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Miko (ffm)

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Archive-name: miko


[copyright 1994 by Christine Faltz ( May be freely
distributed on electronic media]

Miko Tanaka had been born to a relatively well-to-do family in
Kyoto, Japan. She was beautiful, intelligent and very shy. But there
was something boiling within Miko that wanted to get out.

"Hello," the tall redheaded American woman said, smiling at Miko.
Miko noticed the woman was giving her a look that most men gave her.
Miko nodded, and turned toward the table where her lunch awaited her.
She had been studying all morning, and was upset because her father
had put his foot down and told her there simply was not enough money
to continue to send her to the university. Miko wanted to work as an
accountant. Her father pointed out that no self-respecting person or
company would hire a woman to do a man's work. It had taken all of
Miko's strength to convince her mother that this is what she wanted,
and her mother, with whom Miko was very close, convinced Mr. Tanaka to
let his daughter go to school.

"There's always enough money for the education of sons," Miko
thought, her eyes beginning to burn, threatening tears. Miko noted
with a start that the redheaded woman was watching her. She had never
seen red hair before. Nor had she ever seen such green eyes. The
woman noticed Miko's tentative glance.

"May I join you?" The woman's voice was low, husky. She was a
full head and a half taller than Miko. Her breasts were large, but
they fit her vary nicely. Her lips had a red hue that was not
lipstick. She had an easy smile, with perfect gleaming teeth. She
wore a scent that Miko remembered from a catalog she had been leafing
through -- a scent called Raspberry Glace, from Victoria's Secret.
Her mother had found the catalog, and Miko had never seen her so
angry. "What, now that your father won't send you to school, you're
thinking of becoming a geisha?" Miko winced at the memory.

"Are you okay?" The woman looked genuinely concerned.

"I -- I'm so sorry. Please sit," Miko said, not wanting company.
But Miko was the type of person who could never say no to anyone, even
if her life counted on it. She felt an odd sensation when the woman
placed her hand on Miko's.

"My name is Caitlin Kinsella. Nice to meet you, although it
looks like you're having a bad day."

"I must leave school," Miko said. "I have -- no money to

"Your father is behind it, right?" Caitlin's lips pressed
together in an angry scowl. Miko flinched. Caitlin noticed. "So,
I'm right."

"I must do as he says. He will not allow me to work. He has a
man in mind for me, but the man is just as uninterested as I, I

Why was she telling this to this woman? She was shy around her
family, let alone strangers. And this stranger was an American. An
American with very intriguing, beautiful red hair.

"Why don't you go to America, continue school there?" the woman
said. "I need someone to work in my advertising firm. What are you
studying here, or should I say, what WERE you studying before Daddy
threw himself into the Dark Ages?"

"We are not like you," Miko said, feeling she should defend her
father. "It is different here."

"Yes, you're right about that. I hate coming here on business.
They all want to insult me, fuck me or both."

Miko blushed. She had heard that work before, used by American
associates of her father. It meant -- oh, dear. "I must go," she
said, still embarrassed.

"Me, too," said Caitlin, rising and falling into step beside
Miko. "So, what was your chosen course of study?"

Miko wished the woman would go; she did not like her way of
insinuating herself into another's business, and she did not like her
crude American language.

"I want to be an accountant," she said. "But my father is right.
No one will hire a woman accountant."

"I will," said Caitlin, smiling. "That is precisely the position
open at my advertising firm. Come to America. I'll give you a place
to live; I have an apartment over my garage. And I'll pay for your
relocation to the U.S. You can repay me for that once you start

Miko stared at the woman. "I couldn't do that. My family would
never allow it! Besides, I am unhappy with what choices my family has
given me, but it is still my family, and I care about them. I don't
want to leave my mother. And," she said, uncertainly, not wanting to
offend, "I don't think we would -- work together well. And America is
so far, and so different."

"Suit yourself," the woman said, frowning. "Stay here, marry
some guy who's going to slam geisha girls every weekend with his
business buddies, and come home expecting his supper, his sake and his
sex. Not to mention the bath drawn for him. Spend your life
miserably taking care of the family finances, and watch your
daughters' dreams get shattered, and your sons do whatever they
fucking want, with Daddy's blessing."

By now, they were outside, nearing the subway. They took the
steps down. It was mid-afternoon, and no one was around. "But, just
in case," Caitlin said, removing her wallet. "Here's my number at the
hotel, and here's enough money to get you there. I'm leaving tomorrow
at noon. If you want to change your mind, call me by about eight
tonight. I should be able to get another ticket up until then."

