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TOMMY TAKES CHARGE 1/7 [mf nc mc inc ped]

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Subject: TommyTakesCharge1
From: (F l o y d )
Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 04:34:45 UTC
Message-ID: <>

Tommy Takes Charge

Tommy was at in the swamp when the bug bit him.

He?d been pretending to be a superspy, cracking into Nemesis? HQ. He
had been thinking about the imaginary female spy he seduced with his
brilliance, and failed to pay attention to a large unusual insect.
Lying on a log he had to sneak over, the thing reacted sharply when
he brushed against it.

"YEEOWW!" he let out before he remembered spies didn?t react to pain.

It was a booby trap! They knew he was coming, he knew enough to flee.
Imagined the hundreds of enemies pursuing him, he nursed his injured
arm all the way to the house.

He stepped through the screen door, seeing his mother in the kitchen.
She was young looking, no older than 32. He?d been a high school
pregnancy, but Dad had done his best to look after them. Until the
accident last year, that is.

"Hiya Mom," he announced. She spotted him cradling the arm, shooting
a worried glance his way. Saturdays, she wasn?t working. She
watched over him much more closely when she was home. Today being
Saturday, she fairly fawned over the injury.

"What did you do?" she asked, quickly rushing to check him.

"Oh it?s nothing. A bug bit me." She held him and examined the damage
anyway. She kissed his forehead.

"Where did this happen?"

"Out in the woods, close to the swamp. It?ll be okay, really."

"I thought I told you to stay away from the old chemical dump."

"Aw mom. It?s just a little bite, it?ll heal."

"Just the same, I should spank you. Your just a little old for that
now, twelve year olds are difficult for me without your father." A
tear formed at the corner of her eye.

"I miss Dad too. Love ya Mom."

"Yes, I know," she wiped her eyes. "I?m going out tonight Tommy. That
nice young lady, Lisa, will be sitting you tonight."

"Aw, I don?t need a sitter. You just said I?m getting older. Really
Mom!" Not that he really minded Lisa. She was always a thrill, a real
looker in his opinion. Still, he could put one of his carefully
husbanded video tapes on if he had the opportunity.

"I can?t take any chances, young man. She?ll be here by six. You had
better behave too." She tossled his hair and returned to the chore he

Play acting spy completely forgotten, he wandered up to his room.
Closing the door, he pulled out the cache of magazines he concealed
from his mother. He wondered if Mom was anything like the woman in
these books. He knew Lisa just had to be.

After a satisfying period of ?reading?, he realized it was almost time
for Lisa to arrive. He didn?t want to miss seeing her, even if it
meant having her boss him around. He stepped into the bathroom to
straighten himself up before she got there. His eyes flashed back at
him in the mirror with a low red glow.

A trick of the light probably. He concentrated on recalling an image
of Lisa.

Lisa was just starting college this fall. She was as pretty as the
women in his reading collection. Long smooth legs giving her almost
5?8" of height, a soft round chest, and an attractive face to die
for. It was almost the perfect oval shape, brown eyes, chiseled nose
and her mouth arranged better than anyone else he?d ever seen. Her
lips were sensuous, almost always in an anxious tasty pout. Her
lovely dark hair was soft to the touch whenever he?d had the chance.

"TOMMY!" came his mother?s voice. He scrambled down the stairs.

His mother stood at the front door with Lisa. Mom was looking nice
too, hair in a French Braid, short skirt showing her legs to good
effect. And a low cut blouse showing more of her tits than he?d
realized Mom had.

Tommy gulped, then looked at Lisa. Mom and Lisa were chatting,
settling accounts in advance. Lisa was wearing jeans, hiding the
beautiful legs he admired so often. But her chest was in a revealing
light blue halter, nipples almost showing through, and a cleavage
that left him with a lump in his throat. Her black hair, rolled in a
curve just over her shoulders, bouncing with her bobbing head as she
agreed with Mom.

"I?ll be back late Tommy. Mr. Brucci is taking me to a movie after
dinner." She waved. Tommy stared at his own mother?s tight tush as she
wagged it going down the walk. He hadn?t noticed how nicely shaped Mom
was before. She must want to do something with Mr. Brucci tonight.

