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JTT and Mackauly (Boy/boy)

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
You want boy/boy sex? Well, here's some boy/boy sex to make
you boylovers drroool....

If you don't like the thought of MacCAULEY CULKIN and
JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS having mad passionate sex, i suggest
you hit 'n' now to read that article about the big hot stud
with a huge, hairy, smelly, 20-parsec cock, who's shoving it
into some diseased slut's hot snatch, dripping with the moldy
cum of her 3 previous lovers... bleeauughk!

[ Now inserting 24 lines to protect those who don't know what
they're missing... ]

[ Disclaimer: I know nothing about the the two young studs in question
besides the characters they play. Don't confuse the below bullshit with
reality, please! ]

MacCauley & Jonathan

Jonathan Tayler Thomas stood nervously by the door of
his dressing room. "Nervous? Why the heck should I be
nervous?" he asked himself. He certainly shouldn't be; after
all, *he's* the star of the most watched sitcom in the
country, *he's* just as famous as the next kid star out
"Aw, quit fooling yourself," he chided to himself.
*No one* under the age of 16 was as big as MacCauley Culkin
as far as show biz was concerned. And now, the blond-headed
megastar was about to make a guest appearance on _Home
Improvement_. We're talking intimidation here.
But was that the *only* reason he was nervous? Was
there more to it than just potential rivalry? Lately, as 12-
year-olds are wont, he ws having some rather unusual and
disturbing feelings, directed towards his young co-stars, of
all people. The more he interacted with them, the more he
grew... well, *fond* of them, in a rather strange way. Maybe
it was the fact that they were acting as brothers on the
show, which was carrying over into real life. Yet, he
couldn't help but noticing, as certain hormones started their
early course through his veins, that his young friends were
becoming increasingly... attractive to him. It was hard to
put a finger on it exactly, but sometimes when he was looking
at them, a strange, tightening sensation overcame his solar
plexus, and he felt it difficult to even look away to catch
his breath.... He supposed this is what usually happens when
a cute girl walks by; in fact it was very similar, but
somehow more intense....
Now, he was about to be faced with someone who *really*
had been sending his feelings off in wild directions:
MacCauley. Ever since he'd seen him in _The Good Son_,
he'd been oddly attracted to him. Maybe it was something
about the red feminitity of his lips and mouth; or maybe it
was the thin, corn-silk blond hair atop his 13-year-old
head... Or better yet, maybe it was the thought of that hot
mouth against his own...
"Stop it, dammit!" Jonathan thought angrily. "What the hell
is wrong with you, thinking like a fucking fag!?" But such
thoughts only increased his nervousness. Of course, the
studio door chose that opportune moment to burst open and
reveal none other than the object of his recent desires.
"Shit," he muttered to himself.
"Hey, Jonathan, whatup?" Mack grinned as he strode over
to the afflicted 12-year-old. "Dude, I know you'll never
believe this, but I watch your show every chance I get! No,
seriously, it's way cool." He stuck out his hand.
"Gee, uh,... thanks, Mack." He grasped his hand firmly,
and not without a little jump of his heart. This hand he was
shaking right now... what potential did it hold...

MacCauly was not the typical 13-year old. What kid
*would* be, after starring in hit-movie after hit-movie. He
was constantly surrounded by glamorous people, famous people,
corrupt people... people who generally didn't value the
innocence of a child over anything that yielded them seven
digits. Thus, he *knew* of Things earlier than most people
his age; one of those Things being details about certain "alternate
life-styles." And, as the hormone levels started to increase, he
began to realize that certain of said lifestyles were
becoming more and more appealing to him.
These desires were, ironically enough, manifested in an
overwhelming obsession with Jonathan Tayler Thomas. When he
was faced with the proposition with guest-starring on the
show, he put on his best innocent puppy-dog look that no
adult could possibly resist, and accepted.
The fantasies got rather intense at times. He loved to
watch taped episode after episode, and imagine Jonathan with no
shirt on. He imagined the young, boyish pectoral muscles
flexing against his own as they embraced. He imagined
running his hand up through that perfect brown hair, parted
down the middle, and pulling his cheeky grin to his own red
lips, and feeling thier young tongues intertwining. He could
feel the bulges of their small yet rock-hard cocks pressing
against each other, rubbing back and forth in youthful
passion. He could taste the warm, smooth boy-flesh of his
perfectly small nipples, as he squeezed the tight, pliable
flesh of his 12-year-old buns. He could feel the desperate
thrusting of his hips, as Jonathan drove his 4 inch cock into
the warm, moist regions of MacCauley's red mouth, while
Jonathan's hand, the one he was grasping now...

