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Jamie's Lust Part 18 (m/m, young)

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

The following story, the continuation of Jamie's Lust, is a fiction
story involving homosexuality, young boys, and one young boy's
homosexual coming of age. If these types of stories offend you or
your community standards, exit now and do not continue reading.

If you are under the age of 18, or under the age in your town,
city, state, providence, country, or galaxy to read adult stories of
this nature, exit now and do not continue reading.

Jamie's Lust is a fictional story. None of the characters are real.
Any similarities between these characters and real people, living,
dead, or yet to be born, is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for the reading pleasure of adults. Fan Cha
Phaw does not condone the activities of the actors within this
story. Fan Cha Phaw does not advocate the breaking of any law
known to mankind.

Fan Cha Phaw can be reached at Please
remember that all repost requests, comments, and discussion
belong on, and not on the story thread. Help keep
the story thread clean by posting all non stories to the discussion

Jamie's Lust
Part 18

Jamie gasped silently when he walked into the shower. He was
happy that it was large, which gave the boys a lot of room to
spread out. He glanced quickly from one end of the room to the
other, and all that he saw were naked boys. His heart skipped
several more beats. Although the boys were all pretty much the
same age, each of them were different. Some were circumcised,
some were not. Some had a fairly healthy patch of hair on top of
their penises, and a few were totally bald. There were kids with
"huge" penises and low hanging testicles, and others with tiny
sprouts, and balls which looked as if they had not yet descended.

Realizing that he had already spent too much time standing there
checking out the other boys, Jamie blushed and headed for an
open shower head. After rinsing himself down a bit, he turned
with his back to the wall, so that he could watch the other boys
while he washed himself. The boy noticed that several of the other
boys did the same thing, while a few of the shy ones had their
fronts almost touching the wall in front of them.

Jamie's eyes meet those of other boys who were engaged in the
same boy watching that he was. He blushed several times when
he realized that a boy that he was staring at was checking him out
as well. The more that Jamie looked around, the more that he
realized that almost every boy in the shower was engaged in the
same activity, they were checking each other out!

To be naked in the shower with a bunch of other boys was a
unique experience for many of them. Things had changed from
the 1950's, 60's, and 70's, when boys were required to dress and
undress in front of each other during gym. Requiring that boys
take showers after gym was also a thing of the past.

It seemed that the boys of the 1990's were very uptight about their
bodies. Many would come to school on gym days with their gym
shorts under their clothes, so that they would not have to undress.
Many of the boys would have something else on under their gym
trunks so that the least amount of their bodies possible were
showing. After gym not one boy would bother taking a shower.
They would put their street clothes on over their gym clothes and
go off to their next class.

Jamie was not sure why other boys were so shy about their
bodies, but he knew that being there in a shower with almost
twenty other naked boys was something which did not happen
every day in his world. Looking around at all of the different
naked bodies, however, he decided that he would be very much
into gym if this happened every day.

Jamie's eyes almost bulged out from his head, when looking over
into a corner, he watched a boy with a fair amount of hair and a
large penis soaping himself up. The kid had the bar of soap in one
hand, and he was rubbing it over the length of his penis, while
holding his genitals up with the other hand. This was not so
remarkable in itself, as this is probably the way that most boys
washed their genitals. What was remarkable, was that the boy was
beginning to grow erect.

Several of the other boys noticed the kid, and giggles could be
heard throughout the shower. The kid who was into soaping
himself knew that he was being watched, but this did not seem to
bother him one bit. When his penis reached its, almost, six inch
length, he looked around at the other boys watching him and
smiled sheepishly.

When no one really balked at the fact that the kid had soaped
himself to a hard-on, and was standing there with his erection out
in front of him for everyone to see, a few other brave ones
reached their soapy hands down to their groins, and began
soaping themselves as well.

