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FBI Frequencies used in Massachusetts

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Federal Bureau of Investigation - Massachusetts

164.2250 Springfield, MA area
167.2375 R Foxboro, MA (input 163.9875)
167.2500 Springfield, MA (input 163.9875)
167.2625 R Westfield, MA (on WWLP tower)
167.2875 Worcester, MA area
167.3125 R Boston Tactical F1
167.3625 R Boston Area "CENTRAL"
167.4125 MA Bank Robbery Task Force
167.4375 R Boston, MA
167.4625 R Fall River, MA (input 162.950)
167.5625 Nationwide simplex F4
167.6125 R Paxton, MA (input 163.9875)
171.1750 Aeronautical Surveillance (in the clear)

167.9 PL on all frequencies when not using DVP scrambling
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