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Screwing Little Jenna

by The Jackal

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

To say the least at the time I could say that my life sucked!I had recently rented an old apartment in town right across the street from where I worked.I had been in the rut for four months now and had been in and out of jobs-this time around I was doing construction labor.It was hard, sweaty work and the pay sucked but on Friday nights I generally would rent a porno video or two, pop open a few cold ones, and simply relaxed for the weekend.

This Friday would turn out to be much more different!I had gotten out at around 1 in the afternoon and to much of my delight I proceeded to engage in my Friday ritual a few hours earlier than normal.I returned home and began to root around in the old porno stash.Nothing of interest as I could see so I decided to simply take a short nap.I lied down on the couch and quickly dozen off.About no more than one hour or so into my sleep I heard the phone ringing!

"Damn, who could it be?I'm trying to sleep here!"

I had to jump up and make a mad dash to the phone before they hung up and although I felt like tearing into whoever was on the other end for disturbing my sleep I simply regained my composure and picked up the phone.

"Hello" I replied in a voice that certainly suggested I was more awake than asleep.It was my aunt Carol on the other line.I was surprised it was her and we engaged in some idol chat for a few minutes.I suddenly broke in.

"Hey, your voice sounds raspy, you don't happen to be sick do you?"

"Well" she replied."I was just getting to that."I got sick with the flu so I had to call off work today and I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

"Great" I thought."What, does she want me to pick up a damned prescription or something?"

"Sure" I replied in the nicest tone I could muster."What is it?"

She coughed."Excuse me *cough* I was wondering if you could pick up Jenna from school today and watch her until tomorrow afternoon so I can get some rest?I can't go and pick her up and I really don't want her to get sick either so is it alright with you???"

I was a bit thrown off by the sudden resquest but since I had no plans for the weekend I gave in and agreed to pick up the child from school.

"Does Jenna know that I'm picking her up?" I inquired.

"Yeah, I called the school and *cough* told them to tell her."

I told my aunt to get some rest and that she could come pick up her daughter tomorrow when she was feeling better.We ended our conversation and hung up.I glanced at my watch.

"2:40" I said to myself.Since Jenna was getting out in 20 minutes I left immedietly to go pick her up.I got into my white Chevy van and made my way over.Jenna went to a private preparatory school for girls between the ages of 5 and 11.Jenna herself was a cute little kid.She was eight years old, about a bit under 4 feet tall, maybe around 70 or 75 pounds and thin, she had straight back hair that was cut short not too far past her shoulder blades.She had beautiful white skin that was accetned by deep brown eyes.I had spent time with her before every month or so when I would visit my aunt's house.I liked buying her gifts and playing games with her...but I had a bit of a darker secret.

See...I had this thing for little girls.Don;t get me wrong, being a 25 year old man I find well-matured tits and ass very alluring to me (and I've had my fair share) but there was something about little girls that was alluring in it's own way.Maybe it was their youth, or their innocence, or maybe something else but nonetheless my little cousin often times turned me on but I would have never even dared thinking of doing anything of a sexual nature to such a young child.That would all change on that one Friday.

Anyways...I arrived at her preparatory school and to this day I sitll cannot recall the name of the place.I parked my van and turned up my radio a little bit and waited.School has just been dismissed not too long after I had arrived.Try as I might I couldn't help but getting a hard-on watching these little girls as they walked by my van.They're plaid jumpers were a total turn-on to me!I resisted the urge to whip out my penis and start masturbating but looking at those young, undeveloped bodies gave me a sense of euphoria that probably only morphine could top!I felt my cock getting hot in my pants when all of a sudden I heard a light knock on the side panel of my passenger side door.

"Hi Deric...Um, could you unlock the door please??".It was my cousin Jenna.I quickly regained my composure and unlocked the door for her and opened it to let her in.She put her backpack into the back of my van and hopped into the front passenger seat.

"Oh..hello Jenna, how are you sweetheart?"

