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Kidcest, Growing up Sexy (4/5) [kids, m/f/m/f/f/f]

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Chapter XVII

Liz's Stories

Liz blushed a little but said she had been pretty dumb about
sex until a couple of years ago.

In fact, until she was about seven, she didn't even realize
that men and women were built differently. She didn't have
any brothers and had never seen her father naked. When she
was in the second grade, she saw a man's dick for the first
time, over in the park. Naturally, I remembered the story of
Cindy's experience at the park and wondered if Liz had run
into the same guy. But it turns out that the park behind her
house was a hotbed of sexual activity, if only you were
willing to look behind all the bushes.

Seven-year-old Liz had her first encounter over by the
baseball diamond. She told us she used to go over to the
ball field all the time, not because she liked softball, but
because there were lots of families there and she felt safe.

On the fateful day of her first penis-sighting, she was
playing with her dolls near the ball field when a man stepped
into the woods near her to pee. He hadn't seen her, so he
stepped up to a tree only a few yards from her and pulled out
his dick. Liz said she could see that he had a long tube
coming out of the front of his pants. She was fascinated,
and wanted to get closer to see better. But the man finished
his piss and tucked himself back in before she could even
stand up.

With her curiosity stirred up, Liz began to hang around in
the woods behind the ball field, waiting for a man to go into
the woods to pee. Then, she'd stroll by and try to see what
he was holding. She said most men were embarrassed and
turned their backs, but a few must have figured she was just
a little kid and kept on peeing, so she could see them pretty
good. But the more she saw, the more she wanted to see. She
also said she was a little confused, because some were long
and skinny, some were short and fat, some had skin all over
the end and some didn't. She said she also saw a couple of
little boys peeing, but she could barely see their little
hoses. And some girls and women also stepped into the woods
to pee, but she really didn't care about watching them, and
couldn't see much anyway.

In all her sneaking around in the woods, Liz said she saw
plenty of other things, like couples smooching and drunks
sleeping it off. One day she saw a man and a woman screwing,
but they were under a blanket, so Liz couldn't really see

The real beginning of her sex education began one day when a
man who was watching the game stopped near her play-place,
apparently to relieve himself. Liz assumed that, like many
of the fathers, he had brought his child along. Liz said she
didn't think it was unusual at first, except that this man's
child -- a girl of about twelve -- was a little older than
most who accompanied their dads. As soon as they stopped
behind a tree, Liz hopped up and strolled over casually,
hoping to get a look.

When she got near, she stopped in disappointment. Instead of
peeing himself, the man was pulling his daughter's underpants
down. Liz started to walk away, because she didn't really
care about seeing some girl pee. But then the man moved to
one side and Liz could see that his dick was already sticking
out of his pants. She said she nearly shouted with surprise
when the girl reached out and grabbed the man's dick!

While Liz watched from behind a bush, the man put his finger
on the girl's pussy and the girl jerked the man off. Liz
said she was surprised to see white stuff come out of the end
of his prick. She said she was more confused than ever, but
couldn't imagine who she could ask about what she had seen.

A few weeks later, Liz saw the same man again. He was
standing near the backstop and sort of watching the game, but
he was also looking up in the stands at the crowd. After a
few minutes, Liz realized he was looking up the dress of a
young girl who was sitting near the top of the bleachers.
After about ten minutes, Liz saw the man head toward the
woods. Again, Liz hopped up and headed in his direction.
When she got into the section of woods where he had gone, she
was disappointed, because she couldn't see him anywhere.
When she cut through the woods to go back to where her dolls
were, she found him.

As she pushed through some low bushes, a motion in the corner
of her eye made her look that way. The man must have heard
her at the same time, because he stopped jacking off to look
over at her. Liz said she just stood there for a long time,
looking back and forth from his dick to his eyes. Finally,
the man smiled at her and waved her over, still holding his
hard cock with one hand.

Liz said she was scared, but she was also curious. This was
her chance to see a man's prick up close. She also
remembered that this was the man who had white stuff squirt
out of his thing, and she wanted to ask about that. So she
walked over near where he was standing and asked, "Mister,
why does white stuff squirt out of the end of your thing when
you pee?"

The man asked her how she knew it did, and she told him she
had seen his daughter helping him pee one day. The man
smiled and told her that's what happens when a pretty little
girl helps out. Then he asked her if she wanted to help him
and see it happen from close up.

Of course that was exactly what Liz wanted, but she was also
a little afraid. She asked the man to promise not to tell
her mother and, of course, the man promised immediately.

Still a little nervous, Liz stepped over and looked at the
straining cock the man was holding. At his urging, Liz
replaced his hand with both of hers. The man showed her how
to move the loose skin back and forth, covering and
uncovering the purple end.

As she told us this story, Liz was getting hot, staring at my
pulsing prick and dipping two fingers into her dripping
snatch. I could see that Carrie was also pinching her pussy
lips. Only Amber was not playing with herself, but was
listening to her sister's tale like it was a bedtime story.

The man then told Liz he needed to touch her "sweet little
pussy" to be able to squirt his stuff. Liz knew what he
meant, because he had touched the other little girl between
the legs. But she didn't want to let go of his dick.
Finally, the man said he wasn't going to be able to do it
unless she took her pants off. Reluctantly, Liz released his
peter and pulled her shorts and underpants down to her knees.
She grabbed his dick again and resumed pumping like he had
shown her.

