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My Little Sister Cindy

by The Whole Nine Yards

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Last summer, Scott and I were already fifteen. We were best friends and lived on the outskirts of a small town. We were sophomores attending one of the local all boy high schools in the neighboring city. That fall our school was on its way to becoming coed. We both were all-for-it as we discovered that it wasn't easy finding a girlfriend when you were surrounded by guys all day long.

The summer was great. Everyday we would find new places to explore and fun things to do. At night, I usually would come over to Scott's house and we would watch MTV. Scott and I both had little eight year old sisters. We never really talked about (or to) our sisters. They were always just there, getting into your stuff or some other kid sister activity.

Scott and I both had a pretty good collection of nudie magazines. We would often go to the local recycling center and look through what people got rid of. Mostly we found Playboy and Penthouse. Besides looking at the pictures, we enjoyed reading the fiction or even better, the letters.

At the beginning of the summer, we found a magazine written in another language that was considerably more hardcore than most. Besides the normal pictures, there were pictures of younger girls ranging from eighteen all the way down to about seven. Mostly they were photographed merely posing naked, but in a few shots they were actually being fucked by older men. Some of the men fucking them, actually weren't men at all but young boys about the same age. In some instances, they even looked like brother and sister.

We were never consciously aware that this actually took place although we ve heard cracks about it at school. We were both cringing aloud at the thought at fucking younger girls, especially if they were our sisters. That just didn't seem to be right.

After toying with the thought for a few days, I approached Scott. "Would you ever fuck your sister?"

"I don't know," he replied, "Even if I did want to, she would never want to fuck me."

"Why not?"

"She probably doesn't even know what sex is yet. Why, would you?"

"Sure . . . if I had the chance. Cindy would have to instigate it though."

"Stop dreaming. It would never happen."

"Yeah, you re probably right . . ." I said. Just then the phone rang. It was for me. I had to go eat dinner.

At the dinner table, I didn't do much eating. I was busy thinking about what it would be like to have sex with my little sister. Thoughts were racing through my mind; thoughts about how I would go about doing it even though I didn't even make up my mind yet whether or not I wanted to.

I looked across the table at her. She was attractive, even for an eight year old. Her wavy hair was light brown and came down to about her shoulder blades. She had big, baby blue eyes and a cute smile that displayed her perfectly straight teeth. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt and loose fitting white shorts.

She was body shy toward me for the most part and I've never seen her in the nude. From then on, I was determined to at least get her naked so I could get an eyeful. I decided what would happen then I would worry about then.

I wondered if I should tell Scott. Would he help me or hinder me? I made up my mind that this would stay between her and me.

After dinner, I told Scott that I couldn't come over because my parents were going away together on a business trip for the weekend and I had to stay home and babysit my sister.

I watched TV in the family room for awhile and Cindy came out of her room at about nine o'clock and sat down beside me on the couch. She had changed into her nightgown which consisted of panties and a T-shirt that came down to about mid-thigh.

Unfortunately, she sat in such a way where I could not see her panties. After a couple of minutes, I asked her if she wanted to play a game.

"Cindy, do you know how to play truth or dare? I asked."

"Me and my friends play it all the time, she replied, I go first. Truth: Do you have girlfriends or any girl you really like?"

"Yes, but all the girls I like only exist in magazines."

"No, she said smiling, I mean girls that live around here."

"Well, not really." I paused. "I really like you," I said with a straight face. There was silence. She looked at me with a slightly puzzled look. But she also looked proud. Proud that out of everyone else, I said I liked her. I smiled at her and said "Okay, it s my turn right? Okay, hmm . . . . . I dare you to take off your shirt for the rest of the game."

"Okay," she piped as she pulled off her T-shirt and exposed her chest. She had no tits at all. Her nipples were little pink points that projected outward from her bosom. Although her tits were small, I felt like kissing and sucking on her nipples until they turned red and erect.

Also when she pulled off her shirt she gave me an unobstructed view of her little, white cotton panties. She was sitting Indian style on the couch facing me and I thought I could see the outline of her little slit from under the cotton. By this time my cock was hard as a rock and I was becoming a little light-headed from the excitement. She looked directly into my eyes, smiling the whole time.

"My turn," she said. "Dare: Okay big brother, now I want you to take off your shirt and shorts."

