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Teaching Little Neice

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

At thirteen, my little neice Melanie is a knock-out, a real true- life beauty. She started maturing early and is now five-two, with 34-22-32 measurements on a one-hundred pound body. With her flawless complexion, long auburn hair, and startlingly deep hazel eyes, she could easily be mistaken for a youthful model, perfectly exemplifying all the sweet and fresh characteristics of young womanhood.

Melanie has a very a sweet nature and personality, and this contributed to our complete lack of the uncle-neice friction that sometimes develops in a family. On the contrary, she has always been one of my top supporters. Being twenty years younger, she bestowed on me a childlike hero worship. I was always her big uncle, her hero, her knight in shining armor. As far as she was concerned, there was nothing I could not do nor was there any problem I could not solve.

The relationship was more than reciprocal. As she was growing up, I adored little Melanie and doted on her. I was always interested in and proud of all her achievements and encouraged her whenever it was needed. If anything, I gave Melanie more attention and love than her parents. They both worked in very stressful jobs, and at the end of their workdays neither had much energy left to deal with her "kid problems."

Because of this relationship, Melanie early on got into the habit of bringing her problems to me. I fixed many a broken doll, put band-aids on her boo-boo's, and dried her tears and tickled away her real and imagined hurts. This relationship carried over into her pre-teens and has resulted in my being far more protective of her than is the case with most uncles and neices.

One area where this especially showed up was in her relationships with men. In this regard, I have been almost tyrannical in the way I have monitored and screened her dates. It is a wonder our relationship has not suffered because of this, but Melanie takes it in her good-natured way and just thanks me for caring that much about her welfare. Despite her phenomenal beauty, Melanie is very shy and vulnerable with boys, often coming home in tears from a date. To help her with such problems, I have tried to explain how boys think and act so she will better be protected in her dealings with them.

One problem Melanie has had to face head on is her developing sexuality. Many of the problems and teary eyes she has brought to me have been related to this area, and I have tried to deal with them in a completely honest, straightforward manner. I have not used any "birds and bees" stories, but have explained and described sexual relation issues in the everyday common words she hears from her girl friends. From these conversations I knew that Melanie was still a virgin, but based on the noticeable tension and the odor of feminine sexual arousal that I detected from her when she returned from some of her dates, I believed this to be a short-lived condition. Because of that, I arranged for her to secure and start taking birth control pills. She laughed at my being so protective, assuring me that she still far from going all the way. Nonetheless, to indulge me if for no other reason, she is taking the Pill religiously.

I greeted these developments with very mixed feelings. On one side, my protective feeling about her wanted to shield her from the bad early experiences she could have if she chose the wrong man. On another hand, I could see that she has highly developed sexuality, and I did not want to stand in the way of her being in a position to develop and grow in this important aspect of maturing. On still another side, I found myself disturbingly jealous. As much as I told myself it was completely wrong to feel that way about her, I was absolutely turned on whenever she came in from a date with that musky odor of a woman in heat about her. I pictured in my mind how her little virginal pussy must look, smell and feel, about how wet it must be, and even though I fought against the feeling, I could not prevent my getting a hardon. I found myself with the thought that no pimple-faced boy deserved such a treasure, and even worse, I harbored a secret, almost irresistible longing to be the one to claim it. That she might have had similar thoughts was beyond my comprehension, beyond any hopes that I had buried deep within me.

One Friday evening, Melanie came in from a date about nine in the evening, much earlier than her usual eleven or eleven-thirty. I was alone in the house, her parents being away for the weekend, and was watching television when she came in the door. Usually, she stops and says hello to me and relates how her date went. This evening, she did neither, but hurried upstairs to her room. I found this very strange because the man she had dated was one I approved of as being almost good enough for her. I was hoping that if she did have to lose her virginity it would be to a boy like him, one who probably would be gentle with her. Apparently, though, problems had developed on the date, because she was home early, and based on her not having stopped to greet me, upset, hurt, or angry. I heard the shower start running and decided that as soon as she had finished her shower I would go upstairs to check on her and be the best big uncle I could be.