"Okay Tommy. I?m going to watch TV for a while, do you need anything?"
Lisa?s sweet tones were musical to Tommy.

"Uh, no," he locked his eyes on her big browns. He tried to use his
regular excuse to hang around her. He didn?t want to just slip back
upstairs with his favorite daydream here. "It would be nice if
we could do something though, like maybe a quick card game?"

Lisa glazed over for a moment, her face suddenly blank. Then she
smiled and nodded.

"Yes, a card game would be nice wouldn?t it? Let?s get the cards." She
walked over to the cabinet where Mom kept the cards.

Huh?, this was strange. The request was almost a ritual, he?d ask,
she smiles and says no. She usually told him to go do kid stuff until
Mom came home. The smile almost always made him melt, injured by
rejection. But this time she said yes...

Surprised, perhaps even stunned by her willingness, Tommy squatted
down in the livingroom. The rug there was soft, and great for playing
cards. Besides, if he could figure out a way to get her to neck, it
was pretty nice to lay down on too.

Lisa came back, deck of cards in hand. She didn?t seem too disturbed
by the slight change in her plans.

She crossed her legs as she sat, her full breasts bobbing in their
halter as she moved. She seemed oblivious to the effect her movements
had on Tommy. Every little twitch those nodding melons made caused
another twitch in his groin.

"ohhh," Tommy mumbled.

"Are you all right," Lisa?s concern was genuine. She knew how rough
being sick was on kids with their parents out. Tommy?s crush on her
didn?t bother her, but if he got ill she knew the evening would be
pretty rough.

"I?m fine," he quickly responded, striving not to stare at her tits.
He wanted her to think of him as manly, not sickly. He sat up a bit
straighter, puffing out his chest a bit.

Lisa dealt cards, and they began to play rummy. Tommy had an odd
feeling. Every time he caught her eyes, she did something resembling a
double take. He was at a loss as to why. It was rather bizarre she
agreed to play so quickly. Blinking, he remembered his eyes flashing
red in the mirror.

He decided to perform an experiment, to see if his suggestion carried
more weight with her when she was looking straight at him...

"You really should discard the ace of spades," he suggested the next
time she looked directly at him. He knew she had the card, she seemed
to know he wanted it. A slight blank look was followed by a light nod.

The next card she dropped was the requested spade. Tommy?s jaw
dropped as he picked it up, making a winning meld. She looked somewhat
disgusted, displeased she?d dropped the hand so foolishly.

"um," he caught her eyes again. He struggled for a way to take
advantage of this odd behavior. He felt he could almost see the red
glow reflected in her pupils, "how about we play strip rummy?"

She shook off the enticing pull. Then she looked at the cards.

"I, I think we should stick with regular rummy. My boyfriend wouldn?t
like it. Your Mother wouldn?t approve." She couldn?t understand why
the suggestion was so intriguing. She really didn?t think it was a
good idea to feed his obsession of her.

He again drew her eyes to his own...

"You really want to look more deeply at my eyes," he whispered,
audible enough she would hear him, but not loud. He tried to sound
like that guy in the Dracula flick, the one with seductive hypnotic
powers. He figured seduction needed a deeper voice.

"I, yes. Your eyes are very deep..." She had blanked over. She was
lost in the hazy red pools she saw.

He was amazed. He remembered reading about hypnosis. Suddenly he
could do it to Lisa. She put up only the mildest resistance. What had
the restrictions he?d read about this been? Who cared, as long as he
could control Lisa now. He really wanted to get her out of those

"When you look away again, you will forget your boyfriend."

"I?ll forget Roger, yes. yes." She nodded without taking her eyes off

He grinned, internally knowing she was really under some kind of
spell. A spell he cast in some mysterious manner. How was beyond his
understanding, but he wasn?t going to through away a perfect

"You needn?t worry about Mother. She?d be happy to know you like me."

"Yes. Happy." Lisa was entranced, her normally sweet voice somehow
without any fire to it now.

"You?d like to play strip rummy with me."

