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Kim was the Sweetest Little Girl

by David

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

I'm a pretty normal 30 year old male. I have never done anything sick or perverted before. I never wanted to. That is until my sweet little, ten year old niece came over for the weekend.

Kim was the sweetest little girl you would ever want to meet. She is small and blonde with puberty just beginning to hit her. She has beautiful blue eyes and a pert little mouth and nose. When she was younger, I used to tell her that she was so cute I could just eat her up. And I meant it.

My wife's sister's husband brought Kim and Patty her 14 year old girlfriend over before he and his wife went away for the weekend. I took the two of them and my wife to the beach. My wife made a picnic and we ate but (the whole time) I couldn't keep my eyes off of little Kim and her friend.

The end of the day finally came and we decided to leave the beach. We packed everything up, and headed for home. Cathy wanted to drive so I sat in the passengers seat in the front. Patty and Kim climbed in the rear seat, Patty sitting behind me and Kim sitting behind Cathy. As we drove to the girls' house to drop off Patty, I would periodically look into the rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of Kim. Each time I did, she would be looking at me with a smile. I could feel my cock getting stiff. We had all been in the sun all day but I couldn't tell if I was hot because of that or because of sweet little 10 year old Kim.

When we got to their house, Patty jumped out grabbing her beach bag, shut the rear door, then leaned in my window a little to thank Cathy and me for a good time. As she did, the front of her blouse fell away from her body. I could see down the top of her blouse. She must of removed her suit top at the beach while I was packing the car because both of her breasts were staring me right in the face. They were incredible! They were so firm and her skin looked so soft. I could see the complete nipple of her right breast. God how I wanted to just reach a few inches to fondle it with my hand and caress it with my mouth and tongue. She looked fantastic!

My cock was pounding. I had to keep myself turned and my legs crossed to try and hide it. As she started to pull away from the window, she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek then smiled and said "thanks". I almost lost it. I wanted to reach over and pull her inside and make love to that 14 year old right then and there!

When she turned to walk toward the house, I was staring at the most beautiful legs and ass I had ever seen. They were so perfect. She was a knockout! God I wanted her!

We got to our apartment and unpacked the car. The three of us were hot and sweaty. I started the grill while the girls did the unpacking. By the time we ate and cleaned up it was about 6:30 in the evening. I decided to jump in the shower before them figuring if I didn't, it could be hours by the time they finished using the bathroom.

When I came out of the shower, I was too sunburned and hot to get dressed so I threw on a pair of thin nylon jogging shorts, grabbed a cold soda, turned the tv on, then plopped my ass down on the couch to relax.

I could overhear Cathy and Kim in the bedroom whispering about something but I didn't really pay any attention to what they were saying. Cathy took a quick shower then put a nightgown on and went into the kitchen to do something while Kim took a shower. I went in the kitchen to talk to Cathy about plans we had made for the following day.

We started talking, when she suddenly started laughing about something. I said "what the heck's so funny"? She said "don't you dare tell Kim I told you this" then she said "didn't you hear us whispering in the bedroom"? I said "yea, but I didn't pay attention". She continued, "Kim didn't have anything to wear to sleep in tonight so I gave

her a pair of my underwear and a nightgown to wear". I said "yea"? "She was worried you would see her boobs" she said as she again laughed. "I told her not to worry, that you wouldn't look. She's only 10 and she's thinking about stuff like that already". We both chuckled about it together then I said "ok I won't look at or say anything to her".

Just then, the phone rang. Cathy picked it up and I went back into the living room. A few moments later, Kim came through and went into the bedroom, took a pillow off the bed, came back out, and threw it on the smaller couch across from where I was sitting then laid down on her side facing me. As always, she was smiling. I said "do you feel better after that shower"? She said "yea, a lot better".

She was wearing the nightgown Cathy had given her. It was a sheer light blue satiny material, sleeveless with a little strip of white lace around the neckline and bottom edge. When Cathy wore it, her boobs would really stick out and it would just about reach her crotch. Kim looked so cute in it. It went down to about half way between her hip and knee. The front neckline was really low on her. The blue material brought out the deep blue in her eyes. Surrounded with the blonde hair, she looked like a little angel from heaven.

My cock was starting to swell again. With little holding it down, I quickly crossed my legs and put them up on the coffee table and grabbed a pillow from the couch to help hide it. Needless to say, I was getting excited!

