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Foreign War Gold Spies

by ShoreLines

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

Where there is gold there will be spies lurking about.

September 24, 2004

What began at the conclusion of World War II and a 1949 Police Action where the Dutch had placed the former late Indonesian President Soekarno under arrest as a result of American Foreign Policy objectives saw the Dutch become supervisors today over the Indonesia family legacies that left behind gold wealth amounting to billions from under the Soekarno Family and the Pringgodigdo Estate.

Today, the Dutch and American governments are dealing with a special team of Israeli intelligence agents comprised of a security force under the directorate of Mossad, however they are not alone as new business financial "Competitive Intelligence" and "Risk Management" security agents and consultants are also watching them too.

The following information is based on a true story, which began for intelligence agents in the Caribbean in 1997.

In 2004, however United States FBI agents arrested five (5) individuals who are now in Portland, Oregon, USA fighting for their lives for what amounts to death sentences for each of them if convicted.

The story you are about to read was written by ShoreLines, a small online news website that chose Totse.Com [ ] as its special public reading platform, which has withstood the tests of time, that is believed by ShoreLines necessary for this particular story to be able to remain online.

On October 2, 1997 First International Bank Of Grenada Limited (F.I.B.G., Ltd.) became lawfully licensed as an independent offshore bank located in the country of Grenada, West Indies (an island located in the Caribbean Sea) and named as its Chief Executive officer (CEO) a man named, Gilbert Allen Ziegler (an American). [NOTE: Ziegler decided to change his name for 'religious purposes' to Van Arthur Brink in 1998.]

FIBG bank received 'large asset instrument' document packages between 1997 thru 2000 'after' verification was performed of these instruments and Joint Venture agreements by at least between two (2) to three (3) lawyers prior to acceptance by FIBG bank accepting them into its portfolio of deeded assets and/or under its management of such.

FIBG bank also began receiving 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages between 1997 thru 2000 'after' verification was performed of these instruments and other agreements by at least two (2) attorneys prior to acceptance by FIBG bank accepting them into its portfolio of deeded assets and/or under its management of such from another independent offshore bank named, Fidelity International Bank Incorporated (F.I.B., Ltd.), which had been lawfully registered in the Republic of Nauru (an island located in the South Pacific Ocean) and became located in other countries from 1997 through at least 2000.

On or before October 15, 1997 FIB, Inc. (Nauru) bank was introduced to a man named, William R. ('Bill') Davis, a Trustee for Presto Telecommunications, Inc. whose Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was Alfred Louis ("Bobby") Vassallo, Jr. (aka) Alfredo Louis Vasallo, Jr. was also introduced.

Davis presented himself to FIB as having gained considerable experience as a former Trustee for the late Howard Hughes' foundation in America, and as the then current Trustee for two (2) multi-national companies named, Presto Telecommunications (USA and Mexico), and Automated Telecommunications.

On or before December 1997 William R. ("Bill") Davis became the FIBG, Ltd. (Grenada) bank Attorney-In-Fact and Trustee with authorized signatory powers over all FIBG bank portfolio assets that were either 'deeded to' and/or 'under management' of it to serve in a lawful manner consistent with the best interests of the bank and in accordance with good international business and banking practices, which Davis agreed to perform.

Davis presented to FIBG bank that he wished to even further assist it and went on to see that a total of 100,000 shares of Automated Telecommunications stock were placed into the bank portfolio holdings. FIBG bank saw that stock portfolio grow as it changed into 351,459 shares of Presto Telecommunications, Inc. stock with an estimated value of $2-million U.S. dollars.

Davis saw FIBG bank add to its asset portfolio an international business company named, Davis Holdings (Bahamas) Limited, lawfully registered in the Bahamas. He received compensation through FIBG bank wire transfers via the Western Union Money Transfer system for his consulting expenses supervised by a female FIBG bank employee named, Rita L. Regale (aka) Rita L. Brunges.

On October 1, 1999 Van A. Brink resigned as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FIBG bank and was asked after he moved to Kampala, Uganda in Africa to become a consultant for FIBG bank, which Brink accepted in conjunction with business and financial consultant work he had been conducting in the best interests of the Uganda government and its business and banking affairs.