"I?d... no, no, it?s wrong!... I would like..." she tried to shake her
head, but remained locked on his eyes.

"You?d like to play strip rummy with me," he reiterated.

"I?d like to play strip rummy with you," she conceded, seemingly
surprised at her own reluctance a moment earlier.

"When I look away, you?ll still do as I say, won?t you."

"Yesss." Her eyes remained blank, transfixed upon him.

He glanced away, giving her a moment to catch her self awareness
again. She snapped to pretty fast, and picked up the cards as though
this was entirely her own idea.

"Okay, here?s the way it?ll work," she said smiling, "every won hand
is one piece of clothing, right?"

"Sounds good to me." Tommy just grinned, knowing he was about to see
wonders about Lisa he?d only dreamed of before. He wondered about
those nipples poking the fabric of her halter. He longed to just strip
her down, but it seemed better this way.

"You deal," she said.

Soon the first hand fell to Tommy. Lisa, without hesitation, pulled
off a shoe. The second hand was Lisa?s, he lost a shoe. Next was his,
then another. Soon she was down to her halter and jeans. Only in his
pants remained for Tommy.

As the next hand fell to him, Lisa blushed. Considering what to
remove, she decided the jeans were next. She stood up. Tucking her
thumbs in the waist of the jeans, she pulled them out a bit and
unbuttoned them. Then she undid the zipper, sliding the tongue down
slowly, watching Tommy?s reaction.

She pulled out one incredible long leg at a time, showing the sleek
muscles she?d developed running, displaying the sweet curves her of
her calves to great effect. Tommy?s eyes followed the luscious form
up to the pink panties, wisps of curly hairs peeking out the edges.

"Like my legs?" She asked.

He nodded. He reached out to touch the legs, but she slapped him away.

"Hey, this is a looking game, not a touching game."

Pouting, he sulked a moment, then realized he controlled the rules.
He could change them anytime he wanted. He decided to wait, those
bound up breasts were just one hand of Rummy away. He enjoyed the
slow method of getting her down to her bare skin.

"You deal," he said.

He lost this time, shedding his pants, leaving only white underwear.
He felt a little embarrassed since he didn?t know what girls liked to
see, but he was determined to continue.

The next hand was his. Paradise would soon be revealed, those bounding
boobs were to come out of the suggestive halter at last.

Lisa stood again, turning her back to him, peering over one shoulder.
She was very slow in finding the bow knots for the bottom of the
halter. Then with one hand holding the clothe still in place, she
undid the bow knot behind her neck.

She turned, arms holding the covering in place. She grinned and pulled
it away.

"Wheee!" she squealed with the sudden release of her well rounded
tits. She was wildly enjoying stripping, his suggestion settling into
her as her own idea.

Tommy couldn?t help but stare now. This was as close as he?d ever been
to real live naked tits before. The knobby little nipples were erect
from the sudden chill and the flesh was rolling a little with Lisa?s
movements. She shook them a bit, just to watch his attempt to follow
the motion.

"Take off your panties too," he said.

"Oh no, the game?s not over yet," she replied.

"Yes it is. Take them off."

"I, no, I..." She turned around again, struggling with herself. His
control settled in place and she responded as commanded.

Again she hooked thumbs in the waistband, and this time carefully slid
panties down her legs. Her round bottom was exposed, showing itself
in a heart like shape as she bent down. A handful of the curly hairs
from her groin were visible at the slight crack in her legs while she
was bent over.

"Wouldn?t you like me to help you get off?"

"No. I think I should get dressed again and watch the News." Tommy
thought how silly it had been to let her make any decisions. He should
know better. How was he going to take her?

He thought of all those letters in his magazines upstairs. What did
the women say they liked? Maybe she could fill in the right feelings
if he only just got her hot...

"You feel pretty horny. You need to get off, don?t you?" Lisa began to
sway a bit. Her eye hazed over a little. Differently this time though,
as if the distraction came from within, rather than from him.

"Ohhh," she muttered... "aaaah, ahhhh."

"You really want me to touch you, ask me to touch you."

