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Nicky's Story [Man/Boy, male/male, pedo, noncon]

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Well this one is just man/boy sex. No love involved. If you can't handle
a guy who manipulates attention-starved boys for his own sexual pleasure
then I'm glad, it's not exactly an upstanding quality, but unfortunately
that's what this *fictional* story is about. Sometimes they just turn out
that way. Kind of like life, huh? Bad things happen to good little boys

If you finish reading and your soul screams that stories like this
shouldn't exist, then move to Canada, they don't exist there.

Once again, this is fiction. All people, places, etc. do not exist.

Man/boy sex starts now!


Nicky's story: "I'll Do Anything for You."

I knew that his name was "Nicky". His cousin had called him that while
they were playing. They didn't speak English all the time so I assumed he
was from Europe like his cousin. I couldn't make out the language, but it
could have been Czechoslovakian. It didn't really matter. He was just
about perfect. Small, thin, energetic, cute. Very nice. He had shown up
last summer and had been hanging around since then. He didn't live in my
building, but he must have been close enough to walk. It had been a long
time since I had been with a boy, and I decided to go out on a limb and
pursue this one.

Eye contact. Always make eye contact. Smile at him and look as
mischievous as possible. Get that I've got a secret look on your face.
Eventually, they get curious. It didn't seem to matter with Nicky. He was
ready. The first time I purposely ran into his cousin (when he was with
her), he was more than happy to chat me up and playfully punch my arm.
This was going to be too easy.

Carefully worded questions to the manager brought forth the nugget that he
was here to escape the fighting in Europe that had killed some of his
immediate family. Hopefully a father or older brother, I thought, and then
mentally slapped myself for being so cruel. Sure, I was willing to take
advantage of his innocence for my pleasure, but I didn't particularly want
him so starved for affection that he would just fly into my arms and never
let go. A nice interlude of several weeks and then a slow tapering off of
activities, while still maintaining a friendship, had proven to be the best
way to keep my ass out of jail. It was also quite nice to be surprised by
having some boy I'd written off long ago show up unexpectedly to get his
ass plowed and his dick sucked. Some of them kept coming back for years.

Next time, by the pool, he and his cousin were plunging sticks into the
water and catching them as they popped back up. I walked by his side of
the pool and he blocked my path waving his stick in exaggerated
sword-fighting gestures. I feigned fear and backed away from him as he
moved in for the kill. He giggled at his ability to push me back and I
retreated into the shadowy hall before grabbing the stick and pulling him
towards me. I disarmed him and held his squirming body close to mine as I
tickled his torso. He squealed and twisted, laughing hysterically.
Finally, I pinned his arms behind his head, in a full-nelson, and held his
panting body against my chest.

"Now what, Nicky? How about a swim?"

I started to slowly drag him towards the pool as he fought to cling to
anything stationary. As we approached the pool his cousin cheered me on.
Nicky laughed and begged not to be thrown in. I swung him out over the
water and brought him back to dry land a half-dozen times before he was
reduced to a panting, limp mass. I pulled him close and hugged him, with
one hand cupping his ass and the other patting him on the back. He threw
his arms around my neck and looked into my eyes.

"Had enough?"

"Yeah," he said breathlessly.

I started to put him down, but he wouldn't let go.

"That was fun. You're nice!"

"Thanks, Nicky. I think you're nice too!"

He let go of me and we looked at each other. His cousin had drifted off
after my first few minutes of throwing the boy around and we were alone in
the twilight. I patted his head and ran my hand down his check. I held
his head under the chin, and stroked him with my thumb. He beamed up at me
and playfully punched at my stomach.

"Do you always have to spend time with your cousin?" I asked, jerking my
head in the direction she had gone.

"I don't know too many people and I think my aunt wants me to stay around
the family."

"You don't live here with your aunt, though."

"No, I live with my mother and grandmother down the street. But my mother
works a lot and so my aunt looks after me. She knows the city better than
my mother."

"You know, you can come over to my apartment anytime you want. I'd like to
have you around. I've got lots of things you can play with there."

