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Junior Sex Club

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Junior Sex Club

1 - Introduction to the Dance.

The story below relates a tremendous change in life styles for
involving a sudden jump into the wild, wonderful world of juvenile sex and
incest. It all started one bright sunny Monday morning in July. I was home
from work taking a couple of comps and enjoying just being lazy.
My thoughts were very much on the events of yesterday. My wife, Sue, had
astounded me some weeks earlier when she announced that she wanted us all to
visit a nudist resort near here. She claimed that she'd heard a lot of good
things about it from her friends and felt that at least it would give us all a
chance to develop great all-over tans.
Hardly a prude, I still had to give it a bit of thought before agreeing.
The idea of being naked among a bunch of adults was not too my
wife and I had often been part of a swing group in college and we had attended
a few dandy naked orgies in the woods. It was the prospect of being naked with
my kids.
We ran a pretty loose household and I'd often enough caught glimpses of
them naked, but Mindy was now eleven and just starting to develop sexually.
What would she think of such a visit? Nine year old Polly and four year old
Suzy wouldn't give it a thought, I suspected.
Sue brought it up over breakfast and much to my surprise, the girls all
agreed to give it a try. That was on a Friday and the following morning we
were all in the car and driving under a warm, cloudless sky to the resort.
When we got there the gate was opened by a tall, statuesque naked woman with a
bushy brown pussy mat and large well-shaped breasts. She welcomed us, signed
us in, and told us where to find our campsite.
As we parked and unloaded the camping gear, a party of twenty or so
naked girls and boys ran down the road. The girls old enough to have tits
wiggled them wildly as they ran and the effect gave me an immediate erection
which I tried vainly to hide as I unwrapped the tent.
"Dirty old man," Sue whispered to me as she helped me, "I saw that
boner. What are you going to do when you're naked?"
"Damned if I know," I muttered, "maybe this wasn't such a good idea
after all."
"Nonsense...the magazines at Adele's house say that men's erections
hardly ever happen once the man is naked...and the hidden aspect is gone," she
laughed. "Let's test it...come on girls...let's get naked."
Hardly had she said that when little Suzy peeled off her shorts and
panties...and stood there naked below the waist struggling with her shirt. I
have to admit that I felt a twinge in the old prick as I watched her slender,
sleek body emerge from beneath her clothing. On the verge of puberty at nine,
her body displayed emerging hips, a smooth chest and a more defined pussy
mound...the latter showing the edge of her prepuce wedge between the
protruding hairless lips. She turned and half squatted to pick up her
clothing, revealing the entirety of her naked pussy lips between the slender
thighs. As she bent over, her lips parted to give me just the merest glimpse
of the brighter pinkness of her inner slit.
'Get a grip, boy,' I told myself as I stood beside Sue and pulled off my
shirt. Sue already was topless and was in the process of unzipping her jeans.
A few paces away from us Mindy had stripped to her panties. I glanced her way
as I dropped my shorts and gasped to see her slip her panties to her ankles
and stand erect. She was innocently lovely as she stood there in the bright
sunlight. Naked, Mindy stretched, arching her body and further accenting her
long slender legs, her narrow hips, her flat belly with that full swell of a
pussy mound. Her graceful motions flattened her belly even more and drew
attention to her deep cunt slit with the slightly protruding cunt lips and
prepuce, and her body's sleekly flat child's nudity. 'Shit!' I said to myself
as I peeled off my undershorts and fought my cock's need to erect. I turned
away from Mindy and found myself looking at my naked wife. With a powerful
inner struggle, I managed to defeat the demon in my loins and regained
control. At Sue's suggestion, the girls ran off to investigate the swimming
pool and the two of us were alone with the unruly tent.
"Well...what do you think?" she said with a wicked grin.
"Think...about what?"
"Your pretty little the nude?" she replied with a giggle.
"They're growing up fast."
"They certainly are...and it's pretty evident, but right now I think
we'd better get this tent up."
The remainder of the day went by without incident, except for the
abundance of fine pussy of all ages around me and my continuing urge to rise
to all my rampant glory. With sunset and the cool of the night, the naked
flesh around us gradually disappeared under clothing again.
Night fell and at last the girls showed signs of wanting to go to sleep,
so we all turned in. There was just one tent for us to share. Sue and I were
on one side in a double sleeping bag, while Suzy slept next to us. On the
other side, perhaps five feet away, Mindy and Polly shared another double
sleeping bag. The thick canvas filtered the light till there was just the
merest illumination when the flaps were dropped.
There were yawns all around as I watched the girls strip to nakedness
again and slip into their sleeping bags. Sue and I did the same moments later.
"Goodnight, girls," Sue said, snuggling up tight against me, her hands
dropping to my soft cock. Startled by her sudden boldness, I felt my prick
leap to the hardness that had been denied it all day long!
"Watch it, " I whispered, my hands rising to cup her small breasts,
"little eyes might be watching."
"Too dark," she responded hoarsely, stroking me to rock hardness, "and
anyway I'm too horny to care...fuck me!"
I didn't reply, but my hands answered for me as they roved over the
smoothness of her nude body, caressing her breasts, strolling her belly...and
accepting the invitation to probe the open wet valley between her widespread
legs. My fingers slipped into the wet heat of her genitals, rubbed and kneaded
her hard clit, stabbed deep inside the tunnel of her clasping vagina and
stroked the raised doughnut shaped ring of her anus.
"Yessssss!" she urgently whispered in my ear, "dear god, yesssss! Fuck!"
Forgetting the girls so close beside us, I moved above Sue's sweaty body
and settled in between her slender legs. My heavy cock dropped down to the
precise angle needed to penetrate her, and pressed between her pussy lips in
search of that hot hole.
'God, she's so wet,' I remember telling myself as my cock tip nestled
into the mouth of her vagina.
" me," Sue whispered hoarsely into my ear and hunched
her pelvis at me. My cock slipped inside her belly perhaps an inch...and I
forgot the girls. Thrusting hard between her cunt lips, my prick sank all the
way and I thrilled to the warmth of her clasping tunnel and the soft caress of
her pussy hair as I bottomed out. I began fucking her with long powerful
strokes...savoring the familiar pleasures of her cunt sucking and clasping at
my cock, plus the thrill of doing it outside in unfamiliar surroundings.
As I pounded Sue harder and harder the cover of the sleeping bag slipped
down till it dropped off my naked ass. The light was very dim, but I my eyes
had adjusted so that I could see Sue's nude form under me. Her nipples were
hard and erect ...her eyes closed in ecstasy.
A movement off to the side caught my attention and I half glanced over
to see Mindy resting on her elbow...watching intently. Her sleeping bag was
partly open, too, and I could see her slim bare body exposed nearly to her
waist. Startled, I stopped fucking Sue and just lay there with my prick buried
in her to the hilt, wondering what I was going to do.
"Don't stop now, you bastard," Sue whispered, "I was almost there."
"Mindy's awake...and watching us," I whispered back.
"Who cares. It's time she knew about screwing," a giggling Sue answered,
startling me with her reply, "fuck me now...I mean it!"
Unsure of what to do, yet wanting to finish this episode of lovemaking,
I slowly renewed my thrusting. I could see Mindy quite clearly out of the
corner of my eye. Her free arm was moving rhythmically and I could see that it
was thrust under the sleeping bag cover. There could be little doubt that her
hand was in her crotch...and that she was masturbating, her hand moving in
time to the pistoning of my cock into her mother's cunt.
That thought was oddly exciting and I felt my prick swell to even harder
readiness as I plunged it in and out of that dark wet hole. On and on we
rutted...for by then it had gotten beyond lovemaking and had become pure
animal sex. Finally I felt Sue shuddering and moaning under me. Her vaginal
sheath gripped my penis tightly...began pulsing about it like a soft warm hand
as she orgasmed...and I lost it, too.
Spurt after spurt of liquid heat jetted from me to fill Sue's tunnel to
overflowing and I collapsed onto her sweaty body. My face was turned toward
the spot where Mindy had been watching and I could see her lying now on her
back, her knees up making a tent of the sleeping bag. Both her arms were under
the bag and there was movement near her belly. I watched as her hips lifted
from the floor of the tent...heard a small soft cry...and realized that she,
too, had just experienced an orgasm.
We all fell asleep soon after, me still atop Sue. In the morning when we
rose with first light nothing was said of the watching event...and the day
proceeded in apparent normalcy.