Jonathan realized that he and Mack had been staring at each
other in unwitting silence for several seconds. What the
hell...? Looking directly into Mack's eyes, he could have
sworn he felt some sort of spark zap between them. The air
was suddenly very warm, and he felt a flush coming to his
smooth cheeks. Abruptly, he broke the handshake and lost eye
contact. "Yeah... well,... definitely cool to be with you in
an episode..." He sensed Mack shake himself out of a similar
"Huh? oh, yeah,... should be fun. Um, the script sounds
pretty funny.."
"Yeah." What was *with* this kid? For that matter what
was with *him*? He shook himself again and gave Mack a quick
once-over, wondering why his gaze felt compelled to rest on
his crotch... "C'mon. We start filming in a few minutes."

The episode *was* actually pretty funny, with Mack
playing the role of a visiting long-lost cousin from Tucson
(of all places). The highlight of the show involved a food-
fight and a wrestling match between the two. To be sure,
both boys went at it all with gusto, wreaking the appropriate
havoc on the set. However, as hilarious as the scene was,
both of them were intensely aware of the other's contact with
their own body. Was that leg placed against the groin on
purpose? Did that hand linger slightly after a fake punch?
By the time filming was done, both boys were slightly giddy about
the whole ordeal.

Afterward, Jonathan was pondering the day's events as he
was changing in his dressing room. All of sudden, the door
opened and in walked MacCauley. "Mack! oh, um, hi..."
Jonathan suddenly felt a little self-conscious, as he was
only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. But then, there was
something about the way Mack was looking at him that caused
his heart to quicken a bit...
"Oh, gee, sorry, Jonathan, I thought this was my dressing
room..." He just stood there, though, making no move to
leave. Jonathan stood up.
"Oh, it's just around the corner..."
"That's what you think, bud!" Mack exclaimed, and then
proceeded to tackle Jonathan and wrestle him to the ground as
they had done on TV hours earlier. Embarrassingly for Jonathan,
all these antics, combined with a myriad of undefined urges,
were simply too much for his young cock; by the time they
quit rolling around, his 4 inch boner was sticking straight
out of the hole in the front of his boxers, in plain view.
Strangely enough, he felt no urge to hide it from Mack.
MacCauley's gaze fell onto his friend's throbbing erection,
and he smiled. "Hey, Jonathan, you ever jack off before?"
Jonathan frowned. "Actually, no. What is the *deal* with
that, anyway? I've tried before, but never seemed to get
much out of it."
"Maybe you need a little help." Mack slid over so he was
propped up on one elbow beside Jonathan. "Don't worry; this'll
feel good." Jonathan was expecting Mack to go straight for his
dick, but instead he leaned over and looked him in the eyes.
"I can tell things about you, man. You're like me, aren't
"Uh,.. yeah, I guess..." He was starting to breathe
faster, still uncertain of what was going to happen. Mack
just grinned that sweet grin of his and leaned over slowly
until his warm breath was coming directly onto Jonathan's mouth.
Jonathan's mind lost control of all rational thought, and he
parted his lips instinctively. Mack placed his red lips over
Jonathan's, and for the first time felt the inside of the mouth
of another boy. Jonathan's whole body shuddered in ecstasy as he
felt Mack's sweet tongue probe into his depths. He reached up
a hand and caressed his silky blond hair while his other hand
traced the warmth of his torso. Mack, with a swimming head,
sat up and ripped off his shirt, revealing a smooth, white,
boyish chest that begged to be gently licked and kissed. He then
quickly shed his pants, and proceeded to straddle Jonathan's
midsection. Jonathan gasped at the sensation of Mack's hot,
hairless crotch land on his stomach. He raised his hips without
thinking, searching for somthing to rub his dick against, but Mack
was sitting above it. Mack reached behind him and trapped
Jonathan's cock against his own back. He then slowly stood up just
enough to let Jonathan's cock snap back so that its head was just
grazing the underside of Mack's tight, pink ballsack. He then re-
lowered himself onto Jonathan, letting the surfaces of both thier
immature dicks rub together in the process.