After I heard the shower stop and had given her enough time to get dressed, I went upstairs. The door to her room was closed, and the sounds of light sobbing came from its other side. I knocked lightly and asked, "Melanie, is it okay if I come in?"

The sobbing stopped for a moment, and Melanie said, "If you want to." I opened the door and Melanie's room was darkened, with only the light from her vanity shining. She was already in bed, the sheets pulled up to her neck. Her face was tear-streaked, and her eyes red from crying.

"Mel, Mel, what's wrong?," I asked softly, sitting on the bed next to her. I stroked the hair back from her forehead and kissed her lightly on a wet cheek. "Did you have trouble on your date tonight?"

Melanie sniffled a little and answered in almost a whisper, "Yes."

"Boy-type problems?," I asked, knowing she would recognize that I implied the whole range of sexual relation problems.

"No, Jimmy wasn't a problem. You were right. He's real nice, and I liked him a lot."

Puzzled, I pressed on. "Well, it's obvious something's bothering you," I said, taking a tissue and drying her cheeks for her.

Melanie gave me a little half-smile, rueful more than happy, and answered, "I just had some Melanie problems, that's all."

"That sure tells me a lot," I said. "What do you mean, 'Melanie problems.'"

Melanie's tears had about stopped, and she sat up in bed, apparently ready to explain. When she did, I had a hard time concentrating on the conversation. From what I could see, she had on a pair of baby-doll pajamas, and the sheer top did not hide much. The swell of her breasts pushed them out, and the nipples and darker rings around them were more than just hinted at. I had to fight to keep my eyes from off that sight. The sight also made me wonder how a girl with such stunning attributes could be having problems.

Melanie did not notice my discomfiture and continued her explanation. "Well, I had decided that I was ready to go all the way with a boy, and that because he's such a nice guy, Jimmy was to be the one." My heart started beating faster with this disclosure, and I wondered whether I would be able to sit through her description of the episode without her being able to see the mixed feelings I had about it.

"We went out to Chisolm Lake and parked. After we kissed a while, I put my hand on his leg to let him know I was interested in more. He returned the favor and after a while he put his hand under my dress and played with me. I could tell he was getting really ready, so I suggested we get into the back seat. Before we did, I took off my panties. He saw me do it, and undid his belt and pants. We both got in the back seat and he got between my legs and tried to put it in me."

By this time, my cock was rigid and throbbing. It gave me funny feeling, because here I was getting horny about my neice telling me about losing her virginity, something we had discussed in times past. Nonetheless, I could picture her in that car, legs spread apart, pussy wet and waiting, and the picture aroused me more than I had ever been in my entire life. I ached to reach out and stroke the perky swells of her breasts. I longed to put my hands between her legs and "play with her" as she said Jimmy had done.

Melanie paused, and in a hoarse whisper I said, "And then what happened? Go on."

Talking softly, Melanie continued, "That's when things got bad."

"It hurt real bad?," I said, anticipating the rest of her story.

"No, it didn't hurt, because he didn't put his thing in me. I wouldn't let him."

"You didn't? What did happen, then?"

"Well, when he got ready to put his thing... What do you guys call it, a cock? When he got ready to put his cock in me, I just clamped my legs together and kept him from doing it. He must have been really ready because after he rubbed against me a little he spurted all over my front. That's why I had to come home and take a shower. Oh, John, I was so embarrassed! Here I had made my mind up and at the last minute I just couldn't go through with it.

I just asked Jimmy to bring me home. So here I am, feeling frustrated and crying about the whole thing. I'm really something, aren't I ?"

A great feeling of relief flooded over me. For reasons I could not fully understand or explain, I was joyous that Melanie had chickened out. I realized, though, that it was not being fair to her for me to feel that way, and that I had to support and encourage her to continue, even though her first attempt had been a total disaster "Melanie, sweetheart, it's not unusual for a girl to do that the first time. A virgin has a right to misgivings. Don't be angry with yourself. You do need, though, to try to figure out why you acted that way so you'll at least understand why. Do you know why you didn't go through with it?"

Melanie looked up at me and just barely nodded her head. "You do know?," I said.

Melanie nodded her head more emphatically and whispered, "Yes, I know, but I can't talk about it."