2 - Fun and Games

That had been five weeks ago, and since each weekend since then had been
perfect weather, the family had returned to the resort. Twice since then we
fucked in the tent...and each time I knew that Mindy watched us. One of those
times had been like the first...but the other had been with a naked Sue on
top, straddling me as she fucked me with abandon...her little tits bobbing as
she rose and fell.
I woke later that night with a full bladder and slipped out of the
sleeping bag to take a piss. I glanced over to where the girls were sleeping
and caught my breath when I saw Mindy sleeping on top of the bag. She was
naked, lying on her back and the moonlight spilling into the tent flap lay
across her belly like a spotlight. The harsh blue light gave her naked mound
an aura of unreality...and the deep slit between her legs was blacker than any
black I'd ever seen. My penis filled and lifted...stiff and hard it aimed at
the stars as I stared down on my naked daughter. Her legs were parted just
enough to let me see all of her slender, rounded outer lips in that odd
I stared and stared...and then made an insane decision. My hand lifted
and trembled when it moved. As though with a life of its own, I slipped my
hand toward the sleeping Mindy, lowered it to cover and cup that juvenile
pussy. The softness was indescribable...and the warm moist heat that flowed
from the virginal cleft brought a gasp to my lips. Afraid of being caught, I
forced myself to lift my hand from her crotch and leave the tent.
Standing cock still as hard as it had ever been...I thought of
what I'd just seen and done. Pissing was impossible for several
erection was so powerful that it couldn't be overcome. All I could think of
was that incredible cunt! At last I calmed down enough and was able to empty
my bladder. Returning to the tent I lay down beside my sleeping naked wife and
finally drifted off to a confused sleep.
We had spoken several time about Mindy's watching our lovemaking, but
Sue seemed to be unconcerned and refused to make an issue of it. The only
really odd thing that I noticed was the fact that Mindy grew very rapidly less
inhibited at the resort as the weeks passed. On nearly a dozen occasions I
surprised her pissing...half squatting, always with her rump thrust out in my
direction as her yellow stream spurted from that delicious little hairless
slit. It happened so often that I quickly doubted how accidental it was to see
her pissing so often.
The other thing she did more and more had to do with her sunbathing.
Like most of the other women and girls, she often lay on her back...and like
them, her legs were generally together. A number of time when I walked up to
where she and Sue lay, Mindy appeared to absent-mindedly raise her knees,
spread them apart and let them drop back so that she was lying with her legs
spread widely. Her fat hairless cunt lips were entirely exposed all the way
back to her anus...and her inner slit was open half an inch of so, exposing
her wide inner pussy lips and giving me a slight glimpse of her inner darker
pink pussy floor.
There seemed little doubt that she was giving me a special view...and I
wondered whether she was somehow competing with her mother. The bolder
behavior continued at home also, and I found her bedroom or bathroom doors
ajar often with her doing something the nude.
Things sort of came to a head yesterday at the resort. The place was
built in a wide expanse of woodlands with a series of small lakes. The girls
were playing at the pool when Sue and I took a walk in the woods. We went
further than we usually did and Sue was behaving like a silly girl...laughing
and teasing sexually. Finally we found ourselves in a little grassy clearing
beside a small pond. We were quite a long ways from all the paths and Sue
turned abruptly to me, spread her feet apart and rested her hands on her hips.
Her belly has so little hair that I could clearly see her slit. "I feel super
horny...and I want you to do something about it right now," she said with a
broad grin.
"This is hardly the right place," I protested.
"I said...right now!" Sue half growled, a lewd smile playing over her
lips as she stepped up to me and grabbed my flaccid penis with both hands. I
wasn't in much of a mood to protest, but she gave me no time before dropping
to her knees and slurping my penis into her mouth. It didn't stay flaccid very
long. In just seconds I was as hard and stiff as I ever got and she was giving
me a great blowjob! I protested weakly for a moment of two...then just gave up
and enjoyed what her mouth was doing to me.
"OK...enough," Sue suddenly said, letting my prick slip from her mouth
and jerk toward the sky, "now it's your turn...fuck me, stud!" I stared down
at her as Sue turned and dropped to her hands and knees. Her fine ass was
aimed at me, her knees wide apart, and her nearly hairless cunt area between
her thighs open to my eyes...and visibly wet.
Not thinking too clearly, I moved between her legs and dropped to my
knees. I spread her soft buttocks apart to expose that delightfully raised
little pink-brown anal doughnut and opened her cunt slit. Sue has narrow inner
lips and it didn't take too much spreading to leave her entire bright pink
cunt floor open to my view... from her large, protruding clit down under her
belly to her slightly gaping vaginal entrance.
I moved up closer and pressed my cock tip into the depression at the
mouth of her hole...nestled it in tight...and thrust hard. She was ready and
my prick slipped smoothly inside her...all the way inside with one movement.
It felt great and I began fucking her with the longest strokes possible...just
barely keeping the tip of my cock inside her on the outstroke. My fingertips
played first with her clit, reaching around her belly, then I toyed with her
firm little tits...and finally I rubbed and probed the pucker of her anus.
"Yesssss...yesssss...yesssss..." Sue gasped with each powerful stroke...and
then squealed with delight as I pressed my fingertip into the center of her
anal bud. I knew she liked me to play with her shit hole...but I seldom did so
because of the mess...but today I thrust my finger inside that tight hole to
the hilt. As I fucked her vagina with my cock...I fucked her ass hole with my
Sue had just come once under me and we were riding toward her second
orgasm when I thought I heard something. Looking around in surprise, I spotted
Mindy standing in the shadows of the trees to my left. Knowing that she'd seen
us fucking before...and too far gone to stop now anyway...I kept right on
pounding Sue.
The naked little girl in the shadows seemed oblivious to the fact that I
was staring at her. One of her hands was rubbing the nipples of her titless
chest...and the other hand was between her legs. It was very obvious that
Mindy was masturbating as she watched us...and it looked very much like she
was fingering her own vagina in time to the thrusts of my cock into Sue's
tight hole. Confused...disturbed...and definitely excited...I came to my own
orgasm. I remember crying out as I felt myself soar over the top...and felt
the semen ripping from my prick.
Suddenly it was over and Sue and I slumped to the grass, pulling apart
and laughing as we enjoyed the after fuck glow. I looked over to where Mindy
had been standing...but she was gone. Somehow it didn't seem to matter any
more and I just lay there happily enjoying Sue's hands as they stroked the
softening semen covered tube of my spent cock.
We left the resort about six in the evening and headed back to the city.
We had played hard all weekend and the others slept while I drove. Sue was
nestled against my side and the two younger girls were in the back of the
station wagon. Mindy was lying on the back seat and I could just see her in
the rear view mirror. We had been on the road only twenty minutes when I
glanced in the mirror. Mindy had slipped on a simple shift dress at the resort
for the rise home, and she was now lying there on her back with one knee up
and resting against the back seat cushions. The other knee had fallen to the
side so that her legs were widely parted.
The thing that had caught my attention, however, was the fact that the
shift dress had ridden upward. Mindy wasn't wearing panties! Her body was bare
almost to her waist and I had a perfect view of her brown belly and her
exposed pussy mound with that exciting slit. For some ten miles or so I just
took lots of peeks into the mirror and enjoyed the sight...but then I saw
Mindy's hand move to her belly. I craned my head just a bit and saw in the
mirror that her eyes were still closed and her mouth was slackly open. If she
wasn't asleep, she was doing a great job of faking it.
Hardly daring to breath...and struggling to watch the road...I stared as
much as possible into that damned mirror and watched my eleven year old
daughter's fingers stroking her slit as she slept! Within minutes Mindy's
index finger was pressed deep between her soft pussy lips, spreading the thin
inner lips and was obviously stroking her hidden clitoris! For nearly ten more
minutes she rubbed herself and then just as suddenly as she had begun
masturbating...she stopped. Seconds later, she rolled over on her side and the
view was gone! Dusk was far advanced by that time and the light was fast
fading anyhow.
My cock was like iron! I had nearly come in my pants watching that
incredible scene in the back seat. I hadn't known that Mindy was without her
panties, but I did know that Sue wasn't wearing any. I dropped my hand to my
wife's lap and slowly pulled her dress hem higher till it barely covered her
cunt. She seemed to be still sleeping as I moved my hand between her legs and
cupped her warm pussy mound. Finding no resistance, I pressed my fingertip
into her damp slit and began kneading her clit. A few seconds later she
woke...muzzy...and giggled to find me playing with her.
"I thought I was the horny one," she whispered, pulling my hand from her
crotch, "are the girls asleep?"
"I think so," I answered, and felt her slip my already stiff and hard
cock under the leg band of my shorts.
"Well, they better stay asleep for a little while yet," she said softly
and moved down to kneel on the floor of the front seat. Even though I
suspected what she was going to do, it caught me by surprise. Sue slipped her
warm lips over my prick and began gently and slowly sucking me off!
"You're insane!" I whispered urgently.
"I know," she answered in a muffled, mouth-full voice...never stopping
her sucking. On and on she worked my cock and it was all I could do to keep
enough attention on the road to drive safely.
A little movement in the back seat told me what I was half afraid was
going to happen...a glance in the rear view mirror showed me that Mindy was
awake and sitting up. Seconds later I knew that she was quietly watching over
the back seat. The dashboard lights were more than enough to let someone
watching see Sue giving me a see the thick wet length of my bare
cock as it slipped in and out of her mouth. The fact that the watcher was my
virgin young daughter made the event even more erotic...and after only another
minute or two I came massively into Sue's mouth!
Sue cleaned my cock with her lips and sat up, pleased with her. I had
already seen Mindy lie down again and feign sleep...resuming the role of
innocent. A giggling, happy Sue nestled in tightly under my arm and played
with my still erect cock as we drove on through the night.
What was happening to me? I spent the remainder of the drive worrying
about the changes over the past few weeks in myself and my family. Before then
I had never even considered that my daughters might be sexually appealing. It
had never occurred to me that I might want to fuck a girl that small...and now
I seemed to be becoming obsessed with learning more about Mindy's body...about
her cunt. Was I becoming some sort of pedophile monster like the ones the
papers always seemed to be talking about?
Home at last, I parked the car and unloaded the camping gear as the
others went inside and got ready for bed. I was hardly surprised when I walked
down the upstairs hallway and found the door widely ajar to the girl's
bathroom. Mindy was standing at the sink, stark naked, one foot resting on the
toilet lid as she washed her cunt with a wet washcloth. Her eyes were closed
and she was just standing there, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing. 3
- Awakening

