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My Young Cousins [mf teen incest] 5/5

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

I went to sleep that night totally exhausted, and totally satisfied.
It would be a day I would always remember. My first fuck and my first
blow job! Of course it was slightly embarrassing that I had two twelve
year old girls to thank for it, and I certainly wouldn't want to "brag" to
any of my friends at school about the experience. I had loved it though,
and wanted more. After only two days here, I knew that during the next
three weeks I would be in a veritable delirium of pleasure. My lust demon
assumed complete authority at mission control. The "count-down" had begun
at twelve. Soon it would be eleven, ten, nine, ...eight? That all
depended upon Kim's friends on the gymnastics team, I chuckled to myself.

At breakfast the next morning, Lisa and I kept giving each other
smiling looks and winks when the twins weren't watching. As she was
washing the dishes, I walked past her and gave her sweet little butt a
pat, leaving my hand for a squeeze. This elicited a little giggle as she
arched away reflexively, turning her head to see if the twins could see.
"They're watching TV down in the basement," I told her, continuing to
grope her cheeks.

"You're just terrible, Tim," she said through her widening grin.

"Sorry, Lisa," I whispered, "but I can't keep my hands off that
gorgeous body of yours."

"I'm glad you can't!" she kidded.

"Let's do it right here in the kitchen, Lisa, right now," I suggested

"Stop it, Tim. They might come upstairs any moment," she chided me,
sounding a bit more mature after last night's carnal recreation. "I'm
gonna go get changed upstairs, then ride over to Jenny's for the
afternoon. You wanna help me get dressed?"

"Let's go!" I exclaimed, as we raced each other up the stairs to her
room, locking the door behind us. I moved determinedly closer to her,
staring deeply into her green eyes, and held the sides of her face with
both hands. Tilting my head slowly, I had to bend down to her while
bringing her head up to mine. My lips met her waiting mouth as I tongue
fucked it passionately. Lisa began to moan, exerting gentle gripping
suction on my tongue during each thrust. I remembered that this was the
first time we had actually kissed, having reversed the customary sequence
of things.

I reached down to untie the front of the robe she had worn at breakfast
and explored her nakedness with my hands, raising them up along her slim
rib cage to cup those fabulous breasts. She moaned faster and loader now,
darting her own tongue into my mouth. My fingers squeezed her firm
titties and caressed each nipple, alternately pinching them. She almost
came right there, losing her balance on her tip toes.

I broke away from our kiss, lowering my mouth to her right breast.
Still squeezing it with my hand rhythmically, I began to suck on her
hardened nipple, rolling my tongue around it. "Ohh, God, Tim, that feels
so goood!" she breathlessly sighed. This continued for another few
minutes as I switched between the pair, not wanting to favor one over the
other. Lisa was gripping my hair, pushing me hard against her chest,
thoroughly enjoying herself.

Suddenly she backed away and went to her knees, clawing furiously at
the snap and zipper of my cutoffs, yanking them down in record time as my
cock sprang out to meet her wanton face. "I'm gonna do it Tim, like that
girl in the video, just because I love you so much," she whispered, "but,
please, Tim, don't, um, well please don't do it in my mouth, OK?"

"Oh, Lisa, you're great!" I encouraged her. "I promise I'll pull it
out right before, and it probably won't take very long, either," I told
her with complete honesty.

"OK, thanks..." she said, before that soft and slightly frightened
voice was silenced by my hard cock spearing between her lips. She seemed
to be intuitively aware of the pain her teeth would cause, opening her jaw
wide. I reached down to her head to aid the thrusting motions. "Yesss,
Lisa, suck on it, harder, suck my prick!" I lustfully ordered. She seemed
turned on by my nasty words, sucking my cock harder still, while I
increased the pace.

Having been so excited by her unexpected service, I felt myself about
to cum after only a minute or two. "Ugghh! Lisa...I-I'm almost there,
yesss, NOWW!" I warned as she quickly pulled away just in time. I reached
down with my hand to jerk myself off at my climax, spraying my cum right
at her cute little face. "Ohhh, yeah," I moaned softly, not wanting to
let the twins hear me, as Lisa squinted her eyes shut in reaction to my
shooting cream. Her forehead and cheeks were drenched with the sticky
globs of fragrant, warm jism.

