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Sitting for Kelli

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

At first I thought `what have a gotten myself into?' I had agreed to babysit for the neighbors whenever they were going out, since I was home alone in the evenings anyway. I had made the mistake of telling Pete and Judith, who lived in the adjacent townhouse, that my wife worked nights and that I spent most evenings watching cable and playing games on the computer. Their eyes had fairly lit up when I said that, and they had immediately asked if I could babysit their two kids from time to time, so they could get out of the house. Ugh. How could I refuse? I'd just told them I did nothing in the evenings, so I could not very well make up an excuse now.

Their boy Jeff was twelve and Kelli, his older sister, was fourteen. Were they sure these kids even needed a babysiter? Kelli certainly looked old enough to take care of Jeff, if he even needed any looking after. Judith was adamant, though - kids should not be left alone. What if someone broke in? What if there was a fire? Fine, fine, I had said, though I had to wonder if someone *did* break in if I would stick around to be of any use.

I arrived at 6:00, just after they had finished dinner. Their place was pretty messy, especially compared to our spotless home (my wife is a neatness fanatic), but I guessed that was due to the presence of the kids. I expected a night of real horror after seeing the disarray around me; `these kids must be monsters,' I thought.

Pete greeted me with a smile. "Say, Hank! We really appreciate this, pal. We're finally going to get out on our own for the first time in, god, how long honey?"

Judith emerged from the kitchen, wearing an evening dress with a plunging neckline. She was a nice looking lady for someone 15 years my senior. "Forever," she said, and smiled at me strangely.

"Yeah, forever. Anyway, we're going to Les Miserables and then a late supper. Midnight too late for you?"

"No, not at all," I said, wincing internally. "My wife gets home about then, so I'll just call her and tell her I may be over here when she gets home."

As I was talking I began to hear some decidedly loud thumps coming from upstairs. Pete noticed me glancing at the ceiling. "Kids!," he yelled up at the stucco, "knock it off and get down here." I heard giggles and more rumbling, then footsteps running down the stairs.

Little Jeff emerged first. He was awfully short for his age, and wiry. He really looked like a much younger kid than he was. But then, Pete looked like a kid too, and he was over 40. Genetics.

Right on Jeff's heels, and tugging on his hair, was Kelli. If jeff had looked half his true age, Kelli looked almost twice hers. I remembered when that film director, Polanski, got in trouble for messing around with a minor and he claimed that he'd thought she was in her twenties. I had taken an `oh, sure' attitude about that, but now I knew what he meant.

Kelli was a lovely girl. She had an hourglass figure, long smooth legs, large breasts for a 14-year-old, and a face that reminded one incredibly of Elizabeth Taylor in `National Velvet.' Or maybe Natalie Wood in some of her younger roles. Her soft brown hair fell in lovely, loose, natural curves all around her neck. And she was very tall for 14 - almost as tall as my wife. If I did not know better, I would have bet she was 19 or 20. She was dressed in a knee-length T-shirt with a picture of a teenage mutant ninje turtle on it, and that combined with the roughouse play she was engaging in with her brother were the only indications that this was a kid.

Pete made the kids stand still and he introduced them to me. I had seen Jeff playing around the complex, but had never met him or even seen Kelli.

"Hi," he said, looking away.

"Hi," Kelli said, looking me right in the eye. Her expression had a kind of boldness to it, but she still looked terribly innocent.

I held that gaze for an uncomfortable moment, then looked up to see that Pete and Judith had already started heading for the door. "You kids be good - mind Mr. Freeman," Judith said, not looking. Pete followed her out the door without a word. They told me nothing about who to call if there was a problem, or any of the stuff I'd thought one would tell a sitter. Pretty neglectfull parents, I thought.

The kids showed it. For the first hour things were rocky. These two just would not calm down. They wrestled, tumbled, and ran over most of the house, and I felt weird telling them to `settle down' and things like that. It made me feel like my father, and hence rather old. I began to see why the place was such a mess. I decided to retire to the TV room and hoped the kids would get tired soon.

I was watching some nudie flick on the Playboy channel, and things got reasonably quiet for a while. Then all of a sudden I head a loud *bang* followed by crying.

I ran into the kitchen and saw Jeff lying next to the undersink cabinet. I felt my heart jump when I saw the blood running down his face. Kelli was standing next to him, looking too innocent and doing nothing to help him.

"Damn!" I said, and hurried to check him out. As it turned out, the cut was very small and looked far worse than it actually was. I glared at Kelli as I was calming Jeff and cleaning the cut with a paper towel.

"I didn't do anything," she said, indignantly.

"Sh-sh-she pushed me down!" Jeff said, sobbing.

"Nuh-uh! Did not!" Her voice was high and frantic. She'd done it, of course.

