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My Young Cousins [mf teen incest] 1/5

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.


A fantasy by Nobo Cough

It was another boring summer. I was 17 at the time, and had just
finished my Junior year at St. Marks Prep School for boys. That was the
problem. There were no girls at my school, and I was living on campus in a
very strict dorm. Some of the kids snuck out at night through their
windows, but they were often caught. Unlike baseball, at St. Marks it was
two strikes and you're out.

The lucky ones would tell stories of secret rendezvous with girls from
the public school. I could only dream, too scared of being expelled. I
managed to get a few dates over holiday breaks, but never even got past
second base with those girls. At the movies I learned how to french kiss,
and became quite skilled at it, or so it seemed by the hot and heavy
breathing coming from my date's lungs. Of course I had my personal stash
of dirty magazines, and my friend Tom had "borrowed" some X-rated videos
from his uncle. He gave me one to watch over the summer, and every time
my parents went out, my right hand got quite a workout. It showed
everything, from fucking to oral sex, and I made mental notes as I
watched, learning how much the women in the video enjoyed getting their
pussies licked and fucked. Some day, I thought.

July was coming to a close, and I spent my time doing odd jobs for the
neighbors. One day my Mom asked me to come over to the phone to speak
with my Aunt Justine about a job. My Aunt lived in the country, and I
remember spending a few weeks at her large farm house years before. There
was a great pool in the backyard, and the basement was finished as a game
room, complete with a wet bar, couch, TV, VCR, and a pool and pingpong
table. She had divorced her husband after catching him fooling around with
his secretary. The settlement left her custody of their four young
daughters. The last time our family had visited them, the girls were very
young and rather bratty, always pestering me.

I took the phone, wondering what job my Aunt Justine had in mind.
Anything would be better than washing cars and cleaning windows, I thought
to myself.

"Hi Tim, I spoke with your mother about this, and she thinks it would
be alright," she began. "I've been invited by a new friend of mine to go
on a three week cruise, but I can't get someone responsible to watch the
house and kids when I'm gone. I'll pay you $300 for the three weeks,
along with grocery money. The girls have promised me they'll behave
themselves while I'm gone. What do you think?"

I wasn't sure what to think. The idea of spending three weeks watching
those bratty little kids certainly didn't thrill me, but $300 was more
money than I could make all summer long. "Well, I suppose it would be
alright," I said. "Will I have to cook and clean up after the kids too?"

"Absolutely not," she said. "I've already made a schedule for them,
where they will cook and do chores on alternate days. The only thing I
ask is for you to drive them to practice in my station wagon. Lisa has
soccer practice every afternoon, the twins are starting Pee-Wee football
cheerleading this Saturday, and little Kim goes to gymnastics practice
four times a week. I know it sounds like a lot of taxi driving, but at
least you won't have them all in the house at the same time."

"Boy, they certainly sound busy for kids their age. How old are they
now anyway? I haven't seen them for years," I asked.

"Well, Lisa is almost thirteen now. She's grown up quite a bit in the
last few months -- always on the phone with her girlfriends talking about
boys. The twins, Terri and Sue, are 11, and Kim is just 9. They seemed
happy to hear that you might be staying here. They remembered when you
used to play with them years ago. All I hear around the house is, 'When
is Tim coming?' As you know, the nearest neighbors are half a mile down
the road, and they miss seeing their friends everyday at school. I don't
think they'll be as annoying as you must remember them, now that they've
grown up a bit."

"O.K.," I answered, "I'll pack some things and have Mom drive me out
next week."

"Thanks, Tim, I really appreciate it. I've been looking forward to
this cruise. I'll write down all the details of the girls' schedules and
contact numbers for the plumber, power company, doctor, you know, in case
anything goes wrong. I'll see you Thursday. Bye now."

That was how it began. I remember thinking to myself, 'Boy, this is
going to be Hell dealing with these kids.' But then, later that night I
wondered what the girls looked like now, especially Lisa, who Aunt Justine
said had grown up quite a bit.

The next day I went to the mall with my buddy Tom and told him about my
new job, and the four young girls I would be watching for three weeks.
His eyes lit up when I mentioned Lisa, telling him that she was almost 13.