My wife left early to take our eleven year old daughter, Mindy, to a
soccer game. They took Polly, our seven year old and Suzy, the four year old
with I was able to sleep in a little...until about 9:30. I got up,
ate a little breakfast and took a shower.
I was just finishing drying off when I heard the doorbell ring. I tossed
the towel onto the bed and went to the front door, still naked. I opened it
just a crack, not enough to let anybody see that I had no clothes on, and
peeked out to see a slender young blonde girl about eleven or twelve years old
was standing on the porch. She was wearing a cute little summer dress, tennies
and white gym sox.
She said "Hello, Mr. Williams, our school is putting on a summer play.
Since Mindy is in the play, would you please buy some tickets from me?" Well
she looked like such a cute young lady, how could I turn her down?
"I don't have any money on me," I truthfully said to her, standing
their stark naked.
"I can take a check," she explained, "I do hope you'll help us out,
because it will mean a lot to Mindy, and to the rest of us too. Here's a copy
of the playbill." She handed me a small poster and I could see that it had an
order blank at the bottom for me to fill out. I'm always a patsy for the kid's
stuff, so I caved in.
The door was still only open just enough for her to hand me the poster,
so I said, "O.K. just a minute. I'll fill this out and write you a check." I
carried the poster a few feet into the den, put it down on the desk, filled
out the order blank and began writing the check.
Suddenly I felt a draft and I glanced over to the door and with a
feeling of horror, I saw that it had apparently blown wide open and the little
girl could see me sitting there naked. Then I didn't know what to do, jump up
and run over and shut the door or what. She didn't look very surprised or
shocked so I decided to act natural and pretend nothing was wrong. I didn't
say anything to her and continued filling out the check.
When I finished, I looked up at her again and was shocked to see that
she was standing just a few feet away...and that she was staring at my cock
with a little smile on her face. Well, I've always thought that child
molesting was very sick and it was completely against my principles, but now
that I was sitting there totally nude with this beautiful child staring at me
was more then I could stand. Against my will, my nine inches of thick cock
started to get very hard. I really didn't know what to do as it quickly got
longer and began to lift its thick head toward the ceiling.
She was just standing there staring at my big hard on. My startled eyes
watched her drop a hand till it was pressed down over her hidden pussy mound
and realized to my confusion that she was rubbing the spot where her cunt slit
would be nestled between her thighs. Almost without conscious thought, my hand
started stroking my long stiff cock.
She didn't say a word as I continued to masturbate in front of her, but
just stepped over to my side. "Did you finish with the form?" she asked and
again I nodded my head.
She then astounded me by reaching out and stroking the head of my dick.
As she pulled her fingers back, she said, "It's very pretty and a lot bigger
then my brother's." Obviously there was some incest going on in her family and
the thought of such things made my prick jerk up even stiffer.
"Can I touch it some more?" she asked, and didn't wait for an answer
before closing her small hand around my cock just under the head.
"You can touch me, too, if you'd like...I always let my brother Stevie
and my daddy touch me whenever they want." I was still trying to deal with her
last statement when she abruptly lifted her short skirt and pulled a pair of
very brief pink panties down those long slender legs. I caught a brief glimpse
of her beautiful bald pussy mound with its deep inviting slit and started
jacking off faster.
Without waiting for an invitation, she spread her legs and sat down
straddling my right leg. I could feel the delicious warmth and wetness of her
open slit as it pressed against my leg. She was staring at my as
hard and erect as it was ever going to be...and began sliding her already wet
and leaking bare pussy back and forth along my leg.
I was so hot I was ready to come any second, so I took her hand off my
prick and said, "Just rub my balls for a minute. I'm naked and you're still
mostly dressed. Let's take your clothes off, too, so I can see you."
She giggled, "I wondered when you'd ask," and helped me as I eagerly
pulled her dress off over her head.
It was the only garment she was wearing at this point, since she'd
already removed her panties earlier. Now this fabulously pretty little preteen
was sitting there on my thigh completely naked except for her white sox and
her shoes, and her deep slit was gaping widely, exposing the hood of her
bright pink prepuce. I could admire that sleek, slender, naked body in all its
Her flat chest had just the barest beginnings of nubby breasts with
pretty pink nipples and I started rubbing them, watching the nipples erect
into stiff spikes. Gasping in delight, she took one of her hands off my balls,
stuck the fingers into her wide open hairless cunt slit and started rubbing
the hidden clit.
Glancing down at her belly, I stared in delight as I saw her little pink
pussy lips splayed out against my leg as she crushed her genitals against me.
There was a slick wet stripe along the top of my thigh where she had been
rubbing her cunt, her pussy juices leaving a trail in the hair of my leg like
that of a snail.
"Just a second," I said, "I have a better idea." I rose, picked her
slender naked body up and carried her into the bedroom. She looked up with
curious eyes as I laid her on her back atop the rumpled sheets.
"What are you doing?" she asked apprehensively.
"Don't worry, you'll love this," I said, pulling her unresisting slender
legs apart and moving my face down between her soft thighs. Placing my thumbs
along the edges of her hairless slit, I pressed the lips to either side,
opening her deep pink cleft. All her youthful treasures were displayed there,
her little bright pink clitoral hood, her perky clit, her tiny piss hole and,
most erotic of all, the wide open entrance to her juvenile vagina. No hymen in
Pushing my face deep between her legs, I started eating her rubbery
hairless pussy. It tasted wonderful as I licked her, stabbing my tongue deep
into the tight entrance of her fuck tunnel and I soon had her squirming all
over the bed. Before long she came, squealing in delight, flopping and
hunching her hips against my mouth. Breathless once it was over, she pulled
away, rising to her knees as she pushed me over on my back.
Straddling my head, she faced my feet and abruptly threw a knee over my
face and squatted. I had only a brief glimpse of her open slit above my eyes
before she was grinding her wet cunt against my nose and mouth. I could hardly
breathe; my nose was almost pushed up her asshole and her wet gash was
grinding into my mouth. I licked and sucked and wormed my tongue right up
inside that wonderfully warm fuck tunnel.
Then I felt the most wonderful thing of all: My cock sliding into the
warm cavern of her mouth. She struggled, but couldn't get my thick shaft in
very deep because her mouth was pretty small and my cock is pretty good sized.
Soon her head was bobbing up and down rapidly as she sucked the last three
inches of my prick. I must have been in deep enough because I came after only
a few moments! She tried, in vain, to swallow all my come, which surprised me
from a girl that young.
Rolling off me after she had finished sucking up my semen and licking my
cock clean, she still had a little of my come dripping down her chin as she
lay there laughing...her legs remained wide apart as she rubbed her little
clitty. This incredible naked nymph looked amazingly sexy...and my cock never
softened the least little bit.
"Fuck me," she demanded, wiping my semen off her lips with her sweaty
I was into this juvenile sex scene so far now that I decided I had
little more to lose. She opened her slim legs farther than I would have
thought possible as I lifted myself over her supine form. Her fingers slipped
into her cunt and pulled the soft pussy lips apart as I nestled the tip of my
rock hard prick against her wide open crack. I was ready and eager to fuck
her, but I wasn't too sure about the mechanics of all this, though.
"I'm pretty big," I said, poking the thick cock tip against the slippery
wet entrance to her womb.
"It's not so much bigger than my daddy's," she giggled, reaching down
between her legs to grab my prick to help seat it against her hole, "and we
fuck all the time, I'm sure I can get it inside me."
That mental image of this sweet young thing taking her father's cock in
her tight little hole was all I needed! Thrusting inward, I forced an inch of
my cock inside that hot, tight channel...and I nearly came again from the
incredibly tight feel of her hole.
"Yes...yes...yes..." she gasped each time I thrust inward a little more.
I watched the thick ruddy brown shaft of my cock slowly disappear between
those pink hairless cunt lips till she had finally accepted six inches of hard
prick. I could actually feel the smooth cap of her young cervix at the end of
her hole and knew that she had taken all that she could.
She lay there with her eyes closed and said nothing more as I began to
stroke my eager cock in and out of her belly. Her vaginal tissues were so
tightly stretched around my plundering cock that they clung to my shaft on the
out stroke like the collar of a turtle neck sweater and then sank deeply
inward on the down stroke. I leaned down and sucked her tiny tits as I fucked
her, coaxing out squeals of joy as I filled her hole over and over. After four
or five minutes of inspired fucking, she came and came and came under me, till
at last I knew I was about there, too.
A few more hard quick thrusts and it happened! Almost without warning,
my balls emptied themselves entirely, sending jet after jet of thick hot
whiteness into her tight fuck channel. On and on I spurted, watching her open
cunt slit till my semen finally overfilled her vagina and oozed out of her
around the thick plug of my cock.
Gasping for breath, I slowly pulled my still-erect prick from her
friction reddened vaginal entrance, watching the tightly clinging vaginal
collar gripping my cock and hearing the soft liquid "plop" it made when I
finally withdrew all the way. I just sat there on my heels a few moments
between her still wide-open legs, catching my breath and watching the thick
dribbles of white semen trickle from her narrow cunt channel to run slowly
down her slit and across her bright pink anal pucker.
"That was neat," she said at last, sitting up and kissing the head of my
still half-hard prick, "you're even better at fucking than daddy...or either
one of my brothers."
By this time we were both pretty sweaty and she had semen on her face
and smeared all through her cunt, so I suggested a shower. She slipped off her
shoes and sox and padded after me, stark naked now. I started the water
running in the shower and looked over at her as she plopped her little ass
down onto the toilet seat. Grinning lewdly, she opened her thighs widely and
scooted backwards on the oval seat. I could see her semen smeared pussy lips
gaping widely as she leaned back...and then felt a new surge of stiffening in
my cock as I realized what she was about to do!
"Daddy likes to watch me pee," she said as she bore down, giggling, and
jetted a thick yellow stream into the bowl beneath her cunt, "we have lots of
fun playing pee games." I watched till the stream turned to an irregular
trickle...and then stepped up to her with my cock in my hand.
"Oh...are you going to...?" she began.
I was...and I did! Aiming my penis, I jetted my own golden contribution
at her slender naked form...playing the stream over her nearly titless chest
and into her open cunt. She laughed wildly, leaning forward into the
stream...finally taking a mouthful of my hot piss just before the stream
The water was hot and ready by then and we slipped into the shower stall
together. We washed each other all over and while I was rubbing her soapy slit
with my eager hands, she reached between my legs. To my astonishment, she
wormed her finger into my asshole for a few seconds and I was instantly erect
again. I leaned back against the shower stall wall, wondering where this
little vixen had learned all she seemed to know about sex as I thrilled to her
giving me a second blow job. After I had come into her mouth again and we
ended our shower, we dried off. She told me that she'd like to stay and play
with me some more, but that she had to go sell some more tickets. Still
completely naked, we reluctantly went back out to the front room where she
suddenly turned and asked me an odd question.
"Do you have a Polaroid camera?" she grinned.
"Uh...yeah," I answered, confused.
"Get it, please," she said, posing there naked in the bright sunlit
hallway, her hand on her hip. I stepped into the den and took the camera from
a shelf in the closet.
"Take a couple of pictures," she said, smiling broadly, "they can be a
souvenir of our fun together today."
"Are you sure about this?" I asked, my cock betraying me again.
"Sure am," she said, sitting down on the coffee table, moving her feet
apart, resting on her elbows and leaning back to push her hairless belly out
obscenely. Her entire open cunt slit was visible and there were still some
little streaks of leaking semen oozing from deep inside her vagina. My hands
were shaking as I framed the scene, but I snapped a quick photo. As the film
was slipping from the slot I looked up to see her turning away from me.
"Take another one," she laughed, her feet spread wide as she was bending
over at the waist to rest her hands on her knees. I raised the camera and
snapped a shot of her grinning face looking back over her shoulder, past her
naked ass and exposed cunt, with her finger wormed up into the exposed vaginal
I was still standing there gawking at the incredible photos developing
their images in my hands as she got dressed and picked up her clipboard.
She walked over to the door and said, "my daddy and his friends often
have parties at our house on Saturday nights. They all bring their daughters
with them and we play games there just like the ones we just played.
"Your daughter Mindy and I've talked a lot about sex games lately. She
told me she'd seen you and your wife fucking and wanted to try it herself.
When I told her about my family and the parties, she decided that she'd like
to come to one of them...and that she wants to come with you," the little
vixen said, grinning. "Mindy told me how sexy you looked naked. She says she
thinks a lot about fucking and sucking...with you." little innocent Mindy...interested in fucking and sucking? We
ran a very loose household here and every since she was born I'd always
managed to find reasons to help Mindy in the bath or to get dressed. I loved
the sight and touch of her naked body...and the recent events at the nudist
resort had sharpened that interest. My mind raced back to the sight of her
slender nude titless body with its full hairless pussy swell and the slightly
protruding wedge of her prepuce head peeping from between her soft pussy lips.
The thought of my little Mindy being willing...and display
herself naked before me and other men like me was a thunderbolt. The further
possibility that she might want to have sex with me was almost more than I
could handle! ""Maybe you and Mindy can discuss the parties between now and
next Saturday," the little girl laughed, stepping up to me and stroking my
stiff half-hard cock. "There will be another party then. Why don't the two of
you come on over," she coaxed in a sexy voice. "My name is Cindy Pelham...and
I live at 300 Cedar Circle. The party starts at Bring Mindy with
you...and don't worry about wearing any underwear...either of you."
"See you," and then she was gone!
After I closed the door, I stood there with another hard on as I
imagined watching her and Mindy naked...and me with them ready for sex. I
almost came all over the carpet!