The kids did that `did not, did too, did not' thing for about a minute until I bellowed for them to shut up. Jeff looked good as new once I got the blood out of his hair. I could not even find the cut anymore. They went running off to do more damage and I cleaned the spatters off the kitchen floor, swearing to myself.

Before I could even get back to the TV room I heard another thump, and more crying. This time it was Kelli who was the victim. Jeff had obviously tripped her as she was running up the wide carpeted stairs. She was laying in a heap on the tile at the foot of the stairs, crying and holding her knee.

`Dr. Hank, call to surgery,' I thought. I sent Jeff to his room, rather angrily, and knelt to examine Kelli's knee. Jeff ran up the stairs sulkily.

I could not help but notice that her long T-shirt had ridden up to her waist, and as I checked out her left knee, my eyes kept wandering to her white cotton panties. Her sobs were subsiding as I ran my hands over her knee - there was no damage that I could see. But I prolonged the moment, my mind reeling madly as I noticed the tiny curls of pubic hair that were peeking around the legbands of her underwear. All of a sudden I was being turned on by this girl - my dick was hardening, my heart was beating faster, I felt my breath coming shallow and quick. I could barely see the folds of her labia, or imagined I could, through that thin white material. My attentions to her knee had caused her legs to spread slightly, and I found myself pushing the knee farther, pretending to look for damage, watching feverishly out the corner of my eye as the edge of her pussy began to barely peak out from the elastic. I began to slide my hand down a bit from her knee, feeling the taut youthfullness of her thigh.

"Ow!" she said, and I looked up. I had spread her legs far enough that she'd felt it. Her face was red with a blush.

"Um, your knee looks OK," I said.

"Thanks," she whispered, then bolted up the stairs. Had she seen me looking at her pussy? I was not sure, but something seemed to have made her react.

Confused and turned on, I returned to the TV room. The Playboy channel was still on, showing some playmate who was golfing in the nude. I switched off the idiotic thing and sat in an easy chair, my mind filled with what had happened.

I was no child molester; that I knew for sure. Kelli's young body had turned me on, but that was natural, wasn't it? And all I had done was look - how could I help myself? The girl was a knockout, though she clearly did not know it. I mean, to have ignored that pretty little cunt when it was staring me in the face would have been inhuman.

Wouldn't it?

My dick would not soften. I tried to think of mundane things like work and gardening, but no matter how hard I tried, my thoughts ran back to Kelli's thighs, Kelli's pussy, Kelli's little hands wrapped around my cock shaft, the sheer madness of sinking my prick, centemeter by centemeter into that tight little quim. Oh god, this was insanity - how could I get ths girl out of my head?

I turned the Playboy channel back on - they were showing a softened version of some porno film. I took out my cock and began to beat off feverishly. I turned the sound down so I'd be sure to hear if the kids came downstairs. I shot off in about a dozen strokes, pouring my sperm into a paper napkin that was sitting on the endtable.

In the days that followed I found myself becoming increasingly obsessed with Kelli, thinking almost constantly about that moment at the foot of the stairs. Sometimes I could almost convince myself that I had reached down and stroked her pussy though her panties with my fingertips. Other times I imagined ripping through that thin cotton material and sinking my tongue into her tight hole. All of it was buttshit, all of it drove me crazy.

I was almost too quick to agree with Pete and Judith when they asked me to sit with the kids again. They did not seem to notice my strange eagerness - but that was not too suprising. When it came to their kids they seemed to notice damned little.

It was the weekend before halloween, and the kids were fussing about their costumes. Pete and Judith had left abruptly, again leaving me with no instructions, and I was trying to help the kids, especially Kelli, to finish up their costumes.

Jeff was going to be a cowboy. Easily done, all you need is jeans and a plaid shirt, a cowboy hat, a six shooter in a holster, and maybe some chaps. Jeff had all these things but wanted to be a marshall, so I made him a star out of tinfoil. Kelli waited patiently for my help with her costume, which was to be a female vampire. Once the star was finished, Jeff ran off upstairs to look at himself in the mirror and play in his new costume.

"I want to be a vampira," Kelli said, holding out a black swath of material. The swath was actually an extremely slinky, tight nylon dress that she'd borrowed from her mother. She also said she had a set of false fangs she'd bought at the novelty store, and a black wig an aunt had given her for a witch costume the previous year.

"Well," I said, "if this is your mom's dress I doubt it will fit you. She's a lot bigger than you." I glanced at Kelli's chest. "Taller, I mean..."

"I also need a cape, and I don't know where I'm going to get that." She looked dejected.

"Well, let's take one thing at a time. Have you tried the dress on?"

She shook her head.

"OK, well let's see how it fits."

