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Lori's London Vacation a B&D story

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Lori's London Vacation

As the airliner crossed from flying over water to the English countryside,
Lori watched with growing excitment. She had been anticipating this vacation
for a long time; she was finally going to visit the country she had dreamed
of for over three years. The lush green country beneath her looked like a
fairyland in the early spring sunshine. It was one of those unusual sunny
days and Lori knew that there would be more rainy ones than sunny. She had
come prepared though. She had packed all of her rainy day clothes, including
her few rubber items. She loved wearing the rubber skirt she had bought just
before coming on the trip and also her long rubber raincoat, but her most
treasured item was a rubber corset bought through a mail order house. It had
been made in England, and fit her perfectly, squeezing her normal 24" waist
down to a waspy 19" and she loved the figure it gave her.
Lori was a latex and bondage enthusiast, and had been for as long as she
could remember. One of the main purposes of her trip was to add to these few
items. She had heard from a few of her friends about the numerous rubber and
latex boutiques in the London area, and she was prepared to spend money and
time in them. (of course she had no idea how much time...)
After the plane had landed and Lori had gone through customs, she gathered
her baggage and moved off to find a taxi. She had researched her trip
thoroughly and had made hotel reservations near where several clothing
stores were located. Even though she was tired from the long trip, she was
excitedly hoping to visit one of the shops she had heard of right away.
After arriving at the hotel, Lori unpacked and took a shower. She decided
that she would wear her corset under her lacy lingerie and spring dress. It
always gave her a thrill as the laces pulled tightly closed and the pressure
increased, pulling her waist into the familiar hourglass shape. Unlike a
normal corset made of satin or leather, the rubber continuously exerted
force on her body, pushing it inwards, and this was intensely exciting to
Lori. She finished dressing, putting on her black heels, brushing her hair
and checking on her makeup. Then off she went to see what delights the
boutique held...unknowing that this would only be the beginning of her most
unusual vacation ever.
London's streets were still busy at the early evening hour, and Lori watched
the activity with interest. Under her dress and lingerie, she felt the tight
compression of the corset, and she smiled as she drew admiring glances at
her small waist. The boutique was only three blocks from the hotel. The
storefront was small, but distinctively set off by fresh paint and an
attractive window showing some of the items sold there.
Lori looked in the window, glancing at the latex on display. She studied a
mannequin in the window dressed primarily in black latex. The outfit on the
mannequin consisted of stockings, an attractive mini-dress, long gloves and
a neck corset. It was obvious from the curvy waist that there was also a
very tight corset involved. Lori wondered to herself what other things were
hidden underneath. The mannequin's feet were shod in amazing ballet toed
high heels which must have been at least 8" high. "My, this would certainly
make me the center of attention at the party", said Lori to herself. She
went into the store.
Once inside, Lori was totally amazed by the selection and quality of
everything. There was nothing like it back home. There was latex of almost
every color and clothes which were everything from simple to daringly sexy.
The store also had an impressive shoe department with everything from high
heeled pumps to thigh-high boots; the heel heights were from 5 to 9 inches.
Besides that, there was an unbelievable array of rubber bondage gear.
"I'd better be careful not to go broke in here", she thought. She was
examining a long latex single glove with laces and straps when a saleswoman
came up beside her and said "may I help you with anything?" with a wonderful
British accent.
"Oooh yes, you can!" said Lori excitedly. "I have never seen such wonderful
latex and rubber before, and I am hoping I don't bankrupt myself before I go
"Well, well my dear we will try to help you avoid that and also see that you
get what you desire" said the sales lady. "I am Karen and I own this store.
We do make some of the best quality latex clothing and bondage items in the
world, and we are proud of it. I noticed you admiring it on the mannequin
"Yes" Lori said, "I have fantasized about owning such lovely things, but all
I own is a skirt, raincoat, and of course my corset which I have on".
Karen looked at Lori's waist and smiled, "your waist is small, but you look
like another two inches less would suit you better; how long will you be
here in England?".
"Only two weeks" sighed Lori.
"Well then, let's first measure you up for a new corset to suit your
figure". Lori could hardly believe that she had just arrived and already was
going to be fitted for a new corset. She was in heaven! "Oh yes, I would
love that, and then I also would like to purchase some of your latex
lingerie as well" she said.