Jonathan thought he was about to explode. He had never
thought anything could feel so good, having a warm, smooth
young body pressed against his own, feeling it moving against him,
feeling Mack's own heart pounding against his own chest, feeling his
sweet boy-breath on his face...
Mack slid over and began to chew gently on the left
side of Jonathan's neck, wondering at the delicate substance of
his friend's hot flesh, and the squirming, horny body under his
own. He then slid downward, tracing a line with his tongue down to
his small left nipple, where he paused to swirl wet, warm
circles around the sensitive tip, while his the fingers of his
right hand played and pinched the other. Jonathan was tossing
his head from side to side uselessly, caught up completely in these
new and incredible feelings that this gorgeous pre-pubescent
boy was giving him. His rigid cock was now pressed tightly
against Mack's smooth, pliable stomach. Every time Mack took in a
breath, Jonathan felt the sweet pressure on his dick increase
deliciously, causing him to moan deep in his throat. The vibration
of the sound coursed through both boy's highly sensitive bodies,
causing both of them to shudder with delight, in turn causing more endless cylce of boyish lust.
Mack's mouth continued to slide downward until his tongue
came in contact with Jonathan's throbbing penis. With one quick move,
and with no warning, Mack took Jonathan's cock all the way into his
"Ohhhh, holy shit, that feels good....oh man, so warm and
slippery, aaaahh..., how the fuck...unnhhh..." Jonathan started
to babble and groan ridiculously as his hips unconsciously
began to thrust his young dick in and out out Mack's hot mouth,
matching Mack's downstrokes. His tempo and groaning increased,
and his vision blurred so there were several hot, half naked
thirteen-year-old boys sucking away at his four-inch cock. Soon he
couldn't control himself anymore, and felt his entire body:
young-muscled legs, small, tight butt, and boyish shoulders, tense
spasmodically as his dick twitched uncontrollably in its
first orgasm. Mack notiecd that it was totally dry, though;
not a drop of cum came out of his throbbing cock. That was
fine with him, however; it just meant he could keep going.
So just when Jonathan thought he was about to relax, he felt
Mack's mouth increase in suction and start bobbing up and down
again. Amazingly, and as only boy of 12 or younger can do,
Jonathan had two more successive orgasms before collapsing in
"So, was that fun?" Asked Mack mischievously.
"Holy shit," was all Jonathan could softly manage. "Why
the hell didn't I figure that out before? Good grief, they
should teach this stuff in school! How could anyone *not* want to
feel like that?!?!?"
"I dunno. But it's my turn, now!" Mack, still horny as
shit, had a five inch boner sticking out from his body, no
longer covered by the clothes he had managed to shed while
sukcing Jonathan's sweet young dick. The sight of it caused a
new surge of passion to sweep through Jonathan's young frame. He
leapt up and grabbed the kneeling Mack by the ass, and drew the
head of his young succulent cock into his cute mouth, wondering at the
salty/sweet taste. Mack made a noise deep in his throat, and
collapsed backwards, taking Jonathan with him. Jonathan was
imitating what Mack had done to him by swirling his hot, juicy
tongue around the swollen head of Mack's slender cock. His fingers
could tell that there was a hotter spot where his asshole
was, so he dug a finger deeper into Mack's puckered crevice,
pushing upward further every time Mack's hips thrusted
backwards. Jonathan paused to lick Mack's hot, hairless balls
every few strokes, eliciting the appropriate moans of
pleasure from his young lover. Soon, Mack couldn't hold back
any more, and shot three quick spurts of boycum into a
suprised Jonathan's mouth. He almost didn't feel the successive
tightening and releasing of Mack's warm, moist asshole around his
finger. He thoughtfully swallowed, and decided that the taste
wasn't too bad. It wasn't the thick, stringy cum of an adult, but
the sweet, spermless jism that only 13-year-old balls can
Both boys leaned back, exhausted. They could still feel
the warmth of each other's bodies. They looked at each
other, grinning, knowing that this would be the first of many
such sessions.

** End prologue...

- Chronos

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