The child giggled."I'm fine but since my mommys sick I feel a little bad that she made you pick me up.

"Don't mention it sweetie, your going to stay with me tonight until mommy picks you up tomorrow, okay?"The little girl became delighted."Yippie, we'll have fun, right?" she shouted with glee."Sure we will" I replied and gently patted the little girl on the head and pulled out to begin the drive home.The way back was uneventful and the little eight year old and I engaged in talk about school and what we were doing.Since it was a 15 minute ride back to my place we had plenty of time to chat.On the one street we came to a stop light.

"This light takes forever" I said with a hint of disdain in my voice.The little girl simply nodded and stared ahead with the cutest little smile on her beautiful face.While at the light I couldn't help but looking at her body.Her school uniform was making me hard as a rock!She was wearing a white blouse with long sleeves and a black plaid jumper that extended to about mid-thigh with black knee socks and black shoes.She didn't seem to notice how lustfully I was looking at her when I heard a car horn behind me.


Both Jenna and I jumped.The light must have turned green when I was eyeing up my little jellybean.I quickly regained my senses and slammed on the gas.Jenna was laughing at what had happened and asked why I didn't go when the light was green.

"Um, uh, I was just distracted by something, nothing much."That was all I could get out of myself as we pulled in front of my apartment building.She put her backpack on before she squealed-

"uw, uw...could you give me piggy back ride, Deric? she begged as she jumped up and down.I could see her skirt bounce up and down as well which made my cock swell a little more."Sure", I responded.I crouched down and let the little girl climb onto my back.I opened up the door and we climbed the three flights up to my apartment.Her 75 pound frame certainly didn't help but feeling her soft skin against mine made me swell even larger.Luckily for me I was wearing loose boxers and equally loose jeans so she didn't notice a thing.I unlocked the door to my apartment and I carried her inside and let her down.

"So...can I offer you something to eat or drink?" I asked while at the same time eyeing up her cute little behind.

"Um, no thanks but can I watch TV on the couch?"

"Sure thing sweetie, I'll join you in a sec." I said as I hurried into the bathroom while she sat on the end of my couch.

I locked the door behind me and stood in front of the mirror."Okay, calm down.Why am I having these urges for her?SHE EIGHT YEARS OLD!God, I'm over three times her age, what am I thinking?"I thought to myself.Still, as much as I tried to shake the feeling off the child was just so beautiful, that coupled with my tendency to be "attracted" towards children and I found my urge to fuck the girl's brains out almost irresistable.Her skin was so subtle and soft, her body still undeveloped and totally the kind that a child would possess.My hard on boiled in my pants.What was I going to do?

I didn't know it at the time but meanwhile in the living room the little girl had gotten off of the couch and went over to my video collection to inspect what I had.Unfortunetly, a majority of these videos were pornography related and it wasn't long before Jenna realized there was a VCR.She picked up a random video and read the title label "Guys on Blondes Volume 5".She, not having any knowledge of the connotations of the title, slipped the tape into the VCR and pressed the play button and sat back down while the video started.

It must have been a good 10 or 15 minutes I spent in the bathroom before I finally calmed back down again and regained my composure.I knew I would have to spend at least the next 24 hours with this child and that I had to do my best to not show any signs of my "feelings" for her.As I unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out into the living room that was about to change!Jenna was sitting on the edge of the couch, wided eyed and mouth open, with her hands of her knees as she watched a gay with an enormous pecker fucking the brains out of some hit, big-titted blonde.I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE VIDEOS!

"Um, um, what are that man and lady doing?" Jenna asked me, pointing to the screen and turning her head towards me.

I was speechless for a moment and then quickly ran over to the VCR and hit the stop button and immedietly turned off the power button on the TV as quickly as I could.

"Jenna, what do you think you are trying to watch?" I angrily protested.

"I...I'm sorry...I went to see the videos you and I just picked this one up and put it in" she said pointing to the VCR.

