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Pump my Rump - lost rear- entry virginity (mf,anal)

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
'Pump My Rump'

I absolutely go completely berserk when I get my ass
plumbed. To me, there is no finer sensation in all the world
than having a big, hard dick up my ass and three of four fingers
up my cunt at the same time.
I first discovered this fact when, as a horny 19 year old
college coed, on a hot date with the campus stud, I was on the
rag and horny as hell. His long cock expanded down the leg of
his pants and I hungered for it.
Ingenuity reared its head and prompted me to ask him if he
thought I had a nice ass. When he said I did, I asked him if he
wanted it. To my delight, he said he did, and within seconds, I
was spreading my cheeks and loosing my anal virginity.
To this day, I am grateful for that twist of events. I get
all creamy and gooey just thinking about getting my tight little
ass reamed by a horny stud. And I've even found a few guys who
will probe me with their tongue, as well as their cock. That
gets my cunt churning even harder!
My first fiance was every bit as addicted to my pert, high
rounded ass as I am to getting it fucked. His name was Jimmy and
he was hung like a horse!
On our first date, we were fucking our brains out and Jimmy
wiggled a finger up my ass. That sent my reactions into hight
gear. I was writhing and bucking and shaking and shrieking in
total, consummate arousal. And that reaction made Jimmy finger
my tightly puckered little asshole all the more hard, fast and
Seeing my reacting to getting my asshole fingered, as soon
as we both came, Jimmy turned me over and with his cock coated in
my creamy cum, he spread my ass cheeks apart and banged my back
door for all he was worth. My cunt was so aroused that my labia
were still gaping wide open. With every thrust his stiff dick
made up my ass, his big heavy balls plopped right into my cunt!
I was so hot that I begged him to keep probing my ass. His
flaccid cock swelled back up and he plowed that tight little hole
until the fucking earth moved and I lapsed into frenzied orgasmic
convulsions, shrieking and cumming so hard I finally fell limp to
the bed and passed right out.
Jimmy left me about a year later. He found a gal with a
tighter asshole than mine.
I'm an exceptionally tall woman, standing nearly six feet
tall. I have a lean and trim body which measures 33-23-34. At my
age, I look ten years younger. My body is still fit and trim and
I draw admiring stares wherever I go.
One night after Jimmy left me, I went to a club. Several
guys asked me to dance, and some even tried putting the moves on
me. None of them interested me much, though, except this one
guy. He was only about 5'4", had long blonde hair brushed
straight back which hung well past his shoulders. He had
gorgeous blue eyes and a really cute smile.
Finally, he asked me to dance and I clutched him close,
pulling his face firmly to my breasts. Our hips locked and my
tigh felt a swelling in his crotch that would have put Jimmy to
shame. This short little sucker was half cock!
Through my dress, he nibbled my breasts. And as we left, he
kept on hand firmly planted on my ass. We must have looked
rather funny, me in my heels towering over him. But I didn't
care how we looked to other people. I only cared about how that
cock would feel buried up my ass.
When we got to my house, I undressed him. Then, he
undressed me. I couldn't take my eyes off that long, thick, hard
cock of his. It was swollen fully erect and stood straight in
front of him. It kept poking me in the thighs as he pulled my
clothes off of me.
Rather than kiss me and fondle me as most guys start out, he
told me to bend over and touch toes. He knelt behind me and
licked my creamy pussy. He sank two fingers inside my hot cunt
and began nibbling on my firm, trim ass cheeks.
His nibbling mouth slowly crept closer to my tightly
puckered, elastic asshole. Then I felt his tongue flicking
around my hole, sending erotic waves cascading throughout my
body. My soft, impassioned moaning turned into a frenzied
squealing. I wanted to leave no doubt in his nasty mind that I
thoroughly enjoyed getting my ass reamed, with a finger, tongue
or dick, it made no difference to me.
His hands held my ass cheeks widely apart and his tongue
travelled up and down my crack, once again settling in on my
puckered hole. I was hot and horny as hell and his plunging
fingers plumbed my cunt thoroughly, turning me into a wet, gooey
mess. Then his tongue struck pay dirt again and I shrieked,
thrusting my ass back harder against his face. His tongue
penetrated my hole and I shivered with the erotic chills racing
up and down my spine. Tiny goose bumps raced over my skin from
head to toe. And I gasped, drenching his hand in my freely
flowing cum. My body shook violently with the overpowering
passion which was sweeping my body. Over and over, my spasming
pussy rained my fine mist spray onto his hand.
Finally, when my orgasm subsided, he stood behind me and
probed my cunt from the rear, getting his cock all wet and gooey.
Then his fingers scooped my cum from my cunt to my ass. His
slick fingers probed me hard and deeply, lubricating my butt for
his cock.