"Oh my gosh, Tim," she said in a startled tone, "I'm glad this stuff
didn't go in my mouth!" She got up to grab her towel from its rack and
wiped the cum off her face.

"You know, Lisa," I lied, taunting her, "some of the older girls I know
told me they really love the taste of it. They say it makes them feel
grown up to do it, like those women in the X-rated movies."

"Gosh, do they really?" she asked, feeling kind of ashamed for not
doing it all the way. "I don't know...m-maybe I'll try it, just a little
to see what it tastes like." She was determined to win my approval and
nervously approached my shrinking cock. It had a tiny pearl of cum
dripping from the head. She carefully extended her tongue and lapped it
up with her eyes tightly shut, tasting it with a strange look on her face.
My cock jerked from her tongue's touch, but more from the sight of this
little girl's face as she tasted jism for the first time. "I-I guess it's
not that bad...kind of weird tasting, sort of salty and warm."

"Hey, Lisa," I reassured her, "you don't have to do it. I know the
older girls are more experienced at this kind of thing." I was terrible,
again bringing up the "older" girls, who were of course completely

"No," she insisted, "if they can do it so can I!"

"Boy, Lisa, you really ARE grown up, aren't you!?" I told her with true
appreciation for her bravery and daring.

"Hey, Tim, I really should get dressed now," she said, smiling at my
complement, "before one of my bratty kid sisters happens to come up here,
you know?"

"Yeah, you're right," I agreed, "have a good time with Jenny. But,
Lisa, could you do me a favor? I know she's your best friend and all, but
please don't tell her about what we did, OK? I could get into a lot of
trouble, ya know? You could tell her that we kissed and made out a little
if you want to, well, brag a little," I said smiling with a knowing wink.
I didn't want her to tell Jenny for those reasons, but also because I
wanted to get into Jenny's pants too. She might hate me out of jealousy
if she knew I had fucked Lisa.

"I promise, Tim. We talk about a lot of things, but for you, I won't
mention it, I swear," she said with genuine sincerity.

"Thanks a lot, Lisa," I told her with greater gratitude than she was
aware of. "You're really fantastic!" I pulled up my shorts as Lisa got
dressed and walked her to the front door, kissing her as we said goodby.

I decided to check on the twins, and as I approached the basement door,
I heard one of them say, "Hurry, someone's coming!" Then I heard some
rustling and scampering of feet. Walking down the stairs I thought I saw
Terri shove something behind her quickly out of the corner of my eye.
"What's going on, you two?" I asked them suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing, Tim," Sue muttered, and they both ran past me on the
stairs. Terri was being shielded from view by her sister, and it looked
like she was holding something behind her back. As they raced up and out
the basement door, Sue stopped, saying, "Hey, Tim, we're going to ride our
bikes over to Beth's house. Be back by supper, OK?"

"Yeah, fine," I said, wondering what was going on. Well, I thought,
Beth might be one of their cute little cheerleader friends, and maybe they
were planning some kind of naughty surprise for me. I couldn't wait!
Hell, Beth might even be younger and more innocent than they were, feeling
so aroused now by very young girls.

I sat down on the couch for awhile, counting my blessings: 12+11+11+9 !
Thinking lasciviously at other possible numerals, I felt my cock hardening
again. It just wouldn't quit. I ran up the stairs to get the video from
my underwear drawer, just to have something to watch while jacking off.
It wasn't there! Oh, no, I thought, I must have left it in the VCR last
night, being so flustered after my first fuck.

I raced downstairs, checking the VCR. It was gone! Looking around
desperately, it finally hit me -- that's what Terri had hidden behind her
back. They had obviously stumbled upon it when they were down here
before. Hmmm, I thought, maybe this wasn't so bad after all. They could
get a short video tutorial on the many variations of sex while watching it
with their friend Beth. I began to envision three little hairless cunts
being pumped with tiny eager fingers as the scenes I knew so well were
rolling by in front of their virgin eyes.

It was better that they knew what they were getting into, or rather,
what was about to get into them! My heavenly vision was disturbed by the
ringing of the telephone next to me. It was Kim, asking to be picked up
from her friend Patti's house. She asked if Patti could come over for a
swim as well. "Sure," I answered, almost too quickly, "I'll be right
over," knowing that we'd be alone at the house for the entire afternoon.