"I don't think my aunt would let me," he answered dejectedly, looking down
at his feet.

"Well, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with your aunt, but how are
you ever going to meet new friends unless you go to other places?"

"I don't know. She never lets me go anywhere!"

This was just too much. It was like reading from a script. Hell, it *was*
a script. A script that had worked for me countless times before. I
almost didn't even have to listen to his answers. I knew what he was going
to say and I knew my part.

"Do you want to come over to my apartment? You might like my video games.
I'd sure like someone to play them with."

"Yes, yes, yes! I want to, but she's such a bitch!" Nicky stamped the
ground in frustration.

"Tell you what, Nicky - do your mother and aunt ever talk to each other on
the phone, you know, to tell you to go home or come over and things like

"Well, we don't have a phone," he admitted shamefully. "My mother is
saving her money to bring my sister over here. We only use the phone at my
aunt's when we need to call someone."

Excellent, excellent! This was going to be such a tasty boy. I was
already planning how I was going to get him to think that sex was all his

"So, then, you have to be home at a certain time?"

"Seven on weeknights and sometimes I stay here on the weekends."

"Good, good. If you want to, you can tell your aunt you're going home
early, but then come over here for the last couple of hours. Only if you
want. That way she wouldn't have to worry about you, and you get to have
me as a friend."

Nicky smiled and hugged me. He planted his chin on my chest and looked up.

"I want to have you as my friend. I love you!"

He smooshed his face into my shirt to hide his obvious joy. I backed away
slightly to keep him from grinding into my erection. I didn't want him to
notice that - yet.

"Tomorrow tell your aunt you're going home at five to do some homework and
leave. Then walk around the block and come in the back gate up to my
apartment - it's number 48. Do you have a key to the gate?"

"No," he answered, crushed that his lack of a key might destroy our plan to
be friends.

I wrestled out of his grasp and fished out my keyring. I peeled off the
gate key and gave it to him.

"Don't let anyone know you have this, or I could get in trouble. I can
give it to you because we're going to be friends, and friends never tell on
each other, no matter what, right?"

"Right!" That patented boy-smile was back in all its glory.

He tucked the key away deeply in his pocket and grabbed my hand. He
brought it up to his face and kissed it, and then resumed smiling at me. I
caressed his face again and then patted his rump.

"O.K. You take off now and I'll see you at five tomorrow. Remember, don't
let anyone see you or we'll get in big trouble and your aunt will never let
you see me again."

"Yes, I wont tell anyone. I promise!" he answered excitedly.

I pushed him along and he turned to wave about a dozen times. I waved back
until he made it up the front steps and turned the corner.

I had just been reassuring myself by making sure he knew not to tell. I
was already sure that you'd have to kill that kid to make him tell anyone
"our secret". He was so hungry for a man, or rather a father, that even at
this point, I knew he was mine for as long as I wanted. I might even keep
him for a while - he was so damn cute!

That night, I dreamt of young Nicky's seventy-five pound body receiving the
benefits of my prodding. I awoke before the dream turned too erotic,
thankfully saving my built-up load for the possibilities of the next day.

The day at work was truly slow. I ran through my scenarios, trying to
decide which one would get me inside of Nicky the soonest. I settled on
one late in the day and packed up early to go home and prepare.

There wasn't that much preparation, really. I stopped by the store and
purchased some groceries. Nothing that need refrigeration. Once home, I
dropped the bag on the counter and checked the clock. It was 4:30. I went
upstairs and dug out a couple of porno magazines. One was incredibly
graphic, and heterosexual. The other was just as graphic, but gay. Both
had the youngest models legally available in them. I placed them under the
TV guide on the couch. They were just in case I needed an ice breaker. I
dumped a bunch of videogame cartridges on the floor and dusted off the
system. Now, it was time to wait.

Five minutes of thumb twiddling and an excited knock came at my front door.
I checked my lust, and walked slowly towards the door. It was always a
rush to get a new boy into my apartment. Once there he was mine and the
chase was over - the outcome was inevitable.

I opened the door to a sparkling, smiling boy. He slipped in quietly and
hung at my side.