"Oh Tommy. I can?t do that, I,..." she shuddered with her own internal
heat. Her eyes closed, she tucked her chin against her right shoulder.
"Tommy, you better help me. I need you to touch me."

Tommy grinned. He reached forward for the slightly sweaty girl flesh
before him. His hand touched the previously forbidden breasts,
bringing a sudden jolt to the sitter before him. She opened her eyes
real wide, then closed them as she leaned forward into his palm.

He could feel the erect flesh, imagining it vibrating against his
hand. In wonder and awe he worshiped the two breasts with his hands
and lips, never having the chance to touch real tits before. He
stroked the soft pillowy mounds with great awe, to touch a real
girl?s tits. It boggled his teenage mind.

Lisa shuddered with each caress. The contact was electric, every touch
a spark of arousal. Her body was becoming glossy from her sweat. He
stopped, certain he?d just wet the floor if he kept at it any longer.

"You will now go down on me. Take my prick in your mouth." He?d read
about this in the magazines he had hidden. Now he was going to feel
the touch of her lips. He shook with nervous anticipation.

"I don?t want that in my mouth, Tommy." She remained resistant to his
commands. He was struck deeply. Why wasn?t she doing as ordered?

He vaguely remembered something about people not doing things under
hypnosis they wouldn?t do conscious. He tried to think of a way around
it. Slowly, an idea came to him.

He remembered spending one evening day dreaming of her blowing him
after watching her suck on a popsicle. She had sucked it in and out,
teasing the ice treat with her tongue. He might have the solution to
get her to go down.

"Kneel before me." She dropped to her knees, he stood, only above her
now because she knelt. He held his prick and directed her attention to
it, "you see a popsicle, juicy sweet popsicle, it?s your favorite
flavor. You want to suck the popsicle, reach out and hold it, it?s
not cold to your hands."

Lisa brought both hands up to his cock. They wrapped around him,
tightly, too tightly.

"Ah, you need to hold this popsicle gently," he worked in, "you can
get more juice from it if you lightly squeeze up and down the

"Oh my." Lisa appeared fascinated with her tasty looking treat.

"Now for fun, we?ll call this popsicle my prick, got it? But you know
it?s really a popsicle."

"I?m holding your prick."

"Would you like to suck my prick?"

"Very much, I like cold juicy pricks." She slipped her lips over the
tip of his cock, slowly sucking him into her mouth. Heavenly, was the
first thought in his mind. "mnnngffh!" she slurped.

She worked her tongue around the head of his cock, the same way she
licked the popsicle. Her lips, a soft pink-red, puckered over the tip
again and again.

He began to work in and out of her mouth, harder as she licked the
cock he?d convinced her to suck. Suddenly, he could feel his heat
rise, the pull of her mouth was too much.

"AhHHHhHHH!" he grunted out. "OH YES!"

The orgasm pulsed from his groin to the tip of his cock. He felt a
flow of semen push into the girl before him. She swallowed, juicy
liquid refreshing her with an imaginary ice flavor she alone knew.

She continued to suck.

"You can stop sucking my prick now."

"But it tastes so good," she said, licking again. The continued
contact brought out additional stiffness he didn?t expect. Usually
when he played with himself while looking at the magazines, his prick
went limp and stayed that way.

"You can lick it for another moment or two. Then you will get real hot
for me to enter you."

"Oh, I don?t...., yes, it would be real nice to have you inside me,"
she acknowledged. Her tongue continued to wash his cock clean,
catching every drop she believed she?d missed.

"Lie down for me," he said, "Show me how you masturbate."

She stretched out on the rug, looking enticingly at him. He could feel
his own desire rising again within. He knelt beside her, watching her
fingers, work into her cunt. One hand was playing with a nipple,
pinching and pulling, rolling the darker pink flesh. She tried to lick
her own nipple, successfully, sucking it into her own mouth.

"Ohhh yesss," she mumbled a moment later, allowing her head to toss
to the side then back again.

He moved between her widely spread thighs, and worked himself above
her. She continued to masturbate, playing with the red swollen lips as
furiously as possible. Her hips began to roll, swaying with the lust
she apparently felt.

