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The Tachyon field

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Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501
Sponsored by Vangard Sciences
PO BOX 1031
Mesquite, TX 75150

December 29, 1990

The Symposium on Energy Technology in Hannover
November 27 and 28, 1980

Topic of the Symposium (Tachyon Field)
by Dr. Hans A. Nieper

Space is filled with an energy field, the energy concentration of
which is extremely large (for the layman, the energy field in this
lecture room could correspond to the energy of several bombs.)

This energy field has little to do with light energy or solar
energy, and instead is called the GRAVITON FIELD, TACHYON FIELD or

There are two essential models of imagination for this field and the
tachyon. We are either dealing with EXTREMELY SHORT WAVES which
possess VERY HIGH ENERGY electromagnetic radiation, or we are
dealing with very small energy units which display a PULSATING
BEHAVIOR which, in turn, determines their energy.

Most scientists have a tendency to use the model of PULSATING UNITS
(quantum jiggle or Zero Point Energy in modern terms). These units
can move MUCH FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT, however, they need not
often do so.

According to some scientists, the Tachyon Field DETERMINES THE SPEED
OF LIGHT. It would then correspond exactly to the geometric average
(V50) of the tachyon speed (Koppitz).

If the speed of light corresponds to the geometric average of the
sum of the tachyon speeds, this would mean that the speed of light
would also change with changes in the characteristics of the Tachyon

The late Canadian physicist W. Smith wrote that the speed of light,
in general, is assumed to be quite static (constant) in our
universe. It is defined as "the rate at which space moves within
time." However, if this is considered in terms of the new field
concept (Tachyon Field), then the speed of light DEPENDS on the

The speed of light, therefore, is ONLY constant when the time
characteristics of the Tachyon Field REMAIN constant. However, when
these characteristics change (which they always do), then the speed
of light CHANGES.

In fact, the speed of light measured on the earth is ANYTHING BUT
UNIFORM. In the March, 1934 edition of "Popular Science", on page

Page 1

25, the following summary was given.

"In 1926, Prof. A.A. Michelson, one of the most famous
experimental physicists of his time, measured light flashes
between two mirrors set up on mountain peaks 22 miles apart. He
determined that the speed of light was 186,284 miles per second.

In order to obtain a more accurate value, he allowed light to
pass through a three inch (evacuated) tube a mile long which was
located in Pasadena, so that the speed of light could also be
measured in a vacuum.

After the death of Michelson, Dr. Francis Pease (of the Carnegie
Institute) and Fred Pierson (of the University of Chicago)
continued these measurements.

As reported in the December, 1932 edition of "Popular Science",
on page 36, these measurements displayed SUBSTANTIAL DEVIATION,
especially since controllers of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic
Survey DID NOT FIND ANY ERRORS when they measured the length of
the tube several times.

Accordingly, the measured deviations, could only be attributed
to a CONTINUOUSLY CHANGING BEHAVIOR of the speed of light.

On certain days, the light seemed to move up to 12 miles per
second FASTER than on other days. The speed seemed to change
with the season, and there were even more mysterious cycles
lasting about two weeks.

Finally the scientists AGREED ON AN AVERAGE value for all
measurements, and FIXED the average speed at 186,271 miles per

This was in 1934. Today, based on the torsion pendulum experiments
of the American physicist, Dr. Saxl, we know that during the New
Moon the gravitational acceleration of the Earth INCREASES SLIGHTLY.

This means that at the time of the New Moon, the Tachyon Field LOSES
its intensity slightly thereby INFLUENCING THE SPEED OF LIGHT. It
is obvious that rejection of the axiom of a constant speed of light
creates a problem for ORTHODOX PHYSICS.

In addition, Prof. Seike suggested that the speed of light be
measured on another body in space, for example, on a moon of Jupiter
or on a probe remote from the Earth. He expects a HIGHER speed of
light there than on the Earth. He is probably right.

The Tachyon Field is also responsible for the phenomenon of
gravitational acceleration. The SHIELDING EFFECT of a mass causes a
second mass to be ACCELERATED TOWARDS IT. The gravity acceleration
(Earth attraction) is a THRUST phenomenon and NOT AN ATTRACTION

The field strength of the Tachyon Field is extremely large. It is
given as 8.8 X 10 to the 8th volts per centimeter by Seike.
Probably only a small fraction of tachyons travel faster than the
speed of light.

Page 2

The majority of them (tachyons) may remain relatively stationary
(these are called BRADYONS) and because of their OSCILLATORY
BEHAVIOR (Prof. Seike calls it "trembling motion"
[Zitterbewegung]), they HAVE A GREAT AMOUNT OF ENERGY.