4 - Cherry Picking Time

I got dressed and tried to do some work in my home office...but I kept
pulling the Polaroid shots out of their hiding place and staring at the lewdly
naked Cindy. Without those photos I might have thought I'd just imagined the
morning's sex games.
Hearing the car drive into the garage, I hid the photos and tried to
will my hard erection away before Sue and the girls got inside. I was only
half successful.
Chatter about the successful soccer game, preparations for lunch and the
meal itself took some of the edge off things, but every time I looked at Mindy
I found myself mentally stripping her...comparing her undeveloped girl's body
with her mother's and with Cindy's. My wife Sue is a very pretty woman in her
own right...tall and slender, narrow hipped and with smallish firm breasts
that I loved to handle. What would she think if she knew I intended to try and
fuck our daughter in just a few days? What had happened to me in those few
short hours?
"I've got to go to the grocery store," my wife announced as we cleared
away the lunch dishes. "I have a few other errands, too, so I probably won't
be back till supper time. Mindy has some homework to finish up, but I'll take
the other two. "
"No problem. We'll be just fine," I heard myself mind racing
ahead to what the afternoon might bring. A few moments later Sue's care was
headed back down the driveway and I was alone in the house with Mindy.
Taking a deep breath, I walked down the hallway to my daughter's bedroom
and tapped on the door.
"Come in," came Mindy's voice and I opened the door. My pretty daughter
was standing across the room talking on the telephone. I stood there, waiting,
and looked her over with a different perspective than ever before. She was
dressed in short shorts and a tube top...and was standing with her back to me.
She was slender, like her mother, and her narrow buttocks were suddenly very
enticing to me.
"OK, to you later," I was startled when I heard Mindy say
that name. Surely it wasn't the same Cindy, I thought.
"Hi, daddy," she said, putting the phone down and turning to look at me.
"What's up?"
"I heard you say Cindy," I said in a voice that I suspected of
quivering. Taking a deep breath, I asked the fatal question, "Do you know a
girl named Cindy Pelham?"
"I sure do," Mindy giggled, "that was her. Are we going to the party
next Saturday?"
I was stunned! There it was...everything out in the open and a world of
insane possibilities before me. What the hell was I to do about it?
"Mindy," I spoke slowly, trying to control my voice, "do you know what
sort of party this is supposed to be?"
"Yeah...I think so," she said, smiling shyly, "Cindy says it'll be one
of the naked ones...and that there will be lots of sex stuff. I've been
talking to Cindy and some of the other girls who'll be there...and I want to
I was speechless. I was totally unable to respond to this astounding
statement by my daughter.
"You've seen me lots of times without my clothes, daddy," Mindy said,
her hands moving to her belt buckle, "and I've seen you without yours at the
resort...and you know I've seen you and mom having sex together...but we've
never really looked at each other's bodies up close. Cindy says that she
thinks we ought to get used to each other naked a little bit before we go to
one of their parties." She was unbuckling the belt and unzipping her fly as
she spoke. Before I could think of anything to do or say, she slipped her
shorts and panties to her ankles...and stepped out of them to stand there
before me naked below the waist.
"Cindy suggested that I take my clothes off and let you really look me
over...really close," his daughter said, pulling her tank top off and tossing
it aside to look coyly at him in her now compete nudity, "and she said that
you ought to do t he same for me."
She was absolutely beautiful as she stood waiting for my move. I stared
hungrily at her...seeing her like it was the first time...her long slender
legs, her narrow sexy hips, her flat belly with that full swell of a pussy
mound, her deep cunt slit with the slightly protruding cunt lips and prepuce,
and her body's sleekly flat child's nudity.
I was lost! Without even thinking about it, I knew that my hands were
removing my own clothing, peeling off my T-shirt, kicking off my sandals, and
then dropping my own shorts and underwear.
"Daddy! You're so beautiful," Mindy squealed in delight as I stood there
naked before my daughter...nine inches of cock gristle fully erect and aiming
toward the sky above my heavy, hairy balls.
"Last chance, Mindy," I said hoarsely, as I stepped close to her. I
stopped with the tip of my cock just inches from her smooth belly. "Are you
sure that this is what you want?"
"Yes, daddy, I'm very sure," my sexy naked daughter giggled, and reached
out with both hands to grasp the hardness of my erect prick, "and I'm pretty
sure it's what you want, too."
"Let's lie down...on the bed," I managed to say as she began smoothly
stroking my throbbing prick. She smiled shyly and nodded her assent. Still
holding onto my penis with one hand, she walked beside me to her bed and we
laid ourselves down side by side...head to feet.
"You're very lovely," I said, moving my hands to her thighs.
"Thank you," Mindy replied, starting to stroke my cock and balls again.
She opened her legs widely at my first touch, revealing the entire expanse of
her juvenile cunt area. Her pussy mound and lips were entirely without the
slightest hair and as she lay there before me, her slit opened up to reveal
the inner lips and her prepuce. Unlike her mother, Mindy's inner lips were
broad, thin leaf-like blades that protruded evidently even when she was
standing normally. Her prepuce was a thick, prominent wedge of pink brown that
hooded the large gleaming pink clit that emerged into the light as my
trembling fingers pushed the prepuce flaps aside.
Further back along the deep pink slit there was a slight prominence and
as I fingered her softness I could see the little mini-slit that marked her
piss hole. I wondered if she'd learn to play piss games like those he'd
enjoyed with Cindy? Behind the urethra was the shallow depression that marked
the location of her vagina, just in front of the doughnut ring of her
pink-brown anus just like her mother's.
"I've been giving you lots of chances at the resort to see between my
legs," she giggled, "and Cindy told me that men like to watch girls when they I've been doing that a lot too. Do you like to see me that way?"
"I...yes...yes, I really do," I answered awkwardly, caught off guard by
her boldness and candor. I gently fingered the entrance to her vagina,
pressing the tissues aside in search of a hymen...but what I found was an
opening ringed by little tattered fingers and strips of tissues. Her
maidenhead was clearly gone...and recently!
"Mindy?" I asked gently, "have you ever had sex with a boy?"
"No...well, sort of..." she said, hesitantly. "Cindy and I play finger
games with her brothers, Stevie and Mike. We never fuck each other...but Cindy
and Stevie finger fuck me...and I've sucked Mike off a bunch of times while he
fingered my hole."
That explained it, I thought to myself, Mindy lost her cherry to one of
their masturbation orgies. She was still technically a virgin.
"Are we going to fuck, daddy?"
Stunned by the matter of fact query, I was unable to answer at once.
What was happening here?
"Cindy said that she let her daddy have the first fuck with her when she
was ten," Mindy said, stroking his cock faster...harder, "and since I'm
eleven...maybe we can Mom gets back."
I couldn't trust myself to speak...but I was able to move! I lifted
myself to my elbows and moved my face over that pretty naked pussy slit.
Spreading her lips apart to reveal everything, I lowered my face to her cunt
and gently licked the exposed clit.
"Ohhhhhhh, Daddy...yesssssss..." Mindy squealed and humped her cunt up
into my mouth. I needed no further encouragement. I began licking and suckling
her seeping wet slit with the same skill and abandonment I used for making
love to her mother. My tongue played along the deep slippery slit, stroking
her clit, abrading her piss hole, slurping over her raised anus...and
especially probing and exploring that tight little vaginal orifice!
As I got into eating out my daughter's delightful cunt, I felt her soft
warm lips slipping over the tip of my cock. Hardly thinking now, just letting
the animal passions rule me, I lifted my knee and moved above Mindy's slender
body...settling down so that I was resting on my elbows and cock
aimed straight down at her eager mouth.
Happy to please, Mindy slurped the tip of my thick shaft into her mouth
again and began to suck me with eagerness and surprising skill. I looked down
the length of her body under my own and saw my cock filling her mouth to the
max! Her lips were stretched around my cock as she worked on it for me. Not to
disappoint her, I returned to her slit.
Sucking and licking as before, I pressed a fingertip inward above the
tightness that marked her vagina. Wriggling the digit, I was able to use her
seeping slippery fluids to slip past the entrance muscle ring and savor the
hot tightness of her virgin sheath. In and in went my finger till I had
penetrated her as far as I could...and I began to slowly finger fuck her.
"Oooommmmphhhh..." came a strangled moan from Mindy as she sucked harder
on my prick...and I felt her vagina clamp down hard on my finger. On and on we
worked on each other's genitals. I had to struggle to avoid coming into that
greedy mouth as I worked on Mindy...wriggling in one more...then a third
probing finger as I pumped her tight channel.
And then I got my first reward.
"Ahhhhhh....ohhhhhh, godddddddd..." Mindy wailed, releasing my cock as
her slender form arched upwards from the bed and she rapidly dry-humped her
pussy into my face as she came violently.
I pulled my leg back and lay beside her as I watched her come down from
a powerful fingers still inside her hole, enjoying the rapid fire
spasms that marked her subsiding orgasms. Her aureoles had darkened noticeably
and her nipples were elongated...stiff and aimed out from her flat chest like
hard little fingers. A rosy flush played across her upper chest.
"Ohhhhh, daddyyyyyy..." she gasped as I moved again, this time slipping
between her legs and positioning myself up close to her obscenely splayed
naked lower body. Gleaming wetness showed everywhere in her slit and over the
surfaces of her outer lips. She was ready...and so was I!
"I love you, daddy," she whispered as she looked down her bare titless
body at my hands where they were spreading her hairless slit as widely as
possible, "that was so wonderful! Are we going to...?"
"Yes, baby," I grinned at her, pressing forward till the hot tip of my
aching cock was resting against the garishly exposed entrance to her vagina,
"unless you change your mind and tell me to stop right now...we are going to
fuck each other."
"Oh, can't stop now...please, daddy," she said feverishly,
reaching down to grasp my cock and pull me closer.
"I have no intention of stopping now, Mindy," I answered, pressing
inwards a bit and feeling the resistance of her tight hole, "tell me if it
hurts too much. The first time may be a less pleasant one...but all the times
after that will be wonderful.
"Hang we go!"
I hunched my hips and stabbed inward just a bit...and gasped to feel the
tightness as her slippery vagina accepted the thick head of my cock. My cock
was inside my daughter's cunt over an inch! Again and again I pressed
inward...using the same caution I'd employed earlier that morning when I'd
fucked Cindy. My cock was so large relative to Mindy's cunt that it pressed
her hairless lips widely to either side as I worked it deeper and deeper into
her virgin belly.
"'s...wonderful..." she gasped when I had five of my nine inches
inside her hot sheath, "more...more..."
Worried about accidentally hurting her, I slipped my arms around Mindy's
sides and holding her tight, I rolled over till I was lying on my back and she
was atop me...still impaled on my quivering cock.
"I want you to run things, darling," I said, humping up at the surprised
girl's crotch again. "You fuck me...and that way if it's too tight or I put it
in too deep, you can stop."
She grinned down at me and her slender naked body with its cunt slit
suspended over my crotch was so erotic that I nearly came right then...but I
was able to hold on a bit longer. Now that she understood what I was telling
her, Mindy took charge and began eagerly working my cock into her
belly...wriggling her hips, hunching her pelvis...pressing her body down till
at last I felt the hard smoothness of her cervix.
"Ohhhh...I...I don't think I can go any further," she said in alarm,
looking down comically between her legs at the thick shaft that was
penetrating her body and forcing her slender cunt lips so widely apart, "it
feels so there's a great big log up inside me...".
"Don't try to push it in any deeper,'re in t o the
bottom of the hole," I groaned.
"But...but there's still some of you outside," she said, confused, her
hand between her legs as she grasped the exposed part of my now iron-hard
"You've taken almost seven inches, Mindy...that's pretty good for the
little girl you still are," I said, gritting my teeth to keep from spurting
inside her tightness, "when you get tits and pussy hair your hole gets deeper
and you'll be able to handle all nine inches."
"Are we...are we going to fuck, now," she said in a small voice.
"You're in the driver's seat, babe, do you know what to do?"
"Oh, yes...I've seen some fucking videos over at Cindy's place," she
giggled, "and I've watched Cindy fuck Steve and Mike...shall I start?"
"God, yes...before I lose control and come inside you right now!" I
urged. Grinning, she began to lift and drop her slender nude form, allowing my
thick cock to slip and out of view for a length of perhaps five inches. She
quickly acquired the feel of it...catching the right rhythm...learning to keep
from losing the tip on the outstroke. In minutes she was fucking me like a
trooper...with long powerful strokes.
"Ohhhh,'s wonderfullllll...." she cried. I looked to my
crotch and gaped in delight to see her fat hairless little lips spread widely
as her vagina accepted the two inch-plus thick shaft of my cock. Her
secretions were wetting my prick and it gleamed slickly every time it
reappeared from within her body. Her slender nude form quickly became coated
with sweat as she worked and I knew I couldn't hold my come much longer.
Suddenly she froze with my cock halfway out of her, her body arched
backward with her little cleft pussy mound pushed out toward me...and she
seemed to hang there suspended, her eyes closed and her fists clenched tight
against her titless chest.
"Ohhhhhhhh..." she hissed, and I felt her vagina pulsing rhythmically
against my cock. Her hidden sheath was pumping, sucking, feeling as I thought
a milking machine would feel...and I lost it!
Thick jet after jet of semen pumped out of me to fill and overfill her
tight channel. As I stared at her naked crotch and my cock, her pussy mound
and lips contracted with each pulse of her vagina and each tight clamping
against my cock forced some of my semen from her tightly stretched vaginal
orifice, white driblets oozing out to fall on my hairy belly.
Her climax seemed to go on forever...but at last she relaxed the
tautness of her body and slowly fell forward to lie atop me and nestle her
face into my shoulder. I slipped my arms about her and hugged her tightly. She
was sprawled out with her legs widely open and my cock was still up inside her
spasming hole.
"Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy..." she crooned over and over, her body
"If I didn't know better," I said softly, slipping my hand down her
sweaty back and over her firm buttocks to the openness of her crotch, "I'd
think maybe you liked that." My fingers slipped down her ass crack and across
her tight anus to stroke her narrow cunt lips, gathering my semen dribbles and
spreading them back and forth on either side of my still half-hard cock. I
dragged the wetness up and over the tight doughnut of her anal sphincter,
toying with it. I found myself wondering how soon she'd be old enough to let
me try to fuck her in that hole.
"I never could I know...?" she said softly, squeezing my cock
with her pussy, "is sex always that good, daddy?"
"If you're lucky," I chuckled.
"Can we do it again?" she asked in a half-whisper.
"We can try," I answered and rolled over, holding her to me, so she
ended up on her back and under me. She grinned in delight as I rose to my
knees and elbows...and started to thrust my newly stiffened cock into her
We rode together to a new climax and I somehow found more semen to fill
her hole again. That was the fifth time in one day...three with Cindy and two
with Mindy.
Afterwards, Mindy wriggled cutely down to my belly and squeezed my cock,
expelling one final driblet of semen. Licking it up and sucking the wetness
from my cock.
"Oh, daddy..." she said sitting up, suddenly serious, "we just have to
go to that party next Saturday. This was the first time I've ever fucked...but
it's not going to be the last. I want to go...please?"
"If we can find a way to get there without your mother knowing, I'm
game," was my response.
"There's a PTA meeting that almost always goes to them."
"Well, if she does...we'll go to the party," I said, sitting up and
rising from the bed.
"And speaking of your mother, little're a mess! There semen
just running out of your pussy, you're all sweaty and look terrible...and so
do I. We better get showered and dressed before she gets back, or there's
going to be a lot of explaining to do. Let's shower together...OK?"
"You bet...come on," she said laughing, and I looked on with admiring
lust as I watched her slender sexy naked form scamper to the bathroom, her
tight little buns twitching and the wetness of her inner thighs very evident.
Smiling to myself, I followed her into the shower for a fun filled half hour
of slippery soaping and groping games.
When Sue and the girls returned an hour later we were both busy at odd
tasks and nothing was evident to tell Sue what her beloved husband and
daughter had been up to while she was away!