Karen took Lori to the back of the store where there were fitting rooms and
what looked like an area where the clothing was actually made or mended, she
couldn't tell exactly. She was asked to remove her clothes and another
person would come to measure her. She did as she was asked, and presently a
muscular looking woman came bustling into the fitting room with a tape
measure in hand. "Hello dear, I am Sharon; we will just have you looking
like a Victorian princess when you are pulled into this new corset" she
exclaimed. Sharon took many measurements, including some which Lori wondered
were really necessary, but did not complain about.
After 20 minutes, Sharon pronounced she was done and that the new corset
would be ready in one week. Lori was pleased to hear this, and could hardly
contain her excitement. She then dressed again and went back out into the
"I would like to buy a pair of those latex panties in blue, some black latex
stockings, a matching garter belt, and I would like to see if I can wear
that dress the mannequin is modeling" said Lori to Karen.
"Surely. I think you are the same size as the mannequin, so the dress should
fit; you may try it on". In a few minutes it was obvious that Lori was
exactly the same size as the mannequin because the dress fit beautifully,
and her curves were enhanced by the shiny black material.
"Lori, you could model these clothes!" said Karen, "you are the perfect
size.". Karen looked at Lori and smiled; she said "Would you take a two week
"Why, uh yes; YES!" said Lori. The deal was sealed and Lori left the store
with her purchases with an agreement to return the next day at 9am "for
After Lori had left, Karen and Sharon smiled with anticipation. It was not
every day that they had someone that fit so well visit their store, and it
had been a long time since the last "model". They were excitedly looking
forward to this two week session with Lori and she had no idea what she was
in for.
The next day, promptly at 9am, Lori walked into the shop. She was clad in
her new latex outfit and looked very sexy. Actually, Lori had a hard time
containing her excitement in the rubber clothes; she had almost had an
orgasm while walking from her hotel. Now, she stood in the store entrance,
and tried to cool off. Then she noticed the mannequin had been removed. She
commented about this to Karen, but this was nonchalantly waved off. "Come on
up to my flat Lori and we will discuss your modeling duties". Lori and Karen
entered the flat, and there Lori saw Sharon and also met two other women,
whom Karen introduced as designers; "this is Victoria and Diane, and you
will be showing some of their best designs", said Karen. Lori accepted what
appeared to be coffee and began sipping it. It wasn't more than 2 minutes
later that she lay prone on the floor...
When Lori awoke, she was in darkness and she could feel that something had
been stuck over her eyes. She tried to move to remove whatever it was but
she then discovered her hands and arms had been bound behind her! Her legs
were tied at her ankles and knees also.
There was also an inflated ball filling her mouth so that she could hardly
make a noise, which however she tried to do anyway. At her attempts to make
a noise, she heard voices nearby: "Well, it looks like our new mannequin is
back with us now" sounded like Karen's voice. The sound of several
people moving nearer came to Lori and she became more active, trying to get
out of her bondage, but to no avail.
"Now Lori, you agreed to be our bondage model for two weeks, and that's what
will happen so there is no need to struggle. I just neglected to mention
that your brief modeling career will be spent INSIDE our store window
mannequin, and both you and the mannequin will be dressed in our finest
creations", said Karen. Lori felt something being placed into her ears; it
was sticky and filled her ears cutting out all noise. Suddenly, she heard a
small voice, which grew in volume, and recognized as Sharon saying "We have
placed small speakers into your ears so that we will control everything you
hear for the next two weeks. They cannot be removed without the proper glue
solvent". Lori then felt herself being hoisted to her feet by the people
around her, and the eye patches were removed. She recognized Karen, Sharon,
Victoria and Diane, and each had something in her hands. Victoria moved
forward and placed a heavy rubber corset around Lori's waist. Lori noticed
that the boning was almost continuous and that it would reach from her
armpits to her thighs.
Then, while Karen and Sharon held her, both Diane and Victoria began
tightening the corset. It had to be much smaller than she had ever worn, and
Lori tried to complain but only made muffled moaning sounds. As the corset
drew tighter and tighter, Lori had more trouble getting her breath; finally,
Diane tied off the laces in back, pulled a 1" wide belt around and over
them, then padlocked it shut. Karen moved in front of Lori and placed a
small padlock through the hole between each stud and clasp, 9 in all. It
would be impossible to remove the corset now, even if she had the use of her
hands, and she knew the keys would be in someone else's possession. In her
head Lori heard someone say "that 17" waist is very attractive Lori, you
will be wearing that corset for two weeks! All of your keys will be split up
between the four of us, so it will take all four of us to free you, if we
want to!".