She said the man reached down and rubbed her pussy a little.
She didn't feel anything in particular when he did that, but
it apparently did him a lot of good. Liz said his prick got
harder and started to jump around in her hand. The man told
her to do it faster. Even though her arms were getting
tired, Liz sped up her movements.

In a few moments, the man abandoned his exploration of Liz's
hairless twat and stood rigid while he looked down at this
seven-year-old jerking him off. Liz said his cock gave one
last jump and started pumping out wave after wave of thick
white stuff. She said she could feel the pumping through her

Liz said that after the stuff had stopped coming out, she
dropped his prick and pulled up her pants. The man was
standing there smiling at her with his dick hanging out of
his pants and getting smaller and smaller. Liz said she just
thanked him and walked back to play with her dolls.

Lately, Liz said, she had done that to a few boys at school.
And then she said that Amber could tell us about "Ms. Bell."

Chapter XVIII

Amber's Story

Amber sat back on the couch like she was glad to be the
center of attention. I decided I liked the way she looked,
with her chubby little-girl's body and her glowing smile.

She told us that Ms. Bell was the housekeeper who came to
work in their house about two years ago. She was a college
girl who went to school at night and worked for Amber and
Liz's mom during the day. She cleaned the house, did the
laundry, took care of Amber and Liz after school, and fixed
snacks for them.

Anyway, Amber told us that, right from the first, Ms. Bell
liked to play with the girls' pussies. Whenever they were
alone in the house, Ms. Bell would have one or both of the
girls take off their pants and lie back on the bed with their
legs spread. She would rub them and kiss them there, while
she rubbed her hand between her own legs.

"We knew it wasn't really right for her to be doing that, but
it felt real good," Amber said, "so we didn't want to tell on

Amber said Ms. Bell also showed them her own hairy pussy and
her big tits. She would sometime have one of the girls suck
her nipples while the other one pushed a broom-handle up her
cunt. Amber said the housekeeper had real dark hair and
nipples that were so dark they were almost purple. Amber
said she liked to make Ms. Bell's nipples stand up so they
were almost like dark little pricks.

The housekeeper explained to the girls about cumming and told
them it was the greatest feeling in the world. She also told
them that they would grow up faster if they had lots of sex
with other girls. She told them a lot of bad stuff about
boys, but Liz and Amber didn't understand it.

As time went on, Liz began to get her orgasms and she asked
the housekeeper to suck her little quim all the time. When
Ms. Bell wasn't around, Liz got Amber to lick her pussy and
make her cum. Liz wanted Amber to feel it too. She showed
Amber the place to rub, and got Ms. Bell to spend extra time
licking Amber's six-year-old pussy. After about a year,
Amber began to get her jollies too.

Just before she left, Ms. Bell started sticking her finger in
Liz's pussy, and after Ms. Bell left, Amber had been putting
all kinds of things in her sister's cunt while she licked her
sister's clit.

Since the housekeeper left, Liz had introduced several of her
girlfriends to cunt-licking in "sleep-over" parties. Amber
said she liked to lick other girls, but not the ones with
hair, because it always got in her mouth and she had to spit
it out.

As she finished her little tale, Amber's hands descended to
her lap, where one hand parted the fat, hairless lips and the
other resumed its circular massage at the top of her crack.

"Now," she said, "I want to see you put your thing into
Lizzie's hole."

Under the stimulation of these sexy stories and the sight of
the three young cunts, my prong had returned to quivering

Liz was apparently anxious to please her sister, because she
hopped right up from the couch and squatted down over my
knees. I scooted forward to put my hips at the edge of the
chair and Liz lowered herself so my cock slipped slowly into
her hot hole. As she moved up and down and my dick slid in
and out, I grabbed her boobs and flipped her nipples with my
thumbs. Looking over to the couch, I could see that Carrie
was going after Amber's little cunt again, that Amber was
quivering all over with Carrie's cunt-licking, and that
Carrie had her middle finger buried in her own narrow pussy.

As Liz speeded up her pumping tempo, she began to shake all
over. I moistened my fingers and started twisting and
pulling her orange-red nipples. As I worked on them, each
engorged nipple protruded more and more stiffly from the
hemispheres of her hard breasts.

To my surprise, Liz bent down to kiss me, putting her tongue
deep in my throat. Although I thought of kissing as
something you did with your girlfriend and fucking as
something you did with anybody, the feel of her tongue in my
mouth added to my pleasure. I reached around behind Liz to
rub a finger around her butthole. As I felt my climax
approach, I slipped my fingertip inside her asshole. As Liz
pumped even harder, I filled her gash with what felt like
gallons of jism, as she apparently got her jollies at the
same time. Liz collapsed on me with shudders of pleasure
quaking through her entire body.

As my slimy dick softened and dropped out of Liz's sopping
hole, I glanced over at the two little girls on the couch.
Eight-year-old Amber was lying back against the cushions with
an after-come smile on her face and the sheen of saliva all
over the bright red furrow between her splayed thighs.
Insatiable Carrie had her back to me as she doubled over and
pounded two fingers into her cunt as she finished her own
jack-off session. Liz stood up and reached for the towel to
dry me again.