"I'll bet she has tits already!" he said as we wandered down the food
court of the mall. Just then a group of four little girls, not more than
twelve years old walked past us, shooting us big grins, looking us up and
down. I had never even noticed girls that age before, but after thinking
about my cousins, I checked them out as they walked past giggling. They
all had shorts on, with tight fitting tee shirts, and I saw their budding
little tits pressing upward against the fabric. As they passed us, I
glanced back to look at their cute firm butts wiggle down the aisle.

'Wow,' I thought to myself, they're young but they look sexy! One of
them turned and caught my stare, and gave me a wink as she burst into
giggles, whispering to her friends. Tom also caught my glance and said,
"See what I mean? Girls that age can be real foxes. You are one lucky
dog, Tim. In a house alone with four young girls. You might even get

"Don't be ridiculous," I shouted back, "they're too young for that, and
anyway, they're my cousins!" But inside, my mind was racing, thinking
that I might get to sneak a few peeks at a naked girl in real life, not
just those I had seen in pictures. Maybe I could even cop a feel if I was
lucky. Aunt Justine did say that the girls were eager to see me. Now,
with these new thoughts, I was eager to see them too.

Thursday finally arrived, and I had packed my things into two
suitcases. Along with my clothes I stashed a few of my magazines and the
video that Tom had given me. I had become addicted to masturbation by
this time, and had to bring along my visual stimuli for the three week
stay. I knew that I could always stay up later than the kids and wack off
in the basement playroom while they slept.

Aunt Justine and my cousins met me and my mom as we pulled into the
long driveway. I was happy to be out of the suburbs and into the country
again. My aunt's farm house was old but large, standing on 40 acres of
fields and woods. This was going to be a great vacation, I thought to
myself, and I was getting paid for it too!

My cousins and I reintroduced ourselves, and my aunt showed me the
furnace, fuse box, and gave me a neatly typed three page list of emergency
numbers along with the times and locations of the girls' practices. I had
a hard time concentrating on what she was telling me, because I was still
thinking about the adorable girls that greeted me with smiles in the
driveway. They were even cuter than I had imagined.

Lisa, the oldest, had short brown hair and stunning green eyes, and she
had obviously grown up like my aunt had told me. Grown "out" would be a
better description -- she had an amazing set of tits, even though she was
still only twelve. They weren't very large yet, only the size of very
small grapefruits, but they were so pert and firm looking, ready for
squeezing. Lisa began asking me questions about High School, trying to
act more mature than her little sisters.

All of the girls had very lean, muscular bodies, as they were into
athletics from an early age. The twins, Terri and Sue, had just begun to
develop, and their bodies looked like the girls I had ogled in the mall a
few days back. They were not identical twins -- Teri had strawberry
blonde hair and Sue was a red head, but both had cute freckles and dimples
on their cheeks as they smiled at me. From the back, they might have
passed for boys, with their slim hips. Their breasts were obviously
growing, however, and they stood out noticeably under their shirts. I
looked back and forth at their firm bodies quickly, trying to decide which
one looked sexier. I wondered what they looked like under their shorts,
and figured they probably hadn't even begun to grow any fuzz on their
little pussies. The two girls saw me looking down at their bodies and
smiling, they both subtly swayed their hips, shifting their weight
alternately on their feet. My eyes rose and met their smirking looks, then
darted quickly away in embarrassment. Terri leaned over and whispered
something into her twin sister's ear which elicited an excited little
giggle from Sue. They gave me a look as well, noticing my taut muscular
stomach and chest under my tee shirt.

Kim, at only nine, was a very light blonde and must have weighed only
60 pounds soaking wet. She was a show-off too, doing cartwheels, trying
to get my attention away from her older sisters. Her face was the
prettiest of all, with a little turned up nose and sparkling white teeth,
accented with the most beautiful bright blue eyes I had ever seen. I
couldn't believe that I was actually admiring little Kim as she pranced
about -- hell, she was only nine years old, but she looked so cute as she
spun around showing her gymnastic talent. While the other girls were
wearing training bras that showed under their shirts, Kim's childish
nipples just barely stood out like pencil erasers through her terri cloth
top. Every time she spun on her hands in a cartwheel, her shirt fell back
enough for me to catch a slight glance of the pink beginnings of her
nipples. She was giving me quite a show, and I think she was aware of it,
as she kept her blue eyes glued to mine while she spun upside down.