When I picked them up, Patti was cradling her towel and swimming suit
under her arm carefully. Once we arrived at our house, Kim reached under
Patti's towel and yanked out a video tape that had been hidden there.
"Here, Tim," she said with a giggle, "we made this for you."

"Thanks, Kim. Is this the nature video you talked about making," I
asked, hoping it was anything but.

"Well, you'll just have to watch it to find out," she said, as both
girls skipped out of the car toward the pool. "You can watch it
downstairs, while we're swimming," she shouted behind her.

I clutched that tape like it was a precious jewel, bounding down the
stairs to start it up. The first shot was of an open notebook, with
writing on the first page. They had actually made titles! Spielberg would
be proud of these young film makers. But perhaps Woody Allen would die to
direct their next production! (Sorry about that, but I couldn't resist a
topical reference -- I love his films, especially 'Manhattan,' and I think
he's gettin' screwed by the press! Of course, it's probably no surprise
to you readers who've gotten this far that David Hamilton is my hero.)

It read, "A Dance for Tim," then as the page was turned by a small
hand, "Starring Kim Barnes, Directed by Patti Welsh"

No, this was no nature video, I thought greedily, it would be more like
a naturist video. Patti was obviously behind the camcorder, and it shook
around quite a bit, but the content was worth the eye strain. Here was my
nine year old cousin Kim, dancing as she had before to the beat of a rock
tune in the background. Elvis Costello, yet, one of my favorites! She was
rocking and thrusting her pelvis along with the thumping base line of
"Pump It Up." She lifted her shirt over her head just as she had done
before, smiling and staring at the camera. Then it was time for her
shorts. Kim unsnapped them first, did a few turns, then lowered the
zipper slowly, still swiveling her hips to the music.

Now I watched the finale that had been denied me before. She slipped
her thumbs in the waistband of both the shorts and panties, lowering them
over her hips and past her feet, kicking them away. She was dancing
completely naked now, as her long blonde hair cascaded over her
contrasting deep tan. Spinning several times slowly to show me her entire
loveliness, my eyes focused upon the pale patch of skin which her bikini
bottoms had shielded from the sun. I couldn't stand this erotic scene any
longer, and I freed my hardened cock to stroke it fiercely, wishing it
were buried deep inside that tiny hairless nine year old pussy.

Just then I heard the same creaking sounds on the floor boards above me
that I had heard before. In my peripheral vision I saw the basement door
open just a crack, knowing that Kim and Patti were spying on me. I was
glad they could see me, feeling a little bit like a flasher, exposing my
hard cock to their young eyes, pounding away at it feverishly.

Then I heard Patti's voice directing the young starlet to lie back on
the bed and spread her legs. Kim not only spread them, but pulled her
legs far back to her shoulders, leveraging them with her arms. Her
gymnastics had given her extreme flexibility, and those spreading legs
pulled the juvenile lips of her pussy wide open, revealing both her pee
and shit holes to my mesmerized eyes. Just as suddenly as it began, the
tape went blank, sadly filling the TV screen with snowy static. I stuffed
my unsatisfied cock back into my pants, hearing small padding feet above
scurrying away.

I walked up the stairs slowly, giving them time to resume the supposed
swimming, and joined the girls by the pool. "Hey, Kim," I said, "that was
quite a video you gave me."

"Did you like it?" she asked, knowing I did very much by the effect it
had upon my cock.

"Hmmm, it was very naughty of you two to do that, but, yes, it was
kinda neat, and sexy," I said trying to be forthright with them, hoping
they'd do the same. "Do you feel like doing a live show, now that no
one's around?" I asked hopefully.

"Oh, goody!" they both screamed, taking off their bikinis under water,
tossing them on the cement. "It's your turn, Tim," Patti giggled, turning
beet red with anticipation.

"I guess it's only fair," I said, removing my tee shirt and shorts,
flexing a bit as I sauntered nearer to the pool's edge. They were both
staring at me intently as I dove into the pool to join them. I swam under
water after the dive, rising up below Kim's naked body, grazing my hand
along her pussy as I surfaced. She giggled and kicked away playfully at
my touch. Then I dove under again, swimming between Patti's legs from
behind, grasping her thighs around my neck as I exploded up to the
surface, bringing her along with me above the water to expose her
completely in the open air.

