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How to read those little metal plates on Hydro pol

Date: 28 Nov 89 08:05:08 Z

NOV 27/89

Recently Bill, VE7GWP and I became interested in pin-pointing our
QTHs to the nearest second by taking the information from the tags on the
BC TEL/HYDRO poles in our yards. Although we found it easy to decifer the
position to degrees and minutes we found, however, that we couldn't deci-
fer the information in enough detail to determin the position to the
exact second. Although a position accurate to the nearest minute is
sufficiently accurate for longer path lengths it is not accurate enough to
calculate VHF/UHF beam headings across short paths which occasionally is
necessary to know
We called Hydro in Courtenay and they very nicely provided us with
a copy of their practice on the subject.
The poles are marked to the nearest 10 feet or metre and there are
three standards that have evolved over the years. The standard that
applies depends on when the poles were installed. The tag markings,
layouts and meanings are as follows: 1) PRE-1979 IMPERIAL MEASUREMENT
! !
! !
! !
! 2239 4914 1300 !
! 059 368 57 j o 04 !
! !
! !
! !
2239 stands for 122 deg 39 min West Longitude
059 stands for tens of feet West of 122:39 ie 590 feet West of 122:39
4914 stands for 49 deg 14 min North Latitude
368 stands for tens of feet North of 49:14 ie 3680 feet North of 49:14
1300 stands for a BC TEL/HYDRO map number
57 stands for the year the pole was installed

The rest of the information is regarding ownership,design details and
control codes which is of no value for what we are doing here.
To convert the footage to seconds do the following:
as 1 second of latitude is 101.3 feet:


for the above example:
3680/101.3 = 36.33 seconds thus the exact latitude is 49:14:36.3
at 49 degrees North 1 second of longitute is approximately 65 feet


For the above example:

590/65=9.00 seconds thus the longitude is 122:39:09

NOTE: As the longitude lines converge at the Earths poles the conversion
factor varies with degrees of latitude and if your QTH is much different
in Latitude than the Comox Valley you should work out a conversion for
your latitude. At 49 degrees one second is about 65 and at 50 degrees it
decreases to about 64 feet so 1 or 2 degrees of latitude doesn't make a
great deal of practical difference.

2)POST 1979

The poles tagged in imperial measurement after 1979 had essentially the
same information on them for this purpose but just laid out slightly

! !
! !
! !
! 2022 5021 05244 !
! !
! 012 162 60H 01 !
! !
! !

As you have probably figured out the above location is:

1620 feet North of 50 deg 21'
120 feet West of 120 deg 22'

3) For those of you who's pole is marked in the Metric system, "have fun".

! !
! !
! !
! 8 509 5583 11204 !
! !
! 775505 79T 01 !
! !
! !

the 8 is the UTM zone number (what ever that is,hi)
509 is N/S grid line 509,000
5583 is E/W grid line 5,583,000
775 is 775 Metres East of UTM grid line 509,000
505 is 505 Metres North of UTM grid line 5,583,000
79 is the year the pole was installed
T owned by BC TEL
11204 map number
01 control code

As I do not understand the metric system the only way I know of to convert
from metric to the Lat/Long Imperial standard is to find a map with marked
in both systems. I have a 50000:1 scale government map of my area which is
marked in both systems but the accuracy obtained by measuring such a map
with conventional methods is much less than the pole markings.

Finally, if you really want to obtain split hair accuracy don't forget to
measure the grid distance your antenna is from your nearest pole.After all
it is marked to within 10 feet, hi.

Acknowledgements go to Bill, VE7GWP and Jack, VE7FMY for their help.

73s ... Tom, VE7TMA

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