I expected her to then go off somewhere and put the dress on, then return so I could see the fit. Naturally, in that part of my mind that was still remembering her little wispy hairs peeking out the edge of her panties, I wanted her to change right there in front of me. What I got was something in between. She went behind a sort of japanese screen they had near the fireplace, and took off her jumper. But the glass door of the fireplace was a pretty good mirror, and I had a darkened, but reasonble view of her as she slipped the dress on. I did not see much, since she wore a bra and panties, but I was struck by how slim her waist was. I thought I might be able to get my hands around it completely, thumbs touching in front, middle fingers in back. I felt myself getting hard again, especially when I noticed how strained her bra was. Her mom had not noticed how much Kelli had grown and bought her a larger size. Her appearance in that tight bra was extremely sexy, since it emphasized the fact that she was just then blossoming into womanhood.

She came out from behind the curtain. The dress, which was obviously intended to be mid-calf length, piled up on the floor, and the waist was somewhere between her hips and her knees. Not the proper effect, but sexy as hell since the neckline, already intended to plunge, was almost to her navel. We tried and tried to adjust the dress, and during this time I had several chances to run my hand over her tummy and the small of her back. The feel of her was fantastic - so smooth and firm. I suggested that we might be able to bring the dress up by shortening the shoulder straps, and while standing behind her I demonstrated by pulling the dress up by the straps. I watched that silky black material slide over her tits and ass, and my boner became a real problem. I sat down quickly while Kelli held the straps up and knotted them.

"This should work, though the knots will look funny." She noticed my distress. "Are you OK Mr. Freeman?"

"Yeah, sure. Just a leg cramp." I doubled over to massage my leg, and also effectively hid my hardon.

"What do we do about the cape?" she asked.

"Well, I think I have a black bedsheet that will work, though you'll have to give it back." I was still rubbing my leg, and watching her curves through that dress. I was hoping she'd leave to play, like Jeff, so I could take care of my problem.

"You have black sheets?" she asked, amazed.

"Sure. Other colors too. So?"

"I thought they were always white." She shrugged. "Well, thanks. That pretty much does it I guess." Without another word she walked out the door and I heard her ascend the stairs.

I did not wait a second. I whipped out my painfully hard erection and flicked on the Playboy channel with the remote. They were showing, oddly enough, a woman dressed as a vampire, but with nothing underneath the cape. As she spread her cape wide, she undulated her hips and heaved her breasts as she hissed. Pretty sexy stuff. I began to stroke my cock slowly, trying to enjoy the sensation and imagine Kelli was the vampire, beckoning be to fucked by curling her black tipped fingers.

I had not turned the sound down. So I did not hear when she came back into the room.

Suddenly I heard a gasp behind me. Without thinking I whirled around, and there was Kelli. She had retrieved her false fangs and had put them in her mouth. She'd also put on the black wig. Obviously she wanted to show me the costume - and now she was standing stock still, staring at the hard cock in my hand.

I should have tried to hide myself, or cram my dick back into my pants, but I was too stunned to do anything for several seconds. Kelli had started to say "I vant to suck your blooood", in a Beli Lugosi-type voice, and had said simply "I want to suck your..." before I had turned around and had stopped her in her tracks. Now the irony and sexiness of that partial statement caught me, and I was just stuck there, standing like an idiot with my dick in my hand.

"God," she said, finally. Her voice brought me back to reality. I hurriedly turned around and painfully jammed my shrinking dick back into my pants. I muttered some kind of apology, but by the time I turned back around she was gone. I heard her running up the stairs. The wig and the fangs were on the floor.

What to do? My mind was totally divided between two terribly conflicting ideas. One half of me was still incredibly aroused by the memory of Kelli standing there staring at my penis and telling me she wanted to suck me, even though I knew that it was an accident of fate that put those words into her mouth. My other half was terrified of what might happen if she reported the indicent to her parents. At best they'd get pissed and maybe tell my wife. At worst I could end up talking to the police. I decided I'd better talk to her about the whole thing and make sure she undertood that I did not mean her to see me like that.

I cautiously went upstairs. I checked in on Jeff first and found that he'd fallen asleep in his cowboy outfit, lying on top of the covers. I covered him as best I could with the bedspread, which was balled up on the floor and looked as though it had been there for some time, then turned off his light and closed the door to his room. Kelli's room was on the other side of the bathroom, a bit down the hall.

As I walked the short distance to her door I went through all the things I might say, in my mind. Nothing seemed to sound right, though, and I decided to play it by ear. I had no idea how experienced she was or what she knew about men and sex. 14 is a nebulous age; some girls have even had sex by then. Others have barely thought about it.

Kelli's room was dimly lit from a desk lamp in one corner. Like the rest of the house, her room was a disheveled mess, though she had left no clothing on the floor as her brother had. Mostly there were stuffed animals and magazines everywhere. Kelli was sitting in a window seat and staring outside when I came into her room. When she turned to look at me her face was a mixture of confusion and defense.

I crossed the room and sat on her bed - I did not consider that to be lascivious at the time, it was simply the farthest spot from her and I did not want to be threatening. Looking back, I suppose the symbolism was pretty strong. She went back to staring out the window and I realized that I was going to have to speak first.

