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Married with Children (spoof) chapters 7- 8

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Married . . .With Children Part 7: An Evening Well-Spent
Al Bundy stumbled out of the nudie bar toward his car. He belched
loudly as he tried to fit his car keys into the door lock. With a loud
barking sound, a beer fart ripped out of his shorts. "Whew!" he grimaced.
Al somehow managed to get in the car and start it up. As he
whistled tunelessly, the drunken father weaved the old Dodge through the
dark street lanes.
After straightening his stiff hard-on, Bud walked into his
mother's bedroom. He saw his tearful mother sitting on the bed as she
sobbed. She turned and glared at him with her puffy red eyes. "What do
you want now?" she asked angrily.
Bud gulped nervously. For a second he almost turned and left,
but then the thought dawned on him: he was in charge here! Bud closed the
bedroom door and locked it. He looked his Mom in the eye. "Do you want
Dad to see that video?" he asked his mother.
Peg wiped at her face. "No, he'd want a divorce," she sniffed
sadly. "I'll go to work tomorrow for that damn escort service!"
"Good!" grinned Bud. He reached down and unzipped his trousers,
letting them drop down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and walked
toward his mother. Bud watched her jaw drop open as she saw his huge
man-meat sprouting out from his curly pubic hairs. "And I'm gonna be your
first customer!" he told his mother as he shoved his cock at her face.
"Aw Marcy," Jefferson protested. "I have to go over and talk to
the Bundys!"
Marcy shook her head and handed Jefferson his kitchen apron.
"Get cooking, lover boy!" she ordered. "I worked hard all day at the
bank, and you're not leaving until I get a home-cooked meal!"
"But Marcy-" Jefferson whined.
Marcy put a forefinger on Jefferson's mouth to silence him. "No
buts," she told him. "Once we've had dinner, we'll go over and see the
Bundys." She then looked down at his crotch. "Unless," she said to
Jefferson, "I want to do something about that bulge in your pants first .
.. ."
Kelly fidgeted nervously on the sofa. Her father would be home
soon, but she'd hidden the tape away safe. Bud's plan was going
according to plan, she thought.
A groan came from upstairs. Geez, she thought, Mom's sure crying
a lot. It was taking Bud an awful long time to calm her down. Kelly
flicked the TV on to watch MTV. As she watched the dancing musicians,
the blonde teenage girl thought over the day's events. That Jefferson,
she remembered, sure had a nice body. Mmm.
Kelly closed her eyes. She pictured her Mom bobbing down and down
on Jefferson's hard dong. As she revisited the scene in her mind, Kelly
reached up under mini-skirt and started to touch herself . . .
"On your hands and knees, Mom!" commanded Bud. "Now!"
The teary-eyed mother slowly rolled over and got into a kneeling
position on her firm bed. Swallowing the remaining taste of her son's
cum, Peggy sniffed and wiped her nose on her pillow. Her blouse and
push-up bra were now off, unbuttoned by Bud as she'd sucked his large
penis to orgasm. He climbed onto the bed behind Peg. Reaching around her
waist, Bud unzipped his mother's tight pants and pulled them down. The
crack between Peggy's round oval buttocks was accented by a black g-string.
"Well," said Bud, "I see you're wearing some very naughty
underwear today." Looking up to her face, he saw that she was looking
back at him. Bud noticed she wasn't crying nearly so much anymore.
"If you're going to fuck me," his Mom said in a husky
voice,"hurry up and get on with it!"
Stunned, her horny son hooked his fingers under the waistband of
the flimsy undergarment and pulled it off her hips. Bud gasped at the
sight of her red-haired pubic slit: it was shiny and wet with his Mom's
natural juices! Bud grabbed his newly-swollen prick and pressed the hard
knobby head against his mother's pussy.
"Hurry up," whispered Peg Bundy in a strained voice. "Please!"
Bud pushed forward . . .
Kelly's fingers probed her private parts. At times slowly, then
quickly, she rubbed at her small sensitive clitoris. "Fuck, am I ever
horny tonight," she mumbled to herself, unaware of the kool-aid's effect
on her libido. Kelly picked up the pace of her clit-stroking. Shit this
feels good, Kelly thought; I sure hope Bud takes his time talking to Mom.
While using his broken arm to brace against his mother's smooth
naked back, Bud slammed his hips repeatedly against Peggy Bundy's plump
ass. His other arm was wrapped around her torso so he could tug and twist
her nipples with his good hand. Bud rammed his stiff penis into his Mom's
tight sucking pussy.
