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The Young Exhibitionist [Mf, pedo, cons, light spa

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

This Story contains a man over the age of 18. If this sort of story is
not to your liking, then please SOD OFF and read something else.

Oh, and there's a ten year old girl in it as well, by the way ;-)


'Are you ready, darling?'

'Almost Daddy'

Tom smiled as he watched his daughter buckling up her
brown sandal. She looked particularly attractive today!
She was wearing a short pink, gingham frock, which barely
reached mid-thigh, white knee length socks and her brown
sandals. She was sitting on the edge of a kitchen chair,
with her foot up on the chair to do the buckle, so Tom
could plainly see the gusset of her plain, white knickers
and he felt himself stiffen as he gazed at the beautiful

Emily was Tom's perfect dream - her shoulder length
golden blond hair framed a pretty but innocent face, a
creamy-white complexion, big blue eyes, small upturned
nose and a little but full, pouting mouth. The effect was
finished by the hint of freckles on the rosy cheeks and

For a ten year old, she was quite small for her age, but
her slim body was perfectly formed, slim and lithe, with
a golden tint that came from endless days in the sunshine
with little or nothing on.

Finally, Emily jumped up and ran over to her father,
hugging him briefly before following him into the garage.

'Where are we going, daddy'

'Where would you like to go first?'

'I don't know', Emily mused.

'How about the park; there are always lots of boys in the
adventure playground'

'mmmm...yes, OK then'

'Do you want to show everything today'

'Oh yes, EVERYTHING', Emily giggled, deliberately
emphasising the word.

'I'm glad I brought my camera then. Oh, here we are

Tom parked the car, and they both got out and walked over
to the adventure playground. It was a lovely sunny day
and the place was crowded. Being close to the town
centre, it was a popular place for parents to leave their
children while they went shopping. There were also
several parents standing around, so Tom did not feel
uncomfortable or out of place as he found an empty seat
and sat down.

'Go and play for a while, he told his daughter, slapping
her bottom gently. 'Come back when you're ready.'

Emily skipped away and began to climb and swing with the
other children.

The main climbing frame was made to look like a ferry,
with plenty of things to keep children busy for hours. It
had two chimneys you could climb into, a realistic
bridge, complete with working talking-tube to the space
below, and plenty of other paraphernalia.

The main point of interest, though, were the climbing
bars that covered the structure, and the slide that
descended from one end. Tom watched Emily climbing for a
while, but then his gaze strayed to the other children.
There were at least thirty others playing, the numbers of
boys and girls about equal, but Tom was only interested
in the girls!

He was delighted to see that most of them were wearing
short dresses or skirts; he did not like shorts on girls,
and Emily was forbidden from wearing them. He much
preferred flared skirts which rose up to display knickers
whenever the girl moved.

Now, as he watched the girls climbing, Tom was rewarded
with glimpses of several pairs of knickers as their legs
innocently slid apart. However, most of them seemed to be
aware of their modesty, and made sure their legs closed
again rather quickly. Tom thought this a shame. As well
as his own reasons, he also liked to see girls enjoying
the freedom of childhood while it lasted, without caring
about things like whether their knickers were showing.

Some of the girls did not seem to care though, and Tom
soon concentrated his gaze on these. One girl in
particular he picked out as being ideal viewing - she was
nine or so, and was wearing a pink sweatshirt and a
short, blue skirt. Her long brown hair was plaited into
two pigtails, with red ribbons, and Tom found her
delightful. He watched her for several minutes, and
several times he was rewarded with a flash of pink
material as she swung and climbed. He was not surprised
at all to notice that a small gang of boys followed her
around, and he could see that they were also enjoying the
sights, although at much closer range!

The girl was swinging round one of the horizontal bars
when, quite suddenly, she hooked her knees over the pole
and hung upside down. Her plaits naturally fell down but,
more importantly for Tom, her short skirt turned inside
out and he found himself staring at a small pert bottom,
barely covered by the thin, pink knickers!

The girl seemed to stay like this for ages, and Tom
noticed all the other boys pointing and whispering to
each other.

Finally, the girl swivelled round and landed on her feet,
but even then her skirt seemed to fall down in slow
motion, and Tom could feel his prick, stiff in his pants.

