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5 ways to make a free call from a pay phone
A way to call an 800 number from a pay phone (for
About pay terminals at SEATAC airport - AT&T Publi
COCOTS: uses for privately operated public telepho
Call free from public phones in Sweden
Exploit bugs in privately owned payphones and make
Free calls from fortress phones
Free calls from fortress phones
Get money from payfones
Getting Payphone Numbers in Australia by mosh
 How to get Payphone numbers in australia
Getting free local calls on a payphone using a sha
How punching a pay phone effects your call
How to Rip Off Payphones (UPi)
How to Scam Calling Cards by ic0n
 Getting free calling cards using bogus call refunds.
How to get change/open payphones/steal them/disabl
How to make free local calls on most payphones
How to make free phone calls from payphone
How to rip off English payphones
List of Payphones to call collect
List of payphone numbers from all over
Make any phone a pay phone
Make any phone a pay phone
Making Payphones Ring by ICantThinkOfAnythingNow
 It's easy...
Outsmarting COCOTs with a little help from AT&T
Payphone information - Part 1
Payphone information - Part 2
Payphone information - Part 3
Payphone information - Part 4
Payphone numbers for the Santa Barbra area
The "Unphreakable" Millennium Phones by Phracked
 Making phree calls from payphones.
The ABC's of payphones - Part 1
The ABC's of payphones - Part 2
The ABC's of payphones - Part 3
The ABC's of payphones - Part 4
What you can do to a pay phone (get money)
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