I hesitated for a moment and then obliged. I pulled off my shirt and undid my button and zipper, dropped my shorts and threw both of them aside. I was now only wearing my boxers and my hard-on was projecting prominently outward as I stood in front of her. She stared at it in awe and I sat back down and pulled her toward me and began to kiss her deeply. She offered no resistance and started kissing back as I shoved my tongue into her mouth. I slowly laid her down on the soft couch, now on top of her still kissing madly.

I lowered my mouth and began to kiss and suck on her nipples. As one hand supported her from behind and the other started to remove her panties. I stuck my hand inside and began rubbing her pussy lips and her clit. She was moaning like a little puppy-dog. I was ready to continue but I paused for a moment to catch my breath and asked her, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, please don't," she responded in a low voice, almost a whisper. I grasped the elastic waistband of her panties and she lifted her small behind off the couch and I removed them completely. She was now completely naked lying there before me.

Her young preteen pussy was beautiful. Her lips were wet and glistening from her sexual excitement and were completely hairless! Her hole was incredibly small and pink and the delicate bud of her clit could be seen peeking through at the top of her slit.

I was hotter than I ever was and felt my stiff prick quaking in my boxers. Cindy had now spread her legs and I leaned down to dip into the honey.

I hadn't done any pussy licking before so my only frame of reference was what I learned in books and magazines. I inserted my tongue in the bottom of her slit and slurped upwards. Cindy let out a long moan. I began sticking my tongue in and out of her hole quickly, lapping up her pussy juice. Cindy's moans became louder and more frequent. It seemed that she was about to get her cookies so I paused momentarily and then started up again, avoiding licking her clit, until I brought her to the edge once more. I did this a few times, but she didn't want me to stop so she brought her hand up and pushed against the back of my head. It was then when I started my work on the bud of her clit, circumscribing it with my tongue while at the same time sucking and licking it directly. Her pelvis began to thrust upwards, rubbing her pussy juice up and down my whole face. I continued massaging her clit as her legs wrapped around my head and she began squealing in extascy as her first orgasm rushed through her little body.

Passion controlled me now and I stood up and dropped my boxers, letting my rock hard cock spring out awkwardly. Cindy looked on in lustful desire and squealed with delight as I brought my blood engorged organ close to her face. I allowed her to stare at it momen- tarily and then said, "I want you to use your mouth the way I did. Take--" I was interrupted as the sat up and took the tip of my eight- incher into her mouth and began licking and sucking it. She paused after a few seconds and smiled up at me as if she wanted recognition. I smiled back at her and nodded in approval as I let my right hand reach behind her ass to rub her pussy lips together. After about a minute of this I was about to cum, so I told her to stop a sec while I regained my composure. I had to look away and think of hospitals and cemeteries to avoid cumming on the spot.

When my heart slowed some I got up and led her by the hand to my bedroom. I laid down on my bed and Cindy immediately followed climbing on top of me. She leaned forward, and started madly kissing me, pressing her lips hard against mine. My cock was pinned between us, rubbing against her hairless, slippery, preteen twat. She was letting out small moans constantly. I took my right hand and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. She was so tight that I couldn't get it in! She realized the problem and wrapped her legs around the small of my back concentrating all her weight on my cock. It slowly made its way in as she leaned forward and continued kissing me. I started thrusting my pelvis slowly and she responded by controlling her cunt muscles. It felt as if she was milking my dick. She was loose on the way in and exceptionally tight on the way out.

After a short while, I reached the restriction of her cherry. I reached down and began rubbing the bud of her clit, while still pumping, now faster, into her well-lubricated cunt. I was getting close to orgasm and so was she. After a little more rubbing I finally gave one big push and broke through her maidenhead and deposited my load, coating her love canal with white, hot cum. At the same time, she started bucking and thrashing, this way and that, yelling out in pleasure as a second full-fledged orgasm tore through the third- grader's petite body.

We both collapsed from exhaustion, my dick still firmly placed in her cunt and slept soundlessly all night.

I awoke in the morning to find Cindy laying beside me, her head against my chest, sleeping peacefully with such an innocent look on her face.

Wow, what a fuck! Not only was this my first time doing anything with an eight-year-old girl, it was my first time doing anything with any girl! Even though I only had my hand to compare with, I couldn't imagine it getting much better!

I got a call from Scott at about eleven o'clock. He wanted to go to the movies. I told him that we'd have to bring Cindy, since I was still baby-sitting her.