And with that, she turned and grabbed Miko up in her arms, gently
pulled her black hair back from her face, and kissed her. The kiss
was utterly unexpected, for more than the obvious reasons. Kissing,
except for the more worldly Japanese, was still considered disgusting
and filthy, because of the mouth's unsanitary environment. Miko was
too frightened and shocked to protest or move. Caitlin was careful to
watch out of the corner of her eye for any travelers. But they were
alone. As the subway rumbled towards them in the distance, Caitlin
continued to kiss Miko. Her breath and tongue were sweet and hot.
Miko experienced the most unusual feelings, much more intense than any
she'd had when flipping through the catalog her mother had taken from
her. "Kiss me back," the woman breathed in her ear. "And do it like
you mean it."

Miko had never encountered anyone like this. But she was
frightened, and knew she could not outrun or outfight this woman. No
one would believe her if she screamed, even though this was a
foreigner. It was too . . . outrageous. She therefore kissed
Caitlin quickly on the mouth.

"No, little sister," Caitlin said, "That's not it. If you come
with me, tomorrow, you'd better get ready to learn more quickly. The
subway car was coming into view. "One more thing to think about,"
Caitlin said. She put Miko down, stood behind her and nuzzled the
back of her neck with her tongue. As she did so, she reached down
into miko's blouse and grabbed her right nipple. "Well, well," she
said, "there's hope for you yet. Nice and hard." She flicked her
fingers around the nipple, ending with a quick, sharp pinch. Miko's
breath came out in a surprised gasp, and she became aware of the
wetness in her panties, a wetness she had felt only once before, when
she had experimented with ben wa balls. It had been so wonderful that
she believed it must be wrong, and she had thrown them away.

*** *** ***

As Miko tried to sleep that night, the kiss and the hands of
Caitlin kept rushing back to her. The excitement of the opportunity
of America and a job she very much wanted to do was distant, but still
there. Her main interest, however, was finding a way to see Caitlin
again, just to be touched.
She remembered being fondled by one of her father's friends when
she was sixteen. She remembered him forcing her to put her hands down
his pants. She remembered his smile, and his trembling body, and the
wetness which covered her hand, the pleasure on the man's face. He
had then told her to lick the wetness from her hand as he watched,
grinning. She would love to have Caitlin ask her to do that.

*** *** ***

Caitlin hefted the heavy suitcase, handing it to the bellboy.
"And that's it," she said briskly.

There was a knock at the door. Caitlin looked annoyed. "I paid
the bill. What's the problem here?" She opened the door, frowning.
There stood Miko, her tear-stained face beautiful, except for a shiner
on her right cheek.

"What happened?" Caitlin asked, astonished. Miko started to weep
softly. "Oh, Christ," Caitlin said. "I don't have time -- bring
those down to my limo, please. I'll be right there." She grabbed
Miko and pulled her inside.

"I know I was supposed to call you last night. But, please, if
there's any way --"

"You're kidding me, right? Oh, shit." Caitlin grabbed the
phone. "Yes, yes, it's Caitlin Kinsella. Charge this to my bill. I
need the airport, please. Quick." When she got off the phone ten
minutes later, Miko was still weeping.

"I'm taking a later flight. Six hours from now. Let's go
downstairs. We'll take a ride in the limo and you can tell me what
the deal is."

*** *** ***

Brendan O'Shaunessy stood at his desk, rifling through the mail.
He looked up as Miko and Caitlin passed his office. "Oh, man," he
blurted, "is she hot!" He rushed from his office. "Hey,
Ms. Kinsella. Is this the new accountant?"

"Yes, Brendan. This is Miko Tanaka."

Miko did not look at the man. She was so overwhelmed. She had
been here only two days, and this was her first day at work. She had
just come from the local university, where Caitlin had showed her the
campus and enrolled her in night classes.

"Nice to meet you, Miko," Brendan said, smiling and reaching to
shake her hand.

"Brendan," Caitlin said, "Miko's new to the country, and a bit
nervous and shy. Be gentle." With that, she disappeared, calling
over her shoulder, "Brendan will show you your office, and where
everything is -- files and such." She closed her door.

"You are not -- from America, are you?" Miko asked tentatively,
as Brendan motioned her to her little office at the end of the hall.

"No. I'm from Sydney, Australia," he answered. "I came to
America because I wanted to get the hell away from my screwed-up
family." Miko stiffened. Why did foreigners talk so crudely?

"Here you are," Brendan said. "The coffeepot's down the hall.
There's tea in the kitchenette right across from you; I guess you
might prefer that. There's always lunch brought in, and Ms. Kinsella
will call you on this intercom if she wants you. I'm her executive
assistant. The other, less glorified secretaries are down the hall,
in the reception area. You passed them on your way in. Next to the
kitchenette is Lana's office; she's our writer. Thomas Rendel is our
illustrator. And that's it."

"I thought the firm would be larger," said Miko.

"It is," said Brendan. "Much. But Caitlin does a lot of
independent contracting. It's cheaper, because of the new health care
mandates and all."

"Oh, well, I don't know much about that," said Miko, blushing.

