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My Young Cousins [mf teen incest] 2/5

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

'What was I thinking of?' I wondered. But it all happened so fast, and
I just couldn't help myself. Jeez, she was only twelve, and I was copping
a feel of her tit like I did to that high school girl I had brought to the
movies last winter break. Then I began to rationalize my actions. She WAS
almost thirteen, Hell, that's a teenager, and lots of girls start fooling
around in Junior High School. And she DID start it all by saying how much
she'd like to be that girl in the movie. BUT, then again, I was the one
who suggested that we play that little game of "pretend." Oh, no, I
thought, was she really just too scared to ask me to stop. Was that what
the heavy breathing was all about -- fear? And when I took my hand away
from her chest, she hurried off right away, and it was only 10:30, half an
hour before she had to go to bed. She did just give me a "friendly" kiss
on the cheek, and maybe the "thank you" was for me taking my hand away and
not going any further. God, I hope she doesn't tell her Mom what I did.

Then I remembered that my mother wanted me to call, especially that
first night, to make sure everything was alright. I walked over to the
phone and picked it up when I noticed there wasn't a dial tone. Instead I
heard a young girl's voice chattering away. "What is he like?" asked the

I recalled what Aunt Justine told me about Lisa always being on the
phone with her girlfriends talking about boys. With all their adolescent
chattering, they didn't seem to notice the sound of this extension being
picked up. I felt a little bit sleazy for listening, but it was just too
tempting to hear what these young girls talked about. Lisa's friend was
probably asking about some boy Lisa had met at soccer practice.

"Well," Lisa replied, "he has short brown hair, and ooooh, those deep
brown eyes. I feel like I'm gonna die every time he looks at me."

Lisa sounded like she really had a crush on some lucky little boy. I
had to hear more, so I cupped the mouthpiece with my palm, not letting any
sounds give my eavesdropping away. I wondered whether Lisa ever "did"
anything with this boy she was describing. It would make me feel a little
more at ease knowing that my previous advances hadn't been her first

"What about the rest of him?" her friend asked.

"Well, he's tall, almost 6' probably, and he has a really nice set of
muscles, and he isn't fat at all. I can't wait to see his chest when we
go swimming. And, Jenny, he's 17 years old! Not like those stupid little
boys our age."

My God! Lisa was talking about me! She must have been secretly
admiring me all afternoon. I definitely felt more at ease now, knowing
that Lisa liked me.

"Go on, tell me more!" Lisa's friend Jenny demanded.

"OK, but promise me, I mean really promise, that you won't tell anyone
this!" Lisa said. "Come on, Lisa," begged Jenny, "I've told you secrets
before, things I've never told anyone. Did you kiss him, or what? Please
tell me, I want to know what it's like. Did you french kiss?!"

"No, but I wish we had. He did do something, though, and boy did it
feel good, but remember, you promised not to tell."

"Nobody, I promise, cross my heart and hope to die!" Jenny

"Well I was trying to get him to notice me all day, you know, my top.
I changed into my pink nighty when those jerky twins went to bed, then I
went back downstairs to watch TV with Tim. Alone!"

"That thin pink one? Jeez, Lisa, you can almost see right through it!"

"I know," Lisa bragged, "that's why I wore it." They both giggled at
their naughty thoughts. I thought she was teasing me all afternoon, and
now I was certain.

"Did he notice your titties? You have grown the biggest out of our
class. I'm always so jealous. And you started growing hair down there

"I stood in front of him, and, well, just sort of pretended to yawn
while pushing my tits out, hoping he'd look. I was too embarrassed when I
saw his eyes go to my front, so I looked away at the TV, giving him a good
look," Lisa admitted.

"Wow, you mean he actually looked? God, I wish boys would notice me,
but I'm too small," Jenny said, pouting.

"Then I scrunched over next to him on the couch under a blanket," Lisa
continued. "He didn't say or do anything, so I had to say something. I
had turned on one of those sexy movies, you know, with naked girls and
people fooling around. There was a couple on a couch kissing, and I
wanted Tim to kiss me sooo much, that I said how much I wished I were the
girl in the movie."

"What did he do? Did he kiss you? Tell me!!" Jenny pleaded.

"I think he felt sorry for me, so he said we could pretend to be the
actors in the movie. I thought I was gonna die right then! I think he
understood how much I wanted to learn about kissing and stuff, so he put
his arm around me like the boy did to the girl in the movie. Then he put
his tongue in my ear!"

"His tongue? What was it like?" Jenny asked.