5 - Pins and Needles

The week passed slowly...but not without incident! When I got home
Tuesday after work, I found Mindy standing in the kitchen with a note in her
hand. That was her only adornment, she was completely naked!
"Mom's gone to a meeting," she grinned, rubbing her deep slit with a
fingertip, "and she took Polly and Suzy with her. She says we are to take care
of ourselves for supper. I thought maybe you could eat my pussy and I could
try to get my supper by sucking you."
Needless to say, I lost my clothes in an instant and we ended up on the
carpeted den floor in a classic "69" with Mindy on top. I sucked and fingered
her to perhaps a dozen wild climaxes...and true to her word, she brought me
off. Eagerly sucking and licking she took it all, not losing a drop as I came
into her greedy mouth.
That wasn't enough for her...or me...and she posed leaning against the
back of the couch with her feet spread, presenting me her hairless pussy and
quivering firm ass cheeks. The remaining semen trickling from the end of my
cock plus her own wetness made it easy to impale her with one long thrust.
Gripping her narrow hips tightly, I rode her to another wild climax for the
two of us.
Laughing and cuddling, we went off to a mutual shower again and then
dressed for a trip to a burger place to have supper. Mindy wore a short skirt
and on the way home, she skinned her panties off and spread her legs to allow
me access to her slit. She reclined the seat, opened her legs and I finger
fucked her to a pair of orgasms during the ride.
Carrying her panties in her hand as we walked back to the house, she
suddenly grabbed me in a super affectionate hug and surprised me by kissing me
full on the lips.
"Saturday's going to be so much fun," she laughed, twisting away to head
for her room and her homework. My cock was hard as a rock as I watched her
scamper up the stairs...her naked ass cheeks and that fine tight slit visible
beneath the hem of the skirt.
Was I going to last till Saturday, I wondered?
We had a chance to fuck again on Thursday, but then there was no other
opportunity till the weekend. Saturday dawned with bright, clear skies and
warm...a perfect day for a party in the nude, I thought. I envisioned what the
day might bring as I cock fully erect at the memories of my
daughter or Cindy naked and stuck on the end of my shaft.
The morning passed painfully slowly, but the break came at lunchtime.
"I have to be gone again tonight," Sue told me as she folded laundry,
"Sandy Pelham called up yesterday and insists that I have to represent her at
an emergency PTA meeting tonight. It promises to be a long one. Polly and Suzy
are staying with mother for the night. You and Mindy will just have to take
care of your own supper again."
"Don't worry about us at all," I assured her, "maybe we'll go out for
supper and take in a movie or something."
"Sounds good, honey," she said, snuggling up to me and kissing me
playfully. "I'm sorry to have been neglecting you so much lately...leaving you
two on your own so much. Maybe tomorrow I can offer you a little token of my
appreciation for your understanding," she giggled, rubbing her pelvis against
my cock.
I wondered if I'd have enough stamina left to fuck her after a sex party
with a bunch of oversexed girls. If the way Mindy went after a cock was any
indication...heaven help me!
The clock seemed to be moving its hands through molasses that afternoon,
but at last it was four o'clock and Sue came in to tell me she was leaving. I
kissed her good-bye and she was off.
"Is she gone?" I heard a voice behind me and saw Mindy standing in the
"Yeah...getting ready for the party?" I asked.
"Well...sort of," she giggled, "but I thought maybe we could fuck once
before we go."
"Thanks a lot, silly...but a guy only has a few shots while a girl can
fuck till she drops," I laughed, "I'm saving my shots for the party. By the
way, what do you expect to happen when we get there?"
"Well, Cindy told me that there'll be anywhere from ten to fifteen
daddies and their girls there tonight," she said fingering her prepuce as she
spoke, and everyone gets naked together. There'll be a swimming pool, maybe
some games, lots to eat...and oh yeah, anybody can have sex with anyone else."
"And that's really OK with you," I queried, "you aren't being forced
into something you really would rather not do?"
"Oh, golly, daddy," she said, grinning and spreading her legs so she
could slip her hand between her thighs. She withdrew her hand with her fingers
gleaming. "I've been so excited all week that my poor little pussy has been
just flooding my panties...and today I've had to wipe myself over and
over...and I had to change panties three times so far.
"Since we first fucked I realized that I love it so much and I want to
have a chance to fuck a lot of people," she said suddenly serious, "and you've
been so good to me, I want you to have a chance to have fun with some of my
girl friends, to o. There will be some very pretty girls there tonight...and
some of them have been fucking for more than three years, so they're probably
a lot better at it than I am."
"OK, darling, as long as you aren't going to feel that this is sort of
like child abuse," I added.
"Child abuse! Silly...I might think that you've been guilty of child
abuse because you've waited till now to start fucking me," she laughed,
"Cindy's dad and brothers began with her when she was nine! My friend
Melanie's dad started her on licking and sucking when she was six...and he
first fucked her when she was ten. Thanks to you, I'm a social retard!"
" win," I laughed, stepping over to her and embracing her
slender naked body, "no more trying to argue you out of this. Better get
ready, though, because it's a quarter to five. We don't want to be late to our
first party."
She twisted away and was gone in an instant. I went to the master
bedroom and stripped off, showered, shaved and splashed on a bit of cologne.
'Don't wear any underwear' Cindy had told me, so I pulled on a pair of soft
cotton shorts over my half erect penis and slipped into an oxford cloth shirt.
A pair of sandals completed my attire.
Mindy was waiting in the kitchen for me. She was clad in a simple sun
dress and was barefoot.
"Ready?" I asked and she nodded her agreement. "Are you wearing any..."
Anticipating my question, she flipped up the hem of her dress to flash
me a glimpse of her bare belly and slit.
"Let's go," she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the
door...her eyes sparkling with eagerness. I locked up the house, went to the
car and after flashing Mindy a broad smile, put the car in gear and off we

6 - Party time!