"Jenna, only grown-ups are supposed to watch those kinds of videos, your eight years old.I know you didn't know any better but don't touch those videos again do you understand me?"

"Yes" she replied "but what were the man and lady doing in the video?It looked fun!"

I was stunned by her question!She had no knowledge of what sex was at her tender age and I had to explain it to her.I was in a most awkward position and well, she would soon be too, heh heh.Anyways, I sat down next to her and calmed myself down.We faced each other.

"Well Jenna, you see, sometimes when two people really like each other alot they do things that help them to express their feelings, um, physically.It's called sex and..."

She suddenly interupted.

"Deric, that man had a big wee wee, do you have a wee wee like that" she asked and then giggled, waiting if I responded.

"Well, I, uhh...".She then interupted again.

"Have you done those things with a lady?" she asked.

"THATS NONE OF YOUR BUSIN..." I angrily replied but once again she cut me off.

"Um, Deric, will you do those things to me?They look fun to do!Can ya?Plllleeeaaasseee!

I was shocked and totally caught off guard by the eight year old's request!

In my mind I knew this was my chance!This was my chance to fulfill my desire to make out with a child and AT HER REQUEST!I knew it was wrong and not to mention illegal to do such an illicit act with such a young innocent little girl but I was so horny and hard at this point that I was quickly losing my control and will to stop.I put my hands of the child's shoulders and looker her straight in the eyes.

"Jenna, I...I'll do it with you BUT you must promise not to tell ANYONE aobut this, okay?I can go to jail!Please, don't tell mommy, don't tell your friends, not anyone!This is just between you and me okay?"

She smiled brightly and suddenly beamed with delight and clasped her hands."I promise, I won't tell anyone, pleaaaassseee can we do it now?"

"Yes but I must tell you Jenna" I said gently, "it may hurt when I put my wee wee in you!'ll feel better after a few minutes"

"Um...I don't mind!" the sweet girl replied."Show me how to do sex."

"Alright...I really think your gonna like this" I said as I gently stroked her soft hair.She smiled gently and nodded in agreement.I then gently moved my hands up under her skirt and began to stroke up and down her thin legs.Her skin felt so soft in my hands as I slowly caressed them.I slowly lifted up her skirt in the front to expose her white cotton panties.I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the side and stood up to remove my jeans.I quickly got them down past my knees and threw them aside along with my shoes and socks.All that I was wearing now were my boxers.

"Come onnnnn, I wanna see your wee wee" the child protested.

I simply nodded and immedietly pulled off my boxers and threw them to the side with the rest of my clothing.I was as hard as a rock...a solid seven and a half inches of throbbing man-meat!

"Wowwwwwww" Jenna replied as she gently poked at my member with her finger."Hehehehehehe, it feels funny".

"Well, tell you what, I want you to suck on my wee wee like you would suck on a lollipop, can you do that sweetheart?"

Jenna nodded and proceeded to sit on the edge of the couch while I stood in front of her.She opened up her mouth wide and put her small hand around the base of my warm, throbbing penis but her hands were so small she couldn't fit around the flesh pole so she simply closed her eyes and put her mouth over the head of my rod.I let out a loud grunt of relief as my fantasy was coming to fruition!I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly guided her head down the length of my cock.She quickly caught on and began to suck on her own accord.Her little tongue tickled every inch of my member as the eight year old went up and down my shaft.I felt like blowing my load deep into her throat but did my best to hold it in as she began to speed up.Occasionally she would glance into my eyes and then back to my member as she furiously began to suck me off unlike any way I had ever been blown before!She was now fully engaged in the act and was doing it like a seasoned pro!I could feel her warm saliva running down my shaft as she worked her tongue around my inches.I put my head back and stared at the ceiling for what seemed like an eternity as the child began to jerk the base of my penis with her hand while she continued to suck on my man meat!I looked down at her and gently stroked her beatufiul brown hair as she saliva dripped from her chin and onto the carpet.She then proceeded to lick and suck on my ball sacks while she jacked me off at the same time.The pleasure was simply unbelievable!This went on for a good ten minutes until the pressure in my cock felt like it was going to cause me to blow at any minute!

