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New Age Beliefs

"UFO Cult" Resurfaces With Final Offer by Heaven's Gate
 Heaven's Gate USA Day ad statement from May 27th, 1993. Lists their beliefs.
Channeling by Jast
 Channeling has become a popular phenomena in the last several years. We see it featured in News-Magazines and on talk shows. We read articles about it, and bookshelves everywhere now hold volumes of books written by channeled entities, with more appearing every month. Some channeled sources have gained a great deal of notoriety, drawing large crowds for seminars and workshops, often at a steep price.
During a brief window of time some may wish to follow us...
 Heaven's Gate statment on following their lead on exiting this planet.
Heaven's Gate - Beyond Human
 Transcripts of Heaven's Gate 12-part videotape series on how to move to the next level. Explains their beliefs, etc.
Heaven's Gate Suicide List
 List of all the Heaven's Gate members that committed suicide in 1997.
Help with Transcendental Meditation (TM)
Lucid Dreaming FAQ by The Lucidity Institute
 How to control your dreams via lucid dreaming.
New Age Seminar Notes
Pengism by Korhalf
 A religon, a story, a person? Or is it just a story on a person that becomes a relgion?
Planet About To Be Recycled - Your Only Chance To Survive
 Heaven's Gate transcript about the end of the world and how to survive the "recycling."
Prospective Candidate Letter. by Ti and Do
 Heaven's Gate recruitment letter sent out to candidates.
Ruffles "Snacks for Thinkers"
 An older Heaven's Gate document from 1979, contains sayings by The Older Members (Ti & Do).
StarLight AEGIS Autumn 1994 Newsletter - online edi
The A.M.P. Theory by Christian Mu?oz
 Ever wonder how your own world works, or how planets million miles away effect this world and us everyday of our lives?
The Meaning and Other Philosophies by LewisCarroll_theRabbit
 Some short articles i wrote which cover the meaning of life, the factioning of religions and human evolution. This is in a very rough format. These articles were mostly written when i was high. So bare with me. There may be a modified version of these coming out soon.
The UFO Two & Their Crew by Heaven's Gate
 Heaven's Gate 1988 update publication.
The Unison of Two Worlds: Paula Gunn Allen's The Sacred Hoop by Josh Buckner
 Paula Gunn Allen's book The Sacred Hoop analyzes Native American culture, religion, and literature. It combines her academic study, first-hand experience, and expertise in Indian literature. Includes tribal world-view and feminism.
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