Cindy was still sleeping on my bed, her naked body completely exposed. She looked so peaceful, I was hesitant to wake her up. But I had to if we were going to make the one o'clock show. I kneeled down beside the bed. "Cindy, you have to get up now. We're going to a movie with Scott," I whispered. There was no response. I tried again. "C'mon Cindy, wake up now." Suddenly her eyes popped open and she sat up and kissed me on the lips and laughed. "We have to get ready because Scott's coming soon and then we're leaving," I said.

"Will I get to sit next to you?" Cindy asked.

"Of course you will," I replied with a smile.

Cindy took a bath and got dressed. She came out of her room wearing a small T-shirt that was just long enough to reach her belly- button, and a very short loose-fitting skirt. She looked so sexy I felt like fucking her right there--and I would have if Scott wasn't on his way.

"You look very pretty," I said.

"Thanks, big brother." As she spoke, she did a cartwheel right in front of me. I immediately noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties! There wasn't anything covering the delicate preteen flesh between her legs!

My cock suddenly became erect. She knew she was turning me on as she ran up and jumped on me, grabbing my neck and wrapping her legs around my torso. She started kissing me deeply and I mirrored the action, inserting my tongue into her waiting mouth.

Just then the doorbell rang. I would have loved to continue, but it was Scott. Cindy sighed. "I'm not finished with you yet," I told her as I opened the door.

"We'd better get going," said Scott.

"Yep," I said and we left.

The theater was within walking distance and during the walk Scott said, "Hey, do you want to have a sleepover tonight? We can have it at your house since your parents are away."

First Scott interrupts me earlier with Cindy, and now he wants to ruin my chances with her tonight? "No way," I thought.

Just when I was about to object with some made-up excuse, Cindy exclaimed, "That would be great! Scott can invite his sister Lauren over too!" I gave Cindy a dirty look.

"I guess. Would that be alright with Lauren?" I asked.

"I'm sure there will be no problem. She'll be thrilled.

Although I didn't show it, I was pretty angry. Cindy and Lauren were best friends and with both Scott and Lauren over, my chances of being alone with Cindy were pretty slim.

We arrived at the movie theater, purchased our tickets, and found seats. The seats we chose were towards the center and the theater was virtually empty. There was no one sitting anywhere near us. Scott sat on the far left, I sat next to him, and Cindy was seated on my right.

About one half hour into the movie, I wasn't enjoying myself but Scott seemed extremely interested. Cindy didn't look like she was having much fun either. All the movie experiences I've had with Scott all had one thing in common; about one hour into the movie, Scott had to use the washroom. This was a given. I don't remember a single time this didn't hold true. And nevertheless, fifty-eight minutes into the movie, Scott leaned over and whispered to me that he would be right back and walked up the isle toward the lobby. When he was gone I looked over at Cindy. "How do you like it?"

"It's so boring!" Cindy replied in a whisper.

"I know, I know. Scott picked it out." Immediately after I spoke, Cindy crouched down in her seat and spread her legs. Slowly she lifted her skirt and exposed her pantiless crotch. My cock jumped in my pants but common sense kicked in. "Don't do that here! Scott will be back any second!"

"I don't care if Scott knows. I want you to rub me like you did last night," Cindy panted.

I looked all around the theater. There was no sign of Scott and the nearest person was eight rows in front of us. I knew that Scott would be returning momentarily, but how could I refuse such a request.

I reached over and ran my hand over her hairless slit. She was smooth and warm to the touch and I started using one finger, rubbing up and down over the entire length of her pubis, stopping momentarily at the top to massage her clit. Cindy had crouched down even further now and her skirt was hiked up well above her waist. Her ankles were placed on the seat backs in front of her and her eyes were closed. Her breathing was shallow and her cunt became wet. I increased my speed; rubbing faster now and occasion- ally sticking a finger up her hole. Oblivious to what was happening on the screen, with my other hand I started rubbing my teenage cock through my shorts.

I could tell Cindy was getting close and I continued my finger actions, when I instinctively looked over my left shoulder. Scott had just entered the theater and was walking quickly toward our row! "Scott's coming, sit up!"

It took a second for Cindy to respond in her state of passion, but with my help, sat up and returned to normal; well, at least visually. Scott sat down. I don't think he noticed the commotion as he was returning, but I couldn't be sure.