"This feels- unh- great," he moaned at Peg. "Wow, Mom! Your-
mmph- ass is hot!"
Peggy had given up pretending that she wasn't enjoying the hard
screwing her son was giving her. Grunting, she squeezed down hard on his
intruding cock as it pumped in and out of her gooey snatch. "Oh Christ!"
Peg swore. "Come on, baby, fuck me harder!" With that, the horny
housewife started to buck her hips, meeting Bud's stiff long strokes.
Kelly's hand twiddled faster and faster. The blonde teenage
bimbo's breathing was very rapid. As she masturbated fiercely, the image
of Jefferson humping her Mom played through her mind. Kelly pictured
herself squatting on a cock, a big fat boner, just like Bud's-
Uggh! For a second she almost stopped rubbing at her clit. Bud
was just plain gross, Kelly thought, but then she unwillingly thought of
his prick. That huge red wang, that massive penis that had shot cum on
her thigh . . .
A shiver of pleasure passed up her spine. The idea of fucking
such a big dick was too much for her to resist. She started playing with
herself again, imagining herself pumping and down on Bud's sexual pogo
stick. Kelly felt an orgasm starting to build within her eager little pussy.
Bud's bony hips kept slapping hard into his Mom's well-padded
butt cheeks, making a meaty smacking sound. Beads of perspiration fell
from his forehead and dripped onto Peggy's round ass. As he watched the
sweat run down into the crack of her rear end, Bud felt his balls tense.
"Oh Mommy!" he warned. "I'm- gonna- cum!"
Peg was lost in oblivion, a smile spreading across her lustful
face. "Do it to me baby!" she shouted as her hips swivelled. "I want you
to cum in Mommy's cunt!"
"UGGH!" grunted Bud. "I- I'M- GONNA- GRR- CUM!" His penis
exploded like a volcano erupting. As he wailed loudly, his thick cock
opened up and pounded burst after burst of warm cum into Peggy's clasping
Mouthfuls of saliva fell from Peg's open lips as she lost all
control. A powerful star-burst of orgasmic heat wracked through her body.
She bit down hard on the pillow.
Kelly was ashamed. Pulling herself together, she rubbed quickly
at the wet spot she'd left on the sofa. Oh man, what's wrong with me,
she thought. The blonde girl started to cry. She'd cum hard on the sofa,
of all places, and while thinking of fucking her little brother!
Just then, a cry rang out upstairs. "Oh Bud!" she heard her own
Mom shout, "You've got the best cock I've ever fucked!"
It was too much for the poor perplexed teenager. Kelly sobbed.
What was wrong with her? The sound of her mother sharing an orgasm with
Bud should have disgusted her, but instead Kelly felt a feverish throb
building in her cunt.
Kelly ran up the stairs and locked herself into her bedroom.
Curling up on the bed while crying, she felt angry, confused, and as
horny as all hell. As Kelly drifted off into a fitful sleep, she
unconsciously moved her hand between her legs and started to touch
herself . . .
Bud stumbled out of his parents' bedroom. He looked back at Peggy
as she slipped a nightgown over her curvy, voluptuous form. "Geez, Mom,"
he said clumsily, "Thanks for the sex."
Peggy looked at her well-hung son and smiled with a new-found
appreciation. "Remember our deal," she warned. "No telling your father."
"And remember your part of the bargain," grinned the no-longer
virgin Bud Bundy. "Tomorrow, you go to work for Susan's Escort Service!"
With that Bud closed the door and went to his own room for a well-earned
Al Bundy stumbled drunkenly into the house. Repressing a belch,
Al forced out a beer fart instead; it's more dramatic, he thought
proudly. He walked over and sat on the couch.
"Yuck!" he gasped as he stood up. He turned around and put his
hand on the cushion. It had a small sticky wet spot. Glancing at the
coffee table, Al saw the half-full pitcher of purple kool-aid. "Those
damn kids," he said. "They're always making a fucking mess!" Al picked
the pitcher up and carried it to the kitchen. As he put the liquid
refreshment away, he noted with surprise that the fridge was full of food!
After trudging upstairs, Al climbed into bed with his already
snoring wife. He put his head down on the soft pillow.
"Yuck!" He sat up and looked at the pillow. It was obvious from
the red lipstick smudges that Peggy had been salivating on the it. "Aw
shit!" exclaimed Al. "I hate it when she drools in her sleep!"

