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Kidnapped Schoolgirls (mf,pedo,bd,rape)

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Another Exciting Adult Text File From:
[[[[[[[ [[ [[ [[ [[ \[[[[[\ [[[[[[\ \[[[[[[ [[[[[[\
^[] [[\\\[[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[\\\\ [[ [[
^[] [[___[[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[____ [[[[[[
^[] [[ [[ _[[[[[_ [[ [[ [[[[[[_ _[[[[[[ [[ _[[
They said lightning only strikes once.

They were wrong.

Where there's THUNDER...there's LIGHTNING!

WARNING: This text file contains material of an adult,
explicit, possibly VIOLENT sexual nature. If you are
uncomfortable reading material of this kind, please
delete this file immediately. Under no circumstances is
this file to be read or poessessed by persons under 21
years of age.
BBS Filename: Schoolg.txt
Lewdness Level: Heavy
Classifiction: Youngstuff/violent


It had been a hot, dry spring in the Midwest and the
fields and roads showed it. Clouds of dust marked the
passing of cars or a breath of the wind, and added an air of
desolation to the world about.

On that early May morning it was cool, cooler than it had
been. Melissa Coleridge and Kristal Harper both commented
on this as they made their way to the bus stop.

The two second graders also looked warily around them as
they walked. Since the school district had run low on
funds, many of the bus routes had been cut down and the kids
had been forced to walk, sometimes up to a mile, to catch
the bus. This was not why the girls looked around so
warily, however. Six young girls had disappeared since
mid-April, all young, pretty girls like themselves.

Normally Melissa's father would have given them a ride,
just to be safe, but he was busy today, as were Kristal's
parents. Besides, her mother had reasoned, all the girls
had vanished from a nearby county, not here.

Kristal stopped to look around anyway. She was the
younger and smaller of the two girls, seven to Melissa's
eight. She was pretty, four feet tall, sixty two pounds. A
slender girl with a pretty, freckled face, creamy white
skin, blue eyes and thick, wavy golden blonde hair that
played about her shoulders and grew to her waist.

"Will you come on?", Melissa urged. "We'll be late." She
pulled her best friend along with her. Melissa was as
pretty as Kristal, an inch taller but the same weight and
build. Her face was oval and spattered with freckles, her
eyes brown. Her hair was dark mahogany red and almost
straight, and fell to her waist, like Kristal's.

Kristal let her friend lead her. Melissa had always been
the braver of the two girls, but not by much. She wasn't
scared of disappearing like the other girls.

"What if somebody tries to kidnap us?", Kristal asked.

Melissa rolled her eyes. "Kris, there's two of us. We're
safe that way. Buddy system." She flashed a white smile.
"Now come on." She started off again.

Kristal stared after her a moment. Melissa's family were
one of the better off farmers in the area, and Melissa
showed it. She wore a red short sleeve dress that stopped
at mid-thigh, with a white sweater over that, hanging open.
On her legs were clear pantyhose, which Kristal's mother
felt a little girl didn't need, and white slippers. Kristal
herself wore a white short sleeve blouse, a short denim
skirt with a belt, orange sweater and white slippers. Both
girls carried white shoulder purses and had their
schoolbooks clutched to their chests.

Melissa turned the conversation elsewhere, and the
disappearances were soon forgotten. Neither girl, then,
noticed the cloud of dust coming up the road behind them.

Nate had been watching the girls since they left the house
a few minutes back. Their youth, as well as their looks,
had caught his attention. He'd licked his lips as he stared
at their long, slender legs, thinking how nice that tender
flesh would feel pressed against his hips as he slammed into

He nodded to the others in the van. There were six,
including himself: Carl, Pete, Tony, Rich and John. The
past few weeks had been good to them, almost. He looked at
the little bundle under the blanket, between the seats.
She'd been too young and fragile. She'd died...before her

He started the van, signalling the others to get ready. It
was party time.


Melissa heard the van coming before she even saw it. She
pulled Kristal off to the side, already cringing in
anticipation of the dust cloud it would kick up when it

But it didn't pass. Instead it skidded to a stop on the
road, kicking up a cloud of dust that blinded both girls
momentarily. When Melissa looked again, there were men
coming out of the back doors, straight toward her and

Melissa screamed and threw down her books, trying to run
away, but it was too late. A strong arm encirlced her tiny
body and a strong hand clamped over her mouth, silencing her

Melissa kicked and struggled. Another man had Kristal
around the waist, his hand over her mouth. Kristal wasn't
fighting him, however; she wasn't the type to fight. Melissa
saw the man force her into the van.

Melissa kicked down hard, hitting the man's knee. He
cried out and jerked her head back, snapping, "Stop fighting
or I'll break your neck!" Melissa stopped, her courage

The men pushed both girls face down in the back of the
van, which was lined with blankets. None too gently they
yanked the girl's hands behind their backs and bound them.
The doors closed and the van started off.

"Leave us alone! Leave us go!", Melissa pleaded. Her
abductor boxed her ears, making her cry out. A moment later
a cloth was pulled into her open mouth and tied behind her
head. More rope was bound around her ankles. She looked
over at Kristal and saw the same had been done to her

The men hauled the girls up and shoved them into a sitting
position against the van wall. Melissa saw the men rifling
their purses, pulling out wallets with library cards and
tupes of lipstick. Kristal started crying, so Melissa did,
too. The men ignored them, searching their purses.

"Which one is Melissa?", one man asked. He was big, ugly
and blonde. Melissa nodded. He looked at Kristal. "So you
must be Kristal. Pull your legs up!"