Cindy wasn't satisfied yet, and in a few minutes again spread her legs. She started frigging herself madly and I couldn't keep myself from helping. My hands were very greasy from the popcorn I was sharing with Scott and I reached over and rubbed her slit from top to bottom. The popcorn butter made Cindy extremely horny and she started moving her hips up and down to enhance my finger explorations. Apparently, Scott didn't notice a thing and remained engrossed in the movie. I began stroking the bud of her clit with long, slow strokes and in a few minutes Cindy came. She closed her legs over my hand and her bottom lifted off the seat as I continued fingering her. I couldn't believe that this was happening! Here we were in a PUBLIC place, not more than three feet away from Scott, yet he was com- pletely unaware of the going-ons.

Judging from the time, I could tell that the movie was almost over. Cindy regained her composure somewhat, but she was still recovering from her orgasm.

We got up and went home. Scott went to his house to take a nap to prepare for tonight's sleepover vigil. On sleepovers, Scott and I often stayed up until four or five in the morning. Cindy and I returned home.

I took a shower. When I came out, Cindy was laying on the couch watching TV. She laid on her back, apparently still not wearing any panties. I confirmed this when I sat down opposite her on the couch and lifted her skirt. She closed her eyes as I brought my mouth to her crotch and began giving her small kisses: starting at her inner thighs, moving to her pussy lips and eventually to her clit, where I began swirling my tongue and sucking slightly.

Cindy was again taken over by lust and began gyrating her hips. In a few minutes, the eight-year-old came for the third time that day. I felt nearing an explosion myself even though my dick was left untouched. I dropped my boxers to the ground, exposing my pulsating cock. I was about to mount Cindy when she closed her legs and sat up. "What gives?" I asked.

"I want to make a deal with you," she said. "I want to fuck Scott tonight and I don't want you to have anything to say about it."

"C'mon, Cindy. Look, can't this stay between you and I? I really didn't want Scott to know." Actually, I didn't care if Scott knew now, but I sorta wanted to keep Cindy for myself. Jealousy was what it really was.

"Don't you want to fuck Lauren?" The question took me by surprise. I did want to fuck Lauren, but I never thought Cindy thought I did. I sat there speechless and I tried hard not to give any revealing facial expressions. If Cindy can figure out what I'm thinking, then I'm no longer in control, and I wasn't about to let that happen. Just when I was about to answer her, Cindy spoke. "If you don't interfere with me and Scott, then I'll make sure Lauren wants to have sex with you." Cindy's tone of voice was not harsh or like she was doing me a favor, but persuasive, sweet, and gentle; like I would benefit the most from the proposal. She really knew which buttons to push.

"How are you ever gonna do that?" I asked, really because I didn't know what else to say and I didn't want to outright admit to her that I wanted Lauren.

"It will be a cinch. Lauren's my best friend." Cindy gave me one of her cute smiles and at the same time laid back down against the arm of the couch and again spread her legs before me. My cock had softened a little from the talk but now was growing again to full erection and a drop of precum oozed from the tip.

At that point, I realized that Cindy was in total control because of her expert persuassion methods. I didn't feel angered or defeated though, but content as I looked down at Cindy's glistening, hairless, preteen quim.

Cindy didn't make me say I agreed to her deal, and I'm glad she didn't . . . but I did agree--fully. I couldn't wait to take Lauren in my arms and lick, suck, and fuck her until we both collasped from exhaustion.

** ** **

Scott and Lauren came over about 7 o'clock that evening. We played a game of Monopoly with two teams; Scott and Cindy, and Lauren and I. It was a lot of fun. We were listening to music as we played and there was a lot of laughing and joking around.

Whenever I could get a chance, I took long looks at Lauren. As I mentioned, Lauren was the same age as Cindy. She had shoulder- length blonde hair that accented her blue eyes and she was a little more petite than Cindy, but not by much. Whenever Lauren smiled at me while looking into my eyes, she seemed to know my every thought. At the time she was wearing really short white shorts and a black T-shirt.

The game was really m0ving. Lauren and I owned all the orange properties along with the yellows and we were beginning to buy houses. Scott and Cindy owned Boardwalk and Park Place with one house, along with all the railroads.

Cindy stopped the game and announced an idea she had. "Let's get all dressed up in a lot of clothes and play strip Monopoly. The first team that's left without any clothes loses!"