After this, watching the girl was rather an anticlimax.
She had obviously gone as far as she dare, and a few
moments later she leapt down and ran to her mother and
they left together.

A few minutes passed, and then Emily came running up, a
little breathless.

'Did you see that girl', she gasped.

Tom nodded, and took Emily on his knee, rubbing her
bottom through the thin dress as she continued.

'I was standing right beside her when she did it', Emily
said gleefully,' and her knickers were so thin I could
see her fanny right through them!'

'Did you like looking at it', Tom asked, surreptitiously
slipping a hand under her dress and feeling the back of
her warm knickers.

'Oh, yes, it was lovely. But the boy's liked it more.
They're still talking about it'

Tom began to rub between Emily's legs, making her squirm
a little, and he lowered his mouth to her ear and
whispered 'Shall we give them an even better show.'

Emily giggled delightfully, then nodded her head
vigorously, a wide smile on her face.

'Right, I've got my camera. Off you go'

Tom placed Emily on her feet, and she ran off to the
ferry again.

Tom had done this with his daughter many times now, and
they both knew what was required, so no planning was
needed. First, Emily joined the queue for the slide, and
Tom stood at the bottom. As the girls in front of his
daughter came down, Tom saw glimpses of all their
knickers, but that was nothing compared to when Emily
took her turn!

Sitting at the top of the slide, she drew her knees up
and opened them wide, so that the gusset of her pink
knickers was fully on display. She waited like this until
Tom had taken a photo, then she lowered her legs, still
keeping them apart, and slid down. As she went, the thin
material of her dress rucked up, and by the time she
reached the bottom, most of her pants were on show again.
She pretended to slip as she stopped, and her legs
splayed madly to reveal everything, just as Tom pressed
the shutter again.

The boys had not been slow to notice Emily's position,
and as she ran over to the bars, they placed themselves
so they could watch her, while trying to look as if they
were playing innocently. They were not to be
disappointed! With a quick smile at Tom, Emily hoisted
herself over the bar, and then let herself hang. The
result was far more effective than with the other girl.
As Emily turned upside down, her dress fell and because
it did not have a belt at the waist it fell all the way
down to her shoulders. This meant that all of Emily's
tummy was bare, although all the boy's stares were
directed at the snugly fitting, creamy-white knickers
that were totally on display.

However, as Emily had gone over to the bar, she had
reached under her skirt and pulled the material of her
knickers into her crease. This meant that her bare cheeks
were almost completely on show!

Emily hung like this for at least twenty seconds, while
Tom took several photos and the boys stared, dumbfounded,
but eventually she turned the right way up. Her dress was
in a bit of a tangle, and she took as long as possible to
lower it, showing her pants for another few seconds. Then
she skipped over to Tom and took his hand, and they made
their way back to the car. Tom knew that it was best to
leave, before anyones' suspicions were raised. Besides,
he had plenty of other ideas for Emily yet!

'Could you see my bare bum, Daddy', Emily asked as they
drove out of the car park.

'I certainly could, and I got a photo for your scrapbook
as well. But it was very naughty of you and I will have
to give you a good spanking later.'

The little girl giggled, then pouted and stuck her tongue
out at her father.

The pair continued chatting as they drove, and soon they
reached their next stop - the local river.

Once they had parked, Tom collected the large bag from
the boot and they took the short path to the river's
edge. On a sunny day like this, it was always busy, but
they managed to find a free space on the grass and sat
down on their rug. While they ate some sandwiches, both
Tom and Emily watched the other children as they played.

This particular beauty spot was very popular with
children, for a large tree overhung the river and a rope
had been tied to a handy branch to create a swing. As the
pair watched, the children swung out on this rope, then
let go and landed in the middle of the river. There were
about a dozen children using the swing, mostly boys. Once
they landed in the river, they climbed back out and swung
again. All the boys were wearing the currently
fashionable knee length swimming shorts, and Tom wished
that these particular garments would be banned for
children. He much preferred to see boys in brief, figure-
hugging swimming trunks, so he could see the curve of
their bottoms and the bulge at the front.

Soon, Emily had finished eating, and was ready to play.
Quickly she slipped off her sandals and socks, then stood
up and simply pulled her dress off over her head to stand
in just her knickers. Tom pulled his daughter to him and
pulled her knickers up tight, then playfully slapped her
bottom and told her to enjoy herself.