"Hey, you're early! I just walked in," I lied.

His face fell and a fearful looked started to form. "I'm sorry, I could go
out and come back later."

"No, no. I'm glad you're early. It's better to be early than late. I'm
very happy that you wanted to come over and see me. I wanted to see you

That brought back the smile in a flash.

"You wanted to see me?" he gushed.

"I thought about you while I was at work. You're a very nice, good-looking
boy and I think we can have a lot of fun as friends. I'm always happy to
make a new friend."

"Me too," he chimed.

"Did you have any trouble getting away from your cousin and aunt?"

"They're so stupid!" he laughed. "I told them I had to do homework and just
left. They believed everything!"

"Now, don't start thinking that they're stupid. When you do that, you stop
being careful. If you stop being careful that's when you get caught, and
you know what happens then, right?

"Yes. We don't get to be friends anymore."

"Right. So what are you going to do?"

"Be careful!"

"That's right. Pretend that it's a spy game and everyone is trying to
catch you," I offered.

He started to act like he was hiding from people in the shadows. Hiding
behind the couch, kneeling under the table, and finally ending up beside my
leg - peeking out at his imaginary pursuers. He grabbed my leg and
squeezed me. I reached down and picked him up by his legs and shook him
upside down. He gripped me tighter and laughed up a storm. His shirt
slipped down and I moved both of his legs to one hand and began to tickle
his bare chest and sides. He strained and turned to get away from my hand
as he slipped down in my grip. My hands held his pants tight, but allowed
his ankles to slip down a bit. A band of his underwear was exposed at his
waist and I snapped it against his flat belly. He was almost hysterical
and out of breath when I finally stopped.

I lowered him to the floor and dropped down beside him. He eventually
caught his breath and climbed up on top of me. I bent my knees up and he
used me as a human-recliner. He leaned forward and planted his pointy
elbows on my chest and placed his face close to mine.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked.

He nodded affirmatively. "I'm glad we're friends."

He leaned down and kissed my cheek before hugging me. I don't know if the
men kiss in his country, but I was all in favor of what he was doing!

"O.K. Get up. I gotta put the groceries away and take a shower. I was
going to do all that before you got here, but now you'll have to entertain
yourself for twenty minutes or so. Think you can handle that."

He shrugged.

"You can play the games if you want," I said, pointing towards the pile of
cartridges as I walked into the kitchen.

"I'd rather stay with you," he answered. He said it like a question,
though - looking for my approval.

"Sure, buddy, you can help me out." I meant that in a variety of ways!

He hopped into the kitchen and started to hand me stuff out of the bag.
This kid was wonderful! All he wanted to do was be with me and do what I
asked. I didn't even have to pay for him, and I didn't have to push any
thoughts out of my mind about how many men he might have been with before
me. I was going to mold this one into a perfect little lover. I was
already leaking precum into my shorts, thinking about how sweet he would be
as he did everything he could to please me.

I started up the stairs and decided to give him a little test.

"I'm going to take a shower now. You can stay and talk to me, but I don't
think you can help me much."

I smiled at him and tousled his hair.


Well, at least he wanted to be close to me, but I had hoped he would make
some kind of overt move when I mentioned the shower. Oh, well!

It was time to show the boy some skin. I got the water going and sat him
down on the seat-of-honor. He was all smiles and wide-eyes. I tugged off
my shirt and draped it over his head. He giggled and held onto it, wadding
it into a ball in his lap. Next came my trousers and socks. He happily
held those too.

"Go throw those on the bed for me, please," I asked. I decided to get
fully naked while he was out of the room. If he was curious enough to look
- he would peek around the shower curtain.

I got in and turned on the shower. I couldn't tell if he was back, until I
saw him press his face comically against the wet material. I pushed his
face away, through the curtain, and heard him squeal with glee. He popped
his head around the far side of the curtain and beamed at me. I sprayed
him with water before he ducked back.

"Hey! You got me wet!"

"Those are the breaks," I shouted over the rushing water. I cupped my
hands together under the shower head and guessed about where he should be
standing. I tossed the water over the rail and heard him shriek.