On October 1, 1999 a man named, Mark Kennedy (a Canadian), became the new FIBG bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Grenada.

FIBG bank CEO Mark Kennedy saw William R. ("Bill") Davis introduce him to a man named, Gabriel F. MacEnroe, who was presented as being one (1) of the top five (5) Traders in the World associated with Rothschild of the United Kingdom.

CEO Mark Kennedy saw Van A. Brink as an FIBG bank consultant flown on an airplane from Kampala, Uganda to Grenada for the specific purpose of meeting with him and MacEnroe.

After that meeting, Brink - having been CEO of FIBG bank for 2-years - then in his advisory role as a consultant for FIBG bank cautioned CEO Kennedy for FIBG bank they "should 'not' do any business with Gabriel F. MacEnroe unless the money was sitting on the table in front of them".

Shortly thereafter and on or about February 4, 2000 FIBG bank CEO Kennedy - against the advice of consultant Brink - removed all FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document packages and had flown on an airplane to Gatwick Airport in East Sussex, UK for the purpose of meeting with Gabriel F. MacEnroe who is a resident in both Egham, Surrey, UK and St. Gallen, Switzerland who gave all FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document packages to him.

MacEnroe then took all FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document packages, presented to him by FIBG bank CEO Kennedy, to his Commercial Capital Establishment (aka) Commercial Capital Anstalt business Attorney and Trustee named, Walter Matt, located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

On February 28, 2000 FIBG bank CEO Kennedy flew to Switzerland and received a FAX sent from MacEnroe to him at the Mozart Hotel located in Rorschach, Switzerland. This FAX confirmed that FIBG bank CEO Kennedy had given all FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document packages to MacEnroe, which included reference to the Indonesian and Japanese assets.

Subsequent to that FAX having been received by FIBG bank CEO Kennedy he sent it to America where later I received it.

This FAX is 'proof of the conspiracy' entered into by and between former FIBG bank CEO Mark Kennedy along with Gabriel F. MacEnroe and others.

The object of the conspiracy is complex in that amongst other criminal aspects, it basically served monetary compensations to many individuals dispersed as their commissions for having handled the FIBG bank property under the terms of even more complex secrecy agreements, which Mark Kennedy still believes he is obligated to keep to himself and not reveal to anyone, much less a court of law, based upon what Gabriel F. MacEnroe presented him to sign, which was a 'government security agency non-disclosure agreement' obligating him to 'not reveal what he become secretly privileged to know'.

CEO Mark Kennedy, upon his resignation from FIBG bank and his having left Grenada, had his government secrecy agreement later confirmed by accident with the Office of the United States Attorney General (AG) 'after' United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agents detained Mark Kennedy in the Bahamas based on an INTERPOL warrant issued by under the directives of Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith C. Mitchell for the government concerning its having been advised by an FIBG bank lawyer that it was perceived Kennedy had unlawfully removed or stolen FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages in 2000.

Kennedy provided particular information to FBI agents in the Bahamas upon his being detained, who verified Kennedy's government agency 'handler' who instructed the FBI agents in the Bahamas to immediately release Mark Kennedy.

Mark Kennedy's role as a 'secret government agent' was recognized by the Office of the U.S. Attorney in Portland, Oregon, USA before he presented information before a U.S. Court Federal Grand Jury that served to return their indictment of government levied criminal charges against Van A. Brink claiming that his frauds related to FIBG bank having 'no' large asset instrument document packages since there was 'no proof' of such ever found by Grenada government appointed statutory interim administrators and the PriceWaterhouseCoopers liquidator assigned to audit FIBG bank.

Basically, former CEO Mark Kennedy removed the FIBG bank asset documentation at the behest of Gabriel F. MacEnroe who had been introduced by William R. ("Bill") Davis who first presented himself to be a Trustee formerly with the Howard Hughes Foundation and went on to promise to protect FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages.

Since at least 1998, Kennedy has performed duties of, upheld responsibilities for, taking instructions from, and conducted services at the behest of at least two (2) foreign governments other than Canada and Grenada. Clearly, demonstrated performances such as these will lead any reasonable person to believe that he is and has been working as a secret foreign government agent albeit willingly or not.

