. Caroline was very pretty, but in a slim, girlish
way. Her tits were small, just barely B cups, and her hips were slender as
were her legs. Caroline drew her tongue up Lisa's slit, tasting and teasing
as she explored. Diane got up and produced a dildo, which she sucked
before putting it into Caroline's behind. From the way Caroline moaned into
Lisa's sopped cunt, Lisa guessed that Diane had put it up the slim girl's
Lisa turned her head and saw her step-mother, Magda, working on two
cocks while riding a third. She was grinning as she jerked the two men
towards her mouth, and rocking her hips lustily. Magda turned her brown
eyes to Lisa, laughed, and then sucked one of the cocks to it's base. Lisa
watched Magda's pleasantly shaped tits undulate as she milked the cock in
her pussy.
Caroline was shifting around and Lisa looked down between her legs.
Caroline had raised her ass up, and now another classmate, a young latin
man named Roberto, entered her from behind. Caroline's light tan against
his dark, latin skin looked erotic, and Lisa could feel a good orgasm on
the rise.
Lisa looked back at Magda, watching her turn from cock to cock for a
few moments. One man pressed his cock against her cheek hard, and Magda
swung her head around, her mouth open wide, and her lower jaw jutting
forward slightly. Lisa felt her orgasm rising faster as the man's semen
pulsed into Magda's mouth, some of it running down her cheek. Magda milked
his cock with her hand, not quite finishing before the other man demanded
her attention. Magda's head turned again and he splashed her upper lip and
mouth, his cum shooting in fast spurts. Lisa's step-mother closed her
mouth and looked right at Lisa as she jerked both cocks against her cheeks.
Lisa's orgasm began, washing her with wonderful waves. She was still coming
lightly when Magda ground her hips against the man under her. Diane moved
over to Magda, and as the sultry woman stood, fresh sperm dribbled and
dripped from her cunt. Diane licked Magda's cunt and thighs, but Magda
only let her for a few moments. Magda came directly over to Lisa, pulling
Melissa off a sweet blonde's mouth as she approached.
The two women knelt on opposite sides of Lisa, and Melissa moved
Lisa's head back, telling her to open her mouth. Lisa did, watching as
Magda and Melissa kissed over her, sharing the thick sperm. The women
pulled apart slowly, letting it drool into Lisa's open mouth. Lisa began to
climax again, feeling the shared semen on her lips and tongue. Magda kissed
her first, followed by Melissa. All three of them kissed and licked Lisa's
tongue as the warm, salty jism slicked their mouths and faces. Caroline
chose that moment to shove four of her fingers up Lisa's drenched pussy,
and Lisa came in long shuddering waves. Her sister and step-mother sucked
her big nipples.
Roberto dumped his thick, hot latin cum into Caroline's pussy, and she
climaxed, her moans making Lisa's clit vibrate all the way to her brain.
Lisa kept shaking as Caroline pulled her hand out of Lisa, licking the
creamy syrup from her fingers.
Lisa felt tired, satisfied, yet still hungry for more. It was a good
thing, since several people had planned a surprise. It was to be executed
Magda and Melissa moved away. So did Caroline and Roberto. Lisa closed
her eyes and lay there, waiting for the next celebrant, not caring that no
one was touching her. She felt the presence of others nearby, close, but
made no effort to look.
Many of the men were standing or kneeling around Lisa now, with a
woman behind them, stroking or jerking their cocks towards the resting
Lisa. Long moments went by. One minute turned into two, then three. Lisa
sighed and licked her lips, her tongue licking a glob of sperm from her
upper lip. That's when it began to rain.
The man nearest Lisa's face came, the girl jerking him off right at
Lisa's cheek. Lisa jerked at the warm spurt, then lay still, letting his
sperm flow down her neck. She turned her head to see who it was, and was
surprised to see herself surrounded. It began raining cum. Cocks were
spurting freely, sending white streams of jism this way and that. They
landed on her stomach, and on her tits. Thick gushes from a man between her
outstretched legs washed her cunt-lips like a faucet. Semen flowed over
her face and lips, trickling down her neck. One man on either side lightly
touched their cocks to her nipples and then flooded her tits with their
sperm. Lisa's arms were pulled wide, and the twin blondes rubbed her palms
against their slippery pussies, coating them with their creamy juices.