Cathy came into the living room and said "Becky's on the phone. She's suppose to go do a lingerie party tonight but she's sick and wants to know if I would go do it for her. Would you mind if I went? I should be home by midnight". Then she looked at Kim and said "do you mind? I'll make it up to you next weekend". Kim said "no, it's all right".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Cathy was about to go out for three or four hours and leave me there alone with the cutest little thing I had ever seen. My cock was throbbing, my heart started pounding like a freight train and I had to try and stay calm or at least look it. Like a dummy I said "are you sure you want to go. Aren't you tired"? Then I asked myself "what the hell are you saying"? She said "No, I'm ok, besides I owe Becky the favor". I then quickly said "ok, I don't mind". She hung up the phone, went and got changed, then gave both me and Kim a kiss and left. A few minutes later, I heard the car pull out of the driveway.

Kim was reading a magazine so I quickly got up and went into the kitchen so she couldn't see my bulging cock. I took a drink of water then called out and said "do you want a soda"? She said "no thanks". I took a few minutes to calm down then grabbed a soda for myself and went and sat back down. As I looked over at her, she was putting the magazine down on the coffee table. I said "why don't you put the pillow over there so you can watch the tv". I was pointing to the other end of the couch I was sitting on.

I didn't even finish saying it before she jumped up and moved over to the couch I was on. She threw the pillow down and laid with her head at the other end of the couch. Her knees were slightly bent so she could put her feet down next to my thigh. She pulled the nightgown down to cover her legs, as far as it would go as she looked at me, shyly smiling. The nightgown had just made it over the edge of her cute little knees.

There I was, with this adorable little ten year old laying down half naked, just to my right. My body temperature must of shot up about 10 degrees when I felt the heat from her feet touched my naked thigh. I quickly grabbed the pillow I had before, to cover up what the thin nylon shorts I had on, weren't able to hide.

I looked down at her and said "you can put your feet up on my lap if you want". She repositioned herself a little, then lifted them up and placed them on my lap, almost touching my aching cock. I gently put both of my hands on her feet and massaged them a little. She smiled at me then turned back towards the tv, closed her eyes, and seemed to really relax.

I was having all I could do to control myself! I slowly started to gently rub her ankles and the front and back of her lower calfs. She was so soft and her flesh was so hot! My left hand softly rubbed her feet while my right hand slowly moved a little higher up her calfs. I couldn't seem to be able to control myself. My mind was trying to say no but my hands and eyes were saying yes!

As my right hand reached the back of her knees, I gently lifted the bottom edge of her nightgown above them. I ever so slowly and so softly started to touch the backs of her knees. She jerked her legs away for a moment, looked up at me and said "that tickles". Then she put them back down exactly like they had been. I looked down at her and said "I'm sorry, I'll try not to tickle you". Then I started to gently rub the backs of her knees again.

As I looked down and saw her lying on her right side, her blonde hair was shinning in the dim light of a lamp mounted on the distant wall. The only other light in the room was coming from the tv on the floor across the room. I looked at her legs just above where my hand was. I could see the fine blonde hair on the backs of them. She was so young and so beautiful.

My hand started to slowly caress the backs of her thighs. I was getting real nervous, afraid I would scare her. She just lied there still and relaxed. Her leg muscles were soft not tense. My hand slowly made its way up to the bottom edge of her undies. I was in heaven. I couldn't believe how fantastic she felt! My finger tips were caressing every single inch of the backs of her legs slowly and lovingly. I gently picked up the nightgown and raised it up above her hip, just below her waist. She looked up at me as I whispered "you're not wearing those cute little fish". Then smiling at her, I said "you still look cute and sexy though". She smiled and giggled.

Riiiing.... The damn phone rang and scared the hell out of both of us. We both jumped! I immediately got up, forgetting I had the biggest hard on pushing my shorts out like there was no tomorrow. I quickly ran into the kitchen to answer it. It was my brother-in-law. I wanted to kill him right then and there. "What are you doing" he said. "Nothing at the moment" I barked. "What's up. What do you want" I asked? He wanted to borrow my scuba gear the next day so I said ok and hung up. Man was I pissed. Here I am dying from near ecstasy and this "jackass" who never, ever calls, decides to call me tonight of all nights! I couldn't believe it.