"Help me inside you Lisa." He tried to pose his cock at her outer
lips, but had no idea where the actual opening was. Lisa reached for
his prick, and guided him into the snatch she offered up now.

He plunged into the soft hole. The tight moistness was exhilarating.
He would probably come immediately if he hadn?t only just come in her
mouth. She worked up a heaving rhythm against him, bucking so quickly
he found it difficult to stay in her.

"Oh god, Tommy, I feel so fucking hot. Fuck me, Tommy, Fuck me."

But he did. Her twat, by now very wet, fit around him nicely. He
pumped in unison with her motions. Her movements becoming more and
more frantic.

"Ahh, Ahh, YESS, YESS, YESS!" she squealed. Her orgasm came quickly.
She slammed her fists against the floor with pleasure and release.

He could no longer contain himself, the pumping motion she made was
easing back, settling back from the pleasure. But his heat flooded
his body now.

His groin clenched tightly, pumping seed deep within the babysitter.
The pulse was strong, almost a cramping of the muscles as the semen
poured through his cock into her body.

He collapsed atop the helpless girl, unable to hold himself up any
longer. She panted, he gasped from the exercise, he almost didn?t
hear the click at the front door.

A quick glance at the clock showed it wasn?t even 8:00 yet. What was
Mom doing home now! He knew Mom would be really angry when she saw
the two of them.

"I may be horny, but that goddamn octopus can go hang!" came a ragged
and angry snarl from the front hall.

Tommy scrambled to get his clothes, Lisa still lay supine, arm across
her eyes. She hadn?t heard a thing. He grabbed for his clothes
quickly, but not in time...

"TOMMY! LISA!" screamed his mother. "Young man, there had better be an
explanation for all this..."

Her face was clenched into a look of outrage. She was obviously not
pleased. Her eyes burned with anger beyond whatever indignities her
date had levied upon her.

"You slut!" this directed at Lisa. "I thought I could trust you with
my boy. He is only a boy! You shouldn?t do this with him. And you, you
little fool.... Sex is a powerful emotional act, something you would
be best wai... "

Then she met his eyes.

"...ting for... until you..." Her voice faded away. Her face went
blank, the same response Lisa had had. A long pause occurred.

At last he realized he could control his mother as well as he had
controlled the babysitter. She was entranced.

"Mom," he said, with trepidation. Lisa was one thing. Turning her into
a sex toy was just living out a fantasy he was familiar with. Mom
though, she was in charge of his whole life. He wasn?t sure this would
work on her. But damn, after seeing her decked out tonight, so pretty.

"Yes Tommy," came the flat response.

"You really want to love me, don?t you?"

"Yes Tommy."

Lisa had looked up, somewhat surprised. She was concerned how Tommy?s
mother responded to her temporary ward. It wasn?t quite natural. She
knew Tommy had taken his mother over. Lisa pondered a moment then
decided she couldn?t have Tommy?s mother telling people she?d screwed
a kid. She now hoped Tommy would succeed.

"You want to have sex badly don?t you, a lot recently?"

"Yes Tommy, it isn?t the same since your father passed away." Her
voice droned, almost asleep.

"You want it to stay in the family. You want me to make love to you

"No Tommy, no. It?s not right for a mother to do that with her son,
no." Her head tried to shake as she spoke. Her eyes remained locked on
Tommy?s though.

"You want it to stay in the family. You want me to make love to you
now." The tone in his voice became more commanding. Her pupils
dilated. She began to nod.

"Yes. I want you Tommy. I want your touch."

"Good idea Mom. It?ll be entirely your idea when you think about what
we do. When you snap out of it, you?ll feel very horny. Lisa?s here,
but you don?t really care, do you?"

"No. Lisa seems to be your lover. I don?t mind that she?s here," she

"Good," he walked over to her. Cautiously, without taking his eyes off
hers, he felt his mothers breasts through the fabric of her blouse.
The nipples rose, hardening under his hand. "My touch will be very
arousing, you?ll want more of it as we get going."

"Ohhhh," she moaned, eyes remaining locked to his.

"You?ll do whatever I command you. Even when I?m not looking in your
eyes, understand?"