"It was like a tingle went all through my body, going up and down. I
was feeling really warm all over, like I had a fever or something. And I
felt really warm and tingly down there, you know?"

"Oh my God, Lisa, I'm getting tingles in my thingy just hearing about
it!" gasped Jenny.

"I was waiting for them to kiss again, hoping we could too, and then
the boy in the movie started squeezing the girl's tit. I didn't know what
to do or say, so I just waited to see if Tim would do that too."

Jenny quickly asked, "Well, did he? You let him, didn't you?!"

"I thought I shouldn't, but before I could say anything or move away,
he reached down and started squeezing my right tittie. I was frozen, and
couldn't even talk, and it felt so good, not like my own hands. I couldn't
help it, and then my nipple got hard, you know, and I was so embarrassed."

"Wow, Lisa, you got to second base with a boy!" Jenny shrieked. "What
happened next? Did he touch you in other places too?"

"No, Jenny. I don't think he really wanted to be squeezing my tittie
in the first place. He was just being nice, acting out the scene on TV
for me. Anyway, I'm just a little girl to him. He's in High School and
probably has lots of grown up girl friends," Lisa complained.

"How do you know?" asked Jenny. "Maybe his thing was getting hard,
like it says in that book my mother gave me. That means a boy likes a
girl. Could you see it?"

"No, silly," Lisa said. "The blanket was over us, and I'm sure glad it
was. I had to press my hand between my legs when he put his tongue in my
ear -- I was getting kind of itchy, and I started rubbing my cunny through
my panties."

"Oh, no, Lisa, you were playing with yourself right next to him?" Jenny
asked excitedly.

"I had to, and anyway, he couldn't see me doing it under the blanket.
I got so wet down there that my panties were soaked. They still are!"
Lisa admitted.

"Mine are getting wet just hearing about this, Lisa. I'm gonna have to
play with mine too, just to make this feeling go away. Is that all that
happened?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah," Lisa sighed, "the movie changed and he took his hand away. I
felt really embarrassed, so I told him thank you for being nice to me and
went upstairs. He could never be interested in me. I'm not even thirteen

"So?" replied Jenny, "you've got hair down there and a nice top. Maybe
if he got a look at you naked, he might change his mind. You might even
get him to go all the way, you know? Boy, I wish I were you. I'd let Tim
do anything with me. I'd even let him put his dicky in my mouth.
Remember? In the book they call it oral sex. And boys can do it to girls
too! Wouldn't it feel neat to have Tim put his tongue down there, between
your legs. Bet it would feel better than in your ear!"

"You're so bad, Jenny. He's mine, remember. But would you really suck
his penis? The book says that stuff shoots out of it. You wouldn't want
that in your mouth would you?" Lisa asked in disbelief.

"I feel so naughty right now I'd try anything with a boy, if he really
wanted me to. I heard my brother telling one of his friends that he was
gonna dump his girlfriend because she wouldn't 'put out,' you know. Tim
might think you're still a little kid if you don't." Jenny said.

"You are bad. I don't know, I might do it if he wanted me to. We're
probably never gonna get that far anyway, Jenny. You really think he
might like me?" Lisa asked, "I mean, if he saw me naked, and noticed that
I'm not just a little girl anymore? I'd die for a look at his dicky.
I've never seen one before. Maybe he'd let me touch it too. Oh, I wish
Tim knew, but I don't think he's interested."

"You gotta try, Lisa," Jenny said. "He's only there for three weeks!
I'll help you make a plan so he can get a look at you. Gotta go now,
Mom's coming. Bye."

"Bye, Jenny, and thanks for the help!" Lisa whispered excitedly.

As the girls said good bye and hung up, I carefully put the phone back
down. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. These girls were only
twelve, and already they were horny. Hell, I hadn't started to feel that
way until I was 14 or 15. If I played my cards right, I just might be
able to do more than feel Lisa's tits. Tom would be so jealous if he
knew. Lisa's friend Jenny said something about a plan so I could see her
naked. Imagine, Lisa actually wanted me to look at her, and that was all I
had been dreaming about for the last few days. Having heard their scheme,
I decided to act dumb, no matter what Jenny asked me to do, just to
cooperate with whatever plan she was cooking up. This was great, I
thought to myself, all I had to do was wait and I'd get a look at Lisa's
naked body!