By now, I was pretty tired and I also noticed the time on my
watch. Because my parents were due home in less than an
hour, I said goodbye to these three sexy girls, jumped out
the window, snuck back through the park and home.

Chapter XIX


After all that excitement and sexual activity over such a
short period of time, nothing much happened for the next
couple of weeks. My sex life was reduced once again to
jerking off in the shower. But I did that a lot, because at
least I now had some new fantasies -- re-living my recent
sexual adventures.

One afternoon, I did manage a quickie fuck with my sister
Susan in her room when we both got home from school early and
Mom was running an errand. I didn't have to talk her into
it, either. As soon as I suggested we "fool around," she
pulled my cock out of my pants and started licking it and
sucking on it. I pulled up her shirt and pinched her nipples
like I knew she enjoyed. As the feel of her warm wet mouth
made my balls stir and my dick throb, I groped under her
skirt to mash her underpants into the slot of her crotch
until she was sopping wet. In just a few minutes, Susan
flopped back on the rug, yanking up her skirt, pulling her
panties off and spreading her legs wide in welcome. Of
course, I immediately crammed my peter in her hole, since
neither one of us seemed to be in the mood for much foreplay.
She was going crazy, thrashing her head around and grabbing
at my butt. It sure felt better than jerking off! It was
only a few seconds until I was squirting my goo up into her
slimy gash.

But it was hard for both of us to get away from the house
together without arousing my folks' suspicions. My friend
Tim's mom had gotten mad at them over something and had
banned all "overnights," so Susan and I couldn't go over
there and mess around with Tim and his sister Cindy.

Cindy handed me a pair of her underpants one day after
school, saying, "I know you'll take good care of these." And
Carrie grinned at me every time she saw me at school. Of
course, I didn't see Liz and Amber, because they went to
another school.

But I still saw Tim every day. He was more than a little
pissed that I hadn't included him in the get-together with
Liz and Amber, but we talked endlessly about our incredible
weekend of sister-fucking. Once, we got so worked up that we
went into the bathroom at my house and jacked off together,
squirting our stuff almost at the same time.

Then, one Friday night about three weeks later, Susan got a
babysitting job with the Andersons and Mom and Dad went out
for the evening, leaving me at home. As soon as I was alone,
I stripped down and pulled a porn mag from under my mattress.
Settling down with a box of kleenex and a coke, I was ready
to work myself up to a huge orgasm or two, then go watch the
Friday Night Movie on cable.

As I settled back and turned the pages, I realized that
pictures weren't as good as a real, live girl, even if the
live girl was too young to boast the huge breasts and hairy
cunts of the models in the magazine. I had just gotten my
cock in a respectable state of readiness and was starting to
stroke, when the phone rang.

It was Susan calling. She said she was just putting the two
Anderson kids to bed and wanted me to come right over. She
said she had gotten so hot that she needed me to poke my pole
into her hot pussy. Yanking up my underwear, I said I'd be
right there, but Susan said I should wait about a half hour,
so the kids could get to sleep.

I tried to wait, putting away the magazine and finishing my
coke down-stairs. But the thought of my little sister's wet
cunt was giving me a real bad hard-on. So I hopped on my
bike and pedaled over to the Anderson house, about a half-
mile from ours.

Although it was 10 minutes shy of a half hour since Susan had
called me, I knocked quietly on the side door. In a few
seconds, Susan let me in, but told me to go wait in the den
while she made sure the two kids were asleep. The Andersons
had a real nice house. Their den was full of black leather
furniture, and I sat down nervously while I waited for Susan.

Susan came back a few seconds later, saying that it looked
like both were asleep, but she couldn't be sure. Then she
told me what made her so hot.

"Mr. and Mrs. Anderson told me to give Lorrie and Jimmie
baths and put them to bed as soon as they left. I've never
had to get these kids ready for bed, because every other time
they were already in their pajamas when I got here. But it
was no big deal, since I've bathed lots of little kids.

"And, besides, Lorrie is about six and Jimmie's eight, so I
thought they could bathe themselves. I told them to go take
their baths and get in their pajamas and I'd read them a
story before bedtime. I grabbed a People magazine and a coke
and settled down in here to pass the time until they were
ready. A few minutes later, I heard a lot of splashing and
giggling in the bathroom, so I put down the magazine to make
sure they weren't making a mess."

"When I got to the bathroom, the door was open and I was
shocked at what I saw. Little six-year-old Lorrie was
sitting in the tub and Jimmie was standing naked beside it.
But what stunned me was that Jimmie had a boner and Lorrie
was rubbing it! I didn't know what to do, so I just stopped
there in the door for a second and watched."

"Jimmie's prick is about four inches long and real thin. The
head of his dick was about the same size as the shaft and it
was sticking almost straight up against his belly. Lorrie
was laughing out loud and seemed to be having great fun
running her soapy fist up and down the shaft. Jimmy's whole
peter was reddish and he was grinning down at Lorrie as she
jacked it. All of a sudden, his hairless little stick looked
so good to me I could feel my pussy begin to get wet and
itchy. I wished I was Lorrie, so I could feel how hot and
hard his little-boy hard-on really was."