As the minutes passed, more and more of the boys had their hands
on their dicks. A few had quickly accomplished their goals, and
they stood their with their erections sticking out from between
their soapy fists. The shy boys blushed from head to foot
seeing all of the hard-ons around them, and pushed themselves
even closer to the walls. The majority of the boys, however,
decided to show themselves off as well, and when all was said
and done, all but about two or three kids were showing off their

Jamie was one of the boys who had no problem getting his penis
erect. He, and a few others, were the ones who did not have to
even touch themselves for their hard-ons to pop out. As soon as
Jamie had seen the first boy erect, his own penis began to stir.
When other boys followed suit and began stroking themselves
hard, Jamie's penis took over and sprung up to its full length.

Things were extremely quiet in the shower. Boys were silently
stroking themselves, every once in a while releasing their penises
and letting others see how big they were. Every one of the boys
scanned over the bodies of the other boys, getting their full of the
others bodies. Even the shier boys could not resist looking around
at the other boy's bodies. When one of them moved away from
the wall, smiles and giggles bounced off the walls. The boy's
almost immature erection was sticking straight out in front of him.

Encouraged by the once shy boy, the other two stepped away
from the walls as well, to show that they had not been unaffected
by the display of hard-ons. It became unanimous. Every boy in
the shower was erect, and now that there were no hold outs, the
gazing from body to body was more out in the open.

Jamie was pleased to see that there were no cruel comments or
giggles about other boy's bodies. Even the boys with the
immature bodies and erections were checked out, and no
comments were made on them having baby dicks or the likes.

The scout leader sat in the gym office happy with the first
meeting. He realized that he had a good group of kids. He was
pleased to see that they had not responded badly to kids who were
not as athletic as the others. He noticed that the showers were
unusually quiet, considering that there were twenty odd boys in
them. He wanted, more than anything, to be out there by the
showers watching them as they bathed, however, he knew that
there would be time for that in the future. Just to get the kids
naked and in the shower was an accomplishment. He decided that
they needed time to get use to being naked in front of each other
before he began watching them while they were naked. If they
became comfortable running around naked with each other, they
would accept him on the scene when they were naked.

The man's mind filled with possibilities of why it was so quiet in
the showers. His deepest fantasy was that the boys were all
wrapped up in sex with each other, and stayed quiet so that they
would not alert him to that fact. His own penis grew erect thinking
about it. At first when the local businessmen approached him,
asking him if he would lead a scout troop, he refused. It was not
that he did not like boys, that was far from the reason. He loved

The man had realized that having twenty young boys in his
charge, often overnight or longer would be a little too much
temptation. He had heard about scout leaders who became
involved with their kids in the past, and that thought scared the
hell out of him. When he finally agreed to the job, he realized that
if he could get them to be comfortable naked with each other, he
would at least be able to enjoy looking at their bodies.

Deep inside, however, the man realized that out of twenty odd
boys, the chances that one or more would be willing to explore
sex with a man, and that they would be discrete about it was
good. Looking over the roster of names, the man wondered who
those boys would be. There were several who went beyond
handsome; they were beautiful.

The man settled back into his chair, and let his hand wander down
over his covered erection. He wanted to go out to check on the
boys, just in case things got out of hand, however, he decided
against that. He would see them naked later. Now they had to get
use to each other, and they had to do it alone, no matter what the

The man though back to the only boy that he had ever had sex
with. It happened quite by accident, and was something which
still scared the hell out of him. There was probably no chance that
the boy would ever meet him again, however, he still shuddered
thinking about what would happen if they did meet, or if the boy
had told someone and then he saw the man.

He had been driving one night during the summer, going a few
cities away to visit a friend. It was about nine o'clock when he
spotted something on the side of the road. He slowed down a little
as he passed by. It was a young boy with a nap sack hanging
down from one of his hands. The kid looked really young, and
scared to be out all alone at night.