As I went back in the living room and sat down, I noticed Kim had pulled her nightgown back down to just below her knees and had tucked it in between them to keep it from rising up. "Was that Cathy" she asked? "No, my idiot brother-in-law" I replied.

I looked over at her and thought I must have scared her, looking at the way she had tucked the nightgown between her knees. After a few moments of silence, I again looked at her and whispered "come here, I have to tell you something". She jumped up on her knees, right next to me and leaned her ear towards me as if I was going to whisper in it. My right hand gently reached up and pulled the shimmering soft hair off her shoulder away from her face as I leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You are adorable" I softly whispered. A big grin came across her face. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek again this time cradling her other cheek in my left hand.

I kissed her cheek two or three times then started kissing and nibbling on her ear as I whispered "you have the daintiest ears, the softest and warmest skin I've ever felt". She giggled a little and smiled. My left hand started turning her face towards mine. I looked into her gorgeous deep blue eyes and said "you are incredible". Then my lips found their way to her nose, forehead, and finally her lips. I was just barely touching her lips with mine while my left hand was caressing her right cheek and neck. I was going over the edge.

I couldn't of stopped kissing this little girl if I wanted to. She was so soft and warm. My lips kissed her top lip gently then her bottom lip ever so slowly. When my tongue started to look for her lips, it was met with an incredible surprise. The soft moist warmth of her tongue greeted it. I couldn't believe this! Her mouth was opening and her tongue was inviting mine in. I was again in heaven. We started gently swirling the tips of our tongues together. My finger tips were gently rubbing her neck and right arm. My tongue was being pulled all the way into her mouth by hers. This little ten year old was getting hot and so was I!

As our tongues intermingled, my left hand went slowly down her right arm, caressing it as it did. Her skin was like silk. As my fingers found her hand, she gently squeezed them. I lifted her hand to my face and started kissing each of her fingers. I looked down at her and whispered "I adore you". She looked up at me, smiled, and gave me a peck on the cheek. I slowly pulled away, and moved back to where I was sitting before this all started. She slowly moved back down to her pillow again.

My cock was almost ripping right through the nylon of my shorts. I couldn't think or didn't want to. I don't know which. This little girl had me and didn't know it. My right hand started to fondle her calfs again. Slowly, it made its way upward to the back of her knees. I stopped there for a moment and tickled the backs of them. She giggled a little and smiled. Then my hand started to slowly move its way up the back of those ever so soft, ever so smooth, and ever so warm little legs until it reached the bottom of her undies. I looked down at her and whispered "you've got the cutest little rear end". She looked at me and smiled.

My hand went up over her undies and started to gently caress that cute little ass. I was still a little nervous about frightening her. My fingers ever so gently, started to caress each cheek and the backs of her upper legs. After a few moments, they were following the crack in between those adorable little ass cheeks. She just stayed there, on her side, smiling, not moving, not in the least bit tense. One of my fingers gently found its way under the edge of her undies and my whole hand followed it. It began caressing the hot, soft, smooth flesh of those little buns, hips, and legs. My finger followed the soft little curve of the crack in her ass downward to its end until it met with an unbelievable surprise! Her little pussy slit was soaking wet! At feeling this, my hand slowly withdrew itself. I couldn't believe a little ten year old could be this wet!

My right hand came back down to the back of her left knee as my head leaned downward until my lips found her knee top. My left hand started to move slowly up along her shins until its finger tips found where her two knees met. I had absolutely no control at this point. I wasn't thinking, I was just doing. I kissed her knee and calf a little as the fingers of my left hand tried to gently persuade her knees to open. My right hand was again caressing the bare skin of that unbelievable little ass.

I stopped kissing her for a moment, looked up at her and whispered "don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Open your legs a little". As I finished saying it, my fingers again tried to persuade hers knees to move. This time they were met with delight! Her upper knee started to move up, away from the lower one. I started kissing, first the front and top, then the inside of her upper knee as my left hand started to caress the inside of her lower knee and lower thigh. I looked up at her for a moment and she was smiling, enjoying it.

My mouth and tongue started to move down the inside of her upper thigh as my left hand made its way up the inside of her lower thigh. God this little girl was soft and warm! The finger tips of my left hand found the edge of her underwear while my mouth and tongue started kissing the insides of both her thighs, moving ever so closer to that ever so wonderful prize. My right hand was cradling that soft warm little ass. The fingers of my left hand started to gently rub the satiny material of her undies up and down, along the crease of that exquisite little slit of joy. I was in another world!

