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Know all men by these presents that ________________

of _______________________________, for valuable consideration
paid, hereby DEPOSITS and PLEDGES with ________________
___________, as collateral security to secure the payment of
_____________($ )Dollars on ________,19___with ___%
percent interest per annum, payable ___________________as
provided in note of even date, or any renewals thereof, and to
secure the payment of any other direct or indirect, primary or
secondary liability, joint or several, or any renewals thereof,
of the undersigned to said ______________, due or to become due,
or that may hereafter be contracted, and to secure any judgment
on any of the foregoing, the following described property:

The holder hereof may collect any part of said security by any
lawful means. In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and
seals this ____day of _________, 19__.

Signatures Witnessed By: ____________________________

___________________________ ____________________________


Form 127

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