My moaning had started again. My entire body was tingling.
My nipples stood a good quarter inch erect. My body trembled and
I gasped as his cum soaked finger probed my butt deeply, making
my rear end as gooey and creamy as my cunt.
His hands spread my cheeks widely apart and I felt that huge
cockhead, feeling as big as a fist, banging at my back door. He
gave a gentle thrust and that swollen cockhead penetrated me. I
gasped, feeling stretched apart, totally helpless and hot as
Slowly and gently, he eased more of his long, thick cock
inside me. His cock must have measured two inched across. It
was stretching me as far as I could possibly stretch. My elastic
asshole would not stretch another cunt hair wider.
Easily, he kept slipping his dick up my ass. Finally, I
felt his kinky pubic hair tickling my cheeks. Bent over deeply
at the waist, my legs spread widely apart, bracing myself with my
hands on the floor in front of me, I took a deep breath and
braced for that hot and horny anal onslaught.
That well hung little sucker began easing his cock slowly in
and out of my ass. I was gasping and grunting, feeling my arousal
soar. Gradually, he picked up speed. His well lubed cock slid
in and out of my cum lubricated ass. The friction must have be
awesome, thought, for such an enormous cock in such a tight
The guy's balls felt like grapefruit banging against my
soggy cunt when he buried his cock inside me. The rapid,
continual bombardment of my cunt by his huge balls made my juices
churn wildly. Over and over again, his cock slid hard and fast
in and out of my ass, his balls slapping hard against my hot
My frenzied squeals and shrieks echoed off the walls and at
virtually the same time, we came. His hot spunk flew deep inside
me, far up my ass, and my hot flow of cum ran down the insides of
my thighs like swift moving little mountain streams.
I finally collapsed, nearly crying after feeling his
magnificent cock shrivel up and plop right out of my ass. I was
panting, trying to regain my composure, totally spent from an
intense, overpowering orgasm. My ass felt terrific, thoroughly
plumbed and tingling like crazy.
That guy disappeared after that night. I suspect he was
married and just out catting around. I didn't care, though. He
did give me one hell of an anal reaming, and that's all I was
after anyway.
My second fiancee, David, was very scholarly looking, quiet,
almost shy kind of guy. He was the same height as me and very
trim and fit. David also had a long, thick cock. And David also
had a real thing for my ass.
I let David think he was initiating me into anal sex. He
very gently and soothingly told me it wouldn't hurt and would
actually feel great. He got out a tube of petroleum jelly and
thoroughly greased my ass. Then he squirted some in his hand and
stroked his cock until it glistened.
He produced a long and slender dildo, actually a butt plug,
and probed me deeply with getting my butt ready for his cock. I
oohed and aahed, moaned and squirmed my hips in arousal, letting
him think this was an all new and exciting sensation for me.
He slipped two fingers in my cunt and held his swollen
cockhead at my back door. With a grunt from both of us, he
penetrated me with his cock. David was the consummate gentle
lover. It took for-fucking-ever for him to get his cock all the
way buried up my butt.
Then, slowly, he began pumping my ass. He pulled his long,
thick cock out until only that swollen cockhead remained inside
me, then thrust it all the way back in until his pubic hair was
plastered against my ass.
Gradually, David increased the tempo of his rhythmic
thrusting. Soon, he was jamming his cock rapidly in and out of
me, his fingers jamming in and out of my cunt with the same
rhythmic force.
I was squealing and gasping and came once very quickly.
Having my ass and cunt plumbed at the same time is my idea of
heaven! David kept right on pumping until he came, shooting cum-
rockets deep inside me. I was right on the verge of cumming
again and panted breathily, "Don't stop!" Those horny words that
can make any man keep right on pumping his ass off kept David
thrusting his wilting bone hard and fast in and out of my ass.
Before it shrivelled up entirely, though, I cam again, drenching
his probing fingers and hand, even spewing my hot cum onto his
For nearly a year, I think, David banged my butt nightly. I
never complained, of course. The man was the most anally-crazed
man I had ever encountered.
And given my predilection for butt fucking, I probably would
have never willingly let him go. But he fell in lust with a tiny
blonde who stood a full foot shorter than him and had one of the
most delicious asses I have ever laid eyes on. She was indeed an
ass man's wet dream come to life.
Plus, at virtually the same time, I met a tall, dark and
handsome man from Greece. Imagine, me meeting a man from GREECE!
His cock was every bit as long, thick and hard as David's and he
went absolutely berserk over my ass, saying it was the most
beautiful ass he had ever seen. I just prayed he'd never see the
little babe David found!
To this day, Nick (the Greek) and I are still living
together. And I am still getting my pert little ass plumbed
nightly. God love the Greeks! It know I sure do!

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