Married . . .With Children Part 8: Hard At Work
Al looked around the breakfast table at the rest of the Bundy
clan. "Alright," he said. "What's wrong?" No one answered him. He
pointed at Peggy, dressed demurely in a surprisingly tasteful blazer and
pants. "Normally, " Al continued, "your mouth is running a mile a minute-
and you cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast! Are you feeling sick?"
Peggy's lips had a faint smile. "Oh, I guess I'm just in a good
mood today," she said quietly as she gave a sly look to her son.
Al then pointed at Bud. "Son," he puzzled, "you haven't had any
of your usual smart-ass remarks like usual. What's up?"
My dick, Bud thought. He reached under the table to nudge his
half-stiff penis into place in his pants. "Oh, I'm just thinking about
something I saw on TV last night," he smirked.
Turning to his sexy daughter, Al asked, "What's wrong, pumpkin?"
He stared at her no-longer bandaged nose. "Does that big beak of yours
still hurt?"
"Yes!" Kelly glared at both her brother and Mom. "Yes, I'm- er-
very swollen." Without a second thought, Kelly rubbed under the table at
her throbbing, unsatisfied cunt. The slender teenager hadn't bothered to
wear underwear beneath her waitressing uniform. I wonder, she idly
thought, if Bud gets his big dick from Dad's side of the family . . . The
blonde closed her eyes and sighed. What the hell's wrong with me, she
asked herself.
Al stood up. "I'm breaking in a new assistant at the shoestore
today," the Bundy father declared, "some guy named Victor Wong." He
opened the fridge and looked inside.
"Peg, we got anything to drink?" Al asked.
Reaching into the fruit bowl, the redhead hefted a banana. "Maybe
I could squeeze some juice out of these fruit," she purred.
Jefferson pounded on the door with his fist. "Open up, Peggy!" he
shouted. "It's important!" As he waited, the studly escort winced and
shifted his legs slightly wider to allow room for his sore testicles.
He'd been up most of the night, letting Marcy service his unending
erection, yet even now he felt his dick pulse with desire.
Kelly opened the door. The horny stud noticed that her eyes
dropped almost immediately. That's funny, he thought, she sure looks
embarassed to see me-
"Hi, Kelly," Jefferson said hurriedly. "I visited yesterday and
Peggy made some delicious grape kool-aid. I have a craving for some more,
so do you think I could, um, get a glassful?" Jefferson realized he'd
have to 'accidentally' spill the pitcher to prevent anyone else from
drinking it.
Dazed, Kelly stared at Jefferson's crotch. She imagined herself
dropping to her knees and taking his rock-hard knob in her mouth, just
like her mother had. I wonder what his cum tastes like, she asked herself-
"Kelly?" he asked gently. What's with her, thought Jefferson.
"The kool-aid?"
"Huh?" the teenage girl asked, looking back at his face. "Oh
yeah, Daddy's about to finish it off."
Jefferson stared over her shoulder. He could see the sloppy
shoesman guzzling the grape drink straight from the jug! Helplessly, the
gigolo watched Al drain the last drop from the pitcher, then wipe his
mouth on his sleeve and belch. Jefferson looked at Kelly. "Who drank all
the kool-aid?" he asked worriedly.
"We all did," stated Kelly with a puzzled look on her pretty
face. "Why?"
Jefferson took an unsteady step backwards. "Uh, never mind," he
said slowly. "I gotta get to work!" As he ran across the street to his
sports car, Jefferson bit his nails. I've unleashed a sexual monster, he
Al Bundy unlocked the door of the shoe store and entered. While
picking his ears clean he prepared for the day. As he slowly shuffled
about his tasks, Al rubbed at his penis. Man oh man, he thought, those
strippers last night were something else! Remembering the show from the
nudie bar, Al started to get a hard-on.
He stopped what he was doing, surprised at the enlarging dick in
his pants. Geez, he thought, I haven't had a stiffie in ages. Of course,
he added to himself, with that evil woman at home, who could blame me?
Al pictured his wife in his mind, but then was shocked: instead
of losing his erection like normal it started to get even harder! "Shit!"
he grumbled. "I guess I'll have to go poke the old wife tonight."