I couldn't believe this. Here I was, seventeen years old, and actually
turned on by my little cousins, none of them even teenagers yet! I must be
sick, I thought to myself. Horny as hell was a better description,
because I hadn't even glimpsed at a girl's slit in my entire life, let
alone touched one.

The twins were giggling and whispering to each other while Lisa tried
to act grown up, following my aunt and I on our tour of the house. When my
aunt pointed out various details of the house, Lisa would nod knowingly,
adding additional superfluous information along the way. She made a point
of yawning occasionally, lifting her arms while arching her back,
thrusting her budding young breasts outward when her mother wasn't
looking. I was looking though, and I tried to avoid being obvious as I
examined her body. Lisa even stood right next to me in the cramped furnace
area in the basement, and I felt her left breast rub against my arm when I
turned to get a better look at the hot water valves that Aunt Justine was
pointing at. In a reflex reaction, both of us shot a look at each other
in embarrassment, and I noticed her suppressing a nervous smile. I could
tell that this was going to be a very interesting three weeks!

After the obligatory hugs and kisses between the girls and my aunt, my
mother drove Justine off to the airport, shouting out the car window,
"Call me every other day Timmy!"

"O.K. Mom," I shouted back, hating to be called 'Timmy.' The twins
quickly chirped up, "Yes, phone me 'Timmy'!" They got quite a kick out of
my embarrassment, rubbing it in.

"Come on, you guys," I pleaded, "I won't treat you like little kids if
you don't act like kids."

"We're sorry," said Sue. "We were just teasing."

"That's alright," I said, "why don't we all drive out to town and get a
pizza to celebrate the next three weeks away from parents."

"Yeah!" they all shouted, and we hopped in the station wagon to get
some 'za. Lisa jumped in the front seat next to me, shutting the door
quickly to force the three younger girls in the back. Along the way she
raised her arms back and gripped the headrest, obviously trying to show
off her new assets to me. I furtively looked over out of the corner of my
eyes to admire her fresh young tits standing up under her shirt, and
almost missed the turn for the road into town. The twins could see what
their older sister was doing, and as I looked in the rear view mirror I
saw Terri looking straight at me. She had definitely seen my sidelong
glances toward her older sister's breasts. Terri said, "Hey Lisa, why
don't you just lift up your shirt so Tim can get a better look!"

"Shut up, you jerks!" Lisa screamed, "I'm just tired and stretching,
that's all."

"Sure you are," both of them chirped back.

"Now, now, girls, let's not start fighting, or I'll turn around right
now, and we can forget about the pizza." I was trying to control the
situation, while at the same time attempting to show that I wasn't
interested in looking at Lisa's tits. I hoped it was a convincing act.
Lisa returned her arms to her sides, and the twins shut up for the rest of
the trip. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed, and I was also
getting a rock hard boner in my shorts.

When we got back to the house, we went downstairs with the pizza to eat
and watch some TV. We sprawled out on the long comfortable couch to enjoy
our pizza while watching the tube. Aunt Justine had cable, and MTV was
the program of choice for the girls. As we ate and watched the music
videos, little Kim stopped eating and got into one of her exhibitionist
moods again, dancing in front of us to the music.

Her lithe young body was swaying and jerking rather provocatively to
the music. I couldn't help but admire her form, as this child was
attempting to look sexy, thrusting her pelvis to the beat. Then one of
the mischievous twins exclaimed, "Hey, Kim looks like a stripper the way
she's dancing!"

"Yeah! Hey Kim, take it off! Take it all off! Tssst, Tst Tst Tssst,
Tssst, Tst Tst Tssst!" shouted Sue and Terri, teasingly egging their
little sister on in time to the music.

Lisa and I didn't say a word, trying to act mature and ignoring their
juvenile taunting. Suddenly, Kim reacted with a big grin, beginning to
sway and rock even more, imitating the moves of the girls in the video.
She reached down and eased off one sneaker, then the other, tossing them
in my direction. Then as she spun and danced, she locked her eyes on mine
and slowly pulled up her shirt. Her older sisters were still egging her
on, "Take it off, take it off!"