I could feel the material of her undies getting wetter and wetter. My finger carefully slid its way under the edge of her undies and found its way to that wonderful little slit. It slipped inside about and inch then quickly pulled itself out. I couldn't believe how easy it went in! I looked up at her again to see if she was frightened. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing heavy. I raised my head up away from her as my right hand came out from under her undies and started to slide them down off that unbelievable little ass. I closed her legs for a moment as both my hands worked together to gently remove her covering.

I looked down at that adorable little face and found her eyes still closed and that wonderful smile. I had lifted the nightgown above her hips up to about her waist. My left hand slipped two fingers under the upper edge of her undies while my right hand did the same to the lower edge. My eyes watched her as my hands did the deed. I pulled the undies very carefully and slowly downward until that beautiful little ass was fully exposed.

I leaned over and began to softly kiss those adorable little buns as my hands continued with their task. My mouth and tongue were ecstatic with joy! I kissed downward along the backs of her legs as my hands pulled the undies towards their goal. When my hands reached her ankles, she surprised me by lifting her legs up and apart, as if to aid me in this marvelous attempt. I was dumbfounded but continued.

As I dropped her underwear on the floor, I slipped off the couch on my knees and moved toward her. I marveled at the sight of her. She was lying on her right side with her knees together, naked up to her waist where I had carefully placed the bottom edge of the nightgown. Her knees were bent slightly preventing me from getting a good view of her most precious offering. My eyes followed the edges of those beautiful little legs, hip, and ass cheeks. Her bellybutton was an "inner", so soft and sexy looking. I looked over at her angelic face. Her eyes were closed, her golden hair draped over her left shoulder. She was still breathing heavy. I noticed how flush her face was and I could see tiny beads of sweat on her eyebrows and around her lips. I slowly leaned over and started to kiss and lick the beads of sweat from her lips as my right hand again started to caress the back of her upper leg while at the same time moving upward until it found the warmth and softness of that little rear.

Her head turned slightly causing me to open my eyes and pull away a little. I was looking into those deep blue eyes. As I did so, I whispered "let's go get comfortable" as my right hand started to move under her knees. She just kept staring into my eyes and didn't say a word. My left hand started to reach under her neck as her arms reached upward and around the back of my neck. I slowly stood up, cradling this wonderful little angel in my arms. I looked down at her and could now see the upper end of her wonderful little slit tucked away in between the safety of those beautiful little legs. I looked back into her eyes and whispered "I want you", then carried her into the bedroom.

As I walked towards the edge of the king-sized bed holding this sweet little ten year old angel in my arms, my knees began to shake. I couldn't believe this was happening. I sat down on the edge of the bed closest to the bedroom door. Carrying her in, cradled in my arms the way I did, unknowingly caused her nightgown to rise up above that cute little rear end of hers. When the warmth and softness of that incredible little ass touched my bare skin it shot through me like wildfire going through sagebrush! My cock got so hard I thought it was going to explode! Her right hip was up against it so I knew she could feel it. I was afraid it would frighten her but there was nothing I could do about it.

I sat there just hugging her for a moment with my left arm around her back and left side while my right hand was gently on her knees. The top of her head was just touching the bottom of my chin as her face was looking downward shyly. I kissed the top of her head and whispered "Kim, you are beautiful". My right hand slowly moved up along the outside of her left hip savoring the warmth and softness of her young skin. I found her left hand and guided it up to my lips where I slowly kissed each finger again. Then my right hand found her chin and slowly raised it towards me until I could see that adorable little face.

As her eyes met mine she smiled but didn't utter a sound. I gently kissed her forehead several times then her nose and whispered "gosh, you have a cute little nose". She giggled. I started kissing her right cheek. As my lips began moving towards hers, my right hand started gently caressing her left cheek and neck. At first, I barely touched her lips with mine. I was mesmerized by this little girl. Never have I been so controlled by anyone or anything as I was at that moment by her.

I slowly and very gently kissed her lips, first the top one, then the bottom one. As my tongue began to search between her lips it was again met by her tongue. I gently touched the tip of it with mine and slowly moved about it in circles. Then I stopped and started kissing her lips again. When I did, she stopped and pulled away for a moment causing me to open my eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes were staring into mine curiously. It was as if she was asking me if she did something wrong, as if she was saying "hey, why did you stop, did I do it wrong"? I looked into her eyes, smiled, and whispered "you are incredible"! She smiled, then closed her eyes and moved her mouth towards mine again.