Although the mall wasn't open yet, Al could hear someone walk in
the door. "Is that Victor Wong?" he called out. He walked out into the
sales room. Al was surprised to see a beautiful Asian woman smiling at
"Hello," she said warmly. "My name's Victoria Wong, actually."
She extended her arm and shook his hand. Al's eyes roamed over her. She
was dressed in a sexy skirt and had a nubile body that reminded him
uncomfortably of his own daughter's figure. He felt his cock stiffen
still more. "The college employment office sent me over to work for you,"
Victoria explained. "They said you'd want me to give you a hand."
And I'd like to give you a foot or so, Al thought hornily. "Well,
let's get to work then!" the middle-aged father said.
As he walked across the campus between classes, Bud awkwardly
held his knapsack in front of his crotch to hide his huge boner.
Although it was a cool cloudy day, many female college students were
still dressed in sexy clothing that did nothing to help Bud's
embarrassing situation.
"For crying out loud," he muttered. "Why won't my hard-on go
away?" Bud realized he'd have to work harder at burning off some of his
excess harmones. When he got home from school, he resolved, he was going
to give his Mom another hard fucking!
Wearing her dowdy pink waitress uniform, Kelly carried the large
tray of fatty fried foods over to the table. The teenage blonde carefully
set the dishes of bacon and eggs in front of the two truckers sitting at
the table. One leered at her and gave her a big wink.
"Gee, what speedy service!" the fat unshaven man said. "Maybe if
you're lucky I'll give you a big tip!" With that, he reached over and
gently pinched one of her round bum cheeks.
Kelly froze, stunned with the sudden thrill of excitement between
her legs. Normally she would have instantly made sure the customer wore
an 'accidental' lapful of hot food. Instead, the slim teenager felt her
little clit start to ache! Stuttering, Kelly slowly backed away. "Uh,
will there be anything else?" she asked hesitantly.
The other trucker, a handsome black man, smiled. "How about some
more coffee?" he asked politely. As she left to get more coffee, Kelly
quickly checked him out: he was tall and muscular, with a trim beard.
I wonder if he's got a big cock like my brother, she wondered to
With her hands tucked discretely between her thighs, Peg Bundy
sat and listened eagerly as Susan spelled out how the escort service
worked. The Bundy wife was surprised to find out the details of how much
money she would be making. Even after splitting the money with her
black-mailing children, she discovered she'd soon be earning a small fortune.
As Susan explained on, Peggy figured that her son would be
looking to sample her goodies again: perhaps she could keep an extra
share of the money if she satisfied Bud's sexual needs. On her terms of
course, Peg thought with a smile.
That only left Kelly to worry about. It might take a while, the
scheming mother knew, but eventually she'd figure out a way to regain
control of the situation. She was looking forward to watching her naughty
daughter squirm . . .
Returning with a pot, Kelly poured coffee into the fat man's cup
as she spoke to the other trucker. "How are you feeling today?" she
inquired. As she talked Kelly felt the fat man's hand brush against her
knee under the table.
"Not bad," said the black man. He stuck out his hand for her to
shake. "My name's Terry," he said, then gestured to the porky trucker.
"My rude friend's name is Kurt."
Kelly felt fat Kurt's hand slide up her skirt onto her thigh.
Although it made her angry, the teenager felt an electric rush in her
tingling vagina. She took a slight step toward Terry and escaped the fat
man's touch.
Kelly introduced herself. Terry made idle chit-chat about the
weather and the road conditions. As she talked to the handsome man, her
hormones started to burn. Soon, Kelly realized, she'd have to make a trip
to the washroom and relieve her sexual urges! She excused herself and
walked away to wait on another table. As Kelly sashayed away, Kurt
reached out and stroked her fanny with his hand.
Al gazed on at the heavenly sight. While he carefully
'supervised,' Victoria Wong was again climbing up a ladder to place a box
of shoes on the top shelf in the back of the store. Wobbling unsteadily
on the ladder, she called out, "Mr. Bundy, I'm afraid of heights!"
The sloppy salesman grinned. "Here," he said, "let me hold you
steady." He put one hand on the side of the ladder and the other on her
skirt-clad thigh. "Is that any better?" Al asked her as he tried to
subtly glance up her garment.
The Chinese girl guessed what Al was up to, but was unsure of
what to say. "Uh, sort of, " she muttered angrily. As Victoria pushed the
box up onto the top shelf, the horny father continued to gaze at her slim
sexy thighs. His growing prong was starting to make a sizable lump in his
trousers . . .

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