As everyone sat back afterwards, Melissa told Lisa to stand up. Lisa
sat up, feeling the cum running all over her body. The lights came up
fully, and Lisa saw that someone had been recording the scene with a video
camera. Lisa looked down at her cum sodden body, then back at the camera.
The sperm dripped from her chin, and her hair was slick with sweat and cum.
Diane walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. Then Diane began to
writhe, spreading the jism over both their bodies. The cameraman moved in,
and Diane drew her lips back from Lisa, strands of sperm connecting their
lips. Diane stepped back with a similar effect, then began rubbing her
face between Lisa's large, sperm soaked breasts. One of the twin blondes
parted Lisa's cheeks and began licking Lisa's asshole and finger-fucking
Lisa with three fingers. When Lisa came quickly, they helped her back to
her "throne", placing her arms along the back of the sofa, spreading her
legs, and licking her pussy once before standing back.
Lisa smiled weakly for the cameraman, waved, and the giggled.
"What time is it?", Lisa asked.
"Five 'til midnight.", someone called out.
Not too bad, Lisa's party had gone on for almost six hours, with the
orgy being five of them. No wonder she was tired.
"Remember that saying about your first night?", Melissa asked.
Indeed, Lisa did remember. An old adage said that what ever you were
doing at midnight on your first night would influence how your life was
spent. Diane came over and began sucking Lisa's tits. The twins took each
of Lisa's hands and began fucking themselves with them. A cock was offered
to her mouth and one was put into her pussy. Several men joined with the
twin blondes, fucking their assholes while Lisa fingered them. It was
getting crowded on the sofa, but one more man joined in, jerking off
towards Lisa's tits. The remaining guests were counting down the minutes,
then the seconds.
Like a New Year's eve party, they began chanting from twenty as a
group. Lisa's pussy was contracting around a thick cock, and her fingers
were buried in the twin blondes. Diane alternated between sucking cock and
sucking her nipples hard. Lisa's mouth was being fucked shallowly and
Lisa was about to come, and she could feel the cocks in her mouth and
pussy swelling. The blonde twins were already creaming her hands
tremendously, and Diane was biting her nipples roughly.
It started deep in her belly, and began convulsing her body in hard
waves. Her orgasm caused her cunt to grip the cock like a vise and she
could feel it engorge and spread against her grip.
Cum gushed into her mouth and cunt simultaneously. Sperm flooded over
her slick chest, and her fingers were being gripped by tight, twin pussies
as sperm filled the butts of the blondes. People were cheering and
clapping as Lisa swallowed thick globs of jism. Diane was lapping sperm
from her tits, wantonly fingering her cunt as she too climaxed.
Everyone slowly disentangled and lay back, leaving Lisa on her
"throne" with only Diane's head on her thigh. The camera moved in and
recorded her exhaustion. After Lisa caught her breath, she waved to the
camera, and blew it a kiss. She tasted her fingers, then wiped at her tits
as if she'd only discovered the thick coating of sperm on her. The
cameraman said "Terrific!" and lowered the camera.
It was the man with the dark eyes who'd intrigued her earlier. People
began taking turns queuing up for showers. Some used the one outside by the
pool, while others used the guest bathroom. Magda came over, her hair
still wet from he shower, and offered Lisa a glass of wine and a plate of
food. Lisa relaxed, letting Magda feed her and Diane.
"That's the hottest debutante orgy I've ever seen.", the cameraman
said. "You're absolutely great, especially on video!"
"Er..How much did you film?", Lisa asked.
"The whole thing from start to finish.", He smiled, "Look." He
pointed around the room to where miniature cameras had been discreetly
hidden. "The state of the art remotes. They transmit to my van outside. I
can edit the tapes together to show the best scenes."
"It was your mother's idea.", Lisa's father said. "She wanted you to
have a remembrance of your first night."
"She DID!?", Lisa asked, not believing.
Her father nodded solemnly. "We did get some of Melissa's on tape, but
we wanted to make sure we got all of yours. Ask your sister to show it to
you sometime, now that you're old enough."