Our lips barely touched before our tongues met and became one. I could feel the heat from her little rear and the backs of her legs against my lap and my whole body began getting real hot. My right hand started slowly moving downward along her left arm, then her hip and along the outside of her left leg until it found her knee. My fingers moved to where her knees met and tried to separate them. At first they resisted. Our tongues were moving around each other more and more now. My fingers again tried to find their way between her knees and this time were allowed in between them. Her skin was so hot and so soft! My hand started to slowly move her left knee away from the other. After about an inch of movement, her knee stopped and hesitated, as if she wasn't sure. I again started to kiss her lips for a moment and then went back to that fantastic little tongue. As I did, her knees began moving farther apart.

My right hand started to slowly and gently caress the inside of her left thigh. My hand could feel the heat flowing from her skin. I then moved it to the inside of her right knee. I gently pulled her knee towards me pressing the outside of her leg firmer against my bulging hard on. I was again going over the edge! As I started to slowly move my hand up along the inside of her thigh I entered another world. God she was soft and warm! I would move my hand up a little then stop and move it back down a little. Each time I moved it upward, I would go a little further up her thigh.

Every few moments I would move my hand to the inside of her outer leg and gently caress it, testing to see if it would stay there. Her legs began to move farther apart, while at the same time, her tongue was really starting to move sensuously about mine. My hand finally went back to the inner thigh of her right leg and moved towards it's goal. My finger finally found its prize! She was soaking wet! I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt! Ever so slowly and ever so gently, I began to move my fingers along that incredible little slit. As I did, her legs started to move even farther apart!

My middle finger found the top of her sweet little slit and slowly started to follow it downward. It gently and slowly followed it along the outside edge just barely touching it. When it got to it's bottom, my hand moved downward and would gently cup her whole cute little ass in it. I would give it a gentle squeeze then slowly release it and start to slide my middle finger back up along that incredulous little slit! After about the third time, my finger found itself starting to enter along the outer edge of that soft warm inviting little tunnel. As it did, her tongue would stop moving and I began to hear her start to make a high pitched sound, almost like a little kitten would make while searching for it's mother. I did this four or five more times before I started to notice the tiny little beads of sweat again beginning to form above her eyebrows and along the edges of her lips.

I gently put my right arm underneath both her legs and bringing them together, turned to my left slowly sliding her from my lap onto the edge of the bed. She looked so cute and so adorable sitting on the edge of the bed like that. The light from the tv in the living room was flickering into the bedroom through the open door. Her blonde hair was shimmering in it's light. I could see the tiny beads of sweat all about her face as she looked up at me flushed. God what a little angel! I took both her cheeks into my hands, leaned over towards her and kissed her nose then her lips. I whispered "I'll be right back, don't go away". She looked up at me and smiled but didn't say a word.

I went into the living room and turned the sound off on the tv but left it on for the light. Then I shut the lamp off and turned the stereo on softly. I then went back into the bedroom.

When I came back in, she was still sitting on the edge of the bed but had pulled her nightgown back down over her knees. I knelt down on the floor next to her and took both her hands into mine. I looked into her eyes and whispered "do you have any idea what you're doing to me? You are my little Lolita". I didn't think she knew the story of Lolita but I didn't care.

My cock was bulging again so I leaned up against the edge of the bed to hide it. I cupped both of her cheeks into my hands and gently started to kiss her lips. In a moment our tongues were swirling around each other again.

I took both of her hands and moved them up to my shoulders as I leaned towards her. Still on my knees, I repositioned myself directly in front of her. My hands moved down to the backs of her calfs where I gently began to caress them. As they moved up behind her knees, they gently moved her legs apart. She offered no resistance this time. I moved forward in between her legs pressing until my cock rested against the edge of the bed. My hands started to move up along the outsides of her knees, up along the soft warm flesh of her outer legs.

Again, my hands would teasingly move upward a little then back downward, each time moving a little higher up her legs. Every few moments I would stop with the tongue and kiss her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, and her lips. Each time, her tongue was waiting to meet mine. I could still see the beads of sweat and the redness in her face even in the dim light of the room. As my hands found their way up to her hips, her breathing became heavier. She started to pull me towards her more using her hands which were now behind my neck.