"Kelli," I began, "I'm really sorry about what just happened. I did not mean for you to see me like that."

She said nothing for a moment, and I was about to try and phrase it another way when she said: "I know. I'm always doing that."

Doing what? Making grown men jack off? "Always doing what?"

"Always interrupting private stuff. Like with my mom and dad." She looked terribly glum.

"You walked in on them in bed?"

"They weren't in bed - they were in front of the fireplace and I just wanted to get my Tiger Beat that I'd left on the TV set and I walked in and saw them.... doing it. Sort of."

"Oh." Sort of? How can you do it `sort of'?

"Anyway, my dad got really mad and told me I was a peeking tom and mom got even madder and wouldn't talk to me." Her face dropped from glum to positively sad and I felt truly sorry for her, though her reference to `peeking tom' was cute enough to make me smile a little.

"Well, you couldn't help it. You didn't know."

"Another time," she continued, almost ignoring me, "was with Jenny, our old babysitter. I came downstairs late because I forgot to take my vitamin B for flea bites and I saw her with this boy... on the stairs. I had never seen the boy before, but they were doing stuff and they got really mad too. They made me promise not to tell or they'd tell my parents I was touching myself or something. I was scared already. I wouldn't have told."

She looked at me, a sort of pleading in her eyes. "I'm not trying to see anything. It just keeps happening to me. Don't be mad, OK?" There was a tear running down her left cheek.

Amazement turned to relief. She was more concerned with what I might say to her parents - she had not even considered saying anything herself. I stepped over to her and put an arm around her shoulder. "I'm not mad, Kelli. Not at all. It was not anyone's fault; just a mistake. I'm sorry I made you sad and made you think about those other times. Why don't we just forget about it?"

She smiled. "Thanks Mr. Freeman."

"Call me Hank."

She blushed a little, then all of a sudden gave me a very womanly look. "Thanks, Hank."

"No problem. Good night."

I started to leave, and had gotten to the door when she asked me: "Can I ask you a sort of personal question, Hank?"

I turned. She was still sitting at the window seat, but had turned to face the room. The straps on the dress and slipped back, and the neckline hung low on her. I could see the lacy trim of her bra above the scoop, and could see the tops of her breasts rising out of the one-size-too-small cups. I sat on the floor near the door and brought my knees up, looking casual but hiding my rekindled erection.

"Shoot," I said, trying to sound totally at ease.

"Well, um. I was wondering... Well, if you don't want to tell me it's OK, but..."

"Ask away, Kelli. You've seen everything I have to hide already."

She laughed embarassedly into her hand. "Um, well. I have seen a guy's... thing... three times. And, well, I just wondered how come when you wear pants it doesn't, like, show. Like a tent. You know... poke out, like..."

She thought men were in a perpertual state of erection since she'd only seen dicks when they were hard. Sorry to have to break the bad news to you kid...

"Well," I said, "a man is not always hard. Most of the time it just sort of... hangs there."

She giggled. "Oh. Really? Well, then... but... uh... I don't know. I mean, how does it... um...." She obvioulsy wanted to know what made men hard, but was too shy to ask.

I held up my hand. "It's like this. When a guy gets aroused - sexually excited, like when your babysitter and her boyfreind were fooling around on the stairs - then the guy gets hard, like you saw."

"It... _get's_ hard?"

"Sure. Just sort of swells up and gets really stiff. Don't they teach you this stuff in health class?"

She shook her head. "Your parents have to sign a thing, and my mom wouldn't. Well, I think maybe she lost it. So, does it hurt when it's like that?"

This was strange - this beautiful little girl was asking me intimate details about my cock. If it were an older girl I was having such a converstaion with, I would have assumed we were in for some action; I had to remind myself that this one was only a kid. "No. Not really. It's very sensitive, though. Like when your leg goes to sleep and is just waking up, you feel everything like little tingles?"

"Yeah, that's a weird feeling," she nodded her head.

"Well, that's sort of the feeling, but nicer."

There was a very heavy silence for a moment, as she turned away, then back to face me, then away again. Finally, she said "so my dad got excited because my mom had his thing in her mouth." Ah, so that was doing it `sort of.' "And that boy was excited from putting his thing up against Jenny's poochy..."


"You know. Down there."

"Oh. You mean pussy."

"Oh? OK, well... pussy." She blushed a deep red. My rising boner jumped a bit at hearing her say that word. "Anyway, so um, so why did you? Get excited I mean. Was it that TV show with the naked vampire lady?"

This was a key moment. I did not want to lie to her, but I did not want to scare her either. I had avoided a major possible disaster, and it was not a good time to plunge back in. "No. And I don't think we should talk about this anymore, Kelli." I got up and turned to the door.

She rose, panic in her voice. "Did I say something bad? I'm sorry. I was just curious. Don't be mad..."