For the first time that I could ever recall, Melanie did not want to confide in me. I was taken aback, completely puzzled by her actions. I put my hand against her cheek and caressed it with my finger tips, saying, "Melanie, I respect your wishes if you really don't want to talk about it, but remember, this is John, your big uncle. We've never held anything back from each other. Do we want to start having secrets now?"

Melanie's face fell and tears started welling up in her eyes again.

"No," she whispered, "I hate secrets."

"Don't you want to tell me, then?," I asked.

Melanie sat up straighter and almost defiantly said, "All right, if you want to know, I'll just come out and tell you. The reason I couldn't do it with Jimmy was... The reason was because he wasn't you."

I was stunned. We just sat there in silence, looking at each other, my letting the meaning of what she had said sink in. I was having a hard time dealing with it. If I had heard her right, then all the fantasies I had about her, about the way we might make love, about claiming her virgin treasures, were no longer just my fantasies alone, but were shared by her also. I had to be sure that she had actually said what I thought she did.

"Melanie, do you mean...?"

"Yes, you big lunk, that's exactly what I meant. I meant I didn't want to give my virginity to Jimmy. I meant I wanted my first time to be with you. I meant I wanted my first time to be with someone I love and who loves me. Someone who will take care of me and be gentle and make it something that is completely good. I don't want my first time to be a quick wham-bam in the back of a car with some kid I hardly know. John, for as long as I can remember, I've dreamed my first time would be with you, with my dear, sweet Uncle John." After saying that, she reached out to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

"Well, that's worked both ways," Melanie said. "I've had dreams about seeing you naked, too. With your cock hard and poking out in front."

"What else did you dream?," I asked.

"I dreamed we were both naked. That you caressed my entire body from head to toe. That you kissed me like I was a girlfriend, not a neice. That you kissed me all over... in all the places where it feels good." Melanie then added, very softly, "Then I dreamed you made love to me, that you took my virginity, and it was sooo gooood." Melanie put her arms back around my neck and pressed herself against me. She whispered, "John, please make my dream come true."

Instead of answering with words, I turned her face to mine and kissed her. I kissed her like a girlfriend, not a neice, opening my mouth wide and probing between her lips with my tongue. Hers responded immediately, moving out to meet mine and coiling in swirls and circles around it. She dropped her head to the pillow, and I followed, continuing the kiss even harder. Our mouths were wide open, lips spread against each other, soft and wetly working in little nibbles. Melanie started breathing faster and I felt her heart increase its tempo against my chest.

I pushed my hand under her pajama top and moved it over her right breast, lightly brushing across it with my finger tips. Taking her nipple between my fingers, I gently rubbed the hard little button and ran my fingers in a circle around it, tracing the rosy ring that encircled it. Melanie arched her back up against my hand and moaned softly in pleasure. Taking her whole breast in my palm, I kneaded and softly squeezed. Melanie spoke muffled words, "Oh, God, John! That's so good!"

Moving my kisses, I kissed each of her eyes, the tip of her nose, her ear lobes, and then her neck. Each was a wet kiss, with my tongue making little circles of wetness on her skin. I lifted the bottom of her pajama tops, exposing those perfect breasts, each half-melon shaped and just as firm. My lips moved to them, sucking the little strawberry that topped each of them. Her nipples hardened and swelled, standing out like little soldiers at attention. I licked around each of them, drawing a wet ring around the nipples. Using the full, broad side of my tongue, I lapped at the underside of each breast, moving from its base out to the nipple. Melanie moaned in pleasure and arched her back to me each time I drew out a stroke of my tongue.

While I was making love to Melanie's breasts, I moved my hand under the sheets that covered her lower half. I found her thighs and stroked each one gently, almost feather-like. I moved to their inner sides, finding baby-smooth skin. Melanie moved her thighs apart, inviting my hand to further exploration. My finger tips moved up, drawing little circles as they moved. As I approached the V of her legs, they spread apart even more, leading my hand into the pleasures that awaited there.