"Jenna, please stop" I said after now just enjoying the best blowjob of my entire life!

"What is it?", the little girl inquired.She wiped the saliva off her mouth and chin with the sleave of her blouse.

I got down on my knees and I took her by the hands and stood her up so we were at eye level.My cock was sticky from her saliva and throbbing like crazy but I became lost in the third-graders eyes.I suddenly pried open her jaw with my right hand and thrust my tongue into her mouth.I heard her try to say something but her voice was muffled as I explored her mouth.She seemed frantic and tried to wriggle away at first but she calmed down and wrapped her arms around me.She soon caught on and put her tongue in my mouth as well.This was un-fucking believable!I couldn't believe this was happening!The thought of fucking her caused me to kiss her even more passionetly as I wrapped my arms more tightly around her and embraced her in the kiss for several long minutes but thay felt as if they were an eternity of bliss.We exchanged saliva but we both became so lost in our actions that we didn't seem to care what was going on.

My hand seemed to gain a life of it's own as we kissed and I placed it under the child's skirt and began to gently rub her pre-adolescent cunt by placing finger between her cunt and her panties.An electric shick ripped through her body as she let out a muffled moan as we continued kissing.She began to get weak in the knees and she was starting to buckle as I continued massaging her clit.She was starting to become wet with her juices and her breating and moanings were becoming heavier with every time I rub her little slit.I broke off the kiss and she fell back onto the couch.Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

"So *huff, huff*, did you like that my little sweetie"? I asked while trying to catch my breath.

She was breating so heavily she could barely respond, "Yes, *huff* can we *huff, huff* do more?"

"OH HELL YES!" I responded excitedly and I spread the child's legs out and proceeded to quickly work her panties dpwn her legs.I took them off and hurled them in with my clothes.I was all for her cunt now and I was determined to get all I could!I lifted the second-graders' legs in the air and stayed on my knees while Jenna sat back on the couch.Her cunt was hairless and was merely a tiny slit between the eight year old's legs.I proceeded to take my hand and part her pussy lips while my other hand stroked her right leg down to her knee socks.Without hesitation I thrust my tongue into the girl's cunt.She gasped deeply for air as I began to eat the child out!She arched her back and moaned deeply as my tongue explored every area of her virgin pussy.Her juices flowed into my mouth and tasted oh so sweet!I swallowed them hastily and began to lick her cunt in a circular motion bringing her to near climax.I stopped short of bringing her to the edge of orgasm and instead proceeded to stick my middle finger into her pussy while I continue eating her out.

"OH GOD!" she shouted!"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she shouted.It was clear she was about to have her first orgasm so I speeded up my tongue motions and thrust it even deeper into her cunt while fingering her faster.She wriggled violently from the pleasure of it all!"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she moaned as she squirted out large amounts of sweet love juice.She had her first orgasm and it was clear neither us wanted to stop!Her juices had seeped onto the couch and was all over my mouth but I simply leaned over the girl and kissed her deeply once more.She proceeded to wrap her arms around my neck and follow in suite.While we were doing this I realized that her cunt was just BEGGING for my penis!

"OH GOD!Jenna, you were so good" I said after we broke our kiss."Now this may hurt a bit but this is the best part, okay?"

"I know what your gonna do" replied my little schoolgirl, "please don't stop!"

With this said I spread her legs out a bit and she partially locked them around my back.I then mounted her as she sat back on the couch and alligned my penis with her wet pussy.It was so small and cute!Eating it out was great but I knew fucking it was gonna be a dream come true!I slowly guided my head into her pussy being careful not to go to fast in order to avoid giving Jenna to much discomfort.Her cunt muscles greedily swallowed up my head as she moaned loudly.I then grabbed her ankles and one of her shoes fell off and fell to the ground.I pulled her legs back close to her shoulders and held them there while I slowly worked an additional three inches of my prick into the child.Suddenly I reached her hymen!I became nervous but I closed by eyes and thrust home as hard as I could and burst through the girl's cherry!

