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View Full Version : Buspar recreational value?

ballin on a budget
2003-08-08, 03:32
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows about this shit.I checked RXlist and it says that it is a sedative hypnotic but that it doesn't cause a lot of the drowsiness or euphoric symptoms of benzos or barbs. It does bind to dopamine receptors and it effects seratonin, but you can only know so much from reading about clinical pharmacology. I'm interested in the recreational value, not the medicinal uses, so I'd appreciate some help from anyone with any type of info about this shit. Thanks in advance.

2003-08-08, 04:12
take one, see if it dose anything, if not take two. i wouldnt go above that with out further info though. it almost sounds like an anti-depressant, but it isnt...weird..

2003-08-08, 04:15
hmm if its anything like sonata(sedative hypnotic as well) it wont do shit except help/make you sleep.

2003-08-08, 05:25
buspar I believe is an antidepressant/DSRI

It has no recreational value!

2003-08-08, 05:54
they're worth whatever you say they're worth...tell them that it's a medical acid used for therapy...of course only sell it to people that you will never see again

2003-08-08, 08:19
Buspar isn't much fun, but try a little and see if it makes you calmer, it only works in something like 20% of the population but when it does, it works well. It works by lowering your serotonin levels so when you take it the world seems sort of flat and dulled. Take too much and you wont feel bad, but you'll have a hard time feeling any sort of pleasure.