"Oh, sorry, Nicky! I forgot to tell you that I take a real messy shower!"

There wasn't any reply from the other side and I wondered what he was up
to. I glanced out and he had left the bathroom. I thought that I might
have gone too far, but I hoped that getting him wet would be a good first
step to seeing him naked.


Nicky poked his head in the shower again. It was apparent that I had
dumped my bomb right on his head. He pulled the curtain back and stepped
into the shower.

Now that was a shock! Smiling, wet, and naked. He pulled the curtain
closed and stood in front of me, his eyes sparkling.

"I was dirty too and since I was already wet, I thought I better take a

"That was very smart of you, Nicky, but you know you can't tell anyone
about this, or we won't be able to do it again."

"I know," he piped up. He looked thoughtful for a moment and then added,
"We can do this again?"

"Sure, Nicky. I just want you to have fun! You are having fun, aren't

"Yeah!" he said, "I'm having a lot of fun!"

I started a tremendous water fight that ended up with both of us on the
bottom of the tub tickling each other. I maneuvered it so that my dick was
pressing into his face and he had to push directly back on it to see what
he was doing.

"Your penis is funny," he said, sitting up.

I got up on my knees to show off my equipment. "What's so funny about it?"

"There's no skin on the end."

"That's 'cause I'm circumcised and you're not," I answered.

He reached out and deftly squeezed my glans between two of his fingers. I
flexed and my penis jumped out of his fingers. He giggled and tried to
grab it again. I kept jerking my dick up and down and he finally grabbed
it with both hands and hung on.

"That feels real good, Nicky. Thanks for doing that."

"I rub my penis sometimes too."

"Really? Show me how you do it."

Nicky stood up and started slowly pulling at the bunched up skin covering
his flaccid dick. His penis grew to its full three inches and the glans
started to peak out from the confines of his foreskin. He moved his index
finger over the head to stimulate himself further and started to move his
pelvis back and forth. He completely unsheathed himself and exposed his
gleaming red glans to me as he stroked himself.

"Wow, that's really neat Nicky. Can I try it?"

"Sure. Can I touch yours again?

"Anytime, Nicky. Anytime."

I sat down and pulled him into my lap and we started pulling at each others
puds. Even in the shower I was leaking juices from his attentions. I
reached over and took his little hand and moved it up to his face. He
licked his fingers as I roughly pushed them into his mouth. He looked back
at me for approval and I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He
reached up and pulled me into a long slow kiss. I resisted the instinct to
stuff my tongue down his throat. After the kiss I started a sensuous
soaping of his whole body that ended with him rubbing his erection up and
down my chest until he had orgasmed several times. I examined his hard red
erection and looked into his eyes. He was completely overjoyed by the
attention and feelings his body was receiving. I turned him towards the
water and gently washed the soap from his body. I ran the bar of soap up
and down the crack of his ass. He wiggled his approval every time I passed
his anus.

"I put my fingers in sometimes," he admitted, looking at me over his

What a kid. I stuck a finger in, to the first knuckle and wiggled it
around. He backed up and impaled himself all the way, squirming to find
the best feelings. I curled my finger into his prostate and he giggled and
started to hump my finger back and forth into his ass. I pulled out and
turned him around.

"You've done this before with someone," I said. My voice was convincing
and declarative. He tried to turn away from me, but I held him.

"Nicky, it's O.K. with me. I just want to know what you've done - that's

"My friends and I used to play soccer with some of the older boys and when
we were done we would go into one boy's barn and play sex. Some of the
other boys didn't like it in the butt," he trailed off.

"You did," I finished.

"I always stayed later than my friends and sometimes I went to find the
older boys even when we didn't play soccer."

I dragged him out of the shower and started to kiss him all over. He
rubbed his hands up and down my back as I sucked him like he had never been
sucked before.

"Stop! Please stop! It's too soft!"

"Too soft?"

"Yes, it feels good but it hurts too! I like it, but I can't take it."

"Oh, too *tender* is what you mean. I probably rubbed you too much."