The Pelhams lived in a fine part of town, and their home turned out to
be a large estate capping a low wooded hill. There were high brick walls all
along the road and I turned off into the entrance road to be stopped before a
solid gate. T here was a call box with a small TV screen built into the side
of the wall by the gate. I pushed the call button and waited.
"Hello," the TV screen lit up and a beautiful woman's face appeared,
"can I help you?"
"Hi...I'm Jack Danvers and I'm here with my daughter, Mindy. We were
invited to a party tonight."
"Oh, yes...Mindy's father," the woman said, smiling broadly, "just drive
through the gates and follow the road till it forks. The right hand lane leads
to the parking area and I'll meet you there." The screen went suddenly blank
and the high gates opened smoothly.
"Here goes, honey," I said, starting to drive through, "ready?"
"Yeah...and just a little bit nervous," she said, grinning at me.
"You'll be fine!" I looked ahead and marveled at the beauty of the
grounds. Lush forest and underbrush grew densely near the edge of the
property, making it impossible for anyone at the edge of the property to see
in more than a few yards. This shrubbery soon gave way to open park land
dotted with groves of trees. The crown of the hill bore the roof angles of a
very large house. Turning right at the fork in the road, I pulled to a stop in
front of a long carriage house-like garage and parked next to one of the dozen
cars already there.
We stepped out, both of us uncertain of what to do next when we heard a
voice behind us.
"Hello Jack and Mindy...welcome to our home," I turned and was startled
to see the woman from the TV monitor walking towards us...and was surprised to
see that she was completely shaved. Hardly an erotic sight, she was
appealingly cute with her little fat belly, her bulging mons and the deep
slit that ran back between her legs. Another instant and she was successfully
naked under the bright sun.
Polly was almost as quick to strip and stare at her very sexy body. My
cock was stiffening and lifting inside my shorts...tenting out the front
pretty obviously in the absence of underwear to contain it.
"Mindy...why don't you take your clothes off and leave them in the car.
You can run along to join the other girls in the pool while I chat with your
father." We both stood and watched as Mindy unhesitatingly peeled off her
dress and scampered off naked.
"She's a lovely girl," Eloise said, turning to me, "and so are the other
girls you are going to get to fuck tonight. Why don't you get comfortable
while I fill you in on the group here and tell you our rules." I stripped as
she stood there watching me, and was more than a little bit self conscious for
the first few seconds...but I suppressed those foolish feelings and was soon
as naked as she. The difference was that she didn't have a nearly erect cock
jutting from her belly!
"We are a group of parents who believe that sex freely given between
adults and children is not long as the children are mature enough
physically to be unharmed. If they are too little yet, we restrict the
activities to things that don't involve penetration," she began. "Cindy told
me about your large cock and I'm sure you understand that if it were
improperly used on a girl who was too young, you could cause great pain and
possibly injury.
"There are twelve girls here tonight...the youngest is nine...the oldest
is thirteen. A few of the older ones have some pubic hair and a couple of them
have small breasts...but they even though they very much enjoy sexual
activities, they are still little girls. With a cock as large as yours, I
suggest you don't try and fuck the littlest ones. There will be plenty of
pussies ready and able to take one that large...and I might want a chance to
test you myself before the night is out," she laughed lightly.
"Each of the girls was introduced to sex by her father and each of them
has a very positive outlook," Eloise went on, "and all the fathers are gentle,
caring men. Still we have to have a few rules. Break one of them and you're second exceptions. Still interested?"
"Eloise, I enjoyed sex with your Cindy and I've been incredibly
pleasured by you're turning me on something awful," I told her,
stroking my cock with new found boldness, "I suspect I'd agree to just about
"Well," she laughed again, "we may test that later, but here's the rule
- No alcohol, drugs or smoking around the girls
- No last names are used here unless someone wants you to
- The girl is always in charge. You start and stop when she says so.
Force a girl or hurt her and you're history
- No anal sex. They're just too small yet
- Never turn anyone down when asked for some sexual activity...and they
have agreed to be equally responsive to anything you might ask them for
- Kinky stuff like water sports is fine...but do it where you won't make
a mess for everyone else. In other words, don't piss in a common area,
do it on the grass
- No photography without everyone's agreement
- No private dates with someone else's daughter. What you and Mindy do
on your own time is your business, and dates are permissible if the girl
is with one or both of her parents while you have sex with their child
- Never ever tell any outsider about the group. There is a nomination
committee that handles that. You were nominated before Cindy approached
you. A loose comment could get us all in jail.
- Keep us posted on any possible sexually transmittable disease. We have
doctors in the group, plus all the girls, including Mindy, are on birth
control pills

"Any questions?"
" said I'd been nominated. By whom?"
"You'll find that out later, "she laughed, "no personal questions are
allowed for the first timers. By the way, you're a guest tonight, but future
parties require every member to contribute fifty dollars for costs...agreed?"
"One other questions...I can understand a father's wish to have sex with
his daughter...and even understand sharing his daughter with other men in
order to enjoy theirs. I would have suspected that a mother might feel
differently. How come you're here offering me a chance to screw your little
girl? What do you get out of it?"
"Good question. I was raised in a very sexually active family...and my
dad was one of the founders of this group. I started getting screwed in the
home by my father when I was nine years old. I believe in this way of some of the members have teen-aged boys. Nobody fucks with the
enthusiasm and staying power of male teenagers! I should know...since I have
two teenage boys, one thirteen and one sixteen. They're insatiable and I
wouldn't have it any other way. Enough said?"
"Enough said!"
"Fine...let's get back to the party. You two are the only first timers
tonight. Relax and enjoy yourselves, and remember...pretty much anything goes.
By the's OK to stare. I can see that you're trying manfully not to
stare at my cunt. Go right ahead! Have a blast!"
"It's just that I've..." I faltered.
"Never seen a bare pussy on an adult woman?" she grinned, "well, I
discovered sex before I had any pussy fur and I decided that I liked myself
that way. It was a disappointment when I started to look like a long-haired
Angora cat between my legs. My dad was sympathetic, plus he liked the way my
inner lips looked when we he paid to have me permanently depilated
when I was fifteen. I still think the little girl look is best...don't you?"
"I think that your bald puss is one of the most erotic sights I've ever
seen," I added, feeling my stiff cock throbbing.
"Thanks for the compliment," she laughed, "I'd like to see how that fine
long cock of yours feels...but tonight is for introducing you to the
girls...and vice versa. Save yourself for'll need all the strength
you can muster. Come on...lets join the party."
With that, she turned and walked away from me, her fine bare ass
twitching and bobbling as she walked. Taking a deep breath, I followed.
She led me along the front of the long garage and then turned to walk
down a narrow hedge-walled curving pathway. I was just a pace behind her when
all of a sudden we stepped out onto an open lawn before the main house. It was
beautiful! F lower beds were everywhere, tasteful lawn furniture was scattered
about, a large swimming pool graced the broad patio and beyond tall French
doors opened into the mansion. But that was just the setting!
A half circle of lawn chairs at the end of the pool held five naked men
about my own age...athletic, hard bodied, good looking men...three other men
were in the pool. Two young and very pretty nude women were with the five of them looking like a fairly young teenager, with small, perky tits
and just a haze of pale brown pussy hair.
The young girl was fingering her slit.
As I looked around, everyone I saw was nude.
But what really grabbed my attention was what I saw on the far side of
the pool. There I spotted seven nude young girls...Mindy among them...and all
of them were like her, titless and with hairless pussies. They were standing
around the edge of one of the tables where another young girl lay with her
knees up and her legs spread. They were all giggling, as one of their group
worked a long bright day-glow pink dildo in and out of the reclining girl's
garishly exposed gaping hairless pussy.
A slender girl standing beside Mindy was half squatting with another of
the impossibly brightly tinted dildos in her d was working it in and
out of her own vagina as she stood there watching the sex play. The girl's
back was to where I stood and since her legs were wide apart, I could see the
brightly colored thing pressing her naked lips apart as she masturbated openly
and unabashedly before the others.
I could see that Mindy and two other girls were standing there rubbing
their slits and toying with their clits as they watched the sex play.
"Come on over here," Eloise said, breaking into my reverie, "I'll make
some introductions to get you started...and then you're on your own." She led
me to the group of men and women, and dropped down to rest on her knees beside
a muscular blonde man.
"Jack's new here folks...his girl is Mindy...the pretty red-head across
the pool there," she said, casually grabbing the long half- flaccid cock of
the man beside her.
"Jack, this is husband and your host tonight." I stepped over
and shook hands, making the usual " are you" noises...but my
attention was confused by the fact that Eloise was pumping her husband's cock
to erection as she spoke.
"Hi, I'm Andy," the next man said, extending a hand, and this is
George," he indicated his neighbor. The other men were introduced as Stan and
Allan. I learned that the men in the pool were Dave, Tom and Gene.
"This is my wife, Belinda," George said, indicating the fine- looking
blonde sitting beside him. Full breasted, slender and pretty, the main thing I
noticed was that her pussy was also hairless. Her parted legs showed me that
she had been recently fucked...semen leaking from her gaping slit gleamed on
her labia.
"I'm Sandy," the thirteen year old teenaged girl said, stepping up to me
and boldly grabbing my prick, "I'm Gene's daughter...and that is far and away
the largest cock in this that thing real?"
"As nearly as I can tell, Sandy," I joked back at her, sensing that I
was supposed to respond in kind, "are these?" With that I cupped her little
rubbery tits in my hands and tweaked her nipples.
"I have my fourteenth birthday next week," she said, grinning broadly as
she pumped my cock to its maximum hardness and stiffness, "and then they toss
me out of this kindergarten crowd...and I have to go with the older girls.
Your cock is the biggest one I've ever seen here...and I want it for a
birthday present.
"What do you mean...toss you out of here?" I asked.
Belinda spoke, "the club is structured for different age levels. You're
here with your little girl because she'd between the ages of seven and
fourteen. When she turns fourteen...she and you have to leave the juvenile
group and move up to t he teenager's club...the girls there are fourteen to
"Everyone wants to fuck the little ones," Eloise said, "so we protect
them a bit...just their dads and the other little girl's fathers get regular
access to them sexually. The other men in the group can still fuck the little
ones, though, in a special party we hold every other month."
"This is my last party at this level," Sandy said, "and I want it to be
the best ever. Please, fuck!"
I released one tit, reaching down to cup the fat bulge of her pussy
mound, and she moved her feet apart as I did so, to give me some room. I
slipped a pair of fingers up into her hot, damp slit and began rubbing her
"Given how wet you are, I guess you really do want to get laid," I
chuckled, "the only questions I have for you are...where and in what
"Right here...on the grass," she said, smiling as she let go o f my cock
and plopped her ass down right in front of me, a leg on either side of mine,
"and right now!" I gaped down as she laid back in the cool grass and lifted
her knees, spreading her thighs and exposing her lightly haired pussy lips and
open, ready cunt slit.
"Is she serious?" I asked the assembled watching adults.
"She's my daughter," the man introduced as Stan spoke up, "when she says
she wants to be fucked, she means it..and she knows her stuff. Be my guest.
Before I could do anything else, I heard a child's voice. "Mommy, can I
have a...oh, look at that big cock," I glanced to the side and saw a slender
brunette girl, perhaps ten or eleven years old. She was naked like the others,
and her cleft cunt mound was gleamingly wet. White seepage showed along her
"You're leaking again, Gretchen," Belinda said, reaching to her
daughter's slit with a Kleenex and wiping the thick semen dribbles away, "I've
told you and told you...clean yourself up when you finish."
"Sorry, mommy...but Gene puts so much come in me every time," the girl
took the tissue and half squatted to wipe herself. "Is Mindy's daddy going to
fuck Sandy?"
"Yes, he is," Belinda said, nonchalantly.
"Can I fuck you, Frank, while we watch them," the little girl said,
tossing the tissue in a waste container and stepping over to where Eloise was
gently sucking the erect penis of her husband.
"Sure, punkin'," Frank said as Eloise slipped her mouth off his cock and
sat back, grinning as the little girl straddled Frank's legs. Gretchen's back
was to me and she was facing Frank as she positioned herself above his cock.
Eloise slipped her hands in under the little girl to pull apart her quivering
buttocks and then held her husband's cock erect while the girl squatted.
I was very distracted as I watched Gretchen wiggle her hips to settle
Frank's cock against her tiny vaginal opening. She hunched her hips expertly a
few times and his cock head abruptly disappeared. Giggling, she abruptly
squatted, forcing the remainder of his cock smoothly up inside her belly. From
where I stood, her hairless cunt lips were visible on either side of the fat
prick and I thrilled to see her pussy alternately engulfing and then releasing
his erection.