"Yessss," her body swayed, anxious for contact with her son?s hands as
they took liberties with her private parts. Her breath was becoming
more regular, a rhythm of desire and arousal growing in her.

He looked away from Mom?s eyes. They rolled up, eyelids fluttering in
response to the sexual fires growing inside of her. He started to part
the blouse, opening to allow himself a better view of her lovely white

His mother gasped as he touched the exposed skin. He unsnapped the
front snap of the bra she?d worn, an interestingly sloped article
angling down from the shoulders. Her breasts fell free, their weight
forcing an ever so slight sag.

He suckled at the erect nipples. He felt Mom pull his head closer, she
was lost in her sensations. A thunk sound signalled her purse hitting
the floor.

Behind him, Lisa stood up gracefully, uncertain whether to leave or
stay to watch Tommy and his mother. Tommy heard the motion and pulled

"Lisa, come over here. Help me undress Mom. You will join us."

Having her mind made up for her, she moved swiftly to his side. She
began to undo the skirt Mom was wearing. Mom?s eyes opened in
surprise, but quickly hazed over again as he touched her breasts

Tommy eased Mom?s blouse over her shoulders, allowing it to drop.
Carefully, having never really handled a bra before, he eased the
undergarment off too. His mother stood, anxious for attention, with no
more than her heels, stockings, and panties remaining to cover her.

He shook a little as he pulled closer to Mom. His lips met hers, the
soft plush moistness felt wonderful. She responded, slipping her
tongue past his lips and teeth. He discovered the pleasant joy of
locking his tongue in combat with hers.

He drew back.

"Come," he said, taking the sitter and his mother by the hand. He led
them into the middle of the room. "Lie down, let?s get comfortable."

"Good idea," Mom answered.

His prick, entertained so well already by Lisa, had risen to its
stiff form again. He sat astride Mom?s lower abdomen and began to
feel her creamy breasts, rubbing his prick in between.

Tommy slid his prick between his mother?s tits, lubricated now with
the sweat of her arousal. Mom?s face tilted forward, tongue licking
at the tip of his cock whenever it slid far enough towards her lips
to catch. The contact from her pink tongue shot jolts of sexual
pleasure through his groin.

Tommy felt the clenching of his muscles. He started to come. His
mother tried to catch his jism in her mouth, but some of it splattered
over her chin. Tommy grunted again, and started rubbing Mom?s nipples.

His mother rolled at his touch. Lisa, kneeling to the side, looked
confused. She watched, uncertain what to do.

"Why don?t you lick Mom clean, Lisa," he directed.

Lisa hesitated. Then she bent down and started to clean Tommy?s mother
off with her tongue.

"You like Mom a lot, Lisa. You think making out with her would be
cool. Mom, you want Lisa to join in the fun. You?ll do whatever you
can to help get her off."

Mom started to respond to the administrations Lisa provided. She
pulled Lisa?s oval face with it?s perfect pink-red lips to her own.
The two women smeared the remaining semen between them, tasting each
other?s heated lust.

Tommy, feeling spent, pulled back to watch. He sat up on the couch.

Mom worked herself out of the panties she?d worn. Then she rolled to
her side, pulling Lisa down beside her. Lisa allowed herself to be
pulled into Mom?s arms, her full breasts rubbing against the pair Mom
displayed so well.

The two women started to grind against each other?s legs and groin.
They had become a rolling mass of writhing women. The rhythm picked up
as they began to pinch and pull at each other?s nipples.

"Mnnng!" "AAHH!" "OOhh yess..." the moaning was impossible to assign
to either of them. Then Mom began to come, and it was apparent finally
who it was that screamed. She shook her head about wildly, gritting
her teeth with the pleasure of orgasm.

The babysitter was suddenly overcome by orgasmic pleasure as well,
thrashing about recklessly, the girl?s loose hair seemed to be

They pulled into each other, holding tight after the sexual fury. Both
coming down together, in each other?s arms.

Tommy was pleased with his new ability. He?d never need to masturbate
again with Mom here to service his needs. He grinned. Lisa would be
visiting a lot more often too.

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