Finally, I touched the lace that trimmed the edge of Melanie's pajama bottoms. The lace was damp. I moved across it onto the silky smooth area of Melanie's crotch. It was soaking wet and slick. I found the edge and inched my fingers under it. My finger dipped down and found the cream covered lips concealing Melanie's mysterious feminine treasures. With just the slightest amount of pressure, I stroked my finger tip between those lips and into the valley between. It was like moving into a warm, slickered passageway. The labial lips pressed against my finger, almost sucking it into her secret sexual regions.

My fantasy about Melanie's pussy was coming true. I was "playing with her," and both of us were loving every minute of it. While I was making her dream come true, she was turning my dreams and fantasies into reality. I needed to go farther, though.

I needed to fully bare Melanie's body. Make her naked, completely open to sight and touch, and touch and kiss every sensitive part of her.

Melanie's hips hunched up to meet my hand as it explored her hidden, nethermost parts. She was almost panting now, her breath coming in gasps. My finger moved down between her legs even more and came to her "little man in the boat," the ultra-sensitive hooded clitoris, the nexus of her pleasure center. I lightly flicked my finger across it, and Melanie jerked her hips upward, moaning as electric jolts of pleasure flowed through her. Moving my finger through the wetness of her creamy flow, I flooded her little love bud with juice and rubbed it lightly in a little circle. Melanie's hips humped up against my hand, and she cried, "Oh, John, that's so goooood!"

Keeping one finger busy on Melanie's love nubbin, I moved two other fingers lower, spreading her lips apart. She was soaking wet and the crotch of her pajamas was now almost dripping from the aroused flow of her love juices. My finger at last found what it had been seeking, the opening of her tunnel, the tunnel into the innermost parts of Melanie's child-woman sex. I moved one finger into the opening and probed. The hole was slippery and tight, but my finger slipped into the cavity without difficulty. Down to the first knuckle, then down one more, and finally, my whole finger was immersed in Melanie's cave of pleasure. I wanted to move my finger in and out, imitative of the action my throbbing cock longed to be taking, but her pajamas restricted my movement. It was time to rid her that impediment. It was time, too, for me to reveal her little virgin's pussy to my sight, to see first hand what I had seen to now only in my fantasies. Reluctantly, I moved my hand out of Melanie's pajamas and then took hold of the sheet that covered her.

Slowly I pulled the sheet down. My breath was coming faster now, and my heart thumped in anticipation of the sight I knew would soon be revealed. The sheet came slowly down, and top of her pajama bottoms were revealed. Then all of her bottoms, and finally the sheet went to the floor and Melanie's whole body was fully shown in all its magnificence. Her beautifully formed legs were still splayed apart and her pajama bottoms were askew from my explorations. A big splotch of dampness covered the crotch area and the narrow swatch of Melanie's sparse pubic down showed clearly through the wet, transparent fabric.

With just the lightest of strokes I ran my hands up Melanie's legs, stroking her feet, then her calves, and then up to the white, full thighs. I caressed the sensitive insides of her thighs, making little circles in the wide part just under her crotch. Melanie moaned and moved her hips in little circles, urging my hands to go further, to go the very center of her pleasure pit. Instead, I moved my hands to the top of her brief baby-doll pajama bottoms and started to draw them down, slowly, inch by inch. Her little belly mound was revealed, just a slight bulge of baby fat still apparent.

Then the dark, auburn bush came into view. With her bush still barely budding, the full glory of Melanie's whole vulva was revealed to my hungry eyes. Melanie's soaking, creamy vagina. The musky odor of her arousal wafted up to my nose and my arousal was increased even more. The whole area of Melanie's sex mound was awash with her juices and invited loving attention. My cock throbbed and indicated that it was ready to provide such ministrations.

In one swift motion I drew the pajamas down over Melanie's feet and then to the floor. She was fully nude now, and I was in awe of just how beautiful she was. "Melanie," I whispered softly, "you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

"Thank you for such a sweet compliment," Melanie replied, "but this is completely one-sided. I don't have any clothes, and you have all of yours. You're seeing all of me, but I can't see any of you.

It's time for you to get rid of your clothes, too."

With that, I stood up and took off all my clothes. I stood there in front of Melanie, fully nude, my cock standing straight out, stiff and throbbing. Its head glistened, covered with the pre-cum that my arousal had produced. Shyly, Melanie reached out her hand and ran her fingers along my cock and then wrapped her hand around it. "God, John, you're beautiful, too. So hard, and so big. Will it be possible for that to go inside me?"