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! was all I heard from Jenna as she wrapped her arms around me and started crying."IT HURTS, OWWWW" she whined!

"Sssshhhhhhhh,it's okay sweetheart, its okay, just relax because the hard parts over" I whispered into her ear.

I could feel her warm blood seeping down my penis and I watched it momentarily as it began to seep out of her little cunt and dripped onto the couch.

"Why am I bleeding down there?" she asked, her cheeks stained with tears.

I gently brushed her tears away wiht my hand and smiled at her, "It's very normal to bleed during the first time, trust me, don't be frightened".She seemed reassured and sat back against the couch again and had stopped crying.At this point I began to work my dick in and out of her.First only about an inch or so with each thrust so I could help loosen her up and get her used to my pole's intrusion.After a few monutes of this I started to not only go deeper but speed up my thrusts into her cunt.She began to moan and whimper again as I held her legs back and fucked her like a wild animal.

"God Deric" she shouted."!" was all she could get out of her mouth as she moaned from what was quickly becoming very rough man to child sex.I did as she requested and thrust all 7 1/2 inches of my member deep into her little 75 pound frame.I was unrelenting in my fucking!Her eyes were closed tight and she was moaning more frequently and more intensely than ever before as I felt and heard out skin slapping up against each other.My balls slammed back and forth onto her cunt as I continued slamming my entire manhood into the second grader.Her cunt muscles were unimaginably tight almost as if they were a human flesh vice taking in every last centimeter of rod I had!I could feel her insides as I got to the bottom of my hilt at every thrust and then finally I felt it!I was about to blow!!

"Oh God Jenna!", "I...I...uuuuuhhhhhh" was all I could make out as load after load of my hot white semen gushed into her cunt.I shot load after load into her body!It must have been a good several ounces because I filled up her cunt with so much cum that is just poured out in gobs.It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had!

"Ewwwwwwwwww...whats that white stuff you put in me?" Jenna inquired.

At this point I was no longer listening and I let her legs down and I cummed all over her body from her knee socks to the whole length of her legs, all over her torso, and finally I stood over her face and unleashed load after steamy load onto her face and hair.I forced open her mouth with my hand and shot a good 9 or 10 shots worth down her throat causing her to nearly choke.

At this I told her to swallow my semen and she did so with haste in order to avoid choking.She sat up straight and began coughing heavily.I hugged her close to me as she coughed up and then let some of my cum run down her chin and onto her skirt.

"Are you alright?" I asked.At this point I was concerned as to whether or not I dind't traumatize her but she seemed happy about the whole experience!

"I love what you did" she exclaimed happily!My cum glistened on her cute plum little face.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that" I responded and then pushed her gently back against the couch again.This time I lifted up her jumper and threw it to the side.I hastily unbuttoned her blouse and did likewise.She was totally flat-chested, like most any eight year old would be.Her nipples were pinkish and perfectly round.She patted me on the head and giggled and I smiled back at her.At this time I began kissing her torso and licking and swallowing some of my semen from off of her body.She seemed shocked by this by the look on her face but didn't bother to say anything.I slowly kissed my way up to her breasts and began to suck her left titty open while I fondled the left one with my right hand.She gasped and held onto my head as I continued sucking on her small undeveloped breast.I licked it is concentric circles and bit gently on her nipple as she yet out small yelps ever time I did so.After sucking on her nipple for awhile I switched breats and began fondling her right breast while working for left breast with my tongue.