There was no way I could go to sleep without jerking off after
listening to those girls talk. I didn't want to go upstairs to my room
for my X- rated video, so I continued watching the end of the movie on TV.
Just to be careful, I left the blanket over me, in case one of the girls
got up and came downstairs. Sliding my shorts and underwear off, it was
neat feeling the blanket rub against my hard dick, the very same blanket
that Lisa had been under. And she said she had been playing with herself,
right next to me! Almost coming just from that thought, I noticed how the
scene on TV now changed to a cheerleader practice. They were jumping
around, impressing the football players, when one of them raised her top,
showing her huge tits to the team. I was pumping furiously on my cock
now, and the blanket was bouncing along to the rhythm. My cock erupted
like it never had before, squirting all over the blanket and back down on
my stomach.

Then I thought I heard a little gasp coming from the stairs. I quickly
turned around, but saw no one. There was only the creaking of floor
boards above me, and I thought I had heard footsteps. The door to the
basement at the top of the stairs was slightly open. Oh, no, someone had
been spying on me, right when I was jerking off!

Right at that moment, Terri and Sue were giggling softly to themselves,
as they hurried up the stairs and quietly shut their bedroom door behind
them. "Did you see it, Sue? The blanket on him was moving up and down
right over his lap!" Terri said to her twin.

"I know," Sue replied, "I think he was doing it. You know, what the
girls at school said that boys do -- jerking off."

Terri quickly responded, turning red, "I wish he didn't have that
blanket over him, so we could have seen his thing. I wonder what it looks
like. It sure was hard when I felt it through Kimmy's shirt before."

"I want to feel it too!" complained Sue, "but not through any dumb
shirt. I want to see it and touch it out in the open."

"Me too," said Terri.

"Do you think he'd let us?" asked Sue. "If we asked him nice, maybe,
and promised not to tell?"

"I think we have to get him in the mood first, like they do in the
movies, then maybe he'd let us. Hey, did you notice how he was jerking
his thing while watching the cheerleaders on TV? When that one girl
lifted her shirt, the blanket was really moving fast," Terri giggled.

"That's it! Tomorrow, before he drives us to practice, let's give him
a show in our new cheerleader outfits. Maybe if we do a really sexy
routine for him, he'd get hard down there, and I could 'accidentally' bump
into him, just to feel what it's like. You got to feel it, and now it's
my turn," demanded Sue.

"Well, what should we do?" asked Terri, "I don't think he'd get hard
just watching us do a routine."

"I have an idea," whispered Sue with a devilish grin.

I was glad the blanket was covering me, or one of the girls could have
seen me beating off and gotten scared. I wondered which one it was, or
whether I was just hearing creaks in this unfamiliar house. At least I
had finally got off, and now I could relax a bit and go to bed. It took
me quite a while to drift off to sleep that night, as thoughts of looking
at Lisa's nude body kept my mind racing. And her friend Jenny said she
would gladly give me a blow job. If she only knew that I would have
begged for one! Maybe if that horny sounding Jenny stayed overnight with
Lisa here at the house, I would give her what she wanted.

The next morning began my first full day "on the job." The taxi
driving, as my Aunt referred to it, began as well. First I had to drive
little Kim off to her gymnastics class at the Y in town. She was wearing
one of those skin tight leotards, and her light blonde hair was tied back
in a ponytail. I must say she did look adorable, slender and firm, with
that slightly arched sway to her upper body that young girls her age still
have. Her legs were coltish, and I noticed how the leotard fit so tight
in her crotch that I could see the outline of her girlish slit, puffing
out slightly near its top. She skipped and bounced as she ran to the car.
On the way she asked about the previous night.

"Did you like my dancing?" she asked, looking at me with those bright
blue eyes.

"Yes, Kim, you dance very well, but I don't think you should have tried
to take your clothes off. I'm a guy, and little girls like you shouldn't
dance that way in front of guys," I chided her.

"But it was fun," she continued, "and then nasty old Lisa had to stop
me. I wanted to give you the whole show. Don't you think I'm cute?"

"W-well, yes Kim, you do have a great looking body," I honestly

"You really think so?" she asked. "And you didn't get to see all of me
yet. I love dancing, especially with no clothes on. I feel kind of
naughty and tingly, and last night was the best feeling ever. I even felt
sort of weird between my legs. And after what Terri told me, I felt even
better!" She was squirming in the seat next to me, and I could tell she
was involuntarily rubbing her thighs together, stimulating her
prepubescent slit.

"What did Terri tell you?" I asked hesitantly.