Subsequent to FIBG bank asset portfolio packages having been surreptitiously removed, they were transferred and converted through a group of secret U.S. government agents contracting with others.

Specifically, in at least one such instance, individuals did either cause by their participation directly or otherwise to be removed, overseen, handled, for the purposes of manipulating away from FIBG bank property that had been previously assigned to it of great value and evidence of the bank written and verbal acclamations 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages that had been previously accounted for and estimated to amount to as much as $230-Billion U.S. dollars over the course of the lifetime of FIB, Inc. (Nauru) and/or FIBG, Ltd. (Grenada) banks.

Further, that the surreptitious removal and loss of the aforementioned property belonging to the two (2) banks caused great harm to include loss of monies deposited and invested by entities and/or individuals that trusted FIBG bank and its employees to secure property of each and every one of those so named as relates to all civil and criminal court proceedings so filed previously, pending currently, and any which may be filed as may arise from those having caused those two (2) banks properties to be secretly removed and manipulated by a group of individuals and entities, which shall be named.

For the purposes of demonstrating evidence these properties were amongst other properties of the banks that were so claimed orally and in writing by individual representatives of the banks from which was relied upon by individuals and organizations around the World where the total value of assets held under deed, management, agreements, certificates of deposit (CD), and other instruments of value held by the banks included presentation of assets by an individual named, Prasetya Hadi (aka) Prasetya Purwanto.

Prasetya Hadi (aka) Prasetya Purwanto was claimed by others to be acting on behalf of the Soekarno Estate operating in Yojyakarta [Jakarta], Indonesia as the legal Signatory, Holder and/or Owner recognized by the principal banks holding the assets, which had been tied and bound under a legal agreement held by FIBG bank as a 'large asset instrument' document portfolio package, to wit:

1. Certificate of Obligation, BFT 00034005 Parade Platz 6 Zurich Switzerland No 627418 ; ISMA 1870211098; date August 3, 1963, as much as 11,850,000 Kgs. Bank Guarantee No. DD 27098 T.S. Holder Mr. Pringgodigdo.

2. Bullion Certificate CD 6740 - Suisse M.S.L.0987098 as much as 3,595,000 Kgs. dated March 10, 1960, Holder Mr. Pringgodigdo.

[3. Bullion Certificate CD 6740 - Suisse; 096.T. 009672; as much as 1,225,000 Kgs. dated August 2, 1966 UBS, Holder Mr. Pringgodigdo.]

4. Certificate of Obligation, No DD27908; Certificate Of Deposit No 487902; Bank Guarantee 67118; August 6, 1960 as much as 675,000 Kgs. Holder Mr. Pringgodigdo.

5. Bullion Certificate CD6740 - Suisse No 786886 as much as 395,000 Kgs.; dated August 3, 1966; Holder Mr. Pringgodigdo.

6. Certificate Of Obligation No. 7871180 Certificate Deposit No 74118609; date March 02, 1966 as much as 600 Metric Tons, AU Gold. Mr. Pringgodigdo.

The aforementioned proportions designated from the aforementioned list of assets are believed to relate to at least line item three ("3.") above, which were bound within the FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages, spirited away from FIBG bank and surreptitiously removed by its then CEO Mark Kennedy, a Canadian citizen foreigner not of Grenada, who then committed the felonious criminal act of 'espionage'.

Mark Kennedy's role as a foreign espionage agent was being directed and complied upon instructions he was following of another foreign government agent named, Gabriel F. MacEnroe, who led the criminal act of espionage and theft of FIBG bank properties from thence forward until the middle of 2001.

Mark Kennedy admitted in an e-mail communication that Gabriel F. MacEnroe was taking his instructions from a man located in Liechtenstein who controlled a Trust organization there.

In another intercepted FAX it was learned that Gabriel MacEnroe communicated with a Trustee and Attorney named, Walter Matt, located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein and that the MacEnroe company known as Commercial Capital Establishment (aka) Commercial Capital Anstalt, is registered in Liechtenstein but uses a St. Gallen, Switzerland office address controlled by a man named, Max Broder, who MacEnroe has used to communicate business instructions for him through Walter Matt as evidenced by FAX communications on file.