She was laughing the whole way, wrapping her legs tightly around my
neck. Returning back down, I stood there at the edge of the shallow end,
still holding her naked body above the surface, feeling her bare crotch
pushing against the back of my neck. I bounced in the water forcefully,
as her light body rose up and plopped down firmly against me again,
stimulating her even more. It was obviously having its effect, as she
began to buck along with me, rubbing and bouncing her slit against my

Kim climbed out of the pool to show off her nakedness to me, asking,
"Do you think I look sexy, Tim?" I answered back, "Oh, yeah, Kim, you
look great like that!" encouraging her.

Patti freed herself from my shoulders and dove under to check out my
rock hard cock. She rose to the surface looking very excited and asked,
"Can I feel it, Tim?" I quickly responded, "I thought you'd never ask!
Let's go up to the patio with Kim."

We swam over and walked up the stairs of the shallow end together,
joining my little cousin, sprawling out on their towels. Patti was the
first to make a move, bending over to grasp my rigid cock in her tiny
hand. Her hand was so small that she couldn't reach her fingers completely
around it. "Let me try too," shrieked Kim excitedly, as her hand went
around my shaft above her friend's. My dick looked like a baseball bat
being grabbed to determine who would get first "ups." Of course, I was
wondering the same thing!

"Do you girls know anything about sex, yet?" I asked, hoping to steer
things in the direction I wanted to go.

Patti was the first to respond, saying, "Well, I heard my brother
saying that boys put their things inside a girl's pee-pee hole to make
babies. Is that right?"

"Yes, that's exactly right, Patti," I answered, "but the best part is
that it feels REALLY GOOD!"

"You mean like how it feels when we rub it?" Kim asked.

"Lots better than that," I said, wanting to fuck these little girls so

"But how can you fit that big thing in my hole?" asked Patti, looking
frightened, "I can barely fit my finger in it."

"Yeah, but I got two fingers in mine, remember Patti?" said Kim

"That's right Kim," I continued in my professorial tone, "a girl's
vagina can stretch to fit a penis in, especially if there's enough
lubrication -- you know, when you feel your cunnies getting wet when you
rub them, that's lubrication. But you can use vaseline too, and I think
we should go in the house to get some, if you girls really want to learn
about sex." I had all the answers, quelling any fears and resistance,
luring these little girls to go all the way.

"OK, Tim, let's try it!" giggled Kim nervously.

We walked naked up to my room, and I went to the medicine cabinet to
get the jar of vaseline I had seen before. "Alright, who wants to go
first?" I asked, so turned on by my own question that I almost came right

"Do it to me first, Tim!" shouted Kim quickly, "You're my cousin, and
it's only fair! But wait, Tim, are we gonna make a baby?"

"No, Kim." I answered calmly, "you girls are too young for that yet,
don't worry."

I walked over and picked her up onto the bed while Patti watched. I
gently pushed her back, spreading her tiny legs, and scooped a large glob
of vaseline from the jar. I placed my vaseline coated finger right into
her little slit, rubbing it around until I discovered the small entrance
where my cock was longing to explore. The petroleum jelly easily allowed
the intrusion of my finger up to her hymen, and I left it inside her for a
moment, rotating the upper joint slightly. "Oh, Tim, that feels neat!"
she gasped.

I positioned myself above her, saying to Patti, "I think you should sit
above Kim on the bed and hold her head between your legs." This of course
would serve two purposes -- letting me fuck little Kim with extra force,
as Patti's weight would give added resistance; and, it should definitely
stimulate Patti's little twat as well, feeling the thrusts transferred
though Kim's body in a very interesting demonstration of Newtonian

"Alright, now, Kim, just try to relax. This might hurt just a little
bit at first, but you're a big girl, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, Tim, I can do it I think..." she said in a scared little voice,
feeling a bit reassured with Patti's body firmly planted above her head.

I reached down to guide my relatively oversized cock head between her
cunt lips, pressing upward until it entered her tiny hole, aided by the
vast amounts of vaseline. I stopped for a bit, leaving just the head
inside, already feeling that virgin membrane resisting my entrance. "How
are ya doing," I asked breathlessly, so turned on by this extremely small
little nine year old slit being pressed inward by my cock.