"Girl's stretch to be able to take it all in. After all, babies come from the same place as this goes in, and babies are a whole lot larger than my cock."

"I guess so," Melanie replied, still sounding doubtful.

I sat down on the bed next to Melanie, drinking her in with my eyes. I put my hand out and stroked her breasts, then lightly ran my hand down over her rib cage, her little belly mound, and then to her Venus mound. She lifted her knees and spread her legs apart, giving me full access to her swampy, almost bald center of pleasure. I moved my hand over her mound and dipped my fingers into the spread labial lips of her vulva. They were now even wetter than before.

"I'm so wet, John. Am I supposed to be like this?"

"A girl lubricates herself when sexually aroused. I guess that must be what you are," I said.

"Oh, God, John, am I ever! I've never been like this before. Just your slightest touch and I go into spasms. I've been horny before, but never anything like this. It's because you're the one doing this. You're making all my fantasies come true, and I'm about to go crazy from knowing it."

I moved my fingers down to the opening to Melanie's love tunnel and moved one finger into the pit, all the way in. I added another finger, and then a third. She was so wet and slick that the fingers went in with only a little difficulty. I twisted the fingers around and around, and moved them in and out. Melanie mewed like a cat and thrust her hips up and down, reciprocating each of my in and out strokes. I moved my thumb up and ran it over and around her clitoris. Her hips jerked and she thrashed her hips around and around. "I'm cumming, John! Oh, God, I'm cumming hard... hard... hard!" Melanie threw her head back and cried and mewled, moaned and finally shouted, "Oh, it's so good... It's so good... It's so good!"

Melanie shuddered and spasmed. I could see the muscles of her stomach and thighs clinch, and the muscles of her vagina squeezed down on my fingers. Her pussy pulsed around my hand, little throbs and squeezes, compressing the vaginal walls again and again against my fingers. Slowly, the shudders and spasms eased, Melanie unarched her back, and the muscles unclenched.

Melanie's eyes which had been shut tight opened and she looked up at me. "That couldn't have happened so good with anyone else," she whispered. "It was better than any boy has ever done me before. Better, even, than the times I've done myself." She reached out her arms to me and putting them around my neck, pulled me down for a kiss. The kiss was long and deep, full of soft, tender tongue action. "But that's only the preliminary, isn't it?," Melanie softly said.

"Yeah, the best part is still to come," I answered.

"Let me look at you first," Melanie said. "I've never seen a man in the daylight," she said, laughing. "In fact, the other night with Jimmy was the first time any of the boys actually had their cock out, and I didn't even get to see it then. If you're going to stick me with that thing," she giggled, "at least let me take a look at it first."

With that, Melanie pushed me down on my back, and leaning over me on her elbows, looked right down at my exposed rockhard pole. She touched my balls with her hand and I jerked my hips upward toward her hand. Her finger tips stroked my bag all over, sending shivers through my whole groin. She moved her hand up and touched the head of my cock, rubbing the drops of pre-cum that accumulated there down over my entire cock. "Am I doing this right?," she asked.

"It all depends," I answered.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that if you want to see me cum all over the place, you're doing exactly the right thing," I said hoarsely.

"Do you want to cum?"

"Oh, God, Yes! But not this way. I'm so hot I'll cum a whole bucketful, but I want it all to go inside you. I want to feel your pussy fill up with my juice, for you know how it feels to have love juice squirt into you, to feel how my love pours out of me into you, filling you to overflowing. I want to see my cum run out of your pussy and down all over your sweet little ass cheeks. I want us to slide back and forth on each other, rubbing our whole bodies against each other in a coating of my jism."

"Oh, John, me too!," Melanie said, and spread herself out on top of me. Her breasts rubbed against my chest and her legs spread out on the outside of mine, clamping them in a sweet trap. My prick moved between her legs and she held it tightly, caught between the spread lips of her pussy. She stuck her tongue out all the way and lowered her mouth down to mine. Her tongue was like liquid fire, licking all around my mouth, flicking at the corners, and like a soft, flexible pry bar, probing between my lips. Her tongue tip moved behind my lower lip and ran back and forth with long sensual strokes. It bored into my open mouth, avidly seeking its counterpart. It found the tip of my tongue and flicked a tattooing drum beat against it. I was literally on fire with desire, her tongue pushing my desire to ever increasing heights.