Both girls had been sitting with their legs outstretched.
Hurriedly they pulled them up, causing their skirts to slide
back and reveal not only thigh, but a flash of panties that
clung to their tight behinds.

"Now you listen up and listen good. You'll do everything
we tell you to, got that? You don't have to like it and I
don't give a fuck if you do. You resist, you scream, you
try to get away and I'll beat you black and blue. Got

Both girls nodded, crying even harder. The blonde haired
man grabbed Melissa's arm and shoved her down onto the van
floor. The little girl screamed and he slapped her. That
quieted her a little, down to muffled sobs. The man flipped
her skirt up and tore her panties off while a horrified
Kristal watched.

"Give me the jelly", the man demanded. "Don't want to
hurt her too much."

From where she lay, Melissa watched him take down his
pants and hold out his cock. She'd seen one before, when
she'd accidentally saw her father in the shower. This one
was bigger and thicker. She watched the man squeeze some
Vaseline out of a tube and rub it up and down the length of
his shaft. The man turned around and put the end of his
cock against the lips of her tiny, hairless slit. His hands
pressed down on her shoulders and she felt pressure between
her legs. He was going to put it in her!

Melissa shut her eyes, but she could feel him pushing into
her. It hurt, worse than anything. The pain got worse and
she felt like she was being stretched and split in two. She
cried out but the gag muffled it. The men were laughing and
shouting. Kristal was crying.

She felt something tear inside of her. Pain filled her
middle and made light dance in front of her eyes. She
screamed and screamed, but the men didn't care. The man on
her was moving back and forth now, fast then slow, then he
thrust in, moaned, and she felt his cock jumping in her.
Then it stopped and he pulled out. She could see blood and
something white on his glistening cock. Then he got off and
another man took his place.


Kristal shut her eyes so she couldn't see the men hurt her
friend. She could still hear Melissa's screams though. They
went on and on.

Then she was being put on the floor. She opened her eyes
and saw Melissa next to her, eyes half-closed. One of the
men was wiping her legs and slit off with a rag, cleaning up
blood. Melissa was sobbing.

In a flash, Kristal's panties were torn off. She felt
cool air waft across her bare slit. She looked up as the
blonde hair man pinned her shoulders down and lowered
himself to her. Then he was pushing, and it was hurting,
and she was screaming.

Kristal felt it push inside of her. She felt her hymen
tear and watched as her blouse lifted, her abdomen rising as
he penetrated her womb. Then he stopped.

"What the fuck you doing?", one of the men asked.

"Give her a chance. She didn't fight me. I'll be nice to
her." He pumped slowly. It hurt, burning Kristal's
insides, but it also sort of felt good. When the man pulled
out the feeling got better, then the pain took over when he
moved in. But the feeling was still there. Kristal felt
stretched and tried to shift, but her legs were still tied.
Again and again the man went in and out, slowly. Kristal
still screamed, out of fear more than pain. Then she felt
him swell inside of her and something warm, barely
noticeable, filled her. She closed her eyes when he pulled
out, but not soon enough to see that she, too was bleeding.

She felt nothing but pain as the other men raped her. By
the time it was over she was exhausted and barely able to
even emit a whimper. She rolled her head to look at
Melissa, who had by now drifted into unconsciousness. A
moment later, she joined her.


Kristal was shaken roughly awake. She was forced into a
sitting position, next to a bleary eyed Melissa. The van
had stopped, and outside the windows she could see trees.
The blonde haired man was kneeling over a bundle under a
blanket between the front seats.

"Just want to show you something", he said. "This is
what'll happen if you don't cooperate." He pulled the
blanket back.

Underneath lay a girl, no older than either of them. Her
skin was a pale blue color. Her eyes were closed and she
wasn't breathing. She wore no clothes, either, and Kristal
immediately knew they had killed her. She immediately got

"Shit!", one of the men shouted, catching the girl by the
shoulders and propelling her toward the back door. He
yanked her gag down and flung the door open just in time, as
she vomited all over the ground.

She felt another pair of hands take her shoulders, holding
while dry heaves wracked her and she sobbed. A wet cloth
was wiped over her face, then somebody was thrusting a jug
of water to her lips. "Wash your mouth out", she was told.
She took a drink from the jug, swished, and spat. Then she
did it again. The a hand shoved a breath mint in and she
was pulled back, the gag left down.

Kristal closed her eyes as the men carried the dead girl
out. She couldn't know that the girl hadn't been meant to
die; she was asthmatic and had suffered a severe asthma
attack when she was being raped. All the same, she was

Once the dead girl was gone, the van took off again. The
blonde haired man came back and sat down next to her. She
didn't look at him.

"My name's Nate", he told her. His voice was gentle, but
he still didn't seem very nice. "You still sick?"

Kristal nodded. "Still hurt?", Nate asked, and she
nodded. "It'll get better. You just have to cooperate and
pretty soon you'll like it. Then we've got some men who
want to try you. They'll pay us a lot of money for a little
blonde like you."

"Let me go", Kristal whispered.

"Can't do that, sweet thing. You're worth too much, you
and your friend. So get used to it." He got up and went to
the front of the van.

Not more than five minutes later they stopped again.
Suddenly the two of them were being lifted and taken out of
the van. Kristal looked around and saw an old barn, a
farmhouse and acres of overgrown fields. Then she was
carried inside.

The farmhouse was sparsely furnished but liveable. Nate
dropped Kristal onto a couch, while the man with Melissa and
two others carried her upstairs. Nate and the others turned
to Kristal, grinning...

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