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The Young Gymnast Part 2

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
The Young Gymnast Part 2

He decided to do her torso next. He wanted to prolong the
undressing of this goddess as long as possible. As she con-
tinued to hang with her legs apart, he made a circular cut a
couple of inches below the base of her breasts to just a few
inches above her pubic bone, which was thrust out by her
position. Now he could see her creamy, white belly, flat and
toned. Her belly button was elongate in this position. He
told her to continue with the exercises. He stopped her
occasionally to examine her flat, white tummy, still covered
pubic area and exposed armpits.

When she got into a position where her shoulders were bent
over the upper bar he shouted freeze. She looked uncomfort-
able, but complied. In this position, her back was to the
bar and she was holding her feet behind her. This thrusted
out her chest and was the perfect opportunity to expose her
breasts. Her nipples were hard from the cold air of the gym,
so he knew exactly where to cut. He tried to guess the color
of her nipples. Soon he would know. He pulled the material
toward him at the nipple, being careful not the squeeze it.
He tried to gauge how much to cut, taking into account her
taut position and the stretchiness of the lycra. He wanted a
cut that would end in a circle at the base of her breasts.
Since he didn't know the true shape of them, he cut on the
assumption that they were exactly to his taste. He was not
disappointed. When he let go of the cut material it returned
to her thrusted chest and came to rest at the base of her
budding, flattened mound. Before allowing himself to examine
his prize, he made an identical cut for the other breast.
Now he could take his time. As the girl lay with her back
over the upper bar with her arms stretched over her head
back to hold her tiny feet, he could examine in minute
detail what was exposed for his pleasure. Her small round
face was pointing up and back so for the first time he could
see her slim neck and follow the white skin down to the neck
opening in the leotard. Next he focused on her thin,
slightly muscled arms. He even examined the fine white
blonde hairs on her forearms, barely perceptible except
under his minute search. He followed the arms with his eyes
inch by inch to the wide open armpits, now stretched more
than ever. The tiny hairs were now standing on end and he
could see rivulets of sweat running off the armpits because
of the difficulty the girl was having holding the position.
He allowed himself another deep sniff. Finally he reached
the newly exposed area - those flattened, firm breasts. The
nipples were how he imagined them to be for a girl so fair
and blonde. They were only a few shades darker and pinker
than the white skin of her breast. Although it seemed impos-
sible, the skin of her breasts was even whiter than the skin
on her face and flat tummy since her breasts had never been
exposed to the tanning rays of the sun. The nipples were
surprisingly large, certainly because of the cool air making
them hard, but not out of proportion with the areolas. Those
light pink areolas were about the size of a quarter. The
nipples like small ball bearings. He wanted to touch them to
see how firm her breast were. Maybe later. He wondered if
her breasts would be the same wide-based mound shape when
she was not stretching. Many girls breasts look great when
their arms are above their heads or they thrusted out their
chests, but for him the perfect breasts had to be firm
mounds in any position, even bending over. One last look at
her flat, firm tummy with it's elongated belly button and he
told her to dismount.

The next exercises were on the horse. This was a padded beam
about four feet long and one foot wide and four feet off the
ground. There were two loops on the ends you were supposed
to hold on to as you swing your feet in the air. As she
walked over to the beam, he watched her breasts for any
signs of sag or bounce. There was none, attesting to their
firmness. She mounted the horse and began by raising her-
self off the beam and stretching her legs far apart, then
back together. It was a pleasure to watch her muscled legs
open and close. At one part of the exercise she put one leg
in each of the loops at the extremes of the horse and leaned
backwards until her head was just above the ground. It was a
position he was waiting for to expose the final trophy she
had to offer. Now he was going to unwrap it. He yelled out