Over my shoulder, against my better judgement, I said "It was you, Kelli. I saw you changing clothes in the glass fireplace door. That's what made me hard. I'm not mad." I closed the door and walked downstairs.

Down in the TV room I sat and concentrated, willing my dick to soften. I did not dare try and relieve myself, though I considered going to the bathroom and locking the door. The feelings I was having were heavily conflicted; I was still fighting that 50/50 battle between my adult, rational resistence toward the idea of sex with such a young child, and my feisty, horny desire to see and explore her naked body. I sat there in the overstuffed easy chair, watching an interview with Dudley Moore and fidgiting.

Again, she stole into the room unnoticed. This was the girl that thumped and wresteled around the house with her brother? She could really be quiet when she wanted to be.


I almost jumped out of my chair - she had crept up to within a few feet of me, just off to my left, totally silent. "Ah! Oh, jesus Kelli, you scared the shit out of me..."

"Sorry. I just came down cause I don't want you to be mad at me." I sensed that this was not totally true - she did not have that sad look she had before. There was a strange mischief in her eyes.

"I'm not mad. I told you that - I just did not think we should keep talking about... sexual things."

"Why not?"

"What do you think your parents would say? I'm a grown man, and you're very underage. If they thought..." I stopped myself. She was asking me to talk, not to fuck. What was I assuming here? This was a 14 year old girl, even though she looked older.

Her face was a confused puzzle. She looked curious, unsure, a little scared, a little sad. And a little excited.

I patted the chair next to me, on my right. "OK. Sit. If you have questions, I'll answer them. But you absolutely have to promise that this conversation will stay between the two of us."

"I swear," she said, solemnly. She crossed in front of me to the chair, and I thought I noticed something different about the way she looked, but I could not place it. She sat down, her face fairly glowing with the conpiratorial quality of the moment. To her, we were like kids whispering under a blanket.

"What did you want to ask me?"

"Well. It's just that.... you said you got.... you got..." She was nervous again.

"Hard," I prompted.

"Yeah. You said you got hard because you saw me changing my clothes in the glass door. That was a dirty trick, you know." She smiled a little, like a kid playing a game. But it was forced.

"I'm sorry," I said, seriously, and her smile vanished. "It _was_ a dirty trick. People have a right to privacy. I should have turned my head."

"Oh. That's OK. But why would that make you get hard? I mean, I'm just a kid."

I smiled and leaned forward a bit in my chair. She leaned too, I suppose because she thought she was supposed to, and I noticed then what that difference was in her appearance. She'd taken off her bra. Through the low scoop in that black dress I could see most of the curve of her right breast, and even the edge of her nipple, which was pink and perfect. I shifted in my chair, feeling my cock rise, and tried to concentrate on my hands as I spoke.

"You have not looked in the mirror lately, have you? You're no kid." It was true. She could pass for 19 easily.

"They still treat me like one. I can't go on dates, I can't stay out late, I can't even watch R rated movies on HBO. It's stupid."

"Well, your folks are used to thinking of you as a child. I'm not. I can see you for what you are. A beautiful young woman."

I looked up, but she had turned her face away, obviously embarrased. "But why? Why did looking at me..." she drited off. After a moment of silence, she turned back to face me. Her face was bright with nervous excitement. It was as if she had hoped someone would notice her, and someone finally had. And now she was not sure how to feel about it.

"Why?" I said. "Well, it is very simple, actually. When a man sees a beautiful woman's body, part of his brain automatically responds, sending signals to his..."

"Oh, I know that. I mean, I figured that out from what you said before. But why me?"

"I told you. You have a lovely body, Kelli. When I peeked, I got hard. It was not the first time either."

"Oh?" She looked suprised and a little pleased. "When else?"

"When you fell down the stairs last time I was here and I helped you with your knee."

"I remember. But I didn't take my clothes off then."

"No. But I saw your panties, and... well, that area. It had a similar effect."

"Really." That mischevious look was back, and something in her smile told me that she was pretty happy at the notion of having so much control over an adult. She was realizing the effect she could have, whenever she wanted to. "So, um, are you hard now?" She was examining her fingernails closely, trying to appear casual, as though the question was purely conversational.

"No," I lied. In fact, I was about 40% hard, and rose to about 50% at the question.

With one deft motion, and without any warning, she slipped her shoulder straps down and the top of the dress slid down to her waist. I think I gasped a little: there she was, stripped to the waist. Her young breasts, bigger than a handfull on each side, stood pale and proud in the warm light of the TV room. Her rosy pink nipples were perfect, and had been pressed flat by the dress. They were not erect, but her breathing, shallow and quick, told me she was excited, or scared, or both. Her smile was quivering, her gaze steady.

I wanted to touch her so badly. My dick had sprung stiff and straight as a steel beam. Her titties looked so inviting, and I could not tear my gaze away from those nipples. "Kelli," I whispered. "This is really not a good idea..."