"Because I was supposedly in charge, I decided I had better
do something, so I kind of bustled into the bathroom like I
hadn't seen anything. I told Jimmie to go put on his pajamas
and Lorrie to finish up, dry herself off and get into her
pajamas. But Jimmie turned around, gave me a great big
smile, and asked me to 'tickle his dickie' before he went to
bed. His little red prick was sticking straight up toward me
and kind of twitching."

Susan was talking faster and faster as she told me this

She continued, "I couldn't believe he was just asking me out
loud to touch his cock! Even though I was dying to feel it,
I told Jimmie I couldn't and shooed him out of the bathroom.
When I turned back to Lorrie, she had kind of scooted down in
the tub with her legs really wide apart. She was holding her
pussy lips open and was rubbing her hand back and forth real
fast all up and down her slot. Before I told her to stop, I
looked real close at the reddish inside of her pussy.

"Of course, I decided right then and there that these were
some over-sexed little kids, and I had better get them in bed
before they got me into trouble. I told Lorrie she had
enough of her bath and that she should get out and get dried
off and into her pajamas if she wanted to hear a bedtime
story. She hopped out of the tub, so I went in to make sure
Jimmie was getting ready for bed."

"When I got into Jimmie's room, I got another shock. He was
lying there naked on his bed, with his knees pulled way back
toward his shoulders. With one hand, he was pumping up and
down on his little cock and, with the other hand, he was
finger-fucking his butthole."

"I told him to stop that, but he just kept on. When I walked
over, I could see his eyes were shut tight and his face was
all red. And I found I couldn't take my eyes off his meat-
beating act. His little pole was even redder and his hand
was moving up and down real fast. While I looked, he took
his finger out of his bottom and put his legs out straight on
the bed. His whole body kind of shook and he pulled down
hard on the skin around his dick so I could see this
incredibly skinny peter-stick real clear. I could also see a
drop of clear stuff kinda drool out of the end. He had
managed to cum, at only eight years old! I could feel my
pants getting wet and I wanted to lick the stuff right off
the end of his dick, but I just knew I shouldn't do that."

"So I told him he shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff,
especially in front of me, but he just sat up breathing real
hard and asked me to show him my 'pussywillow,' since he'd
shown me his 'dickie.' Of course, I wanted to do just that.
I wanted to get him to lick me until I got my cum. But I
said no and told him to put on his pajamas and get into bed.
He looked pouty and sad, but went over and started putting on
his pajamas. After that, nothing more happened. A few
minutes later, Lorrie came in wearing her pj's and I read
them a story. Finally, Lorrie went back in her room to sleep
and I called you."

As she finished this amazing story, Susan looked up at me
hungrily and said, "I think they're both asleep now. And I
want to see a bigger cock that can squirt some real thick

Well, her story had gotten me pretty worked up, too. I stood
in front of her and pulled her sweater up. Just as I
thought, her nipples were standing up like two pink towers.
As I reached down to tickle her nipples, Susan ran her hands
over the front of my pants and grabbed my dick through the

With the warm-up I had gotten in bed earlier and the sexy
story Susan had been telling me, this was almost too much for
me to stand. So I skinned out of my pants and underpants and
stepped back in front of Susan. While I was undressing,
Susan had also been busy. She had her sweater off and was
sitting there spread-legged, with her panties around her
ankles and her skirt scrunched up around her waist. I could
see that her cunt was wet, because the lips were shiny and
the red streak between them was gleaming. Susan reached for
my peter and pulled me to her.

With both hands on my shaft, she rubbed my cockhead all over
her face. That felt great, and I reached down to tweak her
swollen nipples. I was just about to kneel down and slide my
throbbing cock into her soppy little hole when I happened to
look up.

There, standing in the door of the den, was a little blonde
girl in pajamas! Naturally, I pulled back from Susan and
tried to cover my bobbing cock. Susan looked up at me to see
what was wrong. I must have looked alarming, because she
looked over her shoulder like she was expecting Freddy

Pulling down her skirt and covering up her tits, Susan said,
"What are you doing out of bed, Lorrie?"

I realized then that this little girl probably didn't even
know Susan had her sweater off, because her big blue eyes
were glued on my dick. As I tried to get back into my
underwear, my cock was flopping all around and getting softer
by the second. But the little girl answered Susan by saying,
"It's OK, mommy and daddy let us watch. They say it's just
natural stuff. See, Mommy even taught me to rub my button
while I watch."

I noticed then that little Lorrie had one hand down the front
of her pajamas. With the other hand, she pulled down her
pajama pants, showing us her finger moving in a circular
motion at the top of her hairless little slit. My cock
reversed field and began to get stiff again at this sexy
sight, which was so much like my old fantasy about Tim's
sister, Cindy.

But my own sister was having none of it. Pulling her sweater
on and smoothing down her skirt, Susan told the child that
she was the babysitter and Lorrie had to do what she said.
But little Lorrie had a few tricks of her own. She froze us
both when she said, "I'll tell Mommy what you were doing
unless you let me watch." She was pretty sure of herself, I
guess, because she continued, "And I want to feel his

Susan was still unconvinced, but my cock was hard again and I
was up for adventure. I told Susan to make Lorrie promise
not to tell anybody and we'd let her watch. Susan asked if
that was a deal and Lorrie promised. Then she came right
across the den and reached for my prick, which was straining
to get back out of my underpants.