At first the man passed by the boy, but as he drove on a little more
he started to think. He turned around and drove back past the boy
again. Once he had gone far enough past him, he turned around
once more and drove up to the boy again. He noticed as he neared
the boy that the kid half had his out his hand to stop him. That was
enough for him. The kid wanted, or needed a ride, however, he
was not sure how to go about it.

The man stopped in front of the boy, and rolled down his
window. After looking the man over, the boy walked closer to the
car. He asked the man if he could give him a ride to the next city,
where he lived. The man agreed, pulled the boy's nap sack into
the car through his window, and told the boy to go around to the
passenger side and get in.

The first few minutes were awkward, as the two talked. The boy
was shy, and probably a little scared. When the man talked nice to
him, and seemed concerned that he was out alone, the boy
confided in him and told him that he had ran away from summer
camp, and was going home. The man also learned that the boy's
name was Timmy, and that he was nine years old.

Timmy told the man that he hated camp, and missed his mom and
dad. The man decided to make the kid feel better. and told him that
he had run away from camp a few times as well, and that he
understood what he felt. The boy smiled when the man told him
that, and from that moment on the boy was friendlier and more

The man noticed that they were nearing the next city, and he knew
that he wanted to spend more time with the boy. Holding his
breath for the boy's answer, he asked him if he wanted to drive
around for a little before he brought him home and talk about
camp and things. The boy hesitated for a moment, which scared
the man, but then he smiled and said that he would like that.

The two drove around for a while, and finally found a quiet place
to stop so that they could talk more. The two shared funny camp
stories, and soon they were both laughing loudly. The man turned
the conversation to sex, and little by little began to share little bits
and pieces of sex stories from his childhood at camp.

At first the boy was quiet and did not join in on that conversation,
but eventually he warmed up and told of a few sexual adventures
that he had had himself. After a few more minutes of camp sex
talk, the two were openly sharing stories. The man had got the
boy to admit that he had enjoyed some of his experiences. Timmy
told him that when an older boy had sucked him for the first time,
he thought that it was the best feeling in the world.

Eventually the man decided to give what was on his mind a try.
He told the boy that he had also enjoyed being sucked, and that he
had liked sucking his friends as well. With a little sigh and a sad
look on his face, he told the boy that he missed all of that. He told
the boy that now that he was an adult, he wasn't able to do that.
He told Timmy that it made him sad because he had always liked
sucking boy's penises.

The man thought that Timmy had ignored his comments, as he
went on talking about other things. His heart, however, jumped
when a few minutes later the boy went silent again, and then in a
low voice told the man that he could suck him if he wanted, and if
it would make him happy.

The man perked up, and smiled widely at the young boy. He
asked if the boy was serious, and to show that he was, Timmy
unzipped his pants, and pulled out a small erection. The man
could not believe his eyes, or his luck. He told the boy that he
wanted nothing more to suck on his penis, but that he was afraid
that he would tell someone, and that he would get into trouble.
The boy told him that he wouldn't tell, and to show that he wasn't
lying, he would suck the man's penis as well.

The man could not believe his ears, or his eyes. Here was a nine-
year-old boy he had just met, sitting in his car, with his penis out
of his pants offering it to him to suck, and promising to suck him
as well to show that he wouldn't tell.

The man smiled at the young boy, and ruffled his hair, telling him
how happy sucking his penis would make him. He bent down in
the seat, and lowered his head to the boy's lap. Because the boy
was so small, it would be difficult to suck his penis really good
with it just sticking out of his pants, however, he decided to take it
one step at a time. He knew that once he sucked the boy, and the
boy sucked him, getting him naked would be easy.

The man moaned with pleasure as his lips found the boy's hard
little penis. As he wrapped his lips around the tiny head, he
sighed. Finally he found what he had been looking for, a boy who
would let him suck him. The man eagerly sucked the small boy's
penis into his mouth, savoring the smooth young erection, hoping
that the boy would not stop him before he had his fill.

End Part 18

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