I dried us both off and paid particular attention to his ass. He moved it
around to let me know he wanted to be fucked. He had a little twinkle in
his eyes, like he knew what was going to happen next. Well, he was right!

I picked him up, tickled him until he gasped for air, and then threw him
face down on the bed. He spread himself out and wagged his butt at me as
he looked back to see what I had in mind. I picked him up by his chest
with one hand and tucked his knees up under him. I put him back down on
the bed and pushed his face down into the sheets, his arms spread in front
of him. I positioned myself over him and surveyed my prize. His spine
stuck out through the tightened skin of his back and he breathed deeply in
anticipation of what I was about to do. I pushed his face further into the
bed, forcing him to lean forward and raising his ass to a comfortable
height for me.

I mashed my glans into his anus, spreading my seminal fluid onto him. He
puckered himself, expecting a full-force thrust that didn't come. I teased
around his hole and used the length of my shaft to rub against his most
sensitive area.

He looked back at me again and asked, "Aren't you gonna do it? It's o.k.
I want you to."

"Don't worry, Nicky. I'm going to do it, but getting there can be half the

He didn't seem to understand - but I wasn't really concerned with his
education. After rubbing his little hole raw, I dropped my face down and
ate out his asshole for all I was worth. I could hear the kid gasping and
groaning as I forced my tongue into his rectum. Five minutes of that had
him begging me to finish him off. I flipped him on his side and laid down
behind him. I scooted myself into place and pressed my penis against his
hole. He instantly started to back up onto my shaft. My glans popped in
and he didn't stop. I helped, of course!

Long, slow strokes got me the best reaction from him. He was convulsing
from the feelings. I couldn't tell if he was just having one long orgasm,
or a string of smaller ones all tied together. Frankly I didn't care. As
long as he kept clenching his anus on me and moaning like he was, I would
be more than willing to fuck him.

I had a stunning orgasm inside of him. I could feel the jets of my semen
spray out of me and flow into him. I pounded him pretty good as I came,
and he made some gurgling noises as I pushed his body around the bed. He
was still tightly gripping my shaft as I pulled out of him. I rolled over
and examined myself. I was perfectly clean of any inconvenient particles
from the boy; apparently the shower had cleaned him up quite nicely. I
grabbed a towel from beside the night stand, plugged it into the crack of
his butt, and rolled him onto his back.

His face was red and sweaty. He looked like he wasn't really sure where he
was. He might have blacked out - again I didn't really care. I kissed him
on the cheek and then licked the sweet sweat off of him.

"You didn't hurt me," he said reassuringly. "Some of the older boys were
bigger than you."

I smirked to myself. He was so worried about making me happy that I could
do anything to him. I pushed myself up and straddled the boy's chest,
inching forward until my limp dick was over his face. I waved my cock over
his mouth and he instantly sucked it in.

"Clean me up, buddy," I ordered. He was happy to comply, sucking me in
completely. He had obviously done this before and I was thrilled that I
didn't have to teach him to keep his teeth off of me. I started to get
hard again, but I didn't pull back to allow him more room for my erection.
I expanded into him and he tried to swallow my cock, but in vain. He
started to gasp and was trying to breath through his nose, but I was
starting to choke him. I decided to see how long he would try before he
gave up and begged me to stop. I settled more of my weight onto his chest,
making it that much more difficult for him to breath. I could feel his
ragged, choking, gasps moving up through me. He kept sucking while trying
to breath around my dick, but that didn't work. Amazingly, he was staying
relaxed. Even though the color had drained from his face and his eyes were
starting to flicker sleepily, he reacted almost instinctively to the penis
in his throat. I pushed further into him, eliciting a cry of fear from
deep inside of him. Still, he didn't try to push me off, or claw at me -
nothing that would alert me to his plight. This was getting me hotter all
the time! I couldn't believe that I was ready to shoot again. This little
guy had me hotter than any other boy I could remember. Unfortunately, he
passed out right about then.

