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Pagans and Wiccans

'The Enochian Numbers' by Regardie
A Circle for Catharsis
A Kabalistic and magical examination of the Grail
A Mabon Outline
A Reading list on Ceremonial Mysticism
A Real Love Spell
A Simple Ritual
A brief listing of the path attributes in Frater A
A brief text on the belief system of the Druids
A ceremony to recognise completion of the 2nd degr
A listing of files at - /pub/m
A posting on Enochian magic
A treatise from 'In Pursuit of Gold'
About Wicca stuff
About Witchcraft [1/3]
About Witchcraft [2/3]
About Witchcraft [3/3]
An Example of the Hammer Rite Ritual
An article on the Space Sponge Vision and the 50 G
Anathema of Zos
Another from Cmdr. Kortron
Another letter from Ashtar
Archangel Visualizations by Paul Hume
Article on Shields
Ascent Info
Ashtar Command Newsletter #3
Ashtar Command Newsletter #5
Ashtar Command Newsletter #6
Baphomet Breeze Volume III, Number 2 (OTO publicat
Basic spell construction
Beltane Ritual
Beltane pagan ritual
Black Moon Ritual
Blackout and Sigils
Blessing of a Traveller
Burning Times Song
Candle Magic
Casting the Circle One
Ceremonial Magic #1
Ceremonial Magic #10
Ceremonial Magic #11
Ceremonial Magic #2
Ceremonial Magic #3
Ceremonial Magic #4
Ceremonial Magic #5
Ceremonial Magic #6
Ceremonial Magic #7
Ceremonial Magic #8
Ceremonial Magic #9
Ceremony of Initiantion
Chaos Monasticism
Chaos vs Thelema
Chaos vs Thelema (different but by same person)
Coloring the Enochian Tablets
Comments about the Liber
Concordance of Forces from The Golden Dawn
Confessionarum ex Lilitu by Joshua J. Seraphim
 Oracles of Lilitu at the Sphinx of Gizen, received by Joshua J. Seraphim (Frater Annuit Coeptis) at Gizeh, Egypt e.v. 2004
Consecration of Chalice
Consecration of Chalice
Crowley's Notes on Enochian
Cthulu Ritual
Daily version of Gnostic Mass
Defining Chaos
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
Duty by Crowley
East Coast Powerpoint Newsletter #6
East Coast Powerpoint Newsletter Jan/Feb, 91
Enochian Chess instruction by Frater D.D.C.F
Enochian Elemental Opening
Enochian Pentagram Ritual
Excerpt from Army Chaplain's handbook on dealing w
File listing for NeoPagan archives on ftp.lysator.
Firestar Beltaine
Force and Fire - Volume 1, Number 1
Force and Fire - Volume 1, Number 2 (WP51)
Force and Fire - Volume 1, Number 3
Full Moon Ritual
Goetic related text
Handfasting Ritual
Harvest Home Ritual
Heirarchy of Enochian Spirits
Hermetic Bibliography
History & Catechism
History of Wicca in England: 1939 - Present Day by Julia Phillips
 This talk was given by Julia Phillips at the Wiccan Conference in Canberra, 1991. It is mainly about the early days of the Wicca in England; specifically what we now call Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions. The text remains "as given", so please remember when you read it that it was never intended to be "read", but "heard" and debated.
History of the Golden Dawn
History of the Ordo Templis Orientis
History of the Ring of Shadow
Home Blessing Magick
Home study course on how to be a Wiccan
How to make a flying ointment
How to make incense
How to smudge (shamanic)
Info on Tao
Information on alchemy
Intro to Ceremonial Magic
Intro to Magick By Aleister Crowley
Introduction to the Cabala
Introduction to witchcraft
Julius Evola: Magic and Awakening by Jay Kinney
 Magic (or Magick, as it is sometimes spelled, in order to distinguish it from stage magic) is a word fraught with dubious connotations. It summons up images of robed figures, surrounded by clouds of incense, standing within magical circles, and conjuring demons to do their bidding.