All this time her hips had been vibrating, making little movements around and up and down. The motion had coaxed my cock to give up a flood of pre-seminal flow and it now covered the entirety of Melanie's sexual center. The stream was flowing down to my balls and coated them and ran down into the crack of my ass. I had never been so wet before, even after shooting a full load of cum. I could not help but moan at the pleasure of the feeling, giving in to the sheer joy of holding Melanie against me.

I moved my hands to her buttocks and kneaded and caressed them. My finger tips probed between them, into the cream slickered crevice. I ran my fingers up and down the valley that split her ass, stroking across the little rose bud of her anal opening and then down into the soft folds and creases of the feminine secret recesses hidden between Melanie's thighs. Involuntarily, my hips started matching the motion of hers, and we moved against each other, our strokes becoming longer, more insistent with each passing moment. "Oh, God, Melanie, I'm get- ting so close!," I managed to mutter.

"So am I," Melanie whispered, "but I don't want to cum this way. I want to cum just how you described it. With you inside, filling me, stroking me, and spurting me full of your man juice. Let's do it right now. I don't want to wait a second longer. John, do it to me now. Show me right now what we're supposed to do."

"Melanie, it's probably going to hurt some the first time. Are you ready for that?"

"Yes, you big silly. I'm a girl, remember. Girls know about that, and I'm ready. Besides, if it does hurt any, it won't hurt nearly so much with you as it would with someone else. You just let me be the one to worry about that and tell me what I'm supposed to do now. How am I supposed to lay so you can do it to me the way that's best for you?"

"Just about like we are right now would the best way for your first time," I replied. "Just sit up and then get on your knees so my cock is just under your opening. Then just sit down on my cock, taking it in a little at a time as you feel comfortable with it. That way, if it starts to hurt, you can stop for a minute and let it stop hurting before taking any more inside.

Melanie kissed my lightly on the lips and said, "That's just why I wanted my first time to be with you, you sweet guy. I knew you'd make it the best possible for me." She then sat up and taking both hands moved my cock so that the head was lodged at the opening of her tunnel of delight. She moved down on my cock, never breaking our eye contact. She had a look of sheer concentration on her face, focusing her thoughts on the penetration of my cock into her innermost recesses.

She took an inch into her and then stopped. I could feel the tightness of her pussy around the head of my cock. It was hot, wet, and glove-tight. After a few seconds, she moved down even more, engulfing almost half of my seven cock inches. "Ummm!," was the only sound she made. All this time she continued to stare into my eyes, as if seeking a reflection of what was going on at the juncture of our bodies. After a few more seconds pause, Melanie sat down fully on my cock.

Wet lock met wet lock. Pubic bone ground against pubic bone. Melanie sighed and whispered, "Oh, God!" She then leaned over, brushing her breasts lightly against my chest, the nipples sending waves of pleasure through both us as they brushed between our bodies. Her mouth crushed against mine and she tongued my mouth and tried to take all my lips into her mouth and suck on them. She broke the kiss, and whispered, "John, it's all the way in. I can feel you filling me up with your hardness. I can feel every little ridge on your cock and feel it throbbing with each of your heart beats. Having you in me is like sa-tisfying a need I didn't know I had. Oh, John, it hardly hurt at all going in, and now it doesn't hurt at all. Now is just feels sooo gooo-ood."

Melanie sat up straight again, and we stayed in the position, without moving, for several long minutes. Melanie's breathing slowed to near normal, and we both rested from the penetration effort. Melanie looked down at me and regained our direct eye contact. While she looked into my eyes, she smiled softly, secretly, with an almost beatific expres-sion. Her pussy was still so tight around my cock I thought I would not be able to move it. Every ripple and spasm of her pussy also swept through my cock, as if we were one person, each completely a part of the other.