"She said you had a boner!" Kim chirped innocently. "My friend Patti
told me that boys get boners when they look at pretty girls, especially
naked girls. And I was so glad that you got one, because that means you
think I'm pretty too. Patti said that boys rub their things when they get
hard, and it makes them feel good. We tried rubbing ourselves too, and it
felt really neat, like fireworks going off inside my tummy. Is that what
boys feel like when they rub their things?"

I wasn't sure how to handle this. Should I answer the question, acting
clinical, or should I change the subject. The past day had sent my brain
into a sexual whirlwind, and I felt totally at the control of its driving
force. Hell, I was even getting turned on by this little nine year old
girl, and I felt a combination of desire and shame. What could possibly
happen, I asked myself. It's not as though she were like Lisa, who was
perhaps just ready for sex. Nothing would become of just talking, after

"Yes, Kim, it does feel nice for boys too," I answered. "What else did
your friend Patti tell you?" Curiosity along with my teenage male
hormones asked that question.

"She said one time her older brother, he's 12, well...maybe I shouldn't
tell. I promised Patti I wouldn't."

"Go on, I won't tell anyone." I just had to know what her little
friend did.

"O.K. He had his friend stay over night, and they gave her five whole
dollars to take off her clothes in front of them. When she did, they both
pulled out their little dickies and they were hard, but Patti said they
looked really cute and tiny, only about three inches long. The boys said
they had 'boners,' and they stood straight up out of their pants. And then
her brother and his friend started rubbing them with their hands, watching
Patti pose naked for them. Do you want to do that?"

"I don't think it's such a good idea, Kim," I lied, hoping I could do
just that.

"You don't have to give me five dollars," she said, "I like to be
naked, and especially if you're watching. I want to see your thing too,
when you rub it. I'll show you how I rub mine. Please?"

This was getting out of hand, I thought. But, God, what an offer. I
had to be responsible, so I told her that she shouldn't strip in front of
me anymore. I told her that girls should only see 'boners' when they're

"Oh, please? I won't tell. You can watch Patti, too. I'm sure she'd
like to do it. She loves to rub herself, we're always doing it together

"No, and that's final. Anyway, your sisters would catch us," I said,
knowing it was a real possibility.

"Oh, pooh!" she said in a sad voice. I drove up to the Y and followed
Kim inside, to make sure she got in safely. I was beginning to feel like
a big brother to her. Inside there were about 20 young girls, from six to
around ten years old, all dressed in tight leotards like Kim. It was
quite a sight, and it reminded me of a miniature version of the girls'
gymnastic event in the Olympics. Kim chirped up, "Hi Patti, come over and
meet my cousin Tim."

Out of the pack of firm little girlish bodies sprang Patti, skipping
over to meet me. It was incredible. Patti could have passed for Kim's
identical twin, with the same taut build, blue eyes, and blonde hair, cut
in a shorter page boy style. I found myself instantly starting to
reconsider Kim's offer, imagining what they both would look like sprawled
out naked in front of me, playing with their small and tender slits.

"Hi, I'm Patti," she said smiling. "Kim's mom usually gives me a ride
back home, because my mommy works. Can I ride back with Kim after

"I don't see why not," I answered, "see you both in two hours."

As I drove back, I had to tell myself not to get any ideas with these
little girls. After all, I could look forward to seeing an older and more
developed Lisa soon.

When I returned to the house, I went to the fridge to get something
cold to drink. My internal lust engine was overheated, and my coolant
system needed assistance. I found a note on the refrigerator door from
Lisa. It said that she rode her bike to her friend Jenny's house to talk.
I could just imagine what they were talking about. Jenny was obviously
helping Lisa work out that plan so I could catch Lisa naked. I couldn't
wait, and I felt my dick swell just thinking about it, and what she might
be willing to try with me. I began to feel like master of a genie -- it
sounded as though my wish would be her command. And, boy, did I have
plenty of wishes! I swore to myself that I would not leave after three
weeks still a virgin.

The twins were making a racket in the basement playing pingpong. I
shouted down to them that I would be catching some rays by the pool.
Feeling kind of embarrassed around them, especially Terri, who had felt my
hardon, I quickly changed into my trunks and laid out on a blanket in the
grass by the pool. After a while I was startled by the twins, dressed in
their cheerleader outfits.

What a sight! They looked so cute, but somehow a little more grown up
with those blue and white striped uniforms. Not nearly as curvy as the
cheerleaders in that movie, but their legs were amazing, and I could make
out their matching apple sized titties set high on their eleven year old
chests. They pranced over toward my prone body saying how they wanted to
show me the cheer they had just learned. I didn't mind a bit, and again I
saw in my mind the image of those four foxy young things at the mall. But
here were two cute little PeeWee football cheerleaders, about to give me a
private cheer.