Kim stood smiling at me with a devilish grin and lifted her shirt over
her head, baring her little nine year old chest. I now had a complete
view of her cute little nipples on top of those small bumps of grade
school tits. Her tan was golden, except for her light skinned titties and
the bikini line around her back. She seductively turned several times and
threw her shirt into my lap. I was glad it landed where it did, as it hid
the beginning of an erection under my shorts. My eyes and ears couldn't
believe what was happening, as this little vixen exhibitionist was
definitely enjoying giving me a show of her firm young upper body. Then
she lowered her hands to the waist band of her shorts and jutted her
behind toward me. Kim began sliding them down her cute little ass, still
rocking back and forth to the beat of the music.

The twins were energetically taunting her, "Take it all off,

Just as I began to see top of her panties under her lowering shorts,
Lisa stomped her feet and said, "Now that's enough! Stop it!"

In my embarrassed state I had to agree with Lisa, saying, "Yes, put
your clothes on right now, little lady! And you twins stop encouraging

"Ahhh, too bad, show's over," said Terri. She reached over to my lap
to pick up her little sister's shirt and gently squeezed her tiny hand
right through the fabric as she grabbed it. I don't know if she felt my
hard dick, but I sure felt her hand press on it. I quickly shifted,
crossing my legs at the contact, hiding my hardon when Kim's shirt was

Terri got off the couch and handed the shirt to Kim. When Kim lowered
it back down over her tanned flesh, Terri bent over and whispered
something into Kim's ear. Immediately Kim spun and giggled uncontrollably
as she looked first at my face and then down toward my crossed legs.
Blushing brightly she skipped over to the stairs and bounded up them
taking three steps at a time.

"Time for bed, you guys," ordered Lisa to her twin sisters.

"Hey, who died and made you queen," complained the twins.

"Lisa's right," I said. "Your mother said that you three younger girls
have to be in bed by ten, and Lisa can stay up to eleven because she's

"Ohhh, come on, please...?" the twins pleaded.

"That's final," I said with authority, hoping to establish my position
early on. They shrugged and walked reluctantly toward the stairs. I
noticed Terri say something into Sue's ear. Suddenly Sue's head snapped
toward her sister's face and I heard her quietly whisper, "Really? What
did it fe---" "Shhhh!!" said Terri as she grabbed her sister's arm and
ran up the stairs.

I looked over towards Lisa and said, "I wonder what that was all
about?" trying to act ignorant. "You got me, they're just silly little
kids," she replied. I hoped that Lisa didn't notice my discomfort, and
trying to sound uninterested in Kim's little show I said, "Boy, Kim
certainly is an exhibitionist, isn't she?"

Lisa looked at me, trying to appear adult, saying, "Well, she doesn't
see men around here, and I think she might have a crush on you. Silly,
isn't it?" Then she got off the couch and started toward the stairs. I
said, "Hey, Lisa, you don't have to be in bed 'till eleven."

"I know," she replied, "I'm just going up to change into my nighty and
I'll be right back."

I sat there on the couch counting the seconds until Lisa came back.
This was the first night with my cousins, and I'd already been treated to
a near strip show from little Kim. My cock was still throbbing and I
couldn't make it settle down, thinking of being alone with Lisa,
especially since she had obviously been teasing me in the car by arching
her young tits out in the front seat. I couldn't possibly make a move on
her, I thought. Perhaps it was all in my imagination and she really was
just stretching. But, she had turned beet red in the basement when I
accidentally rubbed into her breast earlier that day. I was totally
confused, but very, very horny, and I wanted to jack off in the worst way
just thinking about little Kim doing her aborted strip tease. Reaching
down my shorts, I rearranged my dick in a more comfortable upright
position. Looking down I saw my shorts bulging and the tip of my dick was
almost visible as it pressed along my belly.

I saw a comforter folded neatly behind the couch, and quickly grabbed
it, throwing it over me to hide my bulging shorts from Lisa. When she
came down the stairs, my eyes nearly popped out of my head and my mouth
opened slightly as I took in her bedtime attire. She was wearing a light
pink little girl nighty that barely covered the uppermost part of her
thighs. As she stepped, I could see her tight panties gripping her small
buns. Then she turned and walked toward me, and I could see her two pert
nipples pressing through the thin, almost transparent top. Her back was
arched proudly as she approached, showing off how her developing breasts
were larger than her sisters'.