Little Lorrie's blonde head only came up to about my belly
button, so my bouncing crotch was at about the level of her
wide blue eyes. With child-like directness, she pulled down
the waistband of my underpants and my erecting peter popped
out and nearly slapped the little girl on the cheek. She put
her other hand around my shaft and squeezed it. Then, just
like it was something she did every day, she began to move
the skin gently up and down, covering and uncovering my shiny
dickhead in a jackoff motion. As she rubbed my cock, the
six-year-old started to babble.

"My daddy won't let me play with his dickie when Mommy is
around. But he always shows it to me when we're alone. He
says it's our little secret. He rubs my 'pussywillow' and
lets me move his dickie's skin around like this. When we
finish, he likes to squirt his stuff on my bottom. And I
know another secret. Mommy plays with Jimmy's dickie. I
like to play with Jimmie's dickie best of all because it's so
little. I can even suck it like Mommy does. Jimmie's dickie
won't go in my hole yet, but he puts it in my bottom

My head was reeling with these family secrets, but then I
reflected that this was not really all that different from
what Sue and I and Tim and Cindy had been doing. And
speaking of Susan, I noticed she was enviously watching
Lorrie massage my dick and her hand was once again moving
rapidly under her skirt.

I decided that I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity
to deal with yet another willing female, so I asked Lorrie to
take off her pajama pants so I could see her "pussywillow."
Letting go of my prick reluctantly, the little girl quickly
lowered her pajama bottoms, as I stepped out of my underwear.
I could see that her hairless little slot was flushed pink
from her masturbation. Lorrie started to return to her post
in front of me, but I asked her to go sit on the couch so I
could see.

When Lorrie sat down, I knelt in front of her. She grinned
down at me nervously as I parted her fat little legs to
reveal the immature pussy between them. Susan leaned over to
look, too. Of course, Lorrie's six-year-old slit wasn't as
developed as others I had seen, but, as the familiar pink
line opened between her reddened bald lips to show the pinker
insides, I could see her tiny red clitoris sticking out like
a little peter.

Immediately, I lowered my mouth to fasten on this tastey-
looking morsel. I snaked my tongue up between her naked
pussy lips, moving it between the smooth hills and along the
warm valley. When I reached the top of her slit, I swirled
my wet tongue around the little projection.

Lorrie said, "Gosh, that feels neat!" and she opened her legs
wider. As I continued to tongue-lash her naked little cunt,
I felt Susan's hand close on my straining dick. I pulled my
face out of Lorrie's crotch and began manipulating her slick
inner lips with my fingers. Lorrie was staring between her
own legs to see what I was doing. I looked down to see Susan
swiveling around on the floor to get her mouth on my cock.

Lorrie lay back on the couch, holding her legs wide to give
me unimpeded access to her pre-school pussy. As I gazed with
fascination at the lewd sight and trailed my fingers up and
down the little girl's slit, my sister's lips fastened on my
cockhead and she started to suck. And Susan wasn't just
sucking the end of my cock, but was letting about three
inches slide in and out of her mouth. The hot wetness and
her swirling tongue felt just super!

Suddenly, I wanted to "do it all." My mind buzzed with the
possibilities. I wanted to watch Lorrie push something into
her own little cunt-hole. I wanted to squirt my stuff down
Susan's throat. I wanted to ream Susan's cunt. I wanted to
see Lorrie piss. I wanted to go wake up Jimmie and watch him
butt-fuck his sister. But in the middle of my reverie, Susan
surprised me by doing something I hadn't yet imagined.

Spitting out my cock and pushing me out of the way, she said,
"Put it in my bottom," as she knelt in front of Lorrie's
splayed thighs. Her dark head descended into Lorrie's crotch
and she started to eat Lorrie's pussy, while flipping up the
back of her own skirt to show me her hand hard at work on her
own hairless pussy lips. Between her spread legs, Susan's
hand rubbed at her clit, dipped two fingers into her wet hole
and then reached farther back to smear some girl-juice on the
tantalizing asshole target she presented to me.

This new idea sounded great to me, so I moved forward to
slide my cock deep into Susan's cunt for lubrication and then
position my dick right at the rear entrance. Pushing forward
gently, I again felt my cockhead pop past the ring of my
sister's asshole. Putting my hands on her waist, I began to
slide my pole slowly in. As I looked up, I saw that Susan
was apparently making little Lorrie feel great and maybe even
making her cum, because the pre-schooler's blonde hair was
tossing back and forth on the black leather couch, as my
sister munched away.

On the bottom of my dick, I could feel the commotion Susan
was causing with the two fingers inside her cunt. Her
fingers were touching my cock through her pussy-walls as my
stiff pole slowly sank into her backside. I was only about
an inch inside when Susan began to orgasm. The resulting
pulsations in her insides made me cum immediately. As my
cock squirted sperm, my excitement and Susan's spasms pushed
me deeper into her now-lubricated bottom. Before I finally
pulled it out, I was buried about three inches in my sister's

As I sat back on my heels in exhaustion, I could see that
Susan was still hot to trot. She quickly moved up on the
couch and straddled Lorrie's face. "Lick me like I was
licking you," she said hoarsely. Once again, I envied my
sister's ability to cum several times in a row.