People began leaving after their showers, all of them saying good-bye
to Lisa, and telling her what a great orgy it was. Finally, after the last
guests had paid their tributes, Melissa and Diane led Lisa to her bedroom.
"I really need a shower.", Lisa said. Then, giggling, she added,
"Probably more than anyone who was here. I hope there's hot water left."
"No shower.", Diane said softly.
Lisa looked at her quizzically.
Melissa smiled. "We're going to sleep with you tonight, and lick you
Lisa looked at each of them, seeing that they were both smiling, but
serious about it.
"We agreed last week.", Diane said. "We've both wanted you for a long
time and we're not going to be denied, especially when you're so yummy
right now!"
Lisa let herself be placed on her bed, and both her sister and friend
began tonguing her body. It was sensual, loving, caring, and very very
erotic. Both used their tongues, flat and wide, to lick her off, cleaning
the cum from her body, even from around her anus. Lisa climaxed once more,
then fell into a light, dreamy slumber. Diane and Melissa ate each other
until they were sated, then curled up on either side of Lisa.

The following morning, Lisa was a sticky mess. She crawled over
Diane, and trotted into the adjoining bathroom. While the water ran to get
warm, she saw Diane and Melissa embrace and kiss, then curl up and go back
to sleep. Lisa stepped into the shower and washed herself off. She
shampooed her hair twice to get all the semen and pussy cream out of it.
She came out of the shower refreshed, drying off and wrapping the towel
around her hair. She went back into her room, the other girls just
relaxing and watching her.
"You don't have to dress.", Melissa said. "Mom is spending the day at
George's place. Besides, we might have fun today."
Lisa felt a little bewildered. Sex had been talked about, even classes
in sexual etiquette and anatomy at school. But she hadn't been allowed open
access to how adults treated sex, or when and where.
"Well, I'm starving.", Lisa remarked. "You two can lounge around all
day, but I want to get some breakfast."
They settled breakfast with Lisa saying that she'd cook it while Diane
and Melissa showered. Lisa made eggs, waffles and toast, hot Jamaican
coffee, sausage, bacon, and orange juice. She was glad there was a full
pantry since she felt like eating it all. Melissa and Diane arrived just
as Lisa was putting the last of the eggs on plates. The girls wore their
best smiles and nothing else. Lisa looked at them and grinned.
After breakfast, Lisa was glad for her nudity. No belt or buttons to
undo to let her full stomach relax. Melissa and Diane cleaned the kitchen
while she relaxed.
"It's about time to show her.", Melissa said.
"Show me what?", Lisa asked.
They both turned around, showing off their shaved pussies. Lisa could
clearly see both clits, protruding pink buttons. She gasped, and Diane
came closer. Lisa had to touch the redhead. It felt smooth, soft, and sexy.
"I like it!", Lisa said.
They took her quickly to the shower, before she changed her mind. In
just a few minutes she was as bare as they were. The three of them landed
in Lisa's bed and ate each other until they had wrung several orgasms each
out of another. Lisa lay there while Diane and Melissa showered again,
toying the twin dildos in her ass and cunt. She felt so sexual, so alive!
Melissa came back, drying her hair.
"C'mon, get up lazy.", Melissa said. "Or don't you remember what today
Lisa shook her head. "Jamie's orgy starts at four. And I understand
that besides her, the three of us and the twins are going to be the only
girls out of thirty five people!"
Lisa smiled, removed the dildos, and went to the shower. Diane was
just finishing. "You're going to be a big hit at the party tonight!" Diane
"Why's that?", Lisa asked.
"Didn't Melissa tell you?", she asked.
"What? Six girls to twenty-nine guys?", Lisa replied.
"No, not that.", Diane's eyes sparkled. "Jamie's fantasy is to sit on
your face while they all cum on you both! And she has those little tits,
and yours are so nice and big. I think you're going to need another shower
Lisa laughed. "Really? She wants ME to eat her?"
Diane nodded. "Yep. Did I mention that she has a two inch clit?"
Lisa's eyes widened. "No shit!?"
Diane giggled. "Yeah. I thought you'd like that."
Lisa did.

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