I lifted my head and shoulders from the ground, propping myself on my
elbows to get a good look. "Make it quick, girls," I instructed them,
"remember I have to get you two to practice and then pick up your little

They began, standing just a few feet in front of me, staring right into
my eyes with kind of strange, shit-eating grins on their faces. "Ready,
OK," they began, slapping their arms straight down to their thighs on the
"OK" beat. The cheer seemed especially provocative, with a lot of
gyrations from the waist down. Or perhaps I was reading sensuality into
the routine myself, feeling very turned on by their glowing young bodies
thrusting this way and that. Uh, oh, I said to myself, my damn dick is
just starting to wake up by itself again, and I was only wearing swimming

The cheer ended with a few half turns from side to side accompanied by
rhythmic clapping, and their short pleated skirts rose up higher with each
swift spin. Boy, I thought, riveted by their naked thighs, either their
panties are very tiny bikini types or -- or -- that was it! On the last
turn they went completely around three times, sending their skirts outward
and upward even further. My God, I could see the cheeks and tiny cracks
of their little butts -- they weren't wearing any panties! From my lower
vantage point I could briefly see their naked hairless pussies wink at me
with each turn, for just a split second. My cock instantly rose to
attention, and I didn't even notice it tenting out my trunks, being so
transfixed by this heavenly sight of preteen pussy and ass.

The twins stopped on a final clap, and grinning down at me, Sue and
Terri had their eyes glued on my crotch. Terri planted her hands on her
hips and thrust them to one side, saying, "Well, Tim, it looks like you
enjoyed the view!"

I froze in embarrassment, having been caught in their web of
premeditated promiscuity. "Let's get him for looking up our skirts! He's
all hard too, the nasty man!" shouted Sue. With that, they both pounced
on me. These girls were strong for their age, and really squirmy. I
grappled and shouted at them to stop this, but one or the other would
loosen from my grip, pinning me down by putting her entire weight on me.
Twice Sue straddled my thigh, holding it down by pressing her naked crotch
right on my bare skin. I could feel the heat of her hairless mound
grinding and rubbing along my leg, and there was a distinct trail of
moisture being left along its wake.

Each girl would squeal with delight when they rubbed their naked
bottoms and pussies on my arms and legs. Terri then reversed like a
champion wrestler and pinned my elbows down painfully with her knees,
while her wet slitted mound pressed right down on my face! I was blinded
by the tent of her skirt covering my face as she thrust her pussy onto my
chin, then mouth and nose. "Get auughOFF!" I tried to yell through her
warm and moist crotch. I had never smelled anything like it. It was
somehow sweet yet pungent at the same time.

Having the advantage now, Sue plopped herself right over my trunks,
straddling my waist. As I struggled, my rock hard dick slid up flat on my
lower belly, and the sensitive underside was being treated to the firm
friction of a hairless little cunt through my trunks. I'm sure we could
both feel those few inches of our bodies heatedly rubbing against one
another with each thrust and rock of the struggle. Now I felt my trunks
being forced down by the friction of her movements, and the red, pounding
bulb of my cock emerged from the top of my swimming trunk's waistband.

Just as Terri was shrieking back to her twin, "Ride 'em cowboy!" still
grinding her wet girlish cunt into my face, my body twitched in response
to an absolutely electrifying sensation. Little Sue now had her steaming
slit rubbing down hard on the naked underside of my cock, right at the
most sensitive spot below the head.

"EEEEK!" screamed Sue, as she felt my bare cock thrust up against her
super sensitive clit. She jumped off me like she had just been stung by a
bee, yelling to Terri, "Lookee, there it is!" Terri also jumped up and
stared down with a wide-eyed hungry gaze. "Wow, it's so big and red!" she

I immediately pulled up my trunks to cover my dick, and half-heartedly
ordered the girls into the house to put on their panties. As they turned
and sprinted toward the house, I heard Sue brag, "I felt his thing rub
right up hard against my bare cunny!" "SSHHHH" interrupted her sister.
"Tell me inside what it was like!"

My face was still coated with the fragrant, sticky goo from Terri's
sopping, hairless gash. My body was twitching in nervousness, my cock was
pounding, and my blood was boiling with lust! It felt incredible, the
contact of these bare-assed young girls squealing and squirming on me.
Especially that jolting sensation when my prick thrust up against Sue's
naked cunt lips. Three cheers for little cheerleaders, I inwardly
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