Nobody seemed to have a problem with Cindy's ingenious idea. In fact, I asked them, "Is that alright with everyone?" and all I got were positive responses.

Scott and I went into my room and Cindy took Lauren into her's. I dug out all the clothes I had and we started putting on layer after layer. By the time we were finished, we each had on three pairs of socks, shorts, sweat pants, jeans, two T-shirts, three dress shirts, a tie, a hat, sunglasses, and I found one of my dad's pipes from when he used to smoke.

We returned to where we were playing Monopoly the same time Cindy and Lauren did. As we looked at each other, we all broke out in a fit of laughter. It was hilarious to see Cindy and Lauren with all those crazy clothes on. But when I took a second look, I noticed that they weren't wearing too much extra; less than Scott and I were wearing at least. And Lauren was dressed up more than Cindy. I had figured out Cindy's plan.

We set up a system for paying debts with clothes. To pay off rent, it was one piece of clothing. For one and two houses it was two pieces, for three and four houses, three pieces of clothing, and for hotels, five pieces of clothing. Landing on one of Scott and Cindy's railroads would cost me two pieces. But if you got a chance or community chest card in your favor, you would reclaim one piece of clothing. Landing on free parking was also rewarded with one piece. Partners would rotate in regard to sacrificing clothes. When you paid up, you had to stand in front of everyone while removing your clothing.

It was our turn. I rolled a six and landed right on Pennsylvania Railroad. I stood up, took my dad's pipe out of my mouth, and removed my sunglasses.

Cindy's turn. She rolled a nine and landed on New York Avenue with two houses. Cindy got up walked in front of us all and took off her hat and shoes.

After about one hour, I was left with two T-shirts, sweatpants, and two pairs of socks. Scott also was left with about the same. But the girls were a different story. Cindy was really getting into the game and was now bare chested and had just one more pair of shorts left. Lauren had just a T-shirt and shorts left and it was our team's turn. Lauren rolled and landed on chance. She picked up the card, read it and paused a moment, grinning. I leaned over to look at the card: "Take a walk on the Boardwalk. Advance token to Boardwalk." Cindy and Scott had built two houses on that property lot so Lauren had to sacrifice two articles of clothing. She slowly walked to the middle of the room, grinning all the while, and, to my surprise, took off her shorts and white cotton panties. Her shirt was long enough, though, to cover her privates. I suddenly remembered the song "Under the Boardwalk." I started singing it to myself. "Under the Boardwalk . . . down by the sea . . . Under the Boardwalk . . . Just you and me . . . Under the Boardwalk . . . we'll be making love . . ."

I was extremely turned on by the fact that Lauren's little pussy was uncovered under her shirt. My dick felt harder than it ever did before. I was determined to get Lauren naked, somehow.

Scott rolled. He landed right on Marvin Gardens with four houses! He got up and removed two pairs of pants and a shirt. Cindy was watching him intently.

I rolled next and landed on Indiana Avenue with a hotel! I shed my two shirts and two pairs of socks along with my sweatpants. I went from being heavily clothed to just wearing my boxers! My hard cock formed a tent in them that I didn't bother to hide. I noticed Lauren staring at it and I looked at her and smiled as I returned to my seat.

Scott and Cindy were approaching my territory and I stopped the game to buy two more houses each on the dark greens bringing the total to three.

Cindy rolled and landed right on North Carolina Avenue! Cindy had to shed three pieces of clothing, but she only had two, her shorts and her panties. She got up in front of us and performed a little strip show, slowly removing her shorts and tossing them across the room. She then ran her hand over her crotch and turned her behind towards us as she grasped the waistband of her little panties and pulled downwards, exposing her cute ass.

Scott was extremely interested in what Cindy was doing and was staring at her show. I was too and almost soaked my shorts, but I held back as best I could. Lauren was looking on in awe.

The game was officially over . . . well at least by the rules we set earlier and Cindy and Scott's team had lost, but we weren't ready to get dressed yet. Cindy's plan was working perfectly.

"Scott," Cindy called out, "We lost. But I loved having you on my team and I'd like to thank you." Cindy motioned for him to come over. Scott wanted so bad to go over and fuck my sister I could tell, but he wasn't sure how I'd feel. He looked at me and I communi- cated approval with my eyes.

Meanwhile, I wanted to claim my prize. I looked down at Lauren.