Kortron's Newsletter Mar/Apr
Lamentations of Lilith by Joshua J. Seraphim
 "Lamentations of Lilith" recieved by Joshua J. Seraphim (Frater Annuit Coeptis) at the Gizeh Pyramids, Egypt e.v. 2004
Laws of magic
Learning the Old Religion - Part 1
Learning the Old Religion - Part 2
Learning the Old Religion - Part 3
Learning the Old Religion - Part 3A
Learning the Old Religion - Part 4
Learning the Old Religion - Part 5
Learning the Old Religion - Part 6
Learning the Old Religion - Part 7
Learning the Old Religion - Part 7A
Learning the Old Religion - Part 8
Letter from Cmdr. Kortron
Letter from Germany #1
Letter from Germany #2
Liber 777 on the Cheap
Liber HHH
Liber III Vel Jugorum
Liber Qna Vel Namen Cli
MTP, Part 2
MTP, Part 3
MTP, Part 4
Magick 9 - Astral projection
Magick in Theory and Practice
Magick in Theory and Practice by A. Crowley
Magick in Theory and Practice, Part 1
Medieval Social Structures and Achad's Tree of Lif
Models of Magic
More on the Cabala
More on using Lilac
My Craft Ethics
Mystical Pentagram
Newspaper article on Wicca
Notes on the Star Ruby
Notes on the performance of the Gnostic Mass
Ocimum Basilicum
On Deriving Names from the Enochian
On the Lesser and Greater Pentagram rituals
Opening the Circle
Pagan Journals
Pagans and Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
Paradigm Shifts and Aeonics
Part one of Wicca and MagickPart of a series of 5
Part two of Wicca and MagickPart two of a series o
Planetary Talismans
Points of Light Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 1
Points of Light Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 2
Points of Light Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 3
Points of Light Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 4
Points of Light Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 5
Points of Light Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 6
Points of Light Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 9
Practical Applications of the Chaossphere
Pre- Initiatory Dedication Rutual
Principia Chaotica
Principles and beliefs of Wicca
Qaballah Pronunciation Guide
Random notes on the gematria of Liber AL vel Legis
Ritual Theory essay
Ritual for the Healing and Preservation of Rainfor
Ritual of the Five Flames by Frater Almost
Rituals and Spell Objectives and Design in Eight M
Rules for Enochian Chess
Sacred Erisian High Mass
Sado- masochistic Ritual in a Thelemic Context
Samhain Ritual by Joe Bethancourt
 Halloween, called Samhain by the ancient Celts, and Hallowmass by the early Christians, represented the final harvest of the year for the ancient people. A time when all of their food was stored for the coming winter, a time of abundance and plenty, a time to give thanks to their dieties. Their belief system was based on the planting and weather cycles and so, to them, this was their New Year, a time when the fields would lay fallow until the spring came again. They viewed their God in the same way. He was born of the Goddess at Yule, the time of the winter Solstice, (which, by the way is where the Christians got the idea that Jesus was born in December). At Imbolc, (now called Ground hog day by those who do not understand it's true meaning), the goddess has recovered from the birth and the God is a growing lad whose power becomes greater with each passing day. This represents the halfway point between winter and spring. By Ostara, the spring equinox, (also taken from the Pagans and now called Easter) mother earth is greening and the God is maturing. By Beltane (May 1) the mature God and Goddess lie together to assure the fertility of the earth. By the summer soltstice she knows she is pregnant and he is at the peak of his power. By Lammas, (also called Loafmass, the first harvest) he begins to weaken. By the fall equinox, (called Mabon) as the light grows less, his power grows less, and the world readies itself for rest as he prepares himself to leave his aging body. At Samhain we bid the God a temporary goodbye while he goes to prepare himself for his rebirth at Yule. The wheel of life turns and turns again.
Samhain Ritual: 31 October by The White Bard
 This is a long ritual, but VERY effective. A good way to do the reading of the names is to pass the list around the Circle, with each person reading a few names, and then passing it to the next. Really brings the Burning Times
Self_imposed rules of the EGC
Sepher Enoch I
Servitor Creation - A Contemporary Approach
Sex Magick
Sex Magick
Sex Magick
Short history of pagans
Sleight of Mind
Smudging: How to do it - How NOT to do it
Smuggling Sigils Across
Some Thelemic Hymns
Spell Construction from the Witches Well
Spell of Confusion
Study Guide for Magick in Theory and Practice
Tables of Correspondence for the INRI/IRNI Formula
Technology and the Craft
The 72 fold names of God and of the Angels
The Ancient Art
The Book of Fools
The Book of Questions
The Book of the Archer
The Bornless Ritual
The Collected writings of Jack Parsons
The Creepy- Crawl Chameleon Rite
The Emerald Tablet of Hermes the Thrice Great
The Enochian Calls
The Enochian Evocation of Dr. Dee
The Enochian tablets in ASCII format
The Focus of Life
The Forty- Eight Enochian Calls or Keys
The Gnostics and the Templars from the Gnostic Gne
The Great Raid Debacle
The History of Handfasting by Stormy
 Handfasting at one time was the only way that couples could be engaged and/or get married because the church let the civil government of the period take care of these matters.
The Jihad of Chaos
The Lunar Rite
The Magical Record of the Scarlet Woman
The Mass of Choronzon
The Opening of the Doorway
The Pact
The Pact
The Sephiroth of the Tree of Life
The Sumble and You
The Tao Teh King
The Wishing Well
The Yew Working
The charge of the goddess
Thelema Lodge Calender - Apr 92
Thelema Lodge Newsletter #1
Thelema Lodge Newsletter #2
Thelema Lodge Newsletter - #3
Thelema Lodge Newsletter - #4
Thelema Lodge Newsletter - #5
Thelema Lodge Newsletter - #6
Thelema Lodge Newsletter - #7
Thirty- one hymns to the Star Goddess
Towards a Quantum Kaballa
Twilight Crossing Proposal by Tim Maroney
Understanding Gnostic beliefs
Using Lilac for Pagan Magick
Virtual magick
Wedding/Handfasting Ceremony
What is Dark Paganism? by John Coughlin
 In contemplating the many forms of Dark Paganism, I can safely say that it is one (or more likely a combination) of the following definitions depending on the individual. The idea of Dark Paganism having personal meaning is very important and will make more sense at the end of this essay.
Where do we go from here?
Whiskey Rebellion Camp News #1
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