I first noticed that the sucking had stopped. His eyes were still open, so
I didn't think too much of it. I went ahead and pushed further into him,
waiting for a reaction. He was completely relaxed and I could feel my
penis sliding up and down his throat without any resistance. I pulled out
instantly and shook the boy. He was completely limp. I slapped him hard,
once, and he gasped sharply - sucking in air. He started gasping and
choking. I picked him up and carried him into the bathroom. He had
started to gag and once into the bathroom he began to puke heavily into the
toilet. This kid was so good that he didn't even puke - until he was
supposed to.

Now, *I* was a little nervous. If I had messed up the kid, there could be
problems. I stayed there and patted his back while he shivered and shook
as his stomach convulsed. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I grabbed
some boxer shorts and went downstairs.

I had to turn up the volume on the "Andy Griffith Show" to drown out his
painful noises. I tried to put him out of my mind as Opie strutted his
stuff for me. In about fifteen minutes, Nicky showed himself at the bottom
of the stairs. I glanced at him, and then looked away quickly. He crept
up, mouse-like, still naked, to my side. He touched my arm and I looked

"You o.k.?"

"Yes. I'm sorry! That's never happened before!"

"Well, you really scared me!" Which was, basically, true. He was holding
my arm tightly now.

"Please don't be mad at me! It won't happen again! I'll do it good this
time! I think it's because I was on my back."

His voice was rough from my attentions to his throat, but the look in his
eyes was that of a scared little boy who was afraid of loosing his only
friend - not of fear for his own safety. This was going to be fun!

"I don't know, Nicky. I'm afraid I might hurt you again. I think that
maybe I better find another boy who isn't as weak as you are."

"No, no, NO! Please, no, please, I, I ...."

He trailed off into a babbling rant in some language I couldn't understand.
His voice was high-pitched and squeaky again. He was almost hysterical.
English words just wouldn't come to him fast enough and he had clicked into
his native tongue to flood me with the reasons why I should "keep" him. I
just shook my head and kept saying "I'm sorry it didn't work out, Nicky."

His eyes were streaming tears by now and a little trail of spit trickled
out of his mouth. He was losing it and if I didn't bring him back soon, he
might go over the edge. He began to claw at my crotch and fished out my
soft penis. He dropped down and began to suck with abandon. He pushed
everything I had into his mouth and looked up at me pointing to his face as
if to say "See? See? I can do it!" I ran my hand through his matted hair
and looked down at him sympathetically. He redoubled his efforts and
pulled my shorts all the way off. I felt him worming his hand between my
butt cheeks as he searched for my anus. Now, I like that! This kid was
pulling out all his tricks to prove himself. He shoved two of his tiny
fingers into my ass. I grunted from the dry pressure, but he sure knew how
to find a man's prostate. I was slowly getting hard again and this brought
a great look to Nicky's face. He was succeeding in his efforts to "win" me
back. He completely throated me and vibrated his fingers expertly in my
rectum. I sat back and closed my eyes, drinking in the feelings. I had a
winner on my hands. This kid was mine forever. Well, at least until I got
tired of him, or he reached puberty - whichever came first!

I started to get the itch, the tickle. The one that builds from my nuts
and ends in a shattering climax. I opened my eyes and looked down at the
boy feverishly bobbing up and down on my cock. I put my hands back on his
head and followed his motions as he blew me. I stood up - taking him with
me. I lifted him up until only his feet were dragging, limply, on the
ground and fucked his face.

I ground my coarse pubic hair into his face while I forced my penis into
him. He continued his work in my ass, never missing a beat. After two
more deep, eye-watering thrusts I ejaculated. I drove his face back and
forth onto me, his body bouncing and slamming against my legs. His fingers
popped free from my ass and his hands flailed in the air - fearful of
grabbing onto me and possibly diminishing my pleasure. I pulled free from
his mouth and he gurgled something through a mouthful of semen. I squeezed
my penis and slapped the residual droplets against his milky cheeks. I
dropped him and he fell into a limp, tangled ball, like a puppet thrown
aside. I kneeled down and wiped my cock off in his hair while he caught
his breath.