She must have noticed me eyeing her young body and stood for awhile,
looking at the TV, letting me look freely without being caught. Just as
she had done earlier in the day, Lisa raised her arms, twisted slightly,
arching her back in a long yawn. It was incredible! Her jutting little
titties were profiled by the bluish light from the television passing
through that thin translucent nighty. As she arched, the front of it
lifted, giving me clear sight of her panties and the slight bulge of her
little girl mound.

"Let's watch something different," she said as she walked toward the TV
and bent over, switching the channels through the cable stations. Now the
nighty hiked up her bottom, and I viewed her tight, firm ass on top of
those muscular thighs. She found an R-rated movie on Cinemax, one of
those soft porn low budget films. "How's this?" she turned, smiling at

My eyes quickly left her rear and saw the scene on the TV. It showed
three coeds nude taking a shower as they spoke some meaningless dialogue.
"Hey," I said, "you're too young to be watching this stuff."

"Oh, come on," she pleaded, "mom never lets us watch this at night, and
I won't tell if you won't."

"Well, maybe it's O.K.," I replied, really wanting to watch it

"Goody!" she shrieked, and padded over to the couch. "I'm a little
chilly. Would you mind sharing that blanket with me?" she asked.

I lifted it enough so that she could slide in next to me. It barely
covered her right leg, so she scooted over, pressing the left side of her
body against me, pulling the blanket over to cover her legs. I felt the
heat of her skin against me, and our bare thighs were pressed against each
other. She has no idea what she's doing to me, I thought to myself as my
hardon was pounding and drops of pre cum were leaking out.

The scene in the movie changed to a party shot. Couples were dancing
and holding each other close. I glanced down and noticed her eyes were
transfixed upon the scene, as her breathing was noticeably quicker. Now
there was a closeup of a couple on a couch, not unlike the one we were
sitting on, and as they kissed the male actor brought his arm over her
shoulder and rested it inches above her breast.

I was shocked when I heard Lisa say, "I sure wish I was that

"W-Well, m-maybe we could just play pretend, I mean like we are the
actors in the movie," I stammered. I couldn't believe I had just said
that. I couldn't help myself, I was so horny!

"I guess we could try," she whispered, "as long as we're just
pretending." Her voice was quavering and I could tell this little fox was
getting as hot as I was. It was now or never. I summoned up some courage
and slowly lifted my right arm around her head, letting my hand rest right
where the boy in the film had his. He was caressing her ear now with his
tongue, so I turned my head, still watching the screen, and darted my
tongue around and into Lisa's young ear. I could feel her shudder with
delight at the touch. Both of us were still watching the scene on the TV,
not wanting to look at each other, keeping some kind of detachment -- like
it wasn't really happening to us.

Then came the moment I had been waiting for. The hand on the screen
moved downward and began kneading the actress's right breast. Feeling
totally lost in my own desire and lust-inspired temporary insanity, I too
traced my fingers downward over her nighty and finally reached my goal.
My hand cupped her small tit easily, as it was quite a bit smaller than
the one on TV. I gently squeezed, and Lisa let out a little gasp, feeling
the shock of another's hand on her tit for the first time.

I could feel her nipple piercing upright through the thin fabric of her
nighty, pressing against my palm. As I continued to squeeze her tiny tit
I could feel her whole chest rising and falling quickly in pace to her
excited breathing. This was incredible, I thought. Here I was feeling up
this adorable little girl. I had only dreamed that I might actually cop a
feel from Lisa just a few days ago, and now it was happening!

Then another actor burst into the room where the couple were making
out, yelling something about someone's parents driving in. They leapt to
their feet and ran out the door. I felt myself jerked back to some
semblance of reality and lifted my hand from Lisa's breast, pulling my arm
back off her. She shifted a bit and straightened up as well, and neither
of us looked at each other or said a thing. You could have cut the
tension in that basement with a knife.

"Well, I guess I should be going to bed," Lisa said nervously. She
snuck out from under our blanket, leaned down and kissed me softly on the
cheek. "Thank you," she whispered, and turned to hurry up the stairs to
her room.

I couldn't say a word, frozen in a mixture of lust and fear, not
knowing which emotion to trust. This was going to be a fun job, I thought
to myself!
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