Nature soon took over, though. Unable to hold still any longer, Chris-sy began little pelvic movements, small jerks, little circles, barely perceptible up and down movements. My hips reciprocated, and I made my own motions, matching pace with Melanie's. Soon, our motions intensified, with Melanie moving up and down about two inches. Each motion brought me intense pleasure, with Melanie's glove-tight pussy grabbing and stroking my cock with each movement. My pre-cum flow coupled with Melanie's feminine pussy cream lubricated her pussy walls, and the hot flow together with our passion fires made me feel as though a hot fire burned at the point of our sexual junction.

"I can't believe how good this feels! It's heavenly!," Melanie hoarsely said. "Oh, John, I knew it would good. I knew you would make it good like this." Melanie continued her movements, each stroke getting longer and longer. All of my seven inches moved in and out of her. Down hard to the base, bush meeting bush, and then up to where the head was almost ready to pop out. Melanie's breathing was growing faster again, and her breath was beginning to come in gasps, not just from the effort but also from the way she was obviously climbing up the scale toward climax.

Melanie's enthusiasm increased even more, and suddenly my cock popped out of her pussy with an audible popping sound. "Ohhh, noooo!," Melanie cried. "Put it back in! Get it back into meeee!"

I pushed Melanie down and onto her back. I grabbed her legs and pulled her to where her ass was just on the edge of the bed and her pussy was just hanging over it. I held her legs high in the air and spread them wide apart. My cock thrust out just in front of her pussy. Wetly, the pussy lips gaped open, inviting my cock to plunge between them, into the cream saturated depths of Melanie's womanhood. I inserted just the head of my cock into the pulsing, throbbing opening and holding it in one hand, I swirled it around and around, stirring the creaming center of Melanie's sopping pussy. Melanie moaned and cried, "Oh, do it, Bob-by! Do it to me! Fuck your little neice hard!"

I plunged my stiffened manhood into Melanie in one hard stroke, pushing in until the head of my cock lodged against her cervix. I could hardly believe how tight she was and how hot her pussy was as it clung and grasped at my cock, trying to keep it locked within its depths. I withdrew all the way out to where my cock-head was just inside her lips and then plunged in again. Melanie's hips drove up to me as I drove mine down to her. Our strokes met hard, each grinding our sexes into the other. "Oh, yes... yes... hard... hard!," Melanie moaned in a just audible whisper

As much as I had fought against it, my orgasm was building up fast.

The knowledge that it was my neice, my dear little Melanie, that I was fucking played mind games with me and gave me such a sense of sheer sexual pleasure that I could not forgo the climax sweeping over me. I jerked my penis out of Melanie and held it over her stomach. Suddenly, my cock was spurting, shooting out jet after jet of my scalding jism. It landed on Melanie's breasts and ran over the nipples and the sides. Cum squirted all over her neck and stomach and soaked her swatch of feminine bush even more than it was. Finally, the ejaculatory spasms ceased and cum stopped flowing. Melanie's whole front, from neck to V, as well as my hand was covered with hot, white drops of my outpouring.

Melanie had watched me spurt, fascinated by the sight. "So that's how a man cums," she said. She then took her hands and rubbed my cum all over her front, coating every inch. She especially rubbed cum into her breasts, loving the slick, lubrication it provided. I took my cum-coated hand and rubbed it all over my front, covering my chest and stomach. We were now both coated in a film of my masculine lubrication.

My cock had not diminished one bit as a result of my orgasm. It was still rigidly hard and still throbbed. It was almost as if I had not even cum. Desire still welled up in my groin. I was ready to do it all over again. I guided my cock back into Melanie's now cum-covered pussy and reamed it into her child-woman hole. She pushed up against me, eager to restart the lover's ride just ended.

I began the see-saw, up and down motion, twisting my pelvis so as to increase the pleasure. And pleasure it was. Despite my having just cum, my cock was anxious to ride to the peak again, to climb to new climatic heights. I was no less horny now than I had been before cumming. I felt I could fuck forever.

I lay down on Melanie and rubbed our naked bodies together, slick, cum-soaked skins slipping and sliding against each other. Her breasts were so slick and slippery they turned in little circles against my chest. Wet belly slipped against wet belly, and cum- soaked pubic hair interlocked and interwove together. I was one of the most voluptuous exper-iences I had ever had.