"Well, Caitlin fumes about current events a lot. You'll know
everything that's in the news within a few days. You won't have to
listen to any or even pick up a paper." Brendan left the office.

Suddenly, the intercom crackled with Caitlin's voice. "Miko, I'm
having a small party tonight. Just me, you, Brendan and one of the
girls in the reception area. After work, go buy yourself a dress.
Something short, plain and body-hugging."

"Body-hugging?" Miko asked, picking up the phone.

"Tight, Miko. Comfortable, but tight."

"Uh, I don't think that will be flattering for me, Ms. Kinsella."

"Jesus. Call me Caitlin; we practically live in the same house.
I say it will be flattering, so do it, Miko."

*** *** ***

"So, Caitlin," said Brendan, pouring another glass of wine for
himself. "How did you find Miko?"

"Completely by chance. And better yet, I think she's a lesbian.
At the very least, she's bi. But I don't think she has any sexual
experience whatsoever. She's so shy, I bet she's ashamed of her

"Well, have you made any moves?" "Of course," Caitlin smiled.
"I kissed her before I even knew her name. I'm sure if I hadn't, she
would never have told off her father and left. The fucking gook beat
her for it."

"Whoa, watch the pejoratives. She could get here any minute."

"So? I'll be damned if I have to watch my mouth in my own house.
Besides, she's so fucking sheltered, she probably never heard the

"Do you think she knows what's happening tonight?"

"Not a single, solitary clue has Miko Tanaka." Caitlin smiled.

"But she'll know something's up when she walks in. Even before
she notices that we've dropped formalities of every kind." There was
a soft knock at the door.

Miko walked in, the smell of Rapture -- something she picked up
at Victoria's Secret -- wafting in with her. Her hair was glossy
black, freshly washed and combed back. She wore little makeup, only
enough to even out her coloring. The dress she had chosen, with the
help of a salesperson, was black lace and satin, with a straight
skirt. It was scoop-necked, but covered her small breasts completely.
Her nipples, however, bulged through the sheer fabric. She stopped
short when she saw Brendan and Caitlin. They were completely nude.

Caitlin laughed as Miko backed up, bumping into the door. She
glanced this way and that, looking for all the world like a cornered
animal. She blushed furiously, licking her lips in fear and
confusion. "It's all right, Miko," said Caitlin, coming over to her
and taking her hand. "Come, I must speak with you. Alison couldn't
make it at the last minute; it's just the three of us."

"You don't want me to take off my dress, do you?" Miko asked, her
voice shaking.

"Not yet," Brendan said, and Caitlin slapped him right across the
mouth. Then she turned back to Miko.

"Miko," she said gently, sitting and gathering the frightened
woman onto her lap. "You've enjoyed me kissing you, haven't you? You
are attracted to me, aren't you?"

Miko broke into a sweat. She saw Brendan's penis hardening; he
held it in his hand, stroking it slowly and lightly. She tried to get
up, but Caitlin held her.

"Miko, I'm going to say this only once, so listen. I have found
another job as an accountant for you with a friend of mine. She isn't
-- disposed to my extracurricular activities. In fact, she's married
and uninterested in anything else. You can go work for her at the
same salary we discussed, with no other strings attached. I will
continue to pay your tuition, and we'll write up a contract for you to
pay me back. Or, you stay at your current job with me, but you get
$1000 extra a month, and you live in my house, not the apartment. My
house, as my companion and sex slave. In that capacity, you must do
as I say, all the time, whenever I want it. You may refuse only if
you are ill or for some other urgent personal reason. Brendan will be
a frequent... inclusion... in our loveplay. Outside the house, you
are my employee, but my equal. Inside here, you are my sex toy, my
submissive partner.

"Think about it. I want an answer in five minutes. Just to let
you know what i'm talking about, I might ask you to do some of the

She put Miko into a chair nearby, looking stunned. Then, Caitlin
walked over to Brendan, slapped his face and said, "The usual."

Brendan, eyes downcast, said, "Yes, mistress." He got down on
his hands and knees, and Caitlin bent her knees slightly. Brendan,
starting at her ankles, licked and kissed her, slowly and sensually.
Miko turned her head away, but kept looking back, something within her
wanting to watch. And even more shameful, that part of her wanted to
do what Brendan was doing.

"Eat me, you dog, you fucking mongrel," Caitlin said. Brendan
ignored her, and was licking her legs, the back of her knees. "Well,
not listening?" She reached behind her and grabbed a leather leash,
and slapped it, hard, against Brendan's backside. He grunted, and
immediately raised his mouth to meet Caitlin's crotch. "Much better,"
she said.