Mark Kennedy admitted in the aforementioned e-mail communication, that MacEnroe would meet with him and then leave for Liechtenstein and then return again with new instructions and plans for Kennedy to carry out regarding specific FIBG bank 'large asset instruments', which included the primary focus of MacEnroe's control agents to be targeting the Indonesian assets held through contractual agreements with FIBG bank as part of its 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages.

Kennedy complied with his instructions from MacEnroe who was controlling him from at least February 4, 2000 and returned to Grenada.

Later on February 28, 2000 Kennedy flew from Grenada to Switzerland and met with MacEnroe again who advised him that the FIBG bank "Indonesian" assets would be able to be handled, but that the FIBG bank "Japanese" assets might not be so easily handled. Kennedy continued to follow the MacEnroe instructions.

On June 2, 2000 FIBG bank CEO Mark Kennedy resigned, fled the island of Grenada, landed in the Bahamas, and flew to the United States of America to testify before a U.S. Federal Grand Jury located in Portland, Oregon, USA as a foreign agent. Later, in an e-mail communication, Mark Kennedy admitted to having prepared a complete "biography" on Gabriel F. MacEnroe.

Mark Kennedy who had acted in concert with another foreign agent committed acts of espionage harmful to U.S. citizens and others, but was granted "immunity" by the United States government if he would testify before the U.S. Federal Grand Jury about what was done to FIBG bank and its assets that served to harm thousands of people who had placed millions of dollars into the FIBG bank system of banks who were relying heavily on verbal and written statements provided by FIBG bank to depositors, but secretly kept from the U.S. Federal Grand Jury was the fact that Mark Kennedy had served to disrupt the organization of the bank.

Mark Kennedy was not instructed to explain his own criminal acts, but to explain to the Federal Grand Jury that the bank failing that caused losses to thousands of people around the World, were because of others, some of which included the following people:

- Van A. Brink (aka) Gilbert Allen Ziegler

- Rita L. Brunges (aka) Rita L. Regale

- Robert John Skirving

- Laurent E. Barnabe

- Douglas Christie Ferguson

All five (5) individuals (above) worked for FIBG bank and were all arrested by U.S. agents in 2004 under a federal indictment that states that FIBG bank had no 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages as had been promoted and advertised by them. These five (5) individuals now face U.S. prison terms if found guilty, and based on consecutive U.S. sentencing guideline laws may be sentenced to anywhere from 140-years to as much as 1,230-years each.

It has now been almost 4-years since Mark Kennedy first removed the FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages and turned them over to his foreign agent, Gabriel F. MacEnroe, who went on to collect a sizeable commission fee for seeing them disposed of in Jakarta, Indonesia after William R. ("Bill") Davis and Mr. Trotta were flown there to handle the 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packaged paperwork that was then manipulated through their conversion.

The current U.S. federal indictment charging the five (5) above is displayed in U.S. District Court case number, CR-01-321-KI, which is based on testimony provided to the U.S. Federal Grand Jury by former FIBG bank CEO Mark Kennedy who first saw to disposing of the FIBG bank assets.

Today, Mark Kennedy enjoys his freedom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife and children. He was never arrested, but thanked by the U.S. government for his cooperation in making a federal case that will probably result in death sentences of long terms in prison for the five (5) named above.

Gabriel MacEnroe was never arrested on charges pertaining to the FIBG bank case, however on October 31, 2000 after receiving his commission fees, he became engaged with another group of people tied to the American mafia in Florida and was subsequently arrested, but released.

On July 20, 2003 MacEnroe was ordered back to the United States to answer criminal charges and to bring with him all records pertaining to his foreign business affairs. MacEnroe refused to return to Greenville, South Carolina, USA to further answer for his U.S. criminal charges of money laundering, fraud, and conspiracy. MacEnroe is an international fugitive at this time.