From where I sat, I could see Lorrie's little tongue stick
out tentatively to touch Susan's pussy. This was all the
more exciting because I was looking at this scene through
Lorrie's spread thighs. Moving closer, I resumed stroking
the six-year-old's saliva-wet pussy-lips while I watched
her suck my sister.

My sperm was dribbling out of Susan's asshole as Lorrie
responded to my caresses with vigorous tongue action on my
sister's clit. As Susan got her cookies again, she ground
her gaping slit into the little girl's face. I stroked
Lorrie's tiny erect clit and watched in fascination as her
hairless little cunt began to flutter with the spasms of her
own second orgasm.

My cock was getting a little bit hard again, but I thought I
had better get back home, in case Mom and Dad came back
early. Leaving Susan to put Lorrie back to bed, I hurried
into my pants and biked back home.

When Mom and Dad got home, they looked in my room, but I
pretended to be asleep. I stayed awake until Susan got home
and snuck into her room. Her eyes got wide as I came in, but
I told her I wasn't looking for sex.

"I'm worried that Lorrie will tell her parents what she saw,"
I whispered.

But Susan calmed me down when she reminded me, "No, I don't
think so. I talked to her some more after you left and she
knows about keeping secrets. And besides, she told us
something about her parents, too, so we really don't have to
worry about anything. Now get out of here, before Mom or Dad
hear us talking."

As I thought about it, I decided Susan was probably right. I
drifted off to sleep with confused thoughts of hairless
little pussies and great big breasts.

Chapter XX

The Gardener's Performance

Susan and I managed to sneak off for a quick fuck every now
and then. The garage became a favorite place, because Sue
could just flip her skirt up and bend over a bicycle. While
I porked her from the rear, we could both keep an eye on the
back of the house, to make sure we didn't get caught. Tim
told me he and Cindy got totally naked and did it in bed,
after their mom got bombed and fell dead asleep. I envied
them the time to really screw around. Sue and I could barely
drop our drawers and get a cum because we were so worried
about getting caught.

Susan managed another session of cunt-licking with Carrie
after a Brownie Scout meeting, and told me about it later.
We were whispering in the bathroom as she told me how
Carrie's wet tongue felt lapping her clit. I pulled out my
cock then and jerked off in front of my sister, thinking
about Carrie's skinny little pussy and talented mouth.

During this period, my thoughts kept returning to Liz and her
growing titties. Because she didn't go to our school, I
couldn't figure out how I was going to arrange another get-
together. I even walked by her house a couple of times, but
couldn't figure out how I would walk up to the door and ask
to talk to her. After all, she was only eleven years old.

Then one day I saw her at the shopping center. I would have
noticed her anyway, even if I hadn't met her, because she was
walking along real fast and her little braless breasts were
jiggling under a thin tee shirt. I ran to catch up with her
and pulled her into a corner to chat.

"Oh, hi, Steve!" she said, and seemed genuinely pleased to
see me. When I asked her point-blank about getting together
and "doing some stuff," she blushed a little bit, but said
she would love to. After a little thought, she told me I
should go over to their playhouse about four o'clock and she
and Amber would put on a "little show" for me. I had almost
forgotten about her little sister. She wouldn't tell me what
she meant by a "show." Anyway, I agreed and hurried home to
get my homework done so I could go "play basketball" before

At ten minutes of four, I was hanging around the park near
the back fence of Liz's yard. Soon, I saw Amber in their
playhouse, waving me over. When I got over the fence, Amber
said I had to hurry up because Liz would be coming to the
playhouse real soon.

When Amber and I got in the playhouse, the little eight-year-
old dragged me back to a corner, behind a large puppet
theater. She giggled as she whispered that Liz was going to
bring in their gardener and put on a show for us. I was
going to ask what kind of show, but Amber took charge, saying
that we only had about a minute to "get ready."

She showed me what kind of "readiness" she had in mind, as
she lifted her skirt to pull down her underpants. When I
reached to caress her hairless little pussy, she slapped away
my hands and started helping me take off my jeans. I was
just kneeling down to put my half-hard prick in her hand when
we heard the door to the playhouse open.

"Well, come on in," we heard Liz say. Looking toward the
door, I realized the puppet theatre was covered in some kind
of dark cloth, so you could see right out into the room,
especially when Liz turned on a lamp beside the couch. As we
watched, an old man walked in and sat down on the couch. He
must have been over forty years old, because he had some
white in his hair.

Liz twirled around in front of him so that her skirt swirled
away from her legs. She was wearing a funny outfit, which
made her look like a real little girl -- some kind of dress
with a short skirt and tennis shoes with pink socks rolled
down into anklets. From where I was sitting, I could see her
underpants, which were plain pink cotton, unlike the
"grown-up" underwear she was wearing the last time I had been
in the playhouse.

Liz was talking up a blue streak as she turned in lazy
circles on the rug in front of this strange man. "Mr.
Darnes, it's really great that you come by every day and take
care of our yard and stuff. And it's even more great that
you like little girls so much and like to see them dance.
Can you see how I'm dancing for you? Do you like what you
see? Is there any special dance you'd like me to do?"

