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Spy Secrets

by Dimension Master & The Giggler

...................................... . . . The Interstellar Times . . . . Authors: Dimension Master . . & The Giggler . . Vol. 05 . ......................................

SECRETS ][ - SPY SECRETS ------------------------

Some of the ideas contained in this SECRETS file and the previous file were taken from BIG SECRETS and BIGGER SECRETS by William Poundstone.

- More Secret Frequencies -

Central Intelligence Agency in MHz:

163.81<br> 165.01<br> 165.11<br> 165.385<br> 408.60

Drug Enforcement Administration:

11,076 Khz<br> 14,686<br> 18,666<br> 163.185MHz<br> 163.535<br> 165.235<br> 165.285<br> 165.29<br> 172.00<br> 172.05<br> 172.20<br> 415.60<br> 416.05<br> 416.20

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

7905 Khz<br> 9240<br> 10500<br> 120.425 MHz<br> 149.375<br> 163.31<br> 163.485<br> 163.81<br> 163.825<br> 163.835<br> 163.875<br> 163.885<br> 163.91<br> 163.925<br> 163.935<br> 163.95<br> 163.96<br> 163.975<br> 163.985

The codes for the above agencies goes further but I think that is enough. If you want more, contact Giggler or the Dimensio Master.

- Russian Spy Tracking Powder -

The soviets use a yellow powder to track U.S. Embassy Personnel and others. According to government analysis, it's formula is:

NO C H CH: CH CH: CH CH O<br> 2 6 4

The State Department has been reluctant to explain how the powder is used - The Russians deny it even exsists - It probably works like this. Nitrophenylpentadienal, or NPPD is smeared on a door knob or steering wheel or something that a certain person is sure to touch. It is thought that a cockroach powder used by Russian exterminators at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow might contain the substance. The person then leaves traces of NPPD on everything and everyone he touches. The Russians must be able to detect NPPD in extremely small traces. NPPD glows under ultraviolet light. NPPD is believed to be extremely tenacious once it gets on the skin. It apperently does not come off with normal washing for a long time. American residents in Moscow were advised to wash with soap and water and then with an alcohol-based compound. No one is quite sure how well the powder works.

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