7 - Let the Games Begin!

"Hey, sport," I looked down at Sandy, "I've got a hot and wet hole,
"Sorry...I'm kind of new here...and the scenery is pretty spectacular,"
I answered, kneeling between the girl's thighs and reaching out to finger her
cunt...probing inward for her hidden vagina. "Well, sure do seem
to have a hole for me to play with," I bantered, thrusting a pair of fingers
into the hot, tight, wet tube.
"I sure do," she said reaching over her belly and grabbing my long hard
cock, "and it needs more than fingers inside it. Come me!"
I was so turned on by this time that I suspected I'd come onto her belly
in a moment. Withdrawing my fingers from her wet channel, I pulled her
sparsely haired lips apart to expose the bright pinkness of her inner slit and
the ready vaginal entrance.
"Since you got him under control," I said, "why don't you stick him
inside where he can do some good." She grinned up at me and positioned my
prick so that the head was against her entrance...and I shoved inward.
"Ohhhhhh....gggoooddddd...." she gasped, her back arching off the ground and
her little tits quivered, her nipples stiff and hard as pebbles. I felt her
cunt muscles grab my penis like a pair of tight fists.
"Too much...shall I stop?" I asked, concerned.
"If you stop... I'll... I'll... never forgive... you..." she gasped,
haltingly, "that's the biggest... biggest cock I've ever had... and it
feels... wonderfullllll! Fuck me!"
I could tell that she was coming almost from the first few thrust, her
vagina squeezing my prick as it slipped in and out...milking me...teasing me
as I did as she had asked. Her thin pussy lips gripped my invading cock like a
pair of face lips. I reached out to toy with the rubberiness of her tiny tits.
"More hip thrusts, dear...put something into it for him," I looked up to
see a slender woman standing beside the lawn chairs. She was stripped to the
waist, her large, full breasts swaying seductively as she unzipped her jeans
and pulled them to her ankles.
"I know how to do this, mother," the girl beneath me gasped, suddenly
putting a lot more efforts into the hip thrusting and the experience got even
better for me! I looked up to watch my partner's mother as the older woman
skinned her panties down.
"Hi...I'm Helen," she said, "don't bother to stop."
"Hello," I said, a little unsure of myself. Here I was screwing this
incredibly pretty naked teenager while her beautiful nude mother squatted
within an arm's reach, "I'm Mindy's dad."
"Don't worry about Sandy," the man introduced as Andy said. I glanced
over to see the man coming toward us. He stopped and squatted behind Helen.
"She's in good hands, in a manner of speaking," he added and I saw his hand
appear under Helen's pussy as Andy slipped a finger into the woman's vagina.
"I never could resist sophisticated smooth talker like you," Helen said,
laughing as she swiveled and dropped to her hands and knees. Her bare ass was
more or less aimed at me and I had a great view of he r hairless snatch. She
had a deep cleft, but the inner lips were very long, extending outward like a
pair of brownish-pink leaves under her puckered anus. Andy moved in behind
her, spread her cunt lips to open the way to her gaping vagina...and stabbed
himself inside the woman's hole to the hilt. In seconds they were fucking hard
and hot and heavy.
"Hi, daddy," I heard and looked to my other side to find myself staring
at Mindy's hairless puss, "having fun?"
"Hi, honey," I gasped, the exertion getting to me as I pounded my long
prick into the tight wet sheath, "sure am...How about you?"
"Well, nothing's happened to me...yet," she giggled.
"That's about to change, sweetheart," there was a man behind Mindy...I
looked up to see that it was George. His long, slender cock was hard and erect
above heavy, hairy balls. "Want to play, Mindy?"
"Is it all right, daddy?" Mindy asked as she stared at my gleaming shaft
slipping in and out.
"It's fine with me...if you want to," I managed to say.
"OK," she murmured, and turned to face George. I could see up between
Mindy's legs, and saw that her entire slit was already reddened by her finger
play. She was clearly hot and ready to fuck.
"Let's play," she said, shyly. He grinned at her and dropped to the
grass, laying back and held his cock straight up.
"You should be on top at first," he advised her, "that way you get to
control how deep I might go and I won't be likely to hurt you any way."
I was behind Mindy a little, still fucking, and watched my daughter
straddle George's hips. She squatted down till her cunt gash met his prick,
and then went a bit further till the bulbous head of his cock spread her soft
lips enough to half disappear. Mindy moved slightly forward and backward a
bit, rubbing his cock along the groove of her genitals...and then stopped with
his cock pressing against her hole.
"Ready?" she asked George. her voice soft...but eager.
"Whenever you are, Mindy," he answered, stroking her sleek hips. She
grunted and pressed downward...and George's prick began to slip up inside
Mindy's belly. I felt mixed feelings...jealousy at seeing my preteen daughter
eagerly giving her naked body to another man's thrusting prick...and pride at
seeing her enthusiastic willingness to help pleasure the man. I began pounding
Sandy's hole faster...feeling my climax nearing. Looking back at Mindy, I
grinned to see her now kneeling, George's cock entirely inside my little
girl's body.
Glancing around, I saw a scene that would have been beyond my wildest
imagination a week ago. There I was fucking this little teeny bopper, a few
feet away a pair of handsome adults were screwing, my daughter was humping a
man I'd never met...and that was just the beginning! Frank and Gretchen were
still at in the chair, Allen was kneeling behind another of the hairless
little girls taking her doggy- style, and Dave was on his back in the nude preteen sitting on his cock while another squatted on his
face. Eloise straddled Tom's prick, humping him hard with her tits bouncing,
while a pair of little naked girls sat in the grass beside them...offering
their open cunts to Tom's thrusting fingers. The tableau was completed by the
sight of Gene kneeling on the little titless naked girl lying
between his legs and sucking his dangling cock as she fingered herself...and
he pressed his face into the open cunt of another very young girl...the nine
year old, I found out later. Behind them on the patio were two other men who
had just come out of the of them was fingering a girl while the
other was fucking a girl from behind as she leaned on the edge of a table.
"Yessss...yessss...oh, Christ...yesssssssss," I heard Helen wail
suddenly...climaxing as Andy pounded into her open gash.
"Ohhhh...shiiiitttt!" I heard Andy groan and darted a glance to the left
where they were humping. I had looked just in time to see him jerk his pulsing
prick from her tight twat...and gaped at the long jets of thick whiteness that
spurted from his prick to lace across Helen's bare back.
An instant later I lost it, too...spurting long jets of liquid heat up
inside Sandy's tight sheath till I filled her to overflowing! She was moaning,
thrusting her hips at me and lost in her own climax...that tight hole spasming
against the intrusion of my rigid cock!
When I was in control again, I rocked back to sit in the
grass...slipping my arms about the sweaty naked form of this loving teenager
and pulling her with me. We sat there, tightly cock still inside
her vagina as we regained our composure. I looked over Sandy's shoulder at
Mindy, bouncing up and down the long thin cock happily fucking George...and
bringing him off. I could see his heavy balls contract as he came...pumping
Mindy full of his semen. She had already come and was gleefully milking him.
She finished and breathlessly lifted herself...allowing his slippery cock to
glide out of her belly and fall back to his abdomen. I was still looking into
her exposed cunt from behind, and I saw what looked like two tablespoons full
or more of thick whiteness trickle thickly from between Mindy's pussy lips as
her vagina drained.
Sandy and I shyly, quietly separated and she went off to find another
temporary did I. I strolled across the lawn toward a pretty blonde
naked child sitting on a chaise lounge chair.
"Hi! Want to..." I began.
"Sure!" was her instantaneous response, as she scooted her little butt
off the chair. With no further urging, she was lying on her back with her legs
open. I stared down into her fuck reddened, semen smeared slit...and knelt
between those s lender thighs.
" it," was her answer...and I did!
When we were done...she having two or three orgasms and I coming inside
her...nude! Slender, small breasted and very pretty, she also had he r pubic
hair removed and her prominent mons was cleft by a deep slit and protruding
inner lips.
"I'm Cindy's mother, Eloise," her hand was held out to me, so I shook
it...trying hard to not to notice here bare pussy. Do you like water games?"
"I'm not sure what you mean," I asked, playing dumb.
"Silly...I mean where we pee on each other," she laughed, reaching over
to give my cock a squeeze.
"Sure...shall I go first," I asked, "or do you really have to go?"
"Me first," she said rising, "I'm about to pop...lay down."
I did as she asked, lying flat in the grass and looking up with a little
uncertainty as she stepped over me and straddled my belly. White wetness
thickly coated her uppermost thighs and her pussy lips as my semen trickled
from within her belly.
"Ready?" she giggled, slipping her fingers into her sticky gash and
spreading her lips.
"Ready!" I answered...and immediately a flattened stream of bright
yellow shot from deep inside her cunt cleft to spatter down onto my hairy
belly! Startled just a bit, I watched from a few seconds as she played the jet
across my cock and balls...and then I reached up to slip my fingers into her
slit. I felt her hot urine embrace my hand and arm, flowing thickly and
sensuously down to spill over my chest. All too soon, she was empty and
standing there giggling as she urged a few short trickles from her now
depleted bladder. My cock was stiff again from the wild experience.
Before I could make other plans, she squatted and pressed her vagina
over the tip of my penis and I slid up inside her again.
"Now it's your turn...inside me," she said, breathlessly.
"I...I don't know if I can," I gasped, feeling the erection cut off the
ready escape of urine.
"Sure you can...just try," she urged...and I bore down, trying to
overcome the urge to retain my piss. Finally there was a short squirt of heat
from me that flooded her tight tunnel.
"Yeah...that's it," she squeaked, "more!" I concentrated...and was
rewarded with first a few thick squirts...and then a mighty flow!
"Yes....yes....yessssssss...! she enthused and I looked down between
her thighs to see my piss spurting and frothing from within her as I emptied
my over-taut bladder.
My flow depleted, I dropped back with my eyes closed...but just for a
moment! New hot piss splashed onto me and I looked up in surprise to see
another girl straddling my hips. The first girl was leaning back and the
second one had her belly pressed against the chest on the one I still
penetrated. The standing girl was now pissing against the first child's chest.
The yellow flow cascaded down the girl's sleek body and spilled out onto mine.
Laughing when the flow stopped, the two girls scampered away, leaving me
exhausted, sweaty, sticky and urine soaked. What an introduction to this new
way of life, I thought as I cleaned myself with the aid of a garden hose.
The daylight faded to dark, but the yard lights illuminated the
continuing orgy. Food and drink were produced...and I drank a lot of non-
alcoholic beer in order to quickly refill my bladder. I paced myself...heeding
the advice of one father when we were kneeling side by side fucking a pair of
kneeling girls. He told me that I didn't need to come into a girl's body each
time...just fuck her till I could bring her off and then move to the next. If
I didn't pace myself, I'd be through and spent before the night was half gone!
I slowly worked my way through the girls and by the time it was nearly 10:30 I
allowed myself the luxury of coming again...into the overly slick lubricated
vagina of a pert little oriental child.