The man just looked at her with a stupid smile on his face.
He didn't say anything, but just nodded or shook his head in
response to Liz's questions. When she asked if there was a
"special dance" he'd like to see, he nodded his head but
didn't name it.

But Liz seemed to know, because she continued, "You like to
see little girls do dances that show you their underpants,
don't you?" Mr. Darnes nodded his head vigorously.

"Well I'm not sure I should do that," said Liz, in a teasing
way. "People might find out about it and I could get in
trouble. Will you tell anybody that an eleven-year-old girl
let you see her panties?" The gardener shook his head

"Well OK then," Liz said. "Here's a dance to show you what
you like to see." With that, she started a slow stroll
around the floor, twitching her skirts back and forth, higher
and higher. As I watched this strange scene, I had almost
forgotten about Amber. But she reminded me as she silently
began to rub my half-limp cock into erectness. Looking over
at her, I saw that she wasn't even looking at my peter, but
was staring intently at her sister and the old man on the

When I looked back into the room, I saw that Liz now had her
skirts up around her waist as she walked around the room.
She had given up any pretense of dancing and was just showing
off her almost-shapely legs and pink cotton underpants to the
gardener. Stopping just in front of him, she squatted down
with spread thighs to show him the crotch of her panties.
And she started to talk again.

"Well, you sure are staring at my secret place. You know you
have to show me your nasty old dick if you want to see my
secret place. You have to beat your meat if you want to see
my pee-pee hole. You have to show me your old dick and make
it hard and jack it off while I watch."

The gardener seemed unsurprised at the language coming out of
Liz's mouth. He just nodded again and started unfastening
his pants. Without a word, he stood up and lowered his
trousers and undershorts to his knees, sitting back down
while his huge cock swung nearly to his knees! I was
astounded at the length and thickness of this old man's
peter. I wondered if he had ever found anyone he could fuck
with that tree limb. Amber's little hand grasped my
ordinary-sized prick and began to stroke it as the gardener
waved his hardening cock back and forth in front of
eleven-year-old Liz's eyes.

But Liz just kept talking. "Well, you sure are showing me
your big old dick. And you're flopping it up and down right
in front of me. How many little girls have you shown that
nasty thing? Do you think about little girls when you rub it
up and down like that? Now I suppose you think I'm going to
show you my secret place, but I'm not. You just sit there
and rub your nasty old prick while I watch. I'll rub my
secret place for you." And she dropped her skirt and put her
hand under it and began to rummage around.

Mr. Darnes now had both hands on his straining cock. One
hand jerked up and down while the other roamed over a
cockhead the size of a softball, rubbing and squeezing. He
didn't seem to mind if Liz was no longer showing him her
underpants, because his horse-cock was completely rigid now
and he was getting into a familiar beat. But little Liz
apparently wasn't through with her act.

"I'll show you my titties, now," she said. And she began to
unbutton her dress. The gardener slowed his masturbation to
see this part of the show. As her sister pulled the top of
her dress apart and down to show her proud young breasts,
Amber guided my hand to her own hairless cuntlips as she
continued pulling the skin back and forth on my cock.

"I like to do this when I'm all alone," said Liz, wetting her
fingertips and rubbing her pink nipples into erection. "But
I'm not all alone when some old guy is beating his meat and
watching me do this. You probably like me to look at your
nasty old dick. You probably want to see my pee-pee hole
right now, don't you?" Mr. Darnes agreed with a solemn nod
of his head and a slight increase in jack-off speed.

"Well, OK, then, I'll show you my pee-pee hole, but you can't
touch it. You just keep on jerking your big old dick while
this little girl pulls down her panties for you. Here," she
said, lifting her skirt and pulling down the front of her
underwear to reveal her lightly-tufted cunny, "you can look
at that for just a second." Liz was standing with her back
to me, so I couldn't see much, but the gardener really
staring, stroking even harder as he stared at what I knew
must be a stimulating sight -- the pink lips on either side
of her slit, the dark patch of hair at the bottom of her
belly, and just the overall lewd impression of an eleven-
year-old girl showing him her bare breasts and crotch. I was
stroking harder, too, running my fingers along eight-year-old
Amber's crotch and feeling her little-girl juices begin to
lubricate my fingertips.

"Now, you can't look any more," Liz teased, as she let her
underpants snap back into place. "I won't show you any more
until you stand up and rub your big old thing in front of the
mirror." This must have been a part of a routine, because
Mr. Darnes started gathering his pants back up as soon
as Liz started talking.

With his enormous cock rigid as a bar of iron, the gardener
hobbled over to the mirror and again dropped his pants around
his ankles. Little Liz took his place on the couch, placing
her heels on the edge of the cushion so her panty-clad crotch
was visible to Mr. Darnes as he stared at her image in the
mirror and resumed stroking his foot-long dong.

Amber matched the gardener's rhythm as she pulled the skin
back and forth on my surging rod. As I glanced down, I was
thrilled anew at the sight of this second-grader playing with
my penis. I rewarded her with a swirling caress of her wet
little slot. She didn't seem to object when I put the end of
my little finger against her asshole and rubbed back and

We both looked over at Liz as she resumed her chatter. "OK,
Mr. Darnes, you sure are a dirty old guy to be showing a
fifth-grader your big old dick. And you are especially nasty
to be jacking off your weiner while she watches. I'm gonna
show you my pee-hole now so you can finish up and get back to
work. Do you wanna see my little pee-pee?" Of course, the
gardener nodded and speeded up his cock-stroking.

