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Miscellaneous Religious and Philosophical Texts

Some things just defy easy categorization.

"Intellectual Laziness" Rebuttal by Aaron A. Brown
 Rebuttal to "Intellectual Laziness of Atheists"
A Quick Lesson In Do-It-Yourself Embalming by Gus McLeavy
 To begin, you'll need three to six gallons of embalming fluid. If you can't find a brand name fluid you can mix your own, using dyed and perfumed formaldehydes, glycerine, borax, phenol, alcohol, and water...
A text on lucid dreaming
About Greek Gods
African Pentecostal Elite Members Ritual Guide
 The secret African Pentecostal ritual guide only meant to be known to the Elite Members of the Pentecostal converts. Smuggled out of Africa and translated into the English langauge.
African Pentecostal Witch Hunting Guide by Bakari Sudi Jabari
 The African Pentecostal Church's Guide of Inquisitions of Witches and Magicians in the African Continent is a guide to identifying and executing witches and magicians.
An Atheist Mind by Joanne Mayer
 An insight into the motivations and beliefs of atheists and the application of those beliefs in their everyday lives.
An Athiest's View on Religion by Demontheses
 God is a drug. Like any other drug, God is addictive, it makes you feel good, and scientists pointing out the harsh truth are ignored.
And There Was A War In Heaven
Anthrocentric Meditation
 Meditation is a continued application of the mind, or a moving concentration on a particular theme or sound. It is a state of consciousness in which the highest level of mental awareness is awakened. It is above and beyond the ordinary of normal level of consciousness.
Astral Projection
 Astral projection is not dangerous. It is as safe as sleeping. Most dreams are probably unconscious astral projections, anyway. Although there has been quite a bit written on the subject, astral projection is difficult for many people. The main difficulty is the tendency to forget dream consciousness upon awakening.
Atheism by SenorJesucristo
 Ever thought about god? Ever sat down and said "where the hell did he come from, what created him?" Here's a little article to help you decide...
Atheism and What it is Not by Aeon
 What Atheism is and is not. Clearing up some common mis-conceptions people have about atheists.
Atheism: What it is, what it isn't by Ryguy64
 First off, Atheism is not a hatred for religion, it is simply the lack of belief for it. Most religous groups recruit members through their parents. A child is born into a religous household, and many times the religion is FORCED onto that child.
Azlumic Sin: A truly edifying essay
Basic Meditation Techniques, Part 1 by Bill Witt
 Section one deals with what meditation is and how it plays a part in the lives of those who use it.
Basic Meditation Techniques, Part 2 by Bill Witt
 Section two will go into the techniques and tools of meditation.
Basic Meditation Techniques, Part 3 by Bill Witt
 Section three gives suggestions on how to use what you've learned, in everyday life.
Bay Area Skeptics Info Sheet #1
Book Of The Dead #2
Century I by Nostradamus
Century VII by Nostradamus
Century VIII by Nostradamus
Counterpoint to "Why there has to be a Supernatural Being" by Nonexistent One
 Nonexistent One critiques an essay written by Absolut Genius on evidence as to why a Supernatural being must exist.
Criticisms of Arguments for God's Existence by mo
 In this article I will outline the ontological argument and point out flaws and criticise.
Cults, Anti-Cultists, and the Cult of Intelligence by Daniel Brandt
 Modern secret services not only mimic the cult leader's cynicism, but intelligence professionals themselves are locked into a self-perpetuating mind-set.
Culture, Religion And Why Athiesm Isn't Intellectually Lazy by Gyhth
 I read "Intellectual Laziness of Atheists", and decided I might as well try and state how I, an Athiest, am not intelletually lazy, and it ended up stating how Religion is not but Culture.
Did Dinosaurs Have Souls? by Tom Slattery
 Off-the-cuff article reflects on historical, social, and scientific considerations of the human soul.
Dignataries from around the world gather for confe
Eili, Eili, l'manna sh'wik-thani! by Eil
 My postulation on the essence of existence follows.