She scampered off and Tom watched her with a warm feeling
in his groin, then reached for his camera and zoom lens.
Emily meanwhile, ran immediately to the rope. A boy of
about 12 was holding it ready to jump when he saw Emily
coming towards him. The sight of a girl in just her
knickers made him stop and he just stared as Emily came
up to him. She took the rope from the startled boy's
grasp, and then swung out into the river.

All the other boys had noticed her by now, and they
watched as she swung back and forth several times,
letting her legs fly apart and generally showing her
knickers off from every conceivable angle. Then she let
go of the rope, and hurtled feet first into the river
with a loud 'splash'. She surfaced, and swam slowly to
the bank, then climbed out and stood on the edge for a
moment. Not entirely through chance, Emily's knickers
were rather thin material, and now that they were wet
they had become quite transparent! This gained the boys'
interest even more, and Tom could see them watching her
wiggling cheeks as she walked back to the swing.

Emily continued playing for about half an hour or so, and
Tom took several photos as she jumped and swam. She soon
made friends with some of the boys, and had a crowd of
them around her laughing and chatting. But Tom could also
see them looking at her almost naked body. Every time the
girl turned, they stared particularly hard, and Tom was
sure that they could see Emily's bare bottom through her
wet pants!

Finally, Emily said good-bye, and came back to her
father. She was dripping wet and shivering slightly, but
had a broad smile on her face.

'How was that, Daddy?'

'Fine. I got some lovely photos. Now lets get you dry
before you get cold shall we.'

At this, Emily just yanked down her knickers and stood
naked while her father reached for the towel. He dried
her slowly, making sure that the towel fell down several
times so that all the boys who were surreptitiously
watching got an eyeful of his daughter's naked body. When
it came to drying her between the legs, he turned her
away from them so they could not see, then rubbed Emily's
cunt quite hard. He let the towel slip down at the back,
to reveal her bare bottom to the boys, and slipped his
hand under the towel and rubbed a finger along the bare
slit, then pushed.

Emily rested her hands on Tom's shoulders, and let her
legs open slightly, but they were only small movements
and the boys stared at her small bottom with delight,
totally unaware that she had a finger up her cunt!

Tom reluctantly had to stop quite soon, before anyone got
suspicious, and he continued drying his daughter. When he
finished, he picked up her wet knickers from the floor,
and noticed that they now had soil on them.

'Just go and wash these for me, darling', he said,
handing them to Emily with a smile.

She grinned back, and took her pants, then turned and
began to walk down to the bank. At the sight of a
completely bare girl, the boys forgot to pretend to look
at something else, and just stared at Emily's little cunt
and bottom while she washed the knickers in the river,
then walked slowly back to her father, who was beginning
to pack up.

'Wonderful', Tom whispered as he slipped Emily's dress
over her head. 'You should have seen the look on those
boy's faces!'

Emily quickly put her shoes and socks on, and then held
her father's hand as they left, leaving the boys
chattering excitedly about what they had seen.

Back in the car, Emily asked where they were going next.

'How about the woods?'

'Great. Are you going to fuck me?'

'Do you want me to?'

'Oh yes please, Daddy. I really like it when you fuck

Tom could hardly wait to get to the woods, and five
minutes later he parked the car and they both got out.
Tom led the way, and Emily skipped after him happily.
They were the perfect image of a normal father and
daughter out for a afternoon walk. The only difference
was that Emily was still bare under her dress!

Soon, they reached the spot they were heading for, and
squeezed between two bushes. This led into a hidden
glade, completely surrounded by dense trees and bushes
and invisible to anyone who did not know it. Emily had
discovered when hiding from Tom once, and they now used
it regularly for their 'games'. It was perfect for their
needs, as the trees ensured their privacy, but allowed
enough sunlight through to make the glade almost as
bright as outside.

They went over to the far corner of the glade, and sat
down together. Tests had shown them that they could make
quite a lot of noise here, and still not be heard from
the nearest path.

'I think it's time for that spanking I promised you', Tom
stated, grabbing his daughter.