I slowly reached up behind my head and pried her fingers apart to remove her hold on me. I whispered "lie back on the bed". As my hands guided her body backward onto the bed, her eyes closed. When her head touched the surface of the bed my hands started to slowly remove the nylon shorts I had been wearing. My heart was running like a freight train. I could feel the beads of sweat forming all over my own body as it began to shake. God I was nervous and excited!

When I got my shorts off, I leaned down and began kissing the top of her right knee while gently caressing both sides of her lower leg with both of my hands. As my hands slowly came up the sides of her knee my lips and tongue started to move up the top of her leg a little. Every so often I would stop and start to kiss her other knee and caress her other leg for a while. Once in a while I would pause and look up at her. She was lying back with her head on it's side, her eyes closed and a little smile on her face. Her arms were down by her sides.

As my lips and tongue continued up the inside of her left thigh, my hands would slowly slide her nightgown up a little higher. My lips and tongue were being satisfied beyond belief as they covered every single inch of this little girls skin. She had the finest downlike hair on her legs. Her skin was so soft and so warm, I couldn't stand it! My finger tips were finally caressing both of her hips and had just pushed her nightgown up to about her belly button when it came into full view! It was the most exquisite sight one could imagine!

My whole body started to shake when I saw that beautiful little slit not three inches away from my mouth and tongue. As my tongue started to get closer, her hands touched mine and she squeezed them firmly. I softly whispered "don't be afraid, I won't hurt you". I kissed the top and sides of her hips first just barely letting my lips and tongue touch her flesh. I moved her hands back along her sides in order to free mine up. My hands found their way back down to the insides of her knees. I gently started to raise her knees and move them apart even more as I kissed the inside of her thigh now, only an inch or so away from it. It was so perfectly shaped and not a hair on it! Her little slit was closed but I could see the moisture that had been building, along it's center. You could of shot me right then and there and I wouldn't of known it!

As my hands lifted her knees upward her legs seemed to float by themselves as if they knew what to do and where to go. My mouth went back to the upper inside of her left knee and again started to kiss it moving downward. My left hand was gently caressing the inside of her right thigh. My tongue finally came to it! It slowly started to trace along it's outer edges as my fingers danced their way lightly around the upper backs of both her legs near her sweet little ass. Her knees had moved all the way up and spread her legs far apart as if she had known what to do all along.

The tip of my tongue slowly circled the outer edge of her perfect little slit. Every so often, I would stop at the top of it and ever so gently tickle it's outer edge. When I did, Kim would let out a little high pitched moan. Each time, it drove me crazy! After about the fourth or fifth time, she reached down with both her hands and tried to push my head away. I gently took both her hands in mine, kissed her fingers, then started to move her hands away. I started to move them upwards towards her head. As I did, I began kissing her belly all over, along her sides and inside her belly button. I let go of her hands and started to rub along her sides slowly moving the nightgown upward as I went.

As I started to kiss her up along her belly and moved slowly higher, Kim moved her arms above her head, as if to signal, do whatever you want. My lips were following the bottom edge of her nightgown as my hands continued to move it upward. Soon I was kissing those beautiful little nipples of hers. As my tongue darted around them she started to wiggle a little and moan more. The beads of sweat were building and her head was moving more and more. I finally slipped the nightgown off over her head and looked down at her. Seeing her completely naked spread out like that was absolutely unbelievable!

Her breasts were just starting to develop but her nipples stood straight up when I touched them! I would tickle them with my tongue then suck on them gently. I started going wild kissing her little body. In all the excitement I didn't realize I was off my knees as I had moved up to devour that cute little body. Suddenly the bottom of my cock rubbed against the heat and moisture from her love tunnel. I couldn't believe it! I pressed the bottom of my cock against her hot moist slit. Suddenly, she stopped moving. I became scared again wondering what had happened. Don't tell me she was going to get scared and start crying!

I leaned down and started kissing her cheek and neck. Then I started kissing her ear. She and I were both sweating and breathing hard. I whispered "I adore you with all my heart. I want to make love to you". I waited for a moment but no response of any kind. I then started to lightly and slowly move my hips letting the bottom of my cock again rub gently along her moist hot little tunnel. I kept kissing her all along her neck and shoulders and licking and sucking gently on those firm little nipples. In a few moments she started to moan and her body started to wiggle a little. Her knees moved higher up and apart, even more than they already had been.