This means that ALL MATTER is immersed in an EXTREMELY DENSE ENERGY
FIELD which we cannot percieve.

In connection with this, we must consider an explanation for an
exact physical experiment which has been repeated many times and
which has not yet been adequately explained. This is the PHANTOM
PHENOMENON in Kirlian photography.

Kirlian photography shows that biologically living matter, without
defining this more precisely, can be imaged on a photographic plate.
For example, a freshly picked leaf will expose a photographic plate
exactly according to its structure.

Usually, an exposure time of eight hours is needed. However, if the
tip of the leaf is cut off before the leaf is placed on the
photographics plate, the result is that the WHOLE leaf is still
completely imaged on the photographic plate, exactly in its previous
form and including its missing part.

This phantom phenomenon in Kirlian photography is among the many
documented results of experimental physics. Therefore, space must
have characteristics which allow it to retain the "impression" of
matter which it previously contained, at least for a period of
several hours. The concept of a bradyon field at rest, and with
very high energy, would explain this.
Vangard note...

Think of the Bradyon field in its continuous jiggle as having a
composition similar to syrup. Rapidly moving Tachyons can be
thought of as water or gas.

Comparison of the flow speed of the two fields shows how the
Bradyon field could "sustain" the holographic (3d) image of the
universe in a matrix of living energy.

This opens up very interesting concepts relating to Sheldrake's
Morphogenetic Fields and Burrs' Electrodynamic Fields of Life.

However, only tachyons which criss-cross space could be used to
explain the acceleration of gravity. It is possible that this is
only a small fraction of the entire Tachyon Field.

According to our present knowledge, the energy of the Tachyon Field
can be transformed into other energy types in many ways.

1) The Tachyon Field penetrates masses and gives off part of its
energy by means of a BRAKING EFFECT. This leads to the
central heating of masses (geothermal energy). Today the
principle has been verified mostly by analogous
investigations of the Moon and Venus. It can be assumed
that, when penetrating the Earth mass, the travelling Tachyon
Field will give up about 4% of its energy. This calculation

Page 3

is very vague, and cannot be given more precisely at this
time (Nieper). The GEOTHERMAL ENERGY can be considered as
captured GRAVITY FIELD ENERGY. It is generated continuously
from the outside and can theoretically be removed from the
Earth arbitrarily and without causing any damage.

2) Magnetic and electrostatic fields are capable of intercepting
tachyon energy (refer the work of T. Townsend Brown i.e, the
Biefield/Brown Effect - BIEBRN1 & BIEBRN2 on KeelyNet). The
intercepted energy (or braking effect) may increase
exponentially with the field strength. Masses which are
subject to large magnetic induction apparently absorb
especially large amounts of tachyon energy because of
principle 1 (and 2). The Jupiter Moon IO seems to be an
example of this.

3) Very abrupt voltage changes apparently withdraw energy from
the Tachyon Field. This principle seems to play a role in
the formation of lightning energy. Experiments based on this
principle include the Gray convertor, where discharges are
fed in from a condensor system to a conventionally designed
electric motor, instead of the conventional electric field.
The Gray motor has an efficiency of over 100%; that is, it
can produce more energy than is required for its operation.

During an electrical short circuit, the energy flow
apparently is greater in a special experimental configuration
than would be expected from the supplied power (Kromrey).

4) The so-called "standing electromagnetic wave" and certain
other manipulations of electromagnetic waves seem to disturb
mutual "tolerance" between the electromagnetic waves and the
Tachyon Field. This leads to ENERGY REMOVAL FROM THE
TACHYONS into the electromagnetic wave which become
"UNSYMPATHETIC." This principle was discovered by physicist
Nikola Tesla about 100 years ago and was used by him to
experimentally extract Tachyon Field energy and convert it
into electrical current. By adopting the term
"interference", specialists today speak of a "Tesla
interferometer." Tesla at that time prediced the technical
exploitation of space energy "within a few generations."

He was about 100 years ahead of his time. The exceptional
importance of this man is only now becoming known. The Tesla
Principle is considered by specialists today to be a classic
example of tachyon energy conversion. The recently developed
"Tesla Cannon" is based on this principle. The
electromagnetic waves are modified in the form of laser
bundling, so that they absorb additional tachyon energy.