"But does it make you hard?" she asked, her voice strangely gentle. "I mean, is this enough to do that, or do you need to see my poochy too? My pussy, I mean."

My hands were shaking. For some reason, I glanced at the clock - it was 9:30. Her parents would not be home until midnight or 1:00am. I could not leave. I could not stay. I wanted to see her little pussy more than I wanted to take another breath. I wanted to run from the room. I did not know what to do.

Some sort of instinct had taken over in Kelli. There was no way she knew how I was feeling, and yet somehow she was compelled into action. I heard her leave her chair, though I was still staring stupidly at the clock, terrified that I was about to come in my pants. She stood, walked into my field of vision, blocking my view of the clock, and dropped her dress to the floor. No panties either.

When I had glanced at her panties before I had seen little hairs poking out from around the elastic. Now I could now find them. She had a little swirl of pubic hair, like the curl on a kewpie doll's head, high on her venus mound, then a space of bare skin, then the beginnings of her pussy folds, just barely visible as she stood. Nothing more. Her young thighs fit smoothly togther as she stood, heels together, hands behind her back. I stared - what else could I do? She was my every wet dream come true. It was like she was waiting to be inspected, approved. Touched, maybe. Maybe.

"What about now?" she said so quietly that I would not have heard if my nervous system had not been running on overdrive. "Are you hard now?"

"Yes," I croaked. I could not seem to move. My desire for her crept into my muscles, my nerves. Even my eyelids began to tingle. I began to realize that I was losing control.

"Can I see?" I looked at her face. Her mouth was slightly open, her breath coming rapidly. Her skin had flushed. She was scared, but she really wanted to see.

What could I do? I'm only human.

Without a word I leaned back in my chair, lowered my zipper and drew my manhood from my pants. It stood absolutely stiff, throbbing with my pulse. I could not believe I was doing this. But there she was, and I could not stop myself.

"It's moving," she said, her voice a whisper. She bit her lower lip, surely not realizing how sexy that looked, and took a half step closer.

"With my heartbeat," I said, my voice much calmer than I was. A little drop of precome oozed from the slit, and her eyes opened wide.

"What's that?"

"Just another sign that you're turning me on, Kelli," I said. The moment seemed to freeze then. She was staring at my cock, mesmerized. My gaze darted from her face to her tits to her pussy and back again, over and over. My dick throbbed like a conductor's baton. Unconsciously, her index finger traced a line along her hip, and I knew she was getting turned on too, even if she did not know it.

After what seemed like hours, I said "you can touch it if you want to." I could not believe I had said it. My mouth was dry, and the back of my head started to itch.

She took another step, then reached forward awkwardly, her fingers coming within a fraction of an inch of my cock. "It's all right?" she asked, still whispering.

"No, it's not all right. But I don't mind."

Her eyes flicked to mine and there was a moment of real recognition. We were doing something `naughty' - but she wanted to. She took my cock in her hand, wrapping her fingers around the shaft, and slid to her knees before me. Her young breasts flattened against the insides of my thighs . Her hand was warm and soft, and almost by instinct she gently jacked the shaft, sliding my taut skin over the firm muscle of my dick. Precome dribbled out and rolled down over her thumb. She smiled, her eyes twinkling.

"Is this right? Something came out... Did I do that?" Her enthusiasm and interest was so insanely sexy.

"That's fine - yes, you made that come out. It's.... uh..... precome fluid. If you keep doing that, I'm going to come for real." I was close, so close, but trying to hold back.

She slowed her stokes to almost nothing. "What's that mean?"

"White stuff will come out - a whole lot of it. It's called semen."

"My mom had some stuff like that on her face when I saw them doing it. Is that what will happen if I put it in my mouth?" She almost giggled, then bit her lip again. She was talking about sucking me off in the same tone she might have used to discuss barbie dolls or the latest album from her favorite pop singer. I felt like my brain was going to melt.

"Yes, it sure will. Do you want to put it in your mouth?" Please, oh please, my mind screamed. I no longer cared about much of anything except her mouth and her pussy and what they would feel like around my cock. Looking back I can see I was shamelssly leading her on, but at the time I was simply lost to the passion of the moment.

She nodded, opened her lips, and leaned forward.

For the rest of my life I will remember that moment. It was simple a thing - my dick slid into her mouth, and I could feel her lips, her tongue, her teeth, the roof of her mouth. She took it about a third of the way down, then slid it back out and looked at the wet shaft. She knew nothing about sucking a cock, of course, and had merely taken me in and slid me back out. But it was perfect. "Should I do it again?" she asked, grinning.

"Yes," I said, barely able to speak. "Leave it in, then bob your head up and down. Lick and suck. Like a popsicle. Just like a popsicle."