8 - Explanations

I must have dozed off just a bit after that, because I was abruptly
aware that someone was above me...and that it was an adult woman. I could
barely see anything, because her slippery cunt was hardly an inch from my
lips. All that I could really tell was that her smooth labia were shaven and
her slit was open. I was pretty sure that this was Eloise and I was determined
to make her a good climax. I thrust my tongue up inside her, unbidden, and
began to lick the slippery groove...probing my tongue into her tight vaginal
opening. At the same instant she slipped her lips over the tip of my newly
stiff prick and began an inspired blowjob.
Though I was rapidly approaching the fourth ejaculation in just a few
hours, her mouth was so skillful that I knew it was going to be a big one! She
ground her cunt into my face as she came, over and over...but never stopped
sucking till I spurted into her mouth. I heard her moan in ecstasy, grunting
as she slurped up my semen...and then we both collapsed in happy exhaustion.
"Having fun?" I heard and looked up, the woman lying atop me had slipped
down just enough to allow me to peer up between her parted ass cheeks. I saw
the slender nude form of Eloise standing there, her arms crossed under her
tits as she look ed down with a smile.
"Yeah...yeah...the time of my life," I managed to say.
"How many of the girls did you have?" she asked.
"I really don't know," I answered, my hand rising to stroke my partner's
sweaty buttocks, "seven...maybe eight or so...I came three times."
"Think you want to be a part of this group again?" she laughed.
"Damn right," I responded eagerly.
"'ll have to bring your wife into the group," Eloise said,
with a smile, "we can't have any cheating."
"My wife!" I was startled. "I really doubt that she'd understand this
sort of life style. I'll never get her here."
"Don't be too sure," came a muffled voice from near my knees and my sex
partner rolled off. She sat up...and I saw that it was Sue! My wife!
"Sue! I don't...I don't understand!" I stammered as I struggled to a
sitting position. "How...where...your pussy hair..."
The women laughed together and filled me in.
"We had to wait till Mindy was old enough before I could do this," Sue
explained, holding my hand. "None of the girls can join the club till they are
either nine years old...or until George, our club doctor says their sex organs
are matured enough. Mindy was a late bloomer.
"I've wanted to bring you into this for all of our married life," she
said, smiling, "this club has been going on a long time...and my daddy first
fucked me when we were on a vacation in Switzerland when I was nine...and he
brought me here when I was ten. These people have given me a rich, full sexual
life...and I've continued to be a member sporadically over the years. Daddy
and I still come to the meetings once in a while...not the children's section
any more, but the older adult sections."
"But," I asked, confused.
"Thank goodness you've never liked Band Parents, PTA, or any of the
other volunteer groups I told you I belonged to," Sue giggled. "I'm sorry I
lied...but the club won't let a father in without a daughter...and Mindy
wasn't old enough before .
"George clipped her maidenhead in his office just a few weeks ago...and
we waited so that Mindy could let you be the one to have her cherry. The club
has a sort of "preschool" for the new candidate girls, and Mindy's been going
to group meetings with the other newcomer girls for over a year now. They meet
with the new young boys and learn to do oral sex, the advanced techniques of
love-making, and learning to easily reach their orgasms.
"Oh, darling...please say you really aren't angry with me," Sue
pleaded, suddenly very earnest, "and that you'll join us so our whole family
can be part of this wonderful group."
"Our whole family?" I parroted stupidly.
"Well, Polly will be ready for you to fuck her in three years...and Suzy
will get her turn in perhaps six or seven...the way the girls are spaced out,
you and I will be able to stay with the young group for a long time."
My dazed brain struggled with what I was learning. My wife had been a
member here since she was a titless, little girl with a hairless pussy...and
now I was being offered not only a chance to fuck her and Mindy, but a chance
to spend the next doz en or more years rutting among these fine hard bodied
little nymphets. My mental images of my two younger girls from our last family
skinny dipping adventure brought my cock to hardness again.
"Even though you can't fuck Polly or Suzy for quite a while yet," Sue
went on, " the club allows families to start preparing the girls a lot sooner.
When Polly turns eight we can introduce her to oral sex so our little family
orgies ought to be pretty interesting soon. What do you say to all this? I
think your prick votes 'yes'," Eloise said, with a laugh.
" could I refuse such an offer," I chuckled, pulling my wife's
warm naked body to mine, "I add my "yes" vote to the one my cock's casting.
Where do I sign up?"
We stayed overnight at the mansion that night. I slept in a huge bed
cuddled up with Sue, Eloise, Mindy and two of the other naked little girls. We
fucked till I fell asleep...and then resumed the games in the morning. I was a
wreck by the time we got home Sunday evening...but I've never regretted the
decision to become a member of the group.
The local club is affiliated with a nationwide network of similar groups
and all our vacations since that summer have been at juvenile sex resorts. The
best trip was last year when Sue, Mindy and I went on a two week vacation to a
club whose headquarters were on a small island in the Caribbean. The lovely
grounds hosted about two hundred people...a hundred were husbands and wives
and the other hundred were sixty little girls and forty little boys...all
under fourteen years of age. The rules were one wore clothes at
any time...and anyone could fuck anyone anywhere and anytime. We all had to
crawl back onto the airplane at the end of that one.
That was last year...and last Monday was Polly's tenth birthday. We
celebrated with a nice dinner and a birthday cake...and then had a rather
unusual party. Leaving Suzy with a of the girls from the sex
club, Sue, Mindy, Polly and myself went to a motel in a town some twenty miles
away. There we got a pair of adjoining rooms. Sue and Mindy helped Polly ready
herself...and then all three females got naked and came into the other room. I
was naked, too, and waiting for them to join me on the king-sized bed.
There her mother and sister assisted as I laid the giggling little girl
down on the bed and lovingly took her maidenhead. The four of us fucked and
sucked and fingered each other all night long. Each evening this week since
then, Polly and I have fucked at least once more.
That week of home sex came to a climax today, Saturday. This afternoon I
personally drove Polly to the mansion, helped strip off her clothes, and
escorted her to her first meeting of the club. She'd been taking the
preparation classes and had been an enthusiastic oral partner to the home
orgies for quite some time. Today she was trembling with eagerness as we
walked hand-in-hand, naked, across the grassy lawn to introduce her to the
club for her first orgy.
There I held her hand as she squatted over Allen's belly and accepted
his cock...the first penis to enter her recently virgin vagina after mine.
With her nude mother watching on one side and her naked sister squatting on
the other, she fucked Allen with great delight and became a full-fledged
member of the club.
I can hardly wait for the next few years to pass. This is Mindy's last
year with the juniors and then since I have a girl in both sections, I will be
able to pick sex partners from both the 9-14 year old girls and the 15-18 year
olds in the upper teen group. In two more years, the four of us will introduce
little Suzy to the home orgies and allow her to have oral sex with us. Two
years after that, I'll finally be able to deflower her, too...and complete the
cycle by bringing her into our loving circle of friends.

END -- Cut Here -- cut here


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