On August 8, 2004 a Dublin, Ireland newspaper named, The Sunday Times, released a news story that gave MacEnroe's side of his own story to their reporter named, John Mulligan. Basically, MacEnroe supports the U.S. government prosecution of Van A. Brink, and then dismisses the U.S. FBI charges against himself as being "nothing", which is contained in the newspaper story entitled, "The Irish Businessman Who Fell Foul Of The FBI", found in the 'Business Section', on page five (5).

That newspaper story did not mention anything about what became of the missing FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document portfolio package that MacEnroe saw to having smuggled out of the bank by its former CEO Mark Kennedy, which was taken to Jakarta, Indonesia for further disposal and conversion.

Those individuals who were either solicited by foreign agents and/or cooperated in concert with foreign agents who either involved themselves knowingly or unknowingly were never arrested or charged with crimes relating to FIBG bank 'large asset instrument' document portfolio packages are named (below), as follows:

- Prasetya Hadi (aka) Prasetya Purwanto, Principal Signatory Holder for the "Pringgodigdo Estate" (NZ);

- Rudolf Bosboon, Notary Public (Monnickendam, The Netherlands);

- Jan Steven De Graaf, Substitute Witness for Rudolf Bosboon - (Monnickendam, The Netherlands);

- Robert Earl Palm (aka) Robertowi Palmovi (aka) Roberta Palma, Chairman of the Board for the Burl Howard Securities Corporation (BHSC), holder of 'safekeeping receipt' (Santa Monica, California, USA);

- Richard L. Canino, Notary Public (California, USA);

- Alexander Gilbert Baraona, Chief Executive Officer for the Burl Howard Securities Corporation (BHSC), holder of 'safekeeping receipt' (Stockton, California, USA);

- C. Barrameda, Notary Public (Santa Clara County, California, USA);

- David Frank Rowe, former Director for "FIBG, Ltd." (Grenada) and "Insurance Warehouse Limited" (UK) in (Palm Springs, California, USA);

- Richard W. Downes, former Chairman of the Board for "FIBG, Ltd." (Grenada) and Chief Executive Officer for "First International Bank Of Grenada 2000 Limited" (Grenada) in (USA);

- Lawrence Jones, former Chief Executive Officer for "FIBG, Ltd." (Grenada) and Chairman of the Board for "First International Bank Of Grenada 2000 Limited" (Grenada) in (UK & Monaco);

- Mark Kennedy, former Chief Executive officer for "FIBG, Ltd." (Vancouver, British, Columbia, Canada);

- DuSean Berkich, "Sunset Shores Trading Company Limited" (deceased in prison, U.S. territory, Northern Mariana Islands);

- Ysidrio Yubero Sierra, "Sunset Shores Trading Company Limited (Madrid, Spain);

- L. Trotta, "The Trotta Group" (Barcelona, Spain);

- William R. Davis, Trustee for "Automated Telecommunications, Inc." and "Presto Telecommunications, Inc." (Pasadena, California, USA);

- Gabriel F. MacEnroe, Director for "Commercial Capital Establishment" (Vaduz, Liechtenstein) and "Commercial Capital Finance Limited" (St. Gallen, Switzerland) in (Egham, Surrey, UK);

- Elan Aigher, ;

- F. Paimo Danarasa (aka) Dana Rasa, (Indonesia);

- Husein, Muslim cleric, ;

- Rudy Pangau, ;

- Tubagus Suprianto Sanukri;

- General Soewarno, ;

- Kriswisodo, ;

- Muhamad Burhan, ABN / Amro Bank (Eindhoven, Netherlands);

- Endang Darmawan, ;

- Ir. Gunardjo, ;

- Halim Dharmakusuma, ;

- M. Damanik, ;

- Kho Hian Sui, ;

- Prebon Marshall Yamane, ;

- Others not yet named

All the Indonesian Estates are under the Control of one (1) Committee and the mentioned families are Members of the Collective Leader Board.

The government of The Netherlands reportedly supervises the Pringgodigdo Estate.

As to the possible 'guilt' or 'innocence' of any one or more of the above named individuals I have now named above? Well, it is not my job to pass judgment on others. I am in the information business.

If anyone cares to discuss the aforementioned information or provide more factual clarity please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Cordially submitted,




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