Emerald Tablet of Hermes
 Famous Hermetic text (from Alchemy.) Is very short and only contains fourteen verses.
End of the World Prophecies
Ethical Relativism and Absolute Taboos by Sam Vaknin
 Taboos regulate our sexual conduct, race relations, political institutions, and economic mechanisms - virtually every realm of our life.
Existence and Behavior of the Mind by NDC
 If what I think is correct, all living things have a soul (mind). All souls are equal, but how they behave depends on what brains they are coursed through. Like electricity has different outcomes depending on which circuits they are run, minds/souls act differently depending on which brain they are put through. Don't call me a religious freak; I am an atheist. What I am talking about here is my personal theory on the meaning of life.
F.U.C.K. - Organization (First United Church of Ka
F.U.C.K. - Practice Random Kindness
F.U.C.K. - Tenets
Fate: The Lie Behind A Reality by dark_destroyer
 Does fate exist? Or is it a product of the mind? This article tries to figure that out using the three main ideas of fate.
Frequently Asked Questions: Sumeria. For those int
Gateway to other worlds as related by Pariah
Ghost sighting in haiti. Spooky stuff
God Wants to Say Something by mojodoggy
 Has everything been tried? If not, guess there will be more "intelligent" species.
God as an Emergent Phenomenon by dopeman421
 A brief ramble on God's existence as a conscious entity in the form of a complex system of interacting parts.
Grecian magical papyri 2nd set of translations
Hopi Indian Concepts
Intellectual Laziness of Believers of God by Jokerman
 A rebuttle of the article "Intellectual Laziness of Atheists".
Interesting stuff on mythology
Introduction to Ismailism: Part II Doctrine of Ismailism by BY DR. SHEIKH KHODR HAMAWI
 This text articulates more into Ismailism, and describes the Doctrine of Ismailism.
Is the New Age Relevant Today? by Chris P. Bohn
 Discusses modern vs traditional spiritual practices.
Islam and Liberalism by Sam Vaknin
 Islam is not merely a religion. It is also - and perhaps, foremost - a state ideology.
Learn how to meditate and feel good
Letter to his son Ceasar by Nostradamus
Make Your Own God by Russell
 Frequently I read writers who, it seems to me, are blatantly involved in the business of creating a new theology. What surprises me is that they, and so many of their readers, take their attempts seriously.
Meshaf Resh: The Black Book
 In the beginning God created the White Pearl out of His most precious Essence; and He created a bird named Anfar. And He placed the pearl upon its back, and dwelt thereon forty thousand years.
Myth=Religion? I'm Confused by PHUQU-master
 My view on how religion and the supernatural are very much like the other.
Nailing Jesus by Bill
 One of my friends just told me that someone posted a very distasteful article about Jesus to this newsgroup. As a Christian, I am very offended. Although I have not read the article myself, I heard that is was VERY, VERY bad.
Nothing to Lose by Sparrowhawk
 A solid pillar of existance in an otherwise shifting world. The scrap of fabrication that mankind has clutched in our lifeless fingers for generations. What is it that keeps us from achieving all we want?
Official documents of the Church of Beaver Cleaver
Out of the Dragon's Lair
Parchment of the Sarmoung Brotherhood
 Digging irresponsibly and haphazardly in the ruins, the young men made a series of dramatic finds: an underground passage, a crumbling monastic cell, a wall niche, a pile of ancient Armenian parchments - and in one of these parchments an obscure but exhilarating reference to the 'Sarmoung Brotherhood'.
Part 2 of Azlum: God, Azlum and YOU!
Philosophy of Reality by Drew Parker
 Have you ever wondered if anything you have seen is real? This is for you...
Procedure for removal of lower vibrational energie
Reincarnation by Black Flag
 Reincarnation is an ancient religion. It is, in a sense, both a philosophy of life and a religion. For some followers, there are no gods, nor heaven and hell.Reincarnation is an ancient religion. It is, in a sense, both a philosophy of life and a religion. For some followers, there are no gods, nor heaven and hell
Reincarnation and Hinduism/Buddhism by perdidopunk
 A brief overview of the idea of reincarnation in hinduism and buddhism.