I glanced at the was a bit past 4:30 in the afternoon and I have realized we have been doing this for nearly one and a half hours.To me time did not seem to be an issue as I lost myself with Jenna.I simply found giving pleasure to her by nibbling on her breasts to be such a turn on.I began to jack off while I did this and brought myself to yet another orgasm although it was far less dramatic than the one I had induced while fucking Jenna's cunt.I then stopped sucking on the child's titties and knelt upright.

"I'll be right back my little cutie" I teased as I went to the bathroom.

I looked back at the horny little eight year old and realized she was pleasuring herself with her finger in an attempt to give herself pleasure.

"Don't worry, I'm not done yet" I said.

"YIPPIE", she shouted!"I thought we were gonna stop!" the child exclaimed!

I came out of the bathroom with a tube of KY Jelly and still sporting a full erection.

"Nope, just one final thing" I said.

The little girl kicked off her other shoe and rolled down her black knee socks.She then stepped out of her plaid skirt so we were both now completely nude.

"What are we gonna do now?" she asked with a big cum-splashed smile on her face.

"I'm gonna do you in your butt-hole now!" I replied in triumph!

She gasped and put her hand over he mouth!"Won't that hurt a whole lot more than when you stuck your thing in down there?" she asked.At this point she was clearly a little more frightened.

"Thats why I got this lubricant that will help make it go in easier" I replied."Don't worry, let me do the work".

"Okay, but please be gentle if your gonna stick your wee wee in my butt" she cutely responded.

"I will sweetness...I will" I answered gently.

At this point I had squeezed a giant gob of the lubricant from the tube and generously rubbed it onto my penis.I then picked up Jenna and got her on all fours.I generously placed an even bigger gob of the KY onto my fingers and generously applied it onto her asshole.

I knew at this point I would have to be careful not to cause he injurt.I gently grabbed the small child by the waist and placed by dick at the entrance of her asshole.Even with a half bottle of lubricant is was STILL tight.I took left hand and worked it slowly into her asshole causing it to widen under my increasing pressure.Jenna grabbed a nearby pillow and was biting on it to keep herself from screaming anymore.

I seen the distress she was in and once again reassured her that it would be okay.She kept her eyes closed tight and bit down hard as I managed to tightly squeeze the first two inches of my piece into her tight asshole.I gently about 5 inches of my penis in but decided that for her sake I would go no further.I let it rest there for a moment so that she would get accustomed to it.

"You ready for it, Jen?" I asked.

Her eyes still shut tight and her teeth and hands clamped tightly onto the pillow she simply nodded her head quickly.

"Alright then" I said softly as I stroked her hair.I began to thrust my penis in and out of her tight little butthole.Each thrust was incredibly hard to accomplish and was at least twice as hard as fucking her cunt.For the first 20 or 30 thrusts my penis had a hard time going in or out but soon her hole widened far enough to allowed me two or three thrusts a second.I began to fuck her ass as hard as I could.Passions were flaring so high that I was nearly out of my mind.Suddenly, without even thinking I thrust in all the way up to the hilt and the little girl shook violently under the intense pain and brutality of my anal assault.Once again I began cumming like an ox!I moaned loudly with delight as the little girl could not take it anymore and let go of the pillow and started crying loudly as I pumped deeply into her asshole.At the same time I was depositing my hot steamy load into her intestines and this was one sex act she wasn't enjoying at all.I didn't want to stop but I couldn't bare watching her crying out in pain so I withdrew my penis from her widened asshole and shot my load onto her asscheeks and onto her back.

We were both spent by this time!She simply stared at the ceiling while I went into my room and got two pillows, some sheets, and a blanket and we cuddled up together.We fell asleep having both enjoyed a hot and heavy fuck that neither of us would soon forget!!!

***********THATS ALL FOLKS*****************************

Hope you liked my first pornographic fiction story!I'm sure many a man will get his load of to this one!Be sure to keep a lookout for Parts 2 and 3 for more of the same old crap that I'm writing about!Any ideas for the next stories or ways I can add onto this one are greatly appreciated!-The Jackal

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