"Now then, let's get her into her other things". As Lori struggled
helplessly, the relentless foursome continued to add comfort. A crotch belt
with two large attached plugs was tightly buckled over her corset,
compressing her waist even more, then it was also locked and the plugs were
forced deep within her. Two wires ran from the plugs, and these were
arranged off to one side. Next a stretchy latex bra with many studlike
protrusions inside the cups was added. A wire ran from the tip of each bra
cup; these were also arranged to one side. Lori felt her breasts and nipples
being stuck, as if there were dull pins poking all around them. It wasn't
uncomfortable (yet) but she had enough presence of mind to still wonder what
their purpose was. Two pair of black latex stockings were tightly stretched
up to and attached to her corset garters. A pair of 6" heeled thigh boots
made of heavy rubber were laced tightly onto her legs, so tight that she
could not bend at the knees, and holding her painfully erect. Then a pair of
full length gloves were put on her hands and arms, while a rubber neck
corset was being laced home forcing her head up and making the gag even more
The gloves had straps which threaded onto the neck corset. The gag was given
several more quick pumps, filling her mouth even more, before a black latex
helmet was pulled over her head. The helmet had tiny eyepieces of glass and
small nose holes as the only openings. Tubes were inserted into the nose
holes while the laces were closed and an attached neck strap was buckled and
locked in the back. Lori was now unable to speak or hear; she had been
stringently confined like never before, and locked into her bondage; her
breathing was labored from the viciously tight corset and the tiny nose
tubes; she felt the huge plugs filling her vagina and rectum; she felt the
dull probes all around her breasts and nipples; she was almost fainting from
the severe bondage, but at the same time she had never been so turned on
either. She had begun to sweat under the latex covering her and in a bizarre
way this added to her excitement. "Oh God what are they doing now?" she
thought as she perceived through the tiny eyepieces that two women were
dragging the mannequin into the room. She watched with amazement and some
fear as the mannequin was split into two pieces - a front and back half - by
opening nearly invisible latches all around it (there must be 50 of those
latches she thought).
Then, suddenly Lori felt her body being lifted up and carried. She could not
resist as she was stuffed into the back half of the mannequin. It was a very
tight fit since the mannequin was actually made of steel and lined inside
with neoprene rubber. As Lori's body was pushed into the mannequin, it
became nearly impossible to move at all. The wires were carefully pulled
through a small hole before the front piece of the mannequin was positioned
over Lori's inert body. She wanted to scream but could only make an almost
inaudible humming noise; and then she heard through her earpieces "Have a
nice time modeling the wonderful outfit dear, you will be in there until
this time tomorrow, and then only let out for an hour before you are changed
into your next costume and locked away again!". The front piece came down
over her and she could only barely see through the mannequin's eyes because
they were tinted glass. She felt the pressure unbelievably increase more as
the first of the 50 latches was shut and then locked. No one would ever be
able to tell this from any other mannequin now. The only noise was a slight
hiss from the nose tubes. There was no indication of the terrific pressure
being endured by poor Lori inside.
Finally Lori/mannequin was pulled upright and carried into the store window.
There, Karen and the others dressed it as if nothing unusual had occurred.
Lori/mannequin was beginning her first day at "work". The final touch came a
few minutes later when the wires leading from the mannequin were attached to
a hidden electric transformer. First, it was a subtle tingling in her
breasts. But it grew more insistent. The plugs in her vagina and rectum
began a mad vibration dance within her! Her nipples and breasts felt as if
countless ticklers were running over them as she had the first of many
orgasms, spasming within the steel confines of the mannequin and under the
crushing pressure of the layers of latex. In her ears Lori heard Karen
saying "the transformer works automatically and randomly varies the power,
so you will never know what to expect next; I hope you enjoy it!". Then a
sudden burst of white noise filled Lori's ears and continued, carrying her
into a dreamlike state eventually...
Lori had struggled through her first few days at the "mannequin bondage
model" job she had accepted during her visit to the boutique. She managed to
get through the new outfits imposed on her at each change period, which was
once a day at around 11pm. Each outfit was unique and imposed its own
special demands on her body and will, while each also provided surprise
pleasures. She remembered the first time she had felt the electric vibrators
and breast stimulators of her first outfit, and a thrill ran through her
body. God, she was beginning to look FORWARD to the next day's ordeals now!
She had to admit that she was being cared for, although she only was "free"
for an hour, during which time she was fed, cleaned and allowed to use the
bathroom. In this context, "free" was subject to a new definition - she
still was locked into her terrifically tight rubber corset with its 17"
waist, and her arms were always bound in some way, and her legs were
restrained to prevent her escape, if she attempted it. Except for her
"mealtime" she was gagged also, so well that very little noise was possible.