I kept gently sucking on her left nipple as I reached down to my cock with my left hand. I slowly started to rub the head of it along that heavenly slit stopping near its top every few moments and concentrating on where I knew that little bud was hiding. Her pussy started getting real wet.

She started moaning a little louder now and began wiggling more. My lips and tongue kept enjoying her little nipples as I gently started to try and put the head of my cock in its rightful place. I finally tried to slip the head of it in but it was still real tight. I thought to myself, "she's wet enough"!. I was still afraid of hurting her but I couldn't stop myself. I quickly moved down her sweaty body, kissing every inch of her as my mouth and tongue moved downward.

My tongue found the beginning of her little slit and I started licking her gently. I would slide my tongue down along the outer edge of her little slit then back up the inner edge. She kept moaning and wriggling. I had to hold the inside of her thighs to control her movement. My tongue finally started entering her. God, she was delicious! The tip of my tongue started moving in and out, just a little at first. I would slip it in a little then move it up and down her slit. After a few times, I was able to slip it further in and it really started to drive her wild. I was starting to have a hard time controlling her movements.

I moved upward and went back to kissing her neck and gently sucking on her nipples. Again I reached down and took my cock in my left hand and started to rub it against her pussy. I placed the head of it against her slit and started to push gently but firmly. The head started to go in this time. When I got it in about an inch, Kim looked up at me and said "it's ok" then closed hers eyes again. I gently moved forward a little more and in it went. She was so tight, so moist, and so hot that I couldn't control myself! I started coming like there was no tomorrow! The cum kept spurting out of me. I started thrusting in and out of her. At one point she was so wet I slipped out of her and spurted a load all over the outside of her slit and on to her stomach!

Kim was wriggling and moaning like crazy by now. We were both sweating and rocking back and forth. I gave another thrust and felt her maidenhead give way. Kimmy jerked a little and we both stopped moving for a moment. I leaned down to her ear and whispered "are you ok"? She didn't answer me. Her eyes stayed closed. She wasn't breathing. I froze.

I felt her arms around my neck and could see the smile, the smile that only this sweet little angel could own. She was trying to wrap her legs around me but couldn't, she was too small. I slowly started moving inside her again. This time I didn't stop. I couldn't. I started thrusting in and out of her without stopping. I could feel the surge coming. I started moving faster and faster. Her little pussy was squeezing so tightly I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Finally I couldn't hold it anymore. I started shooting out cum like I had never known I could. When the first spurt left me, she jerked as she felt it hit her insides. She became so excited I couldn't believe it!

My left hand move up to her right nipple and started massaging it while my mouth and tongue sucked on her left nipple. She kept making what sounded like little squeals as she wriggled beneath me. My mouth moved up to her neck and I started nibbling and kissing it. Then she turned her head to mine and our tongues started working away at each other. All the time I kept thrusting my shaft in and out of her, not ever wanting to stop.

Suddenly, she pulled her tongue away from mine, turned her face away from mine and let out a shriek as her whole body seemed to lift up off the bed! I couldn't believe this! I exploded into her again as her little pussy squeezed the hell out of my burning, throbbing cock! My little 10 year old, this blue eyed blonde, the sweetest little girl I had ever known, was having an orgasm!

I don't know for sure if it was her first, but I knew it was almost my last. I thought I was going to die! After spurting everything that I had left inside of her, I relaxed and slowed down. She was just lying there, her arms spread out over her head, her eyes closed, all sweaty and flushed. Her legs were still up in the air and spread apart. I could feel the swelling go down inside of me as I began to relax a little more. Finally, I slipped out of her. I slowly backed off of her.

The bottom of her belly and her whole little slit and ass were soaked with our juices. I knelt down on the floor with my head between her legs and started to lick every single bit of cum off of her. She just stayed that way and didn't move. Every once in a while she would let out a little moan and a smile. I worked my way up her belly, over her little nipples and up her neck. I softly whispered "I love you". She turned her head, opened her eyes and whispered back "I love you to. I didn't know it would be like that". Then she closed her eyes. I whispered "I'll be right back" and left the room.

A few moments later, I came back into the room with a warm wet washcloth and towel. I gently washed and dried her, helped her slip back into her nightgown, then gave her a kiss on the cheek as she dozed off. I pulled the blankets down and tucked her in then went into the living room and lied down on the couch and fell asleep.

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