"I-It's OK, Tim, it feels really good like that, like my finger but
bigger..." she responded, her breathing coming in spasmodic pants. I saw
Patti's eyes jealously leering at my cock impaling her small friend.

"OK, Kim, get ready..." I said, as I thrust up into her extremely tight
hole, once, twice, not breaking through yet. "OOWWW, TIM, OUCH, IT
HURTS!" Kim shrieked, but that nasty lust demon within me kept pushing
harder until, yes, broken at last! "OOWWWWCHH, TIMMMM!" she screamed, as
Patti and I watched a trickle of blood run down the side of my cock on my
withdrawing thrust. Back it went, having a mind seemingly of its own,
thrusting deep inside her little cunt, as far as I could go. Patti was
grunting along with me now, feeling the forceful thrusts against her own
pussy through Kim's head.

I kept my cock deep inside her, waiting for a reaction. "Are you OK,
now, Kim?" I asked, barely able to speak through my lust crazed fervor.

"I-I think so, oh, but it's so BIG!" she answered, panting in fear.

Keeping my hard cock inside her motionless was a good idea, as I let
her strained cunt walls adjust to its proportions. I very slowly began to
pull it from her, feeling the incredible suction restraining my exit.
"Ahhh, ummm, t-that feels gooood," she moaned, relaxing her muscles a bit.

Very gently I reversed direction, easing back into her, as she began to
resist it again. "W-WAIT, NO, W-WAI -- Yesss, uggghhh, hmmm, that's
better, hmmm, slooowwly, yeah!" she moaned, starting to actually feel
pleasure, learning how to let her cunt walls relax, taking in my size with
the aid of the vaseline.

Once more I stopped at full insertion, pausing, asking her, "Are you
sure you're OK, Kim?"

"Y-Yeah, uh, it feels OK's starting to f-feel good...please,
Tim, could y-you hold it in there, just like that for a while...?"

This request took herculean strength to accommodate. My instinct was
to thrust back and forth viciously, but I managed to do what she asked,
beginning to enjoy the motionless gripping sensation of that little pussy
around my cock.

I looked up at Patti as she stared wide-eyed at my cock buried deeply
inside Kim's little cunt lips, inverting the folds inward. She began to
rock against Kim's head with her crotch in auto-stimulation, and I could
barely feel her motions transferred down to Kim's cunt, allowing a slight
fucking motion. Kim could sense it as well, as her hips started to
respond, rocking almost imperceptively with the rhythm, allowing my cock
to slide back and forth as well.

The pace increased, slowly, steadily, and Kim's eyes opened slightly to
stare down at this transformation of pain into pleasure. I saw her eyes
react to the sight of her blood on my cock.

"Don't worry, Kim," I whispered soothingly, "that always happens the
first time. You're doing fine. Doesn't it feel good now?"

"Oh, yeah, Tim. It feel so naughty with your..." she began.

"COCK?" I suggested.

"Yeah," Kim said louder, starting to increase her bucking motion, "with
your COCK inside me!"

Patti was beginning to really enjoy the nasty words, staring down at my
dick inside her little friend, feeling her increasingly rapid motion
against her cunt. "Fuck her, Tim!" she whispered passionately, wanting to
feel the sensations even more through her crotch.

Kim felt her own desire growing as the pleasure replaced her
asking, "Yes, Tim, FUCK MEEE!! DO IT, HARDER!"

I was like an animal now, hearing these passionate pleas from the
little nine year olds below me, as I began to actually fuck this cousin of
mine. "Yeah!" I shouted, "Oh, yeah, Kimmy, I'm FUCKING you now!" as I
thrust in and out of her extremely tight little girl slit.

Her hips were bucking up against me rapidly now, slightly out of synch
with the motions in her inexperience, but giving us both supreme pleasure
just the same.

"Oh, Yessss, I'm CUMMMINGGG!!!" I yelled, shooting my jism into this
little girl, seeing both of them going over the edge of ecstasy, cumming a
split second later.

"OOHHH, God, Tim, this is GGRRREAT!", Kim shrieked, enjoying her first
fuck more than anything she had ever felt.


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