Such a beam can have a destructive effect in space over
hundreds of kilometers and has a very high energy. The
American physicist Dr. Moray did not fire Tesla modified
waves into space. Instead he directed them into an insulated
cable 15 meters long. Inside the cable, energy is removed
from the Tachyon Field. Dr. Moray was able to produce a
continous power of 70 KW direct current! This occurred in
1929. Forty years earlier Tesla directed a "Tesla-beam" over

Page 4

a long distance onto a piece of metal and made numerous
electrical bulbs light up. The effective energy was much
greater than that emitted by the generator.

Vangard notes...

Keely students will recognize the true discoverer of
interference and how intelligent application of it can result in
constructive (harmonic) or destructive (enharmonic) interference
to alter energy/mass flows.

We know that Tesla wrote a most vicious letter to Bloomfield-
Moore (Keely's patroness) in the late 1880's or early 1890's
claiming Keely to be a total and complete fraud.

It is interesting to note that Tesla carried out NO research on
MECHANICAL VIBRATORS until he came to this country. Note also
that he lived in New York, was highly literate and without doubt
aware of the research of John W. Keely in nearby Philadelphia
through the at times massive press coverage of Keely during the
period of 1872 through 1898.

Through the work of Tesla, the MECHANICAL VIBRATORS evolved into
electrical devices using the principles of SYMPATHY and
RESONANCE which Keely originally pioneered for practical results
using only sound waves.

It is our belief that Tesla made himself aware of Keely's work
in a most detailed fashion and incorporated it in the MECHANICAL
VIBRATORS of his early days.

These later evolved into electrically driven devices which could
do the same job yet did not require the laborious mechanical
tuning which occupied so much of Keely's researches.

Tesla's main ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTION is the Rotating Magnetic
field. The rest is a result of high plagiarization and
hybridization without due credit to his inspiration.


5) When the plane of a system performing circular motion
(spinning system) is tilted very rapidly, there is also an
energy absorption from the Tachyon Field. Either the
gravitational acceleration of the system changes, or
electrical current is produced, or both. In principle, this
is known as the Faraday Disk (rotating magnet) and the
Laithwaite spindle (mechanical gyroscope which rotates at
the periphery of a central gyroscope). The DePalma
convertor, also called an N-machine, is based on this
principle. At high revolutions it provides a direct current
output which is greater than that required to operate the

6) If an electric field is directed into a coil which is wound
around an iron core, it develops magnetic forces. This is
the principle of the electromagnet. The coil can also be
wound in a specific way called a MOBIUS COIL, which is also

Page 5

known as a KLEINEAN BOTTLE. An electrical field directed
into such a coil is "encaged" and RESULTS IN MUCH GREATER
the energy introduced, than is the case for a conventional
electromagnet. The iron core can then send out a VERY HIGH
METALS AND ROCKS, for example. Prof. Seike in particular
dealt with this technology. The energy derived is much
greater than that required for induction.

7) According to Nieper's theory, all so-called natural
accelerations can be referred to one common basic
principle, which is that these accelerations are caused by
acceleration of gravity, as well as electrostatic,
magnetic, electromagnetic and radiesthetic accelerations.

In principle, ALL accelerations MUST BE EXCHANGEABLE when
experimentally manipulated. For example, electromagnetic
acceleration can be exchanged for the acceleration of
gravity. This axiom also explains the operating principle
of the Howard Johnson convertor, which is based on the
usage of the magnetic paradox. According to this paradox,
the work performed during the acceleration of a magnet
using an iron core is greater than the force required for
sideways removal of the iron core. The linear model of the
Johnson convertor was patented under U.S. patent 4,151,431
after extensive testing at the beginning of January, 1980.

8) There is a special kind of tachyon energy conversion into
heat, which particularly affects biological organisms. A
space which is enclosed on all sides by a conducting
membrane which can be charged, leads to such a conversion
of tachyon energy into heat. This also applies to the
cells of the human organism. The principle was discovered
by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. In Germany the biophysicist, F.A.
Popp, has examined these questions. This "Orgone Box
Principle" will be pondered for long time.

Based on the existing convertors, no one can doubt the
technical feasibility of obtaining energy from the Tachyon
Field. Such convertors in principle could be built
relatively simply and at low cost. However, certain
scientific, financial and political efforts have to be made
for large-scale utilization of tachyon energy. The
installation of large power plants and cross-country lines
and other high-cost infrastucture is not required, nor is
the purchasing of fuel.
If you have comments or other information relating to such topics
as this paper covers, please upload to KeelyNet or send to the
Vangard Sciences address as listed on the first page.
Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.

Jerry W. Decker.........Ron Barker...........Chuck Henderson
Vangard Sciences/KeelyNet
If we can be of service, you may contact
Jerry at (214) 324-8741 or Ron at (214) 242-9346
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