She pretended to struggle, but eventually let her self be
draped across her father's lap. He gripped the hem of her
dress and yanked it up, and seconds later the child was
bare from shoulder to ankle! Tom felt the small, pert
bottom for a second, then began to slap it quite firmly.
He was well aware of how much spanking his daughter could
take without causing undue distress, and he did not hold

Soon Emily's bottom turned pink, then red and still he
slapped her until she began to wriggle. Then he took a
firmer grip of her waist, and lashed his hand into her
bum with double the force. This left clear palm prints on
her small cheeks, and she cried out on each one. When Tom
turned her over, a tear trickled down her cheek, but she
was still smiling at him and obviously not bothered by
the spanking.

Tom cuddled her on his lap, and it was not long before
his hand found it's way under Emily's dress and began to
fondle her cunt. A moment later, and his finger slid into
her sweet hole and began to move in and out. Both Tom and
Emily spent several happy minutes like this, but finally
Tom stood her up and pulled her dress over her head. She
then watched while her father removed his shirt and
trousers, then pulled down his pants to reveal a VERY
stiff prick, throbbing with lust.

Emily did not need any instruction, and kneeling in front
of her father, she wrapped her little fingers around his
trembling member and began to rub back and forth. Tom ran
his hand through his daughter's hair as she wanked him,
and watched as her tongue flicked out to touch the tip of
his prick. It only needed a very slight pressure on the
back of her head, and she smiled up at him, opened her
mouth wide and then slid it over the swollen glans.

Tom gasped as he felt the little hot mouth close over his
prick, as well as the tongue rolling around the end, and
he was soon thrusting in time with his daughter's
movements. Hardly surprisingly, it was only a matter of
moments before he felt his climax approaching, and he
reluctantly withdrew his wet cock. There were other
things to be done, and Emily knew exactly what. Lying
down on the grass, she gripped the back of her knees and
pulled them up onto her chest, opening them wide to
expose her pouting cunt. Tom dropped to his knees and
buried his head between his daughter's thighs, licking
and sucking the mouth of her vulva.

Now it was Emily's turn to breathe deeply, and she gasped
when her father's tongue pressed and slipped between her
lips into the tight crevice. It slid all the way inside
her, and her hips pushed up as she felt the wetness
inside her.

Finally, it was time for the ultimate pleasure, for both
of them. When Emily had asked her father to 'fuck' her,
she did not mean in the usual way. Tom would never harm
his daughter, and he was well aware that her small cunt
was at present just too tight to take his prick, even
though it was not particularly large. However, about a
year ago they had discovered that there was another way
of doing it. Emily was now on all fours, with her knees
wide apart and her bottom thrust backwards and up to
reveal her little anus.

Tom had come prepared, and he took the tube of cream from
his pocket. Squeezing out a handful, he began to rub it
into Emily's crease, concentrating on the tight little
hole. Covering a finger with cream, he pressed at her
anus harder and harder, until it slid in. As he pushed it
in and out carefully, the resistance disappeared and
Emily showed no signs of distress.

'Are you ready, darling?'

'Yes, Daddy. Please fuck my bottom.'

Tom needed no second invitation, and he covered his
throbbing prick with cream, then applied it to the little
hole. He began to push and there was a momentary
tightness, then Emily gave a cry and he slid into her.

'Does that hurt', Tom asked immediately, worried by the

'No Daddy, don't stop. Please fuck me hard.'

Satisfied, Tom began to push in and out of his daughter's
tight bottom. He had done this many time before and it
soon became much easier, allowing Tom to thrust in and
out fully, bouncing his balls against Emily's bottom. His
hand slipped round under her, and rubbed at her cunt,
pressing in and out in time to his thrusts into her

Emily began to gasp louder, and pushed her bottom back to
meet the cock that impaled it, and it was clear that she
was enjoying it just as much as her father.

Tom could not take too much of this excitement and he
pushed forward violently, then cried out as he shot his
hot spunk into Emily's bottom, again and again. Emily
also panted with pleasure as his thrusts became slower,
then subsided, and he withdrew his limp cock.

Ten minutes later, the two were dressed again and making
their way back to the car, Emily still wearing no
knickers under her dress. With this in mind, Tom could
not resist getting her to do some handstands on the way,
so he could take some more photos for the scrapbook. He
especially liked the looks on the football team's faces
as she cartwheeled on the touchline...........

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