Miko watched as Caitlin's face flushed with pleasure, her mouth
forming an O. Caitlin began massaging her own breasts with one hand.
With the other, she dropped the leash and shoved Brendan's face deeper
into her. "Lick me," she said. "Faster, harder. Yes, that's exactly
it." She was bursting with heat, wanting him inside her. Miko was
watching, barely breathing. She realized, to her horror and delight,
that she wished she could make Caitlin want like that, look like that.
She knew that despite Caitlin's roughness and bossiness, she was
somehow, in some way, dependent on the things she was asking for, and
in a sense, in her own way, she was begging for them. Looking at it
that way, Miko understood. She had to stay with Caitlin; she could
not leave her now. Caitlin needed her.

Caitlin was shocked to feel warm, gentle hands fondling her
breasts from behind. She glanced behind her, and snapped, "How dare
you!" She turned and grabbed Miko by the hair, forcing her to her
knees. "You don't take any fucking initiative, you little whore!"
She turned to Brendan. "It seems we have a budding sex maniac, making
her own choices despite my request for her to be my sex slave. Miko,
do you intend to stay employed with me? Do you intend to live with
me, as my sex SERVANT?"

Miko was frightened. "Y-yes," she said. "Mistress," she added

"Well, at least you're a quick learner," she said. "But your
transgression must be punished nonetheless." She turned to Brendan.
"Teach her first lesson."

Brendan grinned. "Absolutely, mistress. And thank you," He
pulled Miko down beside him and unbuttoned the dress and slipped it
off of her. He spread her legs and teased her with his fingers over
her panties. She was moist, seemingly ready for anything.

"She's nice and wet, mistress," he reported. "Oh, yeah, she's
ready for some real fun." He began tonguing her crotch, without
removing her underwear. It was maddening, this teasing. But Miko
knew better than to protest or to assist or force this "lesson" to a
more advanced level. She lay there, enjoying it for what it was
worth, a little tense at the ideas of what might be coming next.

Caitlin loomed over them, holding something in her hand. "Do you
want him to remove your underwear, and lick you deep inside?" she
asked Miko softly, smiling. "Yes, mistress," Miko faltered.

"Oh, really now?" Caitlin said. "Well, that's too bad! Your
wishes come later, when you've proven your worth. Nobody cares what
you want now. When you have pleasured me, you might, if you're good,
get what you want. But it's my call now."

Caitlin leaned over and pressed the contraption to Miko's breast.
A painful shock coursed through Miko, and she screamed, more from fear
than pain. "Shut up and take your punishment the way a good sex
servant should," Caitlin snarled. "Brendan, get your dick in her
mouth. Pronto."

"Thank you again, mistress," he smiled. He knelt above Miko and
offered his penis to her. Uncertainly, Miko took it in her mouth.
"Be careful with your teeth," Brendan warned. "I'd hate to see you
punished for harming what Caitlin loves best about me."

Miko did not know what she was doing, but Brendan seemed to like
it. She felt something sticky, something that tasted salty leak from
his penis. She knew that it was not a full ejaculation, yet she
dropped him and attempted to move her head sideways. "Suck him,
Miko," Caitlin said gently, showing her the contraption. "I want you
to be fully nourished before your next task. You shouldn't perform
your duties on an empty stomach." She pulled a penis-shaped dildo
from a drawer. Or an empty vagina," and with that, she drove the
dildo inside Miko and began moving it rapidly in and out, in and out.
Miko gasped with pleasure, and suddenly, her interest in Brendan's
penis was reborn. She began massaging his testicles with her left
hand, and running her tongue along the shaft in rapid strokes. She
ran her right index finger along the perineum. She felt Brendan's
body stiffen, and readied herself for what she knew would come next --
literally. She opened her mouth wide and gulped it all down, to
Brendan's delight and satisfaction.

When Brendan rose and sat back down on the nearby sofa, Caitlin
removed the dildo and took his place. "Why don't you wash that down
with something a little more palatable, honey?" she said with a smile,
positioning herself. "Brendan, bring my sweet slave a pillow to make
her a little more comfortable."

She took Miko's hand and brought it to her mouth, sucking her
fingers. Miko's heart pounded. Caitlin was pleased with her. "Hop
in, Bren," she called out, and Brendan immediately got down beside
them. Caitlin dropped to the floor and rolled Miko onto her side.
Brendan slipped his penis into Miko's cunt from behind, and Miko
gasped. She hadn't expected that, but she found that she liked it.

It was an inviting warmth, filling her with excitement and the
height of pleasure. She licked hungrily at Caitlin, wanting to do it
forever. Caitlin's noises were so gratifying. Miko knew that when
she had spent Caitlin, she would know the feel of Caitlin's tongue
between her legs, and that she would love it. She attended to her
present task with abandon, knowing she would be repaid by an
enthusiastic mistress later that night. "I think," Caitlin sighed,
"this is going to be a very fruitful working relationship. Miko,
sweetie, you are most definitely hired."


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