Her captors were in total control.
The first time she had been removed from the confines of the steel
mannequin, she had noticed that all of her baggage and personal items had
been brought from the hotel to the boutique. She had been told, through the
tiny headphones still glued into her ears, that she had been checked out of
the hotel and was staying with long-lost relatives. The story was complete -
no one would be suspicious in the least - and she was held captive by the
four women who continuously subjected her to every conceivable bondage
gadget and position.
The steel, neoprene-lined mannequin was a marvel. So cunningly had it been
designed that its arms, legs and other parts could be bent into any position
to accomodate imaginatively designed bondage equipment. There were
strategically placed holes through which wires or tubes could be fed which
had been attached or inserted into the hapless victim inside.
Movement by the victim was impossible once she had been placed inside and
the 50 latches had been closed and locked. The steel had been formed into a
female form and painted in flesh tones; the face had been painted as if it
were made up, the feet could be positioned to allow for high heels of
varying height, the waist required the inhabitant inside to be laced to at
least 17" (or less), and the head !!
-- the head itself was a work of art; there were eyes which were of glass so
that limited vision was possible for the person trapped inside, there were
small nose holes for breathing (limited by tubes or other implements of
course), and the mouth could be fitted with various gags, tubes or other
implements, some of which could be made to provide more discomfort to the
poor captive. All of this was just enough to make the victim feel almost
"visible" to those passing by on the sidewalk outside the store. It seemed
to Lori as if she could nearly touch those passing by, or scream for help
when the pressure became too great. But this always proved futile. All that
anyone saw as they walked by was a motionless, speechless mannequin dressed
in erotic bondage.
It had been 7 days now. Lori was starting her second week on the job. She
felt that she had overcome her fears and the crushing corset didn't feel
nearly as tight as it had when it first had been laced and locked on her
unwilling body. She had been removed from the mannequin; it was 11pm and,
since she still had her ear pieces in, it was quiet. She was fed, through a
straw this time since her gag had not been removed. She was wearing a full
head harness, locked onto her head and mouth. It had a small hole through
the ball-gag and she was served through it. Her captors led her to the
bathroom, arms cuffed behind her and with a spreader bar holding her legs
apart, cuffs on her ankles. After she had relieved herself, she was led back
to her mannequin "home away from home".
She was sponged with water (her daily bath), and heard Karen through her
earphones, "you have done so well Lori, we are all very proud of you! As a
matter of fact, we were observing you closely today as you were removed and
you do appear to be ready for the NEXT LEVEL of your mannequin training! You
see, we have really been waiting for a long time for someone as flexible as
you to test the mannequin's design to the limit. You should be happy and
proud of such an accomplishment!". Lori again felt a sense of terror
overcome her; what could they mean? what were they going to do to her? She
tried to struggle in their grasp, but had become weak and unable to put much
into it and the corset made her lose her breath so easily. MMMffff!urggssl!
she tried to speak to them and get them to let her out --- she was out of
breath and breathed noisily through the short nose tubes they had attached
to her harness-gag. Then with amazement she felt them begin unlocking her
corset! Then it was being unlaced and for the first time in a week, she took
a deep breath.
"I convinced them!!" she thought triumphantly. This was to be a short lived
victory she soon discovered.
Victoria entered the room carrying a different corset. It also was made of
rubber, but appeared to be heavier and SMALLER and it had many more parts to
it than a normal corset. It had an attached crotch piece with some holes
which she *knew* would be in strategic places. The corset was very long and
came clear up to her armpits, but it had cutouts for her breasts. It reached
down below her pubic bone and covered her bottom in back. There were tiny
buckles all around the bottom and around the breast cutouts. In the back, it
reached to the nape of her neck, where a built-in neck corset flared up and
around her neck, enclosing it firmly in its latex grasp. The chin piece
forced her head higher than ever before, allowing no movement downwards or
sideways. As the corset was drawn onto her body, Lori could feel its warmth
already, and soon it was being laced tight...tighter..still tighter..she was
being crushed again! It was intolerably had to come off, but she
knew that wouldn't happen. Her breaths came in short, rapid wheezes through
the nose tubes.