She must have eaten a lot of popsicles in her life, because she took right to it once I gave her that analogy. She sucked, actually sucked at the skin as she slid my cock into and out of her mouth, like it was giving her a flavor, which I suppose it was. She would lick up and down the shaft, ferverantly, like she was catching the drips of a melting treat, which I also suppose she was. She kept her teeth away, as you do when you are eating a popsicle, to keep from getting them too cold. She slurped and licked and bobbed her head, sucking my cock with energy and enthusiasm. It was a perfect heaven.

I felt my come rising.

"It's c-coming, Kelli. Swallow as m-much as you can."

She lifted her mouth to say "OK," just as the first spurt came, it leaped up and hit her in the chin. She giggled like a kid playing with a kitten and quickly took my cock back into her mouth and began sucking and swallowing. Her eyes were looking up into mine, questioning... Is this OK, Hank? Am I sucking it right? Her throat gulped with every pulse of my cock as she, incredibly, swallowed every drop of my come.

I felt as if the world had fallen away, and there was nothing but she and I, suspended in that easy chair, my cock in her sweet little mouth.

She kept my cock in her mouth as it shrank, then grew again almost immediately. She was very excited about having felt that. She drew her mouth away, smiling, the come glistening on her chin and chest.

"It got small again, then grew in my mouth, Hank!"

"Yes. After a man comes he usually shrinks back to normal size for a while." I smiled to myself. "Usually it takes 15 minutes to a half an hour before it can get hard again." My dick was stiff and pulsing as though I had not come at all. I was amazed.

"But you got hard right away." She spoke with the admiration a pet student saves for her favorite teacher. "That's cause you're good at sex, isn't it?" She nodded to herself.

"Not really. I'm just normal. It's you that made the difference. Seeing you, feeling you, it makes my body respond so strongly that I got hard right away. That's never happened to me before."

"Really?" She stood, looked down at herself, then looked at my hard cock. "I did that?"

"Yes." I wanted to fuck her so badly that I had to think very hard, to concentrate on jail cells and courtrooms, to say "if you want to stop now we can, Kelli. You know this is really bad, what we're doing. I could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out. I could go to jail."

"I don't want to stop," she said, seriously, but serious in that childlike way that is almost funny. "And I won't tell anyone. Maybe we should go to my room. We can lock the door." She smiled, but there was a kind of lust in the smile.

I was too far gone to think clearly now. I followed her up the stairs, watching her cute little ass bouncing ever-so-slightly as she ran up the steps. I thought back to the time I had seen her and Jeff playing on these stairs, and how different things were now. For some reason, this made me even harder.

I also began to be concerned about Jeff. Here his sister was running naked up the stairs, followed by Hank with his dick sticking out of his pants. Before I had time to really think through what I would do if he popped out of his door we were in Kelli's room again, and she was closing her curtains.

"We should lock the door," she said, and motioned behind me. I realized that I was standing up against the closed door, blocking access to the lock. What a strange feeling - I was scared, as though she was the experienced adult and I was the virgin. My cock throbbed and farily hummed with excitement, but the rest of me was not so sure.

But then she sat down on her bed, smoothed out the wrinkled sheets, and laid back, reclining against her pillow. The sight of that tuft of pussy hair and those womanly breasts made me give in. I reached behind me and flipped the lock. Then I doffed my clothing as quick as I could and stepped over to the bed.

She reached out and began to stroke my cock again, her lying on her side on the bed, me standing next to the pillows. "What do I do now?" she said. "Should I put you in my mouth again?"

I reached down to stroke her pretty hair. "Just lie back and spread your legs," I said, trying not to sound too frantic. She smiled and complied, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs wide apart.

I stepped to the foot of the bed and laid down on my stomach, my lower legs hanging in mid air. Her pussy was wide open to me - so pink and wet and tiny. I stroked at her thighs with my fingernails and she giggled. She kept giggling until my fingers found the folds of her labia and began to stroke them. Then she began to moan in a thin, high whisper.

I lowered my face to her little slit and began to lick and suck her pussy lips. Her reaction was strongly frightened at first, her eyes wild and her hands moving to cover her breasts. But as my licks began to strumm against her clit more and more she eased, opened, and began to get into it. Soon her hips were rocking slightly and her small hands were rubbing her nipples, which were fully erect.

I began to tongue her seriously, and let my finger probe her pussy gently, exploring the extent of her virginity. Her moans droppped into a lower register as my finger dipped into her hole. About knuckle deep I felt some thin tissue blocking my progress, and I knew I had hit her hymen. My dick surged as my finger diddled her pussy, almost as though the finger was telling the dick what it was in for.

She was very close to coming now, but I know how to prolong an orgasm, and I kept her at a plateau for a good while. I looked up at her face and chest as I pulled my face away from her pussy and let my thumb and finger keep her hot for a moment. She was never more lovely. Her angelic face was bathed in the soft light of her desk lamp, her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly, slightly parted. Her face was framed by the soft curls of her hair, the ends of which were slightly beaded with sweat. Her nipples were erect, so much so that most of the pink aeriolas were now part of the rising nipples. Her breasts had swelled to a full roundness, and there were tiny, almost delicate beads of sweat on her chest and shoulders.

