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Beale Air Force Base freq. list

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Sources: Monitoring Times & Popcom
Reprinted by: John Johnson, KWV8BP

Home of the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing "SRW" also the Strategic air
Command "SAC".

Frequency Description
--------- -----------

228.400 Ch. 1 Information Nov Ground
276.150 Ch. 2 Tower
327.500 Ch. 3 Departure
296.700 Ch. 4 Departure
281.400 Ch. 5 Air Intercept
316.100 Ch. 6 Air Intercept
340.900 Ch. 7 Tower/Ground
259.100 Ch. 8 ?
311.000 Ch. 9 SAC
255.400 Ch.10 Tower/Ground
321.000 Ch.11 SAC
285.600 Ch.12 Approach/Departure
269.600 Ch.13 Primary Approach
383.100 Ch.14 Approach Practice
243.500 Ch.15 ?
320.100 Ch.16 ?
235.600 Ch.17 ?
372.200 Ch.18 Plane to Dispatch
239.800 Ch.19 ?
273.500 Ch.20 ATIS Weather

124.500 Departure
126.200 Tower
134.100 Radar
138.165 Special Investigation
138.175 OSI
138.325 Paging
148.050 Commanders Net
148.095 9th SRW Command
148.185 Fire/Crash Rescue
148.455 Aircraft maitenance
148.500 SAC Security
149.050 Beale Police
149.550 Police Input
149.150 Air maitenance
149.225 SAC Security
148.500 SAC Security Input
150.195 Civil Engineers
150.225 Communications Center
150.315 Air Refueling
150.345 Motor pool
413.450 SAC Paging
148.035 ?
149.525 ?
150.200 ?
150.255 ?
164.500 ?
388.850 ?

Designators utilized by Beale AFB.
Alpha SAC Security
Aspen Kc-135 Tankers
Beale Beale Police; also Base Commanders
Control SAC Security; a;so various operattions bases.
CP Base Command Post
Foxtrot Base Command Net Operator
Horn Control Base UHF CP
Liberty Control Base UHF CP
Numeric Surveillance Aircraft
Police Beale Police
Rambo Flight Line Ramp Units

Crash and Rescue Unit Numbers
1,2 and 4 Single nozzle Aircraft pumper engines
3 Dual nozzle AC pumper engines
5 and 11 Pick up Trucks
7 Structure engine
9 and 7 Chemical/Foam tanker
Wildfire Field/Brush Units

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