Then Karen gleefully told her that she "would soon be the proud owner of a
15" waist!". The laces were closed; an attached rubber flap at the back of
the corset was tightly stretched over the laces, hiding them, and was locked
shut with four tiny padlocks. Her breasts had been forced through the holes
and were protruding obscenely in front of her but she was unable to do
anything to minimize them. Lori felt the crotch piece being tightened into
place; it hugged every part of her bottom and was forced tightly up into her
rump, spreading her cheeks and lips apart, making them available to anything
or anyone. There were rubber straps and buckles holding this piece in place
and once tightened, they exerted constant force, so no loosening was
The next sensation Lori felt was several proddings around her bottom, and
then she felt something go inside her, no it was several "somethings"! She
was being impaled up her rectum, vagina and urethra!!! Actually, if she had
been able to see them, she had catheters inserted into her rectum (a double
Bardex catheter) and urethra (a Foley catheter) and an electrically driven
vibrator into her vagina. The Bardex was of a special design and could allow
for a "continuous" or "forced" enema at the desire of the person controlling
it. Two balloons, one inside and one outside, were inflated, effectively
sealing it into place, while Lori squirmed in discomfort/pleasure. The Foley
bulb was also inflated and attached to a long discharge tube which would be
led out of the mannequin. The vibrator had been specially made to be the
most deluxe female device on the market; Lori would be the first to test it
out. It was tightly fixed into place, and even though it had not been turned
on yet, Lori nearly had a pleasure from her movements to escape the tight
bondage she was being subjected to; unfortunately for her, it was only the
Clear plastic conical pieces were being attached to the buckles around her
breasts. These were snugly fitted holding her breasts firmly, and a clear
plastic hose led from the nipple area of each cone; her breasts began to
warm inside the cones as Lori guessed (correctly) that they had been made of
a special material. A solid copper piece was placed over each of the plastic
cones and the plastic tube fed through a matching hole in the copper. Lori
was barely able to see that the copper pieces had numerous electrical
connections and she figured she was in for the worst (or best!) of it. What
she did not know yet was that her entire corset was threaded throughout its
length with small copper wires and that when the electrical connections were
made at the copper cones, the entire corset would also be connected. The
clear plastic had been made to efficiently conduct electricity, and as Lori
would perspire more, the better a conductor they would become. The clear
plastic tubes also played a role: they would be hooked up to an air pump and
would serve to pull Lori's breasts into firm contact with the plastic cups,
allowing each breast to serve as an electrical contact point. The corset
would help to distribute the current as it was fed to her breasts, and thus
Lori's entire torso would feel the electrical stimulus. However, her torso
would only be the positive contact point....
Heavy latex stockings were pulled up Lori's legs; these fit very tightly and
were anchored to neutrally grounded buckles on the corset. A neutral ground
was needed because these would serve as the negative contact...each stocking
was threaded with wires and in order for the wires to make good contact ---
thigh length boots were laced onto her feet and legs. Each boot ended in a
spectacular ballet heel, 9" in height, forcing Lori's feet into a permanent
"en pointe" position. Wires led from the top of each stocking and would be
connected later.
Lori felt the gag in her head harness being deflated momentarily, and then a
tube was being fed through the hole. She felt it begin to make its way into
her mouth, then down her throat. She nearly gagged, and it slowed its
descent. In her ears she heard Sharon "swallow slowly now, this is a stomach
tube for you. The front end is coated with an anisthetic to stop your reflex
actions.". So Lori resignedly swallowed (what else COULD she do???) and she
felt the tube make its way down her throat.
After 10 or 15 minutes of swallowing, Sharon said again "excellent my dear,
you have the tube into your stomach now, so we can inflate your gag
again..." which rapidly happened next. The gag was inflated more than before
though, actually to the point where Lori assumed what is known as the "gag
look": a fixed stare forward as the mouth and cheeks are filled to capacity
and no noise or breathing is possible through the mouth. Lori shed a tear as
the pump was removed, and Karen deftly wiped it away, telling her through
her ear pieces "tut tut my dear, we are only beginning this part of your
training; we still have to finish your head bondage and then begin on your
arms before installing you into your mannequin...!". The "rest" of the head
bondage consisted of a 'Y' clipped to her short nose tubes with a much
longer tube attached to it, allowing Lori only one breathing passage. She
felt cool air being forced into her nose, so presently it was not difficult
to breathe. She was afraid this would change...true. Her harness was
tightened to its fullest, holding the gag, nose tubes and stomach tube
firmly in place, then three locks were closed to permanently fix it to her
head. In addition to having the ear pieces glued into her ears, soft wax was
forced into each ear, a rubber skull cap was pulled over her hair, tied
under her chin, and the wax was taped tightly forcing it in. Karen and
Sharon grabbed onto each of Lori's eyelids, pulling her lashes up and taped
the lashes, holding her eyes open. Similar tape was added below her eyes,
pulling each eye wide open, in an expression of surprise. Finally, over each
open eye Karen placed an oval, soft piece of plastic filled with fluid.