Reincarnation and a Cycling Universe by Distromnia
 Ramblings of two 15 year old teens? Possibly. Extremely in depth religious views, in which science suggest that eternity could be possible? Definitely.
Religion Controls Your Purpose More Than You Know by Al
 Everyone, at some point in his or her time has pondered the question "what is the meaning of life?" The sad part is, that before starting most people haven't the faintest clue what the question means.
Religion as Mass Hysteria by The Villige Idiot
 It is only when like people of like minds come together and educate the others that this scourge can be reigned in. Make no mistake about it this force of evil is strong. These fable makers have had thousands of years to work their evil into every corner of humanity, but there is a light that has been lit to show the way out of the darkness of these evil times.
Religion in the US by Joew
 A few comments, opinions related to a recent posting on religion.
Religion: Eastern, Western, and Tribal
Revelation on the Way of the Rat by The Compulsive Splicer
 I put pen to paper here to introduce you to the Way of the Rat. My experiences below will help you understand more clearly the universe, and our part within it. We see ourselves as small and powerless and invent gods that are large and powerful. I come unto you to dispell these myths, that we all may see ourselves as we truly are. I write to you a myth that has substance as strong as the myths we have come to know through the teachings of our forebearers, but comes through a truth far more important than the petty truths of human myth. It all began...
Rise of Islam in Britain & America by Aladdin
 Christianity has become too liberal in Britain & America which has caused white Britons/Americans to turn to the religion of Islam.
SCIAMATROX by Enki Xenobi Kuriosh
 The journal notes of an insane Monk and commentary by his Doctor and a Jesuit Priest.
Secret of Human Infinity by Mojo-monkey
 The basic psycho/physiological key to the top mysteries of human mysticism and religeon. The crucial gnosis to absolute liberation and freedom. Our best and only approximation of infinity.
 History repeats itself and all men are tested now as they were two thousand years ago, but few are aware of that test when it comes. Jesus reveals Himself to the generations in different ways-ways appropriate to their time. Jesus said He would come as a thief.
Shit Happens - A comparitive analysis of the world
Stages of Realization by Joey
 In this essay, I describe the general stages of realization of the world that one must achieve for complete peace with self. This serves to exlain how to determine how enlightened a person is by observing their actions. Those who aim to achieve higher levels of realization must do so themselves; it is the only way.
Strange polemic on real versus bogus astrology
THE PAPYRUS OF ANI (The Egyption Book of the Dead)
Tempus Interludus and cosmic creation
The Acid Casualty Manifesto by Vassago
 A standard rant against Christian Oppression.
The Assassins by Philip K. Hitti
 In pursuit of their ends they made free and treacherous use of the dagger, reducing assassination to an art. Their secret organization, based on Ismailite antecedents, developed an agnosticism which aimed to emancipate the initiate from the trammels of doctrine, enlightened him as to the superfluity of prophets and encouraged him to believe nothing and dare all.
The Aum Cult, the Cult of Poison Gas
The Autonomatrix: Is it Cyberpunk? Is it Religion?
The Basis of Order by Sigma Fenix
 We yearn for a way of thought that will unify the physical with the spiritual again - Something to prove to us that matter and mind are truly of equal weight. We yearn for something to eliminate existential angst; to end slow torture that is the modern dilemma.
The Book Of The Holy PEZ by Hellraiser
 The holy book of the allmighty PEZ.
The Book of Immanuel David Isaiah by Immanuel David Isaiah
 The Manifesto of Immanuel David Isaiah (Brian David Mitchell) He is the man that kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. An interesting read, tells about his beliefs, etc, etc. He was excommunicated from the Latter-Day Saints (of course) because of his apostate views/ways.
The Concept of Self by Josh Buckner
 Analysis of an old article written by Walker Percy titled "A Short Quiz." The topic is the self and it's mysterious ambiguity. Our knowledge of self is limited but can be described in different ways by religions, philosophies, and psychological theories.