Despite her tart chatter, Liz's face was red and her eyes
were glued on the image of the gardener's throbbing cock in
the mirror as she reached between her legs to pull her cotton
underpants over to one side. I remembered that fateful night
in Cindy's bathroom and my dick gave a surge that nearly
ripped it out of Amber's little hands. Mr. Darnes was
rubbing both hands on his enormous member faster and faster.
Giant veins protruded all over the shiny surface and the head
glowed purple as he twisted it. His huge balls were swinging
back and forth between his legs in time with his stroking.

Apparently, Liz's little-girl talk was part of the routine,
because she resumed her monologue. "Well, I'm showing you my
little hole, but it's got some hair around it, and you're
such a dirty old guy that you'd probably rather look at some
girl who's even younger; someone who doesn't have any hair at
all. You'd probably like to see my little sister show you
her pee-pee hole, wouldn't you?"

I was surprised when the gardener spoke for the first time.
In a bass rumble, he said, "I sure would!"

Without further ado, Amber released my cock, stood up,
straightened her skirt primly and stepped from behind the
puppet theatre. The gardener was clearly surprised, because
he sort of jumped and started to pull up his pants. I
wondered how he would ever stuff his rock-hard cock back into
his underwear, but he relaxed when he saw Amber grinning and
staring at the huge piece of meat projecting from his torso.

"You know my little sister. She's only eight years old, and
you're showing her your nasty old dick. You better get back
to beating your meat, so she can see what a dirty old man you
are." Liz was beating her own meat as she said this,
reaching between her widespread thighs to dip her finger into
her twat and rub the juice around the red nubbin at the top
of her slit.

Mr. Darnes resumed his stroking, staring hungrily at Amber,
who matched the intensity of his gaze while moving closer to
see this monster cock in action. I was left to my own
devices behind the puppet screen, so I started pumping my
rigid dick slowly as I watched this sexy scene continue to

Liz continued with her monologue. "Mr. Darnes, my little sis
is looking at your big old thing real close. Do you want her
to show you that she hasn't got any hair around her pee-
hole?" When the gardener nodded vigorously, she said,
"Amber, show this dirty old guy your little pee-pee." I was
surprised to see that Amber acted a little shy as she reached
down to the hem of her short, frilly dress and slowly raised
it to reveal the fat, hairless lips of her prepubescent

I noticed that the man's face was red as his eyes ricocheted
back and forth between the little girl exposing herself a few
feet away and the image of her masturbating older sister
reflected in the mirror. His balls swung faster as his cock-
stoking tempo increased. Amber now had her skirt fully up,
revealing her fat little tummy, her hairless crotch, and her
little-girl legs capped in white socks and shiny black shoes.
Her eyes were glued on the jack-off action a yard from her

Liz started up again. "Rub that big old thing and squirt
your nasty stuff right in front of my sister and me. Show us
your dirty old jack-off stuff. We like to watch a dirty old
man rub his thing until it squirts. We'll watch you while
you make it come out the end of your big old thing."

As though Liz had commanded him, Mr. Darnes began to cum in
long, even spurts. Each gush seemed to contain several
ounces of fluid. He seemed to be directing it at the mirror,
and I realized he was squirting on Liz's image. I was close
to cumming myself, but wanted to hold off to see what
happened next. As he finished, Liz and Amber stood together
by the couch, with their skirts lowered again. Without
another word, the gardener pulled up his pants, tucking his
still-considerable hose back in his trousers. As he stooped
to go out the playhouse door, both girls thanked him

As soon as the door was closed, they rushed behind the puppet
screen. Pushing me over on my back, Liz climbed atop my
rampant dick and Amber squatted over my face. I was cumming
almost before Liz got settled, but she was hot enough to
greet my spurting cock with cunt-squeezes that told me she
was getting off as well. I couldn't see her, because my face
was buried in the smooth, slick flesh of Amber's sweet little
pussy. A few licks to her tiny red clit sent her into
shivering ecstasy too.

The girls collapsed on top of me as we all twitched in our
post-cum state.

As soon as we could sit up, Liz asked me what I had thought
of the show. Naturally, I told her I thought it was great.
Liz said their gardener had caught her and Amber in a double-
suck session in the playhouse a week earlier. Rather than
scold them or try to fuck them, he just asked if they wanted
to see him cum. When they saw his prick they realized why he
hadn't wanted to fuck them.

Amber said Mr. Darnes made up all that stuff about "pee-pee
holes" and "dirty old guy" that Liz had to say. She also
said he could only do it every couple of days, because he
told them he had a bad heart and was afraid all this
excitement would kill him. He also wouldn't let them touch
his prong, even though both girls were dying to see what it
felt like.

Amber and Liz scrambled up to clean off the mirror. As they
swabbed off the mess of goo, I sat on the couch and was
treated to flashes of naked bottom as they stooped to get the
gardener's stuff off the floor and mirror. Once again, I
felt my prick begin to harden.

By the time the girls were finished, my dick was sticking
straight up. Amber was the first to notice, and r--- FMail/386 0.98+

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