These were also taped on, forcing Lori to look through the colored liquid
inside. She could not blink her eyes nor could she close them; she could
only stare fixedly forward.
Lori's arms were pulled behind her and a strap was buckled forcing her
elbows nearly together....just the beginning. Each of her fingers was taped
together, thumb to thumb and so on until the little fingers were tightly
taped together. A rubber strap was wrapped around her wrists pulling them
tightly together. Then a rubber armbinder was pulled up her arms, reaching
to her shoulders. The lacing started to close, and as it reached her elbows,
the strap there was pulled tighter now actually forcing her elbows together;
then the lacing was continued all the way up to her shoulders. Her arms
glistened in the black rubber cocoon, appearing as one from above her elbows
all the way down to her fingertips. Shoulder straps held the binder up
assuring no slippage at all. As a final touch, Victoria added three small
padlocks at the top, middle and bottom of the binder; the keys were shared
between her Karen and if through some magic, Lori was able to communicate
her plight, she could not escape until all the keys were recovered.
Lori's bondage was complete. Every orifice of her body was violated in some
way. Her eyes were covered, ears filled, her nose had breathing tubes, her
mouth and throat filled into her stomach; her rectum was sealed by the
Bardex, her urethra emptied through the Foley and her vagina was invaded by
the new vibrator. She was crushed into an unyielding cocoon of rubber. Her
breasts, clitoris, and indeed most of her skin would soon feel the
stimulation as she was wired up. She was ready for the mannequin...
If she could have screamed, she would have; if she could have struggled she
would have, but the progressive bondage had so exhausted her that Lori
hardly sensed that she was being carried. The eye covers tended to remove
her further from reality. She was in another world of shifting colors. The
only senses she had from the outside for the time being was the cool air
forced into her nose and the continuous pressure all over her body from the
This changed when she felt herself being forced into the mannequin; its arms
had been shifted to accomodate her armbinder; its head had shifted slightly
for the neck corset holding her head erect; additional neoprene pads had
been inserted at the waist to insure that Lori's crushed little 15" waist
was properly supported. All of the tubes and wires were led to their proper
places and fed through holes to the outside of the mannequin. Then, the
front half of the mannequin was forced into place, holding Lori immovably
inside. She could not hear, but only sense the latches being closed and
locked, and then she felt herslf being hauled erect. She knew the mannequin
was being moved to the store window where it would be dressed in some kind
of bizarre outfit. Again, she would be inside for almost 24 hours while the
outside world went about its business unknowing and uncaring for how could
they know? or care?
After some time had passed, it could have been minutes or hours, Lori had no
way of telling, she heard Karen speaking "Well now Lori dear, we have you
all fixed up and you are about to have the time of your life; I hope you
enjoy it! We will speak to you again in a while, so bye now..." and then the
white noise began, blurring Lori's existence. The Bardex filling her rectum
came to life as hot water began entering her, quickly bloating her under the
corset's compression; She felt something in her throat, a slight filling
sensation, as unknown to her, a large quantity of warm Castor oil had
entered her stomach; the Bardex continued to fill her until she felt she
could take no more, then all of a sudden she could relieve the pressure
through the expelling tube which was built into the Bardex; it was temporary
though since the tube's exit could be closed, thus forcing her to fill up
The electric stimulus began as a slight 'tickling' feeling all over her
body. She could feel it all over her legs, up over her stomach and back, but
especially in her breasts as they were pulled forward to contact the insides
of the plastic cones by the vacuum effect induced on them. She could not
pull back as they were relentlessly forced toward the copper on the outside
and the electricity flowed effortlessly into her. The current increased
dramatically causing her to take in a sharp breath (at least as sharp as
possible); this was sensed on the outside, and a new gas began to course
through her nose tube, a gas which would heighten her sexual libido and
increase her awareness. Suddenly her vaginal area was treated to the deluxe
vibrator's abilities; it was wild and great - she was losing control -
nothing mattered but the present; each second that passed became more
intense - the filling of her stomach and intestines, the noise in her ears,
the gas, the colored eye patches, the total electrical stimulus --- all
served to keep Lori in a continuing state of arousal for nearly 20 hours.
Then, mercifully it stopped. She was allowed a rest.....until the next day.

I found this one on the "usual" Munich BBS going by the name of "C.A.C. Box

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