The Cosmic Grand Deception
The Cult of the Serpent
The Egyptian Book of the Dead in Text Form
The Mighty Truths of Azlum; a must- read!
The Mystical Failure of Western Culture by PirateWhistle
 A dense essay touching on the extreme emptiness and absurdity of modern civilization, written in homage to many angry thinkers who have come before me.
The New World Order by GOGMAGOG
 Antichrist and the New World Order
The Ritual of the Second Degree of Freemasonry
 This is the complete ritual, previously secret, of the second degree of Freemasonry
The Unachievability Of Understanding by OnlyHuman
 A simple process for explaining our inablity to understand fully our world around us, and why we wish to.
The Unholy Bible of Doom. Which is the Nastiest Gr
The Zend-Avesta, Part 1
 The Zend-Avesta is the sacred book of the Parsis, that is to say, of the few remaining followers of that religion which feigned over Persia at the time when the second successor of Mohammed overthrew the Sassanian dynasty, and which has been called Dualism, or Mazdeism, or Magism, or Zoroastrianism, or Fire-worship, according as its main tenet, or its supreme God, or its priests, or its supposed founder, or its apparent object of worship has been most kept in view.
The creation of God, and the destruction thereof by Snoopy
 It's humans who created God. We created the image of God. What is God? If God is our creator, then God is the force of nature. It's nothing, and it's everything. It has no will of its own. It's like a river. Forever moving, without a purpose. An impulse of the universe. We're just a side effect of it. Like every other creature, we're bound to life by birth, death and rebirth. Survival.
The definitive guide to being a Knyght of Azlum
The definitive guide to being an Azlumic Monk of t
The finer points of Azlum as related by Moebius
The killing of God; goals and methods for the True
The long awaited Azlumic reading list
The long awaited Dictionary of Azlum!
The must- have essay on why everyone should learn a
The politics of Azlum
The religion of doubt part one: Introduction to th
The science of Azlum
The story of Azlum's imprisonment in Jyhad
Theories on Religion by AznSensation
 Many different outlooks on religion and how they are similar as well as some original ideas.
Thoughts on the Self by Dr. One
 Random thoughts on our humanity.
Tips on visualization
Tradition: Towards Corruption or Improvement? by UrbnTbone
 If you wanna check there is something into tradition and see really weird stuff happening, go to a voodoo gathering. I was not, but heard a 1st hand witness. The guy was a Jew, totally secular, but after what he saw there he became ultra-orthodox, kind of said "well I saw that, it means tradition is not necessarily a hysterical mythomania". So he embraced his own tradition.
Value by Tony Learned
 A short essay on what people really value
Violence, crime, punishment, and Azlum! the guide
Watch the founder of Azlum put the fun back into f
Wauism: A religion with something for everyone
What Is A Human Being? by Holy_mx
 An attempt to try to describe what a human being is from a philosophical perspective. Taking western and eastern ideologies into consideration.
What is Philosophy? by Holy_mx
 What is philosophy?In this article I try to explain for thoose interested in the nature of the subject, what it really is,in order to guide deep thinkers in the right general direction.
When Magic Doesn't Work by Van Ault
Why I Am An Atheist by Jeff
 Why I Am an Atheist
Why I Believe Islam is False
 An in depth look at the Muslim religion
Why We Believe by Ajora
 Why is everyone so bent on having a religion?
Why We Believe: Let's Look At This Again by Dr. Impossible
 Ajora makes a good case for the desire for immortality as the reason for religion. And if you didn't dive any deeper, it might seem like the whole answer. The question really is: if you did dig any deeper, would you end up wishing you'd never been curious in the first place?
Why there has to be a Supernatural Being by Absolut Genius
 Throughout human existence, we have sought to prove whether or not there is a higher being. Here is why I believe there is a "God".
Yet another Azlum file for the enlightened masses
the long awaited file pertaining to the sorcerer:
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