I left him there to regain his senses and went back upstairs to grab
another shower. I had put him through the roughest time of any boy I had
ever had, except maybe Timmy, but Nicky was different. The worse I was to
him, the more he wanted to please me. I wouldn't have to do it very often,
but every once in a while he was going to expect me to rough him up. That
was fine. I rinsed my hair and soaped off all the trickles of fluid from
both our bodies.

"Can I shower too?" came a mousy little voice from behind me. I spun
around and saw that smiling face again. I motioned him to join me and he
jumped in happily. I soaped him up and rinsed him off, being very gentle.
We kissed for a while and he jumped up into my arms and squirmed around
until he found a comfortable position. He nibbled at my nipple, rolling it
around delicately in his teeth. My penis began to stir again and the boy
looked up at me with "that look." I sighed and gave his eye a sloppy lick.
He giggled and squirmed some more.

"Aren't you tired yet?" I asked.

"No, we can do it again. If you want to. We don't have to," he answered.
Always the politician, I thought.

His mastications on my nipple were doing the trick and I put him down. He
looked hurt, but a wink from me was all he needed. I rinsed us off and we
got out. I threw him the towel and he dried me off carefully. I went into
the bedroom and he followed a minute later. He immediately started to lick
my penis, with long, slow strokes. Once I was shiny and hard he positioned
himself over me and sat down, taking me all in one stroke. He gasped
slightly and then giggled, rubbing his ass into my crotch.

"That feels great!" he announced.

"Not too bad on this end either!" I added.

He began to move up and down, providing the stimulation he knew I wanted.
I was having those feelings again. Shit, I hadn't come four times in one
day (much less four times in two hours) since I was fourteen, but this boy
really knew how to wring out a dick.

"Nicky, how do you feel about me?"


"What kind of feelings do you have for me?"

"I, I, I guess I love you..." He knew he had to tell me the truth, but he
was afraid I wouldn't like the fact that he loved me.

"That's great, Nicky. I love you too!"

He smiled even broader as he kept up his movements over my cock.

"Nicky, if I wanted you to do something for me, would you?" Not that I
needed to ask that question, but by saying it out loud he would think I
still wasn't completely sure about him.

I watched the panic return to his face. "Yes, of course, yes, just ask me
and I'll do *anything* you want!" He humped my dick faster now and
squeezed me tighter with his anus. He looked at me anxiously, waiting for
my verdict.

"I think it's time you got to meet more boys your own age. Boys like
yourself, with no father, a little shy, maybe. I know there's got to be
some at your school."

"I know some in my class who live with their mothers," he said helpfully,
"but I don't get to see them much - only at school."

"I think that's all going to change. You're going to tell your mother that
you want to join the scouts. Right now, you're going to try to find some
pick-up baseball games, and later you're going to join Little League."


"Well, I think it'll be nice for you to have friends, don't you?"

"Yes, but that seems like so many things to do!"

"Don't worry! I'll be around to help you, and I especially want you to
look for boys who you think would like to have fun like we're having now."

He paused for a moment and then continued his movements.

"You want to do this with other boys?"

"Sure! I want them to have as much fun as you're having, Nicky. Don't
worry, I *love* you! You'll always be my favorite boy."

He leaned down and hugged me. I could feel his tears hitting my chest.
His tears of joy at being loved by me.

I came abruptly and rammed Nicky down onto my lap. I squeezed a trickle of
semen into him and collapsed back onto the bed. He started to rise, but I
kept him in place.

"Bring me some other boys, Nicky, and I'll love you forever."

"I'll bring you many boys," he whispered.

I leaned forward and kissed his forehead, "Bring me boys just like you.
Boys that won't tell. You must be very careful or we'll never be able to
be together again."

"I will be very careful. I'll only bring you boys that you'll like."

I pulled him off, and he immediately started to lick his butt-funk off my
cock. I closed my eyes again.

"Be very careful, Nicky, and we'll have lots of fun together."

He looked up, with my dick in his hand, "I'll be very careful. I promise.
I'll do anything for you."

"I know you will, Nicky. I know you will."

And I knew he would.
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