Meanwhile, I wanted to claim my prize. I looked down at Lauren. She was grinning nervously and removed her T-shirt. I carried her over to the couch; the same couch I played truth or dare with Cindy just about 24 hours ago. I set her down and just gazed at her for about thirty seconds, absorbing her splendor. Her nipples poked outward, standing erect from all the excitement. Her tummy was flat, her skin, a beautiful tan, except for the white that outlined where a swimsuit once was. The coral red of her pussy contrasted nicely with the white skin. As she laid back her legs spread almost involuntarily, giving me an even better look at her little pussy.

Just as I was about to begin my explorations, I looked over my shoulder and saw Scott licking out my sister's pussy while she lay back on the la-z-boy recliner. Her eyes were closed and she had on a look of pure pleasure, one that I was familiar with.

I shifted my focus back to Lauren. She looked right into my eyes, smiling, eager to get started. I leaned over and gave her a small kiss on the lips. I moved my mouth downward, kissing every inch of her neck and chest. I paid close attention to the pointy, pink nipples which I encircled with my tongue, sucking softly. I moved my hand between her legs and spread apart her lips with my fingers. Lauren started making little whines, which caused my dick to grow a bit more.

I was now sitting beside Lauren on the couch and I reached down and began to remove my boxer shorts. My dick rubbed against Lauren's thigh, which made her squeal louder. I took her left hand and placed it on my member. It was too big; her fingers couldn't even wrap completely around it. She moved her hands upwards and began to give me a hand-job, and she did it pretty well too, being that this was her first time. All the while I was busy sucking her nipples and rubbing the small bud of her clit, sometimes sticking my fingers up her hole, priming her for what was soon to come.

I got down on my knees before her. I worked my way down with my mouth, swirling my tongue around her tummy and into her belly- button, giving her small kisses on her abdomen until I eventually got to her hairless slit. I worked slowly, nibbling on her labia and her very erect clitoris, which made her go crazy with lust. She was obviously having a grand time and started to arch her hips upwards in time to my licking.

I changed techniques, now using a lapping method, sticking my tongue in and out of her cute little hole very quickly, while manually stimulating her clit with my fingers. She started to cum, putting one hand on my head, forcing it downwards and the other hand on my back, clawing it with the tips of her fingers.

I stood up and took Lauren by the hand. We walked to where Scott and Cindy were. Scott was busy eating out Cindy when I tapped him on the shoulder. "C'mon, follow me," I said as they both got on their feet. I led the way upstairs into my parents' bedroom. I helped Lauren onto the bed. I motioned for Scott to do the same and Cindy climbed on. They were both laying down, their legs hanging off the side. I bent forward, gave Lauren another kiss on the stomach and placed my dick between her legs, the head burrowing in her little girl pleasure, finding a clear passageway deeper into her canal. Scott did the same to Cindy.

She was so tight! It took three tries before my cock was able to clear her opening, but I was rubbing her clit constantly which helped relax her some. I finally did get it in, and started with small thrusts, my dick sinking in another half-inch about every three minutes. I looked at Lauren, but she had her eyes closed and was in her own little world, her senses overloading her brain with feedback. She would yell out as I would try to go deeper but when I would hold back, thinking that I was hurting her, she would yell for me not to stop.

I glanced to my left at Scott and Lauren. Scott looked over at me with a grin. Cindy was grinning evilly and looked into my eyes for a moment; she seemed to be communicating, "I told you so." Scott appeared to be doing a good job fucking her.

I was on the most amazing natural high I've ever experienced. I had wished I had a camera to preserve the moment; to capture the expressions on the little girls' faces; expressions of pure pleasure, of appreciation and awe.

I reached Lauren's cherry. While moving my fingers frantically at her clit, I gave one last push and broke through her hymen. She gri- maced momentarily, but it immediately changed into her second orgasm of the night and she yelled out in pleasure. At the same time, I came, spewing my hot semen against the back wall of her cunt. Apparently, Scott and Cindy were just coming down from their orgasms and we all collasped into four seemingly lifeless beings who just had the best night of their lives.

I awoke several hours later. It was still night. Lauren was laying next to me with her arms pressed up against mine and her head on my chest. Scott and Cindy had taken some sheets off the bed and moved on to the floor. The last thing I remember before drifting off again into one of the most comfortable, restful sleeps of my life is how glad I was that this whole thing wasn't just a very elaborate wet dream.

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