In this position, her legs were stretched impossibly wide
and her pubic bone was thrust high into the air by her firm
ass which rested on the horse's padded surface. Although she
was hanging uncomfortably upside down, he took his time exa-
mining her lycra covered mound, trying to imagine the treas-
ure within. He decided to cut more of her outfit in prepara-
tion for the final revelation. As she hung upside down with
her arms over her head and her body taut, he snipped along
the seam from her thigh to her armpit on both sides. The
front of the outfit stayed in place, since it was stretched
over her body and held together by one last seam at her
crotch. Now, if he wanted, he could have peeked under the
material to see an uninterrupted view of her creamy,
stretched skin from her neck to her pubic bone, but he was
too excited at the prospect of the final cut. He went back
to the front of the horse and again examined her lycra
covered pubic mound. The material had a small wet spot
where he guessed it covered her vagina. He assumed it was
just sweat, but could it be that she was just a little
turned on by what was happening? He thought she had agreed
to this just a little too easily. The outfit had worked
it's way into her crack, pulling the material away from her
legs and exposing a strip of skin on the edges of her
crotch. He could already see that the skin color here was
like her breasts, a pale white. Now was the moment of truth.
He gingerly extracted the material from her crotch just at
the seam along the bottom of the outfit being very careful
not to touch her skin. Still, she shuddered at his touch
through the material. He pulled it just far enough to get
his scissors in along the seam. The material, like her body,
was stretched to the limit. He held his breath, closed his
eyes and snipped. The bottom of the gymnastics outfit just
fell to the horse, since it was held in place by her ass.
The top, however, snapped like a rubber band, which essen-
tially it was. It flew over the entire length of her body
and was now hanging from her neck onto the floor. Without
opening his eyes, he knew from the sound that this perfect
body was now totally open, stretched, and nude (except for
her back and ass) for his inspection. Now all secrets he had
fantasied about at the beach when watching the young girls
in their tight bathing suits would become his reality, made
even more exciting by the girl whose attributes were, in his
mind, total perfection. He opened his eyes and, for the
second time, almost came in his pants. Spread before him
was a perfection. Light pink lips pulled apart by her
outstretched legs gave him a clear view of her gaping cunt
hole, glistening with moisture, about the diameter of a
dime. He was sure that if she were not a virgin, the hole
would have been stretched open more, but since nothing had
ever crossed that threshold, he knew it would be small and
incredibly tight. Yet, he was encouraged by the gaping lips
made possible by the incredible flexibility of this gymnast.
It meant that there was a possibility that she could actu-
ally stretch wide enough for him to get his penis into her,
something he had assumed even in his fantasies was not pos-
sible with a 12 or 13 year old girl. But this was not a
typical girl. This was a gymnast and was used to stretching
all boundaries of flexibility. Alas, he was sure that no
amount of money would entice her to have sex with him. In
fact, at her age she was probably grossed out by the
thought. Well, on with the inspection. He could take his
time knowing that with her head hanging backwards over the
horse she could not see what he was doing. He was more
relaxed, and at the same time excited, knowing that she
could not tell what he was doing, as long as he didn't touch
her. Still, he didn't want her to pass out as the blood
rushed to her head.

He was sure that if he had a flashlight he could have seen
all the way up to her hymen. Then he considered another pos-
sibility. He knew that many gymnasts tore their hymens as a
result of stretching. In this case, hers would have been
gone long ago. What a wonderful thought, to fuck a virgin
without the blood or pain of tearing her hymen! In that case
he imagined that with his flashlight he might be able to see
all the way to her cervix. He moved his attention to the
area at the top of her splayed cunt lips. There before him
was the most singularly sensitive spot on the young girls
body. Her clitoris was a tiny nub, a bit smaller than her
nipples but a deeper red than the surrounding area. It was
obviously engorged to a certain extent by the girl's ner-
vousness or excitement. The desire to lick it was overwhelm-
ing, but for now he restrained himself. Until he brought his
gaze up to the level of her pubic mound, he had forgotten
that all of the area between her thighs and her vagina was
as hairless as the day she was born. He lowered his gaze
once more to examine closely for hair follicles, a sign that
she shaved her pubic area for the sake of her gymnastics
outfit or bathing suit. Even though he had asked if she
shaved down there, he wanted to test her honesty. He could
not find even a single hair or follicle in the entire area.
He returned his gaze to her pubic mound. What he saw was
magnificent. Her pubic mound had a small patch of straight,
fine blonde hairs covering an area of about a square inch.
The hairs were so sparse that he could almost count them.
The color was identical to the color of the hairs in her
armpits, which were virtually the same white blond as the
hair on her head. He was astounded that what he thought was
possible only in his fantasies - that a blonde girl's pubic
hair could be the same texture, color, and straightness as
the hair on her head. He assumed that the hairs were fine
and not coarse by careful examination. Of course, if he
could touch them with his tongue he would know for sure. He
had one last thing to do before unfreezing her. He moved his
nose as near as he could, without touching, to her gaping
vagina and inhaled deeply. He almost passed out from the
intoxicating aroma of this tender teen's virginal pussy
juices. Not at all like a women's. Not even like that of an
older teenager. Much more delicate. A slightly musky blend
of pussy juices and sweat. He instructed her to get up and
dismount the horse.

She stood before him, her face red from hanging upside down
for such a long time. Her shredded outfit laid over her
chest and came down to just above the bottom of her breasts,
now in it's unstretched state. He had to touch her from now
on, so he made another offer. If I gave you $100, would you
let me touch you? As she thought about it, he became more
depressed with the thought that she might say no. She
thought about how many weeks of lessons she could get with
the $100, and she could be doing them in her brand new out-
fit. She was scared that he would hurt her, but he had kept
his word about not touching her so far, considering all the
opportunities he had so far. She also had to admit that she
was turned on a bit by all of the attention he was paying to
what she felt was her unattractive body. She was always
being teased by the other girls about looking like a boy. At
times, when she wore loose clothing, adults had mistaken for
a boy. Here was a man who was worshiping her body. She even
gave a fleeting thought that this man could teach her about
sex. Most of her friends had already seen a boy's penis.
Others had talked about how nice it was to masturbate. One
girl her age had even been fucked by a boy. Her mother, on
the other hand, had convinced her that something bad would
happen if she ever played "down there," which is why she had
never experimented. The man was certainly not unattractive,
and he was very gentle and kind. Would he teach her about
sex? She convinced herself that he had no interest in her
sexually. He just wanted to look and touch. Oh, well. She
told him ok. He was shocked. He thought for sure she would
say no. He took out $100 and gave it to her. She quickly put
it away in her purse. She came back to and stood in front of
him on the vinyl exercise mat.

Continued in Part 3
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