Melanie wrapped her arms around my shoulders and neck and held me tight. Her legs came up and locked around my back. Our thrusts were in perfect harmony, pulling back and pushing forward, each in time with the other. Cum-slippery skin moved against the other's skin, adding to the pleasure.

Melanie's movements became almost frantic. She was moving her hips in circles and thrusting her pussy at my cock with such force I was fearful she would hurt herself. She was crying and moaning at the same time, ecstatic sounds of almost unbearable pleasure. My movements increased in their pace also, and I was groaning in pleasure. As our peaks approached, our mouths hungrily sought each other, wanting to imitate the action below. We brought our wide open mouths to each other's and kissed and suckled at each other with an abandon neither had ever before experienced.

I reached under us and grasped Melanie's buttocks. I caressed and kneaded them, ran my fingers down their deep crease, and then pulled her pelvis up tight against me. We were both so close, so close. I pulled back, and holding her buttocks firmly in my hands, pushed hard into Melanie's creamy cavity. Over and over, in and out, harder and harder. Each time, Melanie's juice poured out of her and down the crease of her ass into my hands. Her whole buttocks as well as our fronts were now soaked in the outpourings of our love juices.

The muscles in Melanie's buttocks clinched, drawing tight and hard.

Her pussy clamped down on my cock, almost immobilizing it. She jerked her mouth from mine and cried, "Oh, God! I'm there! I'm cumming... I'm cumming so hard!" Her buttocks started quivering and spasms tore through her abdomen, shuddering her body over and over. She was panting loudly and her breath came in ragged gasps. Her hips pushed up and back, over and over again, just a little less with each movement. Gradually they slowed down and the intensity of her orgasm began to fade.

I then lifted her legs straight up in the air and drove into her pussy, over and over, like a pile driver driving steel. My climax was buil-ding up fast and my cock began the throbbing and swelling that occur just before orgasm. Melanie looked up at me and started reciprocating, pushing me higher and higher. Suddenly, with hardly any warning, I was there, over the edge, cumming hard. Once more, cum came jetting out of my cock, only this time into Melanie. I could feel the slippery cum flow over and around my cock, making it hot and slick. White foam came out of Melanie's pussy as I drove in and out, forcing the cum out of her already filled hole. Melanie whispered, "I can feel you cumming, John. You're spurting into me, filling me. God, it's so hot and slick. Oh, John, I gonna cum again! John, don't stop! Keep going, don't stop!"

I kept right on driving in and out, my cum starting to lessen its flow. Melanie had her eyes closed, concentrating on her own pleasure. She humped against me, and then I could see the muscles across her stomach draw tight. Her pussy clamped down on my cock again, squeezing it. Still, I continued my cock action, concerned now with giving Melanie even greater pleasure. Her orgasm this time was as great as the one just passed, and Melanie murmured, "Yes, yes, I did it again. Again, and it was so good.

Melanie opened her eyes and looked up at me. The hero worship was still there in her eyes, but also something else, something new, not seen before. I realized that she was seeing me as lover as well as uncle, and this added a new dimension to our relationship. I saw her, too, as a lover. A lovely lover from out of my dreams. I said to Melanie, in a soft whisper, "Melanie, that was better than any dream could ever be."

Melanie nodded, and smiled. She pulled me down to her and kissed me. Then she pushed me over to my side and threw her leg over my hip. All this time my cock had remained buried in Melanie's pussy, slowly going down from the orgasm. Face to face, sex to sex, Melanie kissed me again and whispered, "Oh, John. John, my uncle, my lover. Thank you, John. Thank you. I'm sure that there will never be another time like that in my life. Thank you for making it so good for me."

Her hips were working in little motions and I realized that my cock had fully regained it hardness. Melanie kissed me lightly on the cheek and smiling, said, "John, there's lots of stuff you need to teach me about sex, and we've got all weekend. Would you mind showing me more?"

I did not mind, of course. I spent the weekend not only telling Melanie about all aspects of sex, but, most importantly, showing her. As we both learned, a show-and-tell is worth ten thousand words.

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