I moved up and knelt between her thighs, my hard dick aching now for her cunt. As I started to run the head of my cock against her slit her eyes popped open and she bit her lower lip.

"Oh! I'm scared, Hank," she whipsered, grabbing my hand.

"I know. We don't have to if you don't want to," I said, but at that moment I started rubbing her clit directly with my cockhead. If she had said no, I would have stopped, but I might have gone mad.

But she responded immedaitely to the direct stimulation of her clit. "Uhh. Umm. No, I want to, I want to. Put it in. But please don't hurt me." She was talking in a dreamy voice now, on the verge of her first orgasm, her hands opening and closing, her eyes rolling, her hips churning.

I pressed the head of my cock up against her hole and moved my thumb back to her clit, stroking, stroking. The hole was intensely tight - I had only fucked a virgin once before, but Kelli was twice as tight as she had been. Or I was a lot bigger now than when I was 17. Anyway, the head of my cock popped in after a little coaxing, and though she shuddered a little, she did not seem to feel great pain.

I began to slip the head in and out, no more than an inch deep, while my thumb continued to do its magic. I began to suck on her hard nipples, one then the other, as just the head of my cock slid in and out of her pussy. She was making a tiny little "uff" noise on every in stroke now, and I began to gradually, very gradually increase the depth.

The feeling of her young cunt was indescrible. She was so tight that once I had two inches in her, her pussy formed a kind of suction. There was no room for any air to get in, her pussy walls were wrapped so tight around my cockshaft, and once the air was forced out I found it hard to withdraw more than half of the length I had in. It was like her body was sucking me in, drawing me into the hot, wet, tightness of her vagina.

Presently I found my dickhead pressing on her hymen. It gave slightly, but did not break.

"Kelli," I said, but she only moaned. "Kelli, this part will hurt a bit. The first time you do this, it does, then it never does again. Don't be afraid." My heart was racing, my breath short and quick, but somehow I managed to sound reassuring. "If you want to stop, say so, honey."

Her eyes opened, still dreamy, and she smiled a sort of drunken smile. "Do it to me," she said, her voice 10 years older than it had been before.

I began to rub her clit as fast as I could, and felt her edging over the plateau. When I felt her thighs begin to twitch and heard her breath drawn in sharply, I knew she was coming, and I pressed past her hymen, breaking it with one stroke.

The pain must have been intense - her face grimaced sharply - but her orgasm quickly covered it with pleasure, as I hoped it would. She sighed greatly, and I felt the flood of her first come filling her pussy and lubricating everything. My cock began to slide in and out like a well-oiled piston, her tight pussy gripping it and sucking it. The sensation was pure madness. I was fucking a goddess, my mind reeling, almost passing out. She was whining now, a whine of pleasure, matching the rhythm of my strokes, and I found myself making a low, guttural noise as my come began to rise.

She was still coming, her pussy still pulsing and her hips still shifting from side to side. I knew I was gong to come any minute.

All at once I flipped us over so that she was astride me, and I was laying on my back. I grabbed her hips and began lifting her again and again until she got the idea and started fucking herself on me. Finally, I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, grabbed onto her ass, and pulled her down, sinking deeply into her cunt as I came.

I felt as though my whole essence was pouring into her. I came in five or six long, wonderful spasms. Then I put my arms around her and pulled her into an embrace, my cock still inside her. I felt her tears dropping on my neck as I buried my face in her hair. Or perhaps they were my own.

We laid like that for some time, and she slept.

She awoke at around 11:00, just as I was thinking we'd better get cleaned up in case her parents came home early. Her mouth was at my ear as we embraced, so she whispered: "Oh, Hank. I wish we could do it again right now."

"Your parents will be home soon."

"I know. And also I might get pregnant."

"No. I've had a vasectomy." She turned her head slightly, as if to ask what that was. "I had a very minor operation so I can't make babies."

I felt her cheek rise against mine as she smiled. "So we can do it as much as we want?"

I began to think about possible futures. Kelli in various beds. Or perhaps me in various jails. My dick in Kelli's pussy. Or perhaps some sleazy convict's dick up my ass; child molesters fair badly in prisons. Well, you takes yer chances, as the man said.

"Yes, but we have to be careful. And it must always be our secret." I tried to sound as definite as I could.

She sat up on me, my cock still inside her pussy, her tits rising in a sigh. "Nobody will know, Hank. I swear to god. I'll never tell."

"OK, I trust you," I said, and I smiled.

She smiled back, and moved her hips just a little. My cock began to grow within her. "Maybe we have a little time left" she said, and I felt her cunt respond to my rising dick with a warm squeeze.

I had to agree.

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