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How to make a flying ointment


by Brother 143

A wealth of herbal lore is associated with the western end of the Indo-
European shamanic tradition; whether in its heydey when the Druids of ALBION
were its ultimate repositories and guardians, or in its decline, in medieval
witchcraft & slovanic paganism. Central to this lore is the family of plants
henbane, hemlock, & belladonna, etc. Members of this family were the main
ingredients in the legendary flying ointment, for which several known recipes

The manner of using such ointment for flying was for the (female) witch to
stradle her ointment smeared broomstick, naked and possibly blindfolded with
her back to an open door (a popular subject for engravers and artists).
Henbane, the least toxic of the family, and we suspect the most frequently
employed, dissolves readily in lard other finer oils, and the ointment thus
prepared improves in left several days, getting progessively greener and

Experiments with henbane as a clitoral stimulant reveal the essential
practicality of the witches' modus operandi. We quote from one such couple's
account of it.

"Relaxed. Felt at one point as if I could taste/smell/breathe what my
clitoris was tasting like, & a feeling of smooth hardness, i.e. its surface;
this smell was slightly medicinal; clitoris now (45 minutes after the first
application) discernably cool"....."during intercourse my vagina felt both
numb and aroused at the same time; during slow movement it became a brief

The male participant noted "distinct numbness and coolness in tongue, mouth
and nose - similar to Novacaine injection but without swelling. Nor was
tactile sensation diminished so much as altered."

Experiments with henbane ointment as a ritual aid applied to sensitive skin
such as genitals, armpits & wrists similarly induce "identification" or
"transference", enabling the participants more readily enter into the ritual
& be it rather than simply "attend" it.

Although out professional ethics specifically preclude priestesses standing in
a draught for 45 minutes we can safely conclude that flying ointment applied
to the clitoris with sufficient ventilation could induce a state where the
"witch" was identified totally with her clitoris & thus personally
experiencing quite extreme cold and a feeling of rushing though air.

No experiment has resulted in ill-effects, quite the contrary, even where the
priest inevitably ingested unabsorbed ointment from the priestess.
Nevertheless the death of Socrates should be sufficient warning about the
toxic effects of these herbs taken internally, while their external
application in any case privides a wealth of marvellous alternatives.


Ingredients: 8 ounces Henbane seed pods
6 fl. oz. Apricot kernel oil

Method: Three days before the full moon, crush the Henbane seed pods
release the seeds. Sift these to remove as much green matter
as possible. This will probably leave about two ounces of
seeds. Place the seeds in a sealable container and then add
the oil.

For the next seven nights, place the container, unsealed, in
the light of the Moon, but keep the flask in a warm place
during daylight hours. During this period, on the next
available beneficial aspect between the Moon and Venus,
consecrate the oil to the Goddess by invocations to both Moon
and Venus, adding seven drops of rose oil.

After seven nights of moonlight, seal the flask, and place it
in a warm, dark place for seventy-one days, when it will be
ready for use.

Watch out for the seeds, they tickle a bit. And be careful
how much of the oil is applied, as more than a teaspoon is
likely to be counterproductive, if a lot of fun!

To the best of our knowledge, the text on this page may be freely reproduced and distributed